Josh – How stupid would it look if I put up my closest ally in the house?

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9:22am Storage Room Josh and Christmas
JOsh – we have the veto ceremony today
xmas – Mark’s using the veto
xmas – I got a great Idea.. if you put me up instead of Raven.. listen.. I got a really good speech
Josh – I don’t think so..
Mark comes in..
they leave..

9:27am Bathroom Christmas and Josh
Xmas mentions her going up as a pawn.
Josh bringing up Raven going up as a pawn.
Xmas – they will use it against you
xmas – it’s too soon for her to be able to go up as a pawn
Josh – yeah

xmas says 2 days ago Raven told her going up as a pawn makes her feel “disposable”

Josh – I don’t want to put you up I don’t feel comfortable doing that.
Xmas about Raven going up “she’s going up against Jessica the mortal enemy of the house”
They agree Matt and Raven are volunteering to go up now when it’s very safe rather than later when there will be fewer people in the house.

Josh – How stupid would it look if I put up my closest ally in the house?
xmas – do people need to know we’re the closest allies

Josh – I need to take a douche
Xmas – ok.. proud of you

Josh says Paul is sick and tired of Matt and Raven
Xmas – Paul, Mark and Elena were playing in the have not room last night
josh – really
xmas – yeah
Josh – man I want Elena out really really bad..

10:04am bedroom Kevin and Christmas
Kevin says he’s going to miss Jessica, “I think she’s cool”
Kevin – I wish everyone didn’t dislike her so much.. I’m telling you
Kevin – the other people.. to be honest.. if you are playing the game properly she should be ahead of some of the other girls. (Jessica ahead of Elena/Raven)
Kevin – but because of Him everyone dislikes her so much
Xmas – I’ll tell you what, I have my reasons that are game legit.
Kevin – She is a strong player (Jess)
xmas – she lied about me and Cody throw me on the block and I was on his team.
Kevin agrees that Jessica did ruin it with a lot of people, “I have no sympathy I’m not trying to talk you out of it”
xmas – her and Cody did a MAJOR move early in the game, it was too early to do something like that.
Xmas – I’ll tell you Josh really wants Elena out instead,
Kevin – why? what because she doesn’t like him or something?
xmas – no.. because she is a more dangerous player
xmas – before he put her up on the block, he talked said, I want to put you up as a pawn.
xmas – She flipped out.. said Matt is a better Pawn, Raven hasn’t gone up, Paul is a better player so they should go up instead of her
xmas says when he pulled Paul in Elena denied saying Paul’s name straight to their faces, “She lied”
xmas – Lied to his face minutes after, like you notice how she is working everybody? Because she’s nervous she’s trying to get into everybody’s little pocket.
Xmas – she’s played both sides of the house
Kevin doesn’t think Elena is as strong as Jessica.
xmas – everybody watched her play both sides and Flip flop
Kevin – I’m with you.. but you have to take out the 2 M’s .. M and M (Matt and Mark)
Kevin – Raven and Elena are not going to win any comps I’m telling you unless it drops on their head..
They agree Raven uses her accent based on the social environment.
xmas – Happy birthday.

10:34am backyard Kevin, COdy and Jason
Kevin – how you feeling?
Cody – without Jessica I got nothing
Kevin – you got us man, I mean .. we ain’t going to be cuddling with ya
Kevin – if you want to cuddle that’s Jason

Kevin tells him Jessica wants him to try hard, “just remember how you got in this situation”
Cody – I’ve kept my word to everyone I ever liked
Cody – the only time it was proven with action was with you Jason I never put you on the block
Cody – Alex .. trust me I very much protected Alex, I don’t know why she veered off from me.
Kevin – you have to go from now, you have to work from now on..
Kevin – if we have to remember what happened the past 6 weeks everyone is going to hate each other
Cody – i’m find being at the bottom
Kevin – you’ve always been at the bottom, they lied to you Cody.. they were telling you this and that. they wanted you to protect them through then they were going to chop you. I’m telling ya

Cody – there’s a good chance if this next one is physical I’m going to win it .. i’m going to be f*ing pissed..
Kevin – who would you put up
Cody – anyone I protected that stabbed me in the back
Jason – I get that..

Cody – all the couples said we would protect each other until jury
Kevin says once Cody got out of the HOH that couples alliance was over. “Just remember that Cody”

Kevin – I never made a deal with ya in this game and yo never went back on a deal..
Kevin – just because she’s gone don’t lose you mind and go out like a lone wolf
Cody – I’m always going to be a target regardless of how I act.
Kevin – you won’t be a target if we work together
Kevin says they will meet every morning and talk and leave it at that
Cody – you won’t see any social interactions other than what we already have
Kevin says that’s perfect otherwise people will talk.
They shake on talking in the morning and working together
Kevin says if he wins HOH he’ll have 5 people up in that bedroom all night..
Kevin – where the f* were these 5 people when I was on the have not f*ing bed.
Cody – you’ll see a lot of unprecedented things if I win HOH.. the speeches I have planned.
Kevin – I’m telling you if one of our guys win it you’re not going up

Cody – why haven’t people weaponize me yet..
Kevin – they are going to come to you now..

10:54am Kevin and Jason

Kevin is saying they can use Cody to take out the couples.
Kevin – How can we get mad man.. he’s playing for us basically am I right
Jason – yeah
Kevin – when we do get teh chance after 3 or 4 of them gone left with that 1 week girl raven..
Kevin – then we can backdoor him (COdy) with 6 of us and 1 of him
Kevin – me, you, Alex, Paul, Christmas, josh and Him.. how can he beat that
Kevin – he hates Christmas and Josh so much once he can he’ll put them up
Kevin – when we get our chance we put him up..
Kevin goes on to say he wants to Backdoor Cody at final 7
Kevin – you can’t have 6 people playing in the POV with only 6 people in teh house can you
Jason – yes
Kevin – everyone in the house plays POV
Jason – Yes.. that’s how you stay safe.. Alex was telling me yesterday

Kevin – you know they are going to run to him..
Kevin says Paul “and them” hate Cody so much they won’t think about using him.
Jason is worried it makes them look bad working with Cody.
Kevin – we got to him before they did… Strategically it;’s a good move..
Kevin – I never disliked him
Jason – me either.. I never disliked him

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Not a fan of Cody, he dug a deep grave after the vote 1st week, but the idea of someone “weaponized” him would be very entertaining to watch , & without Jessica there to “muzzle” him, the battle of the 2 Alphas “Paul & Cody” will be EPIC.


He didnt did a grave, his fake housemates dugged the grave for him and he said fuck it and jumped it never to be seen again. I want Jessica their as i want them to win something to turn on the house, that makes good T.V seeing everyone jump on their asses , if People were smart they would keep them as someone would always be going after them and its easy to throw them under the bus when you need to , now their are less people to throw under!

what are you saying?

Somebody needs to throw your English teacher under the bus.

We're all adults here

That’s GOLD!!! Bwahahahaha



A nicely folded towel placed in a random location.

There’s plenty of room under the bus for everyone.

Miss Crabtree

Hey Shame, go back to third grade. Their, there and they’re are all different words and mean different things. Go ask an eight year old.

Team Cody

I want Cody to be my baby’s father. He is DADDY omg! I hate Jessica for stealing my man.

I'm Jessica's daddy

LOL wtf? Cody stole my girl. I want Jessica to sit on my face


I didn’t know Caitlyn Jenner posted here.


If Josh flips on his own HOH I’ll be mad. I know a lot can happen in the days before the eviction but if he flips and goes with what Paul wants, he deserves whatever dirty hand he gets dealt.


I don’t see how it matters. As hoh all he can do is nominate. He can’t vote. So it really doesn’t matter what he wants at this point. I don’t think he has the social skills to actually get people to vote out Elena over a player like Jessica. At this point, I think only Paul would have the ability to do that, and I don’t think that’s happening.


Three folks on the block leaves 8 voters and the votes can split in odd ways, there is a possibility Josh gets to vote. So Elena could go with as few as 3 votes if they split 3-3-2 with Josh making 4 to evict her.


I need a Kevin/Jason F2 in my life!

Life jacket



And my love for kevin grows even more.

So happy to see he wants to evict Raven and Matt, atleast he realises this is a game and not a charity fundraiser for con artist Raven.


I don’t find Elena funny a thing all. She’s an attention whore, who gets pleasure out of teasing men and her “funny” responses are very bitchy. It’s not sarcastic humor. For god sake she needs to cover her nipples and butt. It’s NOT the new trend to show them. Also, all men of the world, most women wear bras to hold their breasts from flopping around, NOT to hide their nipples.


she’s a self deluded narcissist..


It may not be the new trend but we can always hope! Free the nipple!


Elena needs a ta-ta towel


I do not want to see her banana boobs in one of those.


just because cody looks good with his shirt off doesnt quite grant him alpha male status in THAT house.. he has very little charm/wit to match his athleticism.. nobody is following cody anywhere.. without jess in the house his future status is beta.

Wreck it Ralph loves evil eyebrows

I don’t have anyone to root for this season. They are all horrible and completely lack self-awareness. I have watched all seasons of Big Brother and Raven has got to be the most annoying houseguest in BB history. Playing the victim and constantly fishing for sympathy is not cool. I hope Zingbot really lets her have it. He’s got a lot of material to work with.


My husband has seen a total of 10 min of the show this whole season and his only comment, “why did that chick paint evil eyebrows in herself?” Is she a villain on this season?”……LOL!


I hope you don’t paint your eyebrows irl. If he thinks that about a total stranger, what makes you think he doesn’t think that about you? After all, you two have been married how long?


Kevin is great, so is Jason. The only 2 adults cast this season. The entitlement shown by both sides – Jody vs Paul and the followers, is annoying to watch.
BB has become a scripted reality show. Way to controlled, and has ruined the essence of the game. BB needs to find people that don’t take themselves so seriously. Like Kevin pointed out, their main reasons for being on this show is to get more social media followers! Pathetic.


Its been like that for years. Blame Jeff and Jordan. Or Allison Grodner


The only player that baffles me and can’t figure out it Jason. He just flips continuously with whoever he’s talking to and agrees with them. In the beginning of game …The second he formed a possibility or thought Alex shuts him down. So since then he goes along with someone else’s addenda. Just want to know where he really stands.


This cast I do not think has a brain between all of them! They are pathetic. I mean goodness production is trying to give them a hint, literally, on how to play the game to win and they are too dumb to wake up out of their stupor to play the game! No use watching since it is plain that these idiots with the exception of Jess and Cody, love or hate them,are literally more than willing to give Paul the game!


what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.


you sound like a principal.


Man bra!


I love how Kevin pretends he’s never watched BB and is ignorant of the game. It’s kind of brilliant! Regardless of some of his actions in the house, He’s probably going to go all the way to that 500K.


Kevin – how you feeling?
Cody – without Jessica I got nothing
Kevin – you got us man, I mean .. we ain’t going to be cuddling with ya
Kevin – if you want to cuddle that’s Jason


Anybody that does not think Christmas is getting close to Kevin for strategy is a complete fool she knows how well liked Kevin is what a good position he is in and she wants to use that she wants him to keep her safe. Anybody that thinks Kevin has crossed the line with Christmas you need to grow up like seriously grow up . I don’t even really like Christmas but I don’t think she’s done anything wrong but isn’t game related


You’re likely right about Xmas not being seriously into Kevin. Now, if it were me…I’d be SERIOUSLY into Kevin. I’m in his dating range and female and damn, he is a fine-looking man. I think he may have had a little work done under the chin, but I’m fine with that. 🙂 If I were in that house, I have to “pull a Josh” and ask him to cover up the distraction a bit. *purrrrrrrrrr*

Nixie Pix

You didn’t see the picture of Kevin and Xmas under the covers with her one hand under the covers in Kevin’s middle? he had his hands up behind him. For us or his wife to think nothing is going on with them, is dumb because everyone knows it is. I think Josh and Paul are a secret item. Josh even has one fingernail painted black like Paul’s and they getting cozy “sleeping” in the HOH room. Wonder if Paul is gonna be able to run Cody’s HOH like he has with everyone else….lol


Josh could make a big game move here. THE BIGGEST! Mark uses the POV and Josh puts Paul up the whole house vote him out, he will be out No Jury, noway to get them back done he is out and gone oh how I would love to see that!!


If you think they would actually vote Paul out at this point, you have not been paying attention.


But why not give them the opportunity and see what happens? It might surprise us – delightfully so!


Cody tried that and look where it got him. These people are all under Paul’s spell. It’s going to take more than a few days to snap
them back to reality.

Cat Nip

The only reason Xmas wants on the block is so she doesn’t have to vote against Josh’s wish to keep Jessica. Then Xmas can lie some more to Josh – The Blob.

Xmas and Kevin are a joke. Xmas is a lesbian (not that there’s anything wrong with that – thank you Seinfeld). She’s using her “charm” on Kevin to get inside his head. I’m really hoping Kev is too street smart to buy into her act.

To add…Xmas should have been gone when she broke her foot. She can’t play in certain comps. And gets a pass. Not fair.

Resist the Twist

Based on their game play, if Matt and Raven were evicted on a double eviction night , it would take the rest of the guests a week to realize they were missing . Talk about zero game play

I also really want Elena out. She is a waste of space

my 2 cents

Kevin is a lowkey good player.. hes sneaky.. friendly and able to see things clearer than the others. I want to see him make it far. But please stop cuddling with Christmas.. his wife must not be loving it.

Cat Nip

The only reason Xmas is offering to be on the block is so she doesn’t have to vote for Jess to stay. On the block Xmas has no vote and won’t offend Josh – The Blob – by lying to him, and not following his wishes to vote out El.

Xmas is trying to get into Kevin’s head. I hope that Kev is too street smart to fall for her BS.

By the way Xmas is a lesbian (not that there’s anything wrong with that – thank you Seinfeld).

One more thing. Xmas should have been out of the game when she broke her foot. She’s useless in most comps. Not fair.


Oh Lord nooooooooooooooooooo…………
Just kidding. Kev has sorted some of the strategy needed to get Paul out. Keeping Cody over Maven a good idea. Using him to thin Paul’s minions a good thing. Keeping Cody of the block if he is not HOH is hard to do without Paul going bat sh*t crazy. The F7 target is some what interesting but Kev/Jason want to keep Paul and Xmas F7 and that’s just stupid. Add it’s hard to keep your side in tact as numbers decrease. Your likely to have casualties.
Further trying to carry Cody to F7 pretty risky. What if he wins HOH F7. Goodbye to that plan. Or he plays POV F7 as only 1 sits out. He wins then what. The Cody deal needs to be F4 with Alex, Jason and Kev and it has to be legit. I love the F4 end game in BB it’s cherry. Here’s the steps needed this season keeping Cody til F4……..
!st hope he wins HOH at F5 that means he can only compete POV F4. This is obvious but not that important. Alex can win endurance F3 leaving a Puzzle/time comp most likely part 2 of the 3 part final. By extension if Cody is here F3 either Jason or Kev are gone. Cody would have picked F4 eviction with the sole vote. Alex would be here f3 because she won F4 HOH. Otherwise my guess is Cody takes Kev and Jason. I put Kev the front runner for Cody to save if he held the sole vote to evict. I really like Kev getting F3 as the real favourite based on logic. Best social with Cody and Jason. Alex would vote Cody 1st and like Kev second F4 with the vote.
Here is why committing to Cody F4 is so very important. The risk is 50K ONLY. He never gets the jury votes to win 500K. He has to avoid all the potholes to F2. Any slip he’s gone. Of the remaining 3 here’s my present guess as to possible F4 results to BB 19 champ.

Cody- zero chance
Kev- most scenarios have him F3 and best social game of the 4. His weakness is that as folks are evicted he may become seen as unbeatable F2. He may need to win to get F2 versus Cody. He beats Cody easy. think he beats Alex but maybe not Jason.
Jason- He might be hardest to beat of this 4. Depends on who has the blood on their hands as perceived by the jury. He’s in at least the second strongest position after Kev and that’s a toss up. These 2 both benefit the most by taking Cody F4.
Alex- Think she beats Cody but cannot beat the other 2
I see the season going 46:44:10 percentages if these 3 ride Cody F4 with Jason with a very slight edge to win BB19. How the 4 get to f4 without Paul now that’s a puzzle for the ages.
IMHO this is the most interesting part of the BB19 season. I think most HG’s see Cody as a strong comp player. Kev got to the right guy 1st. Now can he use Cosy to his advantage?


It’s been said, but Cody’s move to backdoor Paul in the beginning was a good move. Cody screwed up by not trusting his alliance with his decision, but… How the heck was Cody to know Paul had a free pass so early on!?


Damn I was hoping from that headline that he was talking about Paul! He sure as hell wouldn’t be running around all week worrying about Elena

True Colors

Jody fans should b so proud today! Cody referred to Audrey Middleton as an “It” and Jessica laughed!


i hope cody’s talking about putting alex and paul on the block if he wins hoh. would rather he not waste it on matt and raven.


Every time I see Mark all I can think about is Wreck it Ralph!


and Magilla Gorilla and Clutch Cargo


No…Donkey Kong Jr. Lol


Cody is playing awfully if he was smart he would jump on this Jason/Kevin bandwagon. He will last longer if he does! I think his targets will be Paul, Matt, Raven. Kevin has the smarts to win the whole thing if he can get Paul out sooner rather than later. I think Jason has a good chance also since they both see many moves in the future. I agree with getting out Matt/Raven they do way less than Elena and Mark! But I have never been a fan of floaters!!


Cody is on that bandwagon for sure. Like he said, “What else has he got?” He’s in like Flynn x 1000. I think Kevin is too. Now Jason will need a little convincing. Notice how Cody tried to reassure Jason that he likes Alex? Jason is just worried about Paul…via Alex only…I think Jason would be fine with losing Paul sooner rather than later. I think these “boys” should dump ALEX sooner rather than later and just go for the gold.


Actually Jason already went to Paul today and told him the entire convo. He and Alex also told Paul about Christmas saying Paul is trying to keep Elena etc.


Looks like Christmas may be part of the Opioid Crisis now- she should be coming off of those pain pills


Not a Cody/Jess fan but if Josh got Xmas, Alex, Jason and Cody to vote for Elena and the other 4 for Jess then be smart tell production rules for eating and hot shower doesn’t that get you a penalty vote???? Julie comes on says 4-4 however because you didn’t follow the rules Elena you are evicted with a penalty vote

Who am I kidding, major wishful thinking and expecting these people to play without Paul…… Sigh


My fondest wish right now is that Raven gets booted, but I’m encouraged that with her on the block, it’s one less vote to keep Elena. Come on Kevin…sneak your sneakiness.


Josh is a tool……..


Josh-how stupid would it look if I put up my closest ally? Really, Josh, really? Interesting, to know that there are limits pertaining to your definition of what stupid looks like.

Tyrod Taylor

Cody & Jessica are so much more likeable when they do not have each other. Probably because it forces them to actually get involved with the rest of the house instead of isolating. Well, I guess we’ll see about Cody in that regard after Jess goes home this week…


It will be the same way. Cody told Jessica that he is socially awkward. Jessica threw away her game for a guy she just met 40 something days ago . Stupid move when she used that hex. She would a least be safe this week. I’m glad she will be going and I wish Cody would walk out right behind her.