Jozea “When we get off this show and go to the wrap party.. it isn’t going to be friendly!”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition June, 24th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony June, 26th
HOH Nicole Next HOH June, 30
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paulie, Jozea, and Paul
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-25 12-32-23-763

12:25pm Cam 3-4 Backyard. Corey, Paulie, Frank and Bridgette are hanging out by the pool. They’re talking about the competitions. Corey comments on how hard the compeititons are but some people still finish them quick. Bridgette says we got spicy this summer. I can say I licked a guys nip. Frank says like you haven’t done that before. Bridgette says haven’t done it on tv before. Natalie says I can’t believe Corey did that birdie shot! Bridgette and Paulie are laying on the edge of the hot tub. She comments on how her dad has saved her from drowning twice. Natalie comments on how Victor cleans. She says a guy that cleans is so hot.

In the HOH room – Zakiyah and Tiffany are talking. Zak says we really need to win HOH for sure. Tiffany asks who do you think Vic would put up? Zak says me. … and the old people. Tiffany says I’m like the oldest one here. Zak says I don’t even mean old as in age, just that they’ve played before.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-25 12-27-29-726

12:50pm Backyard – Nicole comments to DaVonne about on how she heard that she (Bridgette) came up just to spy on them. And we were being all nice to her because she was saying she was being bullied. Paul joins them. DaVonne comments on how Bridgette was saying that people are isolating her. So I said I was going to spend a lot of time with her today. Paul says I was going to talk to her too. DaVonne says she has a good heart. I think we all get wrapped up in the game. Some people come in here and think you can play like a robot. You can’t.

In the kitchen – Frank tells Nicole that he told Paulie he just needs to calm down this week because I don’t think you’re going to go home .. but at the same time you need to calm down because I don’t want people to have a bad taste about you next week.

1:10pm Cam 1-2 Corey and Tiffany are talking on the lounge chair. Tiffany asks if everything is really bigger in Texas. Corey says all his friends are big. The smallest friend of his is still about the size for Vic. He says that the girls in Texas are women not like Natalie. Corey says it would be weird marrying someone like Natalie …it would be like holding a little kid. I don’t like that. Paulie sits between them. Corey leaves. Paulie tells Tiffany that he’s still so giddy about their chess talk (When she revealed that she’s Vanessa’s sister.) Paulie asks why she isn’t all settled down? Tiffany says haven’t found anyone. Paulie asks are you geared more towards male or female. Tiffany says I can find good qualities in both. I like someone with confidence.

1:30pm – 1:45pm Cam 1-2 Backyard – Victor and Jozea are talking. Victor says don’t let them get into your head. Jozea says I won’t. It was just like they’re coming for my neck. Vic says I’m not scared of anyone in this house. Jozea says when we get off this show and go to the wrap party .. that little wrap party isn’t going to be friendly. This ain’t no best friend race. Vic says this is a game. Before anything happened he (Paulie) tried to turn Paul (on Vic & Jozea). Vic says the only reason he told us about his brother is because Nicole showed up. All he is doing is he is in a corner. He is trying to get the votes to split. He hasn’t even talked to me about game because he knows I’m with you. Vic says once he’s out of the house it will be a little more relaxed. I’m done with Tiffany. Jozea says I’m done with all four of them. They head over to get into the pool. Jozea gets in forgetting his mic pack. He heads to the diary room to tell Big Brother.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-25 13-30-49-367

2pm – 2:10pm Backyard – Victor, Paul and Jozea are talking. Vic says it doesn’t matter how the chips fall, we have 6 votes no matter what. Jozea asks you saw James counting the room. Paul says that’s why next HOH he’s gone. Vic says we’ve been too nice. Paul says and people are taking advantage of it. Vic says people are mistaking kindness for a weakness. Vic says I think James got scared when he was counting and though oh sh*t I have to vote this way. And Tiffany I am tired of her. Pual says I’ll tell you what I don’t even think she’s bisexual. She said that just to get close to you. Vic says when you go in later have a conversation with Zakiyah just to make sure she’s on the same page. Jozea says he will. We run the house.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-25 13-56-23-024

2:30pm Bedroom – Jozea is talking to DaVonne. Jozea says we are a different breed of what’s going on in here. When that wrap party happens… its going to be a rumble. Its the backstabbing that’s the issue. I’d like that. He’s (Paulie) the poison. The question is who is the Roadkill? DaVonne says I don’t know. He either knows the roadkill person or he knows who the roadkill person is. DaVonne says we just have to keep doing this (DaVonne rubs her arm) so that she feels comfortable. Jozea says every time I have a conversation with her she goes and tells Paulie or Nicole. DaVonne asks if Vic is on board with getting Nicole out? Jozea says yeah, she is number 2, and James is number 3… then from there its Tiffany etc.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-25 14-19-03-470

2:50pm Jozea and James are talking. James says I might be just 1 vote know where my vote is going .. all I ask is if I’ve got you, then you’ve got me. I can’t be swayed. Its my team man, I’ve got to roll with my team. I don’t want to go against the grain. Jozea says the way I see it take out someone that will be a problem later .. rather than take out a floater.

3pm Tiffany, Paulie and DaVonne are talking. DaVonne says I love how they think they run this house. I’m ready to get this week over with. I’m ready to get it poppin’ because after this week it will go. Are you close with Vic? Paulie says I don’t talk game with him. Tiffany says I can’t tell if Natalie is aware of the dynamics or if she is just stuck in it. Paulie says she’s a Jersey girl. I saw through her since day 1. I personally don’t trust her. I don’t think she’s just caught up in the mix. DaVonne says I think she’s very aware. Paulie says think think they’re slick … last night they were like who do you think would vote to keep you in here. I said I don’t know. How do you know who would vote to keep you … and Jozea was like I got the whole house.

3:10pm By the pool – Jozea and Corey start arguing about Donald Trumps views. Jozea says the wall that Donald Trump wants to build on the boarder of US and Mexico is like the great wall of China. Corey says Donald wants Mexicans to pay taxes. Frank says that’s ridiculous the great wall of China was built to keep invading Mongolians out … READ A BOOK BRO! Its not the same. Jozea says all I’m saying is Donald Trump shouldn’t be president. He’s a tv personality. Corey says I’m all for people coming to America ..1000% Big Brother blocks the feeds. The conversation turns to talking about Iraq.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-06-25 15-09-08-051

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Big Jim

Sick of your bitching and moaning bye Jozea


did anyone from canada get signed up for the feeds without having to change vpn and all that crap?


why the fu%# thumbs down? just asking a question?


Canadian here…can’t get the feeds without going through all the ‘crap’. Simon and Dawg are from Canada as well and they have to do the work-around. Vote Dawg!!


How do you get the feeds in Canada?


I’m assuming “Victoria” mentioned above is Natalie? Thanks for the updates!


Dawg U from Canada?


rite on!!!….so much work uze do for us.. BB FANS… greatly appreciated!!!
everybody should send yaz $20.bucks for this really!!!
as uze have the best and most up to the minute stuff!


Every year! I have been supporting since Simon and Dawgs started posting of us. I wouldn’t mind getting the feeds this summer since I am bed-chair bound with pain. Thanks again guys!!


Do you get a cut if I sign up a certain way?


I wonder the best way to financially support you and Simon for your fine work?


Hey Dawg, I didn’t know you were from Victoria…so am I!


Jozea is so delusional, lol I can’t wait till his sorry ass is evicted on Thursday


Just a gut feeling but I think Joz stays. Not happy but with 3 Noms I think the renom when Paul comes off will be evicted. There is talk that the guys cannot let the girls get far ahead on numbers. Likely Bridgette will go Thursday. I like how the season has played out so far.

sunny dee

i think you are right. there is a very real risk the renom is going to be someone a lot could agree on to go home, and it doesn’t even take a lot, just take your votes for Paulie, and give them to the renom especially if you think you’re running the house with all the votes. Paul will push for it if it is a female on the block due to the M/F numbers, which really concerns him. He’s like the BBUS version of Bruno, where he should be thinking very long range, which is a big mistake a lot make, they get out the less physical players, and suddenly it isn’t kind of balanced in physical comps, you’ve literally stacked the deck with nothing but physical players, only one of whom might be on your team, and potentially all of them have banded together to win everything (like with britney’s season and she gets evicted, leaving the big guys in the house).

a guy like Paul should consider anyone agile and strong needs to go, not the females. i don’t see any one of the females there as that athletic in strength, tho i imagine natalie and bronte might be okay on hanging on endurance, as long as there is no cold water special effect, bronte will cave with water. and natalie has stacked her own deck, with the implants, totally will off balance her. if she wasn’t a cheer leader (US style, they are very practised, and organized, and athletic) those implants would be her undoing. they still might be, she’s not going to be able to hang onto anything with her short arms and big boobs in the way of being able to reach around things.


Omg Big brother PLEASE have a double eviction next eviction so we can be rid of Paul and Joz at the same time. I can’t with these two.


How can Joz and Paul really think they are running the house after the first week. Joe was nominated as well as Paul. Neither have been HOH. Playing this hard this fast gets you into trouble. And they really don’t understand the game, as James is safe next week. But Frank has said Victor needs to go next week, and he is also safe. With the 3rd nom, someone could throw a vote their way and mess up the numbers to get out Joz. This will be interesting to see how the 3rd nom plays out this season.


They are not safe from the next eviction. Team unicorn is only safe from two evictions, the eviction which evicted glenn and this eviction. I’m actually liking the roadkill twist so far, it could mess up plans and heighten the paranoia inside the house, we could also see some major blindside from it. I don’t like the team and immunity though.


James and Victor are not safe next week. Julie said they would be safe for the first two evictions, not the first two votes. Glenn was the first eviction and this week will be the second. Barring any other twist everyone will be fair game to nominate again.


The same way that Jeff did last season… Get me bruh… if you only talk to your crew and everybody just goes yeah that’s great outside of it…. poor guys their bubble is about to burst.


Just a point of order: James is not safe next week. He was safe for two evictions, not weeks. Glenn was the first eviction and the next one will happen on Thursday.


I still do not think that was cool when Glen left 3/4 of the House was safe too… that is NO Prize.

Just sayin'

Anyone in that house not annoyed by the three ego boys, needs to spend some time outside of their mom’s basement. How any of the 3 manage to survive in RL is a mystery to me


I can not believe that Jozea quoted RuPauls Drag Race…”This isn’t Best Friend Race” … bye girl… bye.
To quote Bianca Del Rio “Not today Satan… not today.” or “If I was coming for you… you’d know it because I’d sneak into your room and cut your wigs.”…. Detox-” I am OVER IT officially.”

this crew is is Hot but… oh boy, can you imagine a smart player in this house, they would run this show.


*cough cough* smart player Tiff. 🙂

Stay tuned for the “run this show” 🙂

Also stay tuned for the tin foil hat crew saying Tiff is the pre determined winner. As the summer rolls on and Tiff is successful in house I promise you they will say she is only doing well because it was rigged all along:-)

Let’s hope she doesn’t lose over missing one more question in final comp of season. Damnit Nessa! Ha.

P.S. Michelle is by far the most attractive person in that house. She did say some dumb things about “fat people” but she is friggin’ gorgeous!


Can someone puleeze bitch slap Jozea?!


My take so far:
I was a fan of Nicole and James in their seasons because of their personalities and loyalty. I wasn’t as big on Frank but respected his comp ability; this year I’m liking him much more (perhaps b/c he’s sans Boogie). He’s playing smart and setting up a bunch of side alliances, but I wonder if he’s doing it too soon. Cory is a big fan of Nicole and if Frank or Paulie tell him too much it may get back to the Fatal 5. The vet I’m most impressed with so far is DaVonne. I was disappointed she left so early last year and always noted how she could read a situation like no other person in the house. She sees through BS faster than anyone.

Mama Day (MD) game has grown as well. You can tell when she wants to go off but instead she calms herself and either stays quiet or say Mmm Hmm. Remarkably she has been able to fool most of the newbies into
believing she is with them. I have high hopes for a deep run from her this summer. Like Frank she has made
inroads with smaller groups like the Fatal 5 and she makes sure to have genuine moments with as many of the other newbies as possible.

Of the newbies I’m a big fan of Michele and Zachiya. Bronte is super intelligent and shady in a way I kind of
enjoy. I could see a scenario where Bronte/Natalie end up on the block together & she is able to stay. At that point I’d expect her to try to work with the other women to target the guys based on her comments. Haven’t seen or heard enough of Natalie to make a decision yet, so far I’m not a fan, but I’ll hold off making a commitment
until later.

Tiffany is smart, but is over playing (could be a family trait) and I’m not sure she has the same skill set as Vanessa.

Brigitte has the “Victoria” pull her to the Final 4 written all over her.

Cory seems like a nice guy and I like him better than Paulie so far. Frank is taking advantage of the bro code to keep those 3 close, but I expect MD to smell that out quickly and put a wrench in those plans. Whichever of the 2 boys are closer to Frank will be who Day targets first IMO.

Victor & Jozea days are numbered period (and I won’t be sad to see them gone so that the house dynamics change).

Personally I’m not a fan of Paul. He tells a lot of lies regarding what people have really said/done and strikes me as someone who will be similar to Austin in that he’ll be braggadocios when in power, but when confronted will shrivel. Perhaps with some humble pie we’ll witness him bring better game play, but at this stage I’m more on the side of ousting Paul before Victor, though Frank is correct about Vic’s ability to lobby others.

Top Tier: Vets (Day/Frank leading the way) + Michele & Zachiya
2nd Tier: Britt (staying power), Bronte & Cory
3rd Tier: Paulie (potential to rise depending on how he acts off the block), Tiffany (b/c both the vets/newbs are starting to grow weary of her) Natalie
Bottom rung: Jozea, Victor, Paul

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB18 HG's

Hello Everyone! Glad to See Everyone for another season! Oh My. What A strange season. Here is the t for today:

As a young gay man, I am VERY disappointed in Jozea. That over inflated ego is not cute and it is unfortunate to say I will be happy to see him get “blindsided” this upcoming eviction. However, it is until Thursday and the better move would be to get out Paulie to make a statement.

And Tiffany, oh Tiffany, how like your sister you are. I do agree she seems more chill, but I just KNOW she is using her emotions to her advantage and it unfortunately is backfiring on her already.

At this point, I want to like one of the guys but the girls they are really dominating strategy wise and I love it! These boys need to step up several notches to get into the competitive spirit of this game. Or face one being evicted after another.

For now, I am very Team Bronte (shes annoying and Its borderline endearing!) , Bridgette, Tiffany, and James.