Fes “[When] the game is over we shouldn’t be hiding.” Haleigh “No, I agree.”

POV: Tyler Next POV: Aug 11th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 13th
HOH: Haleigh Next HOH: Aug 16th
Noms: Kaycee Rockstar and Angela Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers I don’t see Tyler using the veto on rocks he’s using it on Angela. Kaycee will probably be the the replacement nominations. At that point it’s a battle for which side can capture Sam’s and JC’s vote.

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2:15pm HOH room Fes and Haleigh. Fes – as the numbers get smaller its better to win HOH. Heleigh – You, Rockstar, JC or Brett have to win HOH. Or Sam. Fes – I think Brett would put me up. Haleigh – he might. I would talk to him but I don’t think he would listen to me. Fes – somehow Tyler uses the veto on Rockstar. Kaycee and Angela are sitting next to each other. One of them goes home. I win HOH. We put up the reminder one and who else? Haleigh – HHmmm. Fes – we put up Brett or Sam right? And if one of them takes themselves off we put up Tyler? Haleigh – no we put Tyler up.. we backdoor Tyler. Obviously! We tried to do that this week. Haleigh – I wonder what the new twist thing will be? Fes – another one!? Haleigh – they’re not just going to do a two week twist. Fes – another twist could be the battle back. Fes – would you shave your head to save me from going home? Haleigh – no. Fes – what about half your eyebrow? Haleigh – no. Fes – so I am going home on a half eyebrow? Haleigh – Do you know how long I have been trying to grow these out and make them perfect? I was thinking about jury and it has to be a lot less stressful. Fes – it shouldn’t be stressful. The only thing that would be stressful is if you act the same way in there as you do in here. Haleigh – what do you mean? Fes – Like the game is over so we shouldn’t be hiding. Haleigh – no, I agree.

2:45pm Backyard – Sam is talking about everything including the meaning of life to Kaycee. She tells Kaycee that Rockstar is a grounding force for her like her friend Hollie Meanwhile the others are suntanning by the pool.

3:30pm – 4pm Backyard. Kaycee and JC playing corn hole.

4:10pm Hot Tub. Fes and Rockstar. Rockstar – Do you think I have a shot Fessie? Fes – what do you think? Rockstar – I think so. Fes – the numbers don’t lie. What is going to help us move forward. And the fact that he has Angela and Kaitlyn playing him. Rockstar – if he uses it on my.. Fes – I will lose my damn mind! Rockstar – its the smartest move to make. He gets safety from me, you, Haleigh and Sam.

4:37pm Hot Tub. Fes and Rockstar. Rockstar – I need to talk to JC. what if Kaycee has a power? Fes – unless the power just expired. Rockstar – that would be great. Fes – I don’t think she got it. Rockstar – but she’s a professional football player. Fes – she’s not. They don’t have a following. They don’t even get paid. Rockstar – that sucks. Fes – Think of the people who got powers.. Sam was a robot and Bayleigh’s showmance got backdoored by her alliance member.

4:52pm Brett, Angela and Fes start running

5:20pm – 6pm Quiet evening in the BB house.. wait until Fes sees this:

6:05pm – 6:15pm Havenot room. Tyler and Scottie. Scottie – people are stupid and they think we’re stupid. Tyler – I know. I am trying to not piss anyone off. I am just trying to hear everyone out. Scottie – ever since the diabolical last week I’ve been spending all my time talking you up to Haleigh. Scottie – They proposed this to you before but I think they proposed it to you in this meeting. The final 6 .. I like the way they phrase it.. it would be Me, you, Rockstar, Fes, Haleigh and Sam. And to me I always things its funny that they do that because once we get to final 6 you and me are the first to go. Tyler – yeah that’s what they said to me .. three weeks of safety. Tyler – I feel like someone has been pulling Sam away from me. Scottie – Rockstar. Tyler – yeah. Scottie – Haliegh chose to pick me over her last week. I don’t think she understands that. Theoretically if Sam still has that pinky promise with us .. then we’re good. Tyler – Rockstar has been saying how she’s been reeling in Sam and sh*t. Sam is acting annoyed to me and I can tell its because Rockstar is in her head. Scottie – she told Rockstar and Haleigh that she has made no deals in this game. Which me and you know is f**king bullsh*t. She made two with us .. the pawn one and the three of us are good till the end. And then she made one with me .. where she said if Steve got evicted she would be with me till the end. That right there are three deals. Tyler – that whole mean everything she says.. Scottie – or she is just forgetting. That is just as bad. Tyler – Sam doesn’t talk to me anymore. She won’t even look me in the eye. I have no clue what I did. Scottie – now Sam made a deal with them. I hope ours overrides that. I think Haleigh genuinely likes me. Tyler – but where I am at is Angela used the veto on me and Haleigh put me up and then cancelled my vote. Haleigh joins them.

6:30pm – 6:40pm Scottie – if you don’t take her off she will probably be really really pissed. Tyler – that goes for either of them. Scottie – I think the only people that would be pissed would be Kaycee, Angela and JC. Haleigh – JC tells everyone what they want to hear. Scottie – JC – wants as many big targets in front of him as possible. So he wants you to piss off as many people as possible because that puts you in front of them. And one of them is going home so that’s only two mad at you. Scottie – JC usually says I have your back no matter what, shut up, you’re an idiot. Haleigh – you’re very naive, you’re ignorant. Scottie – We were cross referencing. He says the exact same thing to me, Haleigh, Fes, probably you, .. he pretty much tells us all the same thing. He promised us all his vote. So we better not be on the block together. Haleigh – JC really isn’t the problem. I just want you to .. Scottie – to do it. Tyler – can I say another quote of yours .. I am just going to hold you down and make you do whatever I want. Haleigh – I forgot I said that. Tyler leaves. Haleigh – so where’s his head at. Scottie – I think he understands we support him.

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Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Fes: “As the numbers get smaller it’s better to win HOH.” Brilliant statement! Not only better, Einstein, but just maybe…easier??


I just want the veto ceremony to be over so they can hopefully pull their heads out of their a**es. They would be dumb and think some power kept Tyler from taking down RS, smh


They will still belive they have the votes
They count brett for them for some reason

Rockstar ROCKS

Rock is playing a solid game if you take your blinders off. She has people fighting for her and the tide is starting to turn.

Tyler takes her off of the block, one of the stupid six goes home and then boom Fes wins HOH.

Have I made it a bit clearer for you people?

Looney Tunes

LOL Tyler takes Rocks off the block. You need to put the pipe down.

Drink Every Time Bay Says "Literally"

^^^ Dumbest comment I’ve read in a while. Thanks for making it clear. What’s it like living in your world?


If you think Tyler will take Rockstar off the block I have some real estate on the beach in Nebraska to sell you.


Lol, good one!


Dear Rockstar ROCKS:

Is Rockstar that dirt poor single white mom who spent a good portion of last week wondering if she should self-evict ahead of the vote in order to make it easier for a spoiled rotten black girl from a rich family to get farther in the game? Didn’t she also go around with Bayleigh last week COUNTING THE VOTES FOR BAYLEIGH TO STAY? She’s the GOAT (greatest of all time). It’s a shame that Queen Bayleigh will slap her as if she was the only ho at a pimps’ convention when Queen Bayleigh finds out that she went home on Hayleigh’s HOH. Not everybody can admire Rockstar’s highly sophisticated and as you put it “solid game play”

Gordon Ramsey

Rockstar is terrible, but your comment is as ugly as she is dumb. Do better, you knuckle dragging troglodyte.


Gordon Ramsey, you poor little snowflake, I hope I did not turn you into a sobbing mess. For the record, Queen Bayleigh speaks of gutting people and laying out their intestines and Rockstar took a “destroy them all” tone to being on the block and seeing her friend evicted. My words are mild by comparison. You may need a safer safe space, sunshine. And if the nastiness of reality tv is too much, may I suggest Sesame Street or the tele-tubbies for your viewing pleasure? The adult world can be a scary place little bunny.


Oh geez, snowflake and safe space, I bet you haven’t discovered the fire yet in your cave.


IF I may quote the great Rockstar herself:

Rockstar “You were just so eloquent. You just also had blood coming out.”

Gordon Ramsey

You are not impressing anyone. However, your lack of wit is only surpassed by your inability to follow our conversation, which is actually remarkable. Good luck making sense of the adult world, ya bootlicker.


Bayleigh & RockTar Quotes:

Rockstar – if you do stay .. destroy them all!
Bay – I would burn their entire bodies into little, little specks till they’re seeds of their children.
Rockstar – I love that. Sounds good.


gullible1 for the win


Tyler will not take RS off the block. As for your “solid game” theory..RS is playing such a “solid game” she’s been on the block now THREE times. Yeah. Rock solid. NOT.

BB Fanatic

You’re kidding right?

Swaggle Tooth

You must be related to a member of the Hive. That is the only explanation. This has their stink ( esp. Fessy) all over it…. can that be any clearer there, chief?


Say “DOH”


If by playing a solid game you mean being on the wrong side of every single vote she has made…..plus being nominated all the other instances………I can buy that….lol

Liberal Women Love Trump's Enormous D@ck

In a related note, Fes has determined that water is wet….

The quiet one

Hahaha! That one made me spit my water out.

Guney Burd

What’s a dack?


Lmao so true. Sometimes they don’t realize how stupid they are.


His words of wisdom and brilliance never cease to amaze me

Houka Inumuta

Scottie FTW!!!!!!

Scottie is going to come out victorious!

Anyone think that Scottie is not getting any jury votes is either not paying attention or knows Scottie’s game.

Fraggle Rock bottom

He will be victorious, in the jury house…..Ishii-san…

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

YOU again?? What happened to “Tyler’s eviction party THIS week?” And then, “Tyler’s eviction party THIS week?” And then, “Tyler’s eviction THIS eeek?” Finally gave up?? Lol!

Houka Inumuta

it’s postponed to August 23


When’s the finale?


This is getting boring. L6 is dominating, HIVE is dumber by the day.


I wouldn’t call it boring per say. I actaully think the way L6 is dominating is pretty entertaining. I mean they’ve only had two hohs the whole game (Tyler and Angela) and Tyler’s was the first week. They’ve been able to control the votes for every single eviction whether in power or not.and yet still nobody expects that Brett Angela Tyler and kaycee are all working together as an alliance. While I agree maybe their doing so well because the other side of the house is reading the game so poorly but why wouldn’t they take advantage of their negligence. L6 is like a well oiled machine, they’re hiding the strength of their alliance very well from the others, they stay cool under pressure (kaycee and Angela didn’t freak out when nominated at least not in front of everyone), and they’re making moves best for their game and leaving out the personal drama of it all. Also it’s extrneley entertaining hearing the hive convince themselves they have the numbers every week only to ask who flipped after every eviction.


imo what’s made it interesting has been L6 controlling the game despite not having the numbers. after this week it will be four L6, 3 floaters (two who lean L6), and hayleigh and fes. should L6 win hoh next week they can seize the majority which makes for boring filler weeks until they’re forced to eat their own.


I think they’ll cut Haleigh next then start on each other with folks trying to pick up Fez.


L6 has controlled the majority, so I don’t get where you think they haven’t had the numbers

If Fes goes next after RS, they’re going to start to fracture. Tyler is solid with Scottie and Brett is good with Haleigh (who wants to play but is carrying the albatross of a 220 lbs lovesick puppy), while Angela and Kaycee are going to want them both gone and are going to start to see how Tyler and Brett enjoy side coverage that they don’t. That’s going to cause friction. JC is a wildcard and in a great spot. That JC is on the outside, but has been allowed in and therefore knows too much, which means he’ll be ready to exploit it


Yes it is hilarious when a group thinks the other group are losers yet they lose every week and still think they are on top.


You touched on something that I pray is a paradigm shift from recent BB casts that sticks for the future.

The HOH’s power ends as the conclusion of the veto ceremony. After that it’s those voting who have all the power…the Hive are playing old BB, where “the house” is supposed to do what the HOH wants and just don’t get it. The game this season is working as it was designed and how it was in the early, far more entertaining years.


As good as the Hive is at winning comps, they should be dominating, that’s what makes this season so gosh darn entertaining.


dont blame L6, blame production for a twist that has more power than any other twist ever in the game.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

And L6 showed how to use it while the Hive showed how NOT to us it; therein lies the difference in their game play.


It was a twist which could have easily leveled the playing field even for incompetent gamers…and last week Orwell had to hold the hive’s beer.

BB Fan

Just like B.B. 19. They did all they could to assure Paul a win and he still couldn’t pull it out


coup d’etate has more power than this twist, though this twist is up there.

BB Fan

Production always shifts the game with special powers. I liked the old B.B. game play. Straight game and no secrets powers

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

It like a Cat toying with the Mouse before he EATS it! Funny to watch, until it breaks its neck!


I’m enjoying it just for the comedy aspect….. freakin’ hilarious! I don’t think I’ve laughed like this over BB since Chilltown! Hayleigh’s & Poxstar’s drunken bathtub pitch was hysterical…… Tyler deserves an Emmy for his composure! last nite!

Trump's Belly Button Lint


Rock Lobster

Easy AF? It took him almost two months, a bottle of wine, and incessant nagging!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

And slowly, he’ll be the only guy left in the house he hopes (“So you’re SAYING I’ve got a chance!”)

Liberal Women Love Trump's Enormous D@ck

Hay is a dirty greasy tomboy.

Botox Pelosi

Tyler will use the veto on Angela and Kaycee will go up. Rocks will go home and The Hive will be blindsided again. Status Quo.

3s a Crowd

Has Tyler said he’s using the veto? Seems like not using it gets the least amount of blood on his hands.

Hive on Fire

I saw on another site where he said he was going to use it on Angela. We will see tomorrow.


If he’s using it, it’s because L6/5/4 believes it would be easier to get JC, Sam, or Scottie to vote to keep Kaycee over Angela. Otherwise they’ll leave it the same. They seem to be willing to trust their group in these situations. That’s not the case for the Hive.


Use it or nought L6 still wins!

The Three Stooges

Sam was just talking to RS and said something like.. I can’t wait to leave and be around diversity not all white people. I guess having a little person 2 gay people, Filipino, Arab/Muslim, various backgrounds and careers isn’t enough diversity? It’s those darn white People again.


Sam is from the South where there is more diversity. Most of the people in the house are white. While the house has some diversity it isn’t the same amount that she is probably used to.


Umm… If she really is from Stuarts Draft, Virginia, it’s 95.27% white per the 2000 census.


these shows tend to play up the idea that contestants are from where they grew up instead of having actually relocated to los angeles. it’s very possible all that stuff in her hometown segment was just remnants from when she used to live there.

Shenandoah Valley

I’m from the same area as Sam. It’s not very diverse in Stuart’s Draft, VA.

Swaggle Tooth

I’ll echo some of the HGs…. “ Im over Sam too” I wish she would leave ASAP

Miss Conception

Sam,like my parrot,gets distracted by things that are shiny!

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Seriously, sick to DEATH of this bullsh!t talk of diversity. So close minded. Every single person has a different story, a different background, a different personality, different skill sets, different minds…. dividing people by race and religion is Intolerant and close minded! If Rockonthe block got off her fat ass and asked genuine questions of people and shut her pie hole to HEAR their answers, she would discover this.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I know we’ve compared L6 to The Brigade. But now they don’t even have to hide their friendship. Fez Hay & Rockontheblock are a so STUPID. Now it’s just comedy gold. In what world does Tyler save his opponent to sacrifice 2 allies?

Allies Mom

L6 could tell the Hive about the alliance and the Hive wouldn’t believe them.


Allies Mom that is such a fact lmao

Botox Pelosi

I’m really hoping JC votes Rocks out and blames it on Scottie.


I belive scottie will go where the power is .
May be annonimus.
Anyway it doesent seem this week j.c is even trying to be with the hives.


Oh yea hay….Brett winning hoh would be great for the hive. hahaha bahahahahahaha Love it! :p


Fes: “The numbers don’t lie.” Just WOW

Liberal Women Love Trump's Enormous D@ck

A mind is a terrible thing to waste….


No, they don’t and the only person who went home that you expected to go home was Bayleigh…how are those numbers?

K...bb fan

Zero chance Tyler uses the veto on rockstar. I cannot believe they are even entertaining such a thing.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Not just entertaining, a part of Rocks thinks it’s REAL!!

3s a Crowd

Hive members are very optimistic, that’s the nicest thing I can say

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Haileigh & RS last night offering Tyler safety from 5 people (including JC who thinks he’s in a Final 2 with Tyler); RS revealing how much game Sam talks to her (that Convo this morning involved RS spewing out game nonsense but Sam never once mentioned game.) “Angela & KC dont talk game” …. not to YOU, ya fruitloop dingus!


The Zack-attack reference! Love it, one my personal favorites!


Fessie – she won’t even give up half an eyebrow to save you. She’s just not that into you! I just hope that Rockstar doesn’t have another family member with a birthday on the day that Tyler doesn’t use the veto on her.

Nah, Imma Stay! (Namaste)

Is that what happened to Swaggie’s half eyebrow?? Did I miss something? Did he lose a bet?!


Haleigh wouldn’t walk up the stairs to save Fez.


Friendly heads up: in the us central and eastern time zones, the PGA championship ran over about 20 min. If you’re recording, you might wanna extend for 30 min, or just record ncis: la


It’s like the mouse promising the snake safety from the other three snacks, I mean mice. Has there been a multiple twin twist this year and that’s why they can’t figure out who’s working with who? That makes the most sense. Or maybe pod people…no human can miss this many clues…

Buh Bye

Fesse: clueless because he’s distracted by his fixation with Hay. Hay: clueless because she’s distracted by any and all male attention. Rock-A-Bye: clueless because she’s distracted by her own self-defeating victimhood. Good or bad, everyone else is playing their own BB strategy.


In a seson with liz and julia they will belive liz would use the veto on rockstar and not her sister.


Kind of over it. I wanna see L6 turn on each other. Soon! Tyler wins BB20 though. Yawwwwn.


They all promised Tyler three weeks of safety yet they’re already saying if he takes rockstar down they’re going to put him up next week. The loyalty of the hive is amazing.

who me?

They said if he didnt use the veto for Rock or didnt vote with them, going against that isnt “loyalty”


Read it again, they are talking about after the Veto is used on Blockstar “Fes – somehow Tyler uses the veto on Rockstar. Kaycee and Angela are sitting next to each other. One of them goes home. I win HOH. We put up the reminder one and who else? Haleigh – HHmmm. Fes – we put up Brett or Sam right? And if one of them takes themselves off we put up Tyler? Haleigh – no we put Tyler up.. we backdoor Tyler.“

who me?

I don’t need to read the “take it out of context..biased writing on here” I can hear it with my own ears

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

That’s the great tHing about biased media and fake news… I don’t listen to them or read their aRticles. If you think this site is biased (Dawg & Simon “LITERALLY” i st transcripts of their conversations), and you hang out here commenting on OBB, then YOU are the idiot.


I keep seeing on Twitter swaggy saying he won 2 comps. I’m confused I thought he just won the pick six comp or is he counting a 2 part comp and 2 wins.

Swaggy Hep C

He is counting part one and part two of the first HOH comp. Part two was against Angela.

Rock Lobster

God, he’s SO annoying! I only remember one win. So happy Kaitlyn…I mean Tyler…backdoored him early on!

Kanye Loves Trump

He is including the time he boinked Bayleigh as a “comp”. It was “comp”limentary….

Gigi Tomasa

He won the first 2, 1st with 8 people on a platform and then 1-1 with Angela

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Come on folks, he’s Swaggy C.

Everyone remembers the second person voted out each season!

Fraggle Rockbottom

I swear if I see one more f’n Swaggy f’n C tshirt being worn in the house, I’m gonna need a new lcd. I’m due for a new one anyway. So production keeps supplying these ridiculous shirts?

BB Fan

I’m LOL on all the different rock-mockery

Sweet Sweet Baby Bird

Oh Fes… you sure are dumb and not even pretty. Your comments are awe inspiring.

Who said that!



Can JC please be tricked into winning HoH just so we can see what he does with it?


Ohh.. sam.. scottie..
Its the game.. 2 nomz.. you know.. the game.. im hoh.. so..no many people.. there is veto.. go play.. i love you.. i love you ok its a a game.. dont worry

Fraggle Rockbottom

Oh that’d be entertaining on both accounts.

Swaggy Hep C

Sam needs a straight jacket.


I think it’s awful the way Sam is treating Tyler. I could tell by the conversation with Scottie he’s really hurt by it but trying not to react. Tyler has been nothing but kind to Sam. Shame on her.

Who said that!

Wow,that mist has spread far.Tyler doesn’t care about Sam anymore than he cared about Kaitlyn,he only cared about controlling their votes.

Fraggle Rockbottom

Man alive aint that the truth. Her constant muttering while peeling apples with poor Angela just trying to enjoy her grub was head shaking stuff.

The real rockstar

I knew Fesspool was an idiot when as a Muslim he chose Hamazon as his punishment

Swaggy's Missing Brow

That one confused me. It wasn’t just HAMazon, didn’t the app feature a graphic of a ham?

More ham add

He misinterpreted it as hamas on


I just choked on my Starbucks!!!! That is hilarious hahaaaa


That is the best comment ever, lol

Aloha Snackbar

Rib break laughing was for @ more ham add. Killin me!

Aloha Snackbar

@ swaggys MB ..holy shit! I think I just broke a rib laughing.

Fraggle Rockbottom

Comment of the night right there folks. +1000.

Liberal Women Love Trump's Enormous D@ck

The Hive still has not figured out there is an L4 Team. The 3 Hive members bring in both scottie and JC to talk game. Then Hay talks game with Brett. She has no clue as to who are the floaters and who are in L4. This is stunning!


I must say Fes is neck n neck with Lawon’s game play…Well maybe not… I shouldn’t insult Lawon like that. Sorry Lawon:(

Production: Leave the game alone

I must say that not only is this the best season in years…..but also so many of comments from you all are hysterical. I am conflicted as to which is more entertaining………the Hives lack of awareness or reading these great comments. Nice job!


Rockstar needs to ger her chunky butt in gear and actually WIN something to DESERVE staying in the game.


I hate rock but not winning its not why she is a bad player . D.r will never won a comp.


And she did try and come second . She wont get a chance again.


Tyler’s DR: “I’m on Cloud 9, Baby”

Yes, Tyler. You really are.

I loved the Hacker comp. It looked like my type of challenge.


Aye Fes did something!


Yes he did Haleigh! He managed to do the only thing he set out to do all season.

Picture on the wall

I don’t remember reading on here the conversation between Sam and JC on tonight’s episode. When Sam asked him if he knew what a curbstomp was……. that was truly frightening.
I hope they show on Wednesday nights episode Rockstar talking her back into some semblance of reality.


I didn’t see it on the feeds….I must have been on another camera at the time.


It was on tonite’s program on tv. It was pretty scary. JC, Sam & Tyler were in the bedroom. JC lying in a bed & talking to Sam. He asked her what a mudhole was. She told him you dig a hold & put water in it. She then said do you know what a curbstomp is. JC said no. Sam said: You put someone’s head on a curb & then stomp on it. JC was shocked. He said why would anyone do that? Do that to kill someone? Sam just giggled & smiled & said: I don’t know.

OMG!!!! She’s really out there! She was talking to JC but I’m not sure the conversation wasn’t directed at Tyler (who said nothing at all).

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

That was disturbing. But I think it was just a small glimpse into her entire melt down in the house the other night (when KC Tyler & Angela were hiding in one of the small rooms). In the beginning I liked that Sam wanted to know everyone’s stories and get to know them personally. But now she seems consumed with people coming to check on her She’s not checking on them. Everyone there is in the same situation, isolated with each other in the house. She’s cracking. On the show tonight they showed a DR session where she was crying about people being liars and using each other to win the money….. the definition of Big Brother.


It’s one thing to strategize. It’s quite another to feel that someone is psychotic. Sham is COLD.


Sam is a screwball… I lol when JC replied that’s terrifying


I did, too! Also when he fell on the floor during the hacker competition. 😉

Blessed in

I saw it,too. JC said he was terrified after she left the room. I was terrified just hearing her say all that stuff with detail and no emotions. So cold! Then she leaned in toward JC to hug him goodnight. I’d have peed my pants after hearing her and seeing her coming toward me. I think we just saw another personality in that sweet little southern girl. It’s haunting to me.


And did you see Tyler’s eyes! She is nuts!


That was a bit crazy, to say the least, for “random” conversation.

The real rockstar

I guess rockscab’s witch craft is not working like Kaitlyn’s psychic abilities.

K...bb fan

L6 is manipulating the house like only Chill Town has before. Certainly, its not the same as season 7 All Stars where they used some great players and competition beasts, but certainly result wise, at that level. I would love in 2 weeks when all the hive is out if they could get the 4 of them in DR to call each other and pull the same type of clowning Will and Boogey did. I believe they have earned it!

Hi my name is Scott

Loved those phone calls. Could not wait for each show to come on to watch them!


I think Sam may be bipolar.


I hope they can secure the votes to get Rockstar out this week.

Hi my name is Scott

Let me see, Angela, Tyler, Brett, JC vote to,evict Rocks. KC voids Fes’s vote so my guess Scottie votes with the house again and Rockstar gets the one mercy vote from Sam. Sounds about right….


2 players I liked in the beginning have really disappointed. Bay and Sham. I never liked Rocks although I love horses (wink)..and when I infer that Rocks looks like a horse..I’m thinking more of a Nag. (sorry not sorry)
The neighing laugh…the braiding..anyways…
Laughed out loud at Simon’s commentary. The pic of Hay and Brett would send Fes over the edge.
I notice when Fes is just sitting somewhere…kitchen counter for instance,,,,there’s a nothing stare. He really does think about nothing else except Hay…and the blank stare is going to a nowhere place so that he doesn’t think about Brett, Tyler..even Scottie (lusting ) after his babe.
Brett and Tyler are NOT into Hay at all. Scottie however would give his eye teeth..and possibly more to spend the night.
UGH. We will have to hear ad nauseum Sham’s lessons in life. Rock’s stupidity..Hay and Fes’s delusions.
In saying that I’m loving it.

who me?

You all said the last hacker was set up for Hay. What about this one? Totally set up for Kaycee. 3 of the 7 pics were of the game room. Where does Kaycee spend most of her time? The game room. lmao


Not “you all”, Haleigh was the one said the hacker comp was set up for Haileigh.


these people are really out of their minds looking at BB life thru some weirdly colored glasses.. they go on and on about loyalty, promises, honesty and make a deal with tyler to promise him three weeks of safety if he does this thing and in the same breath discuss putting him up or back dooring him next week…

they speak of angela as if she hasnt done anything and is floating a week after she won HOH, maneuvered herself the POV after going out second, and back doored bailley…

they speak of plans after plans while the current week is still unfolding.. they are absolutely delusional.. they have no sense.. its no wonder they all came together as a team.. they’re made for each other.


Dawg or Simon can you PLEASE publish another spoiler so I can stop seeing the picture or Fes mauling Hay? If you don’t have anything new then just makeup sh!t to make this picture GO AWAY!

You guys are doing great as always!

Rockstars hammer toe

Just saw rockstar painting those huge raptor claws she calls toes and threw up a little.

Domesticated Breakdown

CBS would have another money making show if after the season was over they kept the jury members in the jury house and made them watch the season live.. That’s something I would pay to see.. But do you think the hive would finally understand or still be clueless


That’s a great idea. Would love to see their reactions to the fans and viewers comments!

Fraggle Rockbottom

Honestly this is something they should really be doing already. Probably would have had different winners from previous years if the jury had access to live feeds


Even though I’m enjoying this season with all new players and no returning veterans, FOUTTE/HIVE are so freaking stupid!!!!! L6, 5, 4 are kicking your asses, Rocks


Sorry, fingers slipped. Rockstar is a whiny messy woman, Fessy is so desperate for a showmance and rather try to make love to Hayleigh than play BB20, Bayleigh is clueless as $#%&! I’m rooting for Scottie, JC, or Sam to win this season because they’re in good positions for winning. L6, 5, 4 or whatever they’re called will implode!! Tyler will do something to make them realize that Bayleigh was right…Tyler is a villain like that!! He’ll use whoever’s HOH to take out Angela, Jaycee, and Brett, but soon someone will smarten up and end him (and I hope it’ll be F essy, Sam, Scottie, or my new favorite…JC!!). It’s gonna get brutal!!!!!


Really think we should be referring to Rockstar by the name she said her kids would call her, Blockstar. It’s great.