Big Brother Spoilers – Dani “notice how Rachel is BFF with Kalia” Lawon “Let her think in her RAT-CHEL world that it’s going to work”

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7:48pm Purple Room Shelly and Dani Dani is saying the person coming back may not necessarily be able to still compete in comps. She brings up that last year rachel came back for a day with the sole person to stir shit up. Dani: “Now imagine rachel back in the house for the entire season.. OMG I would need Dr Zachary every day” Shelly starts howling.

Shelly says that Kalia is waffling, she wonders why she won’t put Lawon up because Kalia hated him the first couple week. Dani explains that She’s worried that Lawon might go home because Rachel is pitching to everyone that he’s a floater (Drink) and he needs to go home. Dani adds that Kalia is probably thinking that people may start thinking that WOW Lawon really doesn’t do anything so they might vote him out over Rachel.

Shelly thinks Lawon can beat rachel easy, Dani: “thats the way I feel”. Shelly says it seems like all Kalia is worried about is JJ and getting back good with them. Dani knows thinks it’s a waste of time. Shelly knows JJ are pissed and she doesn’t think Kalia will get what she wants from them. Shelly adds that JJ are in a bad move all around and they’re not being very nice to people.

Shelly’s been trying to stay away from them for the time being. They go back to discussing the twist.

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8:28pm Lawon and Dani Dani is saying that Rachel is changing her behavior and attaching herself to Kalia. Says rachel’s acting like her and Kalia are BFF all of a sudden.
Lawon: “I may be the blonde in the group but i’m black haired really in life.. Let her think in her RATCHEL world that it’s going to work” Dani says it seems like Kalia is kinda falling for some of Rachel stuff.. THey laugh Dani: “Ohh lawon what are we going to do”

Dani and Lawon sharing jokes having fun. (Dani’s social game is focusing on Lawon, Porsche, Shelly, Kalia and Adam. she’s doing a great job on them. Rachel has also really ramped up her social game) porsche joins them says she was up in the HOH talking to Kalia and rachel kept interrupting them. Kalia joins them, They are talking about why they are in lockdown until 1am, there is wedding going on outside on the CBS lot. kalia: “Why wold you have a wedding on the CBS lot?”

Kalia mentions how pissed she is about JJ not even coming to her to talk things out. Porsche thinks maybe they feel safe and don’t need to talk to her. Kalia tells them that her decision to not put Jrodan up as the replacement shows everyone that she won’t go back on her word. Kalia: “At this point I cannot trust them at all” lawon agrees tells her it’s good that she’s showing the house she won’t go against her word.

Jordan briefly enters the room Kalia starts trying to engage in conversation with her.. Jordan just searching for some shirt doesn’t really add much back and she leaves.

8:53pm they got 4 Heineken and a bottle of wine Jeff and rachel have finally emerged from their hiding places.. I think Jordan is still in hiding. The houseguests are not too happy with the small amount of liquor they were hoping for 2 bottles of wine.

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God Kalia is being a bit dumb. She should know that no matter who she chooses as a replacement nom that jeff and jordan are coming after her no matter what. They hold grudges and are acting like nothing but children. Put jordans ass up just to spite her and to let her make a fool of herself. Like on her season when she chest bumped Russel LOL.


yea your right…and i just you tubed that Jordan Russel video. lol


So is Shelly just doing her “shelly thing” or is she really done with Jeff and Jordan??


To whom does she have her ultimate loyalties to though? Still JJ?
By the way, thanks Simon for all the work you put into the site!


SS is loyal to the those in power. She’s a master manipulator and will probably win this game. Grrrrrrrr!


BBAD is sooo boring tonight. All the veterans look so confident, Porshe is sleeping, Dani and Kahlia are MIA. Rachel looks way too confident. Lawon went to bed and covered is head. The others are in the kitchen but they’re is great moods. I’m not liking this season at all.

WTH is going on?


love it whatever it takes


Everytime I see that “straight shooter”/”shootin’ straight” I can’t resist laughing. LOL, Simon!

Midwest Fan

IF ONLY, a blimp would fly over the BB backyard when all of the
HGs were there and flash the message:



Not sure why Kalia keeps trying to suck up to J/J. They are so used to being treated like stars for something they never earned. I’d say to hell with them. When they win(hahaha..that’s funn) something, then they can do whatever the hell they want.

Kalia needs to remember she isn’t in this game to make friends. $500K is at stake, anything else is secondary. Jordan already collected her check and Jeff has gotten a few from his lame CBS shows too, so they can afford to act pissy.


ITA! Kalia has to play the game to win. She’s worried about jury votes.I would put Jordan or Shelly up as replacement noms.


I thought that BR were acting all crazy (they are crazy tho) about the floater talk but EVERYONE just moves to the power watch when JJ is gone. Julie Chen will just give them the half million to split

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Psycho women makes men commit suicide…true story
Every time you see a man about to jump off a building ask them why, and 9 times outta 10 it will be because of a women.


LOL… So are you saying Jeff is about to commit suicide cause he’s the only man spending a lot of time around those hormonal banshees? That’s what happens when you’re too cheap to pay a nice vacation to your GF and you’d rather spend the summer locked up with perfect strangers.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Part o that is the statistics about men committing suicide and part of it is making fun of Brendon answer to his interview questions

“JamaLikeABoss: Brendon, how much do you love Rachel? And would you jump off a building for her?
I love her indescribably amounts. I would do anything for her, and I would absolutely jump off a building for her, I would just hope I had a parachute for when I land.”

I’m sorry I can understand jumping in front of a bullet for your women, but jumping if a building willingly is where I draw a HUGE line LOL

I sure hope he was joking she could ask him to do that if she catches him skyping again LOL

Midwest Fan

VERY funny!
Good One – Thanks!!

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

CBS invested a lot of money in Production’s Sweethearts, that way they protect them on the show, I’m sure they promised them a big vacation for coming back on the show.


When and if JJ gets the boot….then what are you guys gonna blame CBS/production on? and you call them whiners,lol

Not Meg

I. Say put Jordan up if she’s going to keep acting like a brat. At this point getting rid pf eeither



Keeping one’s word worked very well in the beginning when Lawon told Keith he wouldn’t vote against him and he didn’t. It worked very well when it didn’t matter, amongst players who didn’t matter.


Why are jj acting a fool?

Not Meg

.oops getting rid of Jordan or Rachel would be a good mood.


Dalai-Lawon is killing me with his one-liners. I can’t wait to see him in F2.


They should give them a bag of weed and some hard liquor. Let some FUN begin. The excitement better pick up or I’m going to stop watching until we reach final four!

I love Simon!

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

I’d have to have access to weed 24/7 if I had to deal with the likes of Rachel and Brendon.


I would’ve bitchslapped those 2 clowns from the start! I’m amazed how people have ALLOWED other people to bully them in this game. Even now, as someone mentioned below – Kahlia has been shitted on by Jeff and Jordan yet she still wants them to like her. Insane! It seems like the others don’t see that Kahlia has just exposed another weakness – validation from others. If I was inthe house, I’d play on that weakness big time..and I suspect that Dani probably will at some point later in the game.

live feeds are snoozefests thus far

The Meow Meow

If the newbies would’ve been playing like this the whole time the “Regulators” would still be around…..

Floata Hata

Kalia senses that JJ are decent people and she feels bad about screwing them over. She doesn’t appear to be as enamored of Dani now, after hearing her badmouth and mock nonstop for days and days and being condescended to like a dog. She wants the “good people” to like her again and it is driving her nuts.

Rachel's shrink

She didn’t screw them over. She put Jeff up because he is strong at winning veto comps, which he did, which ensures Rachel doesn’t win it, which gives Kalia control. She should have communicated this better to Jeff.

JJ have turned into BR jr. Losing LOTS of respect for them this year.

Kalia really needs to put Jordan up to ensure a pawn doesn’t get sent home. Both JJ are already after her and have communicated this to her, so she has nothing to gain and everything to lose by not putting Jordan up.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

HA Jeff and Jordan are Brenchel Jr

The Meow Meow

Its Big Brother, screwing people over is part of the game. Get over it.


And what’s going to be the excuse when these ‘good people’ screw Kalia over? They all had plans on putting her up if they had won that last HOH. If she had not, they wouldn’t thought twice about sending her home this week.


They need to bring back Cassie since she got screwed by Dani. There would be some fireworks between those two if that happened!


but then she might team up with rachel :((


That’s a good thing. I can’t stand Dani! Everyone thinks she is just like her dad. Her own father called her game play stupid. She will never be as good as Dick!


Rachel’s alliance is getting really fed up with her. It’d be tough to live with her 24/7 that’s for damn sure.


I would so love to see Kalia turn on Dani right now and cut off those puppet strings!!! I’m thinking Jordan finally realized she is in the BB House. Jeff bamboozelled her into thinking this was a Hawaiin vacation…I see a chest-bump in her future…


I’m with you!


I watch bbad but never heard what Dominic’s nickname, “PT” stands for. Can anyone tell me? It’s driving me crazy because I can’t figure it out. Thanks!

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

PT stands for Part Time because Dom is a part time model.


Wow Brendon the big brother bully got a lot of votes on this poll. Well I guess CBS did a good job editing him and making him look good on the T.V. show


Rachel is sure acting normal. The most normal I’ve seen her all season. Maybe it’s Brendon that makes her crazy.


I think Kalia should do some threatening of her own and tell Jeff that if he takes himself off the block, she will replace him with Jordan, and campaing to get her voted out. I used to soooooo LUV JJ, but Jeff and his BIG MOUTH are starting to annoy me, plus they both have already received botloads of cash from CBS, let someone else benifit from the spoils too.
Team DKL, and Kalia for the WIN!


Would’nt it be great if they didn’t know who they were challenging to come back into the house!!!! Then Brendon couldn’t throw it. Or maybe he would just assume it was rachel and throw it anyway! … Too Funny


I have a feeling they will not know who the are competing against. That would be too funny if Brendon beat Rachel.


Just dont get all the Jeff bashing, he is such a good guy, a normal guy who would be a good guy to go have a beer with and laugh about shit. I mean who wouldnt get frustrated being in a house 24/7 with some of the trailor park trash and all around annoying people that he is stuck in there with. Nobody ,not even God, could deal with these people and not lose it once and a while…


These people are so mean to Rachel. Seriously I’d punch anyone in the face who treated me like that, then walk out and say send me home. Anyone who supports that bashing is just a sucky person and i’d say that about anyone being bullied that way. I’m praying brendon gets voted back in competes with rachel, and he gets sent back in. Rachel just cant handle the house anymore. I really feel bad, Sure she goes over board with competing but she really is a good person. I think production knows at this point if rachel goes home along with brendon the show’s going to be boring. I really think that brendon will be brought back due to production. There’s a reason there not showing the voting results. Rachel vs Brendon, one half of the super couple comes back and if its brendon dani will shit her pants because he will win hoh. The only way to keep drama is to keep rachel or brendon. Production knows this. I really hate Danielle she is just a sucky person. I bet you she’s like that out the house too.


I totally agree with you.


They are really mean to Rachel. That is why she feel like she always have to win so that she knows that she is safe. She came in the door winning and everyone started hating her.


I say use Shelly as a pawn, kick the loony bin to the jury house, Dani has a real good chance to win HOH, if she can get by Jeff and Shelly. I’m sure Dom(showmance) or Cassi (Rachel Beef) will get back in. I can’t see them bringing Brendon back again, scratch that, I pray they don’t bring back Sasquatch.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Psycho and Brenchel Jr are talking to the camera again, they’re really convinced Brenda is at home watching the feeds.

ILL WILL *Cult of Personality*

Jordan is not longer cute she is DISGUSTING


Ok so I am wondering about the 4 sequestered HG. Are they sequestered together, like in the jury house together? Or do you think they are separated? I think it would be sweet if they were all together talking about what’s happened in the house so whoever goes back isn’t so behind, especially Keith and Cassie. I doubt they are together but it would make it a more even field if they were. Honestly, I think Keith might have the best luck in the house because both sides will be jumping to bring him on their side because he hasn’t had a chance to back stab anyone yet.


Thanks Simon and Ill Will! Should of thought of that but it is hard for me to believe he is even a part- time model. Are the model agencies blind?


Rachel talking to the camera: exhibit a why production will not let her leave the house, she’s drama and hilarious. i could be wrong though, i thought rachel would win hoh haha. Hope Brendon comes back to vs Rachel! Drama Drama Drama!


Ok, how boring is BBAD tonight! Cruddy talking to the camera (nuf already) or Rachel talking to camera (mssg to B). If R doesn’t go we’ll be stuck with R giving annoying as well mssgs each night to B. Again, BORING AS HELL!!!


This is the Brendon and Rachel show bitches! Double troube is coming back and u floaters better grab a life vest. Brendon is coming back to be with her queen.

Floata Hata

They have the least guile, they’re fun, and they look good


When James came back in I believe that we “America” got to vote on one of the 3 already evicted hg’s. Then the bb house got to vote on either James ( who they just evicted ) or an unknown previous hg. They choose James. :). Do you guys think that will be it?? We vote on one of the 4 evicted hg’s, the winner will be “unknown” and the house-guests choose between the evicted person and the “unknown”.


The bottom line is this: The POV competition is Jeff’s 1st time winning a HOH or POV calibur contest…I don’t get it…how is he a veteran/superior game master…Never won Shyt…same for Rachel…1st in the jury last season and 1st in the Jury house this season…What makes her a Gamer, maybe she should have floated more…AS FOR JEFF & JORDAN ON KALIA…have you ever in all of BB seasons, people get so pissed, enraged, sociopathically angry to the point of such unfathomable outrage because a HC won HOH and put someone up. Well, lets call a spade a spade, it is obvious the reason such vile malcontent towards Kalia is simple…KALIA IS BLACK, EDUCATED, WELL-SPOKEN and the ANTI-BLACK WOMAN STEREOTYPE. They cannot accept the fact that a minority has the one up on them, their true colors are beaming ever so bright, as the title of AMERICA’S all time favorate BB couple slowly fades. And that is all it is, nothing more, nothing less. Kalia is being a better person for sticking to her word and not putting Jordan but that may come back to bite her.

Once again, Congrats to “Veteran” Jeff for winning POV, his 1st win ever in a meaningful competition…


Oh and the race card comes out…..that’s it,gotta be because she is black,has nothing to do with they had a final 4 deal and she shoved him on the block or because Dani has her hand up her ass, to be her human puppet of the week. OMG what if Kahlia put both ppl up on the block,because thier white? Plz quit with the race crap,ppl like you is what feeds the hate in this country.

Jedi Jani

Agree……she had a final deal with them and then got caught up in the secrets she was keeping about them from them….had nothing to do with the color of her skin or her education …. Why must the RACE CARD be played at all in this instance? Low blow on their part for sure……


I don’t see why the HG’s get so angry either when another HG win HOH and nominate them. It’s a game and the only way you are going to be safe in the house is by either winning HOH or POV. That’s why I don’t see why everyone got mad at Rachel when she was HOH.

BB Fan 5

You are RIDICULOUS! That’s all I’m going to say, your comment is embarrassing, I’m seriously embarrassed for you.

BB Fan 5

Your comments are so insulting that I’m pissed they even got posted. You don’t know a single person in that house. How dare you accuse them of being racist. Im disgusted


(caleb89 says,) I could not agree with you more. This is so driven by race, and in my opinion this happens season after season. Kalia is educated and black, and for some reason that just spells “DANAGER”. Clearly that’s why I feel JJR despise Lawson and Kalia from weeks ago, (although lawson is annoying as hell)

Nothing personal I just think it’s a Shame’s

P.S don’t bother responding with nonsense, because shocking at it may be, I’m totally white….half Greek and half Italian


DANAGER???? I think if you’re going to comment on someone’s intelligence, you should spell words, especially words in all capital letters, correctly!!


Dani cant keep a job, she has had work on the outside and was let go for gossip..fellow worker



Kalia should put Dani up as a replacement