Kevin “Bobby & Bruno are going to be shocked!” Sarah “This is a genius plan”

POV Holder: Kevin Next POV May 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony May 3rd
HOH Winner Kevin Next HOH May 6th
Nominations: Bobby and Brittnee
Have Nots Zach, Bobby, Willow (Season slop pass)
POV Players Kevin, Bobby, Ashleigh, Brittnee, Sarah, Pili

** The 2 round HOH twist that was leaked last week is once again back up for this week (Week 7). **

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-02 05-40-20-206

8am – 8:50am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Bobby gets up first and heads out to the hot tub room and while out there he does his normal routine of looking for secret vetos under the hot tub cover and under the cushion of the seats. Brittnee makes the rounds with the new batteries. When she gets to Sarah she tells her I had a bread down last night in the diary room. I was exhausted, it was bad. Brittnee says I wish I hadn’t done it. I had the option. I should have said nope. Sarah says its good to be real sometimes. Britt says I just don’t want my mom seeing that. Or everybody for that matter. Its 10 times worse than posting personal stuff on facebook. Britt says after she went and laid on the hammock for a while. Sarah says I’m sorry I didn’t notice. Britt says I just need to make sure I am growing as a person and not setting me back as a person. Sarah says in this house it makes you go crazy. Britt says I don’t want to feel like I’m a coward. Sitting on this block 4 times and.. This isn’t me. The tough part is swallowing my pride and taking it up the a$$. Sarah says that’s not what this is. For the most part its luck. Sarah says it shows good things like a fighter. Britt says I hate that I’m trying so hard and can’t move. Sarah says I’ve watch every single season and that’s the nature of the game. Sarah says we can’t do anything. We’re rats in a cage. Britt says I gave up 45 days with my family and friends. Sarah says 45 days .. 75 days is nothing once we get out of here.

Out in the hot tub room – Bobby & Bruno head out to suntan. (No audio on camera 1 & 2 so theres no telling what they were talking about.) Bruno says I hope one of us win this week. One of us has to. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When they return Brittnee has joined Bruno & Bobby. Bruno asks oh you mean Sarah feels comfortable or Godfrey? Britt says Godfrey feels so comfortable. He knows he’s going on the block. Britt asks do you think your wife could do this game? Bruno says ah I think she’s too nice. I think she would do well in some aspects and not in others. Bruno asks do you think they’re going to use that veto? Brittnee says I think so on Bobby. Bruno says I think they’ll do what they say they’re going to do. Brittnee says Kevin doesn’t make big moves. …I don’t get how they don’t take the opportunity to get out someone who said they were coming after you. (Godfrey said he was going after the couples.)

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9:15am Sarah, Willow and Pilar are talking in the bedroom. Sarah talks about how Brittnee had a meltdown and how Godfrey was being very cryptic last night. Pilar tells Sarah not to worry.. I would tell you if you’re going up. You’re not. Pilar leaves. Sarah tells Willow that Bruno told Brittnee that Kevin told Godfrey he was putting me up.

Up in then HOH room – Pilar tells Kevin he should get some sun. You’re a ghost! Kevin says you looked like a ghost last night on that swing. Kevin says Christmas presents from the Brick! That’s amazing! That’s hug! Pilar says Big! Keivn says very very big!

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-02 06-20-43-530

9:30am – 9:40am Keivn says there is a bit of a divide but I swear to god it will be over once the veto ceremony is over. I don’t want it to get out but Bobby and Bruno are going to be shocked!! Sarah says I am proud of you! Sarah says I definitely thought something is up. Kevin says they’re going to be mad. They keep selling that Sarah is dangerous but what they don’t know is that you’re with me. Kevin says Bobby and Bruno say they would put you up with the replacement being Willow… BULLSH*T! Kevin says I had to do so much selling to keep it a secret. Sarah says you fooled Godfrey…. you fooled me. Kevin says the only thing is Bobby’s secret veto. They discuss if Bobby does have a secret veto and uses it Sarah volunteers to go up against Bruno. (Sarah knows the secret veto isn’t real. Willow told her the secret veto is a lie.) Kevin says thats only if Bobby has a secret veto. Kevin says I don’t know if Bobby’s veto is even real… Ideally I would use it on Brittnee and Bobby and Bruno would be up there. Sarah says that would make Britt feel so much better. Kevin says I just told Bobby and Bruno that I am pulling Bobby off and putting up Godfrey. That is a big lie and I am going to have to own it. Sarah says this is a genius plan. You also get the secret veto out. Kevin says Zach doesn’t even know. Kevin says this is big! Okay! We got this!

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-02 06-36-06-802

9:50am – 10:05am The house guests are tanning.. They talk about the competition last night. Kevin says Sarah you were really rough with the pillows. Pilar says I didn’t even get to the pillows. Sarah says we need a task today. Big Brother please give us a task. Give us the task to clean the house and give us a beer each as the reward.

10:45am – 11am Sarah tells Brittnee that she talked to Kevin this morning and he just told God that to make sure he didn’t freak out. (Kevin telling Godfrey that he was taking off Bobby & putting up Sarah) Sarah says I got sincere vibe from him. Brittnee says Pili is doing a lot better than we are right now because of her alliances. Sarah says not necessarily everything can get shaken up. Sarah says its not that devastating of a week .. if God goes its a good week. (Sarah’s not revealing that Kevin told her Brittnee is coming off and Bruno is going up on the block.) Brittnee says that she can see how people can gain a lot of weight and lose a lot of weight in here. Brittnee comments that Ash was gaining weight in her face. Sarah says Ash is super skinny.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-02 07-52-44-157

11:20am The house guests continue to tan …

11:30am – 12:25pm In the kitchen – Brittnee and Godfrey are talking about possibly getting a task today or tomorrow. Godfrey says the havenots are already dying. Brittnee says that Bobby has been a havenot before but Zach has not. Its been 45 days and you’re only just doing it now. Suck it up. Godfrey heads up to listen to music. Sarah joins Brittnee. They start complaining about the others not cleaning up after themselves and how Zach is on slop. They head to the hammock. Britt heads to the diary room. Bruno joins Sarah and tells her you killed it out there. (In last nights veto comp) Sarah says I messed up. It kills me I missed things. Oh well I can’t beat myself up any more. Bruno heads to the pool. Britt joins Sarah again. Sarah says it helps us out that he thinks he’s safe. Britt says it sucks that these people are out but they were each a threat in their own way. I should have let Graig get Kevin out.

Sarah says I feel like Bruno is mad at us for not keeping tabs on God. Britt says he is going to say whatever he wants whenever he wants. If he wants to say something to someone he will find a time. Sarah says I agree.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-02 08-53-27-538

12:15pm Godfrey says I am going to get a good workout in after this .. some curls for the girls! Bobby says I never workout my legs. I’m unproportionate.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-02 09-10-05-222



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im honestly surprised sarah didn’t go straight down to the kitchen and tell willow everything kevin just told her
maybe she finally realizes that kevin has her best interest and that kevin is not bs-ing and lying to her


Sarah better not tell anyone, or else the plan can easily change. She needs to learn how to keep things to herself.


If you think about Sarah she gives Willow what she wants leaked. We’ll see at the ceremony but putting Bruno up is big and importantly B coming down really helps the B/ Sarah alliance. B will start playing more and hopefully a lot less tears. I cannot stand the fing crying.
I said Kev had to pick a side sounds like he’s going to do that. Only issue is Helen(hehehe) I mean Zack convincing Kev “it’s to early for a big move”. I definitely hope that does not happen. Sure looking like 2 guys going next for a 3 man eviction. Or Zack/Ash the only girl in trouble next HOH appears to be Ash.
Well here comes Sarah time….. So Bruno and Bobby on the block possible. Diapers have 3 votes to evict Bruno. I presume GOD votes Bobby. Sarah hates Bobby but getting rid of Bruno I believe is the best decision. B talks to Bruno. Willow more of a Bruno fan to. You might see the chicken chit 4 vote out Bobby. You want game moves lets see what Sarah does if B/B are on the block.
My best guess Zack talks Kev out of putting up Bruno. Then does Kev replace B with GOD? I hear don’t want to get blood on his hands! Bobby just use your secret veto. Dumb azz Bobby going to jury b/c the idiot lied and a bunch of idiots believed it! The noms stay the same. GOD could stay and diapers did almost nothing if he goes up. Win the Next HOH they have the potential to take out the last 2 of BBG. I truely hate this triple the game will be awe full no matter if it’s BBG or diapers losing 2 Wednesday.


If it’s Bobby and Bruno on the block, I think Sarah will vote the way Kevin wants her to.
Regardless how real she believes her ‘bond’ with Kevin is, she’ll prefer keeping up the appearance of working together rather than show him she’s not with him (again after the JP vote).
Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter to her who goes between Bobby and Bruno. Even if she has a preference, it’s not worth the price if it’s not what Kevin votes.


Zach can’t talk Kevin out of something that he don’t evn know is happening, he isn’t a psychic, it frustrates me so because by some of these comments you read on here you can tell who only watches the shows then the ones like me that watches show but also watch feeds all day every day. Kevin has told no one his plan to bd bruno except sara you guys


Well, she didn’t reveal to Kevin that the Veto is a lie so she can keep a secret when it’s in her best interest to do so. She has kept many secrets and worked them to her advantage.

Go Kevin

So excited for a big move finally!




Wow Kevin great move!
All Sarah has to do now is keep this information a secret cause if she lets it slip it could blow up in her face.


Bruno is going to really regret not using that double veto a few weeks back. Thats what happens when you don’t want to get blood on your hands and wait too long.


He wasn’t sure he had the support to use it.


Now this is getting exciting!! At least Kevin is smart enough to know that putting up Godfrey will only benefit Zach, not him.

And i do believe Sarah is smart enough to not tell anyone, even Willow.


It makes sense, since we all have noticed how sketchy he has been for the past 2 days, especially after last night.

What Sarah needs to do is shut the hell up, since there is still 24 hours until the ceremony, and it could bite her in the ass.


Kevin is smart pairing up with Sarah over Zach and ashley because he knows he can beat her at any competition in the end and that she’ll go after Zach. I’m hoping that Bruno talks his way into jumping on board with them. Kevin/Sarah/Bruno would be an awesome alliance. Send Bobby home!!!


The perfect alliance but leave Bruno out of it send his butt to Jordan on a platter


I’m am so over Sarah & Britt. Not even sure why Britt applied.


Honestly surprised that Sarah has almost everyone under her fingers. Once Bruno leaves she’ll have Bobby and Willow working with her, and Kevin (possibly Pili) on the other side. Not to mention she also has Brittnee in the pocket. Now all she needs to do is sleep and be nice in the next few HOHs and watch other people fight each other.


OMG! Yes! I was dreaming about Sarah/Kevin alliance for the last 45 days. So glad, it is finally happening.


What alliance? There working together on one eviction….. and that’s a maybe. By the vote on Wednesday I figure Sarah won’t evict Bruno if he gets put up and Bruno stays 4-3 Kev(or a moron) could figure out Sarah backstabbed Kev. These 2 working together is a pipe dream. Yo better get some tasty Ganja man!
Sarah hates Bobby to the point I don’t think she’ll vote to evict Bruno.


The move for Kevin is to keep noms the same. If he puts Bruno up with Bobby he makes himself a target with whomever stays and pisses off the remainder of the 7. If noms are kept the same he can sell that he expected Bobby to use his veto and that Kevin was trying to flush as per Zach and Ash’s plan to do the same. When Bobby doesn’t use the veto he let’s Sarah and the girls work to keep Britt.

Yo Bro

The poker player comes out. Kevin might actually have a pair? If so they have been well hidden.


This is the Kevin we have been waiting for…


Looks like I have a bit of catching up! I had a dream last night that the special veto was found out in the hot tub area So when I read the 8am post (I was thinking nightmare!) to see who was out there looking! OMG noooo not Bobby!

just mauid

Sarah complaining that they need a task and wanting a reward for cleaning the house reminded me of Pavlov’s dog. How about cleaning the house because 1) it will give you something to do (2) the house is a pig sty and (3) you are smarter than most dogs.


Guarentee that Sarah will tell someone !


Yes, I have concerns for her zipped lip ability, I’m right on the fence with her.


She’s zipped it many times and has multiple angles working at all times.


Sarah won’t say a word. She could have told Britt who was distressed about staying on the block (and hasn’t), she could have told Willow who she THINKS she can trust but hasn’t. She won’t say a word.
Perfect example: Both Willow and Bobby told her his veto is fake and she hasn’t told anyone. Instead she SMARTLY said to Kevin if he does have the veto you can put me up beside Bruno. BECAUSE… she knows the veto doesn’t exist.

She uses the secrets she has to her advantage and now Kevin will trust her even more!


So what’s the plan? Who is going up and who do u think will go home?


so happy to see kevin making this move. only thing better would be if he turned on zach and put him up.


This is Saturday in the BB house brought to you by the letter K and production. Hyping Saturday is a BB tradition. I still think Bruno won’t go up and likely GOD either. Bobby gets to use his secret veto! lol After all it was his idea going up. Say hi to JP for me, fool!


Well, let’s not all get our hopes high. Just because Kev told Sarah it doesn’t mean it is true. He’s been feeding everyone a different strategy, I’ll just wait for the veto ceremony before I get excited. That said, I do hope the version he fed Sarah is the true version!


It looks like production really wants us to like Kevin, so they would be foolish not to convince him to follow through with the plan he told Sarah. I’m really hoping he’s smart enough and doesn’t play zachs blind game.

Not getting too excited either but I have a pretty good feeling about this. He will come off squeaky clean if he plays it off like he was expecting bobby to pull himself off. He gets rid of bobby and no one gets upset!


True dat!


I think Sarah and Kevin should secretly work together! They can totally make it further together!


As much as I don’t or respect Sarah as a person, she really is playing the best game in the house and deserves to win this season. Sarah is the ONLY person in the house with a social game that’s smart and working. Sarah’s social game is nearly perfect. She’s enough of a target to keep her on people’s radar, which means she’s playing the game. And she’s smart enough to know what information to share and what information to keep to herself. She wants to win a comp and make a big move herself but she’s not WAITING to win a comp to do it, like everyone else is. Her social game IS full of bold moves.

Take notes, Brittnee. You whine so much about not being in the house to be a pawn or to be a chump, but to make big moves. But your social game consists of cowering in the corners and crying because you’re not winning and others don’t value your lack of skills and see you as non-threatening. You’re useless/non-threatening in comps so you need to maximize your social game… and you don’t have a social game, so…


I disagree about one thing. Brit has a social game. Everyone likes her and to me that counts as something


Everybody is telling Brittney that “she’s being used as a pawn because everybody likes her”.
That’s a nice excuse and meant to make her feel better – doesn’t mean it’s true 😉