late night Condom Pranks “What is Big Brother Pumping In the air we can’t sleep”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 7
HOH Winner: Heather Next HOH: Apr 10
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Sarah (didn’t use slop pass), Kenny, Rachelle

11:10pm Kenny and Sarah Have nots

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-04 20-19-33-102

11:14pm Heather and Jon HOH

Heather tells him about her conversations with Allison and Kenny. They agree the plan is to win the POV and use it to save Allison.

11:14pm Kenny, Rachelle and Sabrina
Kenny tells them about their conversation with Heather. Arlie joins 1/2 way thru.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-04 20-12-58-067

Random shot of Canada boy


11:30pm BAckyard Sabrina and Rachelle

Sabrina is saying she’s starting to lean towards voting out Kenny.
Rachelle – “I literally hate everyone” Rachelle adds that the other side is trying to put Rachelle against Sabrina.

Rachelle – “Break us that is what they want to do”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-04 20-29-44-870

11:30 pm Jon and Neda Hammock

At one point Jon blows a fart, Neda – “Oh my god you are never meeting my family”
They predict that Arlie will go after Jon when they hit final 5. They are going to have to start studying. Neda warns that Arlie is really good at the memory stuff.


11:51pm Neda and Jon Tell rachelle they have been trying to convince Heather to keep her off the block. Rachelle thanks them.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-04 21-18-33-449

12:00AM Rachelle, Allison and Sabrina
Allison tells them she is going up and she hates Jon more than Anyone in the house. Sabrina says she hates Jon as well and he’s the one person she will not talk to outside the house.
Allison tells Rachelle that Heather is telling her she is going up because that is your punishment for putting the house on slop for 2 days. Rachelle is furious, “Who does that”

The gremlins start trying to figure out how to Sink Sarah’s and Kenny’s game. Sabrina says they have so much dirt on those two.

Sabrina adds that it was Sarah that said Allison was like this season’s Liza not Jon. Sabrina claims if it wasn’t for her Kenny would go home week 3 and Jon week 4. Sabrina isn’t going to be loyal to Kenny anymore. She’s not scared of Sarah anymore.
I may not win competition but when I have fire under my a$$ see what I can do

Rachelle says Sarah is just like her ex best friend and she is a master manipulator.
Allison doesn’t think she’s right for this game she doesn’t know why she was selected to play.
Allison – “I’m not a psychiatric nurse I’m a nurse that works in the psych ward.
Sabrina is talking them into thinking Neda and Sarah are theses two evil lying masterminds. Allison agrees she brings up how Heather lied to her face yesterday she told her she wasn’t going up, “What the f** is happeneing”

Sabrina says she’s voting out Kenny this week.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-04 21-47-40-510

12:35AM Bedroom Jon and Adel are blowing up condoms Arlie jumps in for some fun. Sounds like theyu stuff the condoms in Kenny’s bag.

Jon say his hands reek of condoms and he can taste it in his mouth. They decide to move the condoms and just put them in the hallways. Adel “F** Hurry up before the gremlins come” (LOL)

They laugh at Adel’s condom being so small, Adel – “It’s a little chub”
Adel – “What is Big Brother Pumping In the air we can’t sleep”
Neda – “we’re the new gremlins”

They laugh about Arlie not wanting to take part in the prank because he said ‘I’m too safe on both side”
NEda – “He’s
Jon – “I miss you neds”
Neda – Uh
Jon – God damn
Neda – miss you
Jon – Bullshit

(Check out the picture below at one point Adel and Neda pretend to be gremlins coming into the bedroom)

1:23am Gremlins find the condoms

Nothing exciting happens.

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Just catching up…Sabrina turned on the 1st 5? Didn’t see that one coming /sarcasm


okay so sounds like allison and kenny are both going on the block and if kenny doesn’t win POV; have allison taken off the block and put sarah up so she can’t campaign for kenny to stay or vote for him to stay….. only works if Allison, Jon, Neda, Adel, Heather or Arlie won POV…. because if Sabrina or Rachelle win POV they aren’t going to use it in fear that the other one would go up and get voted out and it wouldn’t work if Sarah wins POV or if Kenny of course wins; than they are screwed…. So in the end, the only way Kenny stays is if he wins POV or Sarah wins POV and uses it on him.

So if everything stays the same (kenny & allison) votes will go this way:

Rachelle votes to evict Kenny
Sabrina votes to evict ?
Sarah votes to evict Allison
Arlie votes to evict Kenny
Adel votes to evict Kenny
Jon votes to evict Kenny
Neda votes to evict Kenny
Heather can’t vote as HOH

Kenny would than be voted out by a vote of 5/6 to 1


Where di you get sarah because from what she told jon, adel and arlie she is planning to put up rachelle not sarah


I really don’t see the vote this way as of yet. Don’t let 1 convo with Ratchet, Allison and Sabby convince you that Kenny gets their votes. Cannot stress this enough there is so much BS being thrown only actual votes cast are real when they happen. I cannot see Arlie or Jon letting Momzi go up as a renom. Sabby won’t use it as others have stated to keep Ratchet out of danger and Ratchet ditto! Sarah would take Kenny off and then it’s Ratchet or Sabby. Would be interesting choice and I’m leaning Ratchet up ATM. Jon, Neda and Adel may be willing to use POV if Heather asks. I’m thinking that all 3 won’t. Arlie isn’t winning POV if he competes. He’s still tanking everything. And please remember there is no guarantee he is voting out Kenny. I’m telling everyone again it’s a razor thin margin to go against 1/5 if it exposes him with a 4-3 vote to evict..


@ Stan7777.
Re: Arlie exposed in a 4/3 vote.
Doesn’t matter – IF it’s Kenny.
He knows 1st5 is bunk now.
It always was, to him, in that he gleefully accepted the advantage it gave him at the time.
He never had the loyalty to it of Andrew/Sarah/Sabs except as it suited his evolving needs &perceptions of the bigger dynamic.
He’s working Sarah & Sabs.
Not wasting much effort on Rach or Alli.
Now that Andrew’s gone, if he can see Kenny go next that’s good for him because neither Sarah nor Sabs is a rallying leader for the 1st5 leftovers.
So what if Sarah accuses him of voting out Kenny? Everyone says she’s so well positioned – nonsense. She’s almost as “burned” as Sab. Arlie offers her the best protection she’s so desperate for.
So what if Sab sees him as enemy ? She needs protection too and she knows it !!! Where can Sabby turn – Rach? Alli maybe. Sarah?

No. If Kenny is up, he goes – Adel, Jon, Neda, Arlie evict. Anyone else is a bonus.


So Heather told Allison she’s going on the block then invites her to paint nails and fall asleep together? Lmao…ruthless.


I wish more people acted so sweet in Big Brother! People always talk so aggressively when they’re HoH.


OMG… I can’t with these bitchy girls… Jon is so disgusting… I hate Jon… I wont talk to him outside the house…he’s horrible… Sarah is this and that… I hate her now… Neda is so stupid… She’s a liar… no one vote her back into the house… blah blah blah… Heather is so stupid… who does that… blah blah blah… do they ever stop..???.. SHUT UP!!!


Oh Allison grow up. You’re crying because you can’t trust anyone? It’s big brother! And you have no allies because all you have done is suck face with Andrew since you have been in the game. What did you expect? Now you want to go home. I can’t believe I helped vote you in. Ugh!!!

And Rachelle is upset heather wants to put her up for eating the candy? Well you didn’t need a reason to put her up in your hoh, so how is she being an idiot? Just shut up and continue doing nothing.


, Were you calling them gremlins before the others in the house started calling them that. If so, that is funny stuff.


am i the only one who can’t figure out which alliences are real everyone seems all over the place i think sarah/arlie are together, gremlims seem together, heather seems to be alone even if she doesn’t know that yet, adel also seems to be on the outside, jon i am not sure who’s side he is on neda or is he true to the final 3 with sarah/arlie. That could explain him wanting out kenny for one kenny would be after him but him leaving gives him control over sarah


They using Heather and her hoh she doesn’t know this but Adel/Neda/John do not have her back.


no the other side brought heather in last week. they would never put her up until the end. jon, neda and adel’s targets are clearly kenny, allison, sabrina, rachelle. that’s who they will put up from now on. kenny and the gremlins (which unfortunately includes allison now, what a disappointment) would probably put up jon and adel, or jon and neda, as they are the biggest targets on the other side. i think heather is safe-ish, im glad she won hoh.


im realizing i dont know who arlie or sarah would put up for nomination, they are so in the middle… arlie would side with the other side he said, but he’s still first4, so maybe allison and rachelle?? sarah, would maybe do the same, or adel and heather? would she put up sabrina!? or completely turn on jon?


For that reason, I do not think you will see either Arlie or Sarah win an HOH anytime soon.


I am wondering if Adel plays his POV ticket.. if he can remove a player and take his or her place… what I think would be best case is this
Heather, Allison, Kenny, are already playing… then fingers crossed . Neda, Jon, Arlie get picked to play….Adel uses his POV card and plays in Kenny`s place. Then watch the fire works… one can hope …


He can’t replace a player that is a nominee he can only replace the chosen players that are picked at random draw so if heather (and i think is likely ) puts kenny on the block then adel can not take his place to play the veto because he is on the block


Allison has now become even more annoying to watch (yes I’ll say it) than Sabrina. Her fugly hat is just making her face look more rat-like. Ever since she smelled Jon’s smegma, that cinched it. I mean, c’mon you’re on TV. Blech. I know some things are personal attacks but her cankles and huge tree trunk legs are just gross to see. Sorry guys.
While I’m at it Mama Sabrina and her ‘bitch’ make a cute couple.



team adel

Her personalty go ahead attack, but u went too far


heather was on the block many times
heather let alison keep the veto so alison can take herself off the block
heather wins HOH
heather tells alison she’s her friend and just a pawn
everyone goes ape shit
heather saved alison’s ass before, how is this any different?
Sloprina, rachelle, and sarah are scared as fuck that they’re going to get back doored if kenny wins veto or comes out of the closet.
Arlie said 1st five is crumbling.. TAADAA!
Later losers..


I’m starting to wonder which of the people that comment here Canada would hate worse than the houseguests. Catching up with comments from the last several updates, people are getting ruder and more personal in their comments, even to the point of making fun of personal appearances.

It’s natural to get frustrated with people on Big Brother. It’s natural to want to vent your frustration. I’ve done it with Sabrina and Kenny myself. But, after reading so many of these comments, I’m starting to wonder if I got sucked into a Hate Vortex.

Canada hated Sabrina, Kenny and Andrew because of how they acted — they got personal and vicious in their attacks. That’s going on in these comments, too. Just because people here don’t have to show their faces to own up to their comments and have all of Canada seeing it doesn’t make it any different.

Try to remember this is just a show and we don’t have to live with these people. Heck, we don’t even have to watch them. We’re doing it by choice. Our comments here are NO different than the way the houseguests comment about each other and our comments make us just as bad as we vent that they are when we’re being just as vicious – if not more so. I’m climbing out of the Hate Vortex and rejoining civilization.

hurr durr

aww did someone hurt your feelings?
nobody is forcing you to read the comments.


@hurr durr,

Let’s look at what you said. You asked if I got my feelings hurt. Why? That question makes absolutely no sense to what I said in my comment.

I said that people here were insulting the houseguests by attacking their physical features. (definition: BULLYING) I’m not a houseguest and nobody here knows my physical appearance so, 1) They can’t comment on it. And 2) Using logic, I was obviously not talking about myself.

But, thanks for proving my point, mate.


Jack – do you really believe “ALL” of Canada is watching????


Bewildered — do you always take everything people say as an over-sweeping generalization? I never said, “ALL of Canada.” I said Canada. This show is in Canada and the audience is primarily Canadians. It’s not unreasonable to say “Canada.”

When BB tells the houseguests “Remember, Canada is watching.” Do you ask BB the same thing? “Do you really think ALL of Canada is watching? How about when houseguests say “Canada”? How about when people around you just say “Canada”?

We could look back at your comments here and I’m 100% sure you said the word “Canada” without clarifying whether you meant “all”, “some”, “47%”, or whatever…

So, since you don’t ask everyone what you asked me, your motives for your comment are clear to me.


jack – you did say ” ALL” of Canada – you lie – re-read your post – “just because people here don’t have to show their faces to own up to their comments and have “ALL” of Canada seeing it – why are the motives for my comment clear to you? You say I don’t ask everyone what I ask you, my my, I didn’t realize there was someone on this site so obsessed with my postings – I think I know what your motives are, you’re just a pitiful lonely person – you should get out more!


comment above to jack is from Bewidered


Jack, I decided to post the following in response to being called a bully: The absolute bastardization of this word has become an slap in the face to the English language. Please note, I admittedly stated that my dislike for Allison started to extend so far as to make a personal appearance attack – once, not repeatedly.
The overuse and overexposure of the use of this word ‘bully’ in the last few years has caused it to lose it’s true meaning.
Have a great day Jack.

Definition of bullying (n)

Bing Dictionary


[ bo?ollee ing ]

1.intimidation of weaker person: the process of intimidating or mistreating somebody weaker or in a more vulnerable situation

synonyms: intimidation, mistreatment, oppression, harassment, victimization, maltreatment, hounding

Jon and Neda to the Final 2

I’m glad they are starting to figure out that Arlie is just a plain ahole — no fun, 100% focused on backstabbing.

Go Neda! Go Jon!


I’m pretty sure the mug that was found that Sarah thought was a girl named Rebecca, was Anick. She has her twitter and FB account deleted already, perhaps she’s getting thrown back into the game soon? Either way, I hope not.. That girl was straaaange.


Anick was awesome. It takes a lot of guts to be yourself, when you’re that far out there.


A serious question. Is Allison actually a lesbian? Didn’t she inadvertently say last night that she wanted to jump Rachelle’s bones when she won HoH.


No – Allison is not a lesbian, I don’t recall hearing her make that comment, but if she did it was because I’m assuming she meant that she wants Rachelle out/ or beat up up, hence “jump her bones”


No lesbian alive, game or not, would have found Andrew attractive enough to exchange body fluids with. I’m surprised the straight gals would actually.


I truly love this site Simon and Dawg, only comment probably once or twice during seasons. I just had to comment that i am so disappointed in allison. I am in U.S. so i didn’t vote her in, but cannot believe how completely useless she has become in game. I thought she was going to better than that.

I think my favorites so far are Arlie and Neda, and definitely leaning towards Neda. I think a lot of people have pointed out that Arlie’s game could easily blow up in face at some point, and honestly, I do expect it will.

Thanks for great site once again, it is my favorite way to check up on all things Big Brother.


Thank you! Glad you love the updates 😉


Can’t deal with the unnecessary personal attacks that are here. Yeah, I agree with commenting on someone’s game play, but the attacks about their personal appearance is just mean and disgusting. The next time you decide to write something negative about a houseguests’ face and body, please post a pic of your perfection. I have a feeling that your reaction to their appearances is just a reflection of your own insecurities. Grow up!


I agree. But…… It’s hard not to notice and comment however when it takes all day for these girls to pick outfits and get their make-up on. And all for the camera to pan past them sitting on the couch. It’s the fact that most of them are so shallow, that prompts people to respond.


Allison tells Rachelle that Heather is telling her she is going up because that is your punishment for putting the house on slop for 2 days.
Rachelle is furious, “Who does that”

Oh Rachelle, what a spoiled, bratty child you are. People that break rules and others are punished for your offences, get pretty upset with you.
Did you think the others would thank you for putting them on slop for 2 days needlessly just because you can’t control yourself? You deserve
much more than what Heather said to you. What a Twit!


Indeed, Who steals someone elses candy? Who does that? RoRo’s parents really need to get on that home training before she embarrasses them again.


Heather offered everyone candy. Rachelle didn’t steal it.


I don’t understand how BB can allow Jon to be so ignorant in the house ,who farts like that in front of someone on live t.v and playing with himself, I could go on but he just disgust me.