Cody “I think I’m just going to go Keesha / Kevin. Like nothing crazy.”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Ian, Kevin, Memphis, NicoleA
Nominations -?
Power of Veto Players are -?
Power of Veto holder -?
Power of Veto Ceremony -?
Safety Suite – Kaysar & Janelle
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12:20am HOH room. Tyler and Cody.
Tyler – What are you thinking? How are you feeling? Cody – I feel good. Its going to be what its going to be tomorrow. I think I am just going to go Keesha / Kevin. Like nothing crazy. I am just chilling with them the least and if I am going based on and not going to smash someone that is like not going to cause any rifts. And its like opened my eyes the whole Kaysar and Janelle.. like you guys ..the people that I had conversations with must have felt like kinda some kind of way like comfortable enough to .. oh I don’t need to rush into that .. I will just wait and see. Tyler – right. Cody – they had conversations with me and it popped right out. Like we’re going to do it .. one of is going to play and protect the other one. And like I get it. Tyler – it makes sense. Cody – I totally get it but like when there is like nothing for me to like pull at … I am just like I had conversations with a lot of people. Tyler – well Kaysar pulled me aside and he thinks you and him are good. Cody – I don’t think that genuinely I don’t trust Cody.. it was more like .. I don’t know .. he didn’t give me anything to make me feel super comfortable. Tyler – he says that he wants to work with us but I wanted to run that by you. I don’t want to be paranoid but do you think he just thinks you and I are cool so he is telling us both that? Cody – I think ..I asked him what he though and he said your name. So to you I think he is just kind of covering his bases. For you and me it is going to be tough to navigate through because people are going to like us because we’re likable people. So when are we going to like screw ourselves.. but right now week one I think you and I are forming good relationships… we don’t have to show our cards yet. But when something happens we are like making something and a big group around us and locking it in. Tyler – but its easy right now.

12:30am Cody – everyone is tip toeing around. When we’re downstairs we’re never like chilling together.. .. and nobody brings you up to me which is MONEY! My first thing is going to be yeah he is good .. I like Ty! Cody – This is going to suck. I have been trying to run through like what I am going to say.. its mostly going to be like this is hard enough for anybody in this situation and I apologize but I hope you guys can understand that this isn’t personal, this is all just a game. And I wish you guys the best of luck in the veto. I don’t even think .. deadass .. I don’t think Keesha is even .. I think Keesha is kind of like .. when she came up here she.. Tyler – just not saying sh*t. Cody – yeah. Kevin I feel .. I feel bad because he came in here and was like I’ll take care of you. You won’t go up. So its like.. Tyler – did anyone not give you that? Cody – no, everyone was like I want to work .. the only one I am worried about is Christmas .. I don’t know how to take her. Tyler – I know. Cody – but I know she is going to compete and if I don’t put her up.. Tyler – she named her baby Loyal.. like if you don’t lock her in you’re crazy. Cody – but like making sure we have stuff around us where we can chill and not have to worry about winning HOHs. If we get in a rhythm with comps, I think we will be really good. Tyler – I think if we get in with someone like Christmas we would be really good because she is loyal and if something pops off she is going to run her mouth and get herself in trouble. Cody – this is why I want her .. she is like type A personality .. she is going to clash with someone. As long as you and I are mellowing it out .. the type A’s are going to clash and it will snowball.

1:05am – 2:30amLounge room. NicoleA and Janelle.
Janelle – what did Kaysar say so that I don’t need to fill you in. Nicole – he was just saying that he does think that Cody, Tyler, David.. Janelle – I am thinking the same thing too because .. don’t repeat this .. I just had a conversation with Tyler and he was like I don’t think they’re going after big threats .. I think they will pick someone like Keesha. I feel like that is who they’re going to nominate. Nicole – okay. And put her next to who? Me? Janelle – No! I don’t think you’re getting nominated. I think those three are 100% working together and I think they have others working with them. Nicole – I think so. I really do. Janelle – I think its Nicole F. Do you think its Bay and DaV too? I hope not! Nicole – I don’t think Bay. I see Nicole go in and out of there. Enzo goes in and out of there. Memphis goes in and out of there but I think he is just personable. I like Memphis. Janelle – I think if he puts up Memphis ..Enzo is going to be like NO! Because they’re friends. Nicole – true. Janelle – I think they are trying to get some numbers together so they can do what they want. Nicole – I haven’t heard anything individual or separate. Janelle – David talks zero to me. Tyler …like a little bit. Janelle – but you don’t think its like a giant alliance. It is definitely NicoleF because she said this like very obvious lie and I was like what are you doing?! I was sitting in that room and she was sitting with Christmas and then she started acting whinny like she usually does in her whine and she goes like oh you guys!! I am so nervous, I am so nervous to go up. She said should I talk to him? And we’re like Cody? And she is like yeah .. It just seemed like she was lying .. like what are you doing!? Nicole – yeah. Janelle – it was pretty weird. Making it a big deal like you don’t ever talk to him. Its like me being like oh no Kaysar I never talk to him. It is very weird that she would be working with Cody because from what Dan told me she is the reason why Derick isn’t here. Nicole – gosh that is sad. So wouldn’t Cody be mad? Janelle – I don’t think he knows. We just have to get HOH so that we can have the numbers. I literally think I was called because Jessica and Rachel are pregnant. Nicole – I think you still would have been called. I think it would have been the lower people on the totem pole that would have gotten bumped. Janelle – I don’t think so. Ohhh if Rachel were here! She is just so bold! I love it.

Kaysar joins them. Kaysar – we have to watch out for Enzo. I think there was something pregame with him and Cody. There was something extra brotherly love handshake. I think its Cody, NicoleF, Enzo, Tyler, David … that’s five and there is probably a sixth. Kaysar leaves. Janelle to Nicole – I don’t believe that Enzo is with them. Nicole – maybe not with them but working on him. Janelle – like I’ll vote with you this week. Nicole – nothing against it.. I get it. They continue to talk about NicoleF getting Derick getting kicked off and wondering how she did it and why.

2:40am – 3am Lounge room. Nicole talking to herself. Nicole thinks that she put herself in a pickle like in her season. But that she would rather go home in third place than go out fifth with them (HOH). She comments on how Janelle and Kaysar know exactly what to say to her. Nicole – Kaysar is a savage! I need to distance myself from them and hangout with other people tomorrow. I am really hoping he (Cody) is putting up a Memphis and Keesha. I hope its not me .. put up Nicole she’ll be a pawn. She’s too nice. Where does Christmas fall in all this? I am not convinced that the guys are with Memphis. Here is the thing if the Cody side exists and they win again .. they would probably go after Janelle and Kaysar but that is only damage control for one or two weeks. If the other side wins .. take out them. The people in the middle are going to be attempted to be snatched up. Assuming I get past this week that battle royal will start. I know that NicoleF is definitely with them. There isn’t a shadow of a doubt in my mind that she is with Cody and Tyler. I don’t know what she thinks of me. I should go to bed .. and get ready for the sh*t storm tomorrow. I better not be a f**king pawn! I feel like Cody is a straight shooter and he would have called me up there and told me if I was going up.

3:20am Nicole heads to bed.

3:25am Kaysar gets up and checks to see if anyone is in the lounge room and then goes back to bed.

3:30am All the house guests are sleeping..

7:45 am They’re all sleeping yo.

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What is it Nicole is supposed to have said to get Derrick out?

another name


Something about playing the game before they entered the house. That was the rumor.
I’m guessing based on tweet / response stuff that there was pregame alliance building.

Thing is: there was talk before 18 that was later partially substantiated on feeds that there had been pregame alliance building that included Derrick as go between and included Nicole, Cody’s narcissyphalitc brother, James and Frank (substantiated part being Nicole and James discussing their pregame alliance on feeds somewhere around the final 4).

So a suspicious conspiratorial mind might come to the conclusion that Nicole, having been party to pregame strategizing involving Derrick in the past, was aware that he would pregame strategize, and took umbrage that she wasn’t included this time, and went to production complaining it wasn’t fair?

That was the rumor, and what my tinfoil hat mind made of it.


She blew up his pregaming. I don’t think she necessarily made production take him out, but she probably made it so he was too scared to go on the show.

Anita Veto

Nicole went from being treated like a peasant last season to walking amongst Kings and Queens! Living for the Love Room Alliance of Janelle Nicole Kaysar and Ian.

Not Jason’s Holly

I haven’t had time to watch the feeds, but where is Ian? I’m guessing he’s in the background listening to everyone. I would love to see these four as an alliance! From the start, I thought Ian and Nicole A. should talk. Bringing in Janelle and Kaysar would be great! And vice versa.


I think Janelle & Kaysar really need to bring in Bay and Day, maybe even Thanksgiving (jfc can’t believe I’m saying that) and explain to them this large guys alliance + Nicole that’s forming. Impressed they’ve pinned it down correctly so far, but they’re seasoned players and know what to look for (Nicole acting weird about Cody). It’s hard cause I think the rest of the house might see them as easy targets now since they’re against a larger group, but that only gives the middle “others” 2 weeks before the Brigade/ Detonators 2.0 comes after them – would much rather see Cody/Tyler/Nicole gone next week.

Surprised Dani isn’t with the older players but that’s also how she played on S13, probably just wands to keep distance and not get associated with them.


I’m want Cody, Nicole F , Tyler gone too


Just stopping by to say, damn, Kaysar is looking good. That man is aging well. So is Janelle. Love those 2 and so glad they’re safe this week.

Week one mistakes

Didn’t Nicole A’s buddy-lover-friend Cliff on her season run his mouth to himself in that same room & end up spilling his guts unknowingly to his housemates? Foolish foolish girl she is.

another name

I’m dating myself a little here.
Started watching 3/4 of the way through season 2 if nothing else was on.
Watched 3-7 voraciously. Watched 8-12 when time permitted, but missed massive amounts of the seasons (Missed great big chunks of 9, including the winner). 13/14 was If i was off from work, but i worked nights. skipped 15.
started back watching as of 16 after finding out there were websites like this one that could keep you up to date.

That preamble was just to give you a basis for my following comments.

You can actually see the difference between Old School and New School tactical mentality this week. In early seasons there weren’t really one on ones that I remember. It was basically, that’s the hoh, they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do. There might be some discussion, but old school hoh weren’t supposed to say someone was safe / not safe.
At least that’s how i remember the earlier seasons. Example: I don’t remember the friendship going to HOH to have one on ones with Janelle.
How does this pertain? Old School mentality is if they are running up to HOH, they must be part of an alliance. New School mentality is everyone go humble yourself before the lord and master tell him your entire game plan, beg and hope he includes you in his safety circle.
This means Nicole’s crying about being “scared” of Janelle (give her some wine and let her go off if you want to be scared), and the micro scramble to come up with new targets is telling to the old school. New School in my opinion, bases it’s game play on the episode version of what happened in Old School. We all know the episode tells a very different story than the feeds.
My take: so. the target was Kaysar / Janelle. Kaysar / Janelle figured they were target. They win immunity. scramble after the fact includes: Well now we know they are working together and they are big targets. From the people that were planning to put them on the block for just that reason anyway.

Last thought. Nicole’s people in the middle dialogue. Intentionally playing from the perspective of being neutral means always having to guess what happens next because neutrals are never part of the planning. This is willfully being out of the loop. It bothers me.

The Beef

Regarding your final paragraph, I couldn’t agree more with you! Looks like Nicole A. didn’t learn anything from playing her season on BB, and appears to WANT to be a pawn or a “sheep” in the herd, rather than a true player or leader in a group making the decisions there. Maybe she feels safer that way and maybe that’s just her personality, but I would surely want to be in on the decision making and want to know who my allies were, and not want to be sitting back waiting on someone to decide when it was my time to go or to decide how useful I was to THEM as she seems to be willing to do.

Also, is anyone surprised not to hear “You CANNOT talk about PRODUCTION!” when they were discussing Derick’s absence and the fact Nicole F. had something to do with it? In other seasons it would seem that discussion may have been taboo (although I’m glad you guys were able to hear and report it to us! – THANK YOU!).

Things are moving pretty quickly in this season and that is great! I’m sure that’s because we have seasoned players in the house who know what they are doing, and I LOVE the “old school” vs. “new school” dynamic of the whole thing, although I hope it doesn’t break down entirely into an old vs. young thing. I just like the two different ways of strategizing things as “another name” described in his post. I personally think Season 6 may have been one of the best seasons ever, as far as two strong alliances who basically traded HOH’s throughout the season, and neither alliance ever wavered in their loyalty to each other. It was a truly epic battle all season long. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it highly!


Typical Cody, I knew he would be going after weaker players. Leave Kessha and Kevin alone. He has no go after a strong male


If by weaker you mean minorities then yes, he definitely targets weaker players. You know it’s going to be Kevin this week with them saying it’s because they could get Keesha out anytime (even though she is the one with a partner). And then it will be Kaysar unless he or Jennell win HOH. If the linch mob can’t come for Kaysar then it will be David or Bayleigh who go second.

Backseat Driver

I think it’s going to be a great BB22 with this mix In the house….

another name

Real world / BB world thing that isn’t making sense:
Kaycee, in a recent interview, says her doctors say she doesn’t ‘currently’ have Corona virus. Does not say she never tested positive, or has never had it. For the sake of clarity.
She says she was never invited back for bb 22. This is where i’m skeptical.
That’s not really jiving with what most of the house is saying.
I still think the issue with some of the returning players is they were supposed to go into isolation before sequester, not go out partying. You’ll have a hard time convincing me otherwise.


NF is gonna blow up her own game, she’ll throw Cody utb . She can’t roll around in bed for most of the season like she did on S18; surprised she’s unraveling so soon though..


You heard it here first, folks…

With all the talk of pre-game alliances, who said what, who’s on and off the show, who has what to prove and how…there’s a new detective in town….ME!

No Will, Dan, or Derrick…the only item to prove for any of them is to settle the case of who is the best player of all-time. If any one of them plays, they are the biggest targets, go home early, and fall out of contention for best player of all-time. Add that to their current lives outside of the house, there really is no reason to go in.

So, how do you still play the game and ensure yourself as the best of all-time? You manipulate from the outside and keep the attention on your moving pieces, and off of your hands. Derrick would have told NF that she’ll be a returning winner and target, will need to align. Of course he puts her with Cody. Tells Cody that he needs Tyler as his shield, more attention will be to eliminate Tyler before Cody. Then what pieces they need to include and how to find them…looking like this will be Day and Bay, Enzo and Memphis…

He would put them on Kaysar and Janelle. If there are any America votes to keep anyone safe, who receives more votes than either of these two, only newbie fans would think otherwise (’cause they just don’t know…). Who else beats them for AFP? No one.

Why does Derrick pull these strings? Derrick is the Godfather of BB, the mastermind of the Hitmen, he is the Don of the house. If Cody and Nicole can make it to final 2 together, one of them wins, and he can boast that he beat them both (even played the game from a la-z-boy and pulled the strings like he did in his BB16 season, living up to his billing. This is Derrick’s way to put himself over Will and Dan.

The opening night question: who was the better two-some…there was no mention of Chill-town (add in their current situation, it may be best to forget them as a duo…), and for the two runner-ups, they both would want to say that they may have gotten second, but they were beaten by the real #1.

Not everyone cares about it all, but among true competitors, it always matters.

Derrick’s social media “game”, the first about Nicole was just a smokescreen to keep away suspicion. His defense is because he needs her to be loved…


Add in, once NF hung the phone up, Derrick told Cody, “take her final 2, no matter what, then you win the votes”.


I hope that CBS talks about Ian having Autism, playing & winning this game. It could bring visibility to Autistics & show what they can do. If they handle it with respect & talk to him about how he’s feeling/doing. I say this as a mom of 3 Autistic boys, who are incredibility different than one another.

The Beef

I understand what you are saying, but I also hope they consider how Ian feels about this, and his privacy before they talk about it. Yes, he brought it up in conversation with Kaysar, Janelle and Nicole A., but do we know if that just slipped out, and how would he feel about this part of his life being broadcast across the nation on network television? I agree it would bring visibility to Autistics and Autism in general, but since we are talking about an individuals private life here, I certainly hope they consult with him before they air that conversation and before they discuss it any further on the show, UNLESS he talks about it more openly among the other house guests. Just my opinion, but I’m not disagreeing with yours at all.

another name

Who are they kidding?
Dani and Day convo.
Dani, who was hinting to multiple people that the house should target Kayar and Janelle, tells Day, who said Kaysar and Janelle are the biggest targets in the house, are telling each other that Cody wasn’t targeting them, and they wasted their shot at getting immunity.
Is this just the case of one of them knowing the targets were K/J and trying to cover the knowledge, while the other is just being oblivious and giving Cody a benefit of doubt he hasn’t earned?
The house intuitively sat back for a full day, knowing that all of the attention K/J were getting as the most senior players from a pretty substantial to bb lore season, were also prety much assured to be the first targets.
This makes little sense to me.

another name

Meanwhile Enzo is trying to get another Sausage Factory alliance together.
He and Cody are thinking David Memphis Tyler and they beast to the end.
yeah. NOOO-body would see that coming. Except everybody that can see 1/2 of it coming already.

another name

Okay. Cody has shifted the core to be cody enzo nicole dani. with tyler david memphis christmas bay day being their perimeter group. so which of cody and enzo is the devin?