Big Brother Spoilers – Kalia shaves her bikini line says Shelly would do anything to Protect DK **updated**

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9:30pm Backyard Random chit chat, dani says Dom will always be called as PT. Dom didn’t want them to call him that but they all did, dani told DOm taht PT will be everywhere after the show. Dani adds that Production doesn’t like the hosueguests to use nicknames for each other. (Brigade (yo) got in trouble for call Brendon NeedleD!ck)
Dani starts to tell them that she has a giant box of nail polish

9:35pm Shelly looking like Lawons Crack dealer (A couple hours ago Dani says Lawon is smoking crack because he suggested to her and Porsche that Adam is teamed with JJ)

9:44pm HOH Dani and Kalia Dani says they really need to talk to rachel because she seems 100% convinced that she’s staying, “I have no problem voting out Rachel”. Dani asks if kalia thinks they do have the votes to vote rachel out. Kalia says they have Shelly, Adam, Porsche and Dani. kalia says she asked shelly who would adam put up and shelly said she had no idea. Dani thinks he would put up Rachel.
Dani says they should of talked to rachel before they put Lawon up, Kalia: “why” dani tries to explain Rachel’s “supper duper” convinced and that should be worrying them. Kalia thinks they should offer Rachel Dani’s vote as part of the deal for 2 weeks. (ohh shit thats priceless) dani isn’t sure she’ll go for the deal, they need to get rachel out next week. Kalia tells dani she’s always duper thinking.. Dani: “I’m always thinking about the game”
Dani again says how odd it is that Rachel hasn’t done anything she’s just been in hiding.

Dani tells Kalia that she’s going to listen to Julie’s exact words then give Kalia a signal to send Rachel home. Dani says once they know if the evicted houseguest comes back she’ll send Kalia the signal. *She will clap her hands

What have you told shelly so far you should never of told Shelly. Dani thinks there’s something strange with all Shelly’s conspiracy theories, Dani says all of Shelly’s ideas about twists are complete bullshit but they’re getting everyone nervous and keeps them thinking about it.

Kalia says in a perfect world they make this deal with rachel lawon goes home doesn’t come back and POrsche wins HOH.. Kalia thinks Shelly will do anything to protect her and Dani.
Dani: “Are you sure about that… Shelly probabaly has the same deal with JJ that she has with us”
Kalia: “I woulnd’t doubt it”
Dani: “I think shelly has final 3 with everbody in the house.. lets find out ask her”
kalia thinks they should make that deal with Rachel tonight. Kalia is sure Rachel will do she doesn’t have anyone. Kalia adds that Shelly told her JJ are getting sick of Rachel.
Dani brings up that the JJ ship is sinking and they all seem content to just sit there and do nothing.. They need to reshuffle their deck let go of Rachel and swim to someone else.. (crap they are so close to figuring out they have screwed themselves.. Dani is making much more sense after her DR season but they are still way off with the Straight SHooter.. She’s running the place and DK think she’s Kathy 2.0 hilarious)

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10:15pm Card games and food prep

10:48pm HOH Porsche, Kalia, Dani KAlia: “Why couldn’t I get a pandora’s box instead of this stupid twist that brings rachel in the friggin game”

Lots of Period talk… Porsche says she thinks that someone evicted from another week might come back into the house. Dani doesn’t think so.

Everyone else is outside playing pool

10:55 They start talking about how rude Jordan was to them when she saw Kalia’s boyfriend pics. Kalia says she never noticed. Porsche and Dani both agree that Kalia was too excited in ther HOH room to notice Jordan was saying Kalia’s boyfriend is gorgeous he looks totally different than what she thought.

11:16pm Porsche and Dani Talking about how confused they are about Lawon saying that something fishy is going on. Dani: “Ohh my god i’m so confused” Porsche: “I’m soo confused”

This is the confused Alliance..

11:31pm Lawon and rachel having a dance off It’s pretty funny

11:45pm HOH DK talking about things that annoy them and dogs. Backyard everyone else screwing around having a dance off.

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165 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Kalia shaves her bikini line says Shelly would do anything to Protect DK **updated**

    1. Rockstar can you help BIGMARV out: Can someone on ‘team JJ’ please explain to me why anyone is still ‘team JJ’…. I don’t get it…

      1. I help you: Jordan is a beautiful independent-minded woman who doesn’t conform to society. That’s okay. Jordan is a beautiful Independent-minded woman who doesn’t conform to society. Rockstar Quote: Team JJ-Forever.

        1. Simon, Obviously ACA is that AA troll that was around calling other people out for being Team Dani.. Ban this jerk seriously :|

          1. They call Dom PT because he is a Part-Time Model, and I think also some called him pt for personal trainer when he used to “work-out” with Dani :P

        1. lmfao!!!!!!!!! my friend and i were talking about that on sunday! dani DOES look like a garden gnome!!! bwahahahaa

        2. why would a woman shave her pubes in the tub while shes still in it? the thought of those pubes and armpit hair floating around is just GROSS GROSS GROOSSSSS!!!! i mean… its just plain and utterly GROSS!!!!! you do that shit in the shower! what a pig! im so disgusted by this human blob who calls itself kalia! NASTY!

          1. They make fun of Kalia because she hates hair…. DUH…you are so right…the idea of sitting in that tub with all that floating around is disgusting. And isn’t that just an alluring photo?…. NOT… Remember though, Kalia is the one who peed in the spa. Sheesh…

      2. beautiful? i think not. her face looks like a skeleton, she looks hideous when she smiles and when she talks you can tell she’s a natural blond.

        1. I’ll agree she’s not the best looking girl, but compared to most of the other girls in the house she’s not too bad. My list of hottest chick going in order of best to worst this season would be
          Rachel (make-up)
          Rachel (before she applies her face)

          And there is obviously a steep decline of hotness as you get to the bottom of the list

            1. This is my hot list, maybe if it was a cute or pretty list Jordan would be ahead, but Dani is hotter. Also if you watched BBAD last night and heard the farts coming out of Jordan you would understand why some hot points were knocked off.

          1. come on cassi is very beautiful, there is no denying…and dani is pretty, she has nice skin and hair and eyes – even if she isn’t “perfect looking”…jordan is cute but she doesn’t have a great body which will always drop her down, even if she is a little heavy that is not the reason – it’s bc she doesn’t have great proportions and her legs don’t have ankles and her shoulders slope downward – makes her look misshapen or something…if most women are being honest, they prefer cassi’s or dani’s bodies…i prefer rachel’s over jordan’s too

        2. I like Dani but if we are going to mention physical attributes, does anyone else think she has vampire teeth? At home, I actually call her the vampire :-).

    2. So your other choice our team jj: A douchebag and an idiot dependent minded barbie who floated her wait to their seasons win. But since women love Jeff being a douche and Jordan being an idiot CBS loves the ratings.
      Team Kalia and Lawon; After this week I do not need to say anything.
      Team Bacon; He quickly growing.
      Team Porshe; which is team everyone. She goes with the power.
      Team Shelly; I think I’m switching from Team dani to Team shelly because im respecting her game lol.
      Team Rachel; Delusional, hypocritical, bi-polar head case who is one wine glass away from snapping at everyone.
      Dani; Doesn’t conform to the standards of the vets and isn’t scare to make a big move like the noobs,

    1. Damn it! *makes note not to read or look at pictures of “Online Big Brother Spoilers” before going to bed* I had nightmares from the picture of K shaving her coochie. Ahh!

  1. LMFAO!!!! That picture! I mean, the picture alone would just be gross, but with the dunce hat on, oh shit that is funny!!!

  2. put the hat on d she is just as to blame as k…. everyone knew she was the ture hoh.

    dr to k and d look into my eyes both are getting dumb ….dumber……dumbest both yes master i’m the dumbest…..we must trust the stright shooter master yes we will

    both need caps

    1. Just because he’s a model doesn’t mean he’s gay.. I can imagine you sitting their with your deformed face eating chips typing things about people you don’t know.

    2. I can see this powershift:

      Dom, Dani, Kalia, & Adam
      Shelly, Jordan, Jeff & Porsche & Rachel? anyone thoughts?
      Or maybe Vice-versa for Adam & Porsche because skelly currently has a mental leash around “the smart player” Adam

  3. Dani isn’t as dumb as some might think. The moment Kalia talked about changing their plan, she was done with her. When Kalia asked her about what she thought of the replacement nominee, she said: “I don’t care”. She threw in the towel because she knew it was a pure waste of time trying to talk some common sense into Kalia. Kalia overthinks, Dani acts; why even bother trying to convince someone who is in this game to make friends or to be liked. Remember how Kalia broke down after JJ’s first visit to the HOH room? Danielle is latching on to Porsche now, because she’s the only newbie not allied to JJ.It should be interesting to see Dani’s DR sessions about Kalia’s latest actions: I bet she’s bashing her. As far as Dani is concerned, she knows that she can only rely on herself and I bet she’ll do everything to win this HOH.

    1. Agreed. After her blowup with the veterans, Dani had no choice but to align with Kalia. But now that she has an option that seems a little smarter (Porsche), she’s going to have to jump onboard. Dani’s going to fight hard for this HOH.
      Still Team Dani! She’s pretty screwed right now, but if she can win HOH and Dom comes back, Dani + Dom + Porsche would be a strong alliance. Let’s get Jeff or Jordan out.

      1. In Dani’s words, Dom doesn’t know how to reshuffle the deck. He is too obsessed with regulators. With Lawon gone, all of his regulators are out of the house. He won’t know what to do.

    2. I thought it was smooth when Dani told Kalia not to play the black card, she meant dont play this game with emotion… the smooth part was when she told Kalia she was joking

    3. I think your observation is right on target. When Dani was talking to Kalia I got the feeling too that she was “dunzo” with her. Porshe is on to Shelly which is why Shelly tried to get her nominated. Kalia reminds me of my dog, the person who wants the least to do with him at a gathering; is the one he gravitates toward. Dani wont cut off Kalia, she’s counting jury votes; but I don’t see her going out of her way to help her down the road. I really don’t think Kalia is self aware enough to figure out that she screwed up, she wont believe it til Shelly straight shoots it to her.

  4. Kalia & Dani have this unsppoken tension between them in conversation. My take on it…..
    From Kalias side- she secretly wants to be Dani. She thinks dani is one of the “cool” girls and is jealous of how people think dani’s a strong player…. Kalias remarks are passive aggressive and have envy written all over them.
    From Dani’s side- she is tired of the constant verbal diarrhea, and Kalia taking 10 minutes to say something that should take 5 seconds…probably annoyed that Kalia has adapted all of Dani’s verbiage and mannerisms. I think Dani secretly wants to choke the shit out of Kalia.
    Just my analyzation :)

    1. I never thought of it that way before, Your probabaly right. kalia is annoying as hell. Dani has already attached to Porsche and is in the same spot she was lat week expect for she can play HOH and doesn’t have to rely on Lawon/Kalia to do it. On the flip side she’s down a vote with Lawon leaving and

    2. I can see the tension between the two. It’s getting kind of way obvious. So now Kalia is getting attached to Shelly because she knows Shelly is in good with JJ. Dani is getting attached to Porsche because there’s not anyone left for her to attach to. In my opinion, Kalia and Dani might as well stick together because Shelly is full of straight crap and Porsche will go wherever the power is. I think Team Dani is a sinking ship and I’m not even sure how much Dom can help because Kalia will still want to be in good with JJ and Dani/Dom will become the number one targets in the house for JJSA. So, I don’t know, we’ll see what happens this week.

    3. absolutely…i think dani is very aware of it too…she said yesterday when once alliance isn’t working you move onto another and then she said “that is how you play this game” but i think she is trying to indirectly prepare Kalia for the rift she sees as inevitable….jeff was also right when he said that those two would never be friends outside of this house….and in the BB house, anything can last for a week.

      I am thinking they are going to be at each other’s throats if one of them doesn’t get evicted soon but that is just me.

  5. Shelly makes this house interesting. I expected her to be another Kathy, just some old lady they cast to show varying ages competing, but she has really grown on me with how well her mind games and strategy have been working for her.

    1. Yes I hate to admit it because I personally can’t stand her, and she’s really throwing a wrench in my Team LaPorschanidom…. But the woman does have BB game
      Damn her.

  6. “Dani: “Are you sure about that… Shelly probabaly has the same deal with JJ that she has with us”
    Kalia: “I woulnd’t doubt it”
    Dani: “I think shelly has final 3 with everbody in the house.. lets find out ask her””

    …and once again, they reach the correct conclusion, verbalize it…and summarily ignore it.

    NOW would be the perfect time for a house meeting.

    “everyone who has a final X deal with Shelly please stand up”

    1. Dani is a coward. So she made a “power move” with rachel and bredon. She doesn’t want to talk with ANYBODY anymore. Ever since she won hoh, she hides in her room. She knows that is bad game play because she says how dick did the opposite, and slept with the masses during his reign. Dani won’t talk with shelli. Dani is scared of getting more blood on her hand, as she said during the episode. She realized the messed up so much with Rachel and Brendon. She just wanted to make a big splash and is praying she can make her way to final 2 through hoh and pov wins.

      1. Yeah, I know. Dani messed up big time. She could’ve been well off if she had made a deal with Brenchel. She had to know that eventually BR were going to go against JJ, it was just too early. At one time, I was actually rooting for Dani, but it was hard to when she turned on her own alliance too soon. That just wasn’t smart gameplay even though many people think it was. I just think it was not a good idea. Unfortunately, I think Dani will be going to jury soon, no matter who comes back. If she were smart, she should suck it up and team up Rachel. Neither one of them really have anybody.

        1. her “alliance” was getting rid of her first…slowly but surely and she was smart enough to know it so it wasn’t like she acted out of nowhere..yes, she it wasa little too early but if it had worked it would have been a GREAT move and I think that when it gets to the end, and BR look back and the game, they are going to see how much better they prob would have fared in the game if they had gotten Jeff out sooner rather than later

          idk for me i would be gunning for Jeff immediately just like Dani bc the longer this game goes the harder it is going to be to get him out…the only people that ever want to put him up are the power players who all seem to be targets OVER him….and i have no idea what shelly thinks she is doing trying to get to final 3 with JJ bc they are BOTH stronger at comps than she is, social game will only get you so far and think about the way those comps go towards the end – it will be another brigade situation with shelly coming out like enzo….

      2. Being smart trumps being brave any day of the week. Running into an open fire because you’re not a coward still makes you equally dumb and dead. Why is “not being a coward” some sort of positive in this situation?

  7. Im not for dani to win. She isn’t this incompetent though. She stomachs kalia because she has to right now. Also I believe she is trying to start to build votes for jury which weighs heavy on her mind. It all is for nothing though because she is the only competitor out of all of her ridiculous two individual alliances. She shouldn’t have turned when she did. She is getting a JJ facial

    1. Dani does not have a great social game. She does however have very good instincts on who and who not to trust, resolve and some measure of self confidence. I mention these qualities because they are exactly the ones lacking in Kalia that resulted in this horrible HoH. There is no chance that Dani doesn’t nominate Jordan in Jeff’s place regardless of any previous deal to never nominate each other. She didn’t fight Kalia hard enough I guess but these are NOT her choices. Kalia stepped out of Dani’s shadow alright and in so doing showed just how tragically naive she is. The fat girl who annoys everyone wanted to be liked.

  8. I’m working on the new avatars to put on the sidebar.. Thanks Ill Will for supply some of yours there great I was going to use a bunch of them..

    I’m stumped on Shelly though.. anyone Ideas?

    1. Awww Simon! I was going to tell you who Adam reminds me of.. the guy from despicable me~ Shelly has everyone stumped Simon. lol

    2. give shelly the wizard hat from bb11. put lawon in a straight jacket like jack nicholson in one flew over the cuckoo’s nest

    3. Shelly is a cross between Geena Davis and Jim carrey’s In Living Color character Fire Marshall Bill. Totally. Someone else wrote that here a few weeks ago

    4. Shelly is a cross between Geena Davis and Jim carrey’s In Living Color character Fire Marshall Bill. Totally.

    5. Shelly has crazy hair.. so maybe a shaggy dog… or shaggy from Scooby Doo, there’s a resemblance there… she also kinda looks like a lion.

      1. OMG the screen capture of her putting on makeup matches perfectly!
        And I was thinking she is also fishlike in that she is slimy, scaly and feeds on any scrap that drops into the pond (aka information)…..

  9. i am watching Bb after dark, has anyone else notice ,that Rachel doesn’t even have to be around and Dani, Kahlia, and the porch have to drag her through the mud. Kahlia saids that Rachel is jealous of Dani, I am thinking they are really jealous of Rachel. You just don’t go on and on about another person, unless that other person makes you feel very insecure.

    1. I noticed that too. Everyone claims Rachel is sooo jealous of them, but they’re the ones that talk about her constantly. I never talk about someone I hate all day. I wouldn’t even want to think about them. Rachel may be laying low now, but depending on what happens Thursday, she may be back to her old self. But even her old self wouldn’t talk about Kalia, Dani, and Porsche all day. She’d pretty much tell them to their face what she thinks of them.

  10. I don’t care who wins, I just like a lot of chaos and craziness. That’s why I hope either Dominic or Brendon get voted back in. I may not be going for any one particular person but Kahlia bugs the crap outta me! Is there anything nastier than watching her Oprah face while she shaved her bikini line? Yuck. I’m so glad she is showing how stupid she is.

    1. I agreed with you, if you listen to how she talks , she is trying to tell America how smart she is for being a black wome not just a person. She is really trying hard to correct her mistake and let AMERICA knows she has made her own nom. But, we all knoe she please Dani,

  11. None of this even matters.. It all depends who America votes back.. If Rachel was voted out but brendon comes back nothing changes

  12. Please kind sirs…please provide pics of Dani & Porche in their bikinis and shorts, mini skirts, low cut tops, in attempt to wipe out the image of Kalia scraping hair off of her v’jay jay. Going to have nightmares for sure…thanks fellas

  13. Whats done is done time to move on….Dani, through supporting Kalia’s game move have been deemed irrelevent. Before JJBR assume that all of the newbees are stupid, there’s one thing they need to know…Shelly has got this thing down to a social science, she’s done far better than JJRB collectively. Yes, JJBR…because Brendon will return to the house, CBS wants it that way. But the real fun comes when the self-proclaimed gods of BB, JJBR faceoff against each other. Smart money would be on BR winning HOH and POV’s, thus eliminating JJ then Shelly will finish no less than 3rd. BR will have rely on Jury House votes, that they will never get unless they make the final 2.. Don’t let Shelly’s accent fool you, she is a very smart business executive on the outside.

    1. I think it stood for a couple of different things: first being Dani’s personal trainer, then part – time for being a part time model…

  14. I wonder how come they didn’t show Kalia’s boyfriend on camera during Sunday’s episode? She said he signed the papers. All this talk of how gorgeous he is, I wanna see too!

  15. It’s sad to see, but Dani played all her cards way too easy! She wants things done her way and if they don’t happen, she gets agitated with the HOH. Case 1 with BR and the plan to backdoor Jeff. Case 2 with Kalia and the whole keeping Rachel in the house. Poor, poor Dani…..

  16. I’m convinced that Kalia won’t realize she messed up until it’s too late.

    Also, if Dom comes back I wonder who Adam will go to?

  17. Lmao this is hilarious listening to Lawon talk about macking on chicks in HS! He said girls back then weren’t OVERBESE!! I know he misspoke accidentally mixed overweight and obese but that’s genius!

  18. Kalia is obviously grating on Dani’s last nerve. The “final 2 deal” is over, but Kalia doesn’t know it yet. She will be heartbroken and I am saving a bottle of Merlot for that moment. Dani is just trying to pretend until the next HOH is decided and she has aligned with someone a bit more intelligent, which would mean anyone in the house besides Kalia and Lawan. Those two make Jordan look like a rocket scientist. Poor Dani. First she hooks up with Dom and he messed up her game and ended his own by blabbing to Shelly. Dom leaves and she hooks up with Kalia out of necessity and Kalia makes one of the dumbest moves in BB history. Ironically, this dumb move might put Dom back in the game and help Dani. Whatever happens, as soon as Kalia’s reign of stupidity ends, Dani will be seeking a new best friend because Kalia will be like a ball and chain. The only way I see Dani surviving next week is if she wins HOH or the POV herself. She can’t depend on any of these morons. Kudos to Shelly for stirring it up and convincing Kalia to keep Rachel. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to see the end of Rachel, but there is no point if she just comes straight back into the house. She should have put Jordan up to replace Jeff, but she didn’t because she promised Jordan she would never put her up. I am not buying it. I think she is scared of Jeff. He behaved like a douche yelling at her and threatening her, but it did soften her up for Shelly to move in for the kill. As long as Brendon doesn’t come back, this is going to be fun. Maybe the returning HG automatically becomes HOH. I was thinking this because its a lot to cram into an hour, the live eviction, the competition to see who returns and then an HOH competition. Hopefully the returning HG has a week of safety to settle in to the game. Loving Shelly’s ballsy game play. It might blow up in her face, but it may take her to the end.

    1. Ditto!!!! Especially on your Dani theory… I think deep down Dani can’t stand Kaplunk. Dani thinks it’s her world -and they’re all just in it. Btw– is it not totally f’d up that Pacer and Lawon have basically guessed the truth on some things– and have been dismissed as the idiots they are????

    2. Dani is going down no matter who comes back. No one trusts her anymore, including Kalia. Dani turned on her own alliance, so how can anyone truly trust her? I notice how she keeps bringing up Rachel’s name to make jabs at her, and Kalia doesn’t even care as much anymore. She makes comments, but it’s really just to fill Dani’s head up with BS, to make her think she still cares. Also Porsche is slowly starting to lose interest. Porsche’s number one target is Shelly because she could probably get back in good graces with Rachel after this week.

  19. Ha I’m loving the nicknames!
    My favorites-
    Pinnoccio, Straight Shooter
    Jethro & Ellie Mae

      1. @brandy, cause a porsche is expensive and classy, a pacer is cheap and not classy at all. ? I actually like her the name has just grown on me lol

  20. Kalia is the most annoying and disgusting individual I’ve ever seen in the BB house. She is either running her pie hole non-stop, shoving something in said pie hole or shaving her blow hole in front of everyone. God get her out please

  21. This is great stuff in the back yard on BBAD right now. Such bad game play by Kalia and Dani staying in the HOH room being anti social. This is 90% a social game. Dani is a disapointing player when she doesnt have her dad with her. What a let down….

    1. Nope. I missed it. But I’m convinced it’s going to be endurance too because in past BB seasons when they brought someone back they always do an endurance comp.

    2. Watched it!!! … But his Thursday show was way better…
      **** anyone else out there think the HOH comp will just be btwn the evicted hg and the returning hg? Ex: Lawon vs Dom– then Dom is HOH???*****

      1. Yes! I thought that because I was like how are they going to build a HoH comp and a comp for a returning HG all in the same day? But I figured maybe it might just be questions for the evicted HG vs.returning HG. Idk how they’re going to do it, but I think the comps will be separate because it wouldn’t be fair if only two HG’s were able to get HoH.

        1. fair? well… remember the golden keys and those 3 that didnt play hoh or any comps? i wouldnt be surprised if one of the two that battle it out outside the house is crowned HOH.

      2. No, I think there will be a regular HOH between all houseguests, except for Kalia.

        I think next week there’ll be a double elimination/fast forward event.

      3. That’s what I have thought all along.. Last week, Julie made the comment that America will have the chance to a affect the outcome of the next HOH.. (not verbatim, but close still).

    3. It probably will be endurance because Dani can win that. The endurance comps seem to be made for the people who don’t have big muscles.

  22. Kahlia and Dani are basing all of their decisions on who “likes” each other. They are so convinced that everyone will put Rachel up next week because no one “likes” her. I can somewhat understand this stupidity on Kahlia’s part (making the assumption that she’s not a student of BB or Survivor), but Dani has done commentary on this show ever since she was first on it. The failure to understand that an alliance has nothing to do with “liking each other” is where they’re going wrong. Solid alliances are broken by betrayal or distrust, not because you don’t “like” someone. Dani also made the same mistake she did last time; “liking” a “cool” guy. Dick can’t rescue her this time though.

  23. I can’t wait til the moment Dani realizes tht Kaplunk f’d up her game!!!! She is basically the undoing of Dani… If Dom doesn’t come back in the game, Dani will be spending her bday alone in jury house.

  24. Everyone thinks Lawon is crazy and I must admit he does have his moments. However, many times he has told Dani/Kalia that Shelly is with JJ, but they don’t want to believe him. Dani and especially Kalia are being very stupid. I can’t even begin to explain how disgusted I am with how stupid Kalia is. Why the hell does she trust Shelly so much? She goes and tells her everything. This whole master plan that they had already blew up in there face, yet sadly they are too stupid to see it. They should have put up either Jordan/Shelly/Adam/ Porsche not Lawon who is one of their allies and then they could have seen where everyone voted. Porsche would have probably been the safest bet for them to see that Shelly and Adam are with the other side. I just cannot believe what a horrible game they are playing. Kalia is completely clueless!

  25. I really think it would be hilarious if they all kept Rachel and sent Lawon packing. I’m pretty sure that he won’t win any sort of comp against Cassi, Dom, or Brendon.. Keith is questionable since he was only really on the show for like a week, so we never got to see much of him and how he really plays.

    I personally think it’s either going to be Cassi or Dom that America chooses to have back in the house, but it would be freaking funny if they kept Rachel in the house and then Brendon comes back again. If they would just vote her out, then at least it would only be 1 out of the 2.

    I also think Thursday will go something like this.. Right away they do their Recap of what’s been happening in the house like they always do, they will do Kalia’s interview in her HOH room, and then they will be told to vote. By the first 30-35 mins, Lawon or Rachel will be evicted and then will be made to compete against the person America chose to come back. Then, the last 10-15 mins of the show will be whatever house guest returning, and the start to either a quick “A or B” type quiz, or an endurance.

    Who knows, before bringing the other person back in the house, they may even have all the other HG’s compete with a quick “A or B’ type comp for HOH right after whoever leaves, and then when then when they have their winners for both competitions, the 2 winners will have to face each other for HOH.

    I think its an endurance though. Either way, Thursday will be interesting to watch.

  26. Shelly has to get the votes for best player. Its her hoh this wk and nobody is against the straight shooter because she will shoot you str8t lol

  27. Recipe for Rachel meltdown on Thursday:

    Lawon voted out, Dom gets voted back in the house, beats Lawon in comp. Dani or Dom wins HOH.

    I need to see her cry one more time, before she is never on BB ever again. Rachel won’t be able handle it. The person she evicted during her HOH comes back in the house. Her number one enemy gets HOH. Also knowing Brenden had a chance of coming back in the house and America didn’t want it to happen.

  28. can someone help me? im still confused…haha.

    if today the ecition takes place. who will leave?

    my understanding is, that rachel is save at the moment .JJ and adam and shelly are voting to keep her. is that right?

  29. I’m really disappointed in Dani. I didn’t like her in season 8, I thought she was a whiny spoiled brat. She never even acknowledged that her dad carried her to the end. Sure, she did her part winning competitions and keeping her dad safe, but if he hadn’t been there she would have been lucky to make jury. Dick saw she was isolating herself from the rest of the house and spending too much time with Nick, so he saw to it that Nick was evicted so she could get her head back in the game.

    Before the feeds started, Dick apparently set up the vets alliance and went to work on the newbs. We didn’t get to see that because Dick left before the feeds started, but we all ask the question, “Why did Shelly and Kalia flip on the newbs?” The answer is that Dick got to them. I would have loved to see Dick and Shelly talking game. Even though Dick is gone, he left his mark on the game. When he left, Dani was sitting pretty, but she blew it. She got too cozy with Dom and isolated herself from everyone else. Then she tried to get JJ to backdoor BR week 2 and the next week she wanted BR to backdoor JJ. I don’t think she is working on emotion like some here suggest. She wanted Dom to be her little puppet. She is an icy cold little bitch and she is there to play for the win and come out from her dad’s shadow. But she played too hard too fast and didn’t cover her bases. I was rooting for her because she appeared to be the most intelligent player, but I was wrong. Shelly is running the show. She is calling the shots in such a way that everyone thinks THEY are using HER!! LOL. Shelly is driving the bus, and Lawan is gonna get run over.

    The more I think about it, I don’t want Dom to come back. I don’t want to watch Dani and Dom cuddling in bed and flirting any more than I want to see Brenchel gushing or JJ being “cute”. I want to watch the game, dammit, and so far the only person that isn’t disappointing me is Shelly. Dom really isn’t that smart. He can chew gum, but that’s about it. He told Shelly all about his alliance with Dani, and of course Shelly took that info to Jordan and then to Brenchel. Dom was stupid enough to throw the POV and it’s his own fault he got evicted. And it ruined Dani’s game, and it’s her own fault for trusting someone who can’t keep a secret.

    I’m glad I held off voting until after the POV. I was leaning towards Dom because he is the only one with a chance to beat Rachel in a competition, but with Lawan on the block and Rachel with 4 votes to stay, I have voted for Cassie. She should be able to beat Lawan, and it would give Shelly a partner. I want Kalia’s sorry ass to follow Lawan out the door, and unless Dani steps it up and shakes off the stupid, I will be team Shelly all the way. I would love to see her burn JJ at final 6. Go Shelly!

  30. Pacer should be Escort (ford). Can she get shelly to do her laundry? I think she has been in same green outfit for three days. And put a paperbag on straight shooter.with her smoking and tanning thats the look she is striving for. Dani has dick face. It be funny if they shot his face on her body. Why does orca tan? Just saying.

  31. Long-time lurker, first-time poster…

    Wow, what a past couple days! My impressions on what I’ve read so far:

    AMERICA’S CHOICE (in order of likelihood)

    1) Brendon: For all the talk of how everyone is “so sick of Brenchel” and how everyone “can’t wait” to see them both gone, I retort that I think America has a sick addiction to trainwreck drama. Come on, it’s the reason the reality genre has become a staple on every major t.v. network, and for better or worse, why WE are all glued to CBS three nights a week (and some of us every day on or Showtime). Come on, Bookie coming back is the best scenario of all; THINK ABOUT IT: revenge aspect with Dani/Kahlia, Porsche’s new alliance with Dani brought to task, Shelly kept in prime position to keep masterminding behind the scenes, and the inevitable reality of a showdown with J/J. Don’t get me wrong – Rachel’s screeching voice is like a thumbtack scratching on chalkboard, and I absolutely cringe at the awfulness that flows in conversation between the two of them, but that is all MUCH more bearable than seeing TOTALLY UNDESERVING PEOPLE who do not compete, do not/cannot game, and do not make moves WIN THE MONEY. And for you Rachel-haters, just THINK: if she DOES get the boot, a Bookie vs. Bookie match-up would be epically awful in that delightfully malicious way that only reality t.v. shows can offer. EVERYBODY WINS if Bookie comes back.

    2) Cassi: Realistically, she’s the favorite over Dominic. She’s got to have the male vote 10-1 for hotness factor alone (hey…. we’re visual creatures, deal with it), and she’s got to have the Rachel-haters’ vote locked up as well because of the tiff in the HN room before she left. Speaking of which, I don’t see how everyone makes the quantum leap of assuming that she would somehow end up on team J/J. You could see the pure disdain in those crazy Olivia Wilde eyes burning through Rachel like Cyclops’ eye beam melting a door. Yes, she was tight with Shelly, but never at the expense of her allegiance, and I actually think if she came back it would turn Shelly’s game on it’s head, which would make for interesting viewing. With this in mind, those of you on team Donato should be waving Cassi’s flag high and proud, because she’s proven she’s got smarts and she would push Rachel over the ledge of going absolutely batshit nuts. You might think Dom would make for a stronger alliance, but I actually disagree – Dom would have a target on his back immediately because what with his first go-round there would be absolutely no question about his position in the ranks.

    3) Dominic: At the very least, he’s got a better shot than Keith, so you PT/DD fans have that to hang your hats on. You don’t have much else, though. All you ladies that swoon over his “boyish good looks” and his “cute” mannerisms – the only person more blind to the fact that he is trapped deeper in the closet than R. Kelly (HE CAME OUT DA CLOSSSSSSET) than you is Dom himself. Let’s see; homeschooled (read: SHELTERED… because mommy knows he’s different?), “best friend” is an attractive female (whose sexual advances he has purportedly rebuffed repeatedly), bumblingly awkward flirting with Daniele (guy has NO game), forced homophobia towards Keith and Adam… yeah, check, check, check and MATE. Now I’m not in any way implying that this is somehow a disadvantage or some kind of knock against the guy – I have no issues with who he wants to get horizontal with. I’m just trying to open all these fawning eyes. Anyhow, the second he would step back in the house, he’d have a giant bull’s-eye on his forehead anyway (and even if he didn’t, Dani would kindly tattoo one on for him). His game play was atrocious (every plan or alliance he ever made crumbled within the SAME WEEK) and at this point he would be nothing but a millstone around Dani’s neck and a constant reminder of the one big mistake she made that cost her $500,000.

    4) Keith: LOL. I’ll dig my toenail clippings out of the trash and eat them if this vague, inconsequential memory returns to the house.

    5) Lawon: ROFL. I’ll vomit said toenail clippings back up and eat them again. THAT WOULD BE CAH-RAY-ZEE!


    Oy… I used to semi-respect this girl (before reading from feeders how she’s constantly running her mouth or cramming it full), but after this catastrophic mental meltdown of historical proportions, she has to go up on the Dumbasses of All Time Wall second only to Lawon (who cemented his place the first time he donned that awful blazer that looks like something Picasso fished out of the toilet and preserved in a jar). Someone posted earlier, and I agree wholeheartedly, that the key to this game is so simple: STICK TO THE PLAN. Don’t try to get too cute or too tricky, just have a plan and execute it. Dani and Kahlia did a pretty good job with the first part, but then Kahlia disengaged like a piece of space junk from Space Shuttle Donato and proceeded to burst spectacularly into flames in the atmosphere. It may not be this next week, but Kahlia’s goose is already burned to a crisp in the oven.


    Love or hate her tactics, Shelly has officially had her coming-out party this week as THE keeper from this sad lot of noobs. If there is another all-star season in the cards for BB, she is a lock to represent Season 13. Personally, I love her and I try not to make the mistake of casting character judgments on hg’s based on their gameplay. I really do buy the Southern Sweetheart personality, I just think her career experience has given her a leg-up on how to make people eat poo and convince them it’s Cheerios. And above all, I really do believe that she is genuinely in J/J’s camp and would never turn traitor on them unless something unspeakable happened.

    But these are all just the musings of a bored, under-employed BB junkie… what do YOU think?

  32. “Porsche says she thinks that someone evicted from another week might come back into the house. Dani doesn’t think so.” omg really, didnt they have america’s choice in dani’s season and arnt they forced to watch all the seasons in the hotel the week before they go into the house??

  33. I cant stand dani and kalia now .. both of them laughing about backdooring clueless lawon because both of them are too chicken shit to take out rachel … they disgust me

  34. LMAO I havent been on since yesterday afternoon & I have to say THANKS FOR BRINGING THE DUNCECAP BACK!!! Made me PMSL!! Simon, you rock. ;)

  35. why would a woman shave her pubes in the tub while shes still in it? the thought of those pubes and armpit hair floating around is just GROSS GROSS GROOSSSSS!!!! i mean… its just plain and utterly GROSS!!!!! you do that shit in the shower! what a pig! im so disgusted by this human blob who calls itself kalia! NASTY!

  36. I just don’t get all these JJ fans. JJ came back into the game arrogant as hell. I cannot stand to listen to jordon whine, jeff belittle everyone. Plus that, who would want to give JJ another half mill???? Can someone explain to me this strange fascination people have with these two?? I liked them in THEIR season. This season they are just full of themselves. Jeff more so than jordon, but still. I just don’t get it. Personally, I’ll be glad when next season gets here!!!

  37. Simon maybe you can answer this, Why from day one Lawon has been saying I’m not getting voted out cause everyone in the house likes me. He was so positive on that.He’s a little strange and delusional since noone really knew him. WHY? Did he know something?

  38. So true @ Chloe,
    I hope Cassie comes back. Dom does not know how to keep secrets which is key to this game if you have watched the past seasons. Dom is strong, but because he talks too much, his physical strength won’t matter. He has no idea how to play the game. Plus Cassie has the courage to shake stuff up in the BB house (and not be bullied); but at the same token once she chooses a side …she will probably be loyal which is also key to winning…..and we know she will probably choose JJ’s side along with team Shelly (that team will work to knock out everybody else). I like Dani, but I’m mad that she did not stick with the final 6 plan; and now she is tied to people who are obviously clueless namely Lawon & Kahlia.
    The following are the players that should stand in the end if they play their cards right: Jeff, Jordan, Shelly, and Cassie…..maybe Dani if she can commit to right side, but I think she has totaly messed it up.
    Final two: Jeff & Cassie; Cassie and Shelly; or Jeff & Shelly

  39. I know get lost, Rockstar totally being annoying. But Rockstar not or neither AA or ACA. So, backoff. Leave Rockstar alone. Rockstar is not annoying or neither AA (ACA). So back off get lost. Rockstar is a founder of Team JJ. So leave rockstar alone. Rockstar don’t let get lost get to you. If get lost does, let me know. I will take care of it.

  40. Everyone is so grossed out by Kalia’s shaving in the tub (as private as she can get) when Jordan was doing it outside in the backyard for all to see. Something not right with this picture… Shelly rocks. I hope Brendon comes back in on Thursday and that Dani has a fit and Kalia slinks away in shame for being so gullible. Dani thought she was the expert veteran and tried to show off by making big moves too early. Oops — wrong move Dani. Was Shelly a student/fan of BB like Adam was? Or is she just a student of human nature and , in her maturity, a wise woman who knows how to manipulate human nature? Whatever the case, I’m on Team Shelly. Also, rachel is so quiet now — totally becoming. I hope she returns or doesn’t get voted off and that Brendon joins her and they get back into the game. And, just as a side note, WHY all the farting in the house? Male and female alike. Is it the poor have nots on slop? Is it the slop?
    One night, on BBAD, Rachel and Brendon were sitting next to one another at the counter and, just as BBAD was about to sign off, one of them let one rip and Rachel’s eyes got big, and her conversation halted briefly, and Brendon looked at her — not sure which one of them did it but it was LOUD and the perfect way to sign off BBAD. I was rolling with laughter…

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