“Look at them as pieces on a chess board.. you want to keep your queens. Kaycees not necessarily a queen”

POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 13th
HOH: Haleigh Next HOH: Aug 16th
Noms: Kaycee Rockstar and Angela Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers I don’t see Tyler using the veto on rocks he’s using it on Angela. Kaycee will probably be the the replacement nominations. At that point it’s a battle for which side can capture Sam’s and JC’s vote.

10:28am Rocks is the first one up….

10:51am Rocks wakes Sam up
Rocks – I didn’t mean to wake you up I was digging through your shit for a lighter..

10:52am Rocks now with lighter and smoke heads outside… mumbling to herself counting votes…
Rocks – we get rid of Angela this week.. (LOL fat chance)
Rocks – the agreement is me Sam, Fes and Haleigh (rocks core alliance)

Rocks mumbles something about a battle back “I can keep my word in this game.. OK.. I fully trust Haleigh, Sam.. Fes I trust.. ”
Rocks – Scottie and Tyler are working together

11:02am Sam comes out…
Sam asks her what she’s thinking about.. Rocks has been working over the votes trying to figure out if she’s staying and what she needs to do.
Sam – I think it’s a done deal babe (you are staying)
Rocks – because he would be stupid not to take that deal
Sam – Tyler has alliances and teams whatever they are all shaken down now week to week.. yeah I think you are fine
Rocks – My ultimate goal is you me and haleigh Final three..
Sam – that would be amazing
Rocks – I’m working that out logistically. If Angela goes the next move would be to knock Kaycee out
Sam – I don’t know if I can do that
Rocs – then it would be Brett and JC
Sam – I can’t do that either
Rocks – you have to ..you have to get rid of everybody that’s the whole thing..
Rocks says then they would have to take out Scottie and Tyler but Tyler first. followed by Scottie and Fes, “Then it would be us three”
Sam – I don’t know
Rocks – it’s ok
Sam – how about I just say I believe in you (LOL)
Rocks – OK
Sam – OK, and I’m here for you
Rocks – i’m doing different thing in my mind..

Sam -it’s going to be a beautiful day
Rocks – we love everybody here we can’t look at the people as who you love you have to look at them as pieces on a chess board..
Sam – ok.. I trust you dude..
Rocks – you want to keep your knights and you want to keep your pawns (thats you a pawn)
ROCKS – the queen is the most powerful the queen can move everywhere you want to keep your queens..
Sam – Yeah
Rocks – Kaycee’s not necessarily a queen hasn’t made any moves with anybody else except for her falling apart side (Hmm what have you done rocks?).. Kaycee view thins in sides and isn’t adaptable to the idea of there not being sides.. She’s said that from the very beginning.
Sam – I think she’s nervous too.. maybe just try to talk to her..
Rocks – I’ve tried to talk to her a lot..

Rocks – I don’t think she has a power this week because Bay’s power expired this week (someone from their mastermind alliance was beating the war drums about Kaycee haveing the last power app but rocks thinks it’s expired now)
Sam – I don’t know
Rocks- Bay offered Angela bay the use of her power this week.. but Angela took Tyler off the block.. we said it’s me Haleigh, Bayelgih we can work with you and kaycee we have 5 we have Sam and 6 we had the girls thing
ROcks goes on about the girls alliance..
ROcks says she can be honest with the promise she made to Tyler she could keep him here 3 more weeks.. (Wounded lamb)

Rocks – first bridge to cross we need to get me off the block because I don’t want to be on the block.. I think I can make Angela a bigger target than me if he keeps the nomination’s the same.
Rocks says that Brett is starting to figure out the numbers thing and she wouldn’t put brett on the block because she doesn’t think anyone should be on the block 3 time. “I don’t like that”

Sam – I want to get some sun today as much as I don’t want to be in a bikini
Rocks – I have one more day to stay in Tyler’s ear… he’s a smart kid but he doesn’t want to be told what to do he wants to have option presented
Sam – just trust him.. he’s here to win.. so just trust him.. tell him what you need to tell him then jsut trust him
Rocks – I kinda do
Sam – tell him what you need to tell him and believe what you need him to do and he probably will..

Sam saying that Scottie is special to her he never complains and he takes care of the house. “he’s humble and kind”
Rocks – yes he’s all of those things
Sam – I’m not rejecting the idea of an all girls ending .. I’m so.. I don’t know I’m so attached to some of the guys in the house I feel like I don’t know.. I feel like.. I don’t know.. I’m the girliest girliest boy..
Rocks – I’m attached to many of these people to
Sam – Fes for sure..
Rs – that is why I am not saying they are next.. or in my agenda.. but eventually absolutely.. eventually everyone’s gotta go that’s the game..
RS – I love Scottie.. I would challenge you..
Sam – as you said we love them all we love all of them.
RS – I would challenge you to have a further real conversation with our little haleigh perhaps she would share with you things she wouldn’t share with me.. Haleigh wants to let you know a little of her darkness.

11:36am Sam and ROCK
Sam – I don’t see haleigh as a stereotypical anything..
Sam – I know she’s special..
Sam says she would be lying if she said she’s wan’t guilty of being jealous of Haleigh.. brings up her favorite artist Ani difranco..
Rocks goes on about how beautiful women don’t intimidate her because as being someone that works at a gentleman’s clubs.

Rocks talks about her staff of strippers and how gorgeous they were like Haleigh, Angela and Bayleigh



11:48am haleigh ZONKED.. 


NOON Angela is now up 

12:27pm a good portion of the house is up now.

12:33pm HAlegih and Scottie
haleigh is talking about her awesome pitch to Tyler last night and how it was ROCKSTAR that pulled her up. She’s goign to have another conversation with him today when she hasn’t had any wine says she was drunk last night

Haleigh – I think it went well
Scotti e- I think it went well.. all the stories I’ve heard..
H – From me and Rockstar..
S – yes

Scottie wants to make sure they are on the same page with everything..
Scottie brings up Rockstar helping Tyler during the Power of Veto.
Scottie – literally want happened she looked at him .. said something and he literally started booking it down.. you could see the panic in his f*ing eyes..
Scottie- we were allowed to scream it at you
H – she keeps apologizing to me.. I’m like Rockstar I’m not on the block
they agree JC is putting things in Fes’ head.
H – I didn’t realize how big of a problem JC was
Scottie – a problem
Scottie says getting Fes out may be a problem
H – we have the opportunity to get him up this week.. but do we have the numbers
Scottie mumbles no
h – I just have this feeling.. the way Tyler was like.. you can always tell how a conversation went..
Haleigh says the conversation with Tyler ended with him saying he knows the numbers and nobody has offered him anything including Angela. haleigh goes on about how stupid that is for Angela.
H – Tyler I know Angela took you off because she is your friend but she was going after Bayleigh she wasn’t like my good I want to take you off you can’t be up there..
Haleigh makes it sounds like Tyler didn’t think of that …
Ha – Listen you don’t understand me..
SCottie – I think it went welll
Ha – we talked for a n hour..
Ha – I didn’t like Rockstar offering .. Sam had said Tyler has safety
Scottie says Rockstar was offering Tyelr safety from Fers, her you
Ha – I can’t speak for anybody else.. I can only speak for myself..
Haleigh’s entire conversation with Tyler was her assuming that Angela just started working with Tyler last week it’s super funny.. .
Ha – he ended the conversation with I’m glad we had this talk.

They are laughing at how when she drinks wine she’s like Popeye instead of her forearms getting big with spinach it’s her brain on wine.
Scottie says if he wins HOH he’ll give her his bottle of wine and she can be around for all his one on ones
Scottie – I use to joke with Steve.. if I win HOH you are going to be in my HOH you are going to be my bouncer.
H – I wish Steve had more of a chance
H – lets say he doesn’t do it and brings Angela down.. I put Kaycee up she uses her power takes herself off then what..
Scottie – I would cry.. I’ll cry with you
Haleigh says the only option are JC or Sam and she’s made a deal with Sam.. If it’s JC she would just look her door “That’s how I solve my problems”
Scottie – that’s what I do on the inside.

Haleigh thinks JC will stay over Rockstar.

1:13pm Hot..

12:32pm Fes talking to haleigh likes he has a clue about what is going on in the house. Giving her talking points with Tyler.
Fes says that Tyler does everything the HOH wants. “I don’t know if we should reassure him”
Fes lists off all the weeks where Tyler did what the HOH wanted (Cause maybe Tyler was running that HOH) Fes wants her to work the point where she’s the HOH and she wants the POV used on ROCKS.
Fes also add that she needs to tell him if he doesn’t use the veto on ROCKS, ROCKS will still stay so he’s pissing more people off . (I can’t anymore.. )
Fes – if he does us veto Rockstar is probably going to stay

ring ring
Ha – how it is..
Rock – Rockstar.. you guys making out
fes – I’m telling her what to say to Tyler (HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH you telling her)
Fes Fills rocks in on his theory that Tyler is only doing what the HOH wants.

Fes gos on abotu his pitch to Tyelr .. (It’s very very funny)
FEs – you don’t think Rockstar is going to stay this week.. when the HOH breaks the tie.
haleigh – maybe you shouldn’t pitch him
Fes – this game is all about numbers if he uses the veto on you and Kaycee and Angela are up.. where does the other one go.. who does the other one have?
Rock – the other one goes out the door.. the next week
Fes – did you tell him that
Rock – not in so many words.. I have told him I have worked it out so that he.. I’m strategic.. I’m a delegator and a organizer of people (sure) and things that’s my actual strength that’s why I’m a manager of a big night club.. with a lot of F*ing people
Fes – ok
Rock – so yes I didn’t tell him but that’s the next logical target that’s the target BAME another week we don’t have to worry about
FEs – on double eviction night get that next person out

(OMFG I can’t believe they are really entertaining this)

1:55pm Everyone out outside..

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Who do you think Sam would vote to evict? RS seems so sure she alone has Sam yet last week Sam voted out RS to keep Bay.

Go to Rehab

Sam will vote to keep Rockhead.


That’s the question. She has talked about how much she loves Kaycee. And wants to help her win. Does she still feel the same about Kaycee after this past week tho. Who the heck knows. I would say if she does feel the same. She keeps Kaycee.


Sam knew last week that Bayleigh was being unanimously evicted. So she gave her a pity vote. If Kaycee replaces Angela on the block, Sam will vote to evict Rockstar.


The men in white jackets are coming for Samantha.
pity she looked good in the beginning.


It’s going to be pure joy watching Rockstar get evicted. The anticipation of seeing Haileigh and Fes faces gives me butterflies lol Fes is so damn full of himself it’s a joke. Haileigh thinks she’s so cleaver. I still think even after this blindside they will be oblivious. Let’s see if Fes continues to call Tyler a dumb ass after Thursday.


Oh, how I want that to happen so bad. Just so I can see Kaycee torment Rocky for 3 days.
Plus with Kaycee on the block next to Rocks I don’t think Sam will keep Rocks over Kaycee. Time for Tyler to pull Angela off the block.


This is brutal. Like shooting fish in a barrel. I’m ready to see L6 battling one another and how the personalities change, if they do.


Soon enough! ?

Who's D*** do you have to suck to.....

Spot on with your commentary on this post Simon! Lol

I love how Rocks is planning out how the rest of the season is going to play out when NOTHING she has thought has gone her way


Of course…she’s a delegator and organizer of people…just like at the strip club :p

Fraggle Rock bottom

More like a community organizer me thinks…

The Three Stooges

That conversation was like listening to Moe Larry and Curley


You owe Moe, Larry and Curly an apology.

Elizabeth Cherokee Warren

Kaycee offering to go up for the good of the team is why Level 6 is going to make it all the way to the end. Good for Kaycee.

I think this gives them a better chance of getting Sam’s vote too.


I will from now on refer to her as Blockstar. Well until Thursday and she’s evicted.


“She’s a blockstar…that is what she is…comin from afar…lalala”

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Why haven’t t we seen any convos with JC lately? He’s been adamant for weeks about wanting to get Rockstar out! Should we even question his vote? No need to worry about Sam if L6 and JC are definite.


Can everybody excuse me? After reading Rock and Sam’s discussion, I need to take a shower and wash the stupid off me…and unfortunately for Simon, having transcribed it, he’s going to need a turpentine bath to get it off…


Somebody just shoot me lol!! How freakin dumb can nasty star be geez Tyler is very smart!! Monday can’t come fast enough lol


ROcks goes on about the girls alliance..

I thought you’d put something about Sam not being included in the alliance at that time=)


As ridiculous as this season has been, you must be the gutless wonder by now. Day after day you report to us and everything you write that they say and do is so hilarious. Every time you sit and type you have to be laughing so hard that you bust a gut. Matter of fact, both you guys have to be gutless wonders. Congrats to you, man. I couldn’t do it. Keep up the great work. Will send more money soon!


It’s mind boggling isn’t it?!


And I love how they think sweet wounded baby bird lamb only does what the hoh wants lmao

Douchey C

Lol, and I thought Hayleigh’s bathtub confession hour last night was funny. Just when I think, they surely can’t be any dumber… they surprise me


She was in the tub more than 3 hours!!! Her skin on her hands and feet were shriveled up lol


She was covered in hair shavings and dead skin. Gag.


Funny thing, Rockstar’s boyfriend is on Twitter and seems pretty damn cool. He said RS chose to go by RS because she hates the name Angie. In real life she goes by Angela.


with another angela on the show, i assume the producers encouraged rockstar to go by rockstar.


She could have went by dumbass

Just sayin'

It seems even worse that she picked that name herself, that’s the best she could think of? Most people use their middle name…..


Her middle name probably IS Rockstar….hehehe.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Her boyfriend is funny and cool, and I sincerely hope that he sees something in RS that we’ve never seen. He said that RS asked Bay to be one of her bridesmaids (and I’m sure the queen will go and settle for just bridesmaid) so he was going to invite Tyler to be a groomsman.

CBS should offer to fund and film that…the bridesmaid from Hell!

Botox Pelosi

The Hive is so clueless that even on finale night they will still be in the dark. You know that Bayleigh, Swaggy, Fessi and Rocks will all be thinking that they have a shot for America’s Favorite Houseguest.

I’ll bet they all think they will be coming back for an All Stars season too.


i’ll honestly be surprised if we don’t see bayleigh and/or swaggy on a future all star season. the producers will want diversity and they’re a way better option than giving da’vonne a third shot.


da’vonne has moved on to MTV The Challenges wth Jozea lol they make a great team…not!


Swaggy maybe. Would be interesting to see if he did things different the second time. Bay? Please no. And definitely not the two of them together!


all stars!!!!!!!!!!!!! they were so soon


I was checking out Swaggy’s IG and he is sure he will be back for all stars lol I’m hoping not. He posted a picture of him and Da’vonne saying if they had been on B.B. together everyone would have been terrified because of their black excellence. I don’t understand why his colour ALWAYS has to be brought into it. SMH. Also I seen an interview with Bayleigh on Off the Block. She’s saying her and Swaggy are going to get married and have kids and do the Amazing Race blah blah blah. I swear these two are crazy lol. Why does every B.B. house guest automatically assume they can be on the Amazing Race? I can only remember two couples from B.B. ever being on it.


next season is all bb. and i can recall at least 4 couples that appeared on the amazing race (not counting multiple appearances or the ar couple who went on to appear on bb).

Busta Fooligan

I’m no Bobby Fischer, but pawns and knights are the first two expendables IMO

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Wrong, the white knights get all the breaks and advantages, whereas the black kings and queens get pawned all the time…

Sorry, just channeling my inner RS (I think it was the out–of-date microwave burrito from the convenience store).

Who's D*** do you have to suck to.....

And don’t forget the white knight “privilege” as Rocks would say, lol.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

And didn’t they already lose their Queen Bay?? Sounds like Check now; Checkmate when Tyler doesn’t use the veto on Pebbles!

Season 20

Wow how gullible can the hive be. The fact that rockstar even THINKS their is a slight chance Tyler would use the veto on her is beyond me. And they think Tyler would be stupid not to allign with them because they have the numbers behind them….every eviction the hive voted on the wrong side of the house so how do they think they still have the numbers. The L6 alliance is just completely fooling the hive right now with absolute ease. L6 doesn’t get paranoid, I mean Brett has barely been hanging with them this week and focused a lot of his time with the hive but nobody on L6 is even the slightest bit worried Brett will flip to the side.L6 communicates so well with one another without having to be with each other for the majority of the time whereas the hive alliance is constantly questioning who flipped or who could possibly flip. These two alliances are so unevenly matched. But hey Still a absolute fantastic season!

Ms. Taz

It’s the unspoken word of L6 that makes them geniuses.
But at some point they will have to turn on one another. That’s what going to be a sight to see!


I keep waiting for Brett to realize he’s the low man on the totem pole. I think if he saddled up with Fes and JC they could go far. Him and JC would be the strategists and Fes the muscle. If he doesn’t think of something soon Tyler is going to turn his sights on him (after bulldozing the clueless HIVE) and run all the way to the end and win this thing.

Who's D*** do you have to suck to.....

Brett’s too smart to join up with the biggest dumba$$ in the game, lol


Haha, you’ve got a point.

Gigi Tomasa



Before the hacker comp there was a conversation between Angela and Kaycee wherein they basically say … Hey it is what it is, a game. They will just have to fight to win hack comp, then veto. The alliance name certainly suits this group who thus far, have been able to adapt easily each week and maintain a level head. I suppose Rachel was the exception and that’s why they cut her loose.

I think L6,5,4 are playing a great game and rolling with the flow. When all is said and done, I don’t see this group becoming bitter towards one another.


Did Halyeigh and Fez do more than just kiss last night?


Looks like maybe .

Kanye Loves Trump

Knowing what a screwup Fezzy is– his aim was off, he hit her kneecap, and splooged on Hay’s thigh in a about 30 seconds. Needless to say, she was not impressed with his lovemaking skills….


Rockstar comes in the room earlier and asked what the sour smell is? They claimed it was Fezzy’s clothes!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Feysal’s Jihad

He accomplished his only game move and mission of the season last night. .. getting drunk obnoxious Haystack in bed .

Fraggle Rock bottom

That’s their MO….Just need to look around everywhere to see it happening on a daily basis. BB really does mirror the outside world…..

Domesticated Breakdown

No they kissed and cuddled


Hard to say… they are STILL in bed now. Haleigh is sleeping off the booze and Fez is playing with his hair. He tried to make some moves after talking in detail about his giant booger but that foreplay somehow didn’t do it for Hay.


I really don’t think they did.

Red Wave

it will be nice to get a hive member out but do you think Sam will stay with the hive after Rocks goes?


Let’s see how Sam votes if Rockstar and Kaycee are together on the block.


i really don’t think tyler should use the veto at all. after last week everyone suspects he’s working with angela and it will take the heat off their relationship. kaycee also seems a more loyal number to him that’s not particularly good at comps so he may be able to beat her in the end (though angela may be more useful getting to the end as she does have an hoh after all).

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Sam already told RS that she didn’t think she could vote against KC and I believe that if anyone doesn’t already know that Tyler and Angela are close they need to join Fessie in his deep thinkers club.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

@Swaggie’s missing brow, I always thought that was so funny as it reminded me of the Asian character in “The Interns” that pulled out his eyebrow hair to punish himself!

Fraggle Rock bottom

I’ve been calling him half-brow since day one….


Question – IF Kaycee were to go on the block, would she still be able to use the Hacker’s ability to void a vote? I agree that Angela should be safe enough against Rockstar – wouldn’t she have Kaycee, Tyler, Brett, JC? And Rockstar would have Fes, Sam, and possibly Scottie? Am I missing someone?

Douchey C

They need a laugh track at this point after every Hive conversation because it is pure comedy! I’m literally laughing as I read this conversation between RS & Sam……That pic of RS smoking is beyond hilarious …yep, Pockstar is Queen, yo

looney Libs

Canned laughter. That is great.

Fraggle Rock bottom

Now that is totally a great idea. Those brilliant 80’s laugh tracks….


rocks, drop the all girl thing. scottie and fes are way better numbers for you than kaycee and angela. jc is arguably better than sam too.


Rocks now wants to put together a 7-person alliance in a 9-person game. LMAO!


Top Ten Reasons BB20 is Better than BB19:

10. The Hive. Their strategy mishaps are entertaining as hell.

9. Bay’s blow-up. I’ve never seen anyone draw blood in a verbal fight until that moment.

8. Own it.

7. Wounded baby bird.

6. Nobody named Paul on the cast.

5. No-mances (that would be the absence of showmances)

4. No vets. I repeat. No vets.

3. The blindsides started on Week 1 and just keep coming.

2. Sam’s 17 personalities. Sometimes she’s MacGyver. Sometimes she’s Mama Bear. Sometimes she’s Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. You never know who is going to show up.

And the #1 reason why BB20 is better than BB19?

1. Who flipped? (That one never gets old. :-))


“Who flipped?” LOLOLOLOL…… that and Fes saying “What is going on?” And “I don’t know, man”. Everytime Brett talks about this I can’t stop laughing.

BB Cat Lady

San Diego Gal – Best comment this season! Love your comments this excellent season of BB20 San Diego.

Gimmie a Break!!!

Halarious San diego gal!!! Two thumbs up… LMAO!!!

Teri in Oregon

Love this, and 1000% true!!!

Botox Pelosi

@ San_Diego_Gal

Pure gold. Post of the day!

This may be my favorite season ever.


I just want to say Ditto to everything Botox Pelosi just said. That really was an awesome (and very true) comment. Thanks San_Diego_Gal, you rock..!


LOVE this

another name

what if. give me a sec here.
what if… sam’s entire breakdown was her gaming haleigh (the only person who has reason to nominate her) into not putting her on the block?
only reason i ask: her comment last night “what are you going to do when i change my mind and say i want to stay?”


You know whats funny. i said to everyone for the longest that sam was jealous of kaitlyn and hayleigh that is why they went on the block. i also said that sam is a nutcase weirdo that does not want to play the game, but she has crushes and may end up floating to the end playing the dumb game. no on believed me. everyone loved sam. i got a bunch of down likes. etc. thats fine bc like i said back then her true colors will show. cbs cannot continue to give her good edits. sam is a nutcase, playing dumb. if i were hay, i would put jc up. he cant win anything. both sides need to come together to agree that he needs to go bc he plays both sides

Picture on the wall

They aren’t smart enough to protect Rockstar. Fes will happily sacrifice Rock to keep JC safe.

The stupidity is astonishing

The quiet one

I think if Hayley did put JC up, L6 would still vote Rockstar out. That is one more vote they won’t have to worry about next week. At least JC votes with them often and Rockstar is never voting their way.


Yeah, you’re probably right. I think it might bite them in the butt though. JC is going to be dangerous soon, I can only imagine the drama he’s going to bring in the next couple of weeks. L4(6) would benefit to get him out sooner rather than later.

Botox Pelosi

I agree JC is going to be dangerous but I think Fessi and Scottie are bigger threats because they can win competitions. They need to go before jC especially Fessi, At least Scottie comes to their side when they are in power. Fessi will always vote against Level 6.


Sam’s excuse for putting them on the block made no sense. “Female empowerment” & what has she been doing every week? Doing whatever Tyler tells her to, the complete opposite of “female empowerment”. Every season has it’s weridos.

Swaggle Tooth

Kinda ironic that Rockfock talks about women empowerment, woman this, all girls alliance blah, blah, blah yet works in a strip joint? I’m losing my sh*t here listening to RS talking about her “ hit list” to Sam with Sam after everyone RS lists, says “Nah, I can’t do that” RS wanting to start a 7 person alliance while otb is priceless, omg…. just omg


Strippers are the most empowered females of all. I worked in a strip joint and let me tell you, they are not victims, they are victimizers.


Sadly, it is well known that the victims typically become the victimizers..


I believe Scottie is thinking the pitch to Tyler went as well a hive pitch can go…

He’s looking to make sure he’s not the replacement should the veto be used.


I think Kaycee is growing on Sam. I also think she’s making an effort to know and understand Angela. That being said I think she will still vote to keep Rockstar.

Chuck U Schumer

That is too bad because Level 6 may need her vote since JC and Scottie can’t be trusted.


I just choked and spewed coffee everywhere reading the convo between RS and Sam ….. I’m still laughing out loud..

another name

would it be a rule breach for tyler to say to haleigh: if there is a power app still out there, if i were you, i wouldn’t even put kaycee back up. just in case.

Kanye Loves Trump

Can we please get more photos of Angela standing in her bikini??? Both front and back shots please! The lying down shots were OUTSTANDING!!!


I think people are underestimating Brett’s game. He’s actually doing great! He’s playing the lone wolf part perfectly. I think he’s got a lot more to offer. I’m liking him more everyday.


He’s really grown on me too.


Like a fungus=)


Don’t like him but his game is good but then again how good is any of their games when the other side is clueless


I wrote a similar comment…totally agree

White People

I have always hated the file and cruel way people talk about the houseguest on this site.

BB Fanatic

Then why you on it reading them?

White People

I can read what I want. I just think should be a little nicer. The negative ones are probably a bunch of fat, ugly, lonely insecure people. Did you like what I just said, probably not if it pertains to you. It is not a nice thing to say.

BB Fanatic

So you’re Rockstar’s mother?

You Should Be in the Hive

Didn’t you just post about hating cruel posts? HYPOCRISY look it up and look in the mirror.

JC, you gotta love him

You just said that you hated the vile, cruel things people say about others and then you say horrible things about people. I guess you don’t like anyone talking crap about anyone else because you want to do all the crap talk yourself.

Shaggy Swee

I’m not fat.

White People

Sorry another typo. people should be a little nicer. I hate how people talk about Rockstar.


You don’t think she deserves it? The things said about her r nuthin in comparison to what she dishes out

Busta Fooligan

I hate file people too. With their stupid folders and dumb cabinets.
Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I love White People.

White People

Vile. Typo

White People

Ha Ha. It was a typo.


The “file” and cruel…..

White People

Vile. Typo.

White People

It was a typo. Vile.


LOL, so much for proofreading.

Fraggle Rock bottom

Um, it’s well deserved quite frankly. It’s not our comments that are the problem here…..


Rock is going home and just 2 weeks after her daughters birthday. Disgusting!

Swaggy See

Na, She made jury. Still got a little bit before going home.

White People

Rockstar need to remind Tyler that he won the veto because of her help.


And Tyler needs to keep reminding Hay that she put him on the block as the hacker


What an outstanding plan.


But that would mean he was reminding her that she did something really stupid. She already knows she screwed up by helping him and she’ll be reminded soon enough if she gets voted out.

Fraggle Rock bottom

Like seriously, it’s hard to read what you are trying to right (yeah write). And “White People” are the problem….MmmHmmm.


Fes is as dumb as a bag of hammers.

White People

Sam should to tell Tyler to pull Rockstar off the block, or she will tell about his power. (wishful thinking).


Dr. Will is that you?

Bravo Simon

Well done on the zoom.

Who's D*** do you have to suck to.....

Love this : ) More of this or anything involving Angela please!

Fraggle Rock bottom

Sigh, yes. The angle could’ve have been a bit more direct, but I’ll take what I can get….

Kanye Loves Trump

Simply marvelous….


Rocks website where she considers having a vasectomy . LOL witchymama.net


And where she talks about her daughter being a mistake and a burden. Reading that website was like hearing the RS and Sam convo earlier.


I can’t stand RS but I read the website and she never ever said her daughter was a burden or mistake. Come on now.


After careful chemical analysis, a sample of The Hive’s royal jelly was actually found to be silly putty.

Who's D*** do you have to suck to.....

I am such a huge fan of watching Angela sunbathe….

Kanye Loves Trump

I am a fan of zooming in as much as possible…..


Me too…and it’s only cause we like watching her getting her daily dose of vitamin D…not cause of her amazing a$$

The real rockstar

The biggest losers this season are Rockstar’s kids because they have to go back to school with their crazy mother on TV

Swaggy Hep C

And Bayleigh’s parents.

The real rockstar

You know she will get a standing ovation at her church when she gets out.

Domesticated Breakdown

To put everyone’s mind at ease because it seems so many think fessy took advantage of drunk haleigh (who was no longer drink at that point) they are still kissing today with zero alcohol involved, honestly it’s nice to see anything go right for clueless fessy.. His rollercoaster weeks continue before noms complete confusion about the last eviction vote, after noms is either happiness or sadness depending who’s up, after veto, super excited about some plan the hive has hatched that inevitably won’t work, after veto, scurrying and upset until they hatch yet another plan that will fail where he gets the most excited because so and so is a dumbass and he can’t believe they are actually going to do it.. To I don’t know what happened.. Who flipped after the eviction

On another note, Tyler’s best move is to pull Angela down, she has a higher possibility of getting the votes to go than KC, would love to see Brett win an hoh next week but honestly it’s probably better for him not to..

Hive on Fire

Hayleigh threw JC’s name out as a possible replacement nominee.

The Three Stooges

Come on…Fes gets out of bed with Haleigh..goes to the mirror…pulls a booger out of his nose…admires himself a bit and crawled back in bed with her.. he’s just …he’s… I can’t put into words other than a big doofus. I sure hope he gets the boot at the double eviction.


And the truth comes out…Sam is jealous of Haleigh.


Absolutely Sam keeps Rocks. Going with her plan for Jury votes. It’s why she gave Bay her vote.
Even if Rocks stays…she lets Rocks know she gave her vote for her to stay.
I have seen Sam’s game for some time now and her crying..her * I’m not good at this game..I have no strategy..I want to leave is total BS.
Yesterday she let slip about Live feeds….then scrambled stuttering about how she WISHED she had watched.
Last night when alone outside..she said aloud * How do I let them know I want to stay*.
Sam seems more desperate to stay than anyone.
Now that the power seems to have shifted she’s back to Level6..keeping all her options open.
I clued into Sam when she said it was an honour to lose to Tyler and KC.
But the real clincher is this.
Playing poker..you look for *tells*.
The person does OPPOSITE of what they’re doing.
Quick tip. If a player acts confident and aggressive…they’re bluffing.
If they act nervous and meek..watch out. They have a great hand.
What did Sam hope to achieve with saying Tyler makes snake noises…hears screams…has demons..everything is in her head?
She wants players to think she’s a bit looney..that way they dismiss her actions and her votes.
In other words..Oh..that’s Sam.
Tyler knows KC is more popular than Angela.
So he takes down Angela. KC goes up. Rocks goes home.
And it will be pretty easy to see where the votes went.
Sam is going to be on very thin ice. The distrust is in. An easy pawn.
No doubt she will go on about How she realizes she loves everyone and she just wants to be everything to everyone. We will now have to hear about love and light…Kaitlyn reincarnated with bells on.
Sam is a snake and her name now to me is * SHAM*.


We should never again be surprised at the various theories and plans that the hivesters entertain. That was SUCH a fun read…and your commentary Simon…had me rofl

Swaggy See

I don’t know why anyone playing the middle would vote to evict “Rockpuke”. She has no social game and will never win a comp. Anyone could beat her in the end.


i cant believe how utterly stupid and out of the loop these idiots are, especially fes

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