Kenny says Heather doesn’t have her own thoughts, she’s the puppy dog of f**k faces Jon & Adel.

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Sarah (didn’t use slop pass), Kenny, Rachelle

BBCAN2-2014-04-05 05-47-48-072

8:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Kenny grabs the new batteries and passes them around to the other house guests. In the bathroom – Kenny goes up to Rachelle and asks her if they were literally blowing up balloons to celebrate last night? Rachelle says no. Meanwhile in the bedroom the others are laughing at how funny the condom balloon prank was. Adel complains of smelling like latex. Allison talks about a dream she had about Andrew. She says he was married and she and Heather were his mistresses. Heather says that she likes her but wouldn’t do anything with Andrew. IN the bathroom – Jon, Adel, Sarah and Arlie are talking about Jon’s yeast infection. Adel says he’s never had an STD before. Sarah and Jon tell him its not an STD.
BBCAN2-2014-04-05 06-08-27-898

In the kitchen – Allison talks to Kenny about how Heather doesn’t want her to use the veto on him if she won it. Kenny says she said I was her biggest threat, why because I won 1 veto? Kenny says that he talked to Heather and says that he can respect her putting him up if he is her biggest threat but not if it is the recommendation of the sh*t faces up there. Kenny says that Sabrina and Rachelle threw out our names.. which is fine because you have to say whatever to not go up but why not throw out names from the other side. Allison says that she is ready to walk out that door.. I am sick of the lies! I just wanted to pull my f**king key out of that thing. I am the only one that hasn’t done that. I am in the same boat as you with Heather, I voted to keep her. Strong player, why? Because I was Gordo’s girl? I won a veto because I was let a veto! Kenny says she is going on what people tell her to say, feel and think. She doesn’t have her own thoughts. She is the puppy dog of f**k faces Jon and Adel. Allison says I don’t want to go against you. Kenny says he doesn’t either. Kenny says that Adel should stop fake praying! Allison asks do you really think its fake? Kenny says well you can’t keep swearing on your Quran and lying. Kenny comments on how its snowing out right now.

9:15am Allison heads up to the HOH room to wash her hair. Neda tells her that she honestly doesn’t think she is going to go. Everyone wants Kenny out. Heather says that everything will work out, I promise. Um well I can’t promise but I think it will work out. Heather says well I shouldn’t go up if you can’t promise. Heather says that she is going to try her f**king hardest for the veto. And everyone I talked to said they would use it to take you off. Allsion says I just hope you guys aren’t lying to me because I can’t take it any more. Neda says we don’t want you to go home.

BBCAN2-2014-04-05 06-33-11-468
9:30am – 10am In the kitchen – Jon, Adel and Sarah are eating breakfast. Sarah calls him her pardy. She says you should pardy in me. Jon laughs. Sarah says I didn’t mean it like that. Jon says I don’t know how else you can mean it. Out in the backyard – Kenny talks to Sarah about how it is Allison definitely going up. Sarah says if they really wanted you out why wouldn’t they put Rachelle up because that is there best bet to get Sabrina to flip. Sarah says I wish they were putting me up because I would use it on you any ways. I know they wouldn’t send me out. They head back inside. Kenny comments on how they can’t even look him in the eye.

BBCAN2-2014-04-05 06-44-39-690

10:15am Big Brother locks all of the house guests out in the backyard while Heather goes into the diary room to prepare for the nomination ceremony. Big Brother then blocks the live feeds…

11:15am The Live Feeds are still blocked..

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Alison looks like she’s painting a fence when she put on her deorderant


Really? What a strange comment to make when there are so many more interesting things to discuss. Ridiculous.


You’d think that Allison couldn’t be any more of a dissapointment, yet every day she proves me wrong…


Allison should be boo’ed loudly when she exits those doors.


Once Kenny goes, I am tempted to stop watch BBCAN2 as the rest of the HGs are not that exciting from a Strategic view point as most of the HG’s strategic play is at the beginners level…yawn fest….


Game play 101 don’t tell anyone you’re gay until you’re in the diary room.


I have to agree with you. I don’t consider any of the other house guests “strong” players. Kenny might have said some questionable things, but his is a good player. If Andrew didn’t leave, I have a feeling those two would have went far. I’m not saying I support anything those guys say to others, but Kenny is the most strategic player hands down.


why the fuck did she even apply for bb? allison was a bad choice canada..


Remember that the next time you want to complain about the casting directors.


This is the best site. Thanks Dawg and Simon for all your dedication and hard work.


If you appreciate, then donate!

I hate 1st 5

Oh really Kenny? So you’re saying Heather To be your puppy Not Jon’s & Adel’s :/


I really hope Kenny goes. And seriously Allison, why be surprised that your going up? You aligned yourself with the biggest targets of the outsiders and they have the power this week. You’re chopped liver on the “strong side” yet you continue to go back to them. She should have switch sides right after Gordo walked out, at least if she’ll align herself with the outsiders she’s target number 5 instead of being target number 2. If she goes it will be because of her stupidity and feelings of personal anger towards Jon. If she survives this week she really needs to drop the Gremlins and try playing with the outsiders.


Alison “can’t take it anymore”!!?? Just walk out already!


Allison is such a lying bitch. My god not another one. She barely ever spoke to Heather and when she did, it was just to get information to past to Sabrina.


Kenny doesn’t know that Heather is actually pretty smart! Plus, she eased dropped and heard Kenny say that he would pick the girls off one by one. Heather has her own brain.


Actually she was one of the few that did talk to Heather in the house. She sided with the majority and claimed she didn’t like her, but she talked to her more than the others did. Anyone that talked to Heather for more than 20 minutes a day talked to her more than the majority of the house. They are just cruel. Sarah has yet to go talk to Heather as HOH. I can’t stand her rudeness and to play the game for Kenny? What’s the deal with that?

another name

i have read repeatedly about people being upset that sarah hasn’t kissed up to heather since she became hoh. why would she? logically. if you know you don’t like someone, have said rude things about them, and think that that person knows it…why would you enter their radar and go to them?
as far as strategy for staying another week, making yourself invisible to the hoh so that they might forget to consider you isn’t that bad of a move.
if memory serves, and correct me if i’m wrong… didn’t arlie and sarah discuss in the storage room how both of them try to lie low until after nominations are announced? truly, i could be wrong easily, but i thought they said something like that a couple of weeks ago.
i have to ask is there any move regarding see heather don’t see heather where sarah is not going to be crucified by comment? okay, you hate her, we get it. but i’m going to choose to remain objective and say at least she didn’t go kiss her enemies ass to make herself look like more of a fool. unlike jon or ika and the girls when andrew was hoh. or adel when ika was hoh (review the timing, initially he was trying to guarentee his safety). or ika and kenny when rachelle was hoh. every week someone tries to kiss up to the hoh. truly, if kenny or sabrina were hoh, do you think jon and adel wouldn’t be right in there trying to cut a deal? really?


Secret VETO……. Will it be in play this week or next? I hope it’s this week. The twist screwed the 1st 5 last week. It only seems fair that it help them this week.


Canada voted Allison in. I think her game would have been different if she had been chosen as one of the first 15 to go in to the house. Going in when there were already clique’s was difficult. Now she has no game and nobody really wants the new girl, heck they didn’t want her before. Everybody was talking about booting her out right away. She had no chance from the beginning. She doesn’t know who to trust all she had was the fact that as long as she was Andrews girl, they would keep her around. Now they can show their true colors and she knows it. Latching on to a strong player was probably her best move, she just latched on to the wrong one.


Actually her worse move coming in the house was that she made NO MOVES. She got to what them secretly when she was in the war room. She had a chance to see who was friends with who. She should have came in and made relationships. She started the game telling the girls that she was a “Guys Girl”, meaning she rather hang out with the guys. WTF? This isn’t high school. This is BB!!! No matter how much Arlie and Sarah dislike Sabrina, they will never express that to Sabrina. Allison told the girls she like hanging with the guys and then latched on to Andrew. Allison’s game is weak because she played a weak game. Period.


You have to admit it was funny when she told Heather she came into the game late (disadvantage #1), hooked up with Gordo so wasn’t really playing the game while he was in the game (disadvantage #2), hence she only realized she needed to start playing once he left (oops), and all she really wanted to do was to ‘pull a key’ (low aspirations). Parts of this conversation I am sure is what made Heather receptive to the suggestion Allison go on the block as a pawn.

another name

the feeds in the secret room were mostly muted weren’t they?
so if i watched weeks one and two feeds on mute, i would have believed that kenny and andrew were in an alliance with all of thegirls. they did spend the week in the hoh bed after all. i would have thought that there were secondary men’s and women’s alliances. and i wouldn’t know that most of the houseguests spent the first two weeks farting constantly.
the three secret houseguests seemed genuinely thrilled to have sound when watching the nominations of neda and paul. they commented on the drama and finally knowing something that was going on.


I don’t like how Kenny keeps talking about Adel. He says stuff like Adel is fake praying, that’s rude and you never talk about personal things like that. Everybody in that house lies for their game so what does Adel praying have to do with anything?
Kenny under estimated Heather and now he is mad that she isn’t another dumb person like Rachelle. It was OK for him and Sabrina to be in Rachelle’s ear but since they can’t get in Heather’s ear, they’re pissed.
Allison is acting as if her best friend put her up, I don’t understand. She never cared to talk to Heather and now things aren’t going her way she is pissed too. Boo hoo!


Well, Kenny is presenting a false persona to the HG’s so he probably is putting it out there that others are as well. Someone like Sarah will pass it on for seeds of doubt within the other side.


Neda and john are so annoying! Can’t wait for this show to be over so that john’s girlfriend can break up with him.


Did you see the Side Show for yesterday’s show? Jon’s girlfriend said that she likes Neda and that they’d get along well. She said she’s not worried about Jon in the least (with Neda) and that she’s really proud of him and how’s he’s acting.

another name

wellll…. what is she going to say? tell yeastie to take it somewhere else when he gets home?
sorry. i watched the feed where jon commented on rachelle being slutty for flirting with all the guys while having a boyfriend at home.
thought it was truly hypocritical coming from a guy whose big storyline has been showmancing neda and flirting with sara. hey kettle… you’re black.


Everything Kenny gets angry about is rooted in hypocrisy on his part because everything he rants about other people doing, he’s doing himself.


Siesta time boys and girls…………………. and children of all ages. 😛

Nothing worth wild til POV results much later today. Betting Kenny is not evicted on the 1st eviction on Thursday and I’m giving a very generous 2:1 odds. Allison is even money at 1:1 IMO. Sarah is the only sure bet to use the veto if she won POV other than Allison or Kenny winning it obviously. Allison’s best chance is Kenny goes down and Ratchet goes up. Sabby seems more obvious but I think she’d rally votes and Ratchet would not. Arlie likely votes out Ratchet over Allison but that’s no sure thing. Allison is in a world of hurt unless she wins POV.

The news this week…. pawns go home. The good news this week is Allison won’t have to be stuck in the jury house with some of these douches for a month plus. Your Bonny lass is heading back to the Rock!

Worst HOH this season:

1) Ika- sorry babe you shot blanks
2) Heather – preliminary as it hasn’t played out yet but if Kenny stays a complete bust!
3) Paul – Anick really dude? You isolated for that eviction, ruined your game if you had any.
4) Andrew – did what he set out to do. Nasty on the feeds but got the task done. Really the nastiness aside he ran his HOH spot on game strategy wise. Classic, simple effective backdoor.
5) Ratchet – Looks funny to have her so far down the list as she is a nasty foul little douche! But she got a tight bond with Sabby out of sticking it to Ika. She effectively moved from the girls turd alliance to the tail end after 1/5. She was never winning the game(sorry Peter) so she at least found someone to spend time with. barring going up as a renom she gets ti hit the books in the jury house. That girl needs BB summer school and a humanity class as well.
6) Canada – easy choice here. Production did their thing, we voted up noms and Andrew went home. Should of had Kenny up beside him but hey we aren’t perfect!

To the feeders if the noms stay unchanged watch any convo between Arlie and Sarah between now and the eviction ceremony. I’ve been saying all along that Arlie isn’t a lock with the outsiders yet. I think Gremlins be dammed Sabby and trophy wife Ratchet vote out Allison along with Sarah. Arlie holds their fate in his hands.

Tough call as he wants Kenny out to play with Momzi. What the H can he say to Sarah if he votes out Kenny. It’s easier, even if it’s poorer strategy, to vote out Allison and keep 1/4 intact. I could be wrong on Sabby keeping Kenny as well. Tough calls if noms stay the same.


Arlie can vote out Kenny and deny it later. House guest tend to forget that the vote in private where the other house guest can’t see. Arlie should vote out Kenny and if need be, deny it to Sarah and tell her Sabrina or Rachelle flipped.


An easy task when Sabrina’s putting it out there to a few that she might vote Kenny out, but might not.


excellent rundown!!! 100,ooo THANX from this Yank.

another name

don’t agree completely.
actually, i don’t count andrew or rachelle’s hoh as their own. andrew nominated the way he wanted, and then moved over and let kenny take the wheel to determine the course. rachelle: absolute puppet of sabrina.


Stunning how bad Alli is.
Canada’s superfan gamegirl can’t handle the lying?
Can’t see how she targeted herself?
What – didn’t think she might have to deal with being Nom-ed?
She’s right down there with that tweeny-minded twerp Ratchild.
Unbelievable. They belong on a Big Brother for 13 year old girls.

No – I take that back. Every single one of my many nieces had more maturity and better judgement at 13 than these twinkies who give bimbo’s a bad name.


Allison is lying about not being able to handle the lying. And the crying, she’s taking cues from Sabrina and Sarah’s play card.


As long as she says she’s doing this in the DR, she is not doing it. So far her DR sessions are been pretty much only about the showmance or explaining some situations (excluding social gameplay).

Team Pardy

First of all. I am glad you bullies are all worried about Heather being HOH. SO YOU SHOULD BE!! You all treated her like sh*t and threatened her just about every week by putting her on the block, slop and calling her various awful names. I am not a Heather fan however am glad she won the HOH. She needs to cause a rift between these people and shake them up. Pay back is a b*tch Kenney, Rachelle, Allison & Sabrina.. Look out.

Allison – I can’t believe I actually voted for you to come into this house. Now that she has no one to suck face with all day long she wants to leave the house? why, so she can go reconcile with her boyfriend who she cheated on for the past 3 weeks.. Pathetic. She Deserves whats coming to her!!

Sabrina – Stop crying and bossing people around. Nobody likes you….

Rachelle – Of course Heather is going to name you a have not and put you on the block. Exactly what you did to her! And putting the whole house on Slop, make no wonder!

Sarah – You are in such a good position with almost every houseguest however you can’t see past the “first five” alliance. Smarten up!!

Kenny – Your the biggest Hypocrite in the house. You’ve flirted with every girl in there to get your position however dont give one flying f*ck about any of them. All you cared about was the nose picking Andrew.

Heather – You go girl! As annoying as you were at first your personality rocks. No matter how the house guests bully you or what they say you always take it in stride and you never treat anyone different. You were singled out for so long and it was disgusting to watch. Kenny’s side is clearly trying to use you for votes however the other side wants to work with you.

Neda – I am glad you never stuck to the girls alliance and you went on your own with the “outcasts”. Good call girl!

Adel – Stop lying about your power. Everyone was afraid of you at first but now they dont take you serious because you keep changing your powers abilities.

Jon – Your my fav house guest because your my hometown boy! however, you need to lay low sometimes. POV made you a little cocky and although you have the power on your side, you need to rustle less feathers!
Arlie – I would not be surprised if you won this game! you are playing very strategiclly and deserve to go to the end.


Go paint johns nails… That is actually all that neda has done in this show. And john may be your hometown boy, but he’s turning out to be quite the bully himself. Anyone that was ever in a power position in this game became a bully (except for heather. Her voice and intonation are annoying as hell but I actually respect her….)


CANADA leveled the playing field in a nice way.
Kyle, Ika and Heather have grown on me neatly.
Andrew’s funk is too funny, he ain’t a politician!!!
He has no idea how to reverse a negative image!

Uh huh

Its so unfortunate to think of just how different this house could have been if viewers were a bit smarter and voted Scott in instead of Allison.
Considering how boring both Allison and Nate were, in comparison to Scott, I thought Scott was a shoe-in.

I have a feeling Scott will be on the show next season.


Allison was by far the best gameplayer based on what we saw on the war room feeds. Scott was all about show. Nate showed some naivety and didn’t make a strong argument for voting himself in the house.
For me out of Scott and Nate, I would have probably preferred Nate, as he did show at least show he can think strategically, when Scott only wanted to “turn the house upside down”.


Who is the new cook (since Andre is gone)?


When Kenny gets evicted, (and I hope he does), he can probably get a job as a Duck Dynasty Newfie long-lost cousin.


Adel should stop fake praying… says the guy fake flirting while pretending to be straight. Hypocrite much?

team adel

His such a sore loser, they all shunned heather, he was just calling her fat with Sarah 2 days ago. Adel is the most loyal and hasn’t lied yet, only about the card but I don’t think he swore on the quran. F**k off kenny


Adel is so annoying to watch! Ever since he won that hashtag contest, he thinks he’s Canada’s sweetheart. His ego is sooo big right now. He’s arguably worst than Kenny …

another name

are you the same team adel that is adel’s cousin? if so, how objective are you? not saying don’t comment, and not trying to insult you, but how objective are you? i respect your family loyalty. i’m not going to insult your cousin, or try to change your mind, because that would be insulting to your family loyalty as well.
its my belief that the social game of being canada’s underdog can only take you so far. and saying don’t worry twitos / big brother / canada will save us if there’s any trouble, i’m sorry, no insult intended, but i don’t respect that as a strategy. my apologies if that statement offfends you, but notice i have not insulted adel as a person, only his strategy in the game.


Adel is no sweetheart in my book. The only reason why he is still there is because they made Canada HOH last week. You know that the house was surely ready to put him up to be evicted. Can’t wait for him to leave. He even looks like a rat. Go Arlie Jon or Neda