Paul “I will f**k her game up. I will block her & do shaddy sh*t to make sure she doesn’t win!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 18th
HOH Paulie Next HOH July 21st
Roadkill Competition Winner: Tiffany
Original Nominations: Tiffany, Natalie, Corey
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots ?, ?, ?

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Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-15 21-19-33-933

9:20pm Bridgette and Tiffany are talking. Bridgette These people are ruthless! I mean its big brother whatever. This game is crazy. Tiffany says I feel like I’m losing it. Bridgette heads to the kitchen. Davonne walks by and Tiffany tells her don’t be one of the ones that treat me like I have leprosy. I saved your ass. Day says that she’s falling asleep and will talk to her later.

In the bathroom – Paulie tells Natalie that she is safe this week and has nothing to worry about.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-15 21-25-01-151
Storage room – Corey tells Natalie If I win… this might sound crazy but .. I just need to know that you would give me your vote. To vote Tiffany out. Natalie says I just already did! I just voted her out. You do know that I just voted Tiffany out. Corey says I know. The last thing I want to do is pull myself off and have someone that is playing .. that everyone likes go up. You know what I’m saying. That way if you come off and we put someone that might be with Frank and them. Put them up on the block and then just say they are 1 more vote down … vote Tiffany out. If I were to use it on you .. that would be crazy. I just know the person running the roach coach its going to be a number for that side. Nicole joins them. Corey tells her his crazy plan. She likes it and says its perfect.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-15 21-40-15-297

9:45pm Corey then goes to tell Zakiyah and Michelle his idea .. that if her wins veto he would pull Natalie off as long as she promises to vote how we want. That way Paulie decides who goes up. Paul joins them. Corey tells him. Paul says I wouldn’t .. that’s sketch! Natalie joins them. She tells them that she is not with Frank and them. I found out that he was the reason why Bronte went home. Natalie tells Corey again if he takes her off he has her vote to stay. Paul says if any of ya’lls names get pulled .. I AM PLAYING the veto for you. Natalie says she was going to pick James. Michelle says James is good at comps too. Paul says pick James or I. If anything I will just f**k her game up. If its one of the ones where you have to run .. I will block her and do shaddy sh*t to make sure she doesn’t win. Natalie says I am being nice to her because I feel bad.

9:55pm Living room – Frank and Day are talking. Frank says its crazy how they didn’t send her (Tiffany) home and now they all want her out.

10pm – 10:25pm Safari room – Corey and Frank are talking about who the roadkill winner could be. Frank asks who do you think? Corey says I don’t know? Frank asks do you think it was a girl? Corey says I don’t know, probably I guess. Frank says the only person I would think you would think it is would be James. And I don’t think it would be him. Corey says no I don’t think it was him. Frank says You think it was me don’t you .. you son of a b***h! Corey says no I really don’t. I just know it wasn’t Tiffany. Frank says I think it was. Corey says you would have to be an idiot to think that… no one has that good of luck. If so we’re taking her to Vegas. No way she gets her a$$ saved and then wins roadkill. Then puts me up because I had a fight with her last night. I’m not stupid. There’s no way she won that sh*t. No way she got to 32. Its funny everyone thinks she won it. Frank says they’re trying to pit you, me and Paulie against each other. Frank says I won the roadkill twice and I told you. If I wanted to get you out I would have done it. Corey says I know I trust you. Frank says I’ve got your back. Frank says Paulie going ham on her in the living room wasn’t good. You know what people look at that as… bullying. Corey says I wanted to say something to her. You don’t call people out like that on national television. Corey says I’m going to annoy the sh*t out of her and constantly ask her if I am good. If she is sleeping I will wake her up and ask her if I’m good. I hate her. She’s got issues. Frank tells Corey he is due for winning the veto. Corey says I might pull Nat off if I win. Frank asks would you? Corey says I don’t know, I might put Tiff off. Frank says no you wouldn’t. Corey says no.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-15 22-09-19-655

Frank talks to Michelle about how Paulie went off on Tiffany last night and how the people at home look at that as bullying. He literally said you can’t beat me I bred for this. Frank says that t Bridgette got 24 in the roadkill comp. Michelle can’t believe Bridgette with a sprained ankle did better than she did. Michelle then says that she was only wearing 1 contact. They talk about what the veto comp might be. Michelle says if its the cash or punishment I’ll take the money. Frank says I want to play in it so I can finally win a veto.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-15 22-53-18-901

10:55pm – 11:40pm Bedroom – Frank, Paulie, Paul and Corey are talking. Paulie says I am picking you or Frank to play. Corey tells Paul he will pick him if he can. Paulie says I am so f**king pissed. Paul says she (Tiff) isn’t going to win. If you have me, you, Frank and James playing. Croey ask Paul would you get me if I picked you? Paul says yeah. She can’t beat all the F**k boys! Paulie asks Frank if you got picked would you keep it the same? Frank says if that’s what you want me to do. You don’t want me to take Corey off? Paulie says I don’t think Corey would go over Tiff hut yeah you could use it on him. Just make sure there are extra votes. Corey says yeah just keep it the same. They could put up Z, Day, Paul, Nicole, James. Paulie says you say how she tried to get a rise out of me!? You think she is the first person to try and provoke me? Frank says we really only need 4 votes. Paulie says yeah because then it goes to a tie breaker for me and we all know how I’m voting. Corey and Frank are napping. Paulie and James are chatting about gambling.

In the kitchen – Paul and Bridgette are making french fries for when the havenots get off slop.

12am Paul, Nicole and Zakiyah continue to cook as the havenots count down till they’re allowed to eat.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-15 23-59-41-920

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I think Mr. and Mrs. Calafiore need to be concerned at the fact that not just one, but BOTH of their sons were born without testicles. I would be worried at their lack of balls.


They ain’t the only ones, Mr. Pots and Pans, aka: no nutsack numbskull, pubic hair face, paul doesn’t have anything hanging down south. There he goes again mouthing off about how he’s going to mess up Tiffanessa’s POV gameplay and you just know the coward won’t do anything that takes courage.


Why does Corey hate Tiffany so much? What happened from yesterday to today?


I would like to know as well. All this Tiffany hate because she beat the boys?


Basically he and Nicole voted for her to stay, so he thinks she should be grateful. But after the HOH Tiffany realized what rats Corey and Nicole are and told them she gives zero f***ks and was mad at them because they were supposed to have her back cause they were teammates (they last minute decided to keep her, so who wouldn’t feel bad).


Corey has disliked Tiffany since week one.
He started disliking her because she fell of the rocket first. After that his dislike has grown.
He said crap about her a lot last week. He wanted to be one of the ones to vote to evict Tiffany on the last vote (It sounded more to me like he wanted to evict Tiffany in that conversation and wanted Nicole to flip as well). This was right before feeds went dark for the show.
I know Tiff said to Corey once “do you know how stupid that sounds” while he was telling one of his frat stories. I don’t think that helped.
Corey listened to Frank and Paulie. The more they trashed Tiffany, the more he added that hate to his own.
Personality conflict adds into it (He’s probably upset he doesn’t have one, and thinks she has multiple and won’t share).


Tiff woke up and refused to be their expendable weapon. They can’t stand that. “She’s playing her own game? That ungrateful BITCH!”

Ryan J

Nicole got me watching, Paul forces me to consider a man-crush.


its a know fact that most gay men don’t care for lesbians

Ryan J

Still laughing at your attempt to formulate a sentence.


I am missing some important news here. Why is everyone hating on Tiffany again? What was up with Paulie going off on Tiffany and is she really unstable? I just don’t see it. Zak and Mich are mean girls and Nicole is throwing names out left and right.


Paulie has been so paranoid about her being exactly like Vanessa and her whole team has shunned her for 2 weeks now. Although Da and Mich wanted to keep her (probably so there was a bigger female target than them), Paulie would hear none of it. They were going to evict this week then the night before they found out the HOH comp would a memory comp and of course Paulie thinking that since she is exactly like Vanessa she could win that comp and become HOH so they could vote out Frank. When see didn’t win HOH it was back to shunning her and putting her on the block.


The “unstable” part comes from the day and Frank campaign when they both wanted her out the first two weeks.

And she and paulie were close but he also started listening to the campaign and seems to be obsessed with vanessa (he brings her up daily and anything she did in her season). He thinks Tiffany will get him because she’ll be like her sister.

Frank is right. Paulie looks like the biggest ass right now for flipping out on her like that. He’s going to have a rude awakening when he gets out of that house.


Oh for the love…Michelle is talking to Frank right now about the roadkill comp and she just said she was only wearing one contact lense? I hope she wasn’t serious. I mean. I don’t know how blind she is (eyeball blind, not mentally/game blind) but who does that? If I was wearing one contact I would t be able to make out much from anything further than 5 feet away. Gah. Between Corey’s idea of using the veto on Nat if he wins it and this carp I just can’t. Throwing comps, wanting to win but not wearing your damn contacts, keeping yourself on the block to save another person, throwing comps…also throwing comps…did I mention throwing comps?

Someone didn’t wear their contacts during a comp and I’m salty about it. I think I need sleep.


LMAO! You are hilarious tonight Lilly 🙂 I love it. I honestly think she was just using that as an excuse for her s*cking. She’s sayin that because she’s embarrassed by how $hi++y she’s doing in the comps. Last night I was reading a post where she’s talking about someone(Bridgette or Tiffany) being a buoy. Not a floater, but a buoy. Lol. She’s seriously delusional if she thinks she’s anything but a floater!

Fuzzy Num Num

I abso freakin lutley luv this!!!
I still don’t have a favorite. All of them are in their own special way, just ridiculous. So it’s very hard to choose.

James ugly head

James is a little rat and bows to his daddy Paulie the pussy and tells him everything.

Michelle in love with Frank and he is pulling her back in. Ha.

Corey “you would have to be a idiot to think Tiffany won the RK” ummm you are as dumb as dirt Corey and I actually feel sorry for you being that stupid and all your seizures and anxiety disorder and having to hide you being gay.

Cosby Kids

Regardless of which of the many user names you use, you have a distinctive writing style: retarded.


Calling other posters in a comments section “retarded” Your life must really be miserable. We will all pray for you.

Not cool

Don’t use the R word. It’s so 1995.


The proper term is intellectual disability. Your dumbass is showing.


Literally, LOL !


I honestly believe that Michelle is extremely jealous that frank chose Bridgette over her. If frank could realize that he could win back Michelle he may have the numbers to actually go after the showmance foursome. But Tiffany needs to stay for that to happen


Literally, LOL !


I gotta be honest. I thought & still kinda think corey is gay also. I thought i was the only one that thought that.


Is it me or is michelle a coat tail? All she does is eat and agrees.


not just you, we all see it, she is big time coattail riding

Powder Puff Girls

I think initiated the plan (along w/Da) to overturn the house to get Tiffany to stay which was NOT a successful move. She is floating on by right now.


Paulie for the love of everything, please stop talking. Just. Stop. Go nap, or put on your headphones or take a damn hot bath or something and chill the hell out already! Listening to him constantly bring up Tiff and yelling at her, proclaiming to everyone how he’s going to crush the POV comp and send her packing, has gotten old really fast. He literally goes from room to room bashing her to anyone that will listen and in the process talks about how great he is at basically everything, has nerves of steel and is all around amazing. Nope. Before going off at Tiff he sat in the HOH room talking about how he was going to go downstairs and blow Tiff’s shit up in front of Frank and whoever else was there. He did this for a few minutes and was like “I’ll do it now, IDGAF!” And as soon as Paul stands up and gets pumped about being his wingman he balks and starts asking what he should say. Douchecanoe, you just laid it out, so either drop the macho BS and pull the trigger on shit without hesitating or stop talking.
And yes, I realize he did in fact go off on her, but the look of hesitation on his face when Paul jumped up to lead the charge was that of someone that realized he just committed to doing something he perhaps wasn’t intending to actually do.


paulie’s another sad case of short man syndrome. Picking and yelling at a girl, saying she won’t beat him. Buddy she already did, she’s in your head; what’s tiff doin? who’s she talking to? what’s she thinking? what will she do? Makes me laugh. BB better show how little paulie went off on her.


lol honestly! He’s so overly dramatic and butt hurt that is starting to make him look paranoid and sketchy. To me anyway. The HGs however may not see his bullying and trash talking as suspect paranoia that could be their undoing, because nobody there really has a grasp on what the hell is going on half the time. They wouldn’t see the signs of imminent paranoid desperation if it dropped from the sky, landed on their face and started to wiggle.


I am also very tired of Paulie’s remarks, as far as him having knowledge from Derrick and Cody, and knowing how this game should go. He seems to be so far off, and trying to run this as a mafioso don, knowing all, and marking his hits. So very tired of him and his logic. I’m truly not liking how arrogant and cocky he is.


And thanks to production wanting to keep Paulie golden they cut the feeds and went to fish when Paulie went off on Tiff tonight, so bad that even Frank was called it bullying. They have shown us all of Tif’s fits they should have shown us Paulie’s too.

Paul go away

When Paul wears those Patty glasses I would pay money to be able to punch him in the face as hard as I can.

Actually he doesn’t even need the glasses on and I’ll pay top dollar to drop that fukk*r.

Ryan J

it takes a rare person to dislike Paul.

Blast Radius

It’s kind of funny that Paulie’s targets are Tiffany and Day. He could’ve just tossed the HOH to Frank and had the same outcome. Now, he’s basically doing Frank’s work for him and allowing Frank the opportunity to play in next week’s HOH.

Ryan J

succinct post,


Corey is an idiot, Frank’s says he thinks Tiffany put him up as the Roadkill nominee, and this fool says no way. You would have to be an idiot to think she is that lucky ? Wait until he finds out that he really is an idiot !!! He is a nice looking guy, but he is dumb as a box of rocks and really has no game.

If he wins the POV and takes Natalie off, everyone should vote his dumb butt out, that would be a stupid move and he told Nicole his plan, and she agreed that was a great idea, Nicole is a waste of space, she is just as annoying and lost in this game, just like she was the first time she was on the show.

Once again, she is blinded by another guy, you would think she would come back in the game and have a better idea of how to play this time, she is still whiny and has no backbone, and damn I get so tired of her changing her mind every 5 minutes on who she and Corey should team up with.


Nicole thinks it’s a great idea b/c she wants Da on the block so she can get her voted out. She’s already turned Z against her and is working on Mich!


Was looking at the feeds after roadkill comp, and Paulie was about to have a huge fight with Tiffany, but it went to fish! So did they have a big fight or naw? WHY DIDNT THEY SHOW IT? I was so mad when it went to fish


Yeah, that was weird.


Best part of that whole HOH convo before the feeds was Nicole starting to rally her paranoia and Paulie telling her to stuff it and chill. Not the words, but he basically snapped at her and she clammed up. Paulie is being a giant douchecanoe but I’ll admit I laughed. Every time he started recalling the stories and rumors he’s heard Nicole would jump in before he could get names out and ask if “who, Day?” Jesus Christ Nicole, get a damn grip. Let people finish before jumping in like that. Constantly asking “who said that, Day?” Is only making you look paranoid like you’ve got things to hide. And you do, everyone does, but don’t show your hand voluntarily. Let others do that for you. Ugh.


I so wanted Nic to go up instead of Corey just so we could see her scrabble and whine all week.
Oh, wait she will do that anyway.


Production didn’t want their golden boy’s image messed up. Even Frank called it bullying after the fact so we know it was bad. Had they shown it live feeders would have the clip of it everywhere on the internet and CBS would be bombarded with emails.

Blast Radius

I bet Nat gives great eye contact bjs.

Blast Radius

Why are so many people against great bjs?


paul’s a little rat like andy in and out of rooms talking loud about everyone. I feel bad for short men so much to compensate for.

Powder Puff Girls

his biggest threat is Pots n Pans

Paul is a Wannabe

The only difference is that Andy did it for strategic purposes in order to gain info. Paul is just trying to fit in with the “cool kids”.

So anyway...

I don’t get the hate they have for Tiffany. What has she done to any of them? She’s gonna have to win every veto comp to stay in the house.


She’s a low empathy sperg. She radiates anxiety and has no ability to read social cues. She lacks warmth. Even her attempts to fit in during lighthearted moments are robotic. She only smiles with her mouth, never her eyes. She’s an emotional burden on anyone in her gravity well.


Where do you get this nonsense? Lol

Ryan J

Ahem, time for you to make dollars in psychiatry.


I always love a shaken up BB house over the status quo but I just don’t think they have the votes this weekto et Corey out… Even if Tiffany wins Veto can’t see how they muster the votes to get him out…


Da and Zak…….1st Frank has to want her to stay(Tiff). Da wants Corey out to get Nicole under her control. They’d need 5 votes or a 4-4 tie and Paulie evicts Corey. I think it is highly unlikely Paulie saves Tiff. 5 votes is a tall order. James and Nicole are Tiff votes. That leaves just 1 spare vote left. You need guys to vote Corey out. I think getting Corey out is very tough unless Tiff is removed from the block by the POV holder. Tiff gets removed just maybe Da goes up. Now that would be fire works.


Corey has to be about the biggest dill weed! He thinks he controls all the women and that he can read people and situations. Here is a suggestion, if its Corey’s plan or nothing… Go without a plan free ball it. You would have better luck

Fuzzy Num Num

What game of Vaniffaney’s is Not-Corey going on about? What exactly is he going to blow up? She doesn’t have anything to blow up. However, the rest of them have stuff for her to blow up. And for Frank to blow up. That’s why they are all crowded around crying over spilt milk.


What you just said is exactly why I don’t understand people saying she’s another Vanessa. I was one of maybe 11 Vanessa fans and Tiffany is nothing like her – as you said, she’s got NO game. Vanessa always had game. Paulie specifically hurts his game by fixating on her. Sure, it’s better for him if she goes because that whole side of the house has alienated her, but it’s stupid to use the logic that she has to go because she’s Vanessa 2.0. Be real, she has to go because that side of the house used her and she wants revenge.

Powder Puff Girls

Did Vanessa only have 11 fans on this site last year? I was no fan of hers but did not post on here last year.


You are so right about Tiffany being different from Vanessa, and Paulie, basically, being an asshole.
It’s amazing to me, that I agree with you, so often, on what you have to say.
It’s fun when we disagree, also!
I always look forward to what you have to say about what is happening on the live feeds.


I’m so tired of everyone constantly talking about frank and/or Tiffany ! If neither of those two have power why are they all afraid?

And why does everyone on the feeds look pissed? Especially paulie , isn’t he hoh lol

And also I agree with whoever on here said zak and Michelle were mean girls . Cause they are. Zak calling Bridgette a bitch? I despise women who trash talk behind anothwe woman’s back. Why didn’t she call her a bitch when she was in front of her ?


Paulie: The craps table’s got so many good odds.

Uh, yeah. For the house.

Zak and Nicole desperate for BF not money

Zak doesn’t even hide that she is a total mean girl bitch anymore. First couple weeks she kinda tried to hide it a little. Now she more comfortable and her true colors showing and it’s not good. Can’t stand her.

Blast Radius

I almost wrote that earlier when I was thinking about it. She was so cheerful and likable in her interviews. With each passing day she has become more and more the finger-waving, mmmhmm-ing, growling ghetto bitch.


I’ve noticed that too. The only time she smiles is when she goes to say something.


Pretty is as pretty does and she is turning uglier by the day.


She probably thought she would be the prettiest girl in the house. But then she saw Natalie.


Don’t mean to sound like a hater to the paulie fans BUT ugh I hate when he becomes HOH damn he won’t stfu and his obession with vannesa doesn’t help either if tiff is your target why didn’t you vote her out your still doing frank’s dirty work that you “apparently ” didn’t wanna do at least he can’t play next week there’s that.


I really liked Paulie the first couple of weeks and now I can’t even remember why. He’s morphed into a loud mouthed overbearing bully. I’ll be standing on my chair applauding when he’s finally evicted.

Eagle Ears

Michelle keeps trying to throw James under the bus, but no one is buying it. Pretty funny.


Paulie, give it a rest bro. You’re not tough, and honestly, you wear such tight pants I wonder how your balls breathe. Is it because you don’t have any? He’d probably respond, “Cmon man, I’ve got balls, my brother Cody’s seen ’em. All the time too, and especially after we both enjoyed a steak at Outback.”


No way Tiff is staying unless she is saved by POV, she needs 5 votes.. even if she could get James and or Natalie’s, still not enough.. If she goes, i hope she comes back that’d be crazy good!

If not her, Glenn… just to see him play.


She actually has a good chance of staying and Corey has a good chance of going. I really think James will vote out Corey when it comes down to it, James and day have discussed this several times before Corey even got put up. All that needs to happen is Frank/day flip Michelle or Paul. Which they have a very good shot at doing.


Wait a sec. I was out tonight and get home and check feeds and hear about this Paulie thing…he went off on Tiff ? I can’t find it. I’m pissed he did this for one. And two does anyone have it?

What I gather part of he said “You can’t beat me I was bred to do this” ok I could write ten pages on that alone but I wanna see whole thing and see how bad this is because just that has me irate.


the little guys (P&P) were working each other up in the hoh talking about tiff, then they went downstairs to confront her in front of nat,, frank, and bridge, the feeds went down. We only heard about the aftermath even then BB blocked the feeds, that’s why we feeders are upset and hope they air it on tv.
Little man was so harsh that even frank considered it bullying


Man. Paulie is giving an amazing motivational speech in the HOH to Paul about harnessing adrenaline and using it to your advantage in comps. If you train yourself to have control over the adrenaline “you are golden.” He says all the guys have power over adrenaline so they do well in comps and though Bridgette doesn’t have that ability, she harnesses positivity.
Somebody call Tony Robbins because he’s about to be dethroned by the new motivational speaker town.


Well I mean, come on, Paulie knows EVERYTHING. And to top that off, his sister has a psychology degree, therefore he’s a psychologist.

He’s the best wrestler in the world. The best soccer player. Psychologist. And now we see the best motivational speaker.

Paulie is just all around awesome, in the world according to Paulie.


But he can dance, and that makes me swoon.


Have to say Natalie with her hair in pigtails and a blue bow around her head tonight looks like she stepped right out of Disney movie….so cute!


The chew with your mouth closed plea is for you too, Nicole! FFS the sound of her smacking her lips and chewing is so unbearably loud it sounds like her mic is installed in her gums.


I feel like if Corey is a have not again that they should definitely let him sleep on the floor. Hearing him talk on after dark about his experience this week sleeping in those bumper cars (and not eating anything on top of it) made me feel a little concerned for his health.


So, for a plan to be successful to get out Corey:
Da, James, Frank, Brig. They need a number 5. I expect Da and Tiff to try to pull in Michelle as Frank is trying to pull in Michelle.
Is Michelle moveable now that she’s spooning Paul and being sucked in by Nic and Zak’s false friendship (they discussed possibly cutting Michelle after they ax Da) as well as Paulie’s false promises?


If Frank makes it to the final 2 he will be a big brother legend. I know this because he just said it. Bridgette thinks he’s already a legend but Frank is way too modest to agree with her. What a duo.

Is Tiff, Da, and Frank in an alliance?

With Corey/Nicole and Paulie/Zakiyah a tight group, did Tiff, Da, and Frank come together to get one of them out? And as for Corey being gay, I thought there was a controversy about him on Twitter about him not being a friend to the LGBTIQ community?


Most closeted limp wrists will lambast others of the like persuasion to throw suspicion of themselves. Corey is as gay as a 20 dollar bill in Skankie’s left pocket.


Paulie and Paul’s hate for Tiff is so odd, get a grip boys! I really wanted to like you guys and root for you but you’re making it very difficult at the moment… the borderline bullying is off the charts, no need to be mean… get your life 😉