Josh “You cheated on me? “Looks like a downgrade.” Elena “Are you blind?! This man is a model!”

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12am The house guests wish Kevin a happy Birthday. He says he wants grilled cheese and chocolate milk. Meanwhile in the lounge room – Elena is sitting behind Paul doing his make up. She is pretending to be his arms. Paul – now we’re going with the chocolate brown. Honestly because I’m hungry. Next is the Kat Von C … we’re one step ahead of D. Next is an exfoliator for your eyelashes because if your eyelashes aren’t out, are you really going our? When she finishes he gets up and looks in the mirror. Paul – I look like a cheep whore. I look like I f**k dudes for money. They go around the house showing the other house guests. Josh to Elena – you cheated on me? Paul – she upgraded bro! Josh – looks like a downgrade. Elena – are you blind?! Do you have eyes?! This man is a model!

12:35am Bedroom – Christmas massaging Kevin’s feet..

12:35am In the bathroom – Elena and Raven put Raven’s hair extensions in Paul’s hair.

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12:50am – 1:15am HOH room – Matt and Raven.
Raven – Kevin, Christmas, Alex and Jason know that I’m going up tomorrow (on the block) because Paul wanted them to be prepared and not so shocked. They’re not happy about it. They’re calling him (Mark) a pu$$y. That he should man up and stay on the block. Basically saying that he doesn’t trust the rest of the house. Matt – everyone is so reactionary in this game. I understand get it out but we could very well need Mark this week. Raven – I think if Mark wins he would put up Cody. We just need to baby him. Matt – if Elena thinks her and Paul are really tight .. that’s good because we’ve talked to Paul and he (throws his hands up). Reven – he can’t stand.. Matt – So if she wins HOH, then he can negotiate that and we’ll be fine.. Paul joins them. Paul says that Elena’s main concern is that she thinks shes a target. I feel like she is easier to tie in easier than him. Raven – did you notice how he tried to separate himself from Jessica so that he could re-integrate himself into the house. Day 12 or 13 Elena and him made out. Now Elena has separated. Paul – that’s f**king weird. Raven – now no more kissy kissy, huggy huggy, no more sleeping in the same bed.

1:55am Mark and Elena tell jokingly tell Paul that he isn’t taking himself off the block he is taking Elena off. Paul – you’re both full of sh*t. Mark – I am honoring Josh’s wishes and not using it to take myself off the block… you (Jsoh) didn’t ask me to not use it on her. Elena – I’ve got way more stuff to pack. Paul – f**k you and F**K you .. I don’t believe you.. if you do that tomorrow I will do anything for you for a day. Elena – that’s not a bad idea is it? Paul – its not a bad idea.

2:15am – 2:45am Mark saying goodnight to Elena. Elena pushing him off of her.Mark massages her feet.. Elena – are you going to use the veto on me? Mark – I would but it not good for you keeping your distance from me. If we were still together I would but we’re not.. Elena – that’s smart.

8:53am ZZZzzzzzz

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Please please please get rid of Elena!!!! She thinks she is the cat’s pajamas… Sorry but you wont be missed!!! Matt n raven need to go too asap….


Notice the picture where Elena is behind Paul putting on his eye makeup. That puts her boobs right into his back. Unfortunately for Elena, Paul is not phased by such actions. Shouldn’t she be in front of Paul when putting on his makeup? Oh, Lord, that may be a different angle of using her boobs. Then, she’s using her womanly ways to get Mark to use his veto on her. Her reputation will be shot once this show is over.

sunny dee

ok, clearly you had a deprived childhood where you never played that game of someone being behind you and then their arms and hands are your arms and hands and they do all kinds of pranks and stuff, and hilarity ensues.



Actually, I did have a deprived childhood; however, your point is taken. Having seen only this picture, I may have made assumptions that were not there.


I Really think that Paul is GAY, which is no big thing… Please send Elana out.. She drives everyone crazy. And I can’t believe how those girl have such vulgar mouths. They are so trashy. I wonder what their mothers are thinking. Probably so ashamed of them. And Raven sure don’t seem troubled with her tummy .she eats everything in sight. I know she cooks for everyone, she also eats, chips. cookies, plus what she cooks.


I don’t understand why Josh hasn’t gone to Jason and Kevin and said hey lets make a deal with Jessica and Cody. If we play the middle between Cody and Jessica Vs Paul Raven and Matt, then we guarantee we get fair in the game!
Josh, Kevin and Jason don’t need paul, they have numbers and aren’t immediate threats to cody and jessica
They could easily make it.
Team Jessica Cody and Mark
Team Paul Raven Matt and Alex
And playing the middle: Kevin Jason Christmas and Josh

Paul's Mouth

One word….Alley Cat Alex


alex is more with jason/kevin than matt/raven and as long as that remains the case paul is more in with jason/kevin than matt/raven. xmas and josh are in way worse a position than they think and should try to do something about it, but they’re better off pulling in matt/raven than cody/jess with mark riding the middle (who atm would probably choose paul over josh/xmas/matt/raven).


He’s not that smart and afraid of the wrath of Paul despite Josh saying that he isn’t.

Team Raven

I luv Raven. I donated to her gofundme it was worth every penny. You are all haters and will burn in hell for not loving Raven!

Hi Its Me, Hell

LOL @You for believing hell is an actual place. It is just a state of mind, thats all nothing more!

Team Raven

@Hi it’s me, Hell~ur gonna be weeping and gnashing ur teeth in outer darkness while ur burning for all eternity with the devil and all his angels if u don’t luv Raven.

Hi Its Me, Hell

I’m already living rent free in your mind!


Send me your money, I got a pimple on my ass.


Anonymous, do you think the criticism of Kevin flirting with Christmas is not warranted because it could be a “Showmance Strategy” but not real but I think it’s a little bit of both.


Whether strategy or real, the criticism is because Kevin is married. Both Kevin and Christmas are at fault. He has a wife and seven children, six of them daughters. This is a worldwide social media production. The repercussions will be sad for all of them.


Relax. He’s getting a little attention from an attractive, young woman ( and I doubt his wife gives 2 hoots, especially if he brings home $500k) Xmas hasn’t done Anything more than a foot massage ( you can get one at the Mall for $7) so lighten up and quit looking for an excuse to slut-shame.

Dumbest Cast

BARNONE, the stupidest cast EVER. Dare you to compare, maybe one or two from other cast, but as a whole, this is the dumbest.


Sounds like that Veto could come in handy


OMG!! Let me guess, now Elena is going to give Mark a hand job??!! Wow! She is playing with fire. When men are hungry tigers, they do weird stuff- and that girl is just a huge coq-tease!!! She’s selling out to make it to jury? Jury = $$$$ so that makes her a whore!!! Don’t you dare ask Mark for that veto!! She blew him off!!!!! Now… let me tell you something about ol’ Kevin and Xmas… that is just not ok. Christine and Cody ring any bells?! Cannot WAIT for Zingbot to call them out! I don’t give a F how cool of a wife you are (and I am sure Kev’s wife is), but at a certain point that blatant behavior starts to chip away at any confidence you once had about how solid your marriage is. Is Xmas really into Kevin?! What is there, like, a 25 year age gap?! I bet his kids and/or wife are watching the feeds!!! Kevin, my boy… you lost your first house because of your Dad… now this time you’ll lose your house because of your wife.!

Guliana from new York

Raven is almost 40, and Kevin is 55. That’s not too bad of a gap. Im 26 and my husband is 37. Christmas did say she like older men. I agree that what Kevin is allowing her to do is wrong, and her knowing he is a married man is wrong

All's fair

Raven is almost 40??? Who says???

I believe most enter this game with do whatever it takes to win & family is fine with it. Just saying.


Get a life
You have NO idea what Kevin’s marriage is like
Stick to game you sound like you are the touch police


ANONYMOUS are you married? Or are you still living in your parent’s basement?

Peppermint Patty

If you will check out Christmas’ Facebook page,you will see that she is indeed engaged to a man that is a Paul doppelganger.The only reason she is hanging with Kevin is for game advantage. Likewise,Kevin is also a realist and is fully aware of any feigned interest that Christmas may have in him.Game on !


Are you Ayre Christmas is engaged? She said in either her pre show or the DR one time that she was hoping BB would improve her dating life outside the house.


Christmas was engaged. She talked about it before…she had everything picked out dress, the place to get married invitations sent out and then they called off the engagement which is why she came on the show for a distraction. Not sure why they called it off though!

Things Happen, People Change

Things happen and people change and sometimes the why doesn’t need to be explained and only known between the two people.


Did Elena make out with Paul?


From your rants on this site, Valerie you sure seem like a prize! Those people that can’t separate big brother game show from reality are hilarious. Why is it that Big Brother fans, especially on this site live with such closed petty minds. It is a paradox though because those that live with such closed minds are the most dangerous to society because they want to set rules on everyone else. Try opening your mind and not being so miserable, life is great, just try it once!

The Age Gap Nazi

LOL how many other ways can you find to be divisive or judgemental?

The Poly Life

You must be pretty judgemental and oblivious not to think Kevin and his wife chatted before the show to use any strategy necessary to get 500K. You really believe Kevin is going on the show, knowing his wife, kids and extended family are watching and is just going to start a show mance? Are people really this oblivious and judgemental in todays world? Marriage isn’t prison and some people are open and allow their significant other to still live life without shackles. You may not be able to accept this though because you live in your own closed minded world.


Whoa Whoa Whoa, Valerie! Cool your jets, it’s a TV show…. geez


Wonder how Jason’s wife feels with Alex running his game….


It’s more like Alex saved Jason’s game. She helped him the entire time and coached him about how to play. Jason admittedly was clueless about BB. She provided him with an alliance and a group that has his back. Otherwise, he would have been on the chopping block. What I don’t like is how Alex is always hitting him and he takes it.

Bolt Uprite.

I’m sure Kevin’s wife knows he’s a flirt, and I’m sure she is aware that young women in that closed environment will be attracted to him. I see foot massages. I haven’t seen anything divorce worthy. I’m sure they had this discussion before. If anything he complains about them a lot. I think these girls sort of remind him of his daughters, in a good way.


Bunch of dumb-dumbs. I just can’t with these people.


Lame. And anyone who watches this any longer is lame. Notice I said any longer. Yes I also watched up to this point just like you. And you can say I will watch still because you try to lie to yourself and tell yourself everyone is lame like you.

Sorry, anyone who watches this ANY LONGER is lame as…f**k. With that said. See ya lames.


Really the only lame people are those that complain and whine and act like Big Brother is some game of surprise or randomness. Lame people are the ones that take this show seriously and pout when it doesn’t go their way, that also known as entitlement. You won’t be missed and I bet you just stick around because drama is an addiction.


Damn…I just can’t with you either.

Common sense

Boo hoo


(wavin’ bye)

Jimmy 64

If Mark don’t use the veto on himself then he is the biggest IDIOT
ever to lay this game. Trust the rest of the house bulls–t .


Why would he trust the HOUSE? These are the same people that just deliberately left them out of the Jessica blindside that sent Ramses home!!! That would be the height of folly for him NOT to use the VETO. So sick of them saying that HE should prove something to THEM. THEY should prove THEIR word. THEY are the ones that can’t be trusted. He won. He SHOULD take himself off. They are just scared to go up. And why is that? Because, they know just how treacherous THEY are!!!

Lack Of Self Awareness

This tactic used by the house guests telling the veto winner, DON”T use the veto just goes to show the lack of self awareness and herd mentality by these people this year. These house guests are so oblivious to themselves thinking other people in that house came to play Big Brother for them.

Brain cells unite!

This cast compels me to run head first into a wall…Paul’s minions are CLUELESS. Cody is disturbed as f@ck, but at least he’s not drinking Paul’s kool-aid. When Crassmiss finishes rubbing Kevin’s feet, she needs to soak her hands in a vat of blue liquid the barbers use for their combs. Jaysus….


Cody is not disturbed. While over half of the house bullied and taunted he and Jessica day after day, hour after hour, and both inside and outside of the house, and many in the dog pound who did not participate were laughing and supporting the antics, Cody remained calm. I think there are many in the house who could be described as disturbed, but Cody is not one of them.


I agree with you. Cody is NOT disturbed OR violent OR a bully….. If anything, he is a little anti-social but I probably would be too if I had to deal with what he has had to……And before you Cody haters say he brought it on himself – I get it, he screwed up in the beginning of the game BUT that does NOT justify what he had to deal with the last few weeks…

No more raven

I agree! I was amazing how Cody kept his calm!!!!!


I completely agree. If Cody was disturbed Josh would have gotten hurt. Instead Cody stayed calm! That’s control not disturbed.


Again, the only reason Jody was calm because they knew they were safe. If it wasn’t for the hex we would’ve saw the same blow up that happened after the vote week one. If Cody was calm like Jody fans like to pretend, Jody wouldn’t be in this position. Jody CHOSE too isolate themselves. I don’t like what the house did, but let’s not forget the bullying Jody did after week one when the vote didn’t go their way. Jody dug their grave & chose to lay in it.


Is so sad Paul going guess you mean bully win game


For the next four days, we’ll see Christmas and Josh flipping between Elena and Jess at least five times a day. Thursday night, the vote will be 6-2 to evict Jess. Everyone will be in an uproar, trying to figure out the hinky vote. Kevin and Paul will blame it on Mark, and make him the target next week. (It will be Kevin who votes to keep Jess.)

Josh, please. . .you can’t demand respect, you have to earn it. Having to tell people, “You have to respect me as HoH; you have to respect my HoH” should give you a clue.

Paul needs to go

Raven is going up so hopefully they will send her home instead of Jessica. Then watch Paul’s head explode.


No one will go against Paul. They are all cowards that can’t think for themselves.


oh the irony of josh wanting people to respect his hoh where if they had respected jess’s hoh josh would have gone home.


everyone is entitled to respect out of the gate and it is theirs to lose.. Its not something you need to earn (except for control freaks who say you have to earn it. who made them the ones who decide this?) Going through life respecting no one and no thing because you think they haven’t earned it ludicrous. I can see it now… ” let me slap that 2 year old around… it hasn’t earned my respect yet. Morons.


The only thing for me to enjoy about this post (I’d like Jess to stay, so it’s all bad news) is the top pic with Elena’s head growing out of Paul’s back. They look like a carny side show act, so…truth!


Kevin has moved down in the polls. I am assuming due to his association with Christmas. Josh moved down as well, maybe because of his being a lap dog for Christmas.


He’s still number 1 on jokers


I hope josh doesnt give up on this flip, it really is a no brainer…next week, if elena, mark or cody win HOH hes essentially guarantted to be one of the noms or a target, if he makes this deal with jody to save them, his chances to not be nomd by them significantly increase and Elena (who would have nomd him will be out) leaving only Mark left who will put him up. This move to get rid of Jody only helps Paul. I want to see when he pitces it to Paul on Wed to save jess, Paul will LOSE IT….he doesnt like his control challenged.


Anonymous, does Paul realize that Jessica is a Viewers favorite by getting the hex and he will be
villified live Vanessa on social media and when he leaves the house like on this site and does he care?

Hillbilly in the Hotseat

How has Matt and Raven’s talking sh!t about others from the safety of their minion cocoon not made them a target yet? I would love to see Raven go up as a pawn when Mark takes himself down and for Elena, Jess, Mark, and Cody to actively work to shine a spotlight on all the sh!t she has stirred and all the holes in her story to throw a kink into the Jess/Elena vote. I know it probably wouldn’t work, but seeing her lose her sh!t would be so satisfying….like a Snickers bar…. which she can’t eat because it might kill her.

Judge Janie

Elena just grosses me out. She was willing to let Josh eat her slop for two weeks even though she doesn’t give a crap about him. Now she wants Mark to use the veto on her even though she broke up with him and has been loving up on Paul. Have some self-respect girl and quit acting like a floozie!


So Elena don’t have to eat slop? How is that possible? No fair.. I don’t give damn if the slop makes you puke, EAT THAT SH*T yo. Josh better get rubdowns below the waist if he gotta eat her slop.


NO. But Elena asked Josh to do that. NO. Mark will not use the veto on her. Do you actually READ the posts that Simon & Dawg take the time to post here? Or do you skip straight to the speculators in the comment section.


Elena to Mark soon: “Suprise, were back together! You can use it on me now!”


When you say Josh has to eat her slop, are we talking about BB slop…or what’s between Elena’s legs?


I have watched Big Brother since its been on and this has been the worst group of people you have had on the show. Paul should have been gone because he is a vet. He is running the show and has manipulated everyone. This is the most immature group of so called adults I have ever seen. Banging pots, yelling and screaming, running around the house acting like a bunch of idiots. I hope Jessica doesn’t fall for anymore of Paul’s lies because he has already shown he doesn’t have her back. I hope you are more creative when you choose your cast for next season—if you have a next season this show has been your worst. Oh, by the way, Josh is off the chain.


WACO, TEXAS comes to mind when i watch this year!
PAUL is David Koresh leading the cult.
The FOLLOWERS ARE: JOSH, RAVEN, MATT, ELENA, KEVIN, MARK, ALEX, CHRISTMAS, JASON….all are suiciding their own game for the leader!
but when its 10 VS. 2…it is just a losing battle..but


whoever thumbs down…would also follow Paul and give their game up for him!!

Bolt Uprite.

In case you haven’t noticed, people in Paul’s sphere have been complaining more and more about him. Just because they haven’t jettisoned him yet doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking about it. Once he doesn’t serve their purpose anymore to get farther in the game, he’ll get cut, by the people you call brainwashed..


I would think they would want to get Paul out before jury so he can’t brainwash who everyone should vote for as the winner.

Also, it seems like a good reason to get Elena out because she would be a vote for Paul and keep Jess in because Cody and Jess will go after Paul. I think Josh is on the right track, he just needs to get the balls to go against Paul but something tells me he is all talk with NO action.


Kelly, your first sentence is one they should all think about.


yeah… i figured paul could ride this til 6, but i think he might be in trouble considerably sooner. holes in his game are going to start getting exposed once there aren’t obvious noms as he just hasn’t built a foundation to flip on alex, kevin, jason, josh, matt, raven, or xmas.



Deep Breaths, Honey! Deep Breaths! Totally agree with you but your blood pressure is sky high right now.

*stirs her hot tea with the spoon scraping the sides ever so much, repeating softly “Deep Breaths….deep breaths”


believe it or not some people are actually thinking for themselves..
alex has no reason to vote out elena.. she wants jess gone because she knows jess wants her gone..
jason actually wants elena out and cody to stay but he will vote out jess to help out alex..
raven and matt will vote out jess because they perceive jess/cody as a threat to themselves due to that huge argument they had outside..
paul wants jess out because he has made inroads with mark and elena and is currently at war with jess/cody….
that’s 5 votes… all independently thought out…

that only leaves kevin and xmas.. kevin can afford to vote out elena.. he is tight with jess.. xmas can vote out elena because they dont really gel as “friends”….

the outcome is still the same.. 5-3 or 6-2 jess gets voted out.. it has nothing to do with being followers.. it has everything to do with self interest… granted how we got to this point is koresh-ish… that whole blow-up outside sealed raven and matt’s path.. but this is where we are and the vote will be for jess to go out… the only way it could change is if jason and matt disregard their ride or die partner’s wishes.

i wish it was different.. i would love elena to go out..
after all is said and done you can blame josh for this more than you can blame paul.. he started the week in jess’s face (instead of making a deal) then he lied to elena when the truth (the house wants you up) would have sent her into a tailspin of self destruction.


I gave it a thumbs up, except saying Cody and Jessica have “dignity and self-respect” might be over-stating things a little. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pulling for both of them. Strength? Absolutely x 1000. Dignity and respect? They definitely have their moments with these…but not overly. I often find Jessica quite funny. I enjoy sarcasm, what can I say? And I know it might sound weird, but I see him as more vulnerable than maybe he’s used to feeling and would like to see him feeling protected. That’s why I hope (I’m almost certain) that Kevin is sincere in wanting to help him.


Kevin talks about his kids often…and since day 1…he never said he was currently happily married…we dont know his marriage status for certain.
He could be separated, divorced, or married (living with wife)
so why judge..not our business!


Who are Raven and Matt to call Mark a P**** for not wanting to use the POV to take himself off. He earned it, so sorry Raven… you can be the pawn. If you have nothing to worry about and trust the house guest, then why so mad? Maybe it’s time you actually worked for something to be safe. UGH…these 2 haven’t done crap but sure think they are the sh**!



I would love to see Paul put up as the replacement nom. He publicly claimed to “volunteer” to be a pawn so that’s an easy explanation. It also takes away an Elena vote.
Let’s see how Paul deals with that.


it also all but guarantees a rift develops between josh/xmas and alex/jason/kevin. be great if jess and elena could then rally enough votes to get rid of paul. cody and mark would be game, the blowback on xmas could win her over, then they would just need to pick up matt and raven.


I would like to see Paul go up as a pawn too. He did volunteer. Nobody has the BALLS to do it. Cowards.


It was nice of Josh to offer Kevin his room for his birthday.


Kevin is just a cooler and likeable (if that’s possible) version of rat faced Andy.

Just Sayin'

Paul is very comfortable when he’s “one of the girls.”


AM I the only one who thought Jessica looked like Ariana’s Grande at the last Eviction?


I don’t think so. I thought Jess looked cute but she looks NOTHING like Ariana Grande.


True, minus the tounge on the doughnut, and the, “I hate Americans” remark.


that’s because she wishes she was Ariana. She’s trying to become famous, but these people don’t get it…you need to be an individual not copy someone…Ariana, the Kardashians….at least copy someone that isn’t trash if you have to copy someone.


I am laughing so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She wishes


You should end things ( especially in a marriage) before you start things. Not judging. Just think that’s the respectful thing to do.

Judging is still legal

Agree with you, however you are judging.

The Poly Life

Or just become polyamorous and then you can live an open, happy, honest life and leave behind jealousy and guilt.


Ha! Good one.


I’ve known folks who have tried the poly life, and from their perspectives, there never seems to be a stable “everybody benefitting equally” scenario for too long.

The Poly Life

I agree, poly isn’t for everyone but once you actually become happy for someone else to explore their desires then jealousy fades away. No two situations are alike nor people.


Every body has a head. The council of equals exists only in theory. The belief that jealousy, shame, and guilt can be made or chosen to fade away from an individual human beings nature in any social situation is profoundly moronic.


I am not a fan of Elena, by any stretch of the imagination. BUT, if they do vote her out over Jessica, that at the very least, puts her and Cody together in the jury house. Those two need to be separated. They will not last as a couple in the real world. They are WAY too different in every way. And it will be an ugly, nasty, public nightmare when they break up.

Online player

Anonymous, Do you like Mark? Mark lives close to where I live. You don’t seem to be that critical of Mark as Raven or Paul. Do you like to way he’s always in the new HOH room saying I’m with you 100 percent to the HOH? Mark was able to step up and win a Temptation and POV.


I wonder if Raven is on meds in the house. She must be. She seems so glazed over, especially in her DR sessions.


She’s high on love.

online player

yes Granny people thought that about Christmas too


She’s probably skimming a few from Chritmas’ bottle of Pain meds !!!
Christmas has made a point of saying twice now she is off her Pain meds, it’s a load of crap she still looks High as a Kite !!!


I have noticed that Christmas brags a bit when she has pain med free day (whether it’s out of pride or some sort of personal determination), but she is clearly still dependent on them from time to time. I’m sure being in the house could be slowing the healing process. We all know stress is a major factor when it comes to health.

I know any prescription medication is kept in the DR and is distributed to the HG’s in there so Raven couldn’t be stealing Christmas’ meds. Something is definitely up, though. She was grass-eyed in her last few DR sessions, if you know what I mean. Maybe she uses medical marijuana. It’s possible.

Speaking of Christmas, I wonder why she didn’t participate in the temptation challenge. It didn’t seem too difficult or dangerous for her to play, and I don’t remember her having any conversation about it with other HG’s. Maybe production told her no knowing that the veto would be OTEV and she wouldn’t have been able to participate in that (if she were to come in last place). If anyone knows the details, clue me in. I just don’t recall her discussing it at all.


I’m not sure about Raven (maybe just fatigue) but I think Alex might be having issues with ADHD meds. Too many, not enough? Hard to tell – that interrupting thing she does and she’s frequently very impatient.

Online player

Anonymous, it could be 5-2-1, not 6 -2 Mark might not vote Jessica or Elana out


Are Matt, Raven and josh pure bread lap dogs? The answer has a lot to due with strategy and Paul. Lets say there are 9 left. 2 in jury plus 7 more to go to jury plus F2. Temp 3rd nom is over. So 2 noms and HOH cannot vote….
F9- 6 vote HOH breaks tie. Simple strategy here, 3 votes to evict plus HOH break tie. At this point with 9 left Paul and his 3 minions can control the game just by winning out on HOH. Problem is Josh, Maven are not strong comp players. Leaving Paul to HOH then POV next week ect.
The rest of the 9 include Xmas likely another Paul vote(minion). That leaves Jason, Kevin Alex and 1 other(Jody, Marlaine). These 3 either gamble Paul rolls with them as F4 deal or they better start building a team to take a shot. You don’t need to remove Paul right away you have to take out Xmas, Maven and Josh. I simply do not see any of these 4 flipping on Paul.
If we do the math Paul and the 4 sheep can control the game from 11 down with an HOH among the 5. HOH and 2 noms do not vote leaving a 4-4 tie decided by HOH. As early as next week Paul theoretically can control the game to the end. The trouble with next week is it’s likely a double with 2 going to jury. How easy would it be for Paul, his 4 sheep plus Kevin, Jason and Alex to just vote 2 of Mark, Cody Elaine out leaving 1 left.
F9- Cody(or other), Alex, Jason or Kevin win HOH. They need the Cody vote just to tie so HOH decides. It’s getting very skinny for the “good guys” to go F4 already Jason and Kev need to bring in Cody strategically plus Alex. Need to protect the 4 til F9 then start a run of HOH wins to thin out Paul’s votes. These potential facts point to how critical it is for J/A/K to keep Cody and cut a deal. Or less likely peel off Maven for 2 votes to flip the house. Cody might turn comp beast with the other 3 to run the HOH from F9 down perhaps getting Paul out before F6 on a backdoor.
Potentially the season could be over F9 or earlier. Start playing to win ASAP if your Jason or Kev. In a season of cesspool play these 2 guys have at least been decent human beings. I’m not sure anyone in the house other than Paul can do BB math 101.


Is this a comedy show? Why I see a bunch of clowns jumping all over


Nah Raven looks drugged up cuz she just hoping nobody notices she hasn’t done jack all season and praying nobody looks at her and says “Why the fuck are you here?”

Xmas spent a few days up Josh ass spinning her web that has only Paul’s interests at it’s core. Josh fallin’ line hook and sinker. Xmas just one of many who think Paul will get them to final 2 and think they will win cuz they think they will beat the bearded clam in votes.

It’s Monday and you all flippin’ out like the world has come to a end when just late Sat. some were saying best season ever.

Chill….like Dylan and by Weds the storm clouds may turn to only sun.



Stay tuned….