“She needs to go, what do we got to lose they did it to us last week” – Jackie

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HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 22-55-30-101_jpg

10:52pm Julia, Jmac and Steve
Julia says out of college she became a dental assistant. Julia says the dentist she worked with was so intense she got yelled out a lot. Julia says her front tooth has put her through hell. Jmac says that’s a tough tooth to fix.
Jmac says he really noticed the tooth and was wondering what the story was behind it
Julia – when I was in the 4th grade I ran into a pole.. I was chasing Christian Hill, ran into the pole.
She adds that is why she doesn’t chase boys .
Julia says when she was in college she had one of those acrylic fake tooth retainer
Jmac – A flipper
Julia says she went out on a date with a guy and the tooth cracked in half.
Julia says she was supposed to come in earlier.
Steve – you know why .. they wanted you to be the one that walks in

Julia says she thought they called Clay Honeycutt because he was “cut from honey he’s so perfect”
Julia says she is the bad one and Liz is the good one but they both like to party.
Shellie says Julia is more “ghetto” than Liz.
Shelli asks who is bitcher
Julia – me

11:07pm James, Jmac, Shelli
James- that game was built for someone low to the ground
Shelli – ya

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 23-11-49-319_jpg
11:10pm Vanessa, Clay and Becky
Talking about how the absence of the BOB will affect the next couple days. They get the backyard for a extra day.
Becky says Clay did great at the competition “You were not built for that comp and you did really well”

(Jackie and Meg sleeping)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 23-14-30-315_jpg

11:12pm Twins, Austin and James
They’re talking about the times Julia was in the house and the times it was Liz. Julia says James was the one that called her “Hey Arnold”
Liz – that was a long time ago
James – that was a long time like 2 weeks
Austin – 2 weeks

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 23-22-17-146_jpg

11:21pm bedroom Austin and the twins
Austin says Clay and Shelli are going to try and get Steve up.
Austin – I’m laying low
Austin – If it’s me and Vanessa we’re fine, If it’s me and Steve we’re fine, If it’s me and you we’re f****
Austin says Vanessa and Shelli “think things threw their minds are good”

Austin says they haven’t had a take over for a awhile ‘It’s like they ran out of money”
Liz – gronk took it all

11:45pm Kitchen Steve, Liz and Becky
Steve saying they are stopping BOB WAY early this year. LAst year they kept it

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 00-05-01-912_jpg
11:44pm Bathroom Austin and Vanessa
He tells her she has nothing to worry about
Vanessa – we’ll see

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 00-06-55-911_jpg

11:57pm Bedroom, Julia, Liz, Austin
Julia says she watched guardians of the galaxy in sequester she cried when groot dies but then he grew back.
Julia also watch “Wild, grand budapest hotel, god is not dead, tammy, boys don’t cry”
Liz says they were supposed to do more switches but the fact everyone knew they stopped.
Julia tells Liz she’ll love Game of thrones
Austin asks her who her favorite character is
Julia- calisi
Julia – I can’t believe KHAl drogo died he’s so fine. and sexy
Austin says that’s who his wrestling persona is modelled after. (He told her before about this but they’ve been largely ignoring him. )
Julia – Cersei was fucking her brother.. like nasty

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 00-36-19-628_jpg

12:33am James gets his HOH room and reads out his letter

“I hope this letter finds you well Let me start by saying, Bailey, landon and I are all incredibly proud of you. When she sees a picture of you she blows you kisses and says Daddy, I love you. You have missed a little of her growing up but we know you are doing this for her. I assure you even though she might not understand now she ill later in life I thank you all you have done to make their lives better, Remember you are already a winner no matter what. You have two beautiful children here who love you and are so proud of you .

We miss you terribly you inspire us

Bai took it upon herself to chop the hair off one side of her head because she wanted to look like Daddy I may have a nervous break down if it doesn’t grow back fast.. LOL

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-31 00-51-11-675_jpg

12:45am Meg, James, Jackie and Becky HOH
They’re Pissed..
Becky there’s the whole trifecta right now.. there’s us as a group, Shelli and Vanessa as a group.
Feeds cut
When we come back..
Becky has pulled out the candies to use as aids in explain her strategy
Becky says she’s been quiet about this until now because her ass would have been sent home.
Becky – Johnny Mac last week asked for more space from me .. he’s got a independent game and doesn’t want to be seem with me ..
Becky – he want to play a independent tight game..
James- Yeah I made promises
Jackie – so did they
James says he was being told Clay was asking if he can be trusted
Meg says if Shelli had won HOH Jackie would have been the backdoor option
Jackie – me why
Meg – she’s scared of you

James – I think Vanessa’s Side will flip on them.. FLip on Shelli
Meg – Vanessa is more with Clay than Shelli .. I trust Liz and Austin more even more so with Julia.
Meg – I would put up Austin and maybe Vanessa.. maybe Steve
James – Steve’s going up either or I knew he was going up when I feel off the plank
Meg say they put up Steve and Austin, use the POV on Steve but up Shelli, the twins will vote for Austin. Shelli will go home.
Meg now suggesting he puts up Liz and Steve no way Austin and Julia will vote her out.
Meg – Johnnymac will be on board with this.
James – Liz is the only one to stay up against Shelli
Jackie – I’m ok with either of them at the end of the day
Jackie – they f*** up last week they f*** up so back.. they didn’t give a F***
Meg – I swear to you Clay and shelli are the ones running this shit

James- Funny Clay and Shelli were supposed to work with us.. I found it very funny that Shelli was so worried she was trying to cut a deal with me .
James – says Shelli was trying to get no backdoor for her and clay
Meg says if they do this and get rid of Shelli Asuint and more importantly Julia will come to them.
Meg – Julia, I don’t see her working with Clay and Shelli
Meg says Vanessa is trying to play the third wheel with Clay/Cheli and the third wheel with Austin and Liz.
Meg – She doesn’t have loyalties to anyone..
Jackie gets it explains ifg Shelli leave Vanessa will drift to Austin.
The start talking about all the deals Vanessa has been making.
Meg – this is how it works Shelli is paranoid and Clay works with Loyalty

Meg – They’re a power couple (Clay and Shelli)
Jackie – She needs to go lets do this fuck it, just do it what do we got to lose they did it to us last week. like fuck you you don’t do that to us and just walk around like ok whatever
James just wants to make sure his reason for doing this will not make him look shady for going back on the deal.
They agree with Liz on the block Shelli will go home Austin will never allow her to go
James – Basically what they did to us last we’re doing to them
Jackie – I love it ..
Jackie- I’m not flipping shit.

(Looks like they want to take out Shelli.. their plan sounds dangerous though)

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Saran Wrap

Wow, what happened to the takeover twist that should happen every week? Looks like Julie gave up on the lamest cliched slogan of “the most twisted summer yet” as i haven’t heard the word “twist” come out of her mouth in a record number of days! Way to drop the ball CBS. Talking about twists, should we be hopeful for James to throw a curve-ball and nominate the sixth sense? Probably not considering he made a deal with Shelli, and he took clay to that outback steakhouse thing. Hindsight is 20/20, but still, seems like a bunch of doorknobs are receiving an undeserved shot at $500000.

Meg can't win at a Claw Machine

James is smart, he is going to target either one of Shelli or Clay (most likely Shelli), who wouldn’t take a deal in that situation? Are you going to tell the other person no and make yourself a bigger target in the house?


love the plan. It’s brilliant in illustrating how little they really understand what’s happening, or what could happen. in spite of Audrey telling them about 6th sense, they still completely blind to the fact those 6 are a team.

i don’t mind the idea of taking out shelli. It would blindside vanessa, who is still running around deluding herself that she is their number one target being blamed for getting rid of jason. How do you be the person who blindsided jason and not get blamed for it by his allies? now that is a winner right there. i would like her to get farther in the game.

I also want to see the twins in there longer, it hasn’t happened with twin twist before, & i think if we are not having any more takeovers, at least it is a new dynamic.

I hate hate hate hate hate evicted HG come backs. this is far better. I’ve also always hated America’s Player BS, i think it is self destructive for anyone in there to mess around like that.


The twins were the twist this week.


Finally!!!!! Way to go Jackie, reminding James that the other side LIED TO THEM!!! How arrogant of Shelli to think no one would dare break a ‘deal’, AND to say, “I didn’t want to win another HOH.” Get this crazy cougar b*tch OUT! And, why would Production be taking notes during the comp? Maybe so they can rig the next comp to gear towards the underdogs and …

No more rigging!

This was major problem last season. This is how pink haired frou-frou got to stay in the game for so long.

Anyhow the despite Shelli’s nasty cougaring, I find Austin the most disgusting by far! Despite the hints he keeps putting his hands all over Liz, practically physically harassing her, then trying to get her to jury. I can’t wait until he’s gone! Just yuck!


I had to stop reading to say this, that was a horrible letter James got. That person was basically saying stop playing and come home to your bad kids. ” u already a winner’ ‘ your daughter has cut her hair off’ and the tall tale of u need to be home now was ‘ u r missing her grow up’, no encouragement was n that letter, how dreadful, they should have banned that letter from coming thru….. Ok ***scrolling back up to read the rest of the feeds***

bla bla bla

The twins are dicks.

Julia is okay

For some reason I think Julia is alright but Liz doesn’t seem to be honest about her feelings for Austin. Did Austin really tell jason he can get rid of Julia? I’m starting to believe that jason did spin it but I don’t want to?


Austin said something to the effect that if they targeted a twin he wanted Julia to go because he wanted Liz to himself… Jason really twisted nothing Austin just got caught and is lying so Liz won’t hate him. He did put a target on Julia.

Julia is more level headed

Liz doesn’t like him, she just think she’s got it under control just like she thought she could have Jeff under control. Liz doesn’t seem to realize Austin is creepier than Caleb!


Honestly steve going works too, hes probably going to be probably blindly loyal to the sixth sense, but shelli is a must go home. Also I love becky, shes a lot smartrr than people give her credit for


They have so many targets to choose from…. you knoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow?


they need to take out a BIG target, steve hasnt won any HOHs, vanessa and shelli won 2 each. steve isnt a threat, twins austin shelli clay and vanessa are WAY bigger targets than steve ever will be, plus steve is actually someone who can be manipulated out of that “six senth” alliance. things will look very bad for meg, james and jackie if steve leaves, he doesnt win HOHs, it will be a waste of HOH IMO.


Steve is merely a minion for Van, loyal to her,& fully believe she would take him to F2. He is isolated & no threat to the extreme that Van & Shelli are. Van is the strategic puppet master,5 steps ahead, while Shelli will be loyal to only her & Clay when it comes down to it. Shelli or Van are the big dogs this year & taking out either of them would allow the other side to crumble. Van is the ultimate puppet master that has many deals/options. Shelli & Clay play both sides allowing them to manipulate & pull the strings to demolish the outsiders. I will have no pity for them(outsiders) if they don’t go after the 2 biggest threats in this game & avoid taking either out.

Steve is the weak go to person as an option to nominate. His name should not even be considered. Plenty of time to evict him. He is not winning comps,& is no imminent threat as of right now. Jackie & Meg need to keep James focused on the dangerous targets. It does not matter long termfor James to worry who he stabs in the back this week because ultimately him & Jackie will be targeted until that side crumbles. They are not trying to work with James. Please don’t be blinded by this promise to Shelli-take her out!

Chill Town

This is the easiest nominations in the shows history. Can this cast prove me right and remain the dumbest in the shows history? Nominate: Shelli & Vanessa, if one comes off put up Clay or Liz. Tell Austin if he wins veto and pulls off Vanessa then Liz goes up, tell Clay if Shelli wins and comes off you go up. Make them fight each other, you could cause major destruction and chaos within the BB house. Vanessa is a puppet master? Vanessa looks and acts like a strung out meth user, she’s an awful game player and in no way a puppet master, similar to Derprick she’s the best of a horrible cast. There is only one puppet master in the world of Big Brother and that is Dr. Will Kirby, stop with the insulting comparisons.

TorontoVegan (the real one)

Their plan is ridiculous. So much can go wrong. They cannot even guarantee that one of them (James, Jackie, Meg or Becky) will even win the veto…and that is the only way their plan will even work.
Nominating Steve is way too risky. If someone like Vanessa wins the veto, she will just leave the nominations the same. Steve will go…it doesn’t matter who is sitting beside him.

is it just me

takes real smarts to get hit by a train while walking. Those trains just jump at you from nowhere.


They just have to go for it and put Clay and Shelli up, and if one of them wins veto, then they can put Vanessa up. One of those three HAVE to go preferably Shelli or Vanessa because Clay is quite useless and will agree with whatever the other two say. None of the Sixth Sense keeps their word anyway, and that’s reason enough for James to put Clay and Shelli up.




James, Meg and Jackie talking about getting out Shelli (Good move – although I don’t like the idea of putting up Steve (need to put up 2 members of the 6th sense) ). James, Meg and Jackie talking about getting out Shelli in front of Becky (Not a Good move).


Why can’t they just put up Clay and Shelli? The veto can only be used for one of them and one them leaves…come on! By putting Liz and Steve or etc etc, it’s just too dangerous. Just a waste of HoH, they did it to them last week, do it to them now and James doesn’t need excuse, he got one from what happened to Jason. Ugh! People!!


Yaaaaaaas!!!! pls make this HAPPEN!!!!!

bla bla bla

I hate both the twins. They are both so whiney. Ya knooooooooooooow


I would not want to be with some chick who is willing to rub up against any guy to get attention/ validation or money. What a messy messy broad.


I love it! Finally we see some gaming side to Jackie and Becky and they’re not as bad as people thought they would be.


I think Jackie wants to stay in the house cuz of all the mirrors.


Poor ol James, Messa will never stop talking unless u make her.


James, Meg, & Jackie: You are idiots for letting Becky stay in the room while you talk game. She will snitch on you. You are also idiots if you put anyone on the block other than Shelli & Clay. If one of them gets Veto, put up Vanessa as a replacement. Either Shelli or Vanessa have to go this week.


I am soo happy to finally see a cast of players all fighting to stay and win,
not since season 11 has their been players constantly fighting to win…
Although my favorites are already gone (Davonne, Jason, Audrey for entertainment purposes, even Jace to an extent), this cast is really putting on a show, only player I despise is the insecure Austin, who is playing too emotionally and annoyingly personal, yet everyone else has a shot at the prize.
Rooting for Jackie, James, Meg and for some reason even Becky at the moment.
Not Rooting for Clay, Austin, Shelli, Steve, and Liz.
Somewhere in between is John, Julie, and Vanessa.


I really wish they would go after Vanessa more then Shelli, I do not like either one but Vanessa bugs me more.

On a side note how could Meg be number two in the poll, what has she done in the game to be worthy of winning?


Jason used to be #2. All his fans voted for her instead.


Why is it a certain generation is so mucky muck about homosexuals? Obama calls athletes who come out, heros. Heros are firemen, policemen, doctors , etc, people who do great things and save your miserable lives. Is it true Obama is gay???


Isn’t meg what you call a fag hag?

Dark moon

I agree. My noms this week would be Liz and Vanessa. If Vanessa pulled herself off, up goes Shelli.


If they really got nothing to lose… They would put up Clay and Shelli…like Jackie said Fuck it…I like that they are going ahead to make a move against Clay and Shelli… Shelli is a great target for them…she’s strong physically and mentally and not with their side …but there are better ways of going after Shelli than using Steve as a pawn…plz don’t use him ..use Liz, Austin or Vanessa instead…


I officially can’t stand Becky…#ratfloater


They’re on the right path, but yeah Clay and Shelli both would be best. Cause Vanessa could be a backdoor if she gets veto and uses it then Liz can go up. Liz wouldn’t be voted out. Be best not to put her up first to show her and her sister they are not targets for them.


People always love the milk toast.


There is no point to put up Steve. He’s not even a threat! Hoping James will use his HOH to take out a core member of sixth sense.


What was Becky saying? Did she say anything else? Like telling them about Clay and Shelli.

James n and his "WTF moves"

Quote and unquote. Lolz

Game has just been reset, and the streaming conversations between himself and individuals who come kowtowing to him are soooo intensely interesting.

So interesting, its affecting my sleep 😛

James telling austin about his WTF moves is hilarious.

I hope he gets shelli out~!! Tis about time, cowboy~!!!

:: james in his crown (camo cap) n royal cape (towel draped on his shoulders) is tooo cute fer words ::


Amateur hour in the HOH room. They better enjoy this week because they are going to get steam rolled after it is over.


Not necessarily true, things change a lot from week to week in this game esp as you approach the later stages. Sure some precious blood on both sides will be shed but if they don’t break up the six in spite of that THEN the other side will be steamrolled. They have to take them out slowly, sacrifice some in the process, and watch and wait for the loyalties to shift and realign.


Eurgh why are they messing about?! Just put up Clay and Shelli – then one of them definitely goes home! Why bother putting Steve up!

Twistin with the twins

How in God’s name can Meg be rated #2 in the fav poll? WTH she is prob one of the worst BB players ever. Her only qualities….sleeping, yawning, giggling or laughing. That’s it!

Becky the farking two-faced traitor

Right from the start, i smell something amiss about becky.

Tonite, she’s gonna possibly dig her own grave :: or lemme dig it for her ::

She snitching to shelli n clay (get them the fark out) is outright betrayal.

she’s being an arse, and this is not gonna sit well with the public Imo.


James and Meg voted to evict her tonight. That group plotted her eviction for two days. Now they’re stupid enough to include her after stabbing her in the back. She should be loyal to them?

Come to Play the Game!

It’s all well and good for Jackie and Meg to talk all bada$$ when it is James doing the dirty work. Next week can he REALLY count on one of them winning HOH. If he walks out next week his victory dance will be short lived. Those three (Meg, Jason, Jackie) came to play too late. They don’t have the numbers and a vindictive HOH will end their games sooner rather than later.

Come to Play the Game!

James should target Austin. One less 6th sense member and least number of feathers ruffled. He goes after Clelli and his game is over. If he stays he can target them another day. For sure one twin would not be sad to see Austin go. And for Liz no pest in jury. For James a win, win, win.


Uh. no…. Austin is a waste and should go……. But it NEEDS to be clay and shelli on the block with van or liz as replacement.

brotalk to human dictionary

Okay, Becky is the bb17 equivalent of bbcan3 Willow when it comes to episode inclusion.

Speaking of Becky, she’s going to be hated for being a rat. She’s reporting to the side nobody likes. If she was reporting to the other side she’d be lauded for finally showing that she has game. Sad, but true. She’ll be hated as a snitch, but if she was playing mole for the other side, she’d go way up in opinion ratings.
James and Meg voted for her eviction, Jackie was going to until Jason couldn’t secure the votes. They include Becky in their plans after tossing her to the wolves. She thinks she’s in a real secret alliance with Vanessa Clay and Shelli. In terms of her game, she thinks she’s making the smart move.
If I were in her shoes, newly allied and seemingly accepted instead of ignored with three people that have been running the game, and suddenly being included in the group that just tried to evict me a few hours ago as well, I might make the same decision. I already know the group in power now doesn’t have my back. they JUST tried to send me home. I don’t owe any loyalty to them at all.
From an impartial point of view, she’s being loyal to her alliance, and being the mole she told them she would be last week.
And lets face it, the added bonus of watching Shelli’s extensions melt when her head explodes after Becky tells her the fix is in? I wouldn’t miss it. She’ll make Audrey look absolutely sane.

Guy From Canada

Willow actually had less exposure……

brotalk to human dictionary

Willow got less exposure I agree, but only slightly less considering Becky’s been nominated twice. if Willow had seen the block ever before triple/instant whatever it was they’d be equal.

Posse lame-arse meeting

That meg, jackie, james, becky group (with becky as traitor) is totally whacked.

They are all clueless. James even wanted the chicks to decide becos he admittedly can’t think.

These folks have no brain cells, hence the need to win with endurance comps.

Its exhausting n exasperating to watch them stammer n change who to put up every 2 seconds. They don’t deserve to win, becky is by far the worst of the totem pole.

Goodness gracious!!!!!!


Complete waste of hoh unless Shelli and Vanessa are ,packed and in the seats come Thursday.

Butters Mom

These “under dogs” are still not thinking good strategy. If you want to do damage, you have to put a COUPLE up that will take at least half of the COUPLE out. So either the twins together, shelly and clay together, liz and austin together and vanessa as the back door option for any of those couples. I really dont know why they dont see that.


Exactly! Put up a couple. If it’s Shelli and Clay, and one of them wins the veto, s/he will save her/himself, not the other. Even if neither goes home, there will be a little wedge between them. However, I think the smarter move is to put up Liz with either Shelli or Clay. My thinking is that, if Liz is up for elimination, there are 3 possible people who might win veto and take her off the block. Liz, Julia and Austin would all use the veto on her. If and when that happens, then Shelli or Clay are left on the block. Replace Liz with Shelli, Clay or Vanessa, and you are assured one of the six goes byebye.


Exactly! Put up a couple. If it’s Shelli and Clay, and one of them wins the veto, s/he will save her/himself, not the other. Even if neither goes home, there will be a little wedge between them. However, I think the smarter move is to put up Liz with either Shelli or Clay. My thinking is that, if Liz is up for elimination, there are 3 possible people who might win veto and take her off the block. Liz, Julia and Austin would all use the veto on her. If and when that happens, then Shelli or Clay are left on the block. Replace Liz with Shelli, Clay or Vanessa, and you are assured one of the six goes byebye.


Damn. Save Shelli!






Watching the 6th sense scramble for the lifeboats is hilarious. Clay and shelli with their “we are so honest” bs is vomit inducing and watching Vanessa and her bug eyed paranoia is hilarious. I’d really like to see Julia stick around for awhile she is gonna make things interesting.


glad james seems to have no intention to honor his deal, but wtf is this crazy plan? just put clay and shelli on the block. see if vanessa stays loyal to clay and shelli or floats to austin and the twins (or another group). most likely no one other than clelli even considers using the veto should they win it, and james is guaranteed to send clay home at worst with vanessa as either a backdoor or completely in the dark about where she is on the list of targets.


I still believe the best move is to put Shelli and Vanessa up, with Liz or Julia as replacements. Autism and Clay are useless and will be more so without their female counterparts. What I think will happen is Shelli will get James to live up to his agreement (as he is an honorable man LOL) and Vanessa will tell him how she has protected him throughout the game. The Sickening 7 will propose he put up Autism and Steve as they are bigger threats LOL with the plan to evict Steve. A few winks and smiles from the twins and Shelli, and James is done. James will probably get a couple of weeks guaranteed safety. Which he probably had anyway with Jackie and Meg going before him. Jackie seems tt realize that the other sides time is running out and they need to make a move. I don’t think James or Meg actually realize how bad their situation is and still hold out some hope of an alliance with Steve, Becky, and Johnny. Or that they will get invited to join the cool kids when it all kicks off.

AKA Twistin' for the win!

I really hope it was auto-correct…. ????


I think it was, didn’t use alternate names or bash anyone else….damn autocorrect!

Tattle Tale

No, there are numerous instances one where it’s even misspelled.

Yeah, I’m checking up on other people. I’m a creeper.

Where does the outside of Big Brother begin?


Becky going to screw herself by trying to save clay. It going get back to James that she told clay. She’s stupid. She wants shelli out so she can have clay. That’s the card Jason should have played and he would still be in the hse bcz shelli is so insecure when it comes to clay.

they too stupid to pull it off.

front door the bitch clay and shelly replacmemt liz and boom shes gone. so many options. but if they put steve in the pic they are the dumbest mothers on the planet. which is whta they gonna do.

BB Wizard says.....

Smart move would be to put up Shelly and Vanessa. If one comes off you put up Liz! That way you have the votes to send home Shelly or Vanessa because you have 2 votes in Austin(stalker) and Julia to save Liz. Plus it will cause more divide in there group when they have to campaign to get votes and begin to rat each other out! Can you imagine Vanessa on the block? Her crazy ass will spill all there secrets! Shelli and Clay would tell Austin & the twins about it being Vanessa plan to backdoor him with Liz as the other option. If Shelli leaves Clay is a lost soul and if Vanessa leaves you caused a split in there group and sent home their queen(chess reference)! Hope James side don’t let them convince him to put up Steve.


Jackie- I love all this talk of “us”. There wasn’t even an “us” until Jason was backdoored. Get over yourself.

James- honor your deal or you will find yourself on the block next week…right next to Jackie!


Nope. Its time for clelli and van to feel the pain.


Seriously, for the love of all that is holy, James! Steve is pointless, there is zero reason to use him as a pawn, soft target, or to plan for a backdoor of your main target! You have six targets, you put up the two heavies, Shelli and Vanessa. One of them wins veto, just put up Clay you idiot. Clay wins veto, put up Liz. Why Liz cause Austin and Julia will save her and that means Vanessa is gone.

Austin or Julia wins veto, you just tell them Liz will be the replacement and it doesn’t get used.

You guys are already the next targets, there’s no way to get in more danger.


They are stuck in BOB thinking mode re: noms.

Jay Jay

Yes! Liz and Shelli (I believe Vanessa is more dangerous and should be the target). I am impressed. Outsiders are thinking right that putting a twin up splits the 6th sense vote. Otherwise, 6th sense still exercises control by deciding who goes home. Austin and Julia would never vote to keep Shelli over Liz. Liz comes down, put up Julia. Shelli comes down, put up Vanessa.


James has to out up Shelly and clay! Tell them he’s putting them up as pawns. That’s what they say to everybody. If one of them come down put up Vanessa. Take out one of the snakes 🙂