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Olga Bagley

I Love Kevin but He,s a Strange MF NOW he,s Trying To Win Something the Friggin thing is half Way Over but Now he,s Trying his best in the Words of Tweety Bird Too Wittle 2 Late ha Ha Alex ????? I’m Alex I am Making a Ass Out of Josh . The Other ? Drops
Alex ????????? Paul Lied To Me BAWL When Kevin ????? Gets Evicted 2 morrow I think He is going to Be Happy Because He Is ?-? He Misses his ???? & ???? ????????? No Wonder he Never Won Anything Making 7 Kids Made him Numb below his Waist
Tonight The ? Goes To Paul For The Best Actor In Screwing His Close HG Over and Xmas at Least She Gave Josh a Straight Answer IF She Makes it Into The F2 She is Going To Leave het Best Buddy Josh Out In The ?? BURR So Xmas And ? Can Go Straight To ? Bye Bye ? Good Riddance ? Alex And Last bye Bye Matt? & ????? Raven & Good Riddance ?? Cody & Mark ????? And Elena ??& I ?? Kevin Wins AF

Olga Bagley

This Is Getting to the Nitty Gritty And Tonight On B&B the ? Goes to Paul ? For the Worst Acting Job Explaining To ? How he Screw her every which Way & ? (Alex) ??????? I Made a Ass Out Of Josh but She Who Laughs Last (Alex) ?????? Paul Screw Me Over Xmas ???? Paul,s Ass & Josh ? In Head Lights Paul ? Going Out Smelling Like a ????? & Jason ? He Truly is a ? And Matt ? Screwing ?????Raven and Mark ?????& Elena ????? & Kevin ?????