Clay “Vanessa made me swear we didn’t throw her under the bus. It makes me think she’s guilty.”

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 2nd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

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12pm Vanessa gets called to the diary room. She briefly talks to Julia in the kitchen. Julia says that she just came out of the diary room. She says they asked her about the comp (Last nights HOH competition). Julia then says crap I can’t talk about it. Vanessa heads into the diary room.

12:15pm In the bathroom room – Vanessa talks to Clay. She asks so you have no idea who is being put up? Clay says no. Vanessa says but you guys talked to him for a long time, how do you have no idea. Clay says he wasn’t saying a whole lot. He said he might put up Steve. Whether I trust him, I don’t know. He never said I am going to put up these two people. Vanessa asks can you give me your word that you never threw me under the bus? Clay says Vanessa! Vanessa says I’m trusting you. Clay says we would never throw you under the bus. We made sure he wasn’t going to put you up. Vanessa says okay because that’s what I did also! Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return – Vanessa says havenots.. f**k I don’t want to be a havenot again. Vanessa leaves. Shelli joins Clay. Clay says you know how when you’re guilty you get paranoid. For some reason Vanessa just came up to me and asked me if we’re good. Clay tells her about how Vanessa made him swear we didn’t throw her under the bus. I told her no, I don’t even know why you would ask me that. It makes me think she’s guilty.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-31 12-31-12-402

12:25pm HOH room. James tells Johnny Mac how he has never been a target and you’re good with me. My question is do I make a little ripple or do I throw a big stone and make a big ripple. If I keep you safe will you agree to keep me safe next week. Johnny says yeah I can do that. James says I just need you to be kind of supportive of this decision and it will help your game too. One of the power couples needs to be split up. I just need you to keep me safe next week and I’ll get you into jury. I won’t backdoor you. I’ll let you vote how you want to vote. I feel like that’s fair. Johnny says yeah alright! I like the sounds of everything there. Awesome! James says this week is going to get a little hectic! This is the last bloody week before jury and I’ve got to make it count. Otherwise we’re going to be working against a lot of couples and we need to take one out. Johnny says yeah that makes sense. I hear ya. James asks have you heard anything about me. Johnny says you stuck by Jason and I respect that.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-31 12-26-08-917

12:25pm Kitchen – Vanessa says this will be havenots, does anyone know who will be volunteering? Julia says says yeah the Aus-twins (Austin, Julia & Liz).

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-31 12-37-28-452

12:30pm – 1:05pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the havenots to be picked. The feeds return to the house guests coming down from the HOH room to find the havenot extra food. The extra food this week is Lolly-Slop (Candy). Austin, Liz and Julia volunteered to be havenots this week.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-31 13-06-30-360

James is going to nominate: Shelli & Clay

1:10pm – 1:20pm HOH room – James talks to Austin and tells him he is going to go for a big player. I’m a heavy hitter. I can’t say who, its a strong couple. Austin asks its not liztin? James says no. Just be ready its not ya’ll. Austin says you’ve got my support. I’ve been in the dark. James says if one of them comes off, I need someone to go up to insure one of them go home. Its between one of you three (Austin, Liz and Julia). You’ve got Meg, Jackie and I’m pretty sure you would have John too. When you see what happens you’ll know why. Austin says I’m behind you and will support you whatever you want to do. If there are things you need to do, I’m willing to do what you need, you can put me up if you need to. Once nominations go up and I’m not up there and twins aren’t up there I’m with you. James says If one of them wins the veto I’ll need someone to go up there. James says Vanessa is good with me and I’m not going to put her up and not even as a replacement. Austin asks do you think I could get voted out over this other person. Do you think its better one of the twins go up? James says that Steve said he would vote my way. Austin says I will play veto and keep the noms the same .. and here’s the perfect excuse .. I can’t use it and risk you putting up one of the twins. Vanessa joins them and tells James that she will swear on the bible and her life that it wasn’t Austin, the twins or Shelli or Clay who told her he should be an option to go up last week even though he was safe. I can’t say the name but you would be shocked at who it was. James says thats a small part of the picture. Vanessa says I just wanted clear that up and I hope you respect that I can’t tell you who. James says I can respect that. I heard you were getting nervous you might go up. Vanessa says it made me nervous that deals were being made with everyone so when you do the math there’s no one left. Jackie joins them and then leaves. Vanessa says I’m not a dumb girl and can see the direction you’re going. It won’t be anything between us and I will support you in whatever you decide to do. James tells Vanessa that she’s not the target or the backdoor target. James says this is a huge move and it could backfire potentially. Austin says but you have the votes to do it. James says I would love to keep the noms the same.. Austin says if you get house guest choice you can pick me and I’ll keep it the same.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-31 13-10-44-263

1:25pm Havenot room – Clay and Shelli talk to Meg. Shelli says we’re extremely upset because people blame us for Jason going up on the block. I would say I’m pretty damn pissed that we’re being blamed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-31 13-23-31-932

1:35pm Cabana room – Austin tells Liz and Julia that Shelli and Clay are going up. We’re good though. Julia says its kind of f**ked up that they made that deal with him and he’s going back on it. Austin says James didn’t like how she did that. He was like that’s how close you are that you’re going to stand in front of the whole house and say that.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-31 13-42-33-461

1:50pm Meg tells Shelli that she is ready to just move on from it. I’m willing to move on from it but it doesn’t meant that there isn’t work that doens’t need to happen. Shelli agrees. Meg says it doesn’t mean that James won’t throw me under the bus. I am all alone right now. You’re freaking out right now aren’t you. Shelli says yes, this is the first time I legit feel angry in this house. Meg says that Jason had you’re back. Meg says you guys made a deal with him so I think you’re fine. Shelli says that was the first public deal in front of everyone in the house and if he goes against that everyone will see it.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-31 13-57-36-673
1:50pm Kitchen – James tells Vanessa they won’t ever go against each other. I will never have their vote in jury. One of them lied to Meg the other day and she called them out on it. Vanessa says don’t tell me any more. I don’t want to know. I don’t want to be put in an awkward situation knowing before hand. James says I feel good about this decision.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-31 13-55-47-931

2pm Jackie talks to James. Jackie asks how it got out? James says I think Vanessa hinted to them. She’s smart and thinks logically. She’s really close with them so of course she’s going to want them. That doesn’t matter because they dont have the votes. We’re going to 7-2 them just like they did to us. I’ve got Steve on board too. He’s going to vote whatever way I tell him.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-31 14-03-10-618

2:10pm Shelli says I think he will be true to his word. Clay says I think he will too. As long as we’re not nominated or backdoored. Shelli says if neither of us are nomninated, that’s a good thing. Even if in the next few days he did get talked into backdooring one of us ..we have the numbers. Clay says if we aren’t we need to start think about reformation as far as me, you, Vanessa and who else we want. Is it James, Meg and Jackie? Is it Becky, Johnny and Steve?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-31 14-11-12-119
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2:15pm – 2:25pm Meg tells Vanessa that James is a new persona when he goes up in that room. Vanessa says I have a very strong feeling he is going to make a big move. Meg says he is, he told me he was going to. Vanessa says I don’t know who, I don’t think I would be a big move. Meg says I think he has a couple options floating around. Meg says I hope what ever decision he makes that people will not support him but… respect him. Vanessa says I will. Meg says that she thinks the jury is playing a big part in who should go. Votes are important.

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I survived last seasons BB

James…You have to know Your enemy to defeat them

Your goal should be to take out a main 6th sense Player..and not just that,but to weaken that alliance permanently

On one side of that alliance You have Clay/Shelli..and in the smaller sense Becky/Steve .The other side is Austin/Liz/Julia

One thing binds them together…and that is Vanessa

6th Sense will try to convince You to take out a smaller target like Becky or Steve..and that would make You less a target next week, right ? wrong !! They have already showed they do not honor deals..Just ask Jackie about Jason

I would threaten both sides of the alliance, make the BEST deal You can for You,Meg and Jackie and then zap Vanessa..When She implodes ..and She will.., so will the alliance..If You can reel Becky and Steve in great too, Prove to them that 6th Sense is trying to throw them up to save themselves


I disagree. Shelli is the most dangerous player in the game, she is the one I would take out. Vanessa isn’t stupid enough to roll to final 6 with a threesome and a couple, all people that are capable of winning competitions. Obviously anyone would rather be up against competition non threats in the end game, than competitors that are attached to someone else. The 6 are really not solid anymore, Vanessa was pissed at Austin a few days ago and she was visibly pissed last night when Clelli claimed that they didn’t want Jason to go. Liz managed to almost talk Vanessa into not backdooring Austin, but she decided to do it when she talked to Clelli. They were more than on board with getting Jason out. The delusional lies that Clelli tell while harping on about how loyal they are and honest is like watching Natalie BB11 in stereo.


Vanessa’s doing a real good job of not following that advice. Just look at Jason last week she could have left him alone and taken out Austin, scooped up the twin and owned the house. Your giving Van way to much credit as a BB strategist. A free hit and steal 2 HG for an alliance plus get credit with the other side of the house no brainer.
Nessa’s game is old school big alliance early and keep numbers that’s the only game she’s played so far. Witness her decision making last week. I thought Clay/Shelli made the big mistake last week and said so. They should have never supported keeping Austin. It was 4 versus 2 with Van pulling the strings inside of 6th sense. Keeping Jason, ect safe and getting Austin out way better for their game. I couldn’t expect just how bad that’s going to turn out being! Vanessa sold them out to the other side really good plus the we didn’t know lie perfect. Then James wins HOH and has a little fight in him. Slay may both get nominated. It could be a really good week in one sense but if Shelli goes just write Vanessa’s name on the cheque. On the other hand IF Clay goes and Shelli realizes Van threw her under the bus Shelli would need to move totally to the other side bring Johnnie Mac and go to war.


Yes, but this is the same guy that said, “maybe Audrey was right about them being in an alliance?” DUH!!!!! They looked so dumb about that. It was so obvious! It has to be obvious in that small house seeing who is in an alliance, who is talking all of the time, who is always in the HOH, etc. I will be so pissed if James is easily persuaded to target who Clelli wants out. But, yes you are right. Vanessa is the common thread between them all. Though I do think the 5th sense will continue on without Vanessa.

Double D

If I was James, I’ld bring Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli up to the HOH and ask, “Who’s idea was it to backdoor Jason?” Then sit back and watch the fight.

I survived last seasons BB

Thats an awesome idea


I mentioned that a few posts ago when James won HOH. Pit Shelli against Van & it’s on! They will go full blown defense mode to protect themselves,in Shell’s case her & Clay. They would definitely turn on turn on each other.


It would be fun watching that alliance crumble by doing that. But James have his target and I’m happy he is hoh, bec just like week 1. James stick to his target and nothing no one can do to change that, no begging pleading or dealing will work with James. I respect how he didn’t get caught up n the gossip week 1 when his target was Jace. He talk less and kept a small circle and Jace was gone. But I will say that he need to get Johnny/Becky on his side, so next week they can get another 6th sense out. 2 more wks of power will really crumble their High Horse Alliance

Canadian Kevin

Vanessa just made things very awkward in the HoH, trying to defend Clay and Shelli, and saying James is in a similar position as she was last week.

He didn’t want to hear any of it.

The little guy is sticking to his guns – and Noms are today – which is awesome

Guy From Canada

Sounds like Clay and Shelli going up or a combination of them. So you will get your wish 🙂


What deal did the 6th sense make with Jackie in regards to Jason? You are saying they didn’t honor some deal. I don’t remember any deal with Jason being made. I remember Vanessa made a deal with Jackie that she wouldn’t back door her, which she honored. If you remember, everyone jumped at her to put Jackie up first and she said she couldn’t because of her deal. They worked with Jackie to try to keep her in power and take out Austin. That didn’t work, and that screwed up the plan.

I know for some reason a lot of people like Jason (I personally don’t see why, but that’s not the point of this comment). If you honestly think Vanessa should have taken out Austin, who was a player not going after her, not threatening her, who is a vote for her, instead of a strong player on the other side of the house, then please never apply to be on the show.


They made a deal of eight called the dark pool or something, It lasted an hour but Meg and Jason were depending on it to be solid.


Except you are implying that Jason was a strong player. He wasn’t. He was desperately trying to get in good with Clelli and it ruined him. He also had the loosest lips in the house and never won anything worthwhile. If anything, Vanessa did Jackie, James, and Meg a favor by sending him packing.


James is making the correct move here strategically. Put both Shelli and Clay up, you insure one goes home no matter what. He will shift the numbers and the power and really only have one enemy after him once it’s over. If James doesn’t do this now, Shlay will continue running the show and Shelli will flip the house back her way.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

I was hoping that James would keep his nomination plans to himself, and leave everyone in the dark until the nomination ceremony. You always run the risk of people thwarting your plans when you tell the houseguests who you plan to nominate. If Clay and Shelli suspect that they are going up, they will try to get into James’ head…they will try to sway him….and they might succeed.

Anonymous 2 Maaybe 3

I just want to say, you guys that make these name changes, to me you are brilliant I wish I had the intellect to be able to take two names and make them funny like you all are doing, keep it up, I like it. Ok continue on I just had to give you guys some good Credit. (goodred) LOL


Here is my concern: Let’s say James did put up Clelli, and one wins veto & comes down, they throw in a pawn like Austin for ex, will the house still keep solid to evict one of them & not a pawn? I feel everyone is loyal to Clelli,JMAC stupidly reported back to them about James putting them up potentially. I feel Meg & Jackie will take one of them (Shelli or Clay out) but the house makes me nervous by keeping loyal to Clelli(the way they run back to them with info) & will take out the pawn not Clelli & that would be a waste of Jame’s HOH power of taking out a big threat(Clelli or Van who is dominate in game). I wish James would throw in Van but she is misting them all!


The numbers are better evicting Shelli or Clay and Vanessa is just business sh is going t need to split Austin Lix and Julia up eventually and you should know she is going to need people to do it with. Some BB players are just about the business and others are personal… People who play and it is just about the business are more flexible and more likely to go with a flip, than the personal players. Vanessa is much better to keep if you are playing the game.


Sixth sense alliance would be volunteer as havenot for a week!!!

Double D

Why do they bother blocking the have not picks? We’ll know 20 minutes after it happens.


What a miscalculation by Clay and Shelli. Austin goes out last night and they coast to final 6 or 7. Now they’re fighting for their lives. Keeping Austin was probably the right move from the beginning, but after you create another alliance and go so far down the path of evicting him you have to stick with it.
Clay and Shelli basically blew up their games last week, at least for one of them.

Canadian Kevin

And i know they’re trying to say it wasn’t her, but it absolutely was Shelli who convinced Vanessa to change the plan on getting Austin out.
They can say it was Vanessa all they want; but it wasn’t, and it seems the blood is in the water.
And Vanessa is worrying about her own ass, which means this week will be interesting.

And more fun than say the last 5

Lee BB Fan

It wasn’t Shelli, it was Liz who changed Vanessa’s mind.

canadian Kevin

Liz said she was good either way Vanessa wanted to go.

It was Shelli who started questioning why they would put up one of their number, despite their agreement, because they had the numbers and it didn’t matter how the otherside felt.

And then there was the plan to lie on how they voted to isolate Jackie.

This nomination is WELL deserved.
Just for the arrogance and feeling comfortable


That’s accurate don’t know why your getting thumbs down here. Liz made the classic “numbers” argument for keeping Austin. The convo with Clelli was all over the place on names for the renom but it was Vanessa who approached them about actually switching targets and keeping Austin. Should mention also Austin talked to Van 1st and pleaded his case for a second chance after screwing up before the Clelli/Van talk. That’s based on OBB as I do not get the feeds.

Member of the Ant Farm

You know, I was in the Clelli camp and the 6th sense simply because they were getting rid of the other side and none of them were awake out of bed enough to realize what was hitting them. But when Vanessa told Jackie that they were all in on the Jason decision with Shelli in the room and the look on her face when she tried to hem and haw her way out of it made me twinge. Here I thought that the lines in the sand were finally going to be drawn and Shelli and Clay STILL tried to stay in the middle. I lost any respect that I did have for Shelli for not firmly standing with Vanessa. At some point you need to stand up and own your decisions. Would much rather see Shelli or Clay go before Liz, Austin or Vanessa goes. Not having one of those 2 not be in jury would kind of be like poetic justice!!


Absolutely right, was so disappointed that the show made it seem like Liz was the one. It was Shelli’s unnecessary paranoia that caused Vanessa to make a move that is about to blow up in their faces.


Keeping Austin wasn’t necessarily the issue. It was the fact that they failed to come up with a believable reason and blew all their credibility with the other side of the house. The cat was out of the bag at that point. Vanessa had an easy excuse she could have used to justify saving Austin….Liz was out of the house when all the Dark Moon drama went down. Vanessa should have said that Liz came back in the house, heard the plan to backdoor Austin, and told Vanessa that she would be going back on her word.
Liz: If you evict Austin you are breaking your word.
V: What do you mean:
Liz: Last week when I was HOH, you came up to me and said that if I didn’t nominate or backdoor you, you wouldn’t do the same to me this week. (makes it seem like they do week to week deals, not an actual alliance)
V: Ok, I remember that.
Liz: Before I agreed I also said I want the same deal for Austin.
V: Oh my god, I totally forgot about that. You are right. blah blah blah

Vanessa could have said that she remembered making the deal with Liz but forgot that Liz threw Austin in the deal at the last minute. Liz was gone for the last few days and so it was never brought up to her until Liz came back. My word is everything…I can’t evict Austin because I gave my word and I can’t have the twins coming after me. That is a very believable excuse. Instead she came up with some nonsense that nobody believed for a second. Credibility blown.


austin goes, they potentially lose liz and julia as numbers, and then they have to play the float game hoping the rest of the house targets steve and the twins and doesn’t turn on them. they’d completely lose any semblance of a numbers advantage. that dark moon alliance was a terrible deal for them as it’d split 5-3 once it got down to 8 and they’d be the 3 with vanessa. austin needed to stay, though they should have realized that way earlier in the week and spent all the time targeting austin spinning jason’s blabbing about the twins as him being untrustworthy with secrets and hoping that would pull the wool over the eyes of the rest of the house.

i think the biggest miscalculation on their part was though that all the blame would be on vanessa, but vanessa knew she had to deflect that to someone. better play for vanessa would have been to try to throw either steve or jmac or people just outside the core alliance under the bus, but still vanessa was smart to not just take all the blame. clay and shelli have been overdue for getting caught red handed, really hope they end up on the block.


I disagree. They get rid of austin and they still have everybody outside of maybe the twins on their side and not targeting them. They took this one on the chin and didn’t see it coming.


they’re playing to win, not get like 5th or 6th. this was a big risk big reward type play. playing the “less risky” strat screwed them when they got down to 8 and would have booted a potential jury vote over someone unlikely to vote their way. admittedly keeping austin screwed them as soon as they were out of power (which happened sooner than later), but gave them a much better chance at winning.


Vanessa had to throw a little heat Shay’s way, they were too comfortable on all sides, though she’s taking full advantage of them taking the fall.
Overall, it was dumb to target Austin, even dumber to go back on it.

I am loving James’ HOH.

Meg is Hot

I believe that Liz would appreciate Austin being gone. He is a giant creeper! Can you imagine them alone in the jury house? Can you say stalker? Plus I heard that Austin’s girlfriend outside the house is pissed at him.


clay and shelli didnt blow up their game, vanessa did. shelli and clay are getting 100% of the blame for jason going up when it was actually austin and vanessa’s idea in the first place. if shelli and clay want to take their target off for sure they need to blow up vanessa’s lies to james. i dont think they will do that though, not until they are up on the block they wont.


Im starting to like James. I hope he gets clay or Shelly up on the block. Mostly Shelly. I wanna see them freak out.
If he puts Steve up even as a pawn I think he’s going to end up wasting his hoh. Because they will turn on Steve and keep a couple. Imo.
Poor Julia. Stuck with Austin cuz of Liz. Lol. I’d have a hard time playing nice in that situation. I hope her attitude comes out more.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Julia has decided that she can tolerate Austin for a little longer, if it means that Vashelay (Vanessa/Shelli/Clay) is disbanded before her group of three. She’s bidding her time. Austin’s days are numbered. At least she’s being honest with her sister Liz, about how she feels about Austin. Now, it won’t come as a surprise to Liz if Julia wins HOH (later down the road) and nominates Austin.


Lol@Vanessa telling Clay “that’s what I did too”. You bet your ass she did exactly that. Tried to keep herself safe. She is scrambling to save herself after stomping on the other side during her two times as hoh. Clelli is not her first priority, nor should they be, but you gotta love how she words things to make them think they are.
All I want now is for Shelli and Vanessa in the hot seats Thursday night. Geauxxx James.


Actually Vanessa didn’t throw them under the bus with James. She just made it clear that Shelly and Clay were aware of and supportive of Jason going up (which they kept lying about). I actually thought she was too nice because it was them who pushed Vanessa to save Austin when she didnt want to and pushed for James and Jackie to go up, but Vanessa left that all out. Hopefully she tells him after they turn on her.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Vanessa believes that her alliance will be back in power next week, so she doesn’t want to say anything that will put her on the outs with her group. She is saying just enough to ensure her safety this week, but not enough for her alliance to think she betrayed them. Shelli and Clay are doing the same thing. I may not like that six-person alliance, but I have to acknowledge that they are really playing the game well.


I hope he puts up clay and venessa and Back door sheli. So shelli and Vanessa or shelli and Clay or venessa and Clay. Who cares I want one of them out ugh!

Canadian Kevin

I think that is the best plan too.


I prefer Shelli up with Vanessa and if the Veto is used drop Clay in the spot. If Clay is picked and wins then Liz goes up. Tell Austin and Julia before the veto comp that if Clay wins and uses the veto then she goes up. Make them understand Vanessa is the target. That makes sure those two vote out Vanessa.


What in the hell is everyone talking about, including “the other side of the house”??? Production ended the BOB so you can insure 1/2 of a couple goes home. This is a no-brainer. You put Shelli and Clay up together so one can’t win the veto and save both. If one wins it and takes themself off, you throw Vanessa up (tell her “I had no choice, it’s what the house wanted” as she has said every single time she had put someone up). If by some miracle Vanessa wins the veto and actually uses it, which she may not to protect her image for the next week, then you put a twin up so you guarantee you have your own sides votes, AND Austwin. Boom, Guaranteed that either Shelli or Clay goes home. This is BB 101.


BB 101
Your 1/2 way there. Shelli and Clay go up. You say no brainer I say no brainer. 🙂 The Van part is unneeded mess. Just renom Liz securing the Austwin votes to evict who is still up with Liz. Add Jackie and Meg you need 1 vote. Van can say Liz all she wants to Clelli she’ll vote for which ever is on the block. She could likely get Steve to vote that way to. Guessing the only vote to evict Liz in the end comes from Clelli.


That’s dangerous. Shelli wins POV, she is taking Clay off the block. Most likely Austin or Liz goes up, Vanessa probably stays. And James would be public enemy #1. The only smart move is Clay and Shelli, with Austin as replacement if POV is used.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

@ Chloe:
Putting Austin up as a replacement nominee is too risky. The house will vote him out. If James nominates Shelli & Clay, and the veto is used, Vanessa should go up as a replacement nominee. This way, one of the Vashelay (Vanessa/Shelli/Clay) squad will go home.


What was the Takeover twist this week? Simon or Dawg do you know?

Just make something up.

It’s really too bad Shark Tank is on ABC, because this would be an awesome time for Shark Week.

Canadian Kevin

Man, James hasn’t even nominated anyone yet, and Vanessa, Clay and Shelli are already showing cracks. Makes a difference in your game when you’re not controlling HoH, eh?

I love it. As long as two of those three go up, i’m loving it – though i don’t understand everyone posting to put Liz up. She’s barely a threat. And while she’s one of three numbers, i think if Vanessa got backdoored, or Shelli did, the twins might work with someone else.

Then again, Liz hates James. But Liz isn’t a big enough player to waste an HoH on, IMO.

Just Mauid

By putting up Liz against Shelli/Clay/Vanessa, James is guaranteed that if Julia and/or Austin are picked for POV and win, they will take Liz off and he can put up the other Shelli/Clay/Vanessa. If Jackie, Meg or JMac win POV, they will probably do what James wants (backdoor Shelli). Best odds of getting out S/C/V is to nominate Liz.


I don’t know if I can trust James to make a big move and nominate Clay and Shellie, I bet he will end up putting up Steve and Becky…


What happened to the Takeovers?


Isn’t it great watching Vanessa, Shelli and Clay turn on each other?

Payback for all those snide comments last week about Jason, Meg, Jason and Jackie “scrambling” last week.

Game on!


Its clear whats going to happen…

Clay and Shelli go up…. then one of them wins Veto, Vanessa goes up and out (Clay and Shelli will turn everyone against her)


I would be happy with Shelli or Vanessa leaving. But I really don’t think James wants to put up Vanessa.


He would put up Austin or Liz not Vanessa .


The problem is that he’ll put up Clay/Shelli and when one of them comes down he’ll put up Steve and Steve goes home.


Honestly Clay and Shelli were great players the biggest mistake was trusted Vanessa i think they need to go and start to throw her under the bus to james and say that they wanted Austin out but she wouldnt do it so she wanted you out and she then threw Jasons name out and blamed it on us. Be like James she wanted you out the week that Jeff left and last week but u couldn’t we wernt coming after you guys but she has been. And jason thinks he has everyone on board if its only clay up or shelli up on eviction i think he would have to put up vanessa to make sure they go home amd she might not because they are sos tupid they dont realize that the 3 of them are alone they dont have becky John Steve or any of them so i habe a feeling this week it will back fire and maybe finally Vanessa will be gone


The only problem with that is that Jackie called out Shelli about the Jason thing already, right in front of Vanessa. And Shelli stumbled on her words, and gave some stupid answer and Jackie knows Shelli was lying, just like Jason said. James, Meg, and Jackie all know Clay and mainly Shelli were behind Jason going up. The whole thing was Shelli’s idea to begin with and they all know that. I don’t think James would listen to her because Jason beat it in their heads for days about Shelli and Clay. Oh, and Audrey told him not to trust them either. He already said he now thinks what Audrey told him before she left was right.


James says, ” say hello to my little friend.”


Lol Scarface….Who thinks that last headline just might be damaging to Jame’s self esteem or at the least embarrassing? (Friends and Family..production etc..)
Wow Julia…Typical comment for a sleeeze! Liz is alot nicer.


Vanessa is a great player but if James and his side want to have a good chance of winning the game, they have to get her out. Vanessa is the glue that binds the other side of the house.


You mean just because, even in her most emotional moments, she is the logical strategist of the group?


Agree but still wanna see Shelli scared and to feel what Jeff , Jason, Day, even Jace…what they all felt!


but James got Jason out? And Jeff was more Vanessa than anyone, even though she deflected it. If Liz replaced Austin with Jeff, Vanessa couldn’t get the twins back.

I think Clay leaving benefits James more. If Clay leaves, Shelli needs to regroup…..but with who? She is exposed. Once Shelli leaves, guess who is freed up to flirt and banter with Meg, Becky, Twins, and JohnnyMac (he cut his hair)? Clay. I think James should recognize that somehow, that Clay is a threat to him socially because Meg talks about her house crush Clay all the fucking time.


Lock and load.

Captain Crunch

James has to put shelli and clay on the block with Vanessa as a replacement otherwise he risk putting a pawn up and the pawn goes home if pov isn’t used and that 6 sense alliance is still intact.


Don’t, I repeat don’t, put up a pawn. Put up Vanessa against either Shelly or Clay and let the games begin! Watch the 6th sense explode and you can reap the benefits of fresh new deals and alliances. And I hope Becky pays dearly for her game play today. She so wants to be popular with Clay and Shelly


Make your HOH count!!!!


It’s really annoying know Johnny Mac wanted to get out the underdogs, It sucks because he is the most likeable person but basically is an extension of Chelli which makes him equally as unlikeable, I hope he realizes that Chelli is no longer of any use.


Clay figured out Vanessa!

psv doesnt get all the Shlay/Van hate..

I guess I just dont understand folks who watch BB. I didnt get all the Derrick hate last year and I dont get the Shlay/Van hate this year.

People say they are fake. DUH!!! ITS BIG BROTHER!! OF COURSE THEY ARE FAKE. The entire goal of the game is to get 15 other people out while pretending to like them as you stab them in the back. All of the “greats” of this game have done exactly that. But somehow it is beyond the pale for Shlay/Van to do it? And to that end, up until last week, Shlay/Van was playing that perfectly. Exactly how you should play it.

And you want to talk about fake, Jason was the fakest person in that house. He just could not keep his mouth shut. If you were in the kitchen, went to tell him something, the house would know about it before you returned to the kitchen. That isnt game play, that is just Gossip. He wasnt good, in my opinion, at all.

The first mistake Shlay/Van made was Van agreeing to put up Austin in the first place. She totally paniced, and then when Jackie comes up, she makes this big alliance instead of just thinking it through.

The second mistake they made was not getting their stories straight on how it all went down so they were saying the same thing. Funny, Vanessa was HoH and has come out of this smelling like a rose.

The third mistake was not winning HoH. Unless Shelli was about to fall and needed to make a deal, she should have won HoH. (People from the feeds say she was about to, i havent seen it). But if she could have waited another 5 minutes, maybe *SHE* tells James he is safe.

3 strategic blunders. If James is smart he puts up Shlay with Van as a backdoor and make the alliance split its vote. Of course, that makes him target #1 for the other side.

But, up until this week, Shlay/Van have done exactly what you should do in this game, so I just dont get the hate. Since I didnt get the Derrick hate last year, I guess I never will.

I guess most of the people who read/watch these boards dont appreciate good strategic play and instead prefer drama and back biting. While that has it’s place, I enjoy strategy more than drama.


Fair enough. Ideally, I would love to have a season where a strategic mastermind defeats the odds against a dominant alliance.


For the record I LOVE Vanessa big time. I want a Jackie and Vanessa to form a strong alliance. I love the players that are all business and not personal.
Scaylli…. ugh I hate the players that sit around and start talking like they are morally superior and then scumbag people, I will admit that convenient morality really ticks me off. It is what I hated about Nicole and Hardy Season Two and cheered on the evil DR Will, It is why I did not like the first Twins Season 5, I liked Will and Nakomis but the rest of their team bugged me. Last Season I did not hate Derrick… could’t stand Christine and Frankie (ick)… Season 15 ummm who did I like, I can’t remember. Benchel or Douchie and the Beast… I really did not like them especially when they came back and they bullied players and then sat around crying that people did not like them “WHY DO PEOPLE HATE LOOOOOOVE” deliver me.

TBH I love a Season that the power go’s back and forth and both sides loose people. It makes for a more fun Season to watch. Losing Shelli just facilitates that.

The Truth

Surprisingly, Becky still has yet to report back to Clay and Shelli that they are both going on the block. She was part of the conversation in which James disclosed his plan. Also part of that conversation — Jackie and Meg.

But Becky has been silent so far about that information, so I guess we shall see.


Actually, Becky did go and tell them as soon as she could. Then she told them to not say anything to Van, because she might be the replacement. Shelli & Clay then turned around and told Van!!

The Truth

Wrong conversation. She reported back on the initial targets convo — that Shelli and Clay might go up. There was a conversation at 6:30 am that wasn’t covered here in which James told Meg, Jackie and later Becky that he was definitely putting up C/S. As you can see from C/S chat a few minutes ago — that they think James will stick to the deal — it doesn’t appear that Becky warned them of the early-morning developments.


Hmm…Nobody can say this season is bad at all.
One of the most entertaining seasons in a few years eh?

TorontoVegan (the real one)

I am happy that James won HOH, but I am trying not to get too excited about a possible Vashelay (Vanessa/Shelli/Clay) eviction. A lot of houseguests have shared grand plans of ‘making a big move’ and ‘stirring the pot’, just to do absolutely nothing when it came time to nominate and evict someone.

Canadian Kevin

Shelli and Clay (and Vanessa, honestly) were way to comfortable in the house last week.

And you know what they say – when you get comfortable, that is when you’re in trouble.

If they hadn’t been so arrogant, they wouldn’t be so fucked now.

Jason instead of Austin – well, i hope they like that number they kept. He might be voting against them.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Can you imagine…Vanessa going back on her word to keep Austin, just to have him vote her out…before the jury is formed. HA! Sweet Big Brother justice!!!


James is stupid to go after Clay and Shelli so is Meg and Jackie yeah u will get pass this week but next week you guys are gone Clay and Shelli aren’t going after James thyere going after Jackie then Austin they have said it everyine else espically Vanessa and she controls that side so James will be gone next week watch


I would put up Shelli and Vanessa up. If one is taken off through the veto, put up Liz. Liz would almost be certain to stay (Autism, Julia, Meg, and Jackie vote to keep her and they would just need one more), That way you would be certain to get rid of one of the two strongest players. But somehow i think James and his group will screw it up.


James has one week to guarantee his safety and jump to a new alliance. Because next week, with only two allies playing for HOH (really only one since Meg is a useless dishrag), Jackie or he are going to jury. All of ADC’s talk of collapsing the whole house and making new friends by taking out Shelli is stupid. Sure, make a big move dude but do it smartly. That’s probably too much to process for these ADC rocket scientists though.

Live Bait

He just needs to stir up enough blood in the water so the sharks end up eating each other.

what happened

I haven’t seen the show since the first week (Jace eviction)
but how did Austin went from being so well liked to hated?
a little recap anyone? please 🙁 thank you

I thought he was a nice guy.. what happened???

You are here

Go to the top of the page and click home, then scroll down and select some recaps. You’ve written and asked to have us write a recap for you so I’ll assume you can read.

Carry on then.

what happened

if austin is anything like you, I get why he’d be hated

The polite version aka coming clean to Vanessa

Yeah, it was kind of rude, but it’s also the third time in a week that, you or you and others have asked to be spoon fed. (end rant)

Why don’t you go back and see for yourself in the recaps, there’s also a lot of other things that have also happened that you might find interesting and entertaining.

Austin doesn’t really bother me, I find it kind of entertaining and sad. I wouldn’t say he’s gross, cause he’s being used and led on. Austin is to Liz and the Twins as the other side of the house is to the Sixth Sense Alliance.

Bunch of chicken sh*ts

Hes a giant, creepy man-child…. who is hateful and mean to people… he’s a backstabber and he’s also a big dick

hey arnold

From reading posts here it seems his biggest offense is being unattractive and hairy while being in love with a girl who thows herself at him. Apparently this makes him “creepy”. Eyeroll. I love Austin I think hes cool. 🙂


in love with a girl that doesnt like him? liz has told him repeatedly to his face that she isnt attracted to him at all, even in her diary she admitted she liked jeff and didnt care for austin one bit. liz is just using him and i dont blame her, he’s creepy for touching and going after someone who wants nothing to do with him. austin is the new caleb from last year, remember how amber didnt want him and he continuously kept going after her. some guys are just desperate creepers.


First of all I cannot stand the twins. Does CBS had a database of annoying twins? First the twinnies on Amazing Race and then again on Survivor (though the one that won Survivor was more palatable on her own) and now these two nasty annoying harpies. How do they know about the size of these guys’ packages? I know that they hate Austin yet they don’t mind him dry humping them for money and seem to love that he is packing but with James how do they know? And even if they do know that’s a really scumbag thing to say in public about a guy. They are nasty and cannot wait for them to be gone.

As for James I hope he puts on his big boy pants this week and does what is good for himself. Put up Clay and Shelli and in your speech you simply say that last week we all made a deal go get rid of Austin and you guys went back on that so I thought it was only fair that I do the same when it came to my deal with you to keep you safe. If they say anything against that (you know they will) they will show what hypocrites they are.

If Shelli wins POV she will take herself off and he can put up Vanessa. If Clay wins there’s a 50/50 chance he will use it on himself or he could be talked into using it on Shelli by both producers and mommygf herself. If he goes off Vanessa goes up. If Vanessa wins POV you let everyone know that if she uses it a twin will go up, forcing her to choose between Shelli/Clay or Austin/bitchtwins. That move could possibly blow up that whole alliance. Anyone else using it wouldn’t make sense though it would be fun to watch Becky use it on Clay in order to get Shelli out of the way. I can’t blame her either. I don’t give a lick about Clay’s game but I don’t want him going home anytime soon, we need some eye candy to close out the summer. Either way Shelli or Vanessa leaving would impact that alliance most. Anyone else and its just a number as Shelli and Vanessa are the ones doing the heavy lifting and controlling everything.


Am I the only one who wants v/c/s to stay?




6:30am – 7:30 am convo with James and Meg, James tells Meg he’s going to put up Shelli and Clay.

The golden power of cheeto

I like this side of James. The six sense is no more. It’s chelli and becky, austin and jiz, steve and johnymac, James Jackie and meg. Where does Vanessa go in all this? Could this be the way for James, Jackie, and Meg need to get too the final 4?


Reset the game by putting Clay and Vanessa up. If POV played, up goes Shelli. Six Sense will all implode on each other and set out to make new deals/alliances, while airing all their dirty secrets. Anyone of those 3 leaving will be good for the other side of the house and the fringe 6sense supporters.


James will nom1 from each pair…Clay and Liz, Shelli and Austin, Shelli and Liz, Clay and Austin. Let them tear their own alliance apart in the POV. Leave Vanessa to twist this week. When 6 Cents go after each other she will switch and go full Zena on them. She’ll bring Steve and , if Clay or Shelli is gone, Johnny. Bloodbath party.


No one is voting out Vanessa… There is no empirical evidence of this. Shelli and Clay couldn’t transfer the heat off of them. Im 90% sure of that!


OMG please backdoor Shelli yes omg yes. Go James!

Come on James

Man I hope James doesn’t fall for any BS. I could see Van and the rest of them convincing him to put up Becky or Steve. Telling him Becky wanted him to go up. James just put up Shelli and Clay, if one of them wins pov put up Vanessa. It’s so easy man, open your eyes


The ants are not the only things scurrying in the house right now! LOVE IT!


Just once this season I would love to see big balls drop. Vanessa says someone said but I can’t say who. I would love for James to man up and say, if you can’t say who it’s because you are lying. Get out of my hoh room and out of my face. You will know what I am going to do when I do it. Not one second before. Let the bitch sit and sweat it out!….ahhhhh…..the fantasies….

Smelli and Clayhole on the Block

If that scenario happens and James has guts to put Smelli and Clayhole on the block he will become the fans favorite in 24 hrs 😉

Come on James! Show that you have cojones and get rid of the ‘plastic woman’!


He better have the balls to put up Vanessa with Clay or Shelli.. IF one of them wins POV put up Austin or Liz.


If James puts up Steve, it will be the worst move ever. I hope it doesn’t happen to shake up the house. The sixth sense whatever alliance has dominated the house so far. We need a power shake up. Come on James!


For a long time I thought Jackie was the biggest floater in this game, but now I realize that it’s Clay. All he does is follow his mom around all day.

AKA Twistin' for the win!

Clay says ” you know how when you’re guilty you get paranoid…”: he should be directing that at Shelly who is “pretty damn pissed…” because they’re getting the heat for Jason. I’m currently humming that tune ” Isn’t it ironic…”

Hoping James doesn’t disappoint and waste his HOH. Also hoping Jackie next week for the HOH win.


Yes Vanessa is a big threat, but Shelli has proven to win all types of comps, convince people of doing what she wants and is straight up annoying. She needs to go, and then the war continues. I’m worried if clay and Shelli are put up and Vanessa (if she wins veto) knowing she has her alliance takes Shelli down (which is the more useful one of the 2 moms). Then we have clay who could possibly sit next to Liz, and I’m worried she’ll get evicted over him. As garbage as she is that would be a complete waste.

Clown Car

I hope i’m wrong, but I see these clowns driving themselves straight into their own evictions, toot toot. Steves name should not even be coming out of James, Jackies or Megs mouth. It needs to be 2 of the 6, no pawns Bozo’s! Preferably Shelli gets the boot. Any hope for these 3, I would think they need to win multiple HOH’s in a row and after Shelli kick the head of the snake, Vanessa OUT!

What is a Krusty Cadilac for $500,000 Alex?

There is a small percentage of people in here who would think taking out Steve is a HUGE move. Oh look, there’s something.


Not gonna hold my breath. Did that with Austin then that went to shit. James, you talk too much! Hope this works!


Exactly. I’m withholding my glee until next Thursday. Too much can happen with this crew where absolutely NOTHING is kept a secret.

No backdoor

I am so sick of people putting up pawns to get their real targets out using the backdoor. James, attack them from the front, Clay and Shelli on the block and let the scrambling begin. I can’t wait!!


Without the BotB, there is no significant reason to focus on a backdoor. Especially when you have so many targets. James shouldn’t care if Shelli, Clay, or Vanessa goes as long as one of them does. Two of those on the block Thursday is good for James and his crew. He doesn’t have to make deals to get one out just let them vote however they feel.

They’ve forgotten the reason for trying to backdoor someone is so they wouldn’t have two chances to save themselves.

I miss Jason and DaVonne

I really hope James will nominate Austin and Clay. Clay would win the pov and then James could nominate Liz.

Get off the smoking couch.

Take the initiative and invite them to join the party over here.

Simon & Dawg have a cool alliance and an interesting array of floaters.