Kalia warns Porsche things are going to get ugly on Monday, Porsche:”I can handle Jeff I didn’t come into this house to get bullied”

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5:30pm living room Lawon, Dani and Kalia They are whispering about who to put up. Sounds like Kalia is thinking that maybe she’ll explore another option other than Adam. Dani suggests she talk to Porsche and find out her response after you tell her who are not sure of the replacement nomination. Dani also thinks Kalia needs to talk to adam soon and find out if he went up as a pawn who would vote him out. Dani and Kalia both think that Adam is the best choice but Kalia plans on talking to some people tonight to figure things out. POrsche joins them, Kalia leaves to grab some food from her HOH basket.

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5:50pm Living room Everyone but JJ (even rachel) engaging in conversations about TV shows. Everyone is getting along. Rachel is really clinging close to Kalia. POrsche is close to Dani with her back turned to rachel and Adam/LAwon are beside each other in a side conversation. I think Lawon is laying down.
(JJ seem to have Bunker down while rachel starts rebuilding her social game, she’s coming across as normal)

6:14pm Porsche and Adam kitchen they are preparing something to eat. Adam is using a cheese grater to grate up a coconut. Porsche does a little dance to the grating sound.

Porsche sneaks some game words in for Adam. Saying that

Adam says he”s confused.. (can’t hear due to whispering)
Porsche “confused”?
Adam whispers something about Jordan.
Porsche says the whole plan was to put up Kalia and Lawon and backdoor Dani.
Adam: “Ahh gotcha comprendo”
Porsche says her short conversation with Jeff Schroeder today was the first time he talked to her in 2 days. (He was pissed at her for picking him and Shelly for the HOH comp, Porche claims she did it because they were the only 2 that didn’t have a chance to face off in it and she wanted to be fair. Taht coupled with her spending more time with DK is why Porsche has been shunned. I also think the straight shooter has shot some straight BLANK to them to about porsche)

Adam: “honestly I don’t think It made a difference.. ” (meaning they would of turned on Porsche regardless of what she did in the HOH comp”
Porsche: “I play fair”.. (She also whispers something about she can handle JJ she’s not worried)

6:30pm bedroom Porsche and Adam Porsche explains why she left the BRJJ alliance.

Porsche says that last week rachel told her to make deals with DK to keep herself off the block. She spent time in the HOH eating cheese and talking with the girls. When she went downstairs and outside to hang out with JJBR, Jeff, Brendon and rachle freaked out on her, “That got my gears turning… I didn’t come into this house to get bullied” Porsche says they were basically using her for a vote and thinking she was too stupid to actually play the game.

Porsche says rachel was talking mad BLANK about Jordan a week ago now they are best friends and they kicked me out after I have been voting with them. Porsche explains this was all because she made the deal with Dani to keep herself off the block last week and for putting Jeff and Shelly up to face off ion the HOH comp. POrsche doesn’t understand why rachel and Jeff got so mad at her she thought she’s proven her loyalty to them, She reminded Rachel that she did vote to keep brendon. Porsche brings up that she told Rachel to stop all the crazy drama in the house and she’s sure that rachel took offense to that.

Porsche has heard that rachel has been talking BLANK about Adam, Adam knows he’s starting to piece it together but he’s not worried about rachel she’s sinking fast.

POrsche says she talked to Shelly and finds out that rachel and Jeff were calling her a traitor and a floater (Drink), “this is after I voted for Brendon to stay”. Porsche thinks that something is really strange with Rachel her moods flip to such extremes and she gets so nasty and immature. adam mostly just agreeing not adding much.

Porsche brings up the other day when she walked up to rachel and told her she didn’t have to play nice to her it’s cool she would rahter rachel not be fake. . rachel replied “uhh why do you think i’m mad at you” Porsche called her out on calling her a traitor, not thanking her for voting for Brendon and for not sticking up for her when Jeff is pissed at her.
Rachel: “OHH MY GOD who said that to you that.. I’m not mad at you”

Porsche reiterates that one minute Rachel is telling her she’s their best friend in the house then the next minutes Porsche is getting dirty looks and BLANK slung at her, “I’m not here to play a catty BLANK game”.

6:50pm Living Room Adam and Shelly
Adam is going over his conversation with Porsche.. Adam says he went to say sorry to Jordan after the Have nots for “Making her drink that stuff” he’s really a nice person and doesn’t like how personal the game has become. Shelly points out that JJ are not taking whats happening for good, “There grumpy to everyone and locked up in rooms together” Adam thinks that Jeff is doing alright. Shelly disagrees says Jeff has gotten cranky. Adam defends Jeff says that they have been locked in for a long time so maybe it’s getting to him. Adam is worried because Rachel saw him talking to Prosche that she’s taking BLANK about him. Shelly: “Adam they are throwing you and Porsche under the bus right now”

Shelly says that she talked to Kalia in the storage room and she mentioned that Rachel is coming up with some good points about why to keep her in the game. Shelly adds that Kalia is talking to Rachel a lot lately and she’s getting along with her. I told Kalia “are you serious!”

7:10pm HOH Kalia and POrsche Porsche is essentially distancing herself from the JJR alliance. Kalia says that she’s trying to figure out who should go up as the pawn. She’s pretty confident that they will have the votes so it will really not matter. Kalia warns her that after the replacement nomination is picked things are going to get ugly in here. She tells porsche that she will be bombarded by JJR to flip her vote and safe rachel. kalia mentions that Rachel is the target. Kalia warns her that Jeff is going to try to intimated and bully her. Porsche tells her that Brendon scared her the most and she’s not worried about Jeff she thinks she can handle him. Kalia says if Jeff or Jordan wins HOH next week she’s going up but she’s not too worried that Jordan will win it.

Kalia is sure that Shelly will vote Rachel out, she thinks the final tally will be 4-2. Kalia wants to talk to JJ and get things figured out but they really refuse to talk to her and they are being grumpy. Kalia is hoping that after they wake up JJ will not be so grumpy and they can talk things through. Porsche is worried that if Jeff wins HOH he’ll put her and Kalia up. Kalia thinks that is a safe bet, “let me tell you something he’s not going to win HOH it’s going to be questions again”. Kalia: “I love jeff he’s a great guy but he’s not the brightest with questions”.

Porsche swear she will vote rachel out of the house.. Kalia is glad says she’s going to talk to Adam and tell him he’s most likely going up but he’s got the votes to stay.

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121 thoughts on “Kalia warns Porsche things are going to get ugly on Monday, Porsche:”I can handle Jeff I didn’t come into this house to get bullied”

        1. I would love to see the Twist being them bringing back two people instead of one. Wouldn’t that really shake up the house alittle bit? What the house needs something like this to really make it more interesting.

      1. I think more that Dani is done with Kalia now and knows that someone else will be HOH next week. She’s moving on to mold the next newbie into her puppet. Kalia’s job is no more. Dani is just a user, it makes me mad that the house guests don’t see it. She just manipulates each and every one of them. I realize that that is part of the game but that is the part that I don’t like. I don’t like to see people being manipulated by mind control. I prefer to watch them compete in challenges and obviously discuss and talk game, but to use and lie and control, that I don’t like.

        1. I wish there was someone cute for me to like. I kinda liked Matt last year but he was always jingling his junk. This year I have no one. It’s quite disappointing.

      1. I agree Cassi or Brenden! Can you imagine! I bet he would be pissed and ready to stir up the house!!
        Dom although funny, he wasn’t too smart in BB ways.
        Piss them off and bring back Brenden, Or Cassi

  1. Rachel is absolutely ridiculous with the “floater” mentality. BBAD was on in the background last night and I kept hearing her say that she respects Kalia now because she has won competitions… All she can say is competitions, competitions, competitions… She completely ignores the psychological aspect of the game. I really think that she thinks this game is about winning competitions and that’s it. She is clueless that it takes both and while she is fairly good at winning competitions she sucks at the psychological aspect. Brendon had the same mentality and now it is starting to rub off on Jordan. I’m really missing the old days when the cast were really smart and manipulative as well as athletic.

    1. I agree, but I don’t think it’s just Rachel. Every season there are people who talk about the “floaters”. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind floaters in my game, as they should be easiest to take out. I’d also like to have a floater standing next to me at the finish line, giving me a good change of winning.

      1. Really? I think floaters are the worst people to have in the house. They’re the ones people tend to underestimate. They lose comps in the beginning, then they float back and forth until they make it to final 6. Then all of a sudden they start winning comps and putting up people that were once in their so-called alliance. I’d rather know where people stand in this game, so I can’t deal with floaters.

        1. Yep, people tend to underestimate ” Floaters”! Wait for the awakening of the Dalai Lawon!!! I’ll ROFL if he’s in F2.

  2. brendon is coming back bitches! double trouble is back! better grab a life vest foaters! do you really think you can get rid of us just by evicting us you losers? america loves drama and cbs has got out back. Hahaha. we will be back again and again. welcom to the Brenchal show!!!!

  3. If by some miracle Rachael comes back and wins HOH next week, Porsche will be right up under her trying to be BFF again.

    1. Yea!!!!! Vote for Brendon x 10!!! I can’t stand porky porsche. Kahlia needs to put her up as a replacement so rachel can stay

  4. Personally, I think if Kalia is SO confident Rachel will go, and she thinks she has the votes, and she plays for her, and she wants to “prove” whatever it is to Jeff, why not put up her BFF Dani? Oh that’s right…her hand is so far up her ass controlling her she can’t

      1. Yep, it appears that the straight shooter is shooting it straight. I’d sure hate to see what she’s like when she’s shooting it crooked.

  5. Porscha says she left the JJBR alliance…did they kinda let her go because of her flakiness? And were has Lawonda been? I haven’t seen him almost all day. That is what happens when they stay up all night….they sleep the day away…..JJ are the same…haven’t seen them in awhile either

  6. Teddy Roosevelt said to speak softly but carry a big stick. Those are some wise words to be said for mainly Rachel. She would actually be one of the best Big Brother players ever if she understood the first half of that phrase. I’m not saying Dani and Kalia are really that quiet for that matter. however, they are quiet enough to basically make some friends and even gain a defection (Porsche).

    I hope Dom comes back. He can be Yoko to the growing Dani, Kalia, Porsche, Lawon Beatles crew. He will break them up. Then we can see promising solo paths out of the ringleaders Dani and Kalia, bahahah. I love that reference!

  7. Porsche is officially back in the race yo. Cut your dead wait and send Big Red out the damn door.


  8. Simon,
    Do you think a player coming back could cause an inadvertent result?

    Everybody is acting as if it will be so cut and dry when a player re-enters the game. I believe if Dom comes back, even Dani’s own alliance could turn on her because they will be the new Brenchel. And lets be honest Dani is not far from Rachel right now. She is highly-competitive, she cried the entire week for someone she has known for a couple weeks, she is marked by bad game moves, plus she is saying everyone is being so personal in the game.

    Also, I honestly believe Rachel is a new person w/o Brendon and will survive this week w/o having to play in the evicted houseguest comp. Also I think it would be better if Brendon doesn’t come back.

    1. you’re right about dom coming back and causing Dani problems with her current set of alliances. The rest i do not really agree with you on

  9. Well, it seems that no one in the house is catching on to that snake Shelly. Isn’t she the one telling Adam and Porsche that their becoming targets in the house? Isn’t Shelly the one throwing Adam and Porsche under the bus to the vets and the newbies? Someone needs to figure this out quickly before Shelly makes it to final 4.

  10. It would be a bad move for Kalia to put Jordan up as a replacement nominee. She is better off putting up Adam or Lawon and telling them they are pawns. She has less people mad at her that way and she has think that way since she can’t play next week.

    1. Totally agreed. Put Lawon or Adam in or even Porsche. Next week Jeff will be HOH! Dani will be the first Juror. Kaila is next and then Porsche.
      List of Juror members of Big Brother 13:
      Dani (1st Juror)
      Kaila (2nd Juror)
      Porsche (3rd Juror)
      Dom/Cassi or Brendon (4th Juror)
      Adam (5th Juror)
      Lawon (6th Juror)
      Shelly (7th and final Juror).
      Jeff vs Jordan (Final two)

    2. Jordan is the only nomination that will assure. Rachoe getting voted out.
      With Jordan having thrown that hissy fit Kalia now knows Jordan is already gunning for her.

      Votes to send Rachoe packing would be
      and Jeff (only to save his little girl)

      Then if necessary Kalia would break any tie.

  11. IF KALIA IS SMART…. she sould put up Jordan against Rachel, VOTE Jordan out… Jordan plays against Cassie/Dom one of them returns to the game since Jordan is weak at competitions and that will guarantee her (Kalia) and Dani’s safety for another week, because whoever comes back whether its Cassie or Dom will go against the remaining vets that is Jeff and Rachel

    comon Kalia use your brains!, Rachel is not a threat!, breaking J/J is better to her game!

    1. Agreed! I made this comment earlier on a different post on the site, but that’s pretty unlikely. Hopefully though, Kalia and Dani will catch on. They still have more than a day before the POV ceremony. I think if they don’t put up Jordan, they should at least put up Shelly. Porsche is on to her and hopefully, she tells her new alliance how sneaky Shelly is. Neither Shelly or Jordan will be able to win a competition against Cassi or Dom, though I do hope Dom is the one who is back!

      1. Exactly I will never understand how people think strong social game players just magically exit the house. The more you leave her in the more the few absolute 100 percent votes she has (shelly, Jeff) matter. Take her out give Rachel the opp to flip sides. Jeff won’t win he’ll be too pissed. Shelly will defect to ur side. Put up Jeff and Rachel with Jeff the target and boom someone on your side wins the game without a doubt. But Kalia… 1) is not the brightest 2) is scared of J/J… (I will never understand what there is to be scared of in this game. PLAY. What are they going to do yell at you… oh well yell right back)

    2. Jordan will NOT have the votes to stay, all she needs is 3 votes, that is Porsche, Dani, and Lawon or Adam , all she has to do is tell them about the plan (that Rachel is not a threat and that breaking J/J would be better) and BOOM goodbye Jordan… but all she’s thinking right now is to get Rachel out… How exactly is Rachel a threat to Kalia.. the only good thing I see about Rachel is a GOOD candidate to be sitting next tooo in the final .. you sit next to Rachel in the end, you have 500K given to you!!! its a no brainer

      1. Sitting nxt to Jordan is a no brainer/automatically $500k huh? I believe nasty Nat played that hand 2yrs ago and got stomped. You ppl hating on Jordan are clueless “she can’t win anything blah,blah, blah…She won BB11 by herself folks,you under estimate her gullableness as being weak or dumb..Cookie Monster is more dangerous than you think ppl.

  12. Everyone talks about the vets not winning any hohs or comps on their own, having the newbies throwing the competitions. Evidently they did something right, because the newbs were more then willing to throw the comps. Anyone in the BB house and throws any comps is not to smart. and deserves to be voted out.

  13. What is the logic in not putting up Jordan as the replacement? Rachael will be evicted unanimously (or at least 5-1). If Kalia puts up Adam..she is putting a lot of faith in Shelly and Porsche to vote out Rachael. Sure Porsche is having a little spat with Rachael right now but historically she has sided with BR. Shelly has historically sided with JJ. If Rachael can mend the fences with Porsche and JJ mends the fences with Shelly then they could have the votes to keep Rachael. It just seems too risky for little gain. Kalia acknowledged that if JJ wins HOH..she’s going up. So why is she putting her game at risk just to pacify JJ (who is gunning for her no matter what?). Put Jordan up and ensure one of JJR goes home (most likely Rachael).

  14. This is what I think is funny…so many people dislike Dani because of her decisions in the game…yet they love Jeff and Jordan…Jeff and Jordan are no better than Dani…I think they have a final four deal with almost everyone in that house…and they were once considering getting rid of BR too..Just like BR were considering breaking up Jeff and Jordan…it was originally there idea…Dani just tried to enforce it and then it backfired on her because they got rid of Dom…every person in that house talks about everyone and none of them are perfect…Dani just got smart and realized they already had their final four and she wasn’t going to be a part of it..come on people you should be able to add…JJ and BR equals 4 so anyone making final four deals with them is ignorant…Jeff and Jordan have never been any good at comps and Rachel wins when she wants to…so why is everyone so dang scared of them…I actually respect Dani more for having the guts to put up a veteran….was she suppose to just sit and around and let them run the house and kick her to the curb when they didn’t need her anymore..all Keff and Jordan do is talk nice to people’s faces and then bash them behind their backs…they are no better than Dani so I think people need to get off the I hate Dani train because if you ever listen to her normal conversations with people she is a great person…she is just playing the game…if you don’t you go home in this house eventually…Jeff and Jordan have went to the extreme though….I don’t get why people still love and worship them so much…Jordan was a floater and floated her way to 500,000 just because people vote on personal levels….if Dani and Rachelle leaves the house there will nothing exciting about it…do yall not see this….it will be down to who wins HOH and etc…it will be a complete bore…I say send rachel packing then let Dom get his revenge and see her all the way home…then bring Dom in the house to work with Kalia, Lawon, and Adam….then things will get interesting..I am curious to see how Jeff reacts if Dom comes back…will he try to work with him or what?? people really shouldn’t be scared of him…he is a whole lot of talk and not a lot of action…team DANI all the way..she is the only one really playing the game…and by her helping Kali she is even smarter…you have to get rid of the vets or they will win the game…duh…

      1. Shut up Rockstar. Team Dani is history. Team JJ all the way. Here is the preview:
        List of Juror members of Big Brother 13:
        Dani (1st Juror)
        Kaila (2nd Juror)
        Porsche (3rd Juror)
        Dom/Cassi or Brendon (4th Juror)
        Adam (5th Juror)
        Lawon (6th Juror)
        Shelly (7th and final Juror).
        Jeff vs Jordan (Final two)
        Non Juror: Brendon/DOM or Cassi, Rachel, Keith, Eval Dick.

    1. Seriously. Bring Dom back will be opportunity to get rid of Dani. After that Dom will get evicted again. Team JJ will get in finals and Win. Dani is really smart but not that smart. Jeff will destroy Dani. team JJ all the way.

      1. Jeff with destroy Dani, in WHAT? I get that your a blind fan, but make sense at least ONCE when you post.

        let get the facts straight here, production handed him that POV win they made sure everybody who played was players who suck in comps, if Dani played he would’ve lost, and if Rachel wasn’t still upset he would’ve lost. LIKE I SAID without production Jeff and Jordan ain’t shit, Production’s Sweethearts will always be protected.

        1. Oh here we go with production rigged it because my player didn’t win…during the HOH comp….Dani’s puppet was answering questions before Julie was a 1/4 wat through them and all I heard was how great she was at that game….”Who was the first player to………Dominic” Kalia you are correct!!!!! .give me a break with the it was rigged for Jeff

        2. The production didn’t handed or rigged. He earned it. So he won POV fair and square. So Jeff will say, you just got gotted.

      2. Do you really think that if Dom is back in the house that J/J stands a chance against them?? The momentum is on team Dani/Kalia/ and Porsche now… no way in hell Jeff and Jordan are going to pull this out.. 2 against the whole house..

  15. So I’m confused have got to see much today. I know shelly is lieing to everyone but did she completely turn on jj?

  16. What’s gonna happen is that Dom will get a chance to come back (cause America votes) and he has to beat the evicted houseguest in a competition. Rachel may beat him and get back in. Don’t get me wrong….I don’t want her to win though but also don’t want Dom back either. Dani’s eyes will just light up. Ewww

  17. Yes J&J (and the JJBR Alliance) complained about crap other people were doing while they were doing the same thing. Just the same, Dani and newbie alliances complain about stuff JJBR did while they are doing the same thing…that whole argument is a wash. They are all hypocrites when it comes to the complaining and moaning. It’s part of the game. New argument please.

    1. I think the new argument should be that JJ fans need to wake up and get a glimpse of reality….Danielle made the biggest move so far in this game…she was smart by doing it…her timing may have been off, but she was smart….I just thinks its ridiculous that everyone is so in love with JJ that they hate everyone else in that house for simply playing the same game JJ and them are….they aren’t going to invite America to their wedding or anything…and they probably won’t come to everyone’s door and give ya an autograph…just sayin..

      1. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves – when fans are so devoted to their favorite(s), that they can’t even form an objective opinion or feedback. Yes, I have been a fan of Jeff, but you can look back and see most of my comments or feedback on here is based on strategic game play of any various player. I have had both good and critiquing comments on Dani’s game play. I hated Evel Dick his season, but can be objective enough to admit that he was a good player and deserved to win. The biased comments drive me crazy. No need to convince me of that.

        1. pisses myself laughing at ilovejeff !!! OMG Your handle is ilovejeff. Really? I think you need to reread what you just wrote. You are talking about yourself.

          1. I’ve had this handle 2 years and didn’t see the point of changing it and I think it’s humorous. Just because it’s my handle means I would automatically not have an objective opinion? That’s like saying I agree with my husband 100% just because he’s my husband. I DO have a mind of my own. I’m a Leo after all. lol

        2. I honestly don’t particularly have a favorite…I was just making a statement about a majority of big brother fans out there…I didn’t direct it directly towards you….I normally don’t have favorites in this game….I just enjoy watching and cheer on those that are playing the best game….because in the end I am not getting any richer by it and I am still the same person I was yesterday…..I am not just this hardcore Dani fan that is going to greet her with roses or something….I don’t even know the girl personally…I like Adam, Lawon, Kalia, and Dani…..I am allowed to voice my opinion and if people don’t like it then fantastic..they don’t have to read it…this show is just my guilty summer pleasure…trust me I will still be as happy as I am today for the rest of the summer if the game doesn’t turn out the way I hope….

        3. Sorry to bring the facts to you, l but 95% of posts supporting BRJJ are extremely BIAS including a lot of yours.

      2. I honestly don’t even think her timing was off. The stupid move was on B/R. They should have kept the fact that she tried to pull a fast one on J/J in their back pocket, stayed in Dani’s good graces until they saw who won HOH then blasted her out of the water when the time is right. J/J/B/R get drunk off their own power and play awful games. They are the absolute worst players ever. They gained nothing buy giving Jeff a heads up and then Brendon decides to be mr big bad bully as if that helps end result he and Rachel go home 1, 2. He said that Dani sealed her fate… no buddy you have that backwards.

      3. Wedding! What Wedding?

        I think the JJ partnership is a Showmance Meal Ticket and
        Not A Real Romance.
        Disillusionment is awaiting JJ Showmance Fans, Big Time!!!

  18. Kalia should put Jordan up as a pawn (yes, I know she said she would never do that, but JJ pretty much said she is their #1 target, so that pretty much cancels that deal). She could also talk Jeff into not using the POV, saying he was only up there to win it and he won’t be going home.

    JJ are BOTH already pissed at her, so she isn’t making the situation worse by pissing yet another house guest, AND it ensures Jeff votes the way she wants to get rid of Rachel.

    If she puts up anyone else, she exposes herself to the risk that someone flips and the pawn goes home.

    …and if the impossible happens and Jordan gets voted out…oh well, that just breaks up another couple and evens things out a bit.

    1. Thank you…I don’t get why the house guest are keeping a couple in the house…they will just take each other…it’s insane to me..and no cassi can’t catch Dom….I want Dom to win….

    1. If people keep splitting their votes between the good Dom and Cassi…i’m afraid the evil Brendon can slowly creep up through the middle. :( Cassie is awesome but I really think Dom would have a better shot at winning the come back competition.

    2. thats because nobody wants another showmance with dom and dani they want a rachel cassie dual to get back in house

  19. It would be funny if Kalia put up either Shelly or Adam and Rachel was able to rally enough votes to stay…then America votes Dom back and he would surely beat Shelly or Adam…Dani or Lawon win HOH and then they take out Jeff…he has to go because without him there to scream and threaten everyone Jordan and Rachel are useless. He is so mean and tries to use his intimidation tactics.

  20. Yo, I gotta vote some more. Cassie can’t comeback and help CSL (Shelly) anymore. Gotta get Dom in their again. Grenades!!!!!

  21. I hope Porsche goes up and gets voted out. Just ’cause it’d be awesome to see the look on Rachels face when either Dom or Cassie comes back into the house. GOLD!!

  22. Haha – love this. Jeff’s in the kitchen cooking and just told some of the others there’s a new rule. If you put him up on the block you can’t touch his food. LMAO – I wish he would stick to that rule.

  23. Ok, this is how I feel, I know I am gonna get some haters. Rachel has to go, Dani is playing a great game NOW..Jordan and Jeff have to calm down, Shelly is doing what she has to do to stay in the game (lying,backstabbiing and whatever) Kalia has to play her game, not Dani’s..Adam and Lewan have to win something, but then who knows if that is their game play (no threat).

    1. Pretty much agree with you. Shooting straight, I think that Shelly has a good chance at getting to final 2 if she can keep her BS up and not get caught. So far, she’s done a pretty good job. Whether I like her strategy or not, if it gets her to the end, she deserves it because she’s done it well (thus far).

  24. I just don’t get why Jeff is such a bully to women. He is so mean sometimes. Urrrrrghhhh! He annoys me sometimes.

  25. CSL does have the best chance right now. Everyone thinks she is on their side. She has JJ convinced she is playing just so they can win. She doesn’t win ANYTHING!! And who doesn’t know what a yam is?? Come on everyone is saying how much of a competitor they are, but they are so STUPID!! All of them don’t realize CSL is the rat in the house. Can’t wait for them to see it on DVD like she said…she is shooting straight s**t and no one can smell it. If she wins more power to her!!

  26. The smart thing to do is to replace Jeff with Jordan to ensure he votes Rachel out of the game. Anything else is a risk as JJ want to stay in the game and will figure out a way to possibly keep Rache..

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