Julia “Did you feel his pee pee? I bet its huge! It couldn’t be like James’s! A little toothpick!”

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1:15am Havenot room – Julia tells Liz I didn’t want to say this but I think Austin is going to go before us. So stop worrying about it. Liz says this is what we have to say – Look James we have nothing to hide any more. We’re twins and we think we’re going to have such a big opportunity after the show to make something of ourselves. So we’re not here for the money. We’re here for the notoriety. We just want to get to jury and then we’re 100% okay. So let us know what we need to do to save you if you keep us. That’s two votes on your side and we will do anything to stay here until at least jury. What do you think about that? Julia says I like it. Liz says I don’t know if he will bring up the fact that I put him up. If he does I’ll say that I’ll throw the next HOH. Julia says we will tell him he will have both of our votes, we both wont put him up. Julia says I feel like we owe Vanessa over Austin. Liz says that she would keep Vanessa over Austin any day. Julia says Vanessa is the one that has our back. Liz says plus Austin is creepy.. well not creepy but he is always trying to cuddle with me. Julia says I heard you spooned too. Liz says yeah why is that a big deal? Julia asks did you feel his pee pee? Liz says ewww. Julia says I bet you its huge! It couldn’t be like James’s (She guestures with two fingers close together.) A little toothpick! Julia says if you get put up. Liz says I’m just worried about the campaigning. Julia says lets stroke his ego. Lets go stroke the cat. Julia says okay your boyfriend is going to come looking for you soon. Liz says I just wish I had put up Steve instead, then none of this would be happening. Austin joins them. Liz says she’s worried she will be put up. He tells them I will just tell him to put me up.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-31 01-48-19-832

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-31 01-20-17-247

1:15am – 1:55am HOH room – Meg asks I’m trying to think about who else we put up other than Steve. James says Austin hasn’t been put on the block. Meg says if they try to use it (Veto) on Liz, then you’ll still have Liz’s vote for Austin. She’s not going to vote him out. Johnny Mac would be on board. Then even if its 3 of us, Johnny Mac and Liz. Meg says that Julia has no loyalties to Shelli! James says Julia, no. That actually is a good idea. Austin and Liz. Meg says the best thing about that is they won’t think we’re going for Shelli, they’ll think we’re going for the other side of the house. Vanessa joins them and asks to talk to James. Everyone leaves but Vanessa and James. James says that people cut final 4 deals with Jason. Not you but I just wanted to know if you’ve heard people saying that I can’t be trusted. Have you personally heard from somewhere about me getting cut. Vanessa says yes I have. Here’s the thing, I’m not a rat. I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus. James says you and I have a straight up relationship. Everything I’ve said is the truth other than that one time. You don’t need to tell me who did it, just point me in an area. Throw me a bone or something. Vanessa says let me figure out who to say this without being disloyal. I heard from people that I trust that Jason & Meg talked to Shelli & Clay that they don’t know where you stand. I told Jason that I thought that was low. Vanessa talks about how Jason was willing to cut James which concerned her because they had been loyal since week 1. Vanessa says jury will likely start after this next eviction so this is our 1 opportunity to pick someone that will not go to jury. Who would never vote for you in jury? Or who would take things personally? I would be someone that would least take it personally. Considering what happened last week it would be in your best interest to make a big move and to break things up so people are more free to reorganize. James says if I’m HOH, I’m going to make a big move. I want the wishy washy people to go home and the straight up people like you to still be here. James asks what if I was dead on a big target would you go with it or against it? Vanessa says I am adaptable. If you have to go after someone and their my friend I will understand its a game move. James says I don’t want to go after the wrong friend. Vanessa says well I am close with Shelli and look who she made a deal for .. Clay and not me. Whatever direction you decide to go I will be supportive. What I can offer .. if you don’t put me up.. I am the most reasonable people and least connected people in the house. I would be willing to work with you. I would make a good juror. Whenever I win my next HOH, you are 100% safe whether its now or in the finals. If I’m HOH before final 7 you can also exclude 1 person from being put up on the block besides you. James says that’s a good deal! Vanessa asks have you talked to Shelli & CLay .. they might be able to guide you if you have questions. They talk to a lot more people. Vanessa leaves.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-31 02-14-46-131

2am HOH room – Austin comes up to talk to James. Austin tells James how he had to sell his soul to stay in here this last week. James says help me get you to jury. Austin says if you’re in finals I’ll vote for you. If you want me to throw HOH, I’ll do it. If you put me in jury I can’t go against you. James says I definitely want to work with you, Liz and Julia. Austin says and they want to work with you. James says I don’t know who to be loyal to. Everyone is getting axed. I’m a lone wolf. Austin says the twins goal is to get to jury too. I want to work with you. James says I do too. People were thinking we were getting too close. Austin says I love you man. If you don’t put me up I will continue to keep bringing you information once people start telling me things again. James says you’re good till jury with me. How do you feel about Jackie? Austin says I like her. We talked last night and agreed not to target each other. She could be a target for me if that’s the direction you want me to go. James says if we’re working together you need to throw out names. Austin says I don’t know who you’re working with? James says Meg and possibly Jackie. James says if I was to make a big move would I have your word to vote how I need you to? In terms of all 3 of you (Austin + Twins) and Vanessa. Austin says I would give you my word right now and shake your hand! James shakes Austin hand.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-31 03-08-48-111

2am Cabana room – Vanessa talks to Julia and Liz. Vanessa tells them James likes straight shooters. He doesn’t like bullsh*tters. Clay joins them. Vanessa says If you want to offer him a deal, offer him a deal. At the end of the day only one person can go home this week. James said he wants to make a big move. I think it would be smartest to point him in direction of a floater. Liz asks how do we do that though. Vanessa says you know who the floaters are, I’m not going to say names. Vanessa tells them we’re two twin girls that were put on for comic relief. And tell James you’ll be fun in jury. He will love that.

2:08pm Bathroom – Becky tells Clay about the conversation in the HOH room. Clay asks what were their points. Becky says the Jason thing. Clay asks who said what? Becky says it is equal, equal! Jackie, Meg and James. Clay asks they specifically brought up our names? Becky says yeah that they couldn’t trust you guys last week and that they felt last week you were acting weird. That you knew about the Jason thing but wouldn’t tell them. Clay asks they’re going to backdoor us? Becky says I believe that its not determined but its a big focus. Clay asks do you have any idea who is behind the idea of the backdoor? Becky says all three of them are mutually set on it. I tried so hard, I tried everything. Nope, they were not budging. Becky says the feel that you guys broke the promise last week. Becky says don’t even trust Vanessa. Not in a bad way but they’re going to pin her. They’re going to make it seem like they’re going to save her. Act cool, keep cool. Clay says okay thank you. They break up the conversation but talk again in the cabana room. Becky tells Clay that they’re going to corner her (Vanessa). Any information you give her.. they might back her up against the wall. Your best thing because they want to blind side you .. you need to act happy and oblivious to it. Vanessa joins Clay. Vanessa asks what did Becky talk to you about? Clay says she asked who my targets would be. Vanessa asks did you answer? Clay says oh no. Vanessa tells him to be careful. I think I’m going to be okay. He’s a straight shooter. Clay goes to get Shelli. Vanessa talks about her conversation with James.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-31 02-37-57-041

2:20am HOH room – James, Liz, Julia and Austin. James says I want to take all to jury. You all lucked out with me winning HOH this week. Help me, help you get to jury. I can’t say who my targets or my nominees are. Julia tells James we will be fun in jury. James agrees. He says if I make a small decision I need to have your vote and to not be flip floppy. And if I decide to make a big move I need you to do the same. Austin says I him (James) that would fight for him next week because he can’t play. James says for this week there has been little talks about me going up as a target. Austin says I only heard Steve as the target. Liz says yeah that’s what I heard too. Julia says I haven’t been here for 6 days. Austin leaves. The twins give their pitch with wanting to work with him. Its a two for one deal. We won’t put you up or backdoor you. We are two vote for whatever you want. James says 3 votes because I know Austin is going to vote with you guys.
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185 thoughts on “Julia “Did you feel his pee pee? I bet its huge! It couldn’t be like James’s! A little toothpick!”

  1. So since James is HOH, I really hope he still goes after Shelli even tho they have a deal. OR Liz. Or Austin. Or Julia. Or Vanessa. I still love Jakie. Hate Liz and Austin. Vanessa is totally crazy. Shelli is way too comfortable. Clay is an idiot. Well I hope James uses his powers wisely.

    Off-topic – Simon & Dawg, will you update your memory wall to add in Julia? :)

    1. Jackie >>> 1/2 of the cast. Her side remarks are life in the feeds, she’s somewhat terrible at the strategy and competitions but she is a firecracker and will not be afraid to make strong moves. I knew it from watching TAR last season that she doesn’t deserve the hate she’s getting from the first few weeks, at least she is now being herself and has an idea on how the line is drawn in the house. :D

      1. That’s a pretty smart idea. Here’s the thing, James and friends aren’t smart. Collectively they are about as sharp as a bag of wet mice. Shelli and Vanessa are playing chess while everyone one else is playing checkers. Look for Steve or Becky to go home.

    2. Shellie doesn’t seem comfortable to me. She is in panic mode. I hope they don’t backdoor her. Backdoor Van. She has everyone snowed. Everyone is on Van’s side and trying to protect her. Why don’t things HGs realize that every other HGs thinks Van is a lone wolf and will take them to the end. It’s sickening.
      Shellie FTW! Win that Veto Shelli! It’s the only way you are safe. James does not plan to honor his deal in any way shape or form. He is playing it good though. Putting them in the defensive by questioning why they are questioning him. Keep working him Shelli! Don’t let him backdoor you!

    3. This morning, James is telling Meg he’s going to put up Shelli and Clay. Why bother with pawns?
      He also said he’s pretty set on his decision.
      Meg says she has his back.

      It’s gonna be fun!

      1. I’m glad that Shelli will at least have the opportunity to play for the POV. Keeping my fingers crossed she will win!

      2. Liz going on the block ensures both Austin and Julia using the veto and keeping their “loyalty” to James this week. I’m really liking what I’m seeing from him so far this week. Just hope he doesn’t bitch out of his noms.

      3. I love how James has decided to play out the week. Tell everyone what they want to hear, let them compare notes, and then watch them scramble. I am not a fan of Shelli & Clay, but I like how they play this game. They straight up agreed that as long as both of them survived the week, they don’t care who leaves Thursday night.

        This week is going to be exciting. Vanessa feels alone for the first time in the game, and I love it. See, that is why you do not leave couples in the game. You will never be included in the deals that they make with others.
        Did she really expect Shelli & Clay to include her in their deal with James?

      4. I hope so. Putting up Shelli and Clay is his best move if Shelli is truly the target. If Shelli wins POV oh well – Clay still goes home (next best thing). Counting on the backdoor is bad because if Clay or Shelli win POV they can keep noms the same or save each other. And they have the numbers to send home a pawn like Steve or Johnny Mac. So make sure only big targets go on the block this week. It will take some balls on James’ part to get this kind of blood on his hands, but the sixth sensers will start turning on each other this week when 2 of them are nominated and one of them is guaranteed to go home before jury – none of them will be willing to accept that and they might blow up which could help take some of the target off James next week. C’mon James, you can do this buddy.

    4. Jackie is the fakest she has no loyalty she is a liar and I will pray the day I Dont have to hear her voice or see her face. She should have left before Jeff.

  2. Becky is terrible. Sorry, but I hate her role in the game right now…I do hate snitches. Like she should not be helping THE power couple in this house just because she finds Clay hot.

    1. I think becky just clued in on where she stands with the power couple. Hopefully it convinces her to stop feeding shelli and clay info.

    2. Becky is playing so much smarter than anyone gives her credit for. James & Co. Just voted her off. Why would she be loyal to them? They are the idiots who won’t even stop to think about that before spilling their game plan in front of her. Also, only one person is going home on Thursday. Becky is the only one thinking about setting herself up to scoop up the remainder of Shlay, who is going to be hurt, angry and looking for a new partner.

      1. Taking in what you posted & agree on one thing: The only people James should be divulging info to is Jackie & Meg. This is what got Jason out-running your mouth to others(not hating on him but wish he did it differently) & not showing all your cards. Tell the others whatever they need to buy into but don’t blow this opportunity to take out the major threats.
        If I were James,he should resort to JMAC & Becky by stating: JMAC, the other side has made you play their game & jeopardize your own by throwing comps & they will continue to do so. Becky do you think you are high up on the totem pole for the other side to actually think they will take you far? Van has made multiple deals with people & will use you as long as she needs it then dispose of you. Shelli is loyal only to Clay-think about it long term. The outsiders not only need to wisely use this power but recruit others to their side to balance the numbers. Start planting seeds to wake up the floaters/ minions!

        1. Forgot to add one more point for James to try to pitch to get JMAC on board: since he has worked with Van & crew before throwing comps etc, they would never suspect him working with James. They don’t hang out or truly socialize so his vote would not be an obvious one if he were to potentially for the time being play with James. This does not have to be long term game play with James,but an extra option to advance his game by working both sides.
          Yes his strategy is to lay low, not come across as choosing a side per say,& is good at comps-total asset. To put all his eggs in one basket with Van is not necessarily smart. As we see, she is always wheeling & dealing,& would like to see JMAC be the dark horse with a shot in this game to outplay Clelli & Van at their own game. The outsiders need to gather some numbers becausefor them to have a shot they are as of now,out numbered & can’t continue to win week after week with Meg not bringing much to the table.
          Recruiting is also necessary for them to advance. Just pointing out options so it’s not a total domination on one side. Regardless, the sixth sense turningon each other sooner than later is the best option for the outsiders to stand a chance….

        2. I don’t think you’re wrong, but we have to keep perspective; James and Meg don’t know that Becky is playing with Shelli and Clay – as far as they know, she’s either floating (she is) or she’s independent like JMac. Or she’s working with JMac.

          They don’t know that she’s sold them out; they still see her as one of them.
          Which i hope she becomes – rather than staying with Clay and Shelli

      2. No she’s not, you can tell she doesn’t know this game very well or she’d know that two-timing and snitching ruins everybody’s game and is pretty much a guaranteed ticket out of the house WHEN (not if) everyone figures it out. Playing both sides is one thing, flat out snitching is another. It’s not how you win this game, makes her seem stupid and naive.

    3. Becky is the pathetic girl wanting desperately to work with the cool kids. Her ignorance is going to send her home. Stop being a minion & play the damn game! She has proof that Clay will corner her & come aggressively at her in terms of getting info from her but none given in return. How is she this blind? Just had this talk with Shelli about him doing this but obviously drank the Kool-Aid poison Shelli gave her. What an idiot!

  3. I’m actually glad that Becky started playing the game, at least she isn’t just a waste of space. Having said so, I’m quite mad that she opted to choose to be a knight for the people I hated. Andy has been rooting for her this season and now I know why. #Beckyisarat

    1. I dated a A&F manager for years (a while ago when they still had their old CEO).
      They are all happy go lucky bitches and they have this tendency to present this easy going dumb image and f&ck other managers over for promotions. People who aren’t bitchy enough one way or another always need to leave. I didnt imagine Becky to be this bad but I guess she got to management by being a rat. I mean she is literally giving out info to what she considers upper management. and then pretending to be part of the group. I know this happens everywhere but the A&F stories are ridiculous even by retail standards.

    2. What is up with Becky’s face??? I don’t mean she is ugly or anything, but something is up with her face, especially around the lip area.

  4. The Jiz sisters are vulgar, uncouth, mean, whiny and whorish. Really not fan of them AT ALL!

    Go James, Meg, Jacks, Becks and JOHNNYMAC!

    1. Oh slash Backs! She’s manifestly a POS too :(

      1. I’m kind of liking Julia right now. She has an edge, and didn’t play tart with Austin.

        And her sense of humor seems much more biting, which i enjoy.

    1. I would buy that “Andy” theory, and I was never a fan, but we are talking about a girl that was recruited to the show and before that, she had never watched BB. I believe, it was mentioned that she watched a few seasons, so I’m not sold that she is using the “Andy” method of rat snitch.

      1. Andy was much more in control of the information he transmitted and always positioning himself. We haven’t seen enough of Becky to compare her to Andy’s gameplay.

  5. Omg Becky is reminding me of a certain red-headed rat right now.

    Don’t put up Steve! Tell Austin Liz is a pawn and put up Liz and Vanessa And backdoor shelli

    1. A backdoor plan will only work if someone in your alliance wins the veto and uses it. James and Jackie have proven that they can win comps, but I do not see either of them winning the veto this week. If James decides to put up Liz and Vanessa, and Clay wins the veto, he will leave the nominations the same (so that James could not backdoor Shelli). Liz and Vanessa would remain on the block, and one of them would go home.

      If they want Shelli evicted, they need to put her on the block with Clay. Liz, Julia and Austin would not use the veto because one their own could be put up as a replacement nominee. Vanessa would not use the veto because Steve might be put up. I think it might be the best course of action.

  6. james is gonna do something stupid like try and get out steve which plays out to vanessas groups plans back door shelli and clay vanessa replacement done. and then u got everyone sucking ur dick next week if the situation was reversed james meg jackie would be on the block. if he doesnt realize that then hes just a retarded millimeter peter ant eater bowl cut piing pong moron. total big move back door shelli clay. i hope meg and jackie smart enough to not let them manipulate them.

    1. No one is saying it’s too early now.

      I think you’re wrong – i think the other side of the house is really upset about Jason being kicked out; and i think they are all finally realizing they need to split up the power couple and/or Vanessa.

      They’ve said it in the past,. and after the last eviction, i think they have the spine for it now. I do NOT think James is going to change the plan – he might change around the target, but i’d be surprised if it moves off of Clay or Shelli. Possibly Vanessa, and possibly Austin – but i think he’s keyed in on the power couple.

      And i think Vanessa is starting to show her colors – and will sell out the other two, if it keeps her in longer. James might be done the week after, but he’s taking someone with him.

      I wonder how it’ll all shake out with the twins. Liz hates James, but Julia seems fine with him (from what i’ve read) – and that might lead to them working with the other side – especially if Austin gets the boot, or Julia sees how the other side was manipulating all the HoH’s for the past month.

      The dynamic might shift dramatically if shelli goes home. Clay will be with Vanessa – but Austin might be loyal to the twins over vanessa – he’s already shown that. And the twins might abandon him – so he, or they, might be looking for allies. Which could help the other side as well (Against the big three).

      Here’s to hoping.

      1. Yes, van plans on taking Austin and Twins over Shel/Clay. But I think that is a huge mistake. Shel would protect Van over everyone expect Clay. Austin will protect the twins over Van. Who knows what the twins will do. The Twins plus Austin are a 3 person alliance. Van needs to stay with Shel/Clay/Becky…her Generals and drag Steve along to the final 2. I hope Van helps out S/C and throws Austin and Twins under the bus with James.

        1. Your right on those pecking orders. After Shelli goes Van will zero in on the twins and Austin becomes just a number. As for this week I’ll believe it when I see it. Van talking to James is like a cat playing with a mouse. James is so out of her BB league. I fear splitting and 1 from both sides up or after POV ceremony 6th sense has the numbers. Becky shut the F up or become a target idiot!.
          Perfect week Shelli and Clay renom is Liz. Pushes 2 votes onto Slay which ever one stays if POV played. That plan is idiot proof barring a twist. It would amaze me if Shelli didn’t make jury but it might just happen. So much lying to us this season I’m waiting til nom ceremony to start applauding.

    2. it would be sweet if they got out shelli and then meg went in for the robbery on honeybutts pee pee and make him do her bidding lols. james going home next week anyways. any deal he makes now isn’t gonna stick. they all sacks of shiz. vanessa and shelli are the best clay dont care if shelli goes. he can get julia or jackie or meg to take her place. they would all suck him off for sure

    1. HAHAH! OMG did you see those terrible nurse’s shoes Julie Chen was wearing?? LOL. Anyway, Christmas came early for us!!!!! Honestly, to NOT put Clay and Shelli up would be so stupid! Who has been winning comps? Shelli and Vanessa. Now, I like Vanessa and I like that she is about to blow up on Clay and Shelli, so James should tell Vanessa what just happened in the HOH with Clelli and that alliance would totally turn on each other! And how is Steve a “big target”? He’s done nothing. How can you ignore the giant elephant in the room that is Clelli????? I am LOVIN’ this site, refreshing every hour!!!

  7. If you put up Liz and Vanessa, you don’t take Vanessa down to put up Shelli. You take Liz down and put up Shelli. Better yet, just put up Shelli and Clay from the very beginning.

    1. I’d rather see Clay and Vanessa up there, with Shelli as the back door.

      And if Veto isn’t played, then that side is still weakened.

      1. I’ve said it before, Vanessa and Shelli on the block. Either of them win the Veto then Clay goes up, Clay wins you put Liz up to ensure Vanessa goes.

    2. Just put Vanessa up with Shelli and let them fight each other! If Clay wins veto then you put up Liz, if Shelli wins you put up Liz, if Vanessa wins you put up Liz, if Liz wins veto you tell her not to use it or Julia goes up, and if Austin wins it you tell him not to use it or Liz goes up. Make Liz be the replacement no matter what! You will always have the 2 votes against the person sitting next to Liz so use it to your advantage to take out your target.

    3. I say put up Clay and Shelli, whoever comes down put up Liz. The Clay/Shelli couple needs to be broken up before jury. One of them needs to go, and If you put only one of them up, there is a chance neither will be up after POV. You can pull Austin/Julia in to vote for Liz and convince the trio that Liz is a pawn. If Liz goes instead of Shelli/Clay, then Julia/Austin scramble without their twin/infatuation and you can easily reel them in to go against the ones that voted to send Liz out.

  8. i used to like becky but after what she just did im done. dont care for her anymore. she is dumb enough to place her trust in clay and shelli

  9. There comes a point every summer when I just relax and watch not worrying about moves. This is that point.

  10. Classy…Jizzz…sisters is right! Real nice comment about James…I do however disagree about Austin ..doesn’t steroids make their balls disappear? That would explain why Austin acts like a preteen girl…
    ***recommend editing that headline…for James and his family.

    1. Certain types of steroids will make your balls shrink a bit while you’re in the middle of a cycle, but they return back to normal. In a 4 month period, they’ll be a bit smaller for like a week or two.

      Never done them myself but I know a lot of people who have and who know a lot about them.

      1. No, Simon and Dawg, please leave that headline up! All these commenters going on about Becky’s trainwreck face and Liz’s big ass and various racks of female houseguests…I think it’s only fair to comment on the pee pee sizes. Not that Austin is packing anything…you can tell by the way he wears his sweats. JohnnyMAC is the victory in that department…those lanky skinny guys have it going on down there.

        Yes, this conversation is just as appropriate as Becky’s mouth, Liz’s ass, and Shelly’s rack!

  11. That damn Becky. When Jackie finds out she’s a rat she’ll cut her throat. I HATE snitches like that.

    I hope James does NOT waste his HOH on followers but takes a gang leader out, preferably Shelli since she doesn’t think it can or should happen to her. I really didn’t appreciate the way V tried to throw Meg and Jason under the bus.

  12. how dumb are they. put them both up fuck them. jeez so chicken shit of them they been screwed all week both shelli andn clay up vanessa replament fuck them see ya later shelli. u buck tooth bimbo.

    1. How dare you call Shelli a bimbo… that just totally disrespects all of the hard work Liz has put in to be the Season Bimbo… I can not believe you even went there. OMG I am going to burn in PC Hell for slut shaming…. on the hand if Shelli went home I am sure Liz will be there to comfort Clay.

  13. beckys a moron. she really thinks they gonna take her all the way.. shes on the bottom of the pecking order. shes so dumb

    1. I don’t like what she did either. But, there is no need to be downright hateful. Uncalled for. And, no, I`m not related or know Becky!!!

  14. hey shelly i don’t know whats further apart. ur front buck teeth or beckys horrible refund gap boob job. they like 2 balloons under her armpits lols

  15. I knew Meg would use either Jackie’s or James’ next HOH to try and get Shelli out…without putting up Clay as an option. Every scenario they throw out has her steering it away from Clay as a target or pawn. She wants Shelli out so she can have Clay to herself…but doesn’t want Shelli’s blood on her hands…so she can act like it was out of her control to Clay. For this reason, I’m glad Becky ratted her out. I’m aware that most people are rooting for the so-called Outsiders…but I find Meg absolutely useless and annoying and refuse to get behind her. I’m rooting for the REAL outsider…JohnnyMac.

    1. totally agree. if you want to support the underdogs why not root for jmac, steve or becky? the others are just too dumb to root for. hearing them strategize tonight was painful to watch. hope james has at least half a brain and puts shelli and clay straight up.

  16. This could backfire on Becky. Shelli and Clay can use this on Becky and report it to James to take the target off of themselves and tell him that she just spilled all the information to him. Getting James angry at Becky taking the target off of them.

  17. Please tell me that he isn’t going to put up Steve! What a stupid thing to do. What if you don’t have a solid target on the block and a real target wins POV and doesn’t use it. Then you have a wasted HOH and you didn’t improve your situation going forward. I have a feeling that the 6 will still be in the house this time next week. No BOB, no need to make stupidly elaborate plans. Shelli and Clay go up so that if one wins the POV only one of them is saved. Then you have choices, Vanessa, twins, Austin to be replacement. Guaranteed one of them goes home. Putting up pawns is the dumbest idea and it can easily blow up on James. I hope he is smart enough to realize this. I would love to see Shelli and Clay on the block after POV, I would love to see the drama, one of them leaving before jury, preferably Shelli, because I just can’t stand her whiny entitled attitude.

    1. steve going isnt bad for james. if youve been watching the feeds pretty much everyone’s target was james. steve said it numerous times he would put up james. steve is playing a rat game. this week is great because the only person i dont want to go is jmac.

      1. Get it right. Becky is playing the Rat Game. John and steve Are playing the Squirrel Game. Very different tactically and strategically. Also Becky is a rat by nature, not by choice. Not even close to Andy’s level.

    2. Hopefully Jackie stays in the Fuck them mode! And keeps reminding James what to do…cause he does switch his mind with the last person that’s in his ear it seems. Just can’t have Clay or Shelly being the last to talk to him before he sets it in stone!

  18. James… Stay the coarse .they are not your friends. You have 6 to choose from. ideally one of the 3 biggest (s/c/v) would be beat but at the end of the day, who cares who goes home .pluck one out.
    Put them up and say ” you as a house can choose”

  19. I can’t wait to see Shelli Meltown once she knows she is being backdoored
    & there is no saving her. Karma is a mofo bitch girl

  20. James NEEDS to backdoor Clay or Shelli. He really really needs to.

    If he doesn’t, I have no hope for this cast.

    1. Question: Let’s say his plan flows smoothly (and not seeing why it shouldn’t since everyone will be playing for veto trying not to be the replacement nom) and he gets Shelli/Clay put up as backdoor.
      Do you think Shelli/Clay would be able to reverse the backdoor and get the other nom sent home?
      Just wondering if all the influence Shell has in getting folks evicted works on getting them to stay as well.

  21. I was really rooting for Liz, and didn’t give a care in the world that she was stringing along Austin .. but what I do care about is being an unnecessarily mean and hurtful bully. Liz lost me as a fan when she told Jason to enjoy watching from his moms basement.

  22. i love jmac and want to see him win this, he’s the most entertaining. however, for this week, James should put up Vanessa and Liz if the POV is won by either of them then the replacement should be shelli. but what if shelli or clay is picked to play POV and they win it and keep the noms the same. then i guess its so long vanessa.

    1. I still say Austin was the person to get out last week. Everyone knows that him and the twins are aligned. So now there is a three person alliance in the house and Vanessa is the 4th. If Clay and Shelli were smart, they would have gotten Austin out and had both twins to control.

      This week is good for James because whoever he gets out will not be in Jury. If next week is double eviction then get a power player out. Those double evict comps seem to be wonky and who knows wht will appen.

      1. I’m not too sure about this. I think Liz is more loyal to Vanessa than she is clay and shelli. I totally agree that Austin should have went this week though. He acts all tough like he’s actually gonna do something, he’s just a little pussy!

  23. The smart move is to get out Vanessa. Without her the sixth sense falls apart. She may not be the rottenest apple in the barrel but she is running the game.

    1. Yikes !!! Simon, there must be another person using the same name as me. I never said that about ” AT the end…

  24. JMAC isn’t an outsider. To me he’s sitting pretty right now. Meg isn’t the smartest game player and james hopefully realizes this. If I were hoh I would put up shelli and vanessa. If one of them gets pulled off take out the other one. My main goal would be shelli then clay then vanessa

  25. Look at them go! Already throwing each other under the bus. Becky is incredibly bad at this game, but it’s kind of good this happened so now Shelli and Clay will start throwing people under the bus too. If one of them or Vanessa isn’t evicted this is going to be the biggest fail ever.

  26. If James knew how to work it he already has some dang good stuff. Vanessa tells Jackie he go for the twins and Shelli/Clay were pushing the same thing. He pull the twins and Austin in with that.

  27. Not sure how my comment ended up under your moniker. Sorry. Won’t happen again. I still think James will get out Steve or Austin.

  28. put up shelly an clay then win pov james keep it the same
    james if you do this you will get my vote for favorite player every week
    like a boss

  29. Yay! Someone other than 6 sense will be HOH this week! Why do i have a feeling that James, Jackie & Meg will still fuck this up?

  30. whom ever james puts up on the block is going determine whether or not they can survive against the “six sense” alliance. if steve gets put up. i wonder who james considers HUGE threats, if shelli and/or vanessa arent on the block, this is gonna be a huge waste of HOH.

    1. This morning, in the HOH, Steve spoke to James. James told him flat out that he didn’t consider Steve a power player, and that he was going for a power player to be evicted this week.

      So i do not think Steve is going up, at all.

      They also agreed that they kept their word to each other last time James was HoH, in week 1.

      It’ll be one of the six that goes home – i hope it’s one of the big three. Especially Shelli or Vanessa.

      I wonder if Shelli and Clay are up, who people would vote for. Clay is close to the women, but a lot of people are not happy with Shelli.

  31. Shell really needs to throw the twins and Austin under the bus. Explain to James they don’t like him and want him out.
    Save Shelli! Hoping for a twist that will save my girl.

  32. Every year, Big Brother has one specific player and sometimes a few, that have the most annoying voices. This year, it was Liz… And now, we are stuck with 2 annoying voices, two whining, drawn out, nasally voices. I feel so bad for anyone who has to listen, decipher and dictate all they say…

    1. I actually think their voices are sooo different, and is the easiest tell between the 2. One has the typical “sorority girl” tone. The Others is REALLY deep.

  33. Can we pray for a Vanessa vs Shelli showdown this week? Claws are going to come out with these two & from the looks of it, it may be sooner than later.
    The Sixth Sense allience shall crumble!

  34. No need to backdoor, put Cercei and Jamie on the block front door style. That way even if POV is played, one of them still goes home. There will be tears, there will be whining, and there will be attempts to blow up Vanessa/Austin/twins game, Vanessa will defend herself. It will be glorious to see!

    If Clay/Shelli go home, I don’t think James is in a bad spot. Even Vanessa knows that either one of them would send her home before sending each other out. She couldn’t take them out herself, so James might earn an ally in Vanessa if he does it for her.

  35. July 31, 2015 at 6:31 am
    Smart move would be to put up Shelly and Vanessa. If one comes off you put up Liz! That way you have the votes to send home Shelly or Vanessa because you have 2 votes in Austin(stalker) and Julia to save Liz. Plus it will cause more divide in there group when they have to campaign to get votes and begin to rat each other out! Can you imagine Vanessa on the block? Her crazy ass will spill all there secrets! Shelli and Clay would tell Austin & the twins about it being Vanessa plan to backdoor him with Liz as the other option. If Shelli leaves Clay is a lost soul and if Vanessa leaves you caused a split in there group and sent home their queen(chess reference)! Hope James side don’t let them convince him to put up Steve.

    1. I really hope you are right. I want Shelli gone..!! Clay can’t do anything without her. Julia will make sure Austin is evicted in the next couple weeks. I’m so glad James won. I was really afraid Shelli was going to hang on. Her fruitless attempt to make a deal with James should show him that she is a snake.

  36. THE move is to backdoor Shelli…Put Clay & Vanessa up….worst case scenario..if Shelli wins, she takes Clay off so you evict Vanessa. That’s worst case. But if anyone else wins, use the veto & backdoor Shelli.

    1. Sounds like a good plan but im concerned James will put up Steve if Veto is used. 6 sense will take out Steve and James week was for nothing,

  37. I want to see a F4 alliance between S/C/B/JM. Van is all over the place and I hope she gets called up and back doored instead of Shelli.

  38. I would put Clay and Shell on the block. If one of them wins the veto, then put up Vanessa or Austin. One of them would be guaranteed to go home and the Sixth Sense alliance would be broken.

  39. I’m so frustrated with these people! How can anyone not see Vanessa is the one out of that group that should go? She was the HOH who made the deals and she is the one who put Jason up. And it WAS her idea to put up Jason, not Shelly and clay’s! Why are they taking the fall for it?! And Vanessa clearly shows no loyalty to anyone. She was quick to go with the plan to back door Austin and look how quickly she’s now throwing Shelly and clay under the bus. Why do any of those idiots think she’d ever be loyal to them?! She makes me ill… With all her speeches on trust, straight shooter crap… She makes what she thinks is a big move then runs and hides behind her allies like a coward! Saying it wasn’t her decision or choice… Bitch, YOU were the HOH! Guaranteed if she makes it to final 2, she’ll want to take credit for it then! If you’re going to make a move and talk big behind closed doors, then OWN IT!

    1. So let me get this straight, you are saying Van has no loyalties but Shelli and Clay do??? True, Van is playing for herself, everyone is. However, last week she made a decision that helped her alliance more than it helped her game. Last night Shelli made a move that was intended to help her and not her alliance. Shelli and Clay have had their hands in every single cookie jar and it is finally catching up to them. Van warned them if she made the Jason move she was not taking the fall by herself and they decided to lie about it. They dug their own grave.

  40. put up shelli clay and vanessa replacment whoever wins pov take off clay and put up0 vanessa and let them eat eachother up and back stab eachother and they screwed alliance over

  41. This week has actually changed my mind about a couple people. I use to like shelli but after this week, I’m no longer a fan. I don’t like the way she acted about the whole Jason thing. She was shady and not a good big brother shady, but a coward shady. And Becky, I was somewhat indifferent to her, now I can’t stand her. The bottom line is taking out shelli would be the biggest move of the year thus far. James needs to go big or go home. Throw shelli and Clay up and try to get shelli out.

  42. if u look at james face. u can tell hes a dumb person. hes stupid and will do whatever ppl tell him to cause he believes everything they say. hes a strait dumb shit., his face pisses me off too and his pervert antics

  43. So now James has told Meg, Jackie and — ugh — Becky that he’s putting Shelli and Clay on the block together.

    Boom, and a great move. Still unclear on the renom.

    But, if I were James, I’d start with the line he’s been using all night: “This is Big Brother, and you can bounce checks.”

    Then use the nom speech to call out people. “Clay, I am putting you on the block because you couldn’t win a Battle of the Block competition that I threw to you, ruining Vanessa’s perfectly thought-out plan to backdoor Austin. And Shelli, you’re on the block because you accused me of not throwing the competition, which I did, but your dumbass boyfriend wasn’t good enough to win. And Vanessa tells me that when talking about potential renoms for last week, that she wishes that I hadn’t been saved by the BOB because I should be the one out the door. Well, you two would also be perfect out the door. Good luck in the Power of Veto competition.” Mic drop.

  44. I think he needs to put Clelli up. The backdoor plan only works if the target doesn’t win POV and save the go-to pawn = both safe. Put them both up, leave the noms the same and make them eat each other alive. Same thing Shelli did to Day and Meg. It would be poetic. I’m hoping James means it when he said “time to start fighting back.” He should make a deal with V because she will most likely honor it where Clelli won’t.

    One of these three bitches needs to go down. Also, someone mentioned to James that Clelli just heard they were the targets. PLEASE hear that James and smoke out your rat.

    1. If Shelli or Clay win veto or get taken down. It is a good possibility they have the 5 votes.

      A back door eliminates any hope for Shelli.

  45. Simon or Dawg: Ummmm, why is it saying the live feeds are not available to Canadian residents this year when I try to sign up for the feeds through your site.

  46. It is a stupid move to put up Vanessa and Liz if they are trying to backdoor Shelly or Clay because if Shelly or Clay happens to win veto and keep the nominations the same. That strategic plan is out the window.

  47. I think its going to take a week for the house guests to adjust to the game without the BOB because essentially this is their first time playing traditional big brother. There are less variables which make getting out your target a lot easier (ie the ability to put strong player up front door). If Clay and Shelli are who you want to split up, put both on the block and if one wins veto or is taken off, replace with Vanessa or Austin. Easy. Don’t try putting up any pawns or people you don’t want to leave because with big brother, chances are something goes wrong. Keep it simple and easy.

  48. Please change this headline title concerning James and his anatomy. I laighed at the word “pee pee” but felt so bad for James and his family when I finished the rest of the headline title.

    1. Dawg…I want to add…this site is amazing and you ROCK!! Im hooked and have neen for many many years. Thanks Dawg

    2. James is vulgar, he said last time he got ass was when his finger slipped through the toilet paper. I highly doubt the title of the post will affect his family in any way. Asians are known for small peepees, lol

  49. So is this weeks take over twist was that Chris Pratt is playing Clay?

    Loved the live broadcast ending with a cliff hanger.

  50. I don’t think people are giving Becky enough credit. She isn’t exactly telling Clelli everything. I think she is in a great spot because she can give them enough to trust her but still stay protected by the James side of the house. Also, if Shelli goes, then Clay will pick Becky up in a heartbeat. Clay is dumb enough that Becky would have someone she could manipulate how she wanted.

    I think, for James, the best move he could make is putting up Vanessa and Shelli. One of them has to go this week since they’ve won so many HOHs. Vanessa going home would be the best since she holds that alliance together and has Adderall, but for entertainment I want queen Shelli to go.

    What will be interesting to see is how good the twin/Austin trio is now that they don’t have to lay low and which side they will choose.

  51. James said this morning he is putting up Shelli/Clay.

    What was odd, when he told Jackie she didn’t seem too thrilled. She almost had no reaction. I know she wants Shelli out, but I get the feeling she doesn’t want Clay gone.

  52. If James puts up Clay and Shelli. If one of them wins veto or gets taken down. I think the one remaining will have the votes. Lets say Clay stays on the block, James would most likely put up Liz. Thinking Austin/Julia are locked votes against Clay.

    Clay would have: Shellie and Vanessa as locks. Becky seems to be feeding Clelli info, so thats another vote. He would need two more. Steve can easily be convinced by Venessa. That leaves Jmac who could easily listen to Becky. Even Austin could get swayed by Vanessa, as crazy as it sounds that he would vote against Liz. Venassa knows Liz is playing him, she just has to tell him.

    I want Shelli gone too. But she needs to be back-doored for it to be a sure thing.

    1. The only way to make sure Clay or Shelli leave is to put them both up. If James puts up just Shelli, then Clay wins veto (okay, Clay probably won’t ever win another comp) he would take Shelli down and neither would go. I want Shelli out. It would reset the game. Clay would have to choose a side, which will be hard for him because he has been playing all sides.

  53. The only member of 6th sense that might work with James is Clay. If James is going to go after 6th sense he needs to go after the twins or vanessa and austin. James is probably going home next week regardless.

    1. Except you are forgetting that with Shelli in the house, Clay is just a lapdog. You need to get of rid of Shelli so Clay has to play solo again. If you put him up, he could have ill will towards you. Put up Shelli and Vanessa/Liz, then Clay hopefully won’t get picked to play in veto (if he does he’ll probably lose anyways). Use the HOH to break up Clelli and steal Clay away.
      And let’s be honest, Clay has more in common with the floater alliance anyway.

  54. I think the smart move for James would be to put Shelli & Clay on the block. Then go to Austin & the twins & tell them that he wants either Shelli or Clay gone, tell them that should one of them come off the block, he would like to put one of the twins up in an effort to guarenttee that the other two (Austin & the other twin) will vote off either Shelli or Clay depending on who stays on the block. James knows that Meg & Jackie will vote his way, then Austin & a twin that is 4 votes, then if they can get one of the others as well, like Vannessa that would be a big move.

    1. That is the worst thing that would happen. James would put Liz up. Shelli or Clay could easily get the 5 votes. The only sure thing would be replace with Vanessa, but I don’t think he would do that.

    2. Shelli stays on the block. Vanessa and Clay lock votes. Becky is now working with Clelli. Jmac listen to Becky. Steve listens to Vanessa. Then Vanessa tells Austin Liz in playing him for a fool on national tv and Julia hates him.

      Shelli or Clay has a really good chance at getting the 5 needed votes.

  55. The twins mother must be so proud of them, they really are vile, I do not like name calling but, these two really are skanky. Some poor “old rich” guy is going to end up with them, hope he has a good drug plan.

    I pray that Vanessa goes home this week, can’t believe all these idiots are letting her play their game….

  56. I would like to see how Clay plays the game without Shelli. I think he would gravitate to working with the guys left in the house.

  57. Haha Shelli and Clay have no loyalty as soon as James won they were ready to throw Austin, Twins and Vanessa under the bus. People are right on here throw up Clay and Shelli. Someone wins veto take off Clay and put up Vanessa. Vanessa or Shelli are who they should get out! There plan is shaky because if something goes wrong it could be a pawn going home. Shelli should be number 1 target if somehow she gets off Vanessa should be number 2. James is a dummy if he tries to keep Shelli safe!

  58. when this season started I would have never imagined rooting for Jackie, crazy dentist and little Asian hunter.

  59. So I think you you change title of this article. I know it is diss on twins but it really is body shaming of James. I know they said it, but come on. It’s like humiliating a woman for her breasts or vagina. Your recaps are the best.

  60. James is going to screw this up. His only shot is nominate/re-nom Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa in any order. Just go guns blazing and do it. Unfortunately, he is too scared to cross all 3. This week is going to be a total waste. If Steve sniffs the block he is toast. Otherwise, Liz will probably go home. Liz-Shelli votes: Liz has Austin, Julia, Meg, Jackie. Shelli has Vanessa, Clay, Becky, and Steve. J-Mac is the swing vote. Since his biggest ally is Becky and she is already ratting out the plan to Clelli, I think she will convince J-Mac to keep Shelli. The only positive would be Julia and Austin will be PISSED. But of course, Vanessa will then just snake charm them and put all the blame on Steve, J-Mac, Becky, and James. And they will believe her. This is my early prediction on how it shakes out this week.

  61. Yes!!! That’s the move!!! Vanessa and Liz — even though Vanessa does not seem to be their target. Keeping a Twin on the block is their best chance to control which 6th senser goes home!!! That’s a baller game move! And Meg is pissing me off (…”Shelli would be a crazy person in this house”)…really??! I LOVED Jackie’s response “Let her be crazy…” Shit in ON!!!

  62. Shelli and Clay should be put upup to get her together straight up, no Backdoor BS. That’s a great move for Jason’s game, anything less and it’s not a big move.

  63. I think the best move would be if James put up Shelli and Clay and if one of them won the POV then replace one of them with Vanessa. So if it’s Shelli and Vanessa either one going home is alright with me. If it’s Clay or Vanessa and Clay goes home I think that would hit Shelli hard and if neither win POV then leave the noms the same. They need to start breaking up the couples.

  64. James, Jackie and Meg are missing a big opportunity this week. The lions share of the blame for Jason’s eviction fell on Shelli, so they are set on taking her out. In my opinion, there are two targets that would really change the game for James, Meg and Jackie and give them a real chance to win. Take out Liz which would fracture the Twins + Austin trio. Or preferably, take out Vanessa who is the centerpiece of the sixth sense alliance. Taking out Shelli will drive Clay to Vanessa and really strengthen the sixth sense alliance.
    Becky and Johnny-Mac are off everyone’s radar and in a really good spot for now.

    1. Absolutely. He needed to at least stir some mistrust between the alliance members but he blew it by spilling his plan to Becky.

      If he had played his cards closer to the vest, he could’ve put doubt in everyone’s minds that Vanessa or Austin put him up to it. Now everyone knows Clay and Shelli were his targets.

      Big opportunity missed. He can still wreak havoc with 6th sense but only if the POV is used and he has a chance to put up Liz or Vanessa opposite one of Clay/Shelli.

  65. Personally, I think it’s stupid if they don’t take out at least ONE of the twins before jury – and if this is their only chance, then they should take it. It’s 99% chance that having the twins and Austin in jury means all three of them will vote for the same person. If it’s you, great, then it works, but if it’s someone else, you’re probably screwed. These people don’t think things out enough. They just get themselves worked up and do stupid things like A) allowing the twins to come in in the first place and then B) allowing them to get to jury.

  66. James should just say, “I’m going to put this on a T for y’all. You can hit a homer to left field(points to Vanessa) or right field(points to Shelli).”

  67. Since the line has been drawn I would put up Shelli and Clay and then take out Vanessa as a backdoor option.

  68. James is a beast but I wish he were playing this a little more strategically.

    He was way too up front about Clay and Shelli being his targets, with Becky and others. That lets everyone else slide by with no blood on their hands.

    He may get one of Clelli out but I don’t know if he’s done anything to crack that 6th sense alliance. Becky will probably just step in to Clay or Shelli’s spot.

  69. This may be the first week that the Veto doesn’t gt used, and the backdoor target is safe. If Liz and Vanessa stay up, Liz will go home. Then Austin will be stuck in jury by himself.

  70. She’s a beautiful girl, she should ease up on her heavy black eye lining around her eyes.

    It’d be great to see her without make up for once, her skin is able to breath, and heal faster, and we’d be able to see her real eye shape.


  71. I think James screw it and put Shelli and Clay up in the first place is his best move. Technically he would be keeping his word to Shelli… this comes down to semantics she made him promise to not “backdoor” her or Clay. Putting them up in the first place is not a backdoor. Vanesa has always known those two would kick her under the bus to save themselves and they are working on their justification to screw Van over. Shell gave a huge clue to that with that she forgot to include Van in the deal… hint Van you are not part of their deal. That frees Vanessa to get one of them out.

    Now putting both Shelli and Clay on the block creates a situation that three people who would use the veto to save Shelli or Clay will not use it and the use of it will not save both of them only one… then just replace Shelli or Clay with a twin and you secure the votes to evict Shelli or Clay and if a twin go’s Austin should have campaigned better. Here is how votes might look with Shelli or Clay against a twin… say Liz.

    Evict Shelli or Clay: Meg, Jackie, Austin, Julia
    Evict Liz: Becky, Johnny Mac, Shelli or Clay (who ever the veto saved.)

    Leaving Vanessa and Steve as the deciders… If they split they can send Shelli or clay home (better move)
    If they don’t spit they can easily send Liz home or Shelii/Clay home. I think more than likely it will be half of Scaylli because they will try and kick Steve and Van under the bus to save themselves. Providing sufficient ammunition.
    Shelli stays she locks onto Becky and Johnny Mac and plays the victim.
    Clay stays he will actually do way better… he had no passion with Shelli so he won’t be out for revenge and thank them for freeing him from Shelli. Then go Bro with Austin and James… flirt with Meg or Julia. He will be fine.

  72. The thing with Becky is that Clelli really worked her over last week and have her thinking that they were the swing votes that kept her over Jason which is technically true. I guess she feels she owes them and James and Meg did both vote her out and campaign against her last week. I honestly thing they were stupid to share info with someone they just voted to leave.

  73. Wait, I’m confused… is Becky not working with James and Jackie and the rest of them? Does she really think this Generals alliance is true? Not cool Becky if you are the next Andy.

    1. TBH becky is not a rat… I don’t no what to really classify her… she isn’t a flatter because she has won a comp and worked to win comps… She did not go between the two sides because to be honest she has been overlooked even when she had a bit of power. If Becky had been the victorious HoH the game would look completely different and she probably would have been a power… instead she got overlooked and Shelli was the first one to notice her other than Johnny Mac. She is really just being loyal to two of the first people to have really talked to her. She my be trying to put herself in a position to be picked up by the survivor of the week. She really isn’t being a rat… she has a clear side she want to work with and just wants to keep her options open.

  74. Is it just me or did Vanessa just tell Jackie that “Clay and Shelly” know they are the target and it went right over her head not understanding that they have a Rat within them that squeaked?

    Jackie should have went immediately to James and told him…

    1. I think she did… I was sleepy when I saw it… but I think she did.
      I really want Vanessa and Jackie to team up… For me as a Big Brother Fan it would be on of my favorite all time alliances. I just have a feeling they would make an awesome team up.

    2. It’s probably best that she didn’t catch it. When, you’re on a sinking ship you don’t worry about the rats, you can eat those on the escape raft if you make it.

  75. What the hell is Steve even doing there. He’s such a floater that he’s floated off the show entirely and may end up washing up on the shores of the next Survivor set!

  76. I hope the BB takeover comes bak this week and lets James send home TWO people this week. As much as I dislike Shelley (and Clay), it is best to take out Vanessa bc she is the one holding two sides together to form 6th sense alliance. Take her out and that leaves Austin and twins on one side and Clellie on the other. I would wait to take out Liz until jury and make sure she is 1st in jury bc as soon as that happens, Austin will want to self evict to be alone with her in jury house.

  77. Vanessa is in a situation where she knows that with Shelli and Clay she will always be 3rd wheel. She also will always come third to Austin, and 4th to Liz. Both Clelli and Austin/Liz have pissed Vanessa off this week and she is smart enough to know that for her game, those two groups need to be split up, but she doesn’t want to be the one to do it. She knows she needs people on the other side to take them out for her, and James/JMac are probably her best bet. As long as POV isn’t played this week, she should be safe, and even if she is put on the block after POV, I am pretty sure Vanessa will send the heat off of her and onto the twins. James should be shopping for a new alliance with someone that can help him by winning a competition, because Jackie and especially Meg aren’t going to do it. Once one of team Barbie and Ken leaves, the one that is left is going to be scrambling. If Shelli stays she will try to hook up with the twins and Becky, but if Clay stays, I think he will gravitate to the guys, JMac, and James, and maybe Vanessa. It would leave Austin and his twins as the biggest threat in the house. Unless Austin or twins win HOH, Vanessa and James would be safe next week.

  78. There’s no secret, I’ve been pretty up front that I dislike Clay and Shelli’s personalities. A LOT. Seeing either of them leave would bring me joy.
    With that said, I’m confused why Clay and Shelli would think James would honour a deal.
    I’m confused why Vanessa thinks James is a straight shooter. James. The guy who devised a plan, then entered an alliance with Clay, Audrey, Austin and Jace one hot minute before nominating Jace to go home (one day after targeting him). Didn’t care for Jace; not the point. James’ Big Brother character/honour has already shown that he will do someone dirty. And lie about it. His style of game play when he has power is no different than Vanessa or Shelli.
    When shelli said ‘they’re LYING and think we broke our word to the Dark Moon alliance’ with complete disdain and belief in her own innocence I could only think WOW, they make drugs for that kind of thinking. The delusional hypocrisy crap added to the overall fakeness and pandering to the viewers: that’s a clear cut definition of why I dislike Shelli.
    Production and Psych Services: That’s right sweetie, you were honest and up front. someone get the Ativan ready, we’re going to have another ‘Is This Real’ solo anytime now.
    In terms of calling Becky a traitor a snitch and a rat: wouldn’t she have had to have been a member of jamesmegjackie’s team at some point to be a traitor? She wasn’t included on their side. We the viewers saw one big alliance, one small alliance, and a few floaters. Until mid week, we saw Becky as a floater, not a member of the small alliance. They actively conspired to evict her. Now they need another number (not sure why but they think they do), and without so much as a mea culpa becky is suddenly on the crew. I think she’s boring. I think she’s playing a dangerous tactic. But again, if she were telling james meg and Jackie everything that shelli clay and vanessa said, she would never be called a traitor she’d be getting fan posts.
    I wonder how the episode will be edited: Foolishly loyal to an alliance that isn’t real, or rat/snitch/traitor. Or maybe they’ll just edit her out completely like they did last night during the fictional ‘Jason fought tooth and nail to stay’ chronicles aka one conversation in three days… twelve hours before eviction… when he finally got out of bed and stopped crying production save me i’m poor. Personally can’t stand the financial hardship pity angle or the production save me angle.

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