Lawon “Something fishy going on my gutfeeling is saying Adam is with JJ” Dani: “Lawon’s on Crack”

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7:35pm Bedroom Adam, Porsche and Dani chit chat costume party

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7:45pm Bedroom Lawon, Porsche and lawon

Lawon telling them that Adam and Shelly are talking and Adam is with JJ. Dani and Porsche do not believe him they tell him their confused . Lawon gets a but annoyed “Your confused… confused”. He goes on to explain that everyone in the house is talking about him volunteering and coming back into the house. Lawon doesn’t understand how they know that. dani says shelly was in the room when he volunteered. Lawon knows that by whay does everyone else know. Porsche and Dani say their still confused .. Porsche for a second pulls out some sense saying “I think Shelly is working with JJ” Lawon doesn’t think so he thinks it’s Adam.
Lawon getting a little bit pissed says “You confused… you confused… well I’m sorry for confusing you”…”Something fishy going on my gutfeeling is saying Adam is with them (JJ) “. Lawon asks them why is JJ and Adam coming up to him saying they hope he didn’t volunteer cause that was a stupid move.. “How do they know I volunteered” Dani says it wasn’t a stupid move you’re a pawn. Lawon knows that but why is Jordan slipping up ask him why he volunteered then saying “Ohh don’t worry your coming back”. Prosche asks him what his big revelation is. lawon said that is it…. Dani says he should go talk to Kalia. Lawon asks them what is wrong “Confused”. Dani says she’s hurting pretty bad from her period..

Lawon leaves Dani and Porsche start laughing
Dani: “Lawon is on Crack….” (if them mash up lawon’s and Porsche ideas about who to trust they would know were the house sites..)


8:08pm Porsche is wondering if this entire week has been a giant cluster BLANK.. Dani: “were is Kalia” Porsche: “Outside making friends”

8:12pm kalia and Shelly Kalia saying that Rachel thinks she’s staying. Shelly: “I absolutely don’t’ want her in this game.. I told JJ they’re tied to a train-wreck”. Kalia doesn’t think anyone really wants to keep Rachel she thinks that Rachel’s confidence is based on the fact she has JJ and Kalia is certain JJ want her gone.

Kalia is saying that Brendon cheated on rachel with multiple girls and they were only apart for 2 days. kalia adds that Brendon got in front of Rachel’s car and went down on one knee begged her for forgivness.. Shelly doesn’t think he had real sex.. thinks Brendon was playing with himself infront of another person on the internets and the person on the other side recorded it.

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8:30pm Kalia and Dani Dani is saying that lawon has gone crazy he’s telling everyone that Adam is sayign lawon volunteered to go up and now lawon thinks Adam is with JJ and Adam told Shelly. Kalia: “Huh i’m Confused shelly was in the room when Lawon volunteered” Dani knows but Lawon thinks Adam is telling everyone that and he he’s wondering were Adam got it from.
They both Laugh, dani: “Maybe it’s better if Lawon does go home” they continue to laugh..

Kalia brings up talking to Shelly saying that Shelly doesn’t think anyone would be scared to put her up next week. Kalia asked her why hasn’t anyone “stepped up” to claim they would. Dani asks who would porsche put up Kalia says Shelly will put up Rachel and POrsche. Dani: “Who would be the alternate.. we’re really running out of people adam, jeff or jordan which one” Kalia doesn’t know, Dani says she better go find out. They both agree that the other side needs to be weaken (man these 2 keep sayign that)

Dani gets called into the DR

(dani is very close to getting a dunce cap)

8:48pm Food prep

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Image Gallery

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106 thoughts on “Lawon “Something fishy going on my gutfeeling is saying Adam is with JJ” Dani: “Lawon’s on Crack”

    1. Dani has deserved the dunce cap for a while now, she is so clueless about whats happening in the house. The stupidity of the newbies have worn off on her clearly.

      It seems funny to me that JJ is the masterminds behind this game, I bet this season has the lowest combined HG IQ of any season.

      1. Enough of mostly Danielle and Kalia on BB aft drk. Watching Danielle sitting in the bathroom feeding her face watching Kalia bathe with a swimsuit on. Give us all a break.they r clueless.

  1. Just when DKL(and sort of Porsche) get some power and some momentum, they screw themselves over. This was the worst possible move that they could’ve made. The worst part about it is going to be Rachel’s face when Lawon walks out of the door and seeing her walk around the house as if she’s hot shit. Somebody PLEASE get rid of her. ASAP.

  2. Lawon is nuts. Adam or Cruddy, please cheer Lawon up. He needs his happiness. Also, needs Jeff and Jordan up. Team JJ yo!

  3. Kalia’s stupidity is rubbing off on Dani just like Rachel’s craziness rubbed off on Jordan, GO TEAM BACON

    1. why on earth would you want someone to win that has already won? Shelly is the mastermind this year and is running the show. She has played everyone and is playing the game the way the game should be played. But if everyone played this way it would be a very boring BB. I am a Rachel fan and would love to see her win. She has some hang ups for sure, but they all do, she is just more emotional than the rest and wears her heart on her sleve. Go Rachel

  4. Wow I’m really starting to take away laws dunce cap because I’m fitting it for dani. I’m team dani but her and kalia are pissing me off. I’m slowly beginning my team Shelly campaign. Dr. Shelly Straight Shooter…

    1. I am utterly confused too. According to these blogs, she says Rachel will go home. Yet, she said to Dani that she wants Rachel to stay now.

  5. I think Dani’s sarcasm is a cover for her idiocy. I know believe Kalia and Dani are equals as far as game players.

    Proof Dan is a bad game player
    – Trying to get JJ out.
    – Getting too upset about Dom going home and never letting it go.
    – Pulling a BR and isolating herself with Dom.
    – Believing Shelly
    – Teaming up with KLP
    – Going along with this awful plan.

    I would love to see the game through her eyes. I’m not saying I would do any better on this show, but look at the HOH camera. How much time is Shelly & Adam spending with JJ compared to you(Dani)? And your side has the power, yet there still hanging out more!

    Feel free to add to the list…

    1. I agree 100% maybe cbs will give her another chance to come out of her dad’s shadow next year. Because sue hasn’t proven she can do it this season

  6. I fail to understand how Dani, Kalia, Lawon and now Porsche have verbalized that Shelly can’t be trusted and is playing on the other side, yet they keep telling her everything and taking her advice.

    kind of like…”the burner on the stove is red, I can feel the heat radiating from it, as I touch it I burn myself…but still I don’t come to the conclusion that it is on.


    1. Shelly is playing up her mom side and hiding her cutthroat business side. They can’t assimilate her as duplicitous or as a real threat of any kind.

  7. Quoting the blog:
    “Kalia saying that Rachel thinks she’s staying. Shelly: “I absolutely don’t’ want her in this game.. I told JJ they’re tied to a train-wreck”. Kalia doesn’t think anyone really wants to keep Rachel she thinks that Rachel’s confidence is based on the fact she has JJ and Kalia is certain JJ want her gone.”

    Doesn’t this imply that Rachel is a goner?

    1. Shelly said she didn’t want Rachel in the game, she didn’t say she was voting her out. That’s an assumption on Kalia’s part.

    2. I’m beginning to totally believe that Shelly is doing this as some type of “experiment”. She obviously doesn’t need the money, nor does she have anything she needs to prove. Even though most of them have their doubts about Shelly’s alliance, they don’t want to “not” trust her as well. Watch Shelly, she gives a lot of pep talks and words of encouragement to almost everybody. I don’t think anyone will ever call her out because if they “believe” Shelly lied to them about game play then they would have to believe Shelly lied to them about all the good stuff she told each and everyone of them. It’s like most of them are individually thinking that Shelly is so nice, she’s comforting, she’s a listener, etc, that she wouldn’t lie about anything. She’s giving these kids what they want to hear, but at the same time she is running this game! That may very well be her experiment. I think at one point she’ll decide who she want to win (JJ?), and basically just do whatever to help them win. Anybody else agree?

      1. I actually completely agree with you! I honestly think Shelly did this for the fun and is just here for her own social experiment and to see how far she can take this. If this is true I think she has already chosen J/J as the two people she wants to see win because they are her favorites and if you watch who she relays info too, she plays everyone but them.

      2. she said many times that she’s just here to help JJ win. Which baffles me since she is Mother Theresa why leave your beloved child for months not even to win the money?? If anyone confronts Shelly she whips out the tears “omg my integrity is everything to me I can’t believe you guys would question me” and then people feel like assholes for making the old bag cry. Its genius (but only if she’s here to actually win 500K, otherwise go home to your child!)

      3. @Banko I totally agree. When she goes back to work she will have this BB season as a proof that she can manipulate anyone into buying anything. Her ” I have a bridge to sell you ” is working like a charm. Her boss is going to be proud to have her on his team !!

        1. hopefully her customers and business partners aren’t watching.
          Her ability to lie with a straight face and laugh about it after seems well crafted.

      4. Do you think production ramped us this idiot plan to keep Rachel?? Did they instruct Kalia to do this? I just can’t wrap my head around how someone could come up with such a terrible idea to waste their HOH!!! I mean WHO puts up a member of their alliance!?! maybe production wanted Rachel to stay, they’re gonna bring back Dom and then there will be a strong Newbs vs Vets game going. maybe this is the bigger picture. God I hope no one is this dumb…

  8. Is it just me, or do you guys detect a strange sexual tension between Porsche and Adam, now that he’s Philip? Like Porsche wants Adam, but Adam could care less.

    So strange.

  9. I am disgusted with the BB Producers for putting on this Vets – Newbie mix, and I
    don’t care who wins as long as J/J and Shelley do not win.

    Why didn’t the Producers save these vets for a BB All-Star?
    Quite possibly because they pretty much knew J/J would never make it past
    week one and everyone knows how much CBS loves and protects their J/J Sham Showmance Team.


  10. Dani fans: if there’s one positive that comes from Rachel staying, (and this is a BIGGGGGG stretch…) it’s that the more powerful she feels, the harder she’ll fall. her eviction will be that much sweeter. plus, as much as i hate her, without her the show would be much less entertaining.

    1. Imagine if Rachel stays and Dani wins HOH. Then Rachel goes right back on the block, maybe with brenden. Rachel will go ape sh*t.

      1. HipHop0, Rockstar and I agreed: Imagine if Rachel stays and Jeff wins HOH and POV Twice. Then Dani goes right back on the block, maybe with Kaila. Dani will go ape sh*t. I love it. Rachel will make Dani more miserable. Dani Spirit will be crush. Thanks HipHop0.

  11. I think each member of Team Dani feed off each other’s stupidity. This season went from coming into it’s own to being probably the biggest failed cast CBS has ever put together. Seriously. You’re putting new players against vets and a BB winner and runner-up and the best cast they can come up with is these idiots.

    All the newbies need a serious slap in the face which ED probably would of done a long time ago. Dani needs to face it, she wanted to prove to us she had game by her own means but she’s just really showing us that she can never keep it together. I think Dani has spent too much time around Clueless K that the stupidity is rubbing off of her.

    I’m thinking if Dom comes back into the house he might be the only chance the newbies have to salvation. Hopefully he catches on pretty quick on whats going on because I don’t get how Team Dani don’t realize the amount of time Adam and Shelly are spending with JJ. How can they not be working together.

    1. I think so.

      I see production bringing Dom back. Production sees Dani as a big part of this season, especially since Dick left early in the game. There is reason why they had evildick on last week. They are building up the story line for Dani.

  12. seriously this seems rigged i think bb just wants whoever gets voted back in to be guaranteed to be in the game by facing lawon. (hopefully dom) I have a felling it will be brendon though and this last week was for nothing and kalia took out someone on her own side wtf so let’s rewind a week take you own ally out and bring brendon back stupid move.

  13. All the houseguest are smoking chack. Dont the realize that if they keep Rachel Brendan could ome back, and it would be waste of two weeks. DK have been saying forever they need to get Rachel out, now they have the chance and are putting Lawon out. WTF. Lawon will never come back, Julie will not even get the question out of her mouth before someone else buzzes in. And Lawon will be stan nding there looking all dazed and confused. This season is starting to suck. The newbies messed up the first week when Shelly and Kalia switched to the vets and voted out Keith. if they didnt do that this would be a whole different game

    1. CBS messed up with the HOH favoring Dani. Just like if they did a ropes one that week we know that CBS wanted Dani to go home. Don’t sit here and say that competitions aren’t designed to help certain people out.

    2. P.S. Shelli made a smart move by siding with the vets. The regulators never would have kept Shelli. She was a goner with them. They regulated themselves out the door by making a secret alliance too early.

    3. You are so right. I also find it suspiscious that BB mentioned the twist weeks ago but failed to reveal it and left everybody hanging but now all of a sudden this week is the right time to reveal the twist…only after brendon got evicted…

  14. Can we get another interview with Dick to see what he’s thinking about Dani’s game? Can you just picture what he would say?

    1. Check his twitter feed: eveldick. He is calling both Kalia and Dani clowns and idiots and the worst players in BB history

  15. This kind of reminds me of season 2 when Kent figured out what was really happening in the house the week he was getting evicted. Benefited Will when they called a house meeting but it was too late for Kent. And also last year, Kristen figured out the brigade alliance when she was nominated against Hayden but couldnt get anyone to buy it. Now Lawon seems to be figuring out what is really happening but cant seem to get anyone to believe it. Oh well, its too little too late for him. And no way he is going to beat Brendon or DOM in a competition to get back in the house.

  16. I can’t believe that not one of the HG’s has questioned the fact that, it could possibly be that the others could be sequestered and it’s America’s vote that decides who comes back…really thought for sure that either Dani or Rachel would think of that……well, folks, we know now that Rach is staying so no matter how America thinks they have a vote, the stage is set for CBS to rig it to send Brenda about Rach going ape-shit, the rest of them will shit their knickers lol

  17. I’m convinced she’s bulimic, there’s no way, someone eats all that crap and still stays skinny without puking it back up!!!

  18. How amazing would it be that the person evicted this week and America’s vote didn’t know who they were playing? I’ve only watched BB for 3 seasons, so I don’t know IF that could be done, but I think that would make it really exciting…

    In that case, if Brendon is brought back, do you think he’d play harder or throw it, knowing it may be rachael????

  19. There is no way Kalia (and now Dani too?) want to keep rachel around, and they are both hoping for a deal, after Dani stated that Rachel wants her dead and even after the show.
    Such a 180 degree turn around is impossible and not believable to me. I lean more towards a different theory: BB prod via Diary room has made clear that rachel is not going anywhere this week.
    I can’t believe anyone can make such a dumb move during their HOH, and mostly after Kalia had put Jeff up despite the bullying, she was not dumb in the beginning of her HOH and then all of a sudden she acts like she has lost her ever loving mind. I’m not buying it.
    I believe that Kalia is being ” advised” by production to keep rachel . They probably think it’s too early in the game to get rid of Miss drama queen, they want the views….the drama/show must go on…and the veterans would be in too bad of a situation without rachel JJ are totally outnumbered.

    1. Yes I agree! I just said the exact same thing. No one can be THIS STUPID. Has to be production. Because at first Dani wasn’t buying Kalia’s plan AT ALL and now all of a sudden she’s on board. I think they wanna keep Rachel then bring back Dom so that Dani can have a sufficient team against the Vets b/c that’s really what most of us wanna see, a real showdown.

  20. u guys talk about jeff being a bully.
    what the hell do u call it what dani and kalua
    are doing in the bathroom talking about rachel…..stongarm at itsfinest.

    1. Dani and Kalia were doing the same kind of backstabbing nasty talk done by
      Jordan, Rachel, Shelley and Porsche.

      Jeff – is bully and he’s a Crybaby.
      “She’s drinking from MY favorite orange cup. I hate her. Bwwwaaaa”
      (I still can’t believe he said that. Unreal! He’s going to need protection when he
      goes into bars.) lol

  21. Someone made a good point by saying that the producers see Dani as a big part of the season. They had an entire section with Dick on Thursday’s show when they could’ve been showing Rachel and Brendon’s wedding. But they didn’t. Dom is coming back, Lawon is going home, Porsche wins HoH and nominates Shelly and Jordan, Dani wins POV, Jordan goes home.

  22. Agree! I friggin hate the site of Danielle!! Hated her in BB8 too! Plus she is an immature, idiot who has alot to learn, and she thinks she is so mature and intelligent!! Living in ED’s shadow and she will NEVER live up to him or be as good as him at this game! So good at this game she already got Dom evicted, now she is working on Lawon!! Since when do you get your own alliance members evicted?? How stupid! Well at least she is not as anorexic, skeletor looking as last time! She was revolting to look at in BB8! I just wanted to feed her!! She looked like some of the kids in Ethiopia!! Gross and disgusting!

  23. Great, Dani is throwing the HoH this week just so she can have HoH on her birthday? I’m about to be team Rachel in a second.

  24. Seriously how long is if gonna take them to realize the reason there is no half way party…..or production is not telling them they are in jury yet is bc someone else is going back. They keep discussing it but no one is putting two and two together.


  26. Dani and Kalia get what they deserve!!! Dani was so into Dominic for some odd reason and it was just the beginning of the game. She wasn’t thinking with a clear mind to keep her emotions for him hidden. If she would of played her cards right he would of still been there. She did the same thing in her season with Nick but her dad carried her thru. I know you guys think she is so smart but in reality she is just looking for romance on the show with some hot guy. Why would she be so worried about Dominic and not putting her mind into the game. That’s all she talk about is PT… wake up girl he isn’t going to be with her outside of the show when it ends!!! Remember he was totally into Cassi and they would of went a long way if the newbies would of stuck together!!!

    1. Shame on Dani for liking a guy for 3 weeks at least she didn’t go and sleep with him after knowing him for a week like rachoe did!

  27. Everyone keeps asking why would Kalia want to keep Rachel. I believe deep down everyone wants to keep Rachel as a possible final two. She said it herself she’s playing for second place. Yes she wins comps, but her social game sucks and as they keep saying the final vote comes down to respecting how well the individual played the overall game. It would take a miracle healing of her overall mindset/personality to win the game in the end. , I don’t believe she could win enough votes from the Jury to take home the money unless Brenda came back and they ending up in final two together.

  28. Anybody else notice how Porsche isn’t hanging out with Dani and Kalia as much anymore. It seems that now that she knows she’s safe this week, no need to suck up to them anymore. Great way to float, Porsche!

  29. CBS Producers should put up Dani and Kalia for double eviction, citing “Stupidity”. I wanted anybody but, Clueless Jordan(“she asks, is Canada a foreign Country) Big Bully Jeff(That Chicago accent is horrid), Bipolar Rachel(The most hated person in America, according to her, Brendan, Brendan, Brendan all day everyday, when she is not lying) to win…Lost a great deal of respect for Kalia(Who wasted a week and put Lawon(Black gay guy, who does nothing all day everyday, easy to see him leave) up against the White Southern woman who moved to vegas to hook, Rachel) and by default the other two southerners, Jordan and Shelly, as well.

  30. You gotta hate Rachel, but you have to admit with her in the house the drama jumps ten fold plus.
    If Rachel is evicted the show will be as boring as can be and ratings will drop pretty fast.
    You have to keep Rachel in the house it gives the HGs someone to bitch about.

  31. Why is everyone dissing JJ? they are a cute couple and are obviously sincere!!!! They made is this far for a reason… They are playing the game. Jordan is not playing any different than last time and SHE WON. Talk all the smack you want at Jordan but her social game got her one WIN!!!! America still loves JJ. Maybe not all those that post here but I am quite SURE America still loves Jeff/Jordan. GO TEAM JJ

    1. You are sadly mistaken, JJ no longer is seen as America’s couple…Jeff’s is a bully and a jerk not to mention how he talks to Jordan(like she is an idiot, but it is true dumb as rocks). Jordan ranting about how the newbees should play the game there way so they win, but throwing temper tantrums when you doesn’t get her way. ITS A GAME, it’s not BB13=the paying homage to the vets edition.

  32. simon, omg your commentary throughout the posts is cracking me up, yo! Hilarious, keep them coming please.
    My fave: (dani is very close to getting a dunce cap)

  33. Rachel has totally calmed down this week. Just when I thought she would disintegrate into vinegar and water without her co- dependent drama sidekick. ( kinda funny since he is the douche bag ). So what really needs to happen now is lawlon leaves… And America brings Cassi back and the show starts again. Then we don’t have to sit around and watch mold grow under Kalia’s boring ass. Cassi and Rachel. Let’s get those insecurities flowing again!

  34. Hi, Does anyone know if Rachel will be staying or getting voted out on Thursday? The dunce cap is pretty funny on Kalia. who IS Shelly REALLY with?

  35. Poor lawon, you’re going home this week because of your stupidness.
    How could you volunteer yourself to put up on block? I don’t understand.
    I am sure that JJ, Shel, Adam will vote to evict Lawon, but i have no idea about P or D

  36. Am I the only one who thinks it would be hilarious if dom came back into the house and became part of the jjr alliance because dani was the reason he got evicted? I would be in heaven if that happened. Danielle would probably completely unravel lmao

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