Big Brother – Jeff Targets Dani If he wins HOH, Jeff: “You trick me week ONE do you think I forgot YOU STUPID B!TCH “

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3:54 Purple room JJ Jeff says when he wins HOH next week he’s putting up 2 floaters (Drink). This is what he’s been telling Dani but his plan will be to backdoor her. Jeff: “You trick me week ONE do you think I forgot YOU STUPID BITCH “.
Jeff brings up how they need rachel to come back or Porsche to be evicted this week. Jordan: “it seems like we are the only ones that thinks someone is coming back” Jeff tells her it’s because they need rachel to come back or they lose another person on their side, “there winning right now so they don’t care”. Rachel joins them says that Prosche is with DK 100%, Jeff and Jordan agree. Jeff adds that Porsche is a super flaoter (Drink). rachel: “super duper floater (drink)” rachel reminds them that if they would of won the HOH Porsche would be with them right now. Jeff comments about how stupid Prosche is .. Feeds cut…

Rachel has talked to Kalia but she doubts there will be anything done becuase Dani is controling the HOH and Dani wants her gone. Rachel’s only chance is to get Proche up. Jeff thinks they should try and talk to Dani tonight. Rachel says if they can get Porsche evicted there is no way America would vote her back in.

Rachel adds that she’s really confident that the Viewers want to see more drama and bring her back. Rachel thinks that the “Viewers” are probably “going crazy” because the floaters (Drink) got rid of brendon then rachel back to back. rachel wonders why dani seems to not worry about the twist. She suggests they get Dani to start worrying about the twist and then they’ll be more inclined to put up a floater (They talk like Dani has the HOH, rachel is surprising me she’s acting semi normal and is actually thinking of viable strategies to stay in the house )

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4:26pm Backyard Lawon, Jordan, Shelly, POrsche, Dani Adam is talking about how he’s going to shave off his goate for Thursday and save it in a bag. dani thinks that is the weirdest thing. Adam says when he shaved off his pony tail he stored it in a bag and still has it aht home.
Adam jokes “It’s the Adam show”

Dani whispers “I can’t wait to have alcohol tonight”
Adam: “Hopefully they don’t give us 3 beers and a bottle of wine”
Dani wants 2 bottles of wine and 6 beers.. adam doubts they’ll give them that much.
.. We here a song in the background it’s coming from outside the Big BRother house (I think it’s Rihanna) they start laughing as Adam does a “club” dance Feeds get cut…. 4:44pm feeds still cut.

4:48pm Feeds back they are all inside lockdown. There is something going on out side the Big bRother house so production hauled them inside until it’s over. Everyone seems bummed that they didn’t get to listen to the music…

5:00pm Adam, JJ and Rachel There talking Vegas and bourbon…

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192 thoughts on “Big Brother – Jeff Targets Dani If he wins HOH, Jeff: “You trick me week ONE do you think I forgot YOU STUPID B!TCH “

  1. If BRJJ were to play with the past Big Brother greats, or even a group of GOOD newbie players – they would get their clock cleaned. This house really is full of idiots.

      1. and now they’ll probably find a way to bring back brendon they might as well just kick everyone out of the house already and just keep BRJJ if that what they are planning anyways. This show used to be way better, not its turning into WWE

  2. Rachel seems like a different person when Brendon is not there. She obviously thinks more clearly without them there and plays much better. I’d like Cassie to come back up and team up w/ J/J/S/A and take out Dani and her minions.

    1. R may have sporadic moments of clarity but, let’s not get carried away. Remember her meltdown yesterday! She’s a ticking time bomb, just waiting to go off. I’m hoping Dom comes back as he would have the best chance of beating and getting R out once & for all.

      1. I don’t think we have seen enough of Cassi to determine her competitive level. She hasn’t played in any POV’s and she threw her first (of 2) HOHs. Vote Cassi!

  3. Oh my word, Rachel does sound like she is being half way normal! If she would just stop whinning at Shelly, she might actually have a chance to slightly change her image. Im not a Rachel fan, but I am a drama-rama fan, so I hope Rachel somehow gets the votes to stay and SOMEHOW Brendon gets the votes to compete back in….. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE DRAMA?!?!?! Amazing BB TV that would be….

    1. We have been watching B & R for the most part. They have to cause drama and be the center of attention. At least Brendon is out of the house………. for now.

  4. So do Brendon and Rachel get to come next season too? Afterall it’s good TV right. Imagine if profession sports and REAL competition would just bring back team or player after they’ve been eliminated just because it’s good TV.

  5. Ok. So I’m slowly but surely getting tired of Jeff, Rachel, and dare I say it – Jordan. I used to think Jordan was such a sweetheart, but BAM. The true colors come out. I find it hilarious and ridiculously annoying that these three jokers (2 of whom I used to root for -JJ) are talking so much shxt about Dani and Kalia. Like…it’s cool to Play the game and all that but seriously…they think everyone is “stupid” just cause they’re losing.

    Jeff and Jordan’s biggest mistake = Teaming up with Rachel. They’ve been infested with her utter grossness in character.

    Team Dani-Kalia-Porsche.

        1. Uh…Dani called Jordan stupid when she didn’t pick Rachel for TV time with the Hoff…

          Oh and Rachel stupid for not backdooring Jeff.

          IT’S. A. GAME!!!

        2. Very true. Very true indeed. Basically, all these people have bad-mouthed someone at some point. I just can’t stand the fact that Jeff and Jordan can dish it but can’t take it. The vets were in power the first few weeks and bullied everyone around to further THEIR game play. Now that they’re not in power, they wanna mope around and be mad at “the other side” calling Dani the leader with the sheep. I see this as a clear pot calling kettle black extravaganza.
          And although I like(d) JJ, they need to stop condoning Rachel’s idiotic behavior if they’re gonna talk shxt behind her back. That’s how people like Rachel never see what they’re doing wrong. Cause ppl like JJS egg it on to their face but bash it behind their backs. Hot mess.

          I was hoping Jeff, Jordan, Dani and Kalia (and hopefully Dom) would team up secretly at some point…but doesnt look like THATS gonna happen =( But then again, you neve know.

    1. You are like a ton of other people. Ya’ll have to understand, just cuz someone is nice and sweet doesn’t mean they are gonna take crap and not stand up for them self’s and be used like a tool

      1. I’m nice, sweet, polite and very considerate of other people. Yet, I don’t go around bullying people because someone pissed me off. Holding grudges is one thing; intimidating people, that’s unacceptable! Besides, when you come to a game like BB, you have to know that it isn’t gonna be a nice summer ride: you’ll be put for nominations and newsflash, you might go home every week. So I really don’t get why a couple of people who have already won 500K+25K+10K are acting like this. Greedy that much? Well, the other HG are greedy too.

        1. Exactly. And thats why I voted in Dom. He is a good person and I think it’s fair. Brendon has already had 2 chances and he still has Rachel in the game whos also had 2 chances.

          1. nicky, how can u tell that dom is a good person? when all he has done is lay around with dani and play with her hair and anything else that she lets him play with. that is all he has done in this game. oh, let me guess, u think that he is cute, so that makes him a good person? WRONG, he’s a douch bag with no game!!!

    2. Cos Dani and Kalia don’t right?! Lol. It’s part of the game. People are going to bitch and moan about whatever side their not on. They’re all annoying.

    3. I agree, though I understand the logic when the vets teamed up together. I used to like JJ as well, but this season has ruined my feelings towards them. Too bad.

    4. Thank you for saying that about Jeff. I was wondering if I was the only person that could see Jeff and Jordan for who they really can be. They are not good players and Jordan won by being a sweet dumb little girl,, I did like them but seeing them this time changed my mind, I wonder how they get the power to know everything and Jordan can not stay on track with her own thoughts, Will someone on CBS team remind these people this is a game not a meet and greet session. They are thinking that since they are the Vets everyone should play for only them to win. They talk as if they are so good.. Remember how they talked smack when they had HOH.. I am glad the tables turned for more play action.. This is just my thoughts on the game.

  6. Lawon and Adam will float to the top and win. all these personal vendettas. no one seems to be playing strategically. everyone has let their emotions get in the and all logic and reason has flown out the door

  7. I hate how Jeff bashes Dani SO much. She made a legit game move. Just because it screwed the vet’s game doesn’t mean she’s a bad player. I hope CBS starts to show JJ the way they are. I’ve lost so much respect for JJ this week. Even though Jeff won the veto they get all mad when they are brought up as potential noms, but they can nominate anyone when they’re HoH. I hope Kalia puts up Jordan and Rachel gets to stay, I’ll take Boy George sans Brenda than BR I mean JJ.

    1. It would def be smart to backdoor Jordan. JJR had the Brigade thing going with a core alliance and three tangentials A/S/P. Dani and Kahlia have already converted Porsche if they took out Jordan they’d have Shelly firmly on their side. Adam would float back in line. I don’t know why they call Lawon a floater I’m pretty clear he’s always been with Kahlia and now Dani. If you take out Jordan that breaks up the glue that holds the other side of the house together and Jordan’s the only one with the social game to threaten to pull back Porsche and Shelly from your alliance to the other side. Without Jordan Rach and Jeff would just be irate lambs being lead to the slaughter. But Kahlia’s no genius so…

  8. YAWN!!!! Finding the feeds a bit boring today….but is this the calm before the storm???? I must admit tho it is good to see JJRA sitting around chatting about things other than game play…

  9. When they say ‘super duper floater,’ then one ahoukd gave to chug their drink. Maybe a rule for just the beer drinkers.

  10. Vote for BRENDON!

    As “trashy” as people may say Rachel and Brendon are why do you think the ratings have been on the rise lately? People are addicted to Jersey Shore for the same reason their train wrecks but drama is entertaining!

    We need drama, I want to be entertained this summer! Not bored to death with a room full of sheep and their master, Dani the Tranny.

    1. The rating are up because everyone wants to see the bullies get what they desere nothing more, nothing less. Everyone wants to see BR out of the house with JJ right behind due to them screwing up their own game. Viewers enjoy seeing the underdogs triumph over the douchebags. Happens every year.

      1. Good point. But Dani has been portrayed as the villain in this game. Kalia is also being given a similar edit. It’s not completely their fault. They might not outwardly yell at someone. But they play the victim, bitch and moan about J/J/B/R and have are just as annoying. I was excited for Evel this season but he left. Cassi was the only newbie with a brain. Please don’t mention Dom…overrated, boring and token. But now that they’re gone, it’s hard to support a side. I’m not a J/J or Brenchel fan but this house will stagnate if Brendon doesn’t come back or if Rachel is gone. Trust me…CBS knows this.

        1. I really hope Adam wins this game. I said Hayden would win week 1 last year and he did just that. Hopefully Adam can make it 2 for 2.

      2. The ratings are up too because TV viewers are tired of reformulated American Idol style talent competitions dominating the other channels. So it’s really not a lot competing with BB. Granted hardcore fans will chose BB regardless of what else is on.

        I hope CBS doesn’t interpret the ratings increase to mean people want to see more of these tragic love stories like B/R played out in this game.

        1. Sorry BB4Me. If you love or hate them, it means ratings. Everyone hated Natalie but yet the ratings soared. Same with Rachel and Brendon last year. Love to hate and that means high ratings and millions of people watching and screaming at their tv sets.

        2. one thing that doesn’t equal ratings is J/J and CBS so conveniently forgets that it was actually Chima’s flip out and Russ vs Chima that brought in the ratings that year. Yes J/J got the good guy girl edit but no one was watching that year until chima and Russ flew off the handle.

      3. No Kahlia is getting a great edit for the past 2 weeks actually. Brendon looked crazy yelling at them. Also the Rachel you’re an idiot line works great for danielle’s edit cause no one likes Rachel. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dani’s the most popular this year. Considering how J/J really act they always are getting a good edit but its not the GOD edit they got last time around.

      4. Who is everyone? I personally wanna see Kalia stop so fast and Dani’s head go up her ass…without her ED there,Dani is a normal player and only has her flock of sheep a cpl more wks.Kalia already mentioned about Dani being for Dani…bet within 3 wks Dani will be a Rachel jr…total trainwreck.

  11. Tricked him week 1? Am I missing something? Oh I hope JJ and Rachel’s ideas backfire on Thursday night. They keep saying whoever leaves that night will just be reentering the house. They say that whatever the twist is, it’ll be good for them. I’m voting Dom as much as possible. I’d vote for Cassi, but I’m not sure if she could beat Rachel. Just saying…..

    1. Did Julie not say that whom ever gets evicted this week may have the chance to COMPETE to get back into the house or am I thinking of another show? If they do get the chance to compete doesnt mean they will be coming back into the house…it means that whom ever is evicted this week gets to compete with one of the previously evicted housegets to get back into the house. The houseguests seem to think that whom ever gets evicted this week doesn’t leave…that is the impression that I am getting anyway…So they MAY BE leaving depending on if they win the competition with the previously evicted player. It would be kinda funny if Rachel does get evicted and she has to compete with Brendon to stay in the house. I bet Brendon throws it to her again.

      Maybe I am wrong on how I interpretted the twist….will just have to wait and see.

        1. No, you got it right. Whomever is evicted will go against whomever American chooses in a competition, to be able to return into the house. BTW, I’m not saying Dom is the sole person whom I’d want to return, but I personally want Rachel out, and if she goes against Cassi she has more of a chance of returning. I’m just tired of her. Not tired of the drama in itself though.

      1. The HGs were only told that the evictee may come back into the game. That’s it. So they don’t know how and in what manner.

    2. Dom is an idiot and he can’t win a competition. Hell, I would love to see America vote him just si I could watch Rachel beat the crap out of him and get back in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I do think he is capable of winning a competition. He did win a POV, and potentially could have won another. He only left on week 3. Geez. I do give Rachel props cuz she can be fierce on competitions.

  12. Jeff looks like a snail on that pic. And why is he always called to the DR? Arghh!!! CBS’s gonna shove him down our throats…AGAIN! I bet they’re the ones who told him that he had to check his behavior: too loud, cursing too much, going off too often.

  13. Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey… I 4 years old!

    What a douche. He needs to take his own advice and turn around to yell at the ones responsible for the bd plan…. Rachel (with Brendumb)

      1. Everyone sees it. It’s just a reality that some refuse to publicly admit to. Delusional fans of JJ are the same as delusional fans of BR.

      2. Dom is the douche!!! I can’t wait to see Rachel beat his ass and comes back in the house!!! Now that is a great game!!!!

    1. He already said that! He told her he wants the floaters out, but will backdoor her. I can’t stand her. She rode on her dad’s coat tail when she was on before!!

  14. All the people voting for Cassie because they think it will create good drama between her and Rachel are delusional because Rachel will be out of the house already. It’s a waste of a vote.

    1. I agree, but I also don’t see the point in voting Dom back in without B/R in the house. He was terrible, worst alliance ever, thr POV. So who is left to bring back ? Brendon ?

      1. Bring Brendan back and really stir up the house!! Get Dani off her high horse and show her how a game really should be played!!

        1. I would say Brendon is coming back. I dont think its a coincidence CBS thru this twist in when JJ/BR were in jeopardy of leaving.

  15. funny shit

    TAROT ROOM Jeff asks Rachel about where she worked in Vegas and what she did. Rachel tells Jeff and Jordan how she made over 1000 dollars a day in tips in Vegas. They ask how, Rachel says cocktail waitressing. They tell her to show them how she did it. Rachel is acting like Jeff and Jordan are in her bar in a VIP Cabana with a $4000 minimum. They have a private cabana just for the two of them. She walks out and right back in and starts her sales spiel. Hey!!! I’m Rachel! She gets on the bed with them. Jeff: You get up on the bed with them? Rachel: Yes . . . Do you like the cabana? Where are you guys from? Jeff: Minnesota Jordan: Florida. Rachel: Wow I LOVE Florida. Do you ever go to Miami? It is so fun!!! Jordan: No. Rachel: Well . . . what are we celebrating?? Jeff: My brother won the lottery. Rachel: WOW! Great!! Where is he? (LOL) Jeff: He died in a car wreck and left me all the money. That is how I bought her – and points to Jordan. Rachel: Great!!! Well she is sure worth it!! Let’s celebrate. Should I bring you a bottle of Rose’ Dom (champagne)? Do you like sweet champagne?? It is so yummy. Jeff and Jordan: Okay. Rachel: Great! Should we do a few shots before just to get the party rolling?? Jeff and Jordan: Okay. How about some Patrone??? It is so good and smooth. Jeff and Jordan: Okay Rachel: Great!! I will bring a bottle. Jeff: A whole bottle? Rachel: Yeah it is better that way. Jeff: Okay Rachel: Great!!! Jeff: Can we get some snacks? Sure says Rachel I will hook you up then. Jeff and Jordan: Okay. Rachel: Okay as of right now – your bill is $6500.00. Jeff and Jordan: WHAAAAT????? Rachel adds it up. Some bottles of Patrone are $4500.00 Jeff says No way For a bottle that probably costs fifty bucks at the liquor store. And people just pay it? Rachel says Yeah. Jeff asks Do they know who much it was? That is a car. Rachel says They see a menu. I don’t just charge them whatever I think they can pay. Jordan still looks stunned. Did we have to pay for snacks? Jeff asks.
    Did you just have one cabana? Rachel – No you have four. Adam and Porsche have joined. That is ridiculous says Jeff. Porsche is defending the deal as well. Rachel talks about having big groups. Porsche says Sometimes your bill is just 2000. Rachel says One night she had four party cabanas and each had a minimum of 10,000.

  16. Jeff can’t count any better than he can spell. Wondering if JJ shouldn’t be the Short Bus alliance. Throw Rachel in there, name still applies. Or Team Entitlement. Seriously CBS, you can do better than these 3 losers for ratings. Even past houseguests think these 3 are a joke. don’t believe me, watch Dick at Night and you can hear it from them yourselves. I prefer to see Dani win, but anybody winning is better than the 3 stooges (Jeffy, Hoe, and Dingy) winning. I know the Brenchel drones will say its good TV, well its not. Its no more good TV than fingernails down a chalkboard is good music.

  17. I was talking to my suite mate and she said that when Cassi left the BB house, She hinted that she might not be done yet.. Does anyone recall her saying that?.. I don’t remember that at all but she swears by it.

    1. She said it in her exit interview (done online due to her being sequestered). has the transcripts of the exit interviews aswell as the HOH blogs posted.

    1. Dom is boring and overrated. He won’t add to the game. Hammocking it up is not a strategy. And CBS won’t have just J/J versus the house. Brendon is coming back.

      1. He’s overrated??? WHAT

        How does that make any sense, he’s the only logical choice to bring back into the house he’s going to add to the game and compete Cassi wont win shit and Brendon isn’t coming back, there isn’t else is there to vote for.

        Vote DomX10!!!!


  18. Why does Dani feel she has the right to go into the HOH room when Kali isn’t there? She goes in and lays on the sofa or the bed, turns on the tv monitor and watches while Kali is out in the backyard…….Dani is dilusional(?) She must think she is still HOH seeing she is calling the shots.

      1. Yes I can see that but if it was my HOH room I would be locking the door when I left. It seems that HOH doesn’t get any privacy at all. What if they want to take a nap and people keep coming on and out….like they do now? Kali did say that Dani and her are friends but if it came down to it she would have to do what is best for her(Kali) game play and would put up Dani…..was in a few updates back….I think she was talking to Lawonda…

  19. donavon

    please read carefully before speaking to quickly jeff never said he would put dani on the block/ jeff said he will put up two floaters then backdoor her

    had my girlfriends 15 more of them voted for brendon they voted ten times i love it


  20. Someone needs to put on some balls and get into it with Jeff the bully. His bullying and threats are very ugly. If Kalia was smart, she would tell Jeff about her “deal” with never to put up Jordan, but with the bullying and threats and ugliness that JJ are showing her, that deal is no good. Plus, Jordan refuses to go and even talk to Kalia – that should “unseal” the deal. To ensure enough votes for a Rachel eviction, Kalia needs to stop kissing up to Rachel and focus on logic. She needs to put up Jordan or Shelly to ensure enough votes. And she needs to tell Jeff that his bullying does not guarantee that he wins HOH next week because he normally sucks at comps, and tell him his social game sucks lately and he and Jordan have lost the “sweetheart” image in the house and with America. No one likes a bully – see what happened to asshole Brendon. Go Team Dani!!

    1. Intimidation is part of the game play. What do you think Dick would be doing? Man, the JJ haters are out in force tonight.

    2. Dani knows how to bully pretty good as well. She tried bullying Rachel and Brendon , remember she wanted them to put up Jeff and Jordan. also, you remember the threats about taking out Dom, Dani said it wasn’t personal, But oh, it was very personal

  21. Why would anyone vote Cassi back in the house, because shes hot??? That’s stupid, to get Rachel mad is even more stupid. Someone has to take out Jeff Dom will help with that once Rach is out of the house.


      1. Dom already won a veto and Rachel is great when ppl throw her the competition (Dick and Daniele threw first hoh, Keith and Porsche threw pov, and brendan threw secon hoh) amazing competitor right there

      2. He won the veto and took himself off the block once already what are you talking about, and do you think Cassi has a better shot at beating Rachel?

  22. Glad to see Jeff being the mature one (sarcasm). Hope Kalia is smart and puts up Jordan. Sends Rachel out and the rest of America is smart and votes Dom! Then Dom kills Boy George in the comp. Comes back in and goes right after JJ. Grenades yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Because being disfuctional is irrational, being in the non- reality of the now is not consistent with the real person so therefore a person who can only be able to live in a desfuctional inner world such as what she has needs help

        1. LOL. DSM, you do realize that if what you’re saying should apply to any reality TV contestant because TV is a non-reality world. Who in his/her “right” mind would agree to go on national TV, to live in a human zoo/circus, with no contact with any kind of reality what-so-ever? If Dani is dysfunctional, so are the other players!

          1. I meant: “DSM, you do realize that if what you’re saying IS TRUE, IT should apply to any reality TV contestant because REALITY TV is a non-reality world.” The whole concept of reality-TV is an oxymoron; that’s why it’s so entertaining.

    1. Dani reminds me of this one girl I know. Tremendous flirt like Dani, also small and cute. Flirts with guys and tries to attach herself to her guy of the moment, only to use him for some purpose. She doesn’t form any real emotion to the guy and can walk away at any time when she doesn’t want him anymore. That’s how I see Dani and I think she has already used not only Dom, but also Rachel to take care of Cassi and is now using Kalia to get rid of Jeff. She is a dangerous girl, but she can get away with it because she’s a great manipulator and is really a fun girl otherwise.

  23. Dam Right! Jeff, please win HoH next week. Put Dani and Kaila up and send Dani back home. Then target porsche next. Justice will be served.

        1. yea if production gives it to him, just like they made sure everybody who played in the POV sucked in comps, he had no competition, if Dani was chosen he would’ve lost, sorry to bring the facts to you but with p[production JJ ain’t shit. At least you can say Brendon and Rachel most of not every comps they played in, JJ got shit handed to them, LIKE I SAID they’re nothing more than Floaters with Benefits Production’s Sweethearts.

        2. Am I the only one who remembers that season!? Jordan and Jeff never won anything. He was literally handed a power and he still loss They are terrible players Jeff is dumb as rocks if there is anything intellectual I’m betting on Dani, Rachel, Dom,… or Adam and Shelly if they are stupid enough not to throw it.

    1. because he’s been at home watching the feeds ever since he left, he wold have a huge advantage and be able to wipe the floor with everyone in the house, whichx would be tons better than anything we’ve already seen.

      1. OMG! That would be the biggest and BEST twist if they let him back in the house. Talk about drama and entertainment

  24. how dont u like jeff. he is pretty cool guy he is just how he speaks jeff is jeff from chicago how he speaks same jeff aslast season he just paired with the worst couple in history but it was a forced thing not wanting it and first week where talking about when they get close to the end drop them off and racheal isnt as bad when brendons there dani is playing bad gaame and and kalia is sooo annoying i hope por goes up then goes home then cassi beats her cassi gets the hoh puts dani and racheal up and then see hwere everyone really is

  25. Rachel’s going to come back, and if she gets evicted again then she’ll come back again, and then Brendon is going to come back and if he get eviced then he’ll come back again and again and again

    1. Hahaha..unfortunately you are probably right. How many sequels to ‘Halloween’ and ‘Friday the 13th’ are there? B/R will challenge those numbers.

  26. I don’t know why I’m always amazed but I am when I hear Rachel and Jeff talk like they run this show. They are going to make Kalia think she has power,really? She technically does until she gets screwed over by Production.

    Again I say this, Jeff is only a bully because he’s surrounded by weak men and easily intimidated women.

    1. Exactly its funny to see how people show their insecurities in this game. Jeff targeted Dom from day 1 because he was a strong male who would go after him. B/R did his dirty work they should have thrown Jeff under the bus and would have were this a real game but B/R are worried about their reputation and just want to sycophant off of J/J’s perceived popularity.

      1. Sorry TJ…but strong male and Dom do not belong in the same sentence….strong male that still lives with mommy…I say he’s a princess in real life!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I agree BB4Me. Jeff is an ass and a major bully. Jordon does not know the difference and thinks this kind of behaviour is okay. It’s not. He is horribly mean to her. She just doesn’t know

  27. The JJ think that Kalia isn’t intelligent enough to know that they think she is below them and Jeff is going around calling them woman names. Even Rachae who was on her side he call her names. Everyone woman up there he called them a name. He feel that him and Jordan should win everything because CBS wants it that way. Jordan won half a mil and he won 10k.

    1. Production’s Sweethearts are handed everything, they haven’t earned shit. at least you can say Brenda and Psycho earned most of not all of the comps they won, their only downfall if their immaturity to the rest of the house.

  28. Jeff is chill. The real bully is the snide “blah blah blah and literally literally literally” Dani who treats Kalia as her houseboy. She’s mean as a snake and her endless nervous tics are annoying as crap

  29. I find it HILARIOUS that if you make a “big move” in the house, your considered an idiot,stupid,evil,playing personal, ect, but if you make the “easiest moves” your a genius, strategic master, and the best player in big brother history.

  30. why does everyone say kalia will get screwed by production? they bring back a hg from eviction almost every year. you usually don’t know it’s coming until it happens either. i would say it would be smart to always think that it can happen when you’re the reason someone leaves. and why all the jj bashing? they are no worse with talking about people and calling them names than anyone else ( with the exception of lawon). honestly dani has pretty much been the worst all season. dani is also a bully. alot of the ideas of bullying the other hg came from her when she was still all in – in the vets. it cracks me up the people who say jjr are so bad talking about and calling names to others and then say go dani when she’s the same

  31. who is gonna take out lawon or can we pencil his ass in the final3 fn floaters reminds me of last 3 years kevin nat jordan lane enzo hayden

  32. I’m starting to wonder if Jeff & Jordan are really dating. They’ve been together for just under 2 yrs and, for two people who have been sequestered in a house as long as they’ve been and, game play aside, they rarely show any signs of affection. Don’t get me wrong, BR were the other (nauseating) extreme and, I’d hate to have a double dose of that but, JJ don’t even see each other outside the house more than twice a month I heard. Starting to wonder if they’re actually dating.

        1. I agree DR. I really think Jeff is gay. He is a little too metro-sexual for my taste. If he was gay that would be cool. I loves me some gay boys. However I’m not understanding why Jeff is such an arse to women. Most gay men love women

          1. Rockstar maybe he’s just an ass. Think Jordan is more of an irritation to him than someone he’s attracted to. Either way, I don’t see them sticking together much longer.

  33. IF they’re gonna bring anyone on the show bring Boy George that way we can prove once and for all that without makeup Psycho do resemble him…….

  34. Time for JJ fans to jump of the ship now its sinking. You guys have been drinking too much koolaide. face it jeff is a douche ,jordan is his toy. I’m sick of him being rude to the women. he cussed jordan his woman, shelly ,dani.,and kaila out. He’s really a class act!! Not!

  35. I think it’s terribly amusing that Rachel thinks the “viewers” will be mad that Brendon, and likely her, got/will get voted out consecutively. I personally, will cheer rather loudly, as she is the only reason that I would consider not watching the show. She annoys me so much, same as last year… I cheered so loud when she got the boot last year. Can’t wait for it to happen this year…

    As for the twist, I’m not picky, as long as it’s either Dominic or Cassi, it’ll be a good stir-up, I think.

  36. Everyone’s talking about how Jordan was such a sweetheart and showed her true colors when she threw the fit.. Uh, does no one remember her fights with Russell? I love Jordan because she’s a sweetheart WITH spark! Unlike Rachel, she knows how to control herself!!

  37. Jeff hit the nail on the head with his usual economy of language: “There’s something wrong with her. I don’t like her.”

  38. Oh come on… every one knows Reality show rule #314
    If you do it someone you are making a strategic move in the game, if another player does it you they are obviously an evil, child of Satan that is doing this to you because they want to disrupt the balance of good and evil.
    This goes with reality show rule #319
    It is only wrong if someone does it to you.

    Kalia get over it and wake up. You and Dani are the tops of the JJ Beast list, mo matter what you do, …. put up Jordan at the very least it is one less body on the other side. At best the Beast is gone.

  39. Why are people wanting Jeff out of the game? For pity sake people start picking on Lawon, he hasn’t done dittleee poop but strut around the place and laugh.

      1. Rockstar we know you love yourself some gay boys as you said in one of your comments…but dude c’mon Lawonda has done jack in this game.He switch’s faster than boy george flips out.

  40. Contrary to what people think, Dani is pretty much in this game alone. She turned her back on the vets for Dom. Now he’s gone. The vets want her out. Dani thinks she is in so good with the newbies, but once it gets down to 5 people, they will get her out because she is a vet. So, the way I see it, Dani f’cked up big time with trying to get BR to turn on JJ. Dani is stupid and will not win BB. Depending on if Rachel stays and if Brendon comes back, a newbie very well might win because let’s be honest, JJ won’t make it to final two without a little help from BR and/or production.

  41. Everyone in the house is playing a game. shit gets to them, they get paranoid, act crazy. In the end a lot of them will laugh about it. I remember when jeff was evicted in s11, he and russell were in a roller coaster together in the house but when they met up in the jury, there were no hard feelings

  42. Oh boo hoo Jeff is “rude to women” in a game where he AND women are competing for half a mil. Cry me a river. He’s not going to punch them and whatever WORDS he wants to say to them are perfectly acceptable in that context. They are fair game just as he is for them.

    1. I believe it was the queen Dani herself that threatened physical violence against boy george,if she touch’s her again…..most of them are bitch’s in this game,locked up 24/7 with catty women that will stab you as thier hugging you. It’s a game people,get over how Jeff talks to them….sure everyone here has liked everyone they have every met or has done them wrong in one way or another.Let’s not forget these so called women have mouths like truck drivers and have no problem calling the guys choice words either!!!!!!!!!

  43. This hoh is really like dani won 2 weeks in a row. Porta potty(Porche) really needs to be put up this week. She would never win against anyone who gets voted back in and that way dom comes back and makes it fair numbers in the house. All he is going to do is run back into Dani’s arms and get screwed by her awful game play. Jeff is the only smart one in this house to be honest because he knows when he has to win and he knows when he can let one slip and still fall back on his social game. Everyone can get along with him and he has every right to be mad a Dani who was the one trying to push BR to backdoor Jeff and now he is going after her because of that. She got lucky that The ape won HOH this week.

  44. Kalia’s best bet is to put up Jordan as a replacement nominee….i still don;t trust Porshe and Shelly and think they would vote to evict adam…however, if adam goes out then Cassi or Dom will be back in and add one more to the side of dani/kalia/lawon….then it would be game on…get the Vets out one by one. Really don’t get why they are acting this way. the Noobs should have been doing this from day one instead of throwing Comps…which by the way is the only way the Vets could have won………ha so much for being such great competitors. I think Jeff is just like Brendon, but on a smaller scale………wait till he goes full throttle..

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