Big Brother Canada 4 Week 1 Power Of Veto Winner


POV Holder: ? Next POV March 5th
POV Used christine POV Ceremony March 7th
HOH Winner: Jared Next HOH: March 10th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: Loveita and Sharry
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige
Have Nots Loveita, Sharry, Joel, Cassandra

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The Winner of the POV: Christine

She also won 10K gift at the Brick

POV rehash

Dallas and Tim

Joel and Loveita

Faces of Niki

Maddy and Ramsey

2:24am Storage room meeting

Maddy and Phil

2:41am HOH

2:45am Dallas telling Kelsey about his vote.

3:30am Dallas finally leaves the HoH

3:48am Ramsey

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Christine will keep the noms the same and Loveita will likely go home.


No way, the entire house has been saying they’ll take out Sharry


Christine is gross


I wonder who the production pet is gonna be this season.
Season 1: Ghandoo Gary
Season 2: Allison and Jon (to some extent)
Season 3: Sarah and Brittnee
Wait until the feminists and crazy cat ladies downvote this 😀


don’t know what ghandoo means…
add Peter to the list for season one (go to for d/r even though he was shouting like a moron).
add Adel to the list for season two (production hyped his underdog edit to an exteme degree).
add Zach to the list for season three (production posterboyed him huuuuge).


I don’t know if production will carry them all the way to the end, but if the brothers, Tim, or Nikki are in danger production might save them


I’m surprised Christine won a comp at all, let alone this early. She’ll probably keep the noms the same because she’s decided to employ the passive Floater strategy (no alliances at all, and trying to hide in the nether spaces between alliances) and it doesn’t make sense for her game to rock the boat and she just doesn’t like Loveita and Sharry. I don’t think she’d be well liked enough to win if she got to the end, but I can respect the fact that she has a strategy, is employing it, and is not just aimlessly trying to get through the game.

From the way people have been talking I am starting to get the feeling that Sharry will get evicted this week. Mitch, Joel, Cassandra, and Christine are very open to evicting Sharry this week and are very smart to recognize how dangerous a player she will be down the rode.

Ironically this season is reminding me a bit of BB US 4. There are more Floaters this time around, but the Floaters in the game: Cassandra, Mitch, Joel, and Christine are all aware of the power they can wield at this stage of the game, and so long as the alliances are busy taking each other out the Floaters can decide who are the best people to get out now for their long term games. I’m loving this.


Maybe she won just as Pili did last year when she got HOH: pure chance


To my understanding the POV had players re-create a Brick designed room or something. That’s not something you can just chance. However, Christine has been cleaning houses for what 17 years? If anyone was going to win that comp it was probably going to be Christine.


I just saw on Twitter that Christine also won 10,000 dollars at the Brick. Lol her target status will probably get slightly bigger because of that. HG always get jealous when someone wins more money.


Tim is working his magic, everyone wants to work with him! LOL, i can’t wait for next week.


And Nikki… they were all in the HoH room talking bout harmless she is and take her to the final because they don’t want the money. Everyone by Raul.. he wants to put Tim up. When everyone asked him why, he said he was a shit disturber, and when kelsey said he isn’t… he backtracked. He is jealous of the attention Tim is getting, his very funny.


I was just listening to Rob Has a Podcast (Friday March 4th) and JP from BBCan 3 was on and they were talking about how Bruno from BBCan 3 said that Cassandra and Jared knew each other before coming into the house. I don’t know if this is a twist or not, but I would not have guessed that those two knew each other. If it is true than congrats to both of them, because I did not see that coming and they played it off really well.


Sort of like a Kenny and Allison situation from season 2?


Yeah I think they brought that up in the Podcast too. Are the populated areas of Canada so small that people know or know of a lot of people in the vicinity? I’m not sure how well they know each other, but to have someone that you know you can trust or use to further yourself is a huge advantage in the game. Reminds me of how Jun used the hell outta Jee until she cut him loose in BB4.

Now it makes much more sense why when Kelsey was taking to Cassandra she said Jared had good feelings about her.


Kenny and Allison were from somewhere near Saint John’s Nfld. population between 150 and 250k. Story goes he was friends with one of her best friends, and they’d been to a couple of the same parties and were friends on social media through the shared friend. Jared and Cassandra are from somewhere around Winnipeg population between 600 and 700k. Expecting it to be another one or two degrees of separation story.


I know people may not believe this because Winnipeg is just as populated as other cities where you don’t know anyone. BUT I’m from Winnipeg lived there 20+ years and I met BOTH Cassandra and Jared and was shocked. But people don’t understand.. Winnipeg + surrounding area is literally like 3 degrees of separation between any two people. I’m not surprised they know each other or have mutual contacts.


I’m as confused as Ramsey is lol! Dallas has been lying his ass off the past few days and trying to throw Cassandra under the bus as the 4th vote to evict Kelsey, finally reveals he lied, and people are okay with this? Or maybe everyone is just tipsy and hasn’t really processed what just happened. Where is Cassandra? Girl get Dallas backdoored lol!

Is there a brewing showmance between Nick and Maddy? I thought he and Phil talked about him starting to distance himself from her. Phil won’t be happy, although he was all too happy to run back and give Kelsey a hug.

Tim launching Nikki was pretty cute/funny. I’m really enjoying this season! I want to be in the BB house so bad.


When your favourite is contestant on Big Brother Canada is Tim the Australian…


It’s surprising how many people will fall for the “I already know what you did, so I’m giving you a chance to tell your side of the story” line.
Dallas falling for it isn’t so unexpected, apparently only one or two beer make him a moron. With the added bonus of accusing one of his allies of throwing him under the bus. He jumped in front of it, but used Ramsey as a speed bump. In terms of personal game short term not a bad idea. If you look bad, make someone else look worse loudly. bit of a douche move, but not a bad idea.
Then again he says he voted one way last week but campaigned the other three or four times to save face, the final one in front of Sharry and Loveita. So he admits to backstabbing his alliance week one. He throws an alliance member under the bus and tells everyone his ally is a liar week two. I understand he’s trying to jump from what he sees as the sinking ship, but does he believe he’s not going to be the bottom of the totem pole on the other side? Nobody should be running to be in an alliance with him… but given the way hg’s have been analyzing the game so far, I’m sure somebody will. Long term, I fear it’s going to bite him in the ass. It probably should.


Can u go back to typing out what is happening? I don’t have the time to watch all these videos.

White Iverson

I agree.


Not gonna lie as I’ve been watching the feeds, I’m starting to like Cassandra. Not sure why she had to do the Victoria-esque intro for the show but she’s a lot smarter, intuitive and perceptive then I thought she’d be.

Tim is hands down my favourite right now, he’s basically got the house wrapped around his finger! He’s good at just making random conversation that always has an ulterior motive that assess’s the other HG.

Mitch is playing a great game too, Joel is as well but sometimes his uncomfortableness shows and that’s the only reason why I’d think he’d go before Mitch.

Ramsey is way too paranoid like he’s just game mode 24/7. Like his only real ally is Maddy and she’s such an emotional player and hypocrite. Legit 2 days ago she was snuggling Phil and crying and saying she wants to quit etc.. And then a little while ago she was complaining that Loveita said she wants to leave and how selfish Loveita is and this is a once in a chance lifetime.. I don’t know she annoys me.

Loveita is definitely not good at this game but I feel bad for her she is legit so awkward, more so than Joel.


So Dallas is going to get backdoored, right?


if these people were smart at all they would backdoor dallas. he lied about his vote this whole time and finally tells the truth now and everyone is just okay with that. i would try my hardest to convince christine to use the veto then get rid of dallas , offer her protection next week. odds are very high, with the numbers they have that one of that big group will win next week


I hope Tim goes far in this game. He has the ability to look through people and has a great perspective on the game. He is the one that is making Big Brother Canada interesting this year. I think Dallas is going to be in trouble. Nikki you’ve got to love her, she is like a little cute cartoon character.