Kenny says the slop is f**king terrible!! Sarah says that way is literally like eating vomit!

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Sarah (Slop Pass?), Kenny, Rachelle

BBCAN2-2014-04-04 06-25-34-945

9:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Kenny says that the slop is f**king terrible. I can’t get over the texture of it. Sarah complains of her headache still being really bad. Jon asks her if she is going to use her slop pass this week? Sarah says she doesn’t know. Sarah ask Kenny if he wants her to make the slop the other way ..because that way is literally like eating vomit! Kenny weighs himself and says he is 173 on the dot. Rachelle asks him if that’s what he normally is? Kenny says yeah 173 – 175 usually. Kenny heads back to the kitchen. Sarah tells Kenny that bowl of slop you poured was ambitious. Sarah made him the other slop with sugar and syrup. She asks him if that’s better. Kenny says yeah its better. Sarah says its not so much better, its just edible. Allison tells Kenny that Heather made it seem like I was safe but I don’t know if she was just telling me that or what. Kenny says she made it sound like RoRo wasn’t the target so I would probably be going up. Kenny thinks no matter what situation he goes home.. Allison says when you talk to Heather we should compare .. because she said she didn’t want to back door anyone, she wanted to do it straight up.

BBCAN2-2014-04-04 06-29-29-755

In the bathroom – Rachelle tells Sabrina that she talked to Heather and she said I might go up but that I’m not the target. In the bedroom – Neda tells Sabrina and Rachelle that she is getting dressed up today because she thinks something is happening today. Why else would Heather get her HOH last night. They talk about what might happen. Sabrina says unless I get threatened to vote her out. Neda asks by who? Sabrina says I promised that I would never vote her out but I think I am going to be threatened. If I don’t I think I will be out next week. Rachelle keeps saying I am in a really sh*tty position. They head to the bathroom and Jon comments on how Kenny wont even look at him.

BBCAN2-2014-04-04 06-53-59-215

10am – 10:10am Out by the pool – Kenny and Sabrina talk about the possible nominates. They both agree that they think Heather will be putting up Kenny and Rachelle. Kenny says that he will talk to Heather and threaten her that next week she won’t have the numbers if she stays on that side. Sabrina tells Kenny that if that happens she will vote to keep him. Sabrina says if that happens I will be going next week. She tells him that he needs to make sure that doesn’t happen, you have to make sure you and Rachelle don’t go up together. Kenny says well there are no nominations yet.. and hopefully its not an instant eviction. Sabrina tells Kenny to go talk to Heather now.
BBCAN2-2014-04-04 07-02-43-526

10:10am – 10:20am Kenny heads up to the HOH room to talk to Heather. Heather says right now I am so undecided. What do you think. Kenny says I know I have a target on my back. I have only won a veto. Kenny says I know you’ve been hanging out with the three of them (Adel, Jon and Neda). Heather says we I was because I got shunned last week. Kenny says you are in such a good position but for next week I can sway the numbers to keep you safe if you keep me safe. Heather says do you have anyone in mind? Kenny says well Jon has Neda and he has promised me the moon and back and gone back on it. Allison is still a question mark too.. I know she was with Gordo .. but now I see her talking to everyone when before she wasn’t is she switching sides? I don’t know. I find it really hard that she came into the house for no reason. Heather says yeah I think she might get something if she makes it to jury. Kenny says I am really close to Sarah and I can guarantee you the votes next week and I can probably get you Arlie as well. Kenny says that Arlie is actually a really great guy. Kenny says if you jumped on board with us ..we could totally use you and we could do some damage in the next few weeks. Kenny tells Heather that I saved you once and I would really appreciate if you could do the same for me. Kenny says that’s why Sabrina and Rachelle are freaking because they both f**ked you over. Kenny asks if she can just tell him if he is going up. Heather says of course I’ll tell you.

BBCAN2-2014-04-04 07-18-06-094

10:35am – 11am Up in the HOH room – Rachelle talks to Heather. Rachelle asks Heather if she knows what she’s going to do. Heather says that she isn’t sure yet but that she was shunned and isn’t sure what’s going on. Rachelle asks Heather to tell her if she is going up. Heather says she can do that. Jon joins them and Rachelle leaves. Heather tells Jon that Kenny was a jerk about you. He was so mean to you Jon. Jon says that’s mind blowing. Adel comes up and asks what about this Heather? Allison & Kenny go up. Heather says no. Jon says RoRo and Kenny. Heather says yeah! Adel asks what if one of them comes off? Heather says then Sabrina goes home. Adel says okay. Jon says sounds good to me. Adel says that’s a good idea because they are all going crazy right now. Heather agrees. Adel says 10 HUNDO! Neda joins them. Neda asks about what things Kenny was saying about Jon. Heather says that Kenny talked about all the lies Jon has said. They discuss the options of who should go up. Adel says if Kenny doesn’t go home .. then we are back at square one! They talk about the possibility of Sarah going up and going home if Kenny wins the veto. Heather thinks Sarah is a strong smart player.

11:10am Heather tells Neda that Kenny said you are wrapped around Jon’s finger. Neda says yeah.. I would almost prefer people say that so that I am not looked at as a threat. Jon comes back in to listen to music. Jon starts dancing. Neda says he is so weird. Jon jumps on her and holds her down on the couch. Neda tells Jon that Adel needs to shut up. I am like asking for her to put up Allison and then Adel is going off pushing so hard for her to go up which is just going to make Heather not want to do it. Jon says I am done with Sab’s and Rachelle. Neda says I am so embarrassed by how half the people are playing this game!

BBCAN2-2014-04-04 08-10-07-559

BBCAN2-2014-04-04 08-18-10-707
11:15am – 11:35am Most of the house guests are getting changed into their bathing suits to go in the hot tub in the rain.

BBCAN2-2014-04-04 08-25-56-073

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Pinocchio Obama

This really makes you want a huge bowl of slop.


” Kenny asks if she can just tell him if he is going up. Heather says of course.”

Straight the fuck up .. I love it!


I was watching the feeds and I think she meant “of course” as in of course I’ll tell you lol


Jon is letting the power go to his head big time… And literally no one in this house can keep a secret.. Haha it’s crazy! There’s very few people in this house actually playing a good game.


I’m super happy for Heather! I know she is no fool a and will put up Kenny. I hope she puts him up with Sarah. I would like to see Sarah turn against Kenny.


LOL…Sarah has not talked to Heather yet at all…does she believe she’s not vulnerable because Rachelle and Sabrina hated her so much and she will play with emotions rather than her head…NO!!!..Heather is proving so far to not be playing with her emotions at all…and how will Sarah go against Kenny anyways…is she gonna use his secret against him?? That would be something to see…i hope that happens this week….although Sarah look too desperate if she does that…i think nominating Sarah would be a good move too…because not only is Sarah someone that is closest with her target., but also someone i don’t think Heather will be able to use in the future…i mean, Allison, Rachelle and Sabrina are all people that she could potentially use in the future…POSSIBLY…not saying she will or of it’s smart for her…it depends on what happens and if the big guys (Jon and Adel) do go home…she needs someone to run to and she can’t run to either Kenny or Sarah..they will never work with her…i think Rachelle, Sabrina and Allison are more likely to potentially work with her than Kenny or Sarah…


I hope she puts up Sarah and Kenny. Take away Sarah’s ‘boys’ and she zero game play. Let her go home and play the Momzi role to the children she brought into the world and let her man children in BBH fend for themselves. I’m so sick of her lounging around like the camp babysitter.


I doubt she would ever turn on Kenny.


Kenny was part of the shunning – and his “saving” Heather was because he wanted the other person out.

I hope she sticks with Jon, Neda, and Adel.

I hope Arlie decides to stay with those three, as well.

When Heather was being shunned, the only person who hung with her was Adel – even tried to get her to patch things up with Ika. So i think Adel is safe, and might have some influence.

If that is actually the case, Kenny is up.

I know Jon was getting sketched out about Adel running his mouth – but with Kenny not even looking at him, i hope he stops worrying about Adel and stays solid with him; and i hope he gives up this crazy desire to be Kenny’s friend.

Why got to the end with Kenny anyway – he’d win, if only for the moves the first five pulled off early in the game.

The first five are down, but they aren’t done yet.

Get Kenny out, and it’ll be the nail in the coffin.


Neda will not allow Adel to stay to close Jon for much longer. On their side Adel is on her list of the first to go.


killer gameplay Heather. She’s listening and getting Kenny to throw Allison under the bus.
One of the problems with the girls in BB history is playing with their emotions and talking way too much.
Super impressed.


Is it Kenny’s first time on slop??? BIG BABY!!! Heather needs to nominate him! I hope he doesn’t “sweet” talk himself out of it. He needs to feel what she has been feeling since the show started. She’s been on the block almost every week and on slop. Kenny’s never been on the block and first week on slop and he is a cry baby!!!


Very funny watching adel Jon and neda try and push and sway heather they way THEY want… Isn’t that what was so bad about the first 5?? And Jon haha… He has said plenty nasty things about heather but he’s in an alliance with her now And loves her.. Everyone loves the person in power…. Heather needs to
Look closely at her “alliance”. Perhaps Jon and Kenny is who she should be putting up. They are the power players in this house and neither ultimately have her back… That’s how u shake it up !!


Heather is going to put Kenny up…that’s a given. I hope she listened to the most important thing to come out of his mouth during that convo…Sarah and I are a team, and if you keep me safe, we won’t after you. She HAS to realize that they BOTH have to go up if she wants Kenny out. Always put your target up with their closest ally. Especially if that ally isn’t a target. Sarah being up is one less vote for Kenny and she can’t make deals or campaign for him without screwing herself. Heather knows this…I’m sure…but friggin’ Jon is going to argue against it for his own personal game. Please don’t let him run your HOH, Heather. He will still have Sarah after this week, if he wants her. But this is best for you and your alliance’s game…especially Jon’s game…even he is too blind to see it.


I forgot to mention that putting Sarah up against him means one less person that can save him with a veto win. It is the best strategy…to get Kenny out. I just hope Jon doesn’t screw it up. He needs to just sit back and zip it for this week. So does Adel for that matter. Both need to just relax and be glad that they aren’t in danger and trust that Heather has their backs and will do what’s best for the alliance. Somehow, I don’t see this going that smoothly…


Heather wanted to put up Rachelle and Kenny until Ned,Adel, Jon talked to her about putting up Allison instead and she seems to be leaning towards that now. It’s looking like it’s going to be Rachelle/Kenny or Allison/Kenny right now.


That’s fine…Kenny as the target and Allison/Rachelle as the pawn is fine for me….i would love to see Kenny go home…i liked him in the beginning, but now it’s he’s a complete douche and is so’s a shame we share the same name…lol…Rachelle/Allison can stay because they are weak and are easily disposable…


Mima, Heather will not put up Allison. In the past when anyone has mentioned Allison, Heather has stated no or deflected. Heather has Allison’s back…not so sure Allison has hers. (one relationship in the house Arlie does not know about).


On second thought…she won’t put up Allison…Heather already told her she’s not even being considered…she can’t go back on it…she’ll get herself into trouble..Kenny is the target obviously…it’s just who is she gonna put next to him…


One last thing…I know that Sobs wants Sarah and Kenny up together, since she doesn’t trust them anymore and doesn’t want to have to keep her word and vote Rachelle out…if she is up. She was trying to convince Allison to put the idea in Heather’s head. I find it funny that for the first time in this game, I hope that Sobs gets her way…

Not just because it is the best strategy, but having Sarah and Kenny up on the block together and having to campaign against each other…especially while being on slop this week…would be the best karma I could imagine. Especially after all of the shit-talking, back-stabbing and condescending attitudes they have had towards everybody. And poor Heather…if she only knew what Sarah has been constantly harping on about…this decision would be easy.


LOVE how ALLISON is trying to stay loyal to the Final 5, especially KENNY, and they all are throwing her under the bus to save each other. WAKE UP ALLISON!!! I hope that HEATHER tells her that they all find ALLISON so dispensible. I understand it would be a good move to put ALLISON up against KENNY to keep her from taking him off the block if she was to win the veto, but ALLISON is the only girl who was never nasty to HEATHER. She voted twice to keep her, and has been talking to her all along about trying to look out for her, and vice versa. Personally I would love to see HEATHER put up SARAH. That would give SARAH a migraine for sure. That would guarantee KENNY being voted out if he doesn`t win Veto. I think the best bet would be to backdoor him myself, but who knows.


Agreed but for whatever reason it doesn’t seem like Sarah’s that big of a nomination option right now; even though they think she’s a threat.


Rachelle and Kenny on the block is the best case scenario. Then Allison, Sarah and Sabrina votes to keep Kenny but he will still be gone with Neda, Jon, Adel and Arlie’s votes. That will definitely create the most drama. Sabrina will be outed as working with Kenny and Arlie will be outed as voting against them. Kenny’s only chance of staying is the pov. Hopefully Heather really pulls this through, but based on how she is performing, looks like she’s not one to make an Ika mistake.

another name

you know what, it won’t happen, but i do agree with your concept.
the first five alliance’s behavior made them the alpha dogs for the first weeks, but their behavior irked people. seeing similar traits in the new power holding alliance will not be judged as harshly because they are liked more, and viewed as underdogs. due in part to her play dumb strategy, there isn’t a person in the house that has not insulted heather, or diminished her value as a means to an end (both sides have said they would use her for her vote, but cut her loose or send her home once they had dominance). so really, she could justifiably put anyone on the block. won’t happen of course. guess you’re going to get a lot of thumbs down for even contemplating the premise. sorry to hear it, because out of the box ideas can be entertaining to read.



Nana Jo

I knew it wouldn’t take long for Kenny to implode while on slop. Just wait until a few days from now! Heather is playing a very smart game. I think her best bet would be to put up Kenny and Sarah. That way if Kenny wins POV, she can use Allison as pawn. Ditto if Rachelle or Sabrina (highly unlikely!) were to win and take Kenny off the block. If Sarah were to win POV she would use it on herself leaving Kenny up there. Either way, Kenny or Sarah go and that dangerous and annoying duo would be broken. Then Sabrina would hopefully be the other one to go in the double eviction. That would be my perfect world …. both Kenny and Sabrina gone this week! I hate the way the mean-girls (including Kenny) forget so easily just how horrible they have been to Heather in the past. She won’t forget, though. Andrew gone is such a breath of fresh air!

Did anyone notice Rachelle eating candy in Heather’s HoH room (via live feed)? She’s a half-not and should get a punishment for that!

ihate sarah

whats with sarahs swimsuit(barf)….please tell me she does not wear that outside of the house..not only does she act like a 12 year old she dresses like one!


Actually I think it’s an old lady bathing suit. My 78 year old Mother has one almost identical. I hate Sarah too! What a stellar Mom she is NOT!


Adel’s power lie is finally safe. He can actually use it now for its actual purpose and no one but Neda has any idea.

Reality check

Ughhh Sarah says they fixed the comp so the strong
Would fail … Who is the strong one ? Certainly
Not her … Getting a ball in a giant hole doesn’t
Make you strong Sarah it makes you average lol.
Kenny and Sarah need to go up together that is the only
Way to ensure that that alliance gets broken up .
Kenny would become defeated without Sarah and vice versa
Come on Heather nominate the douche duo


Great write up Moon. I totally agree.

team kenny

hopefuly when kenny is up he wins veto takes him self off the block i Like Watching people who achly play the game do well lets see how these flowters do this week . and People have to put feelings aside and realize a game is being played we have seen alot worst from dan gesling on big brother usa u guys act like kenny and andrew and this first 5 is the worst thing to happen to big brother


Team Kenny, Team, Sabrina, Team Andrew whatever. Weird how none of the team bully people can write or use punctuation. Perhaps you’re all the same deluded fan who thinks zero actual strategy but lots of bullying is good game play. It’s not. Kenny won a single POV weeks ago and has won nothing since. He’s no threat and has no friends in the house save him Momzi. Adios Kenny!!


The Kenny haters are the real bullies. It`s ok for all of you to trash talk Kenny and Sarah but when they do it on the show… OMG THEY ARE HORRIBLE PEOPLE. Yeah… I`m a kenny fan! He`s actually been playing a game unlike Allison, Neda, and Rachelle.
If Kenny goes, the next couple of weeks will be boring since every nomination and eviction will be too predictable.


Forgot to mention how the Kenny fans also get bullied by all the haters. I`m sure I will have a few interesting comments on my post.


kenny is a fugazi

fake gay dude pretending to be straight

always talks about he will definately win any veto he is in

his crew is in freefall

pompous arrogant mofo

team kenny

You Kenny haters can have your Allison & Rachelle final zzzzz what a boring final yet agian anouter floter win could have not said it better matty


“Team bully people”? Oh give me a break. So if someone disagrees with you or calls you out on the fact that you express hatred for someone you’ve never met, suddenly they’re “team bully”? It’s a specious argument, and you’re using it to try to intimidate people into silence. Sounds like bully behaviour to me.


Since when did Dan Gessling ever act like Kenny??


This comment was for ‘Team Kenny Says”.


Was anyone watching the feeds this morning and see when Rachelle (who is a HAVE NOT) went in to the HOH room and took some candy. Hope they punish her for this!! She drives me bonkers anyway.

ihate sarah

this is what they need to do(very simple)..heather gets rid of kenny then sarah gets put up and sent home right after him back to back
sarah has already screwed her game up being so loyal to her “friend/crush” they both really need to go home!
then sabrina goes home BOOM the f5 are gone.


There are comments on the feeds chat that Rachelle ate candy in the HOH. Can anyone here confirm?


Yep I just watched that video and I saw her come and take some candy. Not sure if she ate it though. I hope she gets punished for it.


Hopefully she puts up Kenny & Allison.
It really is a waste to get Sabrina out right now.

Then hopefully neither win the veto and noms stay the same.

Team Kenny

Hopefully she puts up Jon & Adel
It really is a waste to get Kenny out right now. get out the jon and adel before thay become a threat to her game


hhahah at jons dance moves that was hilarious!

good job heather

I hope Heather don’t play Adel’s game, she needs to put up people who are after her not Adel. Sabrina,Rachelle,Allison,Sarah any of those combinations is good for her game. I’m Scared that the boys, JOn,Adel is going to have her do their dirty work. she wont win the game that way. Heather has to make her own big moves. I don’t think Kenny is after her, if she get rid of Sarah make a deal with Kenny or have a side alliance she is setting pretty. but i doubt that would happen, that would be a big move if she got rid of Sarah rather than Kenny in my opinion.


Yeah, especially since Adel has no intention of taking Heather to the end.


Heather you have been treated and degraded as any human being could’ve been, attacks at her personal self and her demeanour…roll anyway you want to and do not fall victim to anyones decision but your own doll… 2 hard players and one will go , but least not forget fans its double eviction which means anyone of the 1st five can win that and the numbers would remain equally divided..

Miss M

Isn’t Rachelle a have not? She just went in and had some of Heathers candy……


Way to go heather! You’re a smart person and I’m sure you will do what’s best for your game. Way to be diplomatic, cool and all business for your HOH.

Never under estimate anyone 🙂