“I’ll talk to everybody except Bob/Bru and talk to Willow right before it happens” -Kev

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV May 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: Bobby and Brittnee
Have Nots Zach, Bobby, Willow (Season slop pass)
POV Players Kevin, Bobby, Ashleigh, Brittnee, Sarah, Pili

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-02 19-00-32-635

9:58pm Zach and Bruno in the HOH

Warning him about Sarah “She’s very manipulative bud.. She’s good at what she’s doing”
Zach – she’s game playing herself .. turn these big guys against themselves watching the fireworks
Zach says if Brittnee, Sarah or Willow win this game he’ll be sick to his stomach.
Bruno leaves. Ashleigh comes in says she’s talked to Bobby.
Zach says Bruno is freaking out right now because God went to that backyard told them “I might not be going up”
Ashleigh brings up her conversation with Sarah. Say Sarah told her “Girls got your back like a feminist thing”
Zach – that’s what Bruno’s been saying.. he’s like hey those girls are not putting each other up.
Bruno rolls in, Zach fill shim in about Sarah forming the girls into a group.
bruno – they won’t put each other up I’m telling ya

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-02 19-33-38-180

9:58pm Pilar and Sarah bathroom

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-05-02 19-09-16-261
10:09pm Hammock Bruno and Willow Bobby
Willow saying they should let the Zach Backdoor plan go, they agree it’s too risky a move. Willow think Godfrey should be the one talking to Kevin.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-05-02 19-28-54-871

10:30pm Sarah and Willow checking out the memory wall before heading in for dinner.

Brittnee sleeps

10:42pm Brittnee goes to bed
On the block the night before the POV ceremony
“Alright I’m out Tired as Heck”

10:53pm Hot Tub Sarah and Willow (Long Conv check out video)
Willow walked in on Zach and Bruno in the pantry and they stopped talking immediately
Willow wants to put up Bruno and Zach so they can backdoor kevin.
They decide Bobby/Zach will be the better bet
Willow will freak if Kevin gets picked for Veto and wins it.
Sarah – So we get rid of Zach
Willow – We get rid of bruno
Willow points out if Kevin doesn’t pull down Zach Zach will hate him.
Sarah says She’s most scared of Bruno
Willow is most scared of Kevin
Willow – do you love me
Sarah – yes of course
they kiss
They plan their fight tomorrow.
Sarah – we’ll bicker all day
Willow – We have to do it before the veto Ceremony
Sarah – yes
They talk about their relationships back home. Willow brings up Bruno and Bobby calling her gay she has a boyfriend back home called nicholas that she’s been seeing for 5 months. She’s worried he might “Pull out”
Willow – no we’re not we’re best friend lovers
Sarah – we’re Zankie
Willow- we’re better than Zankie.. blow them out of the water.
Sarah – B does not like Bobby she likes the way he looks.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-02 19-54-24-729

10:53pm Ashleigh and Zach
Zach says if he won HOH he would put up Brittnee and Sarah. If Veto is played he would put up Bobby. When Bobby used his secret veto he would put up Bruno.
Ashleigh thinks if Willow wins she’s putting up B and Sarah
Zach – no way.. “Look how she’s acting around Sarah.. .she’s saying I GOT YOU”
Ash- I feel like B is going to be a pawn forever
Zach – she might be.. her willow and Sarah no one is going after them unless we don’t
Zach saying they might lose someone that is working with them and they are still huge targets

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-02 20-07-35-001

11:00pm Bruno and Brittnee
talking about how dangerous the couples are “They’re comp beasts”
Brno says his hands are his strength and because he has a buggered thumb he’s not owning it.
bruno tells her she doesn’t have to worry about him 100% says he’s not close to anyone on the other side. “Supposedly Kevin trusts me which is kinda weird because I don’t trust him”
They agree Kevin is a very tough competitor in this game.
Godfrey rolls in

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-02 20-18-12-157

11:18pm Kevin and Pilar
Kevin says Bobby/Bruno backstabbed Zach with their vote against Jordan.
They start going thru the pros and cons Bobby/Bruno or Godfrey/Bobby . Pili mentions Godfrey has made it clear he’s going after couples.
Pilar is worried that Godfrey will put them up though. Kevin explains that Godfrey is by himself in this game and the chance of him winning HOH are remote compared to the other housegests.
Pilar say socially Bruno is strong but not really comp threatening points out he’s similarly to Jordan, “He’s good with everyone”.

Pilar points out that people are going to come after them anyways so who would they rather have to deal with Bobby/Bruno or Godfrey.
Kevin says Bobby/Bruno are coming after them regardless. Both feel Bruno going up is the best move. They agree Zach and Ashleigh may be upset with them. Pili points out that Zach and Ashleigh will have to get rid of Bobby/Bruno eventually.
Pilar – Godfrey is such an easy target.. he’s smart but not in the game… he’s been a target since week one.
Pilar says it will be easier to deal with just Bobby and both of them. (Over Bruno/Bobby and both of them)
Kevin – Exactly.. you laid it out perfectly.
Kevin – “I’ll talk to everybody except Bobby and Bruno and talk to Willow right before it happens”
Kevin will will tell Bobby/bruno he’s keeping the noms the same.
Pilar asks him what he’s going to say to Bobby, “Bobby/bruno one of you are going home”
Kevin – “Bobby .. all week I told you I was going to use the veto on you right.. I’m not going to anymore you’re staying on the block against B oh ya on top of that Bobby if you use your special veto on yourself I’m going to put up your best friend up how does that sound ”
They laugh
Pilar – This is great I can’t believe you”

11:55pm Kevin wipes out



There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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RIP male HG. sad day in BB history…. lol. girls plotting which guys next not knowing there getting 2 instead of 1. Don’t think Bruno a done deal for the block yet. When Zack hears he is likely to convince Kev to put up God or leave it the same. Think Bobby goes under any scenario IMO. Bruno/GOD HOH win not a sure thing. Not diapers HOH again? OMW
Think diapers run is over maybe even a girl win like Willow. There would be a lot of expectations there I must say.


Wow! It looks like it actually might happen, that Kevin will put up Bruno. Good for him! And if Zach/Ashleigh are mad, tough shit! This is the smartest game move and if they don’t realize that, then they deserve to go to jury next week too. Hell even Pilar thinks its a good idea!


This could be the biggest week in BBCAN history in 1 week you could see Bruno … Zach AND Kevin walk out the door imagine that !!!! if that happens you might as well hand Sarah the check! One thing is for sure triple HOH is going to get bloody !

If Kevin puts Bruno up then Sarah will vote him out based on the convo she had with willow she said outright that she is worried about Bruno most !

Then if anyone other then diapers wins HOH Kevin + Zach are going up and unless one wins the veto they are both going home.

And if the diapers win HOH then Sarah and Godfrey may walk out the door.. either way you will lose some of the biggest players this coming week either Sarah n Godfrey in danger or Kevin in danger potentially guaranteed to lose a favorite no matter who wins.

in an ideal world its ash and Zach going home and Kevin wins veto saves himself OR God wins veto saves himself, Bobby and Brit go home ….

Its going to be a wild one get ready for one hell of a ride BB Fans.


Personally I’d like to see Bruno&Kevin playing on instead of , say, Bobby&Zach. I don’t like to watch Sarah smooth sailing to the F2 and winning it that easy


Kevin is an idiot and I cannot wait for him to keep the noms the same and piss off everyone in the house.

Mark my words britnee will be evicted and Kevin will go out in the triple.

Zashly are pissed that kevin is doing this and I coudl even see them keeping bobby


Around in a full circle. Before I read that post Simon my guess is that Kev isn’t sure he has 4 votes to evict Bruno. Not sure he does either. Evicting Bobby ok mind you but if they evict B what a waste of an HOH. Bruno or GOD better win or the need a girl. Oh Bobby use your “secret VETO” yo!!!


bruno should have got rid of zach when he had the chance on secret veto!


Ughh….so Bobby secret veto surprisingly works?? at least actually gave some impact? and i thought his plan was idiotic. the diaper alliance are even bigger idiots


If only Sarah would tell Kevin that the veto is fake……but i guess she gotta protect Willow


I’m so confused. Willow makes out with Sarah every 5 seconds but she doesn’t want to be labeled as gay because she has a boyfriend? And they wanna be like Zankie? Why do they want to be like Frankie -_-

Moronita Pilar

Asheligh is such a blonde, it’s unbearable to watch! Sarah was VERY stupid talking to her at all. Ash is a tool. She’s not even a slut — that would exclude the stupidity of her vacuous personality. Mann…

These dummies make Pilar look smart

Bruno instantly regressing to his knuckle dragging ways – well sure I get that,
but Ashleigh & Zach IN DRAG on a misogynistic witchhunt – PRICELESS!!!!! You can’t make this shit up.
and all this without the Neanderthals Bobby or Graig’s assistance!!!
Ashleigh – “Women shouldn’t be allowed to vote on Big Brother unless they have a man. fkin feminists(spitting)”
Thank You Simon, I never laughed so hard on a Sunday morning.


When I first started watching this season I thought Kevin was a smart game player. The thing that surprises me is that both he and Pili know that couples are being targeted but don’t “break-up” and take the target off of themselves. Individually they could easily meld into any part of the house and feed eachother information.


I think if Kevin decides to take Brittnee off the block and put up Bruno, this could quite possibly be the end of the “Diaper” alliance. Zach HAS to know that there is something going on in Kevin’s mind with him saving Godfrey then. This is making it quite obvious that Kevin has other plans in the works. I applaud Kevin for the guts to go against Zach, but he has made it obvious I think in the way he has done it.