Loveita “Am I your target?” Jared “If you can’t take the head, take the arm.”

POV Holder: ? Next POV March 5th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 7th
HOH Winner: Jared Next HOH: March 10th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: Loveita and Sharry
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige
Have Nots Loveita, Sharry, Joel, Cassandra

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Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-05 09-38-08-079

12:35pm Storage room – Loveita talks to Jared. I am talking to everybody. Before I went up I tried to make a deal with you but you didn’t take it. Jared says no, I didn’t realize how soon I had to nominate people. It was so quick. Loveita says I want you to know I respect your decision. I appreciate how you handled it. If I do win the veto I am not sure if I use it on myself or on Sharry. Jared says that’s okay do what you want to do. Give your all out there, obviously I am going to do the same. Its your veto, it makes no difference to me. Loveita asks am I your target? Jared says if you can’t take the head, take the arm. Loveita says part of me doesn’t care if I go home. Jared says with a mentality like that you probably will go home. Loveita asks if I am here next week would I be a target for you guys? Jared says well I wouldn’t be in power. Loveita asks what about Kelsey? Jared says that’s a conversation you’d have to have with her. I don’t know.

12:55pm – 1:20pm HOH room – Kelsey, Mitch and Cassandra are talking. Jared tells them about his conversation with Loveita and says that he definitely wants to keep the nominations the same. He says he thinks its better for Sharry to go first. Jared leaves. Raul joins them. Cassandra says if I win HOH, Dallas is my number 1 target. Kelsey says if he wins HOH you would be his target. Cassandra says if Dallas won I think he would put me and Raul up. Kelsey agrees. Are we going with Sharry? Cassandra says she is. Kelsey says I think if the majority of the house is voting for her I think we should. Cassandra asks what if we backdoored Dallas? Kelsey says if we did and it didn’t work .. he has the potential to do a lot more damage. Cassandra tells them that Dallas tried to gain her trust by saying he had a final four with, Maddy, Loveita and Sharry. They continue to talk about who its better to vote out. Mitch says he could go either way. They agree to wait and see what happens in the veto.

1:30pm Sharry tells Loveita that if I stay and win HOH next week, I am going after Kelsey and Jared. Loveita says if I win the veto I am going to use it on you. Sharry says I don’t want you to just kamikaze like that. There’s got to be a better way.

2:15pm Kitchen – Nick and Ramsey are having a rap battle about BB life.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-03-05 11-22-14-492
2:25pm – 2:35pm Bedroom – Kelsey talks to Cassandra about whether or not to have a showmance with Jared. Kelsey says that she really doesn’t know about having a showmance. Jared is a lot like the guys she hangs out with back home. Being on national tv makes her not want to do it. We have a real connection but I don’t know if I want to cross that line. It would be nice to do something on my own. Do I really want to go there on TV with my parents and grandparents watching. What would you do? Cassandra says I don’t think I could do it. You have to go with the flow of things. Don’t stress yourself out about it. Kelsey says Canada wants to see it and its like I’m letting everyone down. Cassandra says once you do cross that line its out there and most likely it might not work out. Kelsey says I don’t want to be reckless with anyone’s heart and I don’t want to hurt him. And I feel like if we make out it leads to other things. People were even calling us a showmance on day 2. Cassandra says that was Maddy after she found Jared attractive. It was a jealously thing.

2:50pm In the bedroom – Tim asks have you guys seen anyone lose their sh*t yet?! Cassandra and Christine say no but close. Christine says there’s some people you can push their buttons quick and they’ll lose their sh*t! Tim says tell me!! I’ll push it!! Cassandra says I know, I know! She whispers Dallas and points to his bed. Tim says But they’re feeling the heat. Cassandra says you should push his buttons. Tim says no because I like Dallas.


Today’s veto is the one where they have to recreate a home scene by the brick.

4:10pm In the bathroom – Dallas gives Nikki a foot massage. “It’s your Canadian welcome!” Nick comes through and asks if its rude to ask for a foot massage. Dallas says its not rude. I don’t mind. Nikki gets Dallas to give Kelsey a foot massage after so that its not weird that she only got one.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-03-05 13-49-48-731

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What is this like, talking, like, like, like……This is the most inane, stupid, conversation with these big brother Canada chicks, like……


She’s rough around the edges, but I’m starting to like Cassandra more especially after her game talk with Tim last night. Besides Dallas and Maddy I don’t think anyone sees her as a major threat. In fact I don’t think people take her that seriously which can and has been an effective advantage that furthers people in the game. She’s very aware of what is going on in the house and she has great intuition to figure out who’s lying (Ramsey and Dallas voting with Maddy and Sharry for example). As with most Social players, I’m not sure how well she’ll do in competitions, but she doesn’t seem to be wanting to throw then while simultaneously being aware of what she can and can’t do (like endurance comps).

Mitch is still my number one for now. I really like how he has played the game so far. Nobody seems to notice that he does a whole lot more listening than he does talking.


Is it just me or are these people boring and clueless this season?

Julilly- Yep, That Girl

No, it’s not just you.
There are no “Super Fans” this year, so a lot of the house guests are playing BB according to what they watched on TV


I’m so glad Tim is in the house !!


yeah, i didnt really like cassandra much from her into clip but she’s playing smart so far


What’s up with Nikki’s special food? That’s BS! If she has a milk allergy, I get that.
But chocolate n bananas? I say put her whinny little ass on slop with no
special food.


Probably has something to due with her eating disorder. Would hate to see her relapse because of the show.


Sry Nikki fans … but I don’t see the appeal?
I didn’t know she had a eating disorder. I would not wish that on anyone
But being on slop is a big part of the show and if she can not participate
fully then she shouldn’t be on the show. Give someone else a shot at it.
I can think of a lot of players who I’d like to see. Maybe it’s just me, but girls
who act like entitled whinny little spoiled brats are not appealing.
She’s already saying she wants to go home …
Send in someone Like Neda, Vanessa, Dani D, Britney H, etc …
Women with brains who want to play


Missing Sabrina from Big Brother Canada 2 right now! Need someone to spice things up!




It was a joke!


I’ve seen some comments about Nikki’s food requests. For those of you who don’t know, Nikki has suffered from one of the most severe cases of anorexia I’ve ever heard of. Here’s an interview from Nikki about it:

Due to this, she still has problems with food, as she has relapsed a few times since this article, explaining her requests. I’m sure most people don’t know this about Nikki’s past, but I hope that this gives clearer picture on her.


I heard about Nikki’s anorexia somewhere, but reading that article was shattering. I didn’t think it was weird that she had food requests because she is somewhat of a sudo celebrity in the UK and I thought BBCan wanted her on the show and were willing to give her what she wanted. After reading that article you linked….. wow. Now I feel a little gutted for her since there have been numerous conversations on the feeds asking her how she stays so petite or whether she wants children, plus she keeps referring to eating slop as a detox. Poor girl… give her all the banana’s she wants.

suny dee

peter has food issues as well (i mean clearly he is not well, malnourished, and being on the show literally starving themselves if they don’t have the few foods they will eat is on the show, not them. first for allowing them on the show, then making food (or have no food) part of the show with no exceptions for these sorts of people. you either make exceptions for health reasons, or you don’t put them on the show. i have no interest watching someone’s struggle with food on TV.


They provided the foods peter ate on BBCan1 when he wasn’t on slop, Im assuming thats it what they’re doing with Nikki. I don’t think she will still be provided with bananas and almond milk if she loses a food comp.


If they are providing the almond milk for calcium and bananas because they help the body absorb calcium, and Nikki has brittle bones due to early onset osteoporosis, as well as a history of eating disorders, it would be unusual for her to be made a have not without medical supervision.
Given the number of challenges that may require physical ability, it could be viewed as irresponsible to have someone in fragile physical health perform such tasks. Again, without medical supervision. She does have the right to sit out of a challenge.
But, the fact is she and her managers (she does have business managers) have decided to put her on the program.
The cast mostly didn’t know who Nikki is. While it’s regrettable that they are making comments about her physical shape and asking about children. But it isn’t in any way intentional cruelty.


Honestly my favourite person in the house is Tim…


If you love Tim on our version of BigBrother…. You have to watch him on his season!!! All I’m going to say is,” Tim loves his Ice Cream!!!” Hahaha best ever in diary room…OK Britney H from BBUS was funny too…
Here is a YouTube link to his season BBAU 2013:
PS, hope it is OK to post YouTube links…


With the exposure that they have different contracts than the other hg’s, and while watching the way they are interracting in the house, I find it hard to actually consider Tim and Nikki as contestants on the show. It feels more like Nikki is there to amp up the possibility of volatile behavior, and Tim is there to stir the status quo, but that they are more like walking talking plot devices. Their purpose feels more like an attempt to keep the season from following established patterns than to actually compete. Perhaps after their week of safety that feeling will change. But right now I’m equating each of them to the diary room gnome that asks directed questions, and tells the hg which type of emotion they want in the answer.


Maddy and Ramsey are cute


I was hoping someone could help.
Is Loveita just playing dead so that everyone will think she’s got no fight in her and keep her around? Sort of like a mix of Britt last season every time she was nominated, with a tame version of blanketing without the musical? Or has she really already thrown in the towel? I’m inclined to think the first option, but not sure.
What do you think?


I think its a mix of both. She knows that “playing too hard” the first week is why she’s up so maybe she figures if she lays low she can counter-act that. I also think that she assumes if she doesn’t get voted out this week, she’ll still be a target and people will keep going after her and she feels crappy about that so she is kind of thinking she would rather just go home than be targeted week after week. Thats my opinion.


I don’t think Raul likes the fact that the poeple, and the cameras, aren’t noticing him… he doesn’t like the fact Tim and Nikki are stealing attention away from him.


Exact same reason Dallas lost social game points last night I think. Hard to be the loveable class clown when a more established class clown new kid Tim walks in the room and plays loveable class clown with an accent.
But really, beyond being Kelsey’s lap dog and makeup practice dummy what has Raul done?


Yay more Nikki clips 😀


Videos will be a late tonight but I will be posting as many of the relevant conversations when I get back later tonight.


Why aren’t the videos you post showing up on your YouTube channel?

White Iverson

Ugh… sharry in those shorts and red heels…
Please don’t let her be evicted… Can we save her please ????????


Peter didn’t have food issues… he just didn’t like eating food that was for anyone over 5 yrs old.


Isn’t the brick veto the one that kept the feeds down for 8 hours last season?
every time someone finished in the time alotted, the crew had to reset the furniture so that the next person could go?
They started it at 8pm Toronto time?
Thinking it’s going to be a no feeds for you night.


okay… only 4 hours and 40 minutes this year. an improvement (?)


Christine won veto.
Figuring out where peoples furniture goes in a room. Not like she hasn’t done that on a daily basis. i’m joking. Congratulations to her.