Jon Tells Andrew “You get the votes and the house is split I’ll vote to keep you 100%”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV ?
POV Used NO POV Ceremony March 31
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: Apr 3
Original Nominations: Andrew and Sabrina
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jon and Adel


11:25pm Adel and Jon

Jon doesn’t trust Kenny, Right now it’s 5 vs 5 so it comes down to who wins Head of Household. Jon – “we have to make sure if we win HOH we put 2 of their side up every time”
Jon asks what are they going to do with Sab’s

Adel explains if he wins HOH he’ll put up Allison and Kenny If Rachelle or SAbrina win Veto adel is going to “Threaten” them if they take down Kenny he’ll put one of them up.

Jon – “tell me the truth about your power… straight up”

Adel tells him he has one week left and if he doesn’t use it he gets a prize, “I’ll show you anytime you want I have it in my room.. I don’t want to use it though I want the gift”

Jon tells him that Neda is a smart girl when she can keep her head cool but the problem is she has problems under pressure.

Jon – “I guarantee Heather is F***ing smart.. she knows every date in the game”

Adel leaves to chat with Neda and Heather.
Jon tells the camera – “Wake up Canada wake the F** up”

Cam flips to the bathroom. He tells them he trust them. Neda and Heather only trust their side of the house.
Adel tells them they have to win the HOH and do the right thing because he wants to win the prize, “If one of us go up I’ll have to use it..”

Adel tells them they know it’s the 31st because each picture the camera takes is time stamped.

11:36pm Neda and Jon talking about Rachelle

They talk about how it’s OK when Rachelle is clinging onto KEnny but it’s not OK for Neda to hang with Jon. They mention how Rachelle’s t1ts are always out because she never wears anything under her tank top. They agree she must like it because everyone has told her she’s flashing the camera.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-31 20-33-26-350

11:45pm Backyard Sabrina, Sarah, Andrew, Allison and Kenny

Sabrina says Heather won’t tell her the dates .. she told Sabrina she is her competition and will therefore not tell her anything.
Sabrina says she’s telling the truth about Heather, “swear to god on my head… ”
Sabrina – “I cannot believe what a f*** loser F**king ugly stupid clown put me up again I don’t’ care”

Sabrian – She’s such a fuking ugly loser.. I swear to god on my head..

Sabrina “She a loser ugly f*** loser.. canada can put me up again cause I think she’s a f*** loser”.

12:00AM Hot tub Sarah Sabrina and Rachelle
Sabrina is pissed at Jon for calling Allison Liza. . (Lots more but I never listened to it)

At one point Jon joins them and starts talking about how in the Diary room it’s Hashtag this and hashtag that.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-31 21-03-17-486

12:010AM Hot tub Sarah and Jon
Sarah tells him Sabrina is on his F*** case big time.
Jon – “Ohh hundo.. she’s on my case to.. and Neda”

Jon wants her to promise him is she hears anything about Jon to go to him right away.
Jon – “If I hear anything from you I swear on my dogs life I will come to you first”
Jon tells her he wants to work with her more than anyone else.
Sarah is worried about Neda, “You f*** love NEda”
Jon – “It’s emotional with NEDA it’s not game.. Please trust.. please”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-31 21-21-26-388

12:00am Allison and Andrew

Allison saying that Canada may not be liking her game move and that is why they nominated Andrew. Andrew says it was a good move to stick close to him.

Jon joins them, Jon says he’s not a guaranteed vote to evict you.
Andrew thought he was because he never used the POV
Jon says he didn’t want to risk someone he cared about going up. Andrew doesn’t think Neda would have been nominated
Jon says Neda really hasn’t done much in the game he thinks she would have and he didn’t’ want to take the risk.

Jon thinks in this game every couple weeks Canada will have power..
Jon – “Don’t count your chickens”
Andrew won’t campaign against Sabrina.
Join remind him it’s up to how much he wants to stay in the game.
Jon – You get votes and if the house is split i’ll vote to keep you 100%..
Jon – Do not roll over and die because of the way you feel about Sabrina’
Jon explains that Andrew can get the votes,

Andrew says he appreciates what Jon is doing but he’s not sure what to think.
Jon – I think Sabrina will lie to my face and say f*** you” Jon doesn’t trust Sabrina.
Jon reiterates that for his game Andrew is better in the house.

Andrew – You and I were working together before this happened.. I thought you would use the veto”
Andrew – “I genuinely love Sabrina. “ Andrew will not screw her.
Jon just wants him to think about it and not give up he’s got 48 hours.
Jon leaves..

Andrew wonders what is up.. Allison thinks Jon might want to keep Andrew around to keep the target off him.
Andrew doesn’t want that conversation with Jon to come back to get him.. They start deconstructing Jon’s motives.

Allion – I want beleive him so badly.. ”

Allison tells him she can get further in the game with Andrew than Sabrina. Allison isn’t sure Sabrina will stick with her. “I love her”
Andrew says he’s not going to fight against Sabrina
Allison – “I respect you so much for that decision”
They wonder if Jon is trying to start trouble in the house.
Andrew calls Arlie a floater, Allison agrees says she doesn’t really feel that Arlie is as close with the 4 boys.

Andrew calls Adel dumb but he doesn’t think he’s dumb enough to vote out Sabrina. Andrew knows he doesn’t have Adels, Racehlle or Sarah’s vote.

Andrew tells her “Lets go touch each other”
Allison – “OK”

Andrew blows out a giant burp
Allison blows out a giant burp

Andrew – “Sexual”

they head upstairs

(Video coming.. as GAry would say It’s long)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-31 21-51-02-279

12:30 Arlie and Jon Bathroom

Final 2 dealings and a special move to solidify it. Arlie tells him Andrew is gone this week and next week Kenny is gone.
Arlie – “There’s nothing they can do next week kenny, Or rachelle ro Sabrina are gone”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-31 22-05-46-505
1:00am Everyone is sleeping

Allison dancing over Jon’s face before bed.

BBCAN2-2014-03-31 22-44-08-608

Allison gives Andrew a h*ndj*b

Andrew – “My face did it look weird.”
Allison – “No”
Allison – “I didn’t think it was going to work”

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Jon should stay away from alcohol, he is a horrible drunk and it could ruin his game. I am cringing watching him.


Everytime I see Allison I get so pissed off. I don’t know why but I despise that woman.


i cosign


I have been trying to put my finger on the same thing. All I know is I would rather she not go in. And now…her the only play she seems to have is to become on of the ‘mean people’
She’s just going to fuck others games with no real game of her own.


real solid logic there. ever think maybe your first impressions are wrong? and that perhaps you’ve let yourself be easily manipulated by the tired cool kids vs. outsiders narrative the producers are selling once again? Remember trying to sell Tom and Emmitt (!) as bullies? While the Sheyld ridiculed everyone and Gary physically threatened a woman (Talla). What horseshit. How is Paul (and anyone against him) a victim? You’re a cool kid if you stand up against someone going so far as to make up horrible slanderous lies to win a game show? It’s okay b/c he doesn’t fit your stereotypical idea of a villain? good god man.


What’s with the secret power of veto Slice Canada Is going to award some lucky house guest? Fan power meter easily reached 6million, thus unlocking this secret power veto.


Allison and Andrew disgust me


So funny. I find Andrew leaves a better taste than Allison.


Probably Andrew was Andrew from the beginning. Allison went from gamer in the war room to flop in 24hrs. I feel duped.


They deserve each other.


allison and andrew have each others backs, and fronts

one hando percent

Team Adel

WTF does jon keep saying wake up canada?


I think he is referring to Adel


I miss Topaz and Gary’s late night talks last season, these HG’s suck.


I actually went back into the archives to watch them…when they thought Alec was a demon…that was precious


lmao that convo was so funny. what’s the link for that video/post?


Hated both of them Gary got handed that money unfairly by going back in the house. What was so interesting about their talks? They were both bitches and took these women to task.


Ika and Adel late night talks were also so awesome.


I am just going to come on here every day and say how much I despise Allison and what a HUGE waste of time and space she is.

She fooled the entire country with her Superfan bullshit. Also, she being pretty ungrateful for someone who was interesting enough to make the final cut and had to get voted in by her country. She pays us back by jacking off Andrew?!

It’s a slap in the face really.

I don’t even have time to be annoyed with Sabrina right now.


*wasn’t interesting enough

Stop talking

Sarah and kenny both need a big dong in there mouth im tired of hearing them talk

Working Hard For The Money

Now I am really scarred for life. Ugh we really got played Canada. She is just deplorable, can’t wait for her to be fed to the sharks once Andrew is gone.


The sharks will envelope her first. She has shark envy right now and they see want to maintain numbers. So if we are stuck with that scenario it won’t be long before she reacts to them talking over her. I’m sure they also will find her uninteresting and not fully trust her.


Oh please its .not like the first time its ever happened in thehouse lets try to focus on game play


wow if we only knew all Allison would do is suck Andrew’s dick the whole time we would never have voted this girl. I actually respected her and expected so much, doesn’t she know her family and supposed boyfriend outside is watching??

Working Hard For The Money

What did we expect? She”s a fan of “The Shield ” such a joke of an alliance to look up to.


I’m starting to think Allison doesn’t have a boyfriend back home. It was just a ploy to keep guys from hitting on her. She is probably the town bike at home. Everyone gets to ride her.


Ok the bike.comment is just.on another level and really uncalled for there have been girls in the BB housemthat have done far worsemthen what Allisons done and a whole season….she is nothing compared to.the Amandas etc and could we not.get bacl to talkin about actual gameplay instead of people.hatin on HG for things we have seen a thousand times on the show ….really.


For the record, not everyone in canada voted for that useless whore!!


Its not like its never happened in the house before.why be so judgemental on one person when so many ha e done it before on the show? Stop the hatin and concentrate on gameplay thats the impoertant part

Johhny (the European one!)

Allison giving Andrew… “release”…
Umm… Since she told her boyfriend on the feeds that she was sorry, that she missed him, and that it was just a game, does this mean that this was “a game move”? So, she thinks he’ll stay?
Otherwise, this would make it difficult for her to explain her “gameplay” back home when it’s all over…


I know Neda hasn’t done anything to cause a stir in the house but I am so sick of her hiding behind Jon. If he wasn’t there, she would be toast trying to blend in with these vicious bitches.


I don’t know I think that she is hiding her backbone, remember a few weeks ago she was the only woman to ever question Sabrina when she was telling stories…


neda has said time and time again that she is laying low until jury. there is a beginning, middle and end of every game. it’s smart to lay low the first half (they can’t vote you out if they don’t know you’re there). she does not believe sabrina’s crap lies and has hated andrew since day one. notice that she does not even utter a single word to him. she’s also never in the catty conversations that sabrina, rachelle, or sarah have. i know it’s hard to see her game since she’s playing so low key, but she would never join those other girls, even if jon was not there.


i like the low key game neda is playing to this point

she picked the right person to trust with jon

has done as well as she can to not make herself an obvious threat

she will win comps only when she has to

team jon and neda


Has Allison told Andrew that Canada voted her into the Big Brother house?


Cuddling up is one thing and sometimes unintentional, but giving Andrew a HJ is not!

Another thought, Canadians don’t like bully’s! Last year even with the fighting going on at times (Gary and Talla!), at night all the HG’s got along, had fun, laughed a lot and really enjoyed each others company, nobody got excluded or left out unlike this crew in the House. It really bothered me how Paul was excluded, then Heather (she’s Canada’s version of BBUS Jordan) and Ika even got the stink eye and was ignored too.

When they all go home and see how awful (ANDREW, SABRINA, KENNY to name a few) they were displayed, they’re gonna feel so ashamed.. Hopefully!


id love to see Andrew face when he gets out, gets on to youtube and see the clip of Allison saying ” I miss you Aaron( if thats the name she said) Its just a game” it be Priceless!


While watching after dark You know what I notice? Sabrina actually a pretty girl especially in her pajama and looks like she lost weight. I wish she didn’t have those bad qualities in her!
I assume going to be attacked now 🙂


I won’t attack you Viola and I DESPISE Sab !

I think if Sab worked out she could be an alluring “full-figured” woman…
Just look at her Bio pic – with Pro make-up and hair she has a very “camera-friendly” face.

It wouldn’t hurt if she was lit by less inner nastiness either.


Jon is playing too hard right now.. he figured out that he has to play.. but he is coming out too strong.. so far he’s not the other side’s first target.. but if they win HOH and he keeps acting like this.. his own fault


I’m liking the division.. it rarely happens but when it does it’s the best (BB6) problem is I’m not really rooting for anyone on Jon’s side.. who is there? Adel? Heather? Neda? maybe they’ll prove me wrong we’ll se..

Right now the floater is Arlie.. he’s in with both alliances and it”s not clear to me to which one he’s loyal to. He’s the most dangerous right now, but people are starting to see he’s playing both sides..

Best position in the house is probably Sarah, right now she’s playing the best game, followed by Arlie


Andrew and Allison are so gross. Boy, her bf is a lucky guy. She apologizes to him , then gives the nose picker a handjob so everyone in Canada can see. Way to leave your mark! Class act. Productions all drawing straws for whos gonna clean up the sleeping bags. Hopefully Sabrina keeps it so she has something to remember him by. Looked like one of his veins were pop outta that pumpkin head of his! Gonna go throw up now!


Allison clearly giving Andrew a handjob under the sleeping bag. In the last video his facial expression says it all


She kept giving him this look you normally get from girls at rub ‘n tugs……….


I’m disapointed with Allison as well. She should of taken her role in the game more seriously, and factor Canada into every decision she makes. That is not what happened and that is something i will not forget next season. The fact that Canada voted 2 of here members this week should be enough for her to begin her break but it hasn’t, she’s giving Andrew hand jobs under blankets! no class.



Canada’s vote should be very telling. We don’t like your allies. The only reason you’re in there is because of us, now make your move!


Allison already made a move! Andrew’s bing-bing! LOL


Are we still talkin about something you ” think ” happened under a sleeping bag and trashing one person for it when it happened within the first half hour of BB US last.season? You cant person on something you ” think ” happened and condemm them forever ….focus….on the game and not the hatin!!


honestly find andrew and alison nauseating.. id much rather watch jon and neda- flipping adorable


I hate Kenny…. the elitist a$$hole… He feels he is better than ALL these people…

And Allison is just a the worst.


why are my comments not being approved?


All comments are moderated and if you comment during the night its likely that the comments wont be approved until Simon or I wake up. We have to try and sleep some time as well.


I just love the way everyone thinks Allison giving Andrew an HJ last night was disgusting….but THEY watched it. Now that’s hilarious.


Right? Not only did they watch it but cant stop talking about IT instead.of the game!


I can not stand all the nasty comments Sabrina says about heather calling her an ugly clown and the bullying from her. I feel like I am watching a high school drama every time she open her mouth.. I love how she has no freaking idea why canada put her up, its funny to watch her defend herself by saying she did nothing wrong. I hope she watches all of this and realizes how mean spirited she is! look in the mirror before you judge sabrina!!!! ALSO Allison UGH if the rumours are true about her having a bf, disgusting.


I don’t watch the live feeds as much as I should but is Adel the only one who showers daily? I love Adel, he reminds me of The Artist formerly known as Prince, if that is his name now.

The girls don’t shower as much as he does, no? Do they seriously think perfume products cover up everything? It is so disgusting how these houseguests rarely ever wash their hands after using the restroom or before cooking. Big Brother should install blue lights every season and turn them every so often just to mess with their heads, LOL. That would scare these children into washing their hands more often.


I forgot to add, Especially the RN, rubbing and kissing the nose picking man who spreads germs anywhere he possibly can. UGH. I lost count how many things he touched this morning after picking his nose, rubbing his “unmentionables” and after using the toilet.


Can someone please explain to me wth Jon is doing encouraging Andrew to stay??? What is the point of him doing that? I feel lik this is gonna come back to bite him in the ass 🙁


What was the benefit of Jon saying he would vote for Andrew to stay? He then goes in to Arlie and says they are voting Andrew out. If that is game play then he shouldn’t drink at all. These people are so hard to follow. Sarah talks about Sabrina “double dipping” and then goes and does it herself. I am getting to dislike Sarah with a passion. What is wrong with her, hanging off Jon and Kenny constantly, and playing up to all the men. She was all over the fact before that Allison was with the men. She was one of my favorites earlier in the game, but am finding myself more disgusted by her flaunting herself all over the house. As far as Allison giving Andrew a HJ last night…..who cares? Really, it was alright last year that Jillian and Emmett had sex all over the place, in the shower and bed. I think people are just peeved that it was Andrew who was the one receiving it. Had it been Jon and Neda, it would have been OK. People are wanting them to hook up even though he has a girlfriend of long standing at home. I don’t get it.


delta231, there were a lot of screamers last year relative to Jillian and Emmett, perhaps the same ones as this year with Allison and Emmett. Many probably don’t care to much outside of neither of the A team are cherished in any way.


What does it mean when a bubbly sociopath like Sabrina, swears to god on her head? I don’t even understand what it would mean for a sane person to swear on their head.

Miss M

Sabrina is such an actress! She starts “crying” and 3 seconds later she’s laughing/smiling while Adel films the Instagram video.
A normal person would ask for 5 minutes just to regroup after crying…..


I did not watch the feed of the HJ nor will I watch it now. It is absolutely disgusting and further defines Allison as a gross, inconsiderate and totally worthless player. She has nothing without Andrew or whoever she leeches onto next when he is gone. If Andrew thinks there will be something when they leave the house he is 100% deluded. And I hope for the boyfriend’s sake, he doesn’t take Allison back. When I first saw Kenny and heard he was a model my first thought was “What does he model? Beards?” I don’t like how he is playing the gay card either. Seriously, here in Canada being gay is last decades news. Nobody cares. Sure there will always be haters but that is the same for all walks of life. I say get over your narcissistic self Kenny. Sabrina is an awful person. The things she says? I just read her bio, she describes herself as fun, big hearted and big mouthed. Well at least she got one thing right. While this years’ houseguests are not as despicable as some of last years, they are certainly a dull lot. I don’t know how anyone can watch more than 5 minutes of the feeds and not suffer brain function loss.


Simon…. There has to be another way for us to watch that video!!! I missed it… :(((


Never mind! Found a link…


Where can we see the video?


Sue, I was watching Live feeds and then that happen. I did not tune into live feeds to watch Allison “Help” Andrew. to tell you the truth I tuned out as soon as her head went below the covers because I Assumed she was trying to give him a BJ and you could see Jon was not sleeping and knew what was going on. Its not the fact she gave him the HJ OR BJ it the fact she did it when nun of the other house guest could even leave. If she did it in any place ells i prob would not be so disappointed in her.

Willy from Halifax

All you people who thought he Alison / Andrew HJ video was disgusting can relax now because the video has been removed.


I can’t help but think how much better this would be if Scott was in the house instead of Allison. I’m still confused why Allison was voted in to begin with. It’s almost like people deliberately didn’t vote for Scott because it seemed like it would be the mainstream choice. He would have been hilarious. Too bad.


Dawg. Where’d the vid go of the handjob?