“Man, I think people are still asleep in the honeymoon period thinking this isn’t AllStars”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Ian, Kevin, Memphis, NicoleA
Nominations -?
Power of Veto Players are -?
Power of Veto holder -?
Power of Veto Ceremony -?
Safety Suite – Kaysar & Janelle
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Cody is putting up Keesha and Kevin. Keesha is the target.

11:12 am Janelle and Da’Vonne
Da – if you are down for the cause I’m down for the cause
Janelle – Definitely
Da tells her people are not mentioning JAelle’s name but what her and Kaysar did was smart “you guys might have wasted it you guys weren’t on his radar at all”
Janelle – really
Da goes on about how she doesn’t think Kaysar and Janelle were going to be nominated.
Da says she doesn’t see Cody talking to the “guys”
Janelle does.
Janelle brings up Nicole crying.
Da – why was she crying yesterday
Janelle says Nicole was upstairs talking to Cody and came down saying “I don’t know Janelle”
Da knows Nicole and Cody were friends after their season she remembers NicoleF mentioning it on her season.
Janelle – when I went to the first hearts of reality she was my roommate I didn’t see her she didn’t hang out with me she was only with them (Cody and Derrick)
Da – she’s also a guys girl
Janelle – I know I’m very leary of her are you too?
Da – Yeah
Da says the only beef she has with NicoleF is she never said thank you for Da’s vote “and she talked a lot of shit about me on the live feeds”
Da – when we get into the house it’s all Da’vonne I want to thank you for what you did.. why wait until we get inside the house?
Da – to my knowledge she doesn’t have anybody
Da – I feel comfortable with you, Christmas, and Bayleigh. Have you talked to Dani
Janelle – I haven’t had a chance to talk to her
Da – she would be a good ally too
Da – how do you feel about the other Nicole
Janelle – I like her
Da – I like her too she reminds me of Ian a little bit.
Da says she really likes Kaysar. “I like him a lot he’s somebody I want to work with”

Da wants to pull herself, Janelle, Bayleigh, Christmas, and Dani into a meeting together.
Janelle brings up how hard the competitions are now compared to the older seasons.

11:20 am Enzo and Dani
Dani reminds Enzo that NicoleF played with both Cody and Paulie.
Dani asks if he knows who Cody is putting up. Enzo says he heard Kevin because Cody doesn’t want o ruffle any feathers.

Enzo – I’m good with you and Cody says he goods with you
Dani says she’s up for that warns him he needs to be real careful that the house doesn’t see him and Cody being in a guys alliance.

Dani – I’m worried about Christmas
Enzo – I like David he’s a good kid
Dani says David is nice but he doesn’t know what he’s doing here she’s worried he’ll make an erratic move. “If he got a power I wouldn’t trust his gameplay”
Enzo – I like Tyler.. he’s funny he’s dope
Dani – I like Tyler too
Dani – I like the four of Cody, you, me, and Nicole F (sigh)
Dani says NicoleF has no one in the house “Her and Da’Vonne had a big beef their season”
Enzo plays down him forming another Bridgade says he’s not smart enough to pull that off this year.

11:37 am Christmas and Da’Vonne
C – it’s too early to be acting crazy
Da – I’ve been listening to stuff but again nobody is talking game
Da – I feel good about you I feel good about Bayleigh. Even us we still haven’t come together.
C – it’s hard for three people to get together.
C – me and NicoleF have been chatting.
C – I don’t even talk to Keesha
Da – Keesha is lost she is looking for somebody just say “hey girl” she’ll be really easy
Da – Keesha will be a good ally.. just have conversations with her is she married…
Da – stuff is going to shake up after these noms

11:40 am Kevin and Ian
Kevin – me, you, NicoleA three none athletes
Ian – everyone is so pleasant this time and that is what sucks
Kevin – I know there’s no clear person
Ian – I am absolutely receptive of that (NicoleA, Kevin, Ian)
Kevin – just look out for each other. it doesn’t have to be anything super crazy
Kevin – how did the quack pack form
Ian – I knew those four were together. Dan, Danielle, Shane, and BRionttey were working together. I just went up to the HOH and inserted myself.. said new group and that’s basically it.

Ian says they wanted him in the group as a number adds he “just likes ducks”
Kevin – did you ever watch Ducktales
Ian – A little.. not as an adult (LOL)

12:28 pm Nicole and Janelle
Nicole says she wasn’t crying because she was scared of going on the block. Adds that she played with Cody she’s on decent terms with him.
Janelle – no one knows we’re good friends thoug..
Janelle – no one knows I was invited to your wedding. Don’t talk about it
NF – they have no idea
J – yeah well you’re good with me
NF – hopefully one of us wins next week
Nicole – we were on the race and we had no idea we’d be on again.
Janelle brings up a story about The Amazing Race where Rachel was Super pumped about going back on Big Brother but she wasn’t.
Janelle says Big BRother is a better show. They agree it’s really hard.

12:38 pm Kaysar and Bayleigh
Kaysar – I’m trying not to make waves. I’m trying just to chill
Bayleigh – Ok mister I got safety
Kaysar – what was I supposed to do
Bayleigh – that was what I expected that was a perfect move
Kaysar – I’m not an idiot I knew he was coming after me. I didn’t know until a minute before it happened I looked at his face and I was. You think I’m stupid? C’mon man.
Bayleigh – smartest thing you could have done
Kaysar – Man I think people are still asleep in the honeymoon period thinking this isn’t Allstars. These people didn’t get here by accident. I don’t’ know if you remember about me but I don’t play that game

Kaysar says he would love to keep her close
Bayleigh – you can be my Big Brother mentor
Kaysar – I love your game I love your energy I feel like you’re extremely trustworthy and loyal, You’re smart and athletic you are the whole package.
Bayleigh – the game I want to play is be loyal and go after it I don’t want to play a scared game.
K – who else do you respect in this house
B – I love Janelle, Da’Vonne, I like Nicole
K – Which Nicole
B – Nicole A
K – Same
B – she’s amazing
K – she’s precious. I like working with people that are good right here that is my number one. Are you in a good place with Da’Vonne.
B – yes
K – are you solid solid
B – Yes
K – She wouldn’t float
B – she wants to be locked in but has a tuff time trusty people
K – listen I can trust you right
bayleigh – 100%
K – keep it normal just keep stay tight around Tyler, Cody, David they’re together. just keep it.. don’t tell anybody you don’t want to stir anything up don’t tell Da’Vonne”
Bayleigh – I won’t tell anybody.. that’s weird
Kaysar – something happened already
Kaysar says controlling information will make or break your game.
Kaysar begins talking about Big Brother strategy and controlling the flow of information. “Information is Key” says that the floaters bounce between the groups “Cross-pollinating”
Kaysar says he knows who the noms are.
Bayleigh – Keesha
Kaysar – yes, why?
Bayleigh – the energy.. the lack of communication
Bayleigh says the second nom will be Kevin.
Kaysar – he’ll say he’s the pawn

1:10 pm Enzo, Tyler, Dani
Chit chat about Kaycee and Angela. Tyler thought Kaycee was going to be on this season. Dani points out that would have been a BEAST combination.

1:20 pm
Girls chit-chatting. Ian waiting to go pee. (LOL)
Keesha and Bayleigh live in LA chat about the fires there and the fires in Australia.
Keesha and NicoleA bond over their love for Animals “I would love to have that job what an amazing job to rescue them”
Da’Vonne what’s the deal with the straws and the turtle
Ian now out of the toilet says the straws get lodged in their neck.

1:55 pm Nothing much happening Kaysar is talking to Cody about his job.
Cody says his dad was a computer software programmer “his biggest client was Kronos Chemical Company” At one point Cody said his dad did the “One zero one all that kinda stuff. It’s the coding that makes stuff works”

A bunch of houguests are milling around in the bathroom. Chit chat .. at one point Nicole and Kevin are left alone talking about constipation.
Nicole – is that who I am this season I am constipated girl.. that sucks ..

2:30 pm Keesha and Da’Vonne
Da and Keesha both agree they don’t believe Nicole was crying in the bathroom because she was scared she was going to be nominated.
Da – I don’t think he’s putting you up I don’t think so it doesn’t make sense
K – you don’t think so
Da – doesn’t make sense.
Da suggests that perhaps Ian is going up.
Da says she and Cody’s brother had a BIG blow up it went down between them (See image)
Keesha – I didn’t know that
Da – we made up on the challenge we’re cool now

2:45 pm Kevin, Bayleigh and Janelle
Talking about past seasons
B – I remember Lawon’s season I don’t know if you watched it
B – they were saying they never had interactions with a gay man so he was sharing his story. it’s a platform for us to say we’re all from different backgrounds and places lets come together and it’s eye-opening to certain people that have never experienced that.
Kevin – my thing with Jeff is he came after me as a person and for them to keep inviting him back. As a fan of the show, I just feel insulted
J – but he apologized and he said he changed
K – I mean did he really apologize because when I lived with him that’s why I kinda didn’t like him I could tell something is off
Kevin says it would have been nice if he addressed to the house Kevin feels that Jeff “Got caught and that is why I have to apologize”
Kevin – like last season this guy did all lives matter and then issued an apology
Janelle – Jackson did that
K – everybody clo9cked him because he got caught
B – we had that conversation about forgiveness. A lot of people get hurt waiting for apologies they never get. If that situation hadn’t happened he wouldn’t have learned.
J – he said he grew as a person and changed.
B – you already know back in the day especially during that time (2010) it was not a very common thing to be very homosexual and very proud especially from cities that are from the country .. I remember when I was a kid there were certain words you could say and now you can’t you’ll be canceled.

3:36 pm Cody and Dani
Cody tells Dani he’s putting up “I’m going to do Keesha and Kevin and I have no idea what I am going to say afterward”
Dani – say something nice.. I think that’s easy there won’t be any repercussions

3:40 pm Ian and Keesha in the bathroom. Ian tells her 8 years after being on BigBRohter he still has nightmares. “I have that dream once every 6 months for 8 years” (Jesus)

3:52 pm Kevin and Cody
Kevin getting emotional. says during Big Brother 11 he had trouble connecting with people. Goes on about wanting to establish a relationship with Cody. He says he’s awkward.

3:55 pm Da and Dani
Da saying she really likes Cody
Dani – he seems like a really nice guy I don’t know who he’s talking to at all
Dani – who do you see up there this week?
Dani thinks it’ll be easy people
da – Maybe Ian
Dani – the weaker people.. I don’t remember last season was NicoleA good at competition? Maybe someone like that
Dani says Ian is the most underrated players of all time.
Feeds cut to the kitchen…. (why?)

4:05 pm -4:26 pmKaysar and Keesha
Kaysar talking about he was the target this week. “They” were going after the pairs.
Kaysar – how close are you and Memphis
Keesha – not really
Kaysar – you guys playing your own game
Keesha – we’re close he trusts me I never did anything so he wouldn’t trust me
kaysar tells her to get close to Memphis “Make sure he doesn’t turn he’s a great ally”

Kaysar – I want you guys in this game and I want you in this game together
Kaysar – I want to know if you and Memphis are solid
Kaysar stresses he needs to know if Keesha and Memphis are solid so he can build something. “I can really trust Memphis he’s an incredible game player. I want to know you guys are in this together so that way it changes the calculus I don’t want you going anywhere”

Keesha – out of all these player why am I the target
Kaysar says “No Offense” Cody was targeting him “100%” now they are scrambling trying to find another target.
Kaysar – listen the game has started at some point you have to rip the bandaid off.. it’s going to get real in a couple of hours.

Kaysar asks her who she thinks Cody is working with. Keesha thinks it’s David, Tyler and “even Dani is safe”
Keesha isn’t surprised she’s going up but is surprised she’s not going up against Memphis.
Keesha – Kevin has been acting weird
Kaysar – my guess Is Kevin is going up they offered a pawn deal. this is a dress rehearsal for the big show he’s going to cry but we know he knew all along.. don’t believe that bullshit for a second

Kaysar – I think you should lay low talk to him after everyone is scrambling (Memphis)
Kaysar brings up asking people in the house if they feel safe and they say now “then why didn’t you go after the safety.. C’mon give me a break”

Keesha says the four of them getting together is the best thing for them in this game.
Kaysar you don’t need to force alliances.. the best one is you build relationships

Kaysar asks her if Memphis knows Cody, David, and Tyler are together. Keesha says he doesn’t. She hasn’t told him anything because she though Cody was going to put her up with Memphis.

4:31 pm Janelle and NicoleA

Agreeing that Tyler, David, and Cody are working together.

4:45 pm Feeds cut for the nomination ceremony.

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So Davonne is playing people as a good player should. Also, who will be caught with multiple alliances 1st, Tyler or Bayleigh?


Actually I’d say Day’s intuition is shockingly Off this season. She’s usually right on the money.


I agree. While neither of them appear to be in any trouble yet, both Davonne and Bayleigh have no clue what’s going on.


I link Day is playing dumb. Her strategy is to keep her mouth shut about what she knows.

another name

Had to go out for a few hours of life things… have come back confused.
So. Nicole and Janelle are playing at the dislike? didn’t clock that, even with the knowledge that they’d been on amazing race same time.
How did Kaysar learn the second nom would be Kevin?
When did Da’s intuitive read become so bad? I blame the Challenge.

What is going on?

another name

okay. the Kevin / Jeff discussion. Sorry. Team Kevin on that one.
Janelle’s saying he says he’s changed. In other words Janelle has a real world connection to Jeff. Janelle is willing to give people she knows a benefit of the doubt they haven’t actually DONE anything to deserve.
Bayleigh saying you can’t rush people’s enlightenment in response? Really?
Sorry to say this, but if Jeff’s comments and attitude had been about race, she’s be singing a COMPLETELY different tune. She had no problem singing that different tune about the country of Canada. The whole country. Because of an experience with a single promoter.
Hmm. Maybe I’m hungry verging on hangry. Time to forage for food.


I miss christy

Houka Inumuta

2020 is my year. Tyler will 10000000% get voted off and Ian has a 50% percent of winning in this entire cast. Nicole A has like an 80% chance to win cause Ian already won.

I’m sorry to everyone who thinks any of them (beside Nicole A and Ian) has even a 1% chance to win.

Everyone loves Nicole and not one person is targeting her.

Ian is not even in people’s minds.


Now we all know Tyler is making to at least jury. He got the guaranteed he’s 10000000000% out from houka lmao

Houka Inumuta

Dani is just one person though Nicole’s going to be fine. She has this game in the bag. Her only competition is Ian who is her ally.


I can see Janelle, Kaysar, Nicole A, Ian, and Bay working well together. I am surprised that Day’s intuition if off when it comes to Cody. I hope that she realize that he, David, Enzo, Ratcole, and Tyler are working together and join Janelle and Kaysar. I have a feeling there’s going to be an Alpha Female blow up between Shitmas and Janelle. You know even though Janelle is a wee bit older, she’ll never ever back down from a fight; and she’ll put Shitmas (and Ratcole) in their place. Can you imagine if Janelle is HOH and she puts up Shitmas/Ratcole and say to them, “Bye Bye, Bitches!!” I will laugh so hard!!