“I think it’s Da, Z, Michelle, COrey, Nicole, and they’re pissed .. We’re going to f*ck that sh1t up” – Frank

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: Tiffany
Original Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Corey
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots ?, ?, ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-16 04-18-40-691

12:45am Da’Vonne and JAmes.
Da saying she doesn’t tell Nciole much, “because she’s going to rid with Corey 10000%”
James- ya I agree
Da – That’s why i’m on board with getting him out of here..
JAmes- you said there’s got to be some way to get him on the block.. he’s there..
Da – It’s another week to deal with Tiffany’s crazy ass
james- Tiffany’s not coming for us and as long as she’s in this house frank and Paulie will be tied up getting her out of here.. but if corey leaves also.. we’ll get Nicole back.. Maybe
Da – Bridgette, Frank .. who else in the house
JAmes – Zakiyah PAul, Michelle, You me…
Natalie comes in they stop talking game.
JAmes leaves..
Da’Vonne says she’s been hearing that Natalie isn’t the target if Corey comes down she’s going up the goal is to keep Tiffany on the block.
Da’Vonen – I think Frank won .. the goal is to keep Tiffany on the block.. We haev to fight hard
Natalie – I got your back

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-16 02-38-46-567

12:55am Zakiyah, Nicole and Michelle
Talking about Da’Vonne flipping the vote.
Michelle wonders if Da flips James will
Nicole – I don’t’ know.. Iof they both flip it depends on how badly they want Corey out
Michelle – why are they targeting corey
Nicole – I will be livid I will cry. He keeps me sane

Nicole – If da james and natalie all flip.. Bridgette Frank that’s four
Zakiyah – we have 3 just us
Nicole – and us Paul will keep corey it’ll be 4 to 4 so Paulie..
Nicole says the whole house flipped on her season the night before and she was on the block with her best friend (Hayden) he went home and she stayed in teh house for 3 more weeks.

Michelle – I want to call that girl out so bad…
Michelle Bridgette is telling Da’Vonne lies..
Nicole says Da’Vonne is believing everything Frank says

Nicole – we got to pull out a win..
Michelle – we need to get james we need to keep him close
Nicole – how do we do that.. How do we get James on our side
Michelle – we can try and get Natalie
Nicole – if we get Natalie we get Jaems we got to go to work this week.. We need Natalie
Zakiyah – Natalie get james

Michelle – paule is really annoying me.. He’s everywhere
Nicole – we need them.. Paul .. and PAule and PAulie are close..
Nicole doesn’t think Frank is playing “Good” at all.

Zakiyah – I’m really aggravated
Zakiyah says coming into the house Da’Vonne was someone she felt she could trust but then she started getting close to them.
Paul and James joins them

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-16 02-01-32-970

1:57am James, Nicole, Frank Have nots
Frank says says a lot of people have been lying to him. there was 4 votes and 7 people have come up and told him they voted out Tiffany. He doesn’t like being lied to especially when he’s being lied to by the people he’s working with.
Nicole – I’ve been hearing a lot of crap like usual.. you know how it is
Jame s- what happened to our group man
Frank – people think i’m a dictator and they don’t like me
Nicole – the person that thinks you’re a dictator is working with you and those words never came out of my mouth
Frank – I know
Nicole – it’s hilarious she attacks you then she runs to you.. she’s going to do that to every single person her.
Nicole – the reason she ran to you is she’s mad because we did talk game and stuff..
Frank – she knew she was safe she was told the morning before supposedly.. Somebody’s talking to her.. she won’t tell me who
Nicole – she literally won’t look at me.. she’s pissed at me that’s fine..
Nicole adds that Tiffany can look online and see that Nicole voted for her.

They start talking about the break down of the original vet alliance.
James- where did we stray
Nicole – I dunno Frank
Frank says Da told him not Bridgette that Tiffany was coming after him and she hasn’t come clean on that. When he had his argument with Tiffany Da’Vonne jumped in
Frank tells Nicole she knows this already

Nicole doesn’t want Frank to say she knows because she doesn’t
Nicole – That’s why I don’t get into trouble I just repeat the facts people told me and I get fricking in trouble because I’m throwing people’s name out there…
Nicole says she wasn’t there during the conversation with Da’Vonne and Frank nore the argument with Tiffany and Frank.. Frank told her Da’Vonne said that 3 weeks ago that’s what she’s going off of.

Frank doesn’t understand he thought everyone was onboard with getting Tiffany out that is what they were all telling him.
Nicole – I don’t know what to believe.. I have 1 person telling me 1 thing and 10 minutes another thing is told to me

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-16 02-06-46-944

2:06am Paulie and Frank
Paulie – given the speech that she did.. It’s just very funny to me how she goes about her ways doing things..
Frank – she’s sketchy as hell
Paulie says Tiffany has shown to them she has no loyalty to anyone.. HE’s tired of feeling awkward as f*** with Tiffany around, he’s sick of the constant paranoia and questions.
Paulie going on about the crying and how it’s not real she’s just playing on people’s emotions..

Bridgette moving in…

Paulie telling her he’s going to be in every single room and part of every single conversation to make sure nothing funny happens this week.
Paulie – and I’m sure you and Frank will be in every single room where she’s in

2:16am Paul heads up to the HOH
Thanks for the cookies.. Thanks for the friendship fists bumps and heads up to the HOH to sleep

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-16 02-23-09-025

2:07am JAmes and Natalie snuggling have nots
James says he was having tough time today he had to go find refuge in the Diary room. James says Natalie was ignoring her.
Natalie – I Wasn’t ignoring you ..
Natalie says she was trying to cope with being on the block she didn’t have Bronte anymore and she felt JAmes was ‘Throwing shade” at her. She also brings up again everybody was coming up to her talking game.

James mentions she’s curling up to him with the ‘Shiny Lips”
Natalie says she’s going to go into the Diary room soon so she redid her makeup
JAmes – America she’s trying to seduce me in this bumper car
Natalie – I’m not America..
Natalie says she’s on the block for the first time she’s sad. She mentions how he wasn’t around all day.
Natalie – I needed you today..
James I needed you too..

Natalie says she hid in the bathroom and cried.. “Everyone was plotting and scheming”

James – I got your back little hommie
James says if he wins the POV he’s voting to use it on her.

Natalie – Tiff was trying to take advantage of my weakness today.. Everybody was trying to take advantage..
James says she was trying to seduce him today..
Natalie giggles says she wasn’t
James accuses her of being extra flirty, winking flipping her hair.
James says he’s joking, “Have you learnt to wink yet”
They apologize for “throwing shade” at each other earlier today


Natalie asks who goes up if she’s taken off. JAmes says it will be PAul.
Natalie “Honestly it’s good that I experience it now I actually see how everything works because beforehand I really had no idea.. I really don’t like it it’s stresser i’m going to get wrinkles.”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-16 02-24-36-622
2:24am Nicole and Corey snuggles…
Nicole says Paul is sleeping in the HOH with Zakiyah and Paulie. She’s waiting to get called into the Diary Room.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-16 02-12-49-762
2:25am Paulie and bridgette
Paulie saying he was shocked to see what happened on Thursday.
Paulie is seeing Tiffany do exactly what her sister did and he’s going to stop it

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-16 02-32-24-663

2:30pm HOH Paul, Corey and Nicole with Zakiyah in the shower.
Paul – Paulie is working Bridgette right now.. pick my name for POV..
Nicole says Tiffany hates her.
Paul – especially after last night you were very nice
Corey – she’s a brat she needs to be medicated
Nicole tells him to take it back
Corey says it’s from a movie, “It’s a joke”

Paul jokes about sleeping in Tiffany’s bed..
Paul – I’m just going to be like Tiffany.. There’s lots of tension.. Let’s Bone
Paul – we’re needing to get laid your boys willing to take one for the team..
Corey – that’s hilarious.. little slumpbuster…
Paul and Corey laugh
Paul – she’ll just f***g stab me in my sleep ..

Nicole – Is Michelle sleeping by herself tonight
PAul – no she’s sleeping with Natalie
Corey – speaking of slumpbusters … your boy
Nicole – what does that mean
Corey – Nicole might come through 1 time before tomorrow
Nicole – wait what
Corey – I’m just kidding .. I’m just kidding…
Nicole – what does that mean
Corey – it’s a joke.. It’s a joke… wait do you know what a slumpbuster is..
nicole – no
Corey – so like in baseball.. the Big girls
Nicole – you call me a big girl..
Corey – no i’m not
Nicole – you are i weigh a hundred and 4 pounds
Corey – it’s a joke..

“When someone is having trouble getting laid, they’re in a slump. When you’re in a slump, you need an easy score to get your confidence back up and break the slump – a slumpbuster.”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-16 02-45-09-354

2:44am PAulie and Bridgette
Paulie saying all the girls “F****g hate” tiffany
Bridgette points out that is what she thought last week
Paulie – I go a competition to win tomorrow..
Bridgette says she mentioned to Michelle that Da stirred trouble in her season.It went straight back to Da and then Da ignored her for 2 days, “She’s so transparent”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-16 02-53-59-962

2:49am Frank and Bridgette
Bridgette – Frank you aren’t playing me
Frank – you’re the only person i’m 100% straight with..
Bridgette – ok
Frank – one thing’s for sure I can’t trust anybody over there.. If I tell PAulie Tiffany finds out and if I tell Tiffany they find out and ask me about it..
Frank – Da is the one telling tiffany sh1t

Trying to piece together what is going on in the house. Frank is thinking Tiffany and Da want Corey out because they want to pull in Nicole. THey will next want to take out Paulie to free up Zakiyah. Frank names Tiffany, DA’Vonne, Nicole, Zakiyah and Michelle, “THose five”

Frank would rather have JAmes, Paul, Natalie, Bridgette, going into next weeks HOH against those girls.
Frank says Corey isn’t as genuine when talking with him than Corey.

Frank – we need to take a shot at Corey
Bridgette – I don’t want Natalie caught in the crossfire
Frank – we got to make sure we hit our target and if we don’t we’re in the HOH next week..
Frank explains Nicole will not stay close to PAulie and Zakiyah once Corey is gone. Paulie will not be able to play in the HOH and that entire group will be in shambles.
Frank thinks they can pull Paulie in and chop the other side down at the knees by taking out Corey.

Frank – Worst case scenario we work with Tiff to get Corey out best case scenario we work with paulie to get Corey out
Frank – really i don’t know one is better..
Frank – I would love it if those four were together and we send COrey home and they’re only 3 and Nicole on the outs.. I think it’s Da, Z, Michelle, COrey, Nicole, and they’re pissed .. Were going to f*ck that sh1t up

Frank – “Handing out threats like lollipops at the dentist”

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-16 03-16-51-570

3:14am Tiffany, Frank and Bridgette
Tiff – are they keeping you in the dark or tell you what you want to hear
Frank – I keep people on the spot.. I’ve been lied to a lot in the last 24 hours i’m trying to scare people i’ve had 7 people tell me they voted TIffany out ..

Tiffany – you know they wanted me to win HOH to put both you guys up.
Bridgette – whose they
Tiff – everybody in this house other than James, Natalie, Da, and Michelle was in on it she is someone that doesn’t have a say really she just goes along with the majority plus she really wanted me to stay.. Apparently according to da.. But who the F*** knows.
Tiff- the whole house wanted you out.. And they thought we would just keep targeting each other.
Tiff explains how the group wanted to split the vote so that they could all cover their a$$es with Frank. They wouldn’t tell Tiffany which five were voting for her.

Tiffany – they told me don’t worry we all know our roll in this.. So they’re was 7 of them..
Frank – you still think you can trust da
Tiffany – this is the thing.. I have nobody right now and so I go with what I know other people’s incentives are (lol) and I know that her incentives right now are not aligned with Coreys and COrey want Da out so Da wants Corey out.

Tiffany says they’re was the 5 girls that she thought was close but she was left out. It was Da’Vonne, Nicole, Zakiyah and Michelle, “Michelle was kinda on the outside”
Tiff – in the middle is Nicole and Zakiyah because they are tied to Corey and Paulie and Da is on the outside of that.

Feeds go to fish.. when we come back ..
They’re wondering why the 8 didn’t think Frank and Tiffany would talk “This house is too small”
Tiffany leaves..
Franks says with what Tiffany is telling them they can’t trust Paulie, he can’t believe Paulie is that good of a liar.
Bridgette – I feel like onlyu 1/2 of what she says is true..
Frank – I want to believe her
Frank – I’m wondering if she was working with those girls and Corey.. she was adamant with me not trusting Corey.. or maybe its because Paulie doesn’t like her.

Tiffany comes back..
Tiffany – what is the best campaign against Corey right now
Frank is having a hard time believing some of the things she’s saying about Paulie.
Tiffany says PAulie is playing them, “I’m sorry Frank… “

Tiffany says they can get James, the entire house is upstairs right now and they’re all not up there. JAmes likes the whole underdog thing they should play on that.
Frank – I think you need to go off (the block)
Tiffany – believe it or not Z might.. She’s playing really low and disconnected..
Frank – no she’s upstairs .. so is Paul
Tiffany says Paul is taking advantage of this whole thing.
Frank thinks he might be able to get to Paul last minute on thursday if they have to throw a hail mary
Tiffany leaves..

Frank – If I can’t flip him the nice way i’ll flip him the mean way..
Frank – we need to start spending some time with Michelle.. All three of us.
Frank wants them to explain to Michelle that the showmances are a solid group.
She doesn’t want to be in a group of 5 where she’s the 5th person and the other 4 are 2 pairs. He thinks Michelle is smart enough to see that.

They laugh that this new group they are trying to cobble together are a collection of “MIsfit toys”

Bridgette – I think PAulie is a really good liar
Frank – I know right.. I figured he might be

Frank – I kinda like the idea of the isle of misfit toys
Bridgette – aww man I hope your name gets picked tomorrow

Frank – can you believe the look on their faces if I win it [POV] pull TIffany down
BRidgette doesn’t think PAulie trusts Frank.

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its nice nicole has a gf in cory

Mrs. Mac

I would honestly not notice a difference in the house if Corey left. I really liked Nicole her season, but the fact that she likes this guy SO much really says a lot.


Nat Nat For The Win!


Not a chance. Even in your dream world you need to wake up at some point. She won’t even win a comp. unless it is a total crap shoot one but win the game? Maybe she is just flying under the radar and not a total airhead who has gotten by on her looks her whole life and used her looks (fake as they are) to get her way.
No I think she has shown how good she is at the game but you can dream away!


I was not expecting to see her so dickmatized. Especially by a human freckle. He’s the equivalent of a human smear of beige paint.

Your Boy

You had me at incentives… ????

Mrs. Mac

Shut it Paul and go make some muffins!


On the favorites poll, ya’ll should go back to voting for only one favorite. Picking 3 favorite HG was impossible, I only picked 2 and after much thought, couldn’t pick a third. Or why not make a poll where you pick the 3 worst HG?


Why not shut up and watch something else if you hate everyone on it so much?


As it usually happened every year I have trouble coming up with 3 favs but it is not usually this early in the game. The way it is going both Dawg and Simon needs to on the poll if I want to use all 3 votes. I do like the idea of the 3 worse, my only problem with that would be not enough votes…LOL!

Tiffs paranoia

Tiff somehow kinda understands the most obvious thing that the showmances are coming together … Yet somehow she still runs to the weak side of the house who only has two votes to save her (frank and Bridgette) maybe maybe they can get Day .. But day and James but they would know they are only 4 … And it would be obvious who voted Corey out … And then tiff is gone and what did they achieve ? Now is not the time for Corey .. Now is the time for tiff, Natalie, or Bridgette (who is safe at the moment) … Once you get rid of one of them there are no more power plays for the weak side of the house … Tiff is def the best person to get rid of .. She is not loyal and will turn on anyone … So cut her out .. Natalie and Bridgette are super loyal so they can be worked with as pawns to the end … Tiff you are gonna leave unless you are wearing the pov necklace .. Also .. Tiff you can change your fate … Go to the power group you want … And make a deal … With people who can actually help you in this game … Frank cannot help you.


what deal can she offer the group in power? At this point with them it’s not a game, it’s personal. You don’t get rid of someone because they cry. You get rid of someone to further your game and beside’s Paulie’s obsession with her being Vanessa’s sister, they had no reason to go after her Like they did. They saved her and went right back to ostracizing her because they needed a sacrificial lamb for Paulie with so many being safe. (Aside for drama and entertainment purposes) that whole majority group seem so stupid with their last vote. Either save Tiff and use her, or do not save her just to alert Frank they’re after him. Also you don’t save someone and throw them under the bus the moment you figure out they can’t put Frank and Bridgette up.

Right now Tiff’s best bet is Frank and possibly Da and James. Plus this is exactly what Vanessa did last season. She gathered around the people outside of the majority group to go against said majority. She also used Clay and Shelli who were playing the middle to advance her game. As much as Paulie is freaking out and projecting on Tiffany, Tiff is showing to be very perceptive to the house dynamics and is starting to make moves like her sister (although unlike most people here I appreciated Vanessa’s game play minus her antics).

Anyway I don’t see what she has to offer that group where Paulie the one they’re following especially since he’s HOH is very adamantly against her. So right now she can’t crack the four given they’ve not really gone against each other. Her best bet get Frank who is on the outs completely and Da to keep her since Da has picked up on the powerful majority.

I’m excited for this week. There could be some real fireworks depending on who wins POV.


I agree with this, but there is one thing I’m unclear on. I’m not certain if Paulie was going to target Tiff when he first won the HOH. Didn’t he say that he was just going to throw her up there but maybe not target her unless he had to? He seemed to target her specifically after she started to blow up everyone’s game. She was still at high risk even if she hadn’t blown up, and maybe it’s just as well that she decided to antagonize rather than try to work with them. BUt I’m just wondering about that detail, that maybe there was an opportunity for Tiff to stay on Paulie’s better side before she blew up, and see how things played out with a chance for the target to shift.


I think the issue in this specific scenario was that there were so few targets left with Frank, Bridgette and Michelle being safe. Basically Paulie was working with everyone else minus Natalie and Tiffany so unless he wanted to rock the boat, there were no other targets. I think he genuinely wants to work with Corey and Nicole so those are out of the question, he is not going to target Z and possibly not Da b/c of her connection with Z. He could have gone for James and yes there was maybe some opportunity there for Tiff to capitalize but I think she was in a very tight spot.
I also think that he is still trying to sell to Frank that he did not betray him, hence, showing it by targeting Tiffany again. Again that’s just my read on the situation. She would have been much better off if there were no teams and the majority could have targeted Frank and Bridgette. That would have given her a week or two of safety and allowed for alliances to shift around. As it stands, she would be treading on very thin ice by hoping that Paulie does not target her and just puts her up as a nom and just hoping for a miracle.
Just my read on the situation. Awesome name btw.


Excellent break down! Sometimes there’s too much to sort through or devote brain energy towards. I like Tiffany’s feisty response to the position she’s in. Sometimes in life I find….If you can’t join ’em, then beat ’em…or at least make their heads spin with brutal honestly and pushing through all of the BS.


Your read is way off. She already knows she has no future in the game with the “powerful side” and if she can use the “weak side” to break them up, to splinter the house, then she’s got a shot. Tiff’s only play is to make a house that’s 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2, otherwise every week for her is just survival. Tiff has to win veto. She knows this, but isn’t going to vocalize it…that’s bad salesmanship…and if she doesn’t, it’s easiest for everybody to vote her out.

If she wins veto, then there’s two likely scenarios:

1) What Tiff wants: Her, Frank, Bridgette, Da, James vote Corey out….but this is a long shot and almost needs Da to win veto and use it on Tiff.

2) Da goes up, and everybody except Tiffany votes Da out.

Now if Z has more sway than it appears, she protects Da….and they put James up, finessing him, saying Natalie has to go and we don’t want to make you party to it.


I think to assume Z would ever have an independent thought is giving her wayyyy to much credit. She is A TOTAL FLOATER following Paulie the cardboard gangster to the end, or at least until he “clips” her. If Tiff is fortunate enough to come down and Paulie does put Da up, I think that would only strengthen Tiff/Franks power in the house and fiip the script. Da is close to James and at that point I really think Frank could spin it to James and Michelle its time to realize the showmances are out for themselves AND EVERYONE ELSE IS EXPENDABLE. I think it would be Tiff, Frank,Bridgette,James,and Michelle, possibly Paul if he sees a power shift happening to vote out Cory. Mister I’m the smartest, strongest, fastest Gangster on the block and know psychology because my sister took a class Paulie will have effectively used his HOH to break up his alliance and turn all his power back over to Frank and Tiff BAHAHAHAHA That would be great TV !


Great season. I argue with myself over who to like and dislike because the dynamics change so much. Currently loving Tiff/Frank and hope they pull a Corey blindside. FYI previously was on the get Frank ASAP squad, felt sorry for Tiff then wanted her O_U_T out yesterday brigade and now I have settled into no favorites land and am just enjoying the upheavals and regrouping of alliances. Like I said great season.


Yep, it is a great season so far but, if I have to live through one more BBAD of those four cooking, I will lose it. Z stirred her chicken batter, one ingredient at a time for 45 minutes. Ugh.


A breeder? A slumpster? RUN Nicole!!! I wasted time and emotion on a similar loser who thought ha ha little “jokes” were ok before I realized he was a self hating a$$ with more problems than Dr. Phil could fix in an entire lifetime. You are worth so much more than that even if your current BB game is in a slump. Praying Corey goes this week. If it is not too much to ask can he win POV, use it on Nat and still get voted out? Thank you BB Gods. I will now go out and try to set a goat on fire.


To those with the thumbs down I am not ACTUALLY going to try and set a goat on fire.


When he slipped and said something about “How many men he’s slept with,” and Nicole said, “wait, you mean women right?” Could have been a Freudian slip big time! He bores me. So does Nicole. But, congratulations Big Brother for basically having a repeat season with everyone wanting Frank out. (Yawn.) The only good thing about that is I hope Frank wins enough times to shift the control of this game and get cocky, Calvafiore whatever his name is, OUT OF THE HOUSE because I can’t take his cockiness.. “I was bred for this game.” WOW, Paulie is too busy talking about Vanessa’s influence on Tiff’s game, he fails to use Cody’s influence on his own game. Cody was nothing like this. Arrogant! Arrogance IS a weakness.. and it will bring him down.

Funky DNA

Cannot handle another minute of Paulie. Cody wore my nerves thin also. Never occurred to me I’d have to endure another from the same gene pool. If he (Cody) wasn’t hanging on Derrick, he was wallowing with the “Lovely” Christine. These two guys think so highly of themselves seems they can only handle non thinking females. Both are/were equally annoying.


last week everyone was playing into Frank’s game and ignoring Tiffany. I find it hilarious that she has now flipped the script and is trying to work w Frank. doesn’t matter what Paulie, Nicole, or any of them say, Tiff was and is clearly a main target. she should just blow everything out of the water!


I’m no prude but is Paulie unable to articulate himself without using the F-word twenty times a minute? It gets really old listening to him drone on and on when every other word is f*** or f***in.

It’s getting on my f*****g nerves.


Perhaps I’m a little more conservative than most, but I’m always shocked and a little appalled by how much cursing is always going on, not just this season but prior ones as well. Is this really the way people normally speak, where apparently it’s felt you can’t get your point across without using at least one curse word per sentence? I don’t think it makes them sound any cooler, tougher, or anything else, to me it just makes them sound stupid.

Cabbage Patch

Won’t there still be a problem for Tiffany with the votes? Assuming it stays as is, Fridgette will need James and Da or Nat (depending whose otb) and 1 more person in order to get out Corey. I’m not convinced they can. Michelle would be easy for Frank to get if Bridget was gone but at this point I think she may rather be in the mean girls club with Z/Nicole instead of being Frank’s #2 behind the cabbage patch twit. Paul is finally in the cool kids club (he thinks) and I don’t think will give that up easily for Frank. I also don’t think it’s a given that James is gonna rush to get out Corey and be on Frank’s side. I don’t see it happening but for them to do this I think Da needs to win veto and pull down Tiffany. (Assuming mini mafia Paulie puts up Paul as a pawn) The only way I can make 5 votes to get out Corey…but I’m not a mathmetition so maybe I’m missing something.


If Da were to win and pull Tiff off the block, I think Paulie would put up James. This would keep James from voting with Frank’s side. If he puts up anyone else from his side he may not have the votes to save Corey.

Personality I almost hope Corey comes off the block and Nicole go up just to see her squirm, she has turned into such a mean girl.


Wish there was someone named Blaire in the house. Then it would be
Frank + Bridgette + Blaire = Fridgedaire


The fact that last week Frank’s plan was to get out either Corey or Paulie this week… Everyone wanted Frank out because of it and the house exploded alliances are in shambles… And yet Frank may still get what he wanted

So Sad

Michelle is a turd.
Nicole is the worst.

Save Nat.

Go Tiff

Thank god Tiffany told Frank about Paulie

Sho Nuff

I’m waiting for Frank to wrap Bridgette up like a body pillow some night.

Sho Nuff

I see Bridge laying next to Frank with her tight little booty in the air, ready to be taken.


I wish someone would say to Paulie “your brother is Cody so you prob have a secret F2 with Corey so we may need to get rid of you”. He is such a douche bag! I never thought we would find another Austin so soon. He’s more paranoid than Tiff. She has reason to be bc shed constantly on the block. Z says “I’ll just lay low”. What a joke she is. Paul is still the jack off we knew him to be. Nicole is worthless and so is James. Get Corey out just so I can see Nicole flip out! I wish I could be there at the after party when Corey introduces his boyfriend to her.


I do not understand how people are not noticing Paulie. He is in a show(faux?)mance, aligned with another fauxmance, where they are a powerful foursome who I do not see turning against one another soon.

He has already won two HOHs in a time span of 4 weeks and is projecting on Tiffany. All Tiff needs to do is point these things out for them to take out Corey as his final two wing man.

This is not to mention that Paulie was not even in the inital 8-group and somehow worked himself in the power position in that group. Like how can they not want to weaken Paulie at this point where he is proving to be a comp beast maybe more than Frank and better at setting up social alliances.


corey is most def a homo

I hope, hope, hope,

tiff wins veto, day goes up, and corey leaves


This won’t happen. 99%. If Tiff won, Jame or Nat will go home.


Nothing against her, but how is no one talking about Zakiya? She’s in a showmance with the guy who’s won two out of the four HoH comps.

You think that might be someone you want to target? Just maybe?

Paulie's Ego

Why would Tiffany turn on her alliance and side with Frank? This is what Paulie basically said last night. He said that if she had been loyal to them they would have back-doored her instead of putting her straight up. Is this guy for real? He honestly said that. This guy is so full of himself and thinks he is running the show, that the fact Tiffany has gone to the other side is eating him up. I expect him to start running around the house pissing on the furniture to mark his territory soon. He thinks Tiffany is crazy while he rants all day long about her. I cannot believe that that group thinks they are the good guys in this whole drama. Tiffany is not my piece of cake for sure, but don’t like the atmosphere they have forced on her. Michelle……I’d love to smack her in the mouth for her constant barbs. Who is this girl? She has done absolutely nothing to come to the party with her lying ways and questioning everyone. Can’t wait for Frank to suss out Paul as the one taking info back to Paulie after he has twisted it to his advantage, making himself look good in it all. Paulie is playing the exact opposite of what he was probably told by his brother and Derrick. They never took over the spotlight, and lied and forced peoples hand the way he has. I have come to the conclusion he is as bad if not worse than Frank. His threatening Natalie that if she didn’t do things his way she would go home was really uncalled for. The girl has the mental capabilities of a 7 year old girl. He now has her scared shitless and she will do whatever he wants unless James enlightens her.

Bring Back Bronte

Nice insightful comment, I too am turned off by the treatment of the house guests by this (good guys) group. Yes, Jozea Victor and Paul were a threat to the vets, and their logic was prejudice but not out of left field. It’s natural to want to remove players that have experience but to say those players already had their chance is selfish. Regardless, the way people play this game, fearful, makes them become stupid in my opinion. Let’s pray production does their best to subtly influence the outcome so that plans involving petty witch hunts are not rewarded and plans hatched out of mutual affection are encouraged.


Michelle is the key this week. She needs to be on the get out Corey team this week. Michelle isn’t fully “with”
any side. If you notice she tries to fit in whatever room she is in. She will talk crap about whoever the people she is talking to want out of the house.

Michelle down deep is a fan of Frank. If Frank Tiff and Day get her feeling they really doing it and indeed have the votes, she would vote Corey out.

I roll with Tiff so for me I want her to win POV and take herself off (also another vote out Corey vote) but that means Day goes up and then minus a vote again.

They need Michelle. Michelle is not fully digging Paulie’s “I am the god of this game I was bred to do this you all can’t beat me” Michelle is not a “super fan” but is a fan of BB and any fan isn’t liking Paulie fully.

#Tiff is the better sibling


Great analysis!

Michelle (as much as I dislike her) is the key this week.

I think Davonne already senses this as she has told Tiffany to try to make peace with her. Quite honestly, Day may be the player in the most jeopardy this week. If anyone comes down, she is the most likely candidate to go up.

Day needs to swallow hard and at least make a truce with Frank for a couple of weeks. She also NEEDS to make James fully understand just how precarious this double showmance situation is to his game. That may be hard, because James is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Meanwhile Frank and Tiffany each need to separately work on pulling in Michelle. Eventually, if everyone does their job, the “misfit toys” may be able to upset the apple cart and pull a rabbit out of the hat.

The chance for doing this should be fairly slim, but we’re looking at two dimwits (Nicole and Corey), a grade A floater (Z) and an egomaniac (Paulie), all are basically oblivious to anything other than their preferred reality.

The best scenario for upsetting the powers that be would be for Day to win veto (highly unlikely, as she has thus far proven to be terrible at competitions) and pull Tiffany off the block. In which case James would most likely go up. These imbeciles are all sleeping in the HOH room together, tipping their hand. It really shouldn’t be hard to turn Michelle. Maybe if Paul pulls his nose out of Paulie’s ass for a minute, he may even be able to understand just what is going on.

No matter the scenario, it would seem that Michelle will be the deciding vote.

Z, Nicole and Paul (Michelle makes it four/four giving Paulie the deciding vote) vs Bridgette, Day, Frank, James (if noms remain the same).

Should be interesting.

should be interesting

when all 3 on the block could vote against each other


are we sure michelle isn’t christine (post nose job), there’s gotta be some relation


Don’t insult Michelle.

Jen Y

So James wants to be on the “righteous” side of the house yet he’s siding with the guy who has been calling women hussies and slapping them on the ass. Hypocrite.


There’s something wrong with the feeds…Paulie has a shirt on…shut up Paulie!


James and Natalie are the only people i truly like in this house as of right now.


I don’t know if Tiffany is crazy or not but the way these people are treating her is horrible. The way Paulie confronted her yesterday because she is trying to play the game. He gets all pissed off thinking she does not have the right to be allowed to play the game. Michelle was upset that James still talks to Tiffany when she is in a room. He said the he won’t ostracize Tiffany. Nicole and Corey did not want to go and tell that her that it was midnight and she was allowed to eat after being a have not. Also all the stuff that Da’Vonne has done to her. No wonder she feels shunned.


Paulie has become too emotional with his Vanessa fixation. It’s burning a hole in his brain. He’s become irrational. His group really believes that Tiffany has done them wrong. But he’s gotten totally twisted about it.

The Roach Coach

Hypothetical. ..
Corey leaves this week, and loses to Victor in the comp to return… everybody watch how quickly Nicole runs into Victor’s arms…
She plays the weakest game, she needs Big Jeff (like Jordan), Brendon (like Rachel), Hayden (from her season)…I can already see Victor and Nicole doing what she does best…. (no not gameplay/alliances…) Snuggling!
Fruitloop Dingus


James is the only one I can see to be America’s Favourite again! James does not have the best game but he is likeable. The rest are just mean spirited. Bridgitte and Natalie are not mean spirited as the others but don’t stand out enough. I want James to lose Natalie and start playing the game and see some fire in him. Hope he turns his game around!

Big Meeching it

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Everyone should give a donation… buy your feeds from them, buy your amazon stuff through their link and click on the ads 😉 for all the hard work and hours you both put in sacrificing your summers so we can stay updated and enjoy ours!
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frank on the



There are certain sounds amplified through the mics that are like nails on a chalkboard. Blankets rubbing against the mic, whispering and loud chewers have always been at the top of the list. Never, until this year, had I noticed hair brushing to be a problem. This year, listening to Nicole brush her hair, I am shocked that she has any hair left.

Vanessa's beanie

So Tiffany actually got out of the bed this week? Good for her!

The only time they show her on the tv show she is always in bed.

I dont dislike her but I certainly cannot root for someone who cries anytime someone may mention her as a target.

Its a game where the purpose is to evict other people. Get a grip


Can Michelle just stop? She is becoming revolting with her bullying. She corners James in the storage room because he “talked” to Tiff. I can not WAIT for that girl to be on the block! She is so mean spirited and full of herself. I don’t know who my favorite is yet but she is my least favorite. Z and Nicole are becoming quite the mean girls too. How fast the favorites are falling in the opinion polls and also among my circle. I want Tiff to win HOH so bad next week just to watch this group of power- crazed, self-important fools scramble.


Okay. I really still don’t like Frank. Let’s be clear about that beforehand. He’s been coming up with some good little one liners for the last couple days. Yeah, I don’t like him, but I’m giving credit where credit is due.
Paulie. Guy’s turning into a little paranoid chest thumping tyrant in a lot of ways, and I’m pretty sure Derrick is sitting at home rolling his eyes and thinking ‘dude, don’t go dragging my name into that mess, chill.’ He’s telling Bridgette he’s going to be in every room, in every conversation making sure things work this week. Getting a little worried there Emperor Paulie? He’s saying he doesn’t believe Tiffany won Roadkill, but just last week he said she could win comps… so why not that one?
For some reason I don’t see beastmode Corey winning the POV. Hell, if he did Emperor Paulie would be wanting him to stay on the block probably.
A bit confused by Michelle’s shout out to Vanessa and her mom and Tiffany’s dog last night. was that supposed to be sarcasm? Or is Michelle really playing the role well to the point nobody actually knows where the girl sits? If she’s playing at the beginning of the week to make everyone think she’s anti-Tiffany now but really still in with Tiff and Da…. wow that’s good acting. She’d be one to watch out for because her ability to flip the vote last week added to this would mean she’s a really good manipulator more than a coat tail rider that she appears to be right now.


Tiffany still has a chance this week. If you think about it they are all there to win a half million dollars. If they get their heads out of their a$$ses, they’ll realize Corey IS the bigger threat. Especially long term. He’s going to be able to win a lot of competitions, on top of that, his social game isn’t bad either. He has Nicole, Michelle, Paul, Paulie, and with Paulie comes Zakiyah. Compare him to Tiffany, who is on the outs with pretty much everybody. She’s not that great in the comps(minus her Roadkill win). Yes, I know that’s more wins than Corey, but he’s definitely the better competitor, of the two. She also lacks in her social skills. Bc of this I think the logical BB players will think of this and try to vote Corey out. I think Frank and Bridgette will definitely vote out Corey. Then Da’Vonne would(if she’s not on the block). Da could pull in James who would bring in Natalie(if she’s not on the block) and they could possibly even get Zakiyah and MAYBE Michelle. Da could talk Z into by saying it’ll free up Nicole. And Michelle may want to do it just bc she knows it makes sense. So Tiffany needs to stay chill this week and hope for the best. I personally don’t mind her leaving, but I’d rather see Corey go. Nicole will be so sad.

Come on People!

The problem wasn’t that group keeping Tiff last week. The problem was blatantly using her as a shield and then disowning her the second they didn’t need her. What the heck else is she supposed to do? Paulie literally said, “if she kept her mouth shut and was loyal, i would have backdoored her instead.” Like gee thanks?

These HGs are playing so personally it’s crazy. Anyone with eyes can see that Tiff is clearly alone and is looking for at least an ounce of loyalty from someone – and nobody is going to take advantage of that?! If Frank, Day, James, Bridgette, and Natalie had any sense (hell even Paul but he’s a douche) they’d see they’re at the bottom of the totem pole in Paulie’s mobster rule and would want to break that up ASAP.


I agree with you 100%. They needed her to try to take Frank out with the understanding they would take her out right after that. Paul ran to Paulie with a lie about Tiffany running to Frank saying that the group made her do it. That never happened, but Paulie jumped all over that. Looks good on you Paulie. You are proving to be one self-centered idiot. I can’t remember but one person in all the seasons I have watched that became so totally obsessed with another player, and that was Amanda over Alyssa in the famous Racist season. Their treatment of Tiffany is just awful, but everything she does is criticized. I guess she is just supposed to lie there and let them evict her. The rants and awful things said by everyone are off the charts at this point, and I am sure they all are making their families proud. No need for this type of behavior. ‘That isn’t Big Brother….just plain nasty!!!

Come on People!

It’s funny because although I loved Paulie in the beginning, after seeing his reaction to Bronte’s teasing him while he was on the block, I got a huge red flag about his ego. Turns out I was right.

Paulie is off his rocker with his HOH-itis. After winning the HOH Tiff, trying to be nice, complimented him for doing well and he scolded her for outing that he was a comp threat. Meanwhile, he constantly tells everyone how he’s a comp threat! He has a personal vendetta which is hilarious because Tiff considered him a close ally.

He should have laid low but instead has now taken Frank’s position as the bossy shot caller. After seeing how well that worked out for Frank you think he’d take the hint.


I like the concept of the roadkill comp. if they A) showed the times so we knew it was on the up and up and B) it was mandatory that the winner kept it a secret (if caught telling another HG that they won THEY become the nominee) it would make it more interesting and create more drama and paranoia.


I loved Paulie at the beginning of this season. Here lately though my feelings are beginning to change. I don’t like how he thinks he’s running the house. He’s also a lot cock|er than I thought. He needs to relax a bit or he’s gonna become a target for a lot of people. That’s one thing the house doesn’t like, ie Frank.
***James, I want him to start playing. I need him to play. Lol. Bc I need someone I can get behind and cheer for:) He has no idea how out of the loop he is. He thinks he’s in the know. But he’s not:( He was telling Natalie that Paul was gonna go on the block. Nope, didn’t happen. That should be a sign to him that he needs to get in there more, but he didn’t take it, he just crawls right back in Natalie’s a$$. Don’t get me wrong, I love those 2 together, but he still needs to play the game, as well. I’d love to see the 2 of them form a solid alliance with someone else and ride it out to the end. I’m not the biggest Frank fan, but I think James needs him if he wants to win. He needs to be sitting next to a vet at the end or the newbies could get together and vote for the newbie to win just bc the vets already had their chance. James is very loyal, we seen that on his season. We also know that Frank can be very loyal too. &from what I’ve seen this season I also think Bridgette and Natalie would be loyal too. That right there would make a very solid 4. They could pull in someone else on the side, say Tiffany maybe and they’ll have the numbers. Frank trying to make a 4 with Nicole and Corey was ignorant. They’re playing all sides just like Clelli from last season.
***Michelle is very mean. Just starting to realize this. She got upset bc James was talking to Tiffany. She wants Tiffany shunned. That’s ignorant. This is a game, even if Tiffany is the target she’s still a person and should be treated like one. I can’t wait for Michelle’s time on the block. More specifically her time on the block when she’s the target. I feel like in the next few weeks she’ll become a lot of people’s pawn. Hopefully, it’ll be one of the times the pawn goes home. She definitely needs a reality check. Which sad, bc I also liked her in the beginning to.
***One last thing. It’s comical how ignorant Corey is. He really doesn’t believe Tiffany could have won the roadkill. It’s funny listening to him say he’d bet his life she didn’t win. Lol. Can’t wait for him to watch this:)


Willow your entire post mirrors my thoughts.

3 on the block

whhy not let them vote?

I am not my sisters keeper

I’m not playing like my sister, i look at “incentives” and crys, and lies, and flip flops, I deserve to win…boohoo

Asian Redneck Hillbilly

Looks like the jig is finally up for Davonne. It’s going to be either her or Tiffany this week unless they can sway the Big Meech away from the 4 pack.


I kind of want to keep Corey around just because I enjoy looking at him. I mean, the body is nice and all, but if you notice he is ALWAYS picking his nose, rubbing his junk or staring at and making awkward comments to the other guys. I mean, that right there is entertainment! Tiffanessa’s drama is exhausting me…between the tears and then the bipolar “I’m going to fuck everyone up” moments, I’m literally exhausted. Paulie needs to be knocked down a peg or two, Day is right back into the old season, Nicole is cock whipped, James is pussy whipped. Michelle and Natalie think that they are going to go after someone….I mean what is NOT entertaining about this season?!? Bridgette. Bridgette is not entertaining. At all.


“Zakiyah – i’m going to continue being low key..” Hahaha hahaha ha. In other words, I am worthless