Arlie to Sarah – We’re sitting in the middle of two sides fighting thats a dream position”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Sarah (Slop Pass?), Kenny, Rachelle

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-03 21-12-10-231

11:05pm Living room

Kenny, Sarah, Rachelle is a Have nots

Sarah is wondering if she should use her slop pass so she doesn’t have to eat the slop but has to still sleep in the Have Nots room. Sarah adds that the slop pass is worth 2 weeks..

They start wondering if tomorrow is the instant eviction. Kenny doesn’t think so why would they pick the have nots today just to evict one of them tomorrow.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-03 21-17-46-038

12:17am HOH Arlie and Jon

Arlie – I Can’t you believe Momzi gave up her pass.. really stupid
Jon agrees, questions where Momzi’s head is at.
Arlie thinks once Kenny is gone she’s be with them and loyal.
Arlie points out that Sarah and Sabrina have such a broken relationship. All they have to do is make Sarah feel very welcome and be super duper nice to her.
Arlie – “Thats your biggest job.. Oh if she had put Sabrina on (Slop) I would have literally become er*ct right there”
Arlie – We have such a stacked side and you and I put it all together.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-03 21-22-46-689

12:19am Bedroom Neda and Jon

Neda is saying it should be Sabrina and Kenny nominated.
Jon agrees.
Neda says if they put up Rachelle and Kenny up together and Sabrina wins POV.
Jon – She takes Rachelle down
Neda – I just want whatever causes the most drama to happen
Neda wants Allison gone but she doesn’t think Alrie and Heather will want Allison next
Jon – he just told me he wants Allison gone next.

Jon says that whatever Alrie put together (Alliance) he wants to keep going as long as he can because he wants to say at the end look at what i’ve made.

Neda points out how obvious it was that Arlie threw the HOH.
Neda – I was so scared when KEnny won cause I thought he would take out you (Won the HOH comp question)
Jon was surprised to points out that Adel had no idea about the mug shots.

NEda thinks even if Rachelle had won she would have been disqualified for talking to her
NEda – We’re in Jury 100%”

Jon says Allison came up to him and said she wants to work with her. Jon thinks if Kenny goes they might be able to use that.
Neda says it’s obvious Kenny, Sarah, Sabrina and rachelle are working together.

Adel joins them and they all cannot believe Heather didn’t pick Sabrina as a havenots.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-03 21-24-39-570

12:26am Have nots Rachelle KEnny and Sarah

12:29am Adel and Neda bathroom

Arlie is close to coming to their side
enda doesn’t think he will she thinks they should work in secret. “I think what Arlie is doing it smart incase one of them win HOH they don’t have a definitive number they don’t know who to put up”

Adel asks her who out of the side is the most vulnerable. Neda says Allison

12:30AM Jon and Arlie HOH

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-03 21-48-43-356

12:36am Jon and Sarah
Sarah says Sabrina is talking about taking out Jon next week. Sarah wants Sabrina gone this week. Sarah asks him if he’s still open to have a discussion about the four of them (Kenny, Neda, Sarah and Jon)

Sarah says Alrie is lying to him because he’s telling her he’s not running the show he says Jon is.. Sarah wonder sif maybe both of them are lieing to her. She tells Jon she trust him more than Arlie.

Sarah goes..

12:46AM Heather and Rachelle

Rachelle wants to know what she is going to do.
Heather says she won’t make her decision until she has talked to everyone. .

Heather- “the only thing I want you to know you are not my target.. if you go up as a pawn I will tell you first.. :”

12:44am Jon Adel and Neda

Jon says Sarah is already campaigning to keep KEnny. . NEda says JOn picking her in the competition shook her.
Heather joins them says her plan is to talk to everyone first.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-03 22-06-18-784

12:40AM Arlie and Sarah HOH

She says she doesn’t trust JOn one bit. She says he’s picking the other side over their side. Sarah wants Kenny in the house she says it’s bad for them to get rig of Kenny right now because he trust them.
She’s asking him for a favore to flip the side and keep Kenny in the game. She knows he runs the other side.

Sarah says that there is no way jon will pick her over Neda. Arlie doesn’t think Jon has him over Neda that is why they have to get Neda out of the house when they are down to just them.

Arlie says there is no way he can do it without exposing everything. Arlie tells her they are sitting in the dream position we’re between two sides fighting each other.
Arlie – We’re sitting in the middle of two sides fighting thats a dream position”

Sabrina comes in for a minute and Sarah asks her to leave. Kenny comes up and says Sabrina is going around telling everyone..
Sabrian come sin “Are you mad at me”
Sarah “I have a f*** migraine”

Sarah says Andrew was campaigning against her for the last two days.. Sabrina leaves..

Sarah – “I need some Advil before i f*** up my game”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-03 22-08-01-350

1:00AM Heather Neda and Jon

Heather says Sabrina is listening in on the conversation in the bedroom.

Neda and JOn say hi to Sabrina who is on the other side of the wall… Jon – “Whats up sabs”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-03 22-21-57-930

1:15AM Poolside Arlie, Sabrina and Racehlle
Arlie is trying to convince Sabrian that Sarah isn’t mad at her she just has a migraine ans is stressed. He tries to reassure her he’s still loyal. Arlie is certain one of their alliance member is going home this week theres nothing they can do about it. He feels just as bad as they do.

Arlie says Kenny is in the worst position of anyone on their side.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-03 22-32-36-147

(Video coming… It’s long)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-03 22-38-21-761

1:25AM Arlie and Kenny Havenots

Arlie mentions his conversation with Sabrina and Rachelle. He told Sabrina Kenny is in the worst position in the game this is when thye need to stick together. Kenny – ‘Everything is about her”
Arlie – Oh my god”
Kenny is hoping for him and Sabrina going up then he has a chance to stay.
(Sorry about the 10 second mute 🙁 tonight was crazy )

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-03 22-45-06-988

1:40AM HOH Heather and Allison

Allison says if she is put up against Kenny she will go home.

Allison says if Heather puts Jon up against Kenny JOn would go home, “You have to put two strong players up”

Allison now says – “Whoever your target is and arlie” Allison thinks if a girl goes up against Kenny the girl will go home.

Heather says she doesn’t want to backd**r her target, “None of that beating around the bush bullsh1t”

Allison – “I know you are not stupid”
Heather – you are not the one i’m putting up at all you’re not the one i’m considering

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-03 23-04-25-941

2:00am have nots

Rachelle is saying during the HOH she was pressing the button but it wasn’t working

Sarah explains it was because Heather and Jon were pressing the button as soon as the question was asked they didn’t waited until arisa stopped reading the questions.
Rachelle – “I was so mad.. the most mad i’ve been in the game”
Sarah says the competition they just did for HOH is set up for the strong to fail.

Rachelle- NEda pretends that she has my back right.. and that she’s not with Heather and stuff”

2:10AM Water fight Sorry no audio Big brother always shuts the audio down for cams 1-2 at this hour.. they’ve been doing all season.

2:10AM Allison and Sabrina

Allison thinks Rachelle and Kenny are going up. Allison says she;’s good friends with Heather but you never know.

Sabrina and Allison start wondering that maybe Sarah is working both side.

Sabrina – “I don’t think Kenny likes me to be honest”
Allison – “He just seems a little more grumpy towards you”
Sabrina – he’s not nice to me at all

Sabrina thinks if Heather puts up Kenny and Rachelle Kenny will stay

they count the votes..
Jon, Adel, Neda keep Rachelle
Sarah, Arlie, Allison Keep Kenny
Sabrina – “I don’t know what I would do.. She (Sarah) will f*** kill me.. I will be the deciding vote.. Allison you have to convince her to not put those two up”
Allison and Sabrina laugh say that Heather isn’t very smart..

Allison says she will try to talk Allison out of putting up Kenny and Rachelle. Sabrina thinks Allison should try and talk Heather into putting two strong players maybe one of the boys.

Allison already explained this to Heather, “Whether the light ball went on I don’t know”
Sabrina says she would evict Rachelle she will not turn on her agreement with KEnny.
If she does turn on Kenny she’ll have Kenny, Sarah and Arlie after her if she turns on Rachelle the entire house will see how ruthless she is turning on IKa and now Rachele, “Omg i’m going to look like satan”

Allison – “Andrew come back and tell me what to do”

Sabrina says the other side is stupid for putting up KEnny and Rachelle. She thinks the only reason they are doing that is they assume She is going to vote out Kenny.

Sabrina says they need Sarah up with Kenny it’s the only way.

Sabrina says if Rachelle goes up on the block she will be f***d she will go home next week and Allison will be alone.

Allison swears that she will not mention this conversation with Sarah or Kenny.

Allison talks about how the relationship started with Andrew / About the guy she left back home / And what future she sees with Andrew.

4:30am They finally go to bed..
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As much as l love Adel’s personality……he is HORRIBLE at social gameplay in Big Brother. When he tries to convince someone to come over to his side his campaign is almost like Noah trying to tell the animals to come to the ARK….he’s just pulling for any exaggeration to make them believe.

How arlie convinces ppl is genius…..listen and then counter calmly.


Arlie is the best liar in the game by far. He understands people and appears so genuine to them when he’s lying. I don’t even know who he really is! Sometimes I really like him and other times I think not. I think he’s even playing Canada in the diary room like how he’s playing the other houseguests


You do realize that English IS Adel’s second language right? I’d love to see Arlie make a comprehensive sentence in Farsi. O please, Adel is doing ok despite some slight limitations. Ps: that Noah/Animal reference is the dumbest shit I’ve heard. If you knew anything about the Noah story then you’d know he didn’t have to coax any animals unto the ark


I can’t believe you couldn’t look past my analogy. It was meant to be sarcastic I know the Noah/Ark story and I don’t want to hear that English is his second language, I’m indian and I speak 3 different languages fluently (English was my second language).

Adel was rapping bone thugs n harmony earlier, and eloquently explaining strategies to houseguests is not his problem, his lack of understanding of how to reel in the houseguests are the problem. I personally feel he thinks he can win this game alone which is what his downfall will become.

He has decided to play VICTIM and the houseguests will eventually see through that.


Adel speaks Arabic. Neda speaks Farsi.


sarah is so thirsty for kenny dick its unthinkable even after the guy say he’s gay …. even if its to put a division between rachell and kenny in the havenot room .. she’s a married woman …… put up kenny ,,, allison she’s good in competetion if she wins and take herself off replace it with sarah making sure kenny leaves…


Woow! If I were Heather, I’d be tempted to put up Kenny and Sabrina, but , after reading this comment and few more below, I did watch the conversation between Arlie and Sarah and now it makes sense.How stupid can Sarah be! And poor Arlie doesn’t have any clue about the real reason why Sarah fights so fiercely to save Kenny!Arlie thinks it is because they are allies when the reason is “the thirst” LOOOOL Now the best nominations would be Sarah and Kenny (backdoor Sabrina) so that Sarah doesn’t need advil any longer LooooL

Sarah's Ridiculous Eyebrows

what an arrogant b1tch sarah is

attempting to threaten both jon and arlie

i cannot stand her, and good to see she doesnt have that sly, smug look at the moment

she thinks she is so sneaky and smart and thinks she is running sh1t and can convince anyone of anything, and she thinks so many people trust her because of her mom act, but her crush on the ‘fake gay’ kenny is ruining her game, trying to push so hard to keep him

arlie, jon, neda, heather, adel all dont trust her

everything about her is a turn off

and she is unworthy of being so safe…arlie should dump her like a turd in the toilet

wtf is up with those eyebrows sarah? you are scaring us all

the most annoying, whining voice ive ever heard, even more annoying to listen to than sabrina(i know its hard to believe there is a more annoying voice than sabrina but its true, just listen closely)

prepare for meltdowns this week

Sarah's Ridiculous Eyebrows

who keeps voting for sarah?



then sabina
then rachelle or sarah
…and allison isnt going to win anything so she’ll be easy to get rid of.


allision won the pov 2 weeks ago


She came in 4th. Sarah won the comp., but let Allison keep the veto.


She was awarded the POV. She didn’t win the competition.


I really think Neda is the dark horse in the competition, the problem is that Arlie finally sees how much of a threat is her just as how Neda sees what Arlie is doing. Both are actually doing the same strategy of throwing competitions and putting themselves in a ‘free to be swayed’ position. I’m just hoping Heather, Neda and JOn ends up as the final three.


I agree… Neda is actually playing a smart game right now… while Arlie is starting to figure her out… she’s still not a top target on anyone’s list including his owning .. so she’ll be back for the next two weeks, but let’s see how she does in the long run.. and when she’ll actually start winning competitions…i think shes good for some time… there are way more than both Neda and Arlie right now…


However, I do have to say Arlie ‘s game is much more likely to blow up in his face… he might be good strategically… but I think he is walking around making deals with everyone and he is starting to get too comfortable and it might all get into his head…Neda doesn’t seems much more aware and does not get too comfortable…


Arlie’s a really smart dude. He’s playing a dangerous game, but if he pulls it off, IMO he’ll go down as one of the greats.

He’s definitely way better than Peter ever was. They should get Arles to host the Side Show next year.


I think Sabrina is the best pawn against Kenny. She’s the only one that would get a vote from the other side to save her (Rachelle), whereas Sabrina might not vote to save Rachelle. No other girl would get a vote from that side.

Neda fan

it was funny last week when Neda and Arlie were sitting down, saying they never talk game, with an awkward silence

neda: this is awkward
arlie: totally
neda: ok good talk, we should do this again
arlie runs away

they are both big fans of the show, both throwing comps left, right and center, and both very mentally strong and self aware not to let their mouth get them in trouble, controlling their emotions from getting the best of them to prevent any damage to their game, so use their strong mental discipline to try to always be cool and calm no matter the scenario to lessen themselves becoming a threat

i also really appreciate nedas weird quirky humour, its been one of my favorite parts of the season…her with jon and/or adel always makes me laugh, i think she is entertaining to watch

neda/jon in conversation…

jon enters: whats up losers, whats up f-cksticks?
neda: hey jon, you are such a weirdo
jon: no, im so cool…what up ned balls
neda: you little f-cker
jon: you little sketch ball
neda: nope, nope
jon: yep, one hundo
neda: nope
jon: yep
neda: f-ck you jon

ha ha its awesome banter

neda is gorgeous, intelligent and funny…and i like her sexy eye roll she does, its so hot…im hoping she does well


Sabrina and Allison are so fake with Heather. Now they are trying to treat her like a human being. And Arlie ‘s game will blow up very soon


I know… it was crazy how much Allison didn’t like Heather and now that she has all the power.. she ‘she trying to be her BFF… I wanna do this with you… I wanna do this with you… let’s do our nails together…. oh… me and Heather are friends now.. really???.. WOW!!… and Arlie could potentially get into huge trouble if he makes too many deals and he starts to get too comfortable…. I already sense it starting to happen…


I would love it if Arlie pulled it all off and was actually a mastermind…I think it’s probably going to blow up in his face though. If Kenny is on the block I hope he doesn’t let Sarah convince him to vote to keep Kenny in!!!!


That convo between Arlie and Sarah in HOH was so funny. Sarah is losing it and I am loving every minute. That selfish bitch would rather screw up her own back up plan…and Arlie’s… just to save Kenny’s ass. I doubt he would do the same…if he was smart enough to have a back-up plan. I hope Arlie realizes, after her pleading/threatening/pouting antics, that he needs to cut his losses and convince Heather to put both Sarah and Kenny up…to ensure Kenny goes. Let’s see how much she is willing to fight for him when her ass is on the line. Arlie was trying to make her see that she is in a great position and she is going to have to make some sacrifices to get to the end. She is lucky he brought her into his back-up plan and she isn’t a target…since she is the biggest target’s #1 ally. But no, she has to have a pity party about it. Man, I can’t stand her….

And then Sobs walking in and torturing her until she flees…then proceeds to have a pity party of her own…was priceless.


I cannot wait for Slobrina to start freaking out!


Sarah Sarah Sarah! What the hell? Arlie is giving her a life jacket to leave the First 5 and this is how she repays him? I hope Arlie realises that she is now a liability and that she needs to leave this week along with Kenny since its going to be a double eviction.
I’m so happy for Heather!


Who is Heather ‘s target… I’m guessing it’s Kenny. .she already told Allison, Rachelle and Sabrina they are all good.. Is she looking at Kenny and Sarah as targets..?


If it is then I hope she puts sarah and kenny up there.just to show sarah that she’s not safe either.that will be just awesome


Remember… smart decisions..not showy decisions.. Sarah is useless… she can’t win a competition and doesn’t have convincing power…


If anyone has read my comments, then they know I am rooting for Team Adel. However, come on man! Adel….you just need to calm down a bit (all that slop is getting to your head). Adel needs to take a page from Arlie’s book. Be calm, cool, and collective. You can’t walk around guns blazing, it just puts a target on you. Adel’s social game is sucking right now…. and he hasn’t won any mental or physical competitions. I hope he calms down and Jon and Arlie keep an eye on him and don’t turn on him. Because it is a double eviction Adel will most likely go up after the first eviction, so he needs to chill and not piss his own alliance off, Jon, Arlie, and Neda. Heather doesn’t care as much to hang out with Adel in public.
Even Neda gets annoyed with things Adel says. Also, Adel needs to stay close with Heather 1 BILLION PERCENT (as he would say).

Heather should keep her poker face on and hopefully (fingers crossed) doesn’t get brainwashed and persuaded like Rachelle from Sabrina. I hope heather puts up Kenny and Sabrina. She told Sabrina and Rachelle they are not her targets, but she may need a pawn. I hope she puts Sabrina up as a pawn with Kenny. Kenny will prob. win POV because they haven’t done an endurance comp in a while, the show needs one, viewers prob want to see one. If she puts up Sarah as replacement, then Sabrina will probably leave.

The double eviction HOH will prob be a memory comp again, and Adel will NOT win that one… hoping Arlie or Neda win that one.


I was thinking Adel seemed really squirrelly last night. I think he’s hyper in general, so when he gets excited (e.g. for winning), he can’t even contain himself. Dude needs to relax a bit.


I think Neda and Jon are in a good spot for sure. Neda is not on anyone’s radar and while Jon’s name has been thrown around there are just so many other people to take down before him. I would love to see a Jon, Neda, Arlie and Heather alliance. As for the rest of them……

Sabrina – there is nothing to say that hasn’t already been said a million times already. There is no way in hell this girl is going to make it to the end. She played way too hard and way too fast and threw her cards out all over the house. She’s done.

Kenny – I did like him in the beginning and I was definitely routing for him but his actions as of late has made me change my mind. He can be quite cruel when he wants to be and while sometimes you have to be mean in this game, his actions go beyond that.

Sarah – This is another one that I liked in the beginning. I am not totally against Sarah but I think she is losing perspective. I am not sure what the fascination is with Kenny right now but if she doesn’t get a clue pretty soon she is going to be out the door.

Adel – I will admit that I was never a fan of this guy. I know most people really like him but I just don’t buy what he’s selling. I really tried to like him but the more I watched, the more his actions made me question him. I will continue to watch and see if I’m proven wrong.

Allison – Oh Allison. Maybe with out the distraction of Andrew now, she will start playing Big Brother. I, like mostly everyone else, have been disappointed in her performance thus far. I think she could win some physical comps which may be the only thing that will save her.

Rachelle – I honestly almost forgot about her. I actually had to go and check off the list that I had listed everyone. This girl has done nothing to make an impression on me. Most of the time I forget she is even in the house. I don’t anticipate we will be seeing her sitting at the final table.


Jon is a huge target for the other side of the house… if his side doesn’t wins.. he’s doomed.. Neda..I agree is in a great position right now… She’s on top of anyone’s target list because there is like no reason to justify getting her out… she’s weak, she can’t win a thing, if we get rid of her friends.. she’ll run to us and she’ll be easily be disposable later… that’s what they all think… really she’s just good with people… keeping her abilities on down low and not giving people any reason to get her out..the only one that seems to remotely figured her out is Arlie who’s pretty much using the same strategy, but even he he’s many more targets before her… the difference is Arlie is getting too comfortable while Neda is not which is why I think Arlie ‘she game might blow up in his face… but she’ll need to start winning things soon… she is waiting for the right time make a move… she knows that she’s good right now… but she must not wait too long…


Is this a dream ?
It’s HoH Heather –
this is gonna be fun !
She’ll make Kenny wear pink
and Sabrina eat scum
and make the rat bitches kiss her pretty bum !
Sorry….got carried away….
just gonna go and have a good cry…
I always wanted to see a Unicorn fly
and a rainbow of sparkles appear in the sky.

It’s yours girl ! Do what YOU want !
I suggest Kenny & Alli straight up,
and BD Sabrina before Jury cut,
but whatever…keep washing your but
cuz you never know where all those lips have been.


LOL… I enjoy reading reading your lovely & comments !!!

fly girl

Just got done watching 2nites episode and shame on bb production for rigging that hoh it was so blantantly obvious that hoh was set up for one of the floaters to win NEDA ADEL JON HEATHER the buttons only worked for them even Rachelle was complaining. THIS IS BULLSHIT i am livid why cant bb just let the game play out without medling its unfair not only for the true players in the game but for true fans to did anyone see this rigging of 2nites hoh if so lets go to bb facebook and complain asap enough is enough already please lets stop this NOW,


GUURRRRLLL u should be on gold rush sluicing for gold nuggets.


Heather hates Rachelle, I think she will put Kenny up against Rachelle. I also think there is a strong chance Kenny finds POV, he takes himself off the clock and then Heather will be forced to replace him with a pawn… probably Allison. But it`s a double eviction and that would be a major blow against the remaining first five and the Power of the house will then have completely shifted. But with Kenny still in the race, whatever happens next would still be interesting….
If kenny leaves now, the next couple of weeks will be as entertaining as the first week of the show when nobody had any real strong feelings against anyone. Except now the public is invested so this lack of interest would be a big blow to the show. (Big Brother obviously knows that and I think they will make sure Kenny finds Veto).


Allison is clueless, Sabrina wants her out so bad, yet she tells her that she is her only friend. Same thing she is doing to Rachelle. Sabrina is the only f5 that has been loyal to the f5 only so far but she is still a gremlin and a dirty dog in her dealings. The thing is EVERYONE knows she is scum yet they keep telling her secrets about other people.


I hope the noms are either Kenny and Sabrina; Kenny and Sarah or Sarah and Sabrina. The last would be perfect because if Kenny won POV. he would have to chose between the two.


That would be no contest though–he would choose Sarah in a heartbeat. They’re bffs.


Poor Sabrina has to vote to evict Rachelle. Sabrina thinks it is okay to ask Allison to go to Heather and campaign on Sabrina’s behalf to have Sarah on the block with Kenny so Sabrina can control the eviction and not look bad. Hopefully Allison will start actually start playing now that Andrew is gone.


Normally, I wouldn’t have stayed up til 4am just to watch Sobs falsely chat up Tweedle Dumb…Tweedle Dumber was in have-not room, thinking of ways to push Sarah over and squeeze next to Kenny (of course Sarah made sure to be in the middle)….

Anyway, normally, I would have skipped that crap and went to bed…but watching her desperation force her to actually spill everything to Tweedle-Dumb, pledging her loyalty…on her necklace (rolls eyes)…scheming to influence Heather to put up Sarah with Kenny, so she won’t have to be deciding vote against Tweedle-Dumber if she is up with Kenny…and then watching her face become all psycho-stalker as she interrogates an oblivious Tweedle-Dumb about her relationship with Sir Digs A lot, was too facsinating to ignore.

Guess I better make that pot of coffee extra strong this morning…

BB15 Howard's Fedora

Seeing Kenny and Sabrina up together would be a dream

Drama Queen

Lmao at how unhinged Sabrina is becoming of the possible scenarios she is going to have to face. Too hilariious how they’re all underestimating Arlie and how they really bellieve he’s a soldier in command to their first 5 alliance when he’s been a huge part in all of your demises LOL. Sabrina thinks she’s going to be the deciding vote when Arlie will be the one sending Kenny home should he go up on that block!

Got to say already liking Allison more, already hearing the smart gameplayer we saw in that war room….

tyrone willis

arlie has the potential to go down as a top 5 player of all time. hope he wins this game. also side note i miss ika being in the house because that girl was sassy and didnt give a fuck.


Watching Sobs…in her desperation…confide in Allison, pledge her loyalty, try to convince her to influence Heather to put up Sarah next to Kenny, and then watch her face turn into psycho-stalker as she interrogates an oblivious Allison about her relationship with Sir Picks A lot….was fascinating. Normally wouldn’t have bothered to stay up that late watching Sobs, but it was worth it. Better make that pot of coffee extra strong…


Adel would be smart to tell Heather his real power and get her to backdoor Kenny, if Kenny gets picked for veto Adel uses it to trade places in the comp with him and then its almost guaranteed he goes home unless he finds the hidden veto. There’s only a few weeks until there is 6 players left in the game and Adel won’t be allowed to use it anymore, and if Adel is the target they are not going to backdoor him anyways.


Watching Gordos Girls last night freak out was hilarious. I think for the first time Sabrina is actually feeling uncomfortable in the game even though she named the whole house as her friend. Also first time I have ever heard someone spill the first five to someone else. Don’t think Allison picked up on it.


What would be your suggested amount to donate to this site? I’ve been using this site for a few years now and would love to donate since I used adblocker but I have no idea what would be a good amount. Any suggestions from those who donated or Simon/Dawg?


Any amount is greatly appreciated .. Simon and I do this for the love of the game. The donations help go towards the server and bandwidth costs associated with running the site.


It;s got to be Sarah and Kenny, with the option to replace with Sabrina if veto is used. Sarah is really burning her game over Kenny. She had plenty of opportunity to make other plans and she continues to burn the chance of aligning with anyone but Kenny. She lost a lot of trust and credibility when she flipped on the fake girls alliance. She didn’t have to do that, it didn’t help her own game to get Paul out, and by not voting Heather out, Neda will never trust her. Jon has tried to pull her over to his side, but she won’t budge and I think he has given up on her, Arlie also threw her a life raft and she didn’t accept the offer. I think Arlie sees now that Kenny is her number 2 and nothing short of eviction will change that. Stupid Sarah!! If it wasn’t obvious to everyone with the Paul vote, it should be bleeding obvious that she offered to accompany Kenny in have nots this week. By pure destiny, she and Arlie were in a good spot from the beginning, as long as she didn’t get misted and kept under the radar, but she keeps attracting attention by openly campaigning for Kenny and exposing herself to please him. I can’t believe she was stupid enough to ask Arlie to convince Heather not to put Kenny up, and I’m glad he gave her a sensible reason for not even wanting to try doing it. She basically asked Arlie to fry his own game for the sake of Kenny’s game, and in the process, she hurt her own game again. Put her on the block, Heather and then she won’t be campaigning, heck, she seems so smitten with Kenny, she will probably self evict to save him. I don’t want her to go yet, but her on the block against Kenny would give me satisfaction. Heather is not as stupid as they think. Her scene in the bathroom with Andrew after POV picks said a lot about her character. She has been shunned by almost everyone since week 1, and she has come through it with grace. While they were all ignoring her, she was watching, and I think she has a better read on the house and what is best for her than anyone gives her credit for. Last night she did say she was putting up a strong man and a strong girl. She told Allison she was safe and she told Sabrina and Rachelle that they weren’t her target, so that only leaves Sarah. Throwing my support behind Heather, Neda and Arlie, I love Jon, but he has double eviction casualty written all over him. If Jon survives DE he can go far.


Allison – “Andrew come back and tell me what to do”

Andrew – “Go tell Heather she’s a dumb b1tch. It worked for me”


Allison completely disgusts me. What a complete let down she has been.


OMG Moon3k, I agree with you! I just watched the video of that conversation (Allison & Sabrina). Allison is sooooo dumb! She knows that Sabrina had her hooks into Andrew, she must have seen it from the Secret room and now she’s laying out the whole scenario of how her showmance started with Andrew!! The look of loss and hopelessness on Sabrina’s face was a joy to behold; she had hopes that Andrew and she (Sabs) would hook up after the show since he’d reassured her that he was just playing Allison and now Allison is laying out all the plans she and Andrew made before he left. Wow! He fooled you Sabs girl!!!