Big Brother Canada 2 – Nomination Ceremony Results! Kenny says scrawny little b***h!

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: Kenny & Allison
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Sarah (didn’t use slop pass), Kenny, Rachelle

BBCAN2-2014-04-05 08-50-08-086

10:15am – 12pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the nomination ceremony. When the live feeds return – we learn that as Head Of Household Heather nominated Kenny Brain & Allison White for eviction. In the backyard by the pool – Sarah, Sabrina, Arlie, Rahcelle, and Kenny are talking. Sarah that if she really wanted Kenny gone she should have put me up with Kenny. Sabrina says that she thought it was going to be Kenny and Rachelle. Rachelle says they were scared I would go home over Kenny. Sabrina says they wanted to put up two strong players. Sarah says that she came into the bedroom and Neda said my name got thrown out there a lot. Kenny says scrawny little b***h.

In the bedroom – Neda is talking to Jon. Neda says the next targets in the house after Kenny goes home are Allison and him (Jon). Neda says and I would probably go up next to you. Neda says I think if Allison wins next week she would definitely put us up. Something about her sketches me the f**k out! Like what is she doing here! Jon agrees and says what is she here just for a laugh. Jon and Neda decide to head outside. Jon tells Neda she is so pretty. The camera switch to Heather and Allison up in the HOH room. Heather says I am a swimmer, I love to swim but don’t tell anyone. Allison comments how the other day when their bags were out in the backyard she noticed hockey pucks in the pool that makes her think the veto competition will be grabbing pucks from the bottom of the pool. Allison tells Heather .. I want you to know that I am not apart of the original five. Heather guesses You, Kenny, Sarah and the Gremlins (Rachelle & Sabrina). Allison says no. Heather guesses again – You, Kenny, Sarah, Arlie, Sabrina? Rachelle’s not even in it? Allison says I am not even apart of the five. Heather says what I don’t understand is that they’re in an alliance together and Sabrina has thrown out Kenny’s name multiple times. Allison says I think their alliance is cracking. Heather says I don’t like mean people .. they make me sad.

In the kitchen – Sabrina says that she feels being in here rips out your soul. Kenny and Arlie both comment on how they will be better people because of being in here. Sabrina disagrees.

BBCAN2 2014-04-05 08-50-12-801

12:20pm Jon comes up to the HOH room and says if either of them gets House Guest Choice in the Heather and Allison talk about who could host the veto competition. Allison says that Sarah hasn’t hosted one yet. Heather says she might pick Rachelle just because I made her feel like sh*t. Allison tells Heather that she thinks if Sabrina or Rachelle get picked and won the veto I don’t think they would use it because they wouldn’t want each other to go up. Adel comes up and says he thinks the veto will be hockey. Allison says she thinks they’ll have to get the pucks from the bottom of the pool. Adel doesn’t think so because the pool is so small. Heather and Allison say they think they would build a bigger pool. Adel thinks it will be shooting the pucks into the boats floating in the pool. Adel says if we win we’re pulling you off. Allison says she thinks she is going home. Heather stops it and says we’ll wait until after the POV and then talk about it. Adel says if you get Kenny out you will be the first person to make a big move. Canada did too but.. Adel says and you were on the block twice, you were shunned.. Heather says and my knee was messed up. Adel says I thought it was funny that everyone thought you were not smart and then you won that. That’s like the biggest kiss my a$$.

BBCAN2-2014-04-05 09-19-37-741

12:40pm In the bedroom – Rachelle jokes that she wishes she was up on the block so that she could play in the veto. Adel asks if you are picked and win it would you use it? Rachelle says no, I don’t think so. Adel asks what about Sabrina? Rachelle says I don’t know you should ask her. Rachelle leaves. Adel asks Neda and Jon if they think she would use it on Kenny. Jon says OH HUNDO! HUNDO! Neda says when you get questioned like that you just tell the person what they want to hear. You don’t say probably not. Jon says if I win the veto I going to walk around and hang it on my dong! Adel says that Sabrina is like a 70’s bush she is always in the way! Jon and Neda laugh and say they like that line.

BBCAN2-2014-04-05 09-27-07-048

12:55pm Kenny says just please go after Jon. Sabrina asks why are you talking like that. Sabrina says I can’t even be in the bedroom with them. It’s bothering me. It’s very hard for me to be fake. Arlie agrees. Allison says if I get House Guest choice which is very unlikely .. .I can’t expect any of you to take me off. Sabrina asks who would you pick. Allison says maybe Jon because of his hate for Kenny. Aww.. but I don’t want to use that against him. Arlie says just wait and see what happens.

1:30pm In the bedroom – Neda asks Heather if she knows when their alliance started. Heather says at the beginning of the game. Heather says that Allison took Andrews place. Neda comments on how they all hate Sabrina. Heather says that Sabrina is too stupid to realize it though. Neda says I think they are just using her for a number. Heather says I am really starting to get worried about Sarah. Neda agrees that she is too. Neda says maybe even next week we try and get rid of Sarah. Heather says I don’t even know who she would put up. Neda says she thinks Sarah would put up me & Jon or Jon and Adel. Heather says that Sarah has no problem back dooring someone either. Neda says she has become more vicious too. Heather says she is getting crazy! Heather says its fine if its just game talk .. but they’re making it personal. Heather says I want Kenny to go home. I would love for you to win. Neda says perfect scenario Kenny goes home and I win HOH. Adel joins them. Neda, Heather and Adel talk about using up all of the salsa, syrup and sugar that the havenots can eat so they don’t have any. Neda says the whole point of punishing the whole house because Rachelle ate is to make the house hate Rachelle… but its not working. Adel says we’re not going to jeopardize our game because someone ate. Heather says if one of us wins HOH next week can we put Rachelle back on slop? Adel says for sure. Adel says I was praying you would have put Sabrina on slop. Heather says I didn’t to keep them close to us to use it to our advantage. Jon says one night when we’re sleeping we should cut Kenny’s beard off. Neda and Adel both say no don’t say that!

BBCAN2-2014-04-05 10-15-38-849

1:30pm – 2:15pm In the living room – Arlie, Kenny, Allison, Sabrina and Sarah are talking about the term “white trash”. Arlie doesn’t know exactly what it means. Sarah talks about having a white trash party. She comments on how wouldn’t it be funny to show up to my own white trash party dress as a black person. Sabrina starts telling her stories about LA and other stories she thinks are hilarious. They talk about how many items in total were taken out of each of their bags and wonder if they need to remember how many from each for a competition. Sarah starts talking about trying to run over her sister because she was lipping off their mom. Sarah says I had a problem with impulse control.

BBCAN2-2014-04-05 11-11-27-684

2:35pm In the bedroom – Heather tells Neda that she thinks it might be better to replace Allison with Sarah. Neda says she thinks it would be better to keep Allison on the block. Heather says that she really doesn’t want Allison to go home on her HOH. Neda says it might be better to not take Allison off because then you piss off another person. Neda says because Allison probably holds a grudge. Heather says that she knows Allison would still hold a grudge but says I already told her a bunch of times that I would take her off. Heather says I know she would put me up as a pawn in a second. Jon and Adel join Neda and Heather and talk about what to name their alliance. Neda says we should call us the “Neda’s”. Adel says we should name it something to do with Canada because Canada helped us. He says like the “Canadian Come Backs”. Jon says the “yeasty-V’s”. Heather asks what’s strong and underestimated. Jon says that “Canadian An@l Beads”. Adel says we should name each of us too like in the Ninja Turtles. Big Brother calls Heather to the diary room. Neda says that she thinks the POV picking for players will be happening soon.. Heather comes out of the diary room soon after with new batteries for them to change.

BBCAN2-2014-04-05 11-32-44-906

2:45pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds..

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Uh huh

Don’t let the package fool you, this girl is smart and knows what she is doing!!!! Good going Heather!!!!

I’ll be thrilled to see either of these two go. Can’t stand them.
Hopefully that is what happens and this doesn’t turn into a backdoor. With it being a double eviction, best scenario is they both go. Hopefully Jon or Neda win the quick HOH on Thursday. I guess Arlie would be good too, to win.


Kenny is always judging someone, but he doesn’t want to be judge gay that’s why he kept it a secret. Loser


Kenny kept it a secret from the HG so he could use it to his advantage. A lot of strategies in this game involve flirting and getting people to like you. It had nothing to do with being judged. Had that been the case, he wouldn’t have said it to the viewers…


Kenny kept his sexual orientation a secret because he thinks that if the other houseguests know he is bi-sexual it would hurt his chances of winning the game. He thought if he pretended to be straight he would have a better chance of winning.


Dang, Heather got talked into putting up Allison, not good for her game its Adel game move. She wanted Sarah aka Momzi!!! the biggest move would have been Kenny & Sarah!! I’m disappointed! Boooo! Heather knows she is a treat I hope she has a plan B.

ihate sarah

you gotta love how sarah keeps saying “put me up because if i go at least you guys will still have kenny here to protect you all”(gag)
lmao she must really think kenny is some kind of saint or she has her love goggles on to tight…


I truly hope kenny wins the veto or Sarah Rachelle and Sabrina win and take Kenny off the block cause if Kenny leaves the house is going to be so boring to watch on live feeds and the main show too all we will have is the annoying floaters neda and adel and the extremly irritating JON walking around all arrogant he is turning into the next Andrew someone needs to kick him off his high horse asap and Kenny is just the person to do that MY OH MY what a show that would be thats why we need Kenny to stay. SO FIRST5 supporters lets wish him good luck telekinisis style GOOD LUCK KENNY.


Sorry but can you please remind me what is so entertaining about Kenny??!!


kenny is a true gamer and strategist and he is the only one that can get annoying jon out i hate jon and marilyn manson sorry i mean neda. I wish neda could be the one leaving she does nothing all day except ride jons coattails all talk no action and looks like squidward from spongebob


What a big true gamer disappointment he is then! Kenny is as mean and as petty than Sarah and Sabrina. What big move did he do? Hidding the fact that his gay to get Rachelle on his side?? I used to love him, but his nothing special really, plus, his always crumpy!


I would be grumpy too if I was locked up inside that house with all of those freaks and eating slop. Everyone would…


His always crumpy, It’s not the slop, It’s him.


Oh, come on, he has been given a fantastic opportunity, and should be able to suck it up; otherwise, not apply for BB


I’m gay, and I can’t stand Kenny. I can’t care either way if he hides being gay or not, but he’s just a petty mean a##hole. I hope they get rid of him soon because he doesn’t deserve to be there.




Sabrina please shower and change your clothes more often. So so haggered


Because i rock a giant beard i rooted for kenny, but something behind those twitchy eyes weirds me out . All the crying and time spent in the mirror petting his own face is a joke. Wear the beard bud. Don’t treat it like a princess’ hair


well he is a male model


es Kenny keep running your mouth because you look like the bitch now. I never understand people who get mad at being nominated. Its a game and that’s how it works. They never treated Heather like a human and now all of a sudden they expect her to be THEIR puppy?! I hope to God Kenny goes home and Allison follows during the double eviction.
So happy for Heather!


I mean obviously it makes sense to be mad that you’re nominated. What are you going to do? Smile that you’re nominated? Kenny can be a little too mean but it doesn’t make sense to question why to be mad if you’re nominated. If I was nominated, I wouldn’t be a happy camper either.


Actually Kenny has a very valid reason for being angry at heather and so did Andrew. 2 weeks ago when Ika, Adel, Sabrina, Rachelle and Sarah were plotting to backdoor heather it was only because of the hard work of Kenny and Andrew to get Paul gone why Heather is even there. That being said those 2 never really bullied heather nor insutled her (until heather screwed them over by picking adel over kenny in the veto and putting up kenny). So they have a very valid reason for being pissed off at heather. I don’t necessarily like their game but they do have a reason to be pissed. I have to assume that Heather comes from a family where her parents were abusive on some level because I notice she tends to side with the people who insult her and treat her the worse. While Heather would often hang around Andrew while he cooked the other girls would literally run away from Heather whenever she got close and tried to avoid her like the plague.


I really hope that whenever Kenny leaves the house, and learns why Canada hates him so much, that he’ll take the time to examine his life and see how cruel and vicious he is when he gets angry and throws a tantrum when things don’t go his way. Same with Andrew. I would hope that for Sabrina but I can’t hold my breath that long.

Kennys dirty twat is smelling baddddd

cant wait for him and his hairy pubic face to be gone.


My how the mighty have fallen! It is rather ironic how Kenny, when his group was in control, was flying so high but yet when he is on the block he is acting like a spoiled child. He cannot handle the fact that other people have their own game plan. His attitude towards the others who were not in his alliance has been down right mean and not good game play. Kenny is the ultimate “mean girl” along with Sarah and Sabrina. The poor me attitude gets so annoying to watch. The way Kenny treated the others got him in the position he is in. He and Sarah too don’t seem to get it. They can both go home


Good post! Kenny, Sarah and Sabrina should learn a lot of lessons about themselves when they come out and watch the videos.


Allison would only have: Adel, Jon, Neda
Kenny: Sarah, Sabrina, Rachelle, Arlie
Heather can’t vote- Why would they put Allison up? Allison is going home if she is not taken off the block- Why do these people rely on winning the veto? That’s so stupid. I would not take that pawn crap as an excuse, if HOH wanted me to stay then WHY put me up as a pawn in the first place? Makes no sense.


Because the outsiders think Arlie will vote with them


Correction, because Arlie IS voting with them


They’re fine with Allison going. They think she’s a competitor with the other side and she still reports back to Sabrina, so it’s not like she’s with Heather or anything. It makes sense.


I don’t know about others but the people in my house all drool a bit when sleeping and the proof is on the pillows when I wash the pillow slips.

So, how does Kenny keep himself clean day after day when spit, drool and food wind up on his hairy bib? OH, I just had a dirty thought about why
and it has to do with him saying he’s gay. Never mind, forget my original question.


I don’t know about others but the people in my house all drool a bit when sleeping and the proof is on the pillows when I wash the pillow slips.

So, how does Kenny keep himself clean day after day when spit, drool and food wind up on his hairy bib? OH, I just had a thought about why
and it has to do with him saying he’s gay. Never mind, forget my original question.


For all of you who like to use the latest ‘buzz words’ for effect: The word ‘bully’ has been so overused and overexposed of late I thought people should be aware of the definition offered on the internet.

Definition of bullying (n)

Bing Dictionary


[ bo?ollee ing ]

1.intimidation of weaker person: the process of intimidating or mistreating somebody weaker or in a more vulnerable situation

synonyms: intimidation, mistreatment, oppression, harassment, victimization, maltreatment, hounding


I’m not sure what your point is because that definition applies to the actions of people in the house. It would help if you gave a couple of examples of what you’re referring to. What I DO agree with you about is how society LOVES to grab hold of “buzz words” and use them (usually twisting them to their own benefit) to death. However, in the case of the word “bullying,” I think it’s appropriate with this group.

When I, personally, use the word bullying to describe people in the house (or to some of the comments in this forum), I’m referring to people who are ridiculing, name-calling, and disparaging someone based on a physical trait — someone’s weight, the size of their legs, the sound of their voice, but it also includes bashing someone because of their religion or sexuality.

All of these things ARE bullying, even if it’s not specifically mentioned in the definition you used.

From my own observations, I noticed that people like to demand respect, tolerance and acceptance from other people while still reserving THEIR right to rage at and exclude others. The very definition of hypocrisy. That’s why “Political Correctness” is so hypocritical and impossible. You will never be able to please everyone.


My point Jack is in response to you calling me a bully. I really don’t care because to defend something that is an untruth is fruitless. I just thought before you used the term, it was convenient for you to use a buzzword just because I posted one (1 mind you) comment about Allison’s appearance.
Have a nice day, Jack.


You don’t think bullying applies to putting someone down for their physical features? The general public, including the public school system and those who are being bullied, would sorely disagree with you.

For the record, defending something that “isn’t true” is a reasonable thing to do. At least the courts of law seem to think so. What IS fruitless is throwing out bullying comments and saying they aren’t bullying. I highly doubt if people teased you about having “tree trunk legs” you would NOT feel bullied for something that is out of your control.

Also for the record, I didn’t call you a bully. I said your comment was bullying. If you made a habit of coming here and putting people down for their weight, age, sexuality, religion, physical features, etc., THEN I would call YOU a bully. The fact is, I Up Vote most of your comments because I agree with them.


Big Brother is not a game of ethics although it is respectable when people do have some while playing. It is a game of deception. lies, betrayal, backstabbing and sometimes bullying. Evel Dick was a total bully and he won. It is very seldom the winner does not partake in these kinds of behaviors if ever. I don’t get why people complain about these every years when it is part of the game. Don’t hate the player hate the game if it bothers you.


Kenny wants to get rid off adel next, what kind of big move is that ? I’d personally like to see Kenny go home and join his buddy Andrew , he personally attacks Heather , he is so rude, I hope heather wins this veto and puts up Sabrina , I don’t think putting Allison up was a great idea, she is kind of floating between both groups with no alliances and she could have been heathers alliance ,


Actually getting rid of Adel is a big move, he is too liked. No one wants him in jury because then he has the chance of coming back and no one want to be on the block with him at the end.


All I care about in this game is that Kenny and Sabrina go home next. That’s it. I don’t care who wins after that. I just want them out as soon as possible.


LoL – Kenny thinks being in the house will make him a better person?! He calls every girl in the house B*tch when he doesn’t get his way or tells them to F-off. How is that being a better person. It shows me he has no respect for woman what so ever just like Andrew. Sad that people treat woman like that! If my mom saw me talk to woman like that she would disown me. Sometimes I wish I was in the house just so I could go off on Kenny. One day maybe I will be there, beware the Wrath of Alias!!! On another note I don’t mind the nominations even if Kenny wins POV Sabrina can go home! Oh and Allison a little late to start scrambling now, should have made connections with the others instead of always hanging off Andrew!


Honestly though, When you’re mad or upset don’t you say things you know you shouldn’t have? I think we should all just stop making fun of people just because they are caught at a bad time, because everybody has bad moments, and we can’t criticize someone for something we all do/have done.


I’m so sick of Kenny balling his eyes out and coming out as gay, do we have to watch it everytime a house guest leaves ,,,,…. Give me a break! Why is it such a big deal , I don’t think pretending to be straight is helping him and besides is it such a stretch of the truth, he said he just recently came out he’s been going out with girls for years and he seems like a real keeper for a lucky guy out there considering he said he threw up in his mouth and swallowed it and then kissed his current fling and how he dated a girl for a while and he gave her a fake name , that she called him for that whole time period , what a catch!


I completely agree with you in that I’m sick of watching it, too. The reason is because I find it despicable that a person would either hide, or use, their sexuality for personal gain. That’s detestable to me. But, Kenny said it himself; it’s part of his strategy which is why I have 0% respect for him, not just as a houseguest but as a person.

He’s using the coming out individually to people (and in the Diary Room), and the goodbye messages because part of his strategy in manipulating people with it is also in manipulating THE PUBLIC. It’s been so ingrained in the public now, because of the media, that gay people are to be pitied for their struggle and seen as heroes for coming out.

If someone is gay, that’s fine. But with all the support from the media, governments, and Hollywood, it’s hardly heroic. Kenny is using this public support and sympathy to his advantage through manipulation. Kenny is NOT stupid. The tears are calculated crocodile tears, no better than Sabrina’s.


Just to clarify. I don’t have a problem that Kenny is gay. Also, Kenny is SMART and realizes that if the public doesn’t like Andrew and Sabrina that they naturally aren’t going to like him either. He KNOWS he would have been the replacement nominee. ALL of this, especially the tears, are well thought out moves on his part to play the public and improve his image in their eyes. No one will ever convince me otherwise.


Looks like the dark side are swallowing jagged bitter pills with their slop today. Kenny, first of all, quite hypocritical of you to claim Adel is fake when you telling the biggest lie in the house. Secondly, I don’t get where your sense of entitlement comes from. Your alliance only had an HOH ruling for week. If Sobrina wasn’t helping you, you would have been sitting up on the block much sooner than now. Honestly, the amount of temper tantrums, viciousness and hypocrisy that has come out Kenny, Sobs and Sarah is embarrassing to watch.

And Allison, just because you mooched up to Heather in her HOH room the other night, doesn’t mean she has any loyalty to you. The very few talks you had with her before her win were not only cowardly done in private, but then immediately repeated to Sobs. She owes you nothing and doesn’t even know about your betrayal…which is why it’s sweet karma that you now have to sweat it out on the block. And you only hate Jon because he called you out on hiding behind Sir Picks A lot and can’t play for yourself. You then proved him right by making the remark the other night to Sobs, “Sir Picks A lot, please come back into the house and tell me what to do”…

Nana Jo

Very insightful, intelligent synopsis, Moon! Your thoughts so closely mirror my own.

Kenny is just another mean-girl and he is without any real emotional depth. Just like Slobrina, he can only perceive events as far as they pertain to himself. He seems incapable of empathy and honest self-perception. Weirdly, Sarah values her role as confidante to her new gay BFF over the game. I truly hope her children are not watching any of the live feeds, but no doubt, they already know their Momzie is a total potty mouth. As for |Allison, I simply don’t “get” her. She is an enigma to me, and not in a good way. Heather is a such classy, kind, thoughtful girl. She has a depth of character that Kenny, Sarah, Sabrina, Rachelle simply can’t relate to because they lack it themselves.


I really hope Heather and Allison can become friends. I can seem them being a positive strong bond in the game.


Heather should have nominated Kenny and Sarah! Allison is such a waste of an HOH. also, why does Kenny want to go after Adel? Adel can’t win anything but he is good at gathering people together against the other side. I also feel like Arlie’s game will become apparent to the other side when he exposes that he will go against Kenny and then he will have Kenny’s psycho (imaginary) girlfriend Sarah coming after him with the gremlins!!

The West is Best

So it’s okay to call somebody a scrawny little b*tch and say insults out of spite when things don’t go exactky your way, but it would be an uproar if the word f@g was thrown out in his direction. What a freakin moron. He’s a verbal attacker behind people’s backs. Melodramatic cry baby. Hmm..similar to a “b*tch”, no? Hypocritical and self righteous. Get over yourself Kenny. Good luck with your modeling career, I’m sure Giant Tiger is hiring douchebags for their flyers.


“Sir Picks A Lot”………….love it……… ha ha ha ha


Aww shucks…thanks! I have a few more…(Sabrina=Sobrina, Sobs, Sobby), (Sarah=MILFO “Mother I’d Like to F**k Over), (Kenny=Smug Bastard), (Allison=Tweedle-Dumb) and (Rachelle=Tweedle-Dumber)

Nana Jo

Those are great! MILFO …. ha ha ha … Love it!


Also, as they Neda, Jon, Adel and Heather were sitting there trying to think of a name for their alliance. Adel says it has to have Canada in the name and I think Jon said something about “the balls” since they are always saying “Deli meatballs or Nedballs”…which is funny cause I think they should name themselves “The Can -n-Balls”…like cannon balls. Because Canada…and now them…are going plow through the dark side’s defenses…


Fake praying, fake gaying – is one better than the other?


You’re a tool. As a Muslim I cab say with complete certainty that Adel is indeed performing the salat


I don’t think Cora was implying that Adel is fake praying, just that Kenny isn’t one to talk since he is being fake about his sexuality.


Thank you – I could cite all kinds of ‘fake’ in the house, but it’s pointless. I wasn’t suggesting Adel’s devotion is fake at all.


@anya – Before you start name calling and hissing at people, you should read what they wrote more carefully.

Kenny is faking being straight. KENNY accused Adel (but not to his face) of “fake praying.” Cora was only pointing that out to show KENNY’S hypocrisy. Kenny is faking being straight and yet he accuses Adel of faking something. See her point yet? I think you owe Cora an apology.


Jack : just so you know, I actually do feel like it was inappropriate to make the comments I did about Allison.
I think what happens when you (I) feel so much dislike towards someone, we (I) go into their physical appearance just because
everything about that person starts to bother us (me).
It was a lesson learned after your response and I appreciate you calling me out on it.
I actually cried when you asked for someone to apologize to me.
I don’t need one, but I really appreciate that you overlooked our earlier debate to defend me.
That is actually the essence of Big Brother also, as I see it.
This forum is a small microcosm of the other microcosm we are all watching.
Thanks Jack.
I love NY


I haven’t’ thought twice about it, to be honest. You’re one of the people whose comments I look forward to the most here. You’re clearly an intelligent, kind and well-spoken woman who thinks beyond the first thought that comes to her. I don’t think of you as a bully. That’s why I never directed any of my “bullying” comments directly towards you (or anyone specifically), but only spoke of “bullying” in general.

Like I also said, I fell into the trap of hate and negativity, too. Just like in the house, those of us on this forum can get caught up in the pattern of hate and viciousness we read so often in the comments. Emotions are struck and we want to vent them! Most of the time I catch myself before hitting the submit button. A few times I gave in and posted the intensity of my dislike for Kenny and Sabrina. We’re human.

I always say that the important thing is that we recognize it when we see it and work to change it in ourselves. At the end of the day, that’s really all that matters!


Cora was referring to what Kenny said regarding Adel. Kenny is the one who said that Adel only “fake prays”.

Hypno Toad

Kenny is the hypocrite. He came in this game a favorite and will leave with a hit to his reputation


Best analysis of that situation that anyone could make!

bb is a house full of crazy

The tables have turned and how do the 1st 5 respond? They call people names, bash the crap out of everyone and lost their smugness and can’t find it anywhere. They have shit on Heather time and time again and she rose above it every time. Ken just can’t believe that people in the house aren’t working with him so he can get 100,000 bucks. The bulk of these people are so delusional. They can dish it out with huge ladles in hand, but they sure can’t take even a spoonful. Actually, they aren’t even getting any petty crap from the other side. Ken and company seem pretty ugly on the inside when the tables turn. Says alot about their character imo.


The Ass King and his witches –
Sabs and her snitches
Rach with mind-glitches
Sarah who twitches
Alli in Gord’s britches –
deny them all riches
give them crotch itches
let them leave to hisses
as Heather blows them kisses.


lol – so fitting:)


it’s OK Kenny or Allison are going too win veto and going too take themselves off the block, And finally show That DUMB bitch that everyone claims she is t she is actually a DUMB BITCH!!!!!

bb is a house full of crazy

That’s not nice Andrew. Canada still hates you Andrew.


meSeyz looks above… ((((((drumrolls)))))) if Sarah DIDN’T use the slop~pass
does this imply that she has a plan for being in the game’s end~zone where it
is a most vital & fast way to get out of being 100% debilitated + inconvenienced?

Nana Jo

No, it implies that she would rather eat her slop pass than sleep apart from Kenny or be separated from him in any way.


Heather is so Classy compared to the others.

Talking to Allison, Heather tells her she would pick Rachelle as host for the PoV because she made her feel like s**t. Wow! After what
Sabrina and Rachelle have done to her, she is worried about Rachelle’s feelings.

Heather for Favourite Player as well as winning the game. She’s smart, cute and compassionate.


and i find ironic that you guys both love Heather and Adel, Adel voted Heather out both times she was up


Heather did seem like a waste of space at first. She


I diasgree. I always thought she


Considering at the time Heather was up against Paul and Ika, completely understandable. Adel never hid the fact that he was for Paul and Ika staying in the house, so at least he wasn’t two faced about it with Heather.


That doesn’t mean that people can’t like both Heather and Adel at all.

Personally, I like Heather and I think she’s smart. I think most of the hate towards her is rooted in her voice and sugary sweetness which makes her come across as a cartoon character.

I don’t like Adel myself. I admired his loyalty to Kyle and Paul and was beginning to like him then. But I came to realize that Adel was “believing his own press” and his ego has gotten way out of control. He was told so many times that Canada loves him because he’s loyal to the underdogs in the house. So, he started using that to his advantage and now undertakes anyone who appears to be an underdog, thinking that will keep him in everyone’s favor. Winning the hashtag challenge from Canada also inflated his ego to ginormous proportions. Adel is all ego now and that’s proven by how much he talks and talks and talks now. He’s doing EXACTLY what Paul did.

On the flip side though, Adel can be really cruel with his word choices in putting other people down. He’s easily influenced by everyone else doing it in the house and he picked it up. Same with all of his swearing. He never did those things in the beginning. Adel’s problem is that he likes being the Big Man, has come to believe he is, and has become arrogant and fake in his loyalties.


Usually, someone wins HoH, gets a big head, and gets annoying. Heather is the exact opposite. I like her more now. She and Neda are the only ones that see Sara as a threat.


Just speculating here but if I were selling clothes via catalogue, I may not want to risk having someone like Kenny representing my brand. Good job Kenny!


I would love to see Kenny freak out if they cut his beard short one night.


I would too! But, Kenny would never agree to it. Kenny’s identity is in that beard. It’s the mask he hides all of his insecurities behind.

another name

please tell me you are joking (albeit making a poor joke). with all of the talk of rude behavior and bullying, please tell me you aren’t advocating any form of physical assault as entertainment. i know it’s just a haircut… but any physical action committed upon another person without permission expressed or implied is assault. please, don’t even joke about such things. it’s over the line.


Kenny says Heather is fat one day, then scrawny the next. He is so passive aggressive. He makes these slight digs at people like Adel in a mocking manner “are you allowed to say that.” Since when has Kenny worried at all what Adel can or cannot say/do. He says Adel is faking it with his religion and praying, but Kenny is the real fake here.

I wouldn’t mind if Kenny’s secret was actually helping him in the game…but it isn’t, its just stupid. He solidified a bond with Sarah through telling her, but that bond was already solidified. He probably just enjoys the attention from clueless people like Rachelle.

I am hoping Kenny goes this week and Rachelle or Sabrina follow him right out the door. I hope Adel is not put up or backdoored during the double eviction.

Also, The F5 put up Heather so many times and she didn’t say such horrible things about them and now that they get a taste of their own medicine, they can’t stand it for even 1 second.

As Heather would say, “stay classy people.”


Kenny was referring to Neda as a’ scrawny bitch’ and not Heather.


Floaters get a life vest… RACHELLE!


Kenny is An arrogant pestemistic Bitch. Hes soooo angry & grumpy af him & sarah bring out the worst in eachother


why is it that when EVEL Dick called JEN a bitch everyone praised it but when every other player calls someone names then there assholes


I’m glad the wicked witch of the west is on
Heather’s and Neda’s radar . They need to take Allison
Down and give Sarah a taste … Seeing how she
Hasn’t even approached Heather and because she
Said I quote ” I wish they would have put me up and If I
Won the veto I would save you Kenny … They won’t vote me out”
Lol so arrogant






go too wikipedia


I hope Allison wins POV because I think Neda (who hasn’t done crap) is trying to set her up by telling Heather not to take her off the block. That keeps the vote numbers in Kenny’s favor.


i guess someone was fucking around on it


Kenny is so ignorant!! I hope when he’s eventually sent packing Arisa says something to him about being an asshole to the girls same as she did to Andrew 🙂