Big Brother 22 Nomination Results! “I don’t have anything against anyone.. maybe everyone is misting me.”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Ian, Kevin, Memphis, NicoleA
Nominations – Kevin &
Power of Veto Players are -?
Power of Veto holder -?
Power of Veto Ceremony -?
Safety Suite – Kaysar & Janelle
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6:03pm The live feeds return from being blocked for the first Nomination Ceremony! As HOH Cody has nominated: Kevin and Keesha.

All the house guests are in the kitchen. Everyone is hugging Keesha and Kevin. Keesha is crying. Keesha heads to the bathroom. She talks to Janelle. Keesha – I didn’t want to cry. I knew it was happening. I hate when I break down emotionally. I am not surprised at all. I mean I knew it was coming. It so much emotion.

Outside the HOH room. Nicole and Cody. Cody – this is the hardest part. Nicole – Don’t feel bad, its a game. Cody – I know but seeing Keesha crying. Like she hasn’t been down at all and Kevin came to me earlier. Nicole – what is your thought process.. like what do you want out of your HOH? Kevin comes up and Cody says he should talk to him. They head into the HOH room. Cody – I am so sorry. I was like thinking and I couldn’t really say anything when we were talking.. you know because I can’t really say anything. I don’t want you to go home. I feel like you and I can have a connection. Like we can work together. Its so hard. I wish you did something to piss me off so it would have been easier. I don’t dislike keesha. I just haven’t been around her. I don’t have anything against you. When you said we’re different .. I don’t know what you mean by that. Kevin – that’s just my own baggage. Cody – I don’t know how the veto .. like you might be fine and save yourself. After two days it doesn’t mean anything about you and me. It is just so hard after two days. Kevin – I really would like to work with you. I never would have made that offer if there were like weird vibes or something like that. Its not like I would even put you up. Cody – I wouldn’t even be mad if you did. I would understand that. I don’t want you to think like we’re different. Kevin – I don’t have anything against anyone.. maybe everyone is misting me. Cody – I don’t think so .. you’ve played the game before .. nothing really comes up in the first few days. No one is really going to show who they really are till like 5 days in. I don’t want this to be like oh he nominated me and now we’re separating. I want us to work together and if you win HOH and if you need to put me up to help you.. Kevin – that is not how I want to play. If I can magically get myself out of this situation .. I would rather play strategically. I would like to return the favor. Kevin – Is there anything I could do better? Cody – no, its not like we were having conversations and I thought like I don’t trust him. There is nothing I could say that you need to change. After the veto if the noms are the same .. when people come to me I am going to tell them I have a good relationship with Kevin .. I would appreciate if he stays. I am not even going to have this conversation with Keesha. I will say I am sorry but I have a genuine connection with you.

Kevin – I am going to try and win the veto. Cody – I am going to be on your side no matter what. Kevin – I hope they don’t shun me. Cody – I have already talked to production about that .. for people to do that to someone I find that disgusting. I won’t let you sit by yourself. Kevin – I am going to look for opportunities. And if you notice any I would appreciate some nudging. I am just going to try and talk to people and get the votes. Cody – my only advice is to act natural. Just be normal. Ask about how people are doing and what they’re missing in their outside life. Because not a single person is going to know how they’re going to vote yet.

6:35pm HOH room. Keesha joins Cody to talk about being nominated. Cody – I am so sorry. I didn’t even know where to go with that. I said it to Kevin too.. I wish one of you had said something to make it easier. There is no one in here that has shown their true colors. I don’t want it to be awkward. There was just nothing to grab at. Keesha – what did you grab at? Cody – we just hadn’t really talked. Cody – I can’t look at you and be like .. I want you to go home. I don’t know how we will be in 4 days… we might be tight! Keesha – yeah! Cody – I am really sorry. I feel bad. I feel horrible. Keesha – its hard when it is this early in the game. Its easy when you have someone you’re after.

6:40pm Living room. Janelle, Enzo, Kevin, Ian.
Enzo – This sucks bro man! It does! Kevin – I know. And when I talked to him he was like there was nothing to really go off. Its been two days. Janelle – the first one is always so hard. Enzo – that was just so awkward! I was like what the f**K yo! This sh*t is real now! I was saying 10 years ago when I was playing this I didn’t give a f**k! Like right now while that was happening I was like yo this sh*t is awkward! Janelle – it took forever!! That was the longest nomination ceremony I have ever sat through. Kevin – I am just going to try really hard in the veto. Do you guys think it is tomorrow? Janelle – oh definitely its tomorrow. Enzo – we need to get outside! You win the veto and then we get Champaign tomorrow night! You know what I mean!

7pm Outside the HOH room. Daniele and NicoleA.
Daniele – I have to tell you something. I feel really bad for never getting back to you about doing your pod cast. Nicole – oh its okay. Daniele – I have to tell you because all of this was going on and I said to Dom because I feel uncomfortable I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to say the wrong thing. And he said just don’t do it and stop stressing out about it. Nicole – I appreciate it .. I understand. I know what we had to do to come on here. They talk about the noms. Nicole – it makes it so much easier when there is a public enemy. Daniele – maybe we just need to start poking someone. Enzo joins them. Daniele – who are you feeling better about? Enzo – its hard .. Kevin is funny and Keesha is sweet. Daniele – Kevin is sweet too. There’s not even any point in talking about it until after the veto.

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another name

Keesha to Da:
I knew. I knew yesterday. I figured it out.
Wow. ur MInd….

No. her ears. She just got all this from Kaysar this afternoon.
But ok.


Let’s see if certain people pick up that other people called this and obviously have a better read on what’s going on than they do and will try to work with more perceptive folks…Dayvonne.

another name

If Kevin actually absorbed what Cody was saying to him, it’s even more damning.
Cody told him he had another thing in mind then something happened. well gee it’s day 3 and only one thing has happened. Grodner’s Suite.
Tells Kevin initial nom idea.
Cody tells him he wouldn’t want people to go after people from the same season (ed. that he says he never watched… but he knows who Memphis is?) because of his relationship with Nicole.
Confirms to Kevin the lack of relationship talk / Nicole being worried is bull.
I’m paraphrasing. But Cody is no Derrick when it comes to greasing people.
Cody’s barely Whackadoodle Sam when it come to greasing people.
Okay. I exaggerated that part for levity. Cody couldn’t ever tell a curbstomp story like she did.


Really feel for Keesha and Kevin. To wait all this time for a second shot on the show and you’re up the first week, a total nightmare.

Big Jim

Nice knowing you Keesha back to the restaurant!

Already Lovin' This Season

I think if Keesha or Kevin come off the block (via the POV), Cody will name Memphis as the replacement nom. Unless Memphis wins the POV. Then, I don’t know who Cody will put up. Nicole A., maybe?


I think Ian could be a possible replacement if POV is used

Houka Inumuta

2020 is my year. Tyler will 10000000% get voted off and Ian has a 50% percent of winning in this entire cast. Nicole A has like an 80% chance to win cause Ian already won.
I’m sorry to everyone who thinks any of them (beside Nicole A and Ian) has even a 1% chance to win.
Everyone loves Nicole and not one person is targeting her.
Ian is not even in people’s minds.


Ian should go this week

All Stars???

You aren’t very good at math, are you? ?

Jets Jets Jets

2 years later. I know you’ve been stewing about Tyler this whole time. I agree 100% about Anthony. She’s not going anywhere. I predicted her to win before it started.


Thanks for covering BB22. It’s been awhile for me watching again!


You’re welcome janebond. it’s turning out to be a fun season only 3 days in 🙂

another name

If I were production, who would i want to be the veto picks?
three people that would add drama.
one of kaysar/ janelle? maybe too obvious. Da’vonne? Seems to want to pick up Keesha in her plan but has a bad history in bb comps. Memphis to cement his existence in the house because dude doesn’t show up much in conversations. one of Christmas or Dani? Only if they want to expose them early as playing a little sketch. Same with Enzo. Either Nicole? that’s comedy, we’re shooting for drama.
yeah. I ask this because costumes for veto have arrived the night before they picked veto players before, it’s safe to assume shit can happen. The first veto they are going to want to go for drama. What provides the most drama?
The veto pick will show us an early telegraph for the storyline they are trying to set.


I dont think this cast is evil enough to be dramatic. If they want real drama, they could have brought back the 2 jacks & christie to rule again, and have bayleigh, kevin put up on the block.


Simon how do you get the live feeds? I’m in Canada too and would like to watch ?

Michele Smith

I haven’t been able to get the feeds to work & was wondering what was the deal with the Safety Suite & is Janelle in a costume?


New twist.
Everyone given a VIP card
Every week there’s a “Suite comp” to play costs you that VIP card.
Every week the suite will grant a new power to the winner
the winner can also select a person to share the power that person will get a penalty
Kaysar won the safety suite comp and picked Janelle to be safe with him Her penalty was the costume.

All Stars???

Thanks. Is it one VIP card per player for the entire season?

Michele Smith

Thank you so much!!