Josh – “Paul, I have your back 110% but this isn’t the Paul game.. Alright let’s get Jess out.. “

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6:53pm COdy and Jessica
Cody – everyone is a target..

6:56pm Paul, Christmas and Elena
Christmas says she had no pain pills today.

7:00pm Cody Jess meatloafs.. Awe…

Mark is telling them about being contacted by a Softcore porn producer. It was from his instagram account.
Mark – it’s pretty much me naked..
Mark goes on to explain the difference of Soft and hard core porn..

7:09pm HOH JOsh and Christmas
Xmas says Kevin doesn’t like Elena at all
JOsh says Kevin doesn’t see Elena as the threat he does..
Josh -_ I asked him do I have his back?
Josh – Kevin’s smart but he slips up a bit.. He doesn’t know how to whisper
Xmas – Kevin has developed a relationship with Cody and supposedly you and I are included in Kevin’s umbrella with Alex and Jason. .. And Paul
Xmas – Kevin and Paul are very close..
Josh – I knew they were locked in
Xmas – when you tell Kevin something expect it goes to Paul…
Xmas is worried that the house is so calm about Mark using the veto.
Josh – raven and Matt volunteered to go up..

Xmas – raven offered to go up now because it’s safe now.. Later it won’t be safe.
Josh brings up Raven telling him how to use reverse psychology on Mark to make him feel like he’s the hero.
Josh – I’m like this girl’s good..
Xmas says RAven’s accent is running thin and so is her Patience..
Xmas – she’s getting paranoid for some reason.. Dude can I have a conversation with Raven that’s not about her..
Xmas – can I answer a question someone had for me without her interjecting herself and making it about her.
Josh says Alex, Jason and Kevin are all annoyed by Raven
Xmas – Tomorrow is Kevin’s birthday.. Don’t forget it.. OK. Do something special for him somehow..
Josh say he still wants Elena out..

Josh – I know if I save Jess, jess isn’t coming after us..
Christmas – we made Jury .. let’s flip flop F*ing some shit and cause some chaos.. It just seems fun.. It’s Big Brother… ARe we going to tiptoe around everybody . I’m a no backdown B1tch..
JOsh says there’s a lot of people in the house right now that are playing it safe.
JOsh – Matt and Raven haven’t played at all
Josh – taking a shot at Elena isn’t flipping the house.. It’s going to open people’s eyes but it’s not flipping the house.

Xmas says Matt and raven will flip with Cody and Jessica if Josh takes out Elena.
Xmas says Paul will flop in the middle.
Xmas bring sup Paul always mentioning “Top 8” to her and it shifts based on who is in the room.
Xmas – he flips back and forth..
Xmas says “Paul’s top 8 is” Kevin, Him, Matt, Raven, you, me, Jason, Alex

Josh mentions how Matt is starting to get annoyed by Paul.

Josh says Paul with Elena is “Lethal”
Xmas says Paul knows she’s committed to him.
Xmas – Paul’s a good person to keep for sure
Josh – Obviously

Josh – I feel good about up until this week.
Josh – why is he protecting Elena
Xmas I heard it today Too

Josh – she knows she’ll take a shot at us and he won’t do it.. He’s thinking top 2.. He’s thinking who will vote for me..
Josh – I got his back 110% but if you’re not considering my game only your’s that’s not a team effort.
Josh says he’s going to tell Jessica ‘If you want to stay this week” get Cody to vote out Elena and don’t come after him and his team next week.
Josh – raven’s going up..
Xmas says Elena is starting to think something is up.

Josh – Paul I have your back 110% but this isn’t the Paul game.
Xmas – it’s very likely Paul is working with every single person in this house..
Josh – yeah..

Xmas says Elena is still working with Mark, Jess and Cody.
Josh – F* that you (Elena) voted me out..
Josh – Elena is acting like she’s my friend she’s playing this shady a$$ game.. I can respect where Jess stands..
Xmas – Whose do you think you have votes For

Josh – Jason, Alex, Cody, Christmas, Kevin, That’s five
Xmas – you sure about Jason
Jsoh – yes I’ve had a conversation
Xmas – If we can’t pull this off we’re scrambling..
Josh – I can speak with Paul and He’ll respect my move..
Xmas says Elena will campaign the f* out of the house so she needs to be blindsided.
JOsh – give it time so she shows him, she’s going to f* up after noms, she’s agitated..
Xmas – still on slop[
Josh – she’ll f* up and he’ll be sold she has to go.. My points are valid.

Xmas says Elena doesn’t talk game to her, “If you don’t talk game to me you’re not on my team”
Josh – If Elena wins HOH next week she’ll put me up, If Jess wins HOH she won’t put me and you up.. I just saved her a$$
JOsh says Paul is giving Elena information and protecting “way too much” it’s concerning for him.
JOsh – Matt and Raven will never go against the numbers
Xmas – do you want a truce with Cody and Jess Or the other alternative is to flip the house and cause chaos early.
Xmas – you are keeping a couple in the house that has personally disgraced you..
JOsh says taking out Jessica is best for Paul’s game.
Xmas – I want to flip the house so bad.. BUT … to get to final 6.. You need people..

Xmas is pushing for them to send Jessica home.
Xmas – from what I understand Cody is not taking a shot next week
Josh – If I get rid of Jess he is…

Xmas – we take Jess out..
Josh – Alright let’s get Jess out..
Xmas – I really think … Jess needs to go.

7:32pm Paul telling them Mark will use the veto and if he wins HOH Mark is putting up Josh.
Paul tells them they have to win 4every comp .

8:16pm Josh
Josh – Yeah I’m a goofball.. but I came to play a game..
JOsh – I’m probably going to go on a power trip and lose my sh1t this week.
JOsh – I really don’t give a sh1t I’m tired of playing safe. I haven’t played safe.. I’m tired of people playing safe. I want to stir some sh1t up
Josh – boys in the house with pimps..

9:13pm Kevin’s birthday..
Paul made muffins ‘They’re so good”

Cody – how many weeks are left..
Kevin – 6

10:57pm Paul and Elena

Paul talking about Makeup..

Jason – You can hit me over the head with a Bat i won’t cry..

midnight.. LOL more makeup with Paul and Elena.

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Did I Miss Something?

I keep seeing these “fingers up their a$$” and “grabbing people’s va****s” comments, and apparently I just completely missed this little storyline about Jessica???. Can someone please explain to me specifically what happened/is happening and the details that surround the incident(s)?


Jesse goosed em for grins and now they are using it as an excuse to say they were sexually assaulted. DR told Jesse not to do it anymore, so she hasn’t. (Nobody complaining about it ever told Jesse to knock it off.)



Bored with it all (except Jess's body)

And as everyone predicted on Thursday Jess goes home.

Nice job production but I don’t think you fooled anyone.

Big Brother = Boring Brother for the next 2 weeks.

Oh well we still have Raven to drool over (and Elenas big beautiful lips).

See you in 2 weeks….


you’re such a sick fuck

Capt. Obvious

You don’t think they fooled anyone???
Have you not read ANY of the comments on this site the last 2 days?!?
LOL!! They fooled everyone on here!



You obviously need to get a life. You stalk these boards (not sure why) and make negative statements about those participating on the forums, yet here you are. You rarely contribute to any authentic discussion. You are judgmental and love to fling poo at people like a monkey in the zoo. You are clearly a very unhappy person and seek to bring everyone else to your pitiful piffle parties.

You claim to be posting among a bunch of idiots, yet you seek attention from anyone who will listen to your incessant negativity. I have yet to figure out why you are here but suggest you find something meaningful to do (we are not meaningful to you…you’ve said many times you are smarter than everyone else here with your ridiculousness) to occupy your time. Your excrement rotted long ago.

Buddha Baby


Mom? Is that you?

I swear you sound just like my mom. Love it!


Unlikely, my son died in combat and my daughter is in the Philippines.

Buddha Baby

I knew it!


Oh gosh! I should have known.

Just sayin

This type of comment is why America voted in a misogynist freak for president. Thank god Jess will be leaving…if a guy was grabbing the women, he would be kicked out and charged…she (and Cody for that matter) are disgusting!

I’m glad to see the meatball as HOH – he seems to be growing as a human 🙂

Resist the Twist

Keep Politics off this board. If you are so unhappy go blog on an MSNBC site or just move along. We come here to talk game and idiots like you turn it into Politics

Just saying

Not sure who jacked who but I am definitely not you. Not trying to bring politics into BB but I do see the similarities. Paul does think he deserves to be handed the win because you know he’s played this game before. He’s also willing to lie, cheat and bully to get what he wants and doesn’t give a shit about his constituents (I mean team mates).
But all joking aside, sexual assault is no laughing matter but it loses weight when accusations are coming from a mousy little chick that thinks it’s okay to hit and grab a married man’s pecker.

the troll

i agree that jess has some nice fat tits. and a nice face. her face skin is so bad without make up. she breaks out alot on her forehead. in my experience girls break out like that bc of all the facials they are given and also a lack of facials she gives herself. and elena does have hot blowie lips . she’s fat so for sure she is like a hoover.. she can prolly do some major damage with those lips to our cacks. and she needs to lose 30p’s .. it would make her look really hot. but shes just a lazy fat texan. what a whore and raven is hot sometimes but taht scar is a turn off. i hope we get to see somem nip slip before jessica leaves. she’s such a ho

I know what i am talking about.

Come on Kevin do the deed with Christmas.

She needs some love and you could use some as well.

The way he talks about his wife you know he isn’t happy

Personally I would be all over Raven though. SMOKING hot!

BB Juicy Blast

Xmas – Paul’s a good person to keep for sure
Josh – Obviously

These people are idiots!


Guess Production couldn’t twist arms to keep Jessica in the house the same way they did for Rachel.. Good thing, they need to stay out the game a little, can’t protect Jody all season, they f*cked up their own game. Jessica had a huge chance to get back with the house but she not only chose a showmance over 500k, but also chose not to take a guaranteed shot at backdooring Paul. Stick a fork in Jody, they’re done.

Go Jody

Ugh. So much for that plan. But I still have hope Josh will target Elena, let’s see.

Obb OG

I don’t get how in one convo they can say “get elana out; make a big move; its big brother” and end the convo with “yeah jess gotta go” I don’t get it! smdh


Me too!!! It’s a little bit or a lot cuckoo!! They are letting Paul run everything. Why can’t they see that he’s the biggest threat, and he’s the one they need to evict. What DAs!


Many may not care for Paul, but he’s a gamer, he’s a planner, he makes it happen, he’s full court press all-in. He doesn’t waste a moment, he’s always strategizing and working the room, he’s many steps ahead which makes him dangerous to the other players. He exhibits leadership qualities that’s why he has all those minions lined up~~people have confidence in his demeanor and expertise. Paul is passionate about BB & if not for Paul this season would be a total loss pretty much.

The Beef

Either what you just said, OR every person he is working with is star struck and a major league CSD (that’s Chicken Shit Deluxe for you newcomers out there)! They are all too cowardly to make a move that almighty Paul might not approve of, so we are stuck with him making all of the decisions, which by the way, are all to his benefit. Ask yourself, if either Cody or Jessica (or both) were on the jury, and Paul happened to make it to the final 2, is there 1 chance in 100 that either one of them would vote for Paul to win? HEEEEELLLL no, and Paul knows this, which is why he is so adamant about getting them out before jury. It has nothing to do with personality or nobody liking them and everything about votes. If the sheep had a brain among them, they would be thinking about that too, and they just might consider voting out the sure Paul voters (like Elena appears to be) before jury. That’s all I’m saying.


Actually Jessica said just yesterday she would vote for Paul. She said he was playing the best game. And Paul thinks Kevin is playing the best game. I honestly have no doubt Paul would win if he made it with the exception of Kevin being there with him. I really think that one could be a toss up.


If they are dumb enough to let Paul get to the end, we’ll they don’t deserve to win. They’ve seen Paul play before, and yet he is still able to convince them of anything. GO PAUL! I hope he wins!!!


I wonder if it’s a strategy. If Paul happens to be apart if Jury then looking back at this they appeared loyal till the end. Remember Raven and Josh are now using blinks to tell their true feelings. 1 blink is for yes. Or hell maybe Josh is just appeasing her. I don’t trust Xmas she still riding with Paul and mayback door Josh soon. They are not the smartest bunch.


Just for the record: Jess is committing sexual assault every time she puts her finger(s) in someone’s a$$, how is this allowed and goes unchecked ? Doesn’t their contract state specific restrictions for all behaviors ?

Smitten Kitten

As someone who’s worked in the entertainment industry on the production side, I can tell you that they all sign iron clad waivers & thus far, they’ve only complained to each other, not out right to the producers as it occurs.
Therein lies the rub (no pun intended… ok, well maybe there’s a little intention 😉

The show is not liable for any & all violence, harassment, injury, denigration, etc. that occurs within the house.

Their contracts are basically written like a “buyer beware”, as you truly are signing your life away once you enter that house. It’s a damn free for all Unless someone complains while the actual act is occurring (and being serious about it, not complaining in a joking manner) then production can’t/won’t get involved in a way that may cause the player to receive a penalty (and even then, they’d receive a number of warnings before any discipline is enacted).

These contracts/waivers are no fewer than 900 pages filled with legal jargon that’s way above any of these simpleton’s pay grade & they’re supposed to consult a lawyer to review them & make any adjustments or corrections that they’re not comfortable with.

However, let’s be real here… any contestant (or their attorney) who would actually attempt to amend, abate, alter, modify the contract or WORSE, add their own stipulations, the producers would throw applications to the bottom of the pile (if not directly into the garbage can).

A HG can literally die in the BB house & due to the contracts legal vernacular, BB would/could not be deemed or held liable or responsible.
Of course there would be criminal charges filed against the HG if they actually killed another HG, but as far as a civil suit – the family would not win if they filed civil charges against the company that produces BB or CBS.

That’s how iron clad these contracts are… they are NO joke.

Art Vandaly

These assholes would sign their first born child away to be on the show and be “famous” .


nobody was complaining when jess was doing it.. it was all shits and giggles.. then suddenly cody is back in the game.. jess slips back down to enemy #1 status and suddenly their memories readjust to how traumatized they were at the time.. total fiction.. same thing happened to frank last year with the ass pinching.. one day she gets the joke.. then frank becomes the target.. the next day she’s crying over it turning him into a pariah.

then there’s josh’s memory of his elena chat where he is SURE she mentioned paul and alex’s names as “competitors”.. he didnt.

the brain does tricky things to people’s perceptions and memories.


Oh well, so much for that ‘save Jess’ campaign to stir things up. Still have 4 full days, but the conviction doesn’t seem to be there. And Jess and Cody seem unwilling to put in any work. Geez, start making deals, fight for your life, and not just lay in bed for god sakes.


lol. josh thinks he has jason, kevin, and alex. i hope this blows up in their face and somehow raven goes home. sure it’s like a 0.00001% chance, but i’d loooooooooove raven to get voted out pre-jury.


Oh big dum dum Mark. Contacted by a porn producer from instagram. LOL and ZOMG! How many times has Mark sent money to a prince in Nigeria!

Judgmental Judy

A “Final 8 Deal”? Does that ever work? An 8 person alliance? Really? And they believe that every time he says it with a different combination of people? I want some of what they are smoking. (PS: Josh, you can never have someone’s back 110% – ask Elena; it’s mathematically impossible.)


Josh you suck at game strategy, sit down, shut up and continue being the Little Brother of the house, you Big Meatball


I hate Paul, and having a single vet come back is for cheap broadcast ratings at the expense of pure competition, but the little mouthy dork is outplaying everyone so far. I don’t like that he is controlling everything but at least he is playing hard. (Unlike Matt, kind of Mark, and Cody amongst others). Some of these idiots aren’t even trying.

Tiny dictator please go home

That’s the Monkey Boy I’ve come to know and hate. Paul must be obeyed.

Houseguests be smokin' Kraken...

here’s hoping the producers of BB will give us an all star season soon. this season is like watching Trump get his orange make up applied. pointless, yet morbidly fascinating.

Josh wants Elena out because be has a crush on her and she turned him down. He wanted to be the one in a showmance. He tried to talk producers into letting him do her slop week for her. He even said he would do extra weeks if they would let him. After he won HOH, he made a comment about having his own room and being happy because one showmance was over. Maybe he could be the next to have a showmance.
I think he’s realized that Elena is just using him and now he wants her out. Watch out Christmas he’s going to realize the same thing with you.


Josh can’t outplay Christmas. She has a slew of life experiences – tv roles, served in Iraq, Nascar pit crew, Cross Fit trainer – to be outplayed by an immature kid like Josh. She’s just mothering and toying with him until the right time comes around to kick his ass out.

production rigged it

Christmas said she’s no backdown bitch, yes she is and she’s also Paul’s lapdog bitch too!! Josh told her not to use her temptation but she did anyway though and then she will talk shit about Paul for awhile to Josh and talk about flipping the house because she’s just happy she made jury. But then she turns around and talks about final 6 and they need to get Jess out. Talk about a flip flopper she’s the biggest one in the house.


Cant stand this seasons players/social strategies. Some of the laziest & worst in recent years! c ya Jess


that describes Jess, to a T, She throws away her social game for someone she just met. And who volunteers for a comp then throws it to be put on the block? Then doesnt even try to save herself lol LAZY!!!

Paul is a disgusting rat who shouldn't be in the game. This season is going downhill as each week progresses I'm so close to giving up on watching.

I lost some brain cells after reading this…
They literally talked to get Elena out and then they flip to get Jessica out??? What is this s*it!?


Christmas is a She Devil . She is working Josh. She is playing the same game Paul is playing with Josh but with a different tone. He’s falling hook line and sinker. I would rather someone other than a Jessica and Elana leave this week. Josh, You want to be season 19 Big Brother hero. Put Paul on the block. With Paul gone everyone gets a fair chance. Think Josh Think!!!

JP of Dallas

While stuck indoors all weekend I re-watched all BB episodes with fresh eyes & an open mind, I had harsh views about Jody. It confirmed to me they’re smug, zero humility, superficial, verbally cruel & has a sense of entitlement. (Cody’s eyes tells you he’s got demons). Jess does indeed play, Cody is totally clueless.
But, hey, this is just one man’s never-to-be-humble opinion.


Ugh, once Jess, Cody, and Mark leave, who’s left to watch? It’s like the rejects in gym class left will be .


I just cant stand this year. Its not like I love Jess and Cody, but it’s so boring watching the Paul puppet show. I couldnt stand the guy before, and it’s hard to like the show with a bunch of puppets who clearly didnt watch Pauls previous season. I dont like how BB has portrayed Cody and Jess to be bad guys when we all know who the real bad guy is. Most normal people want a happy ending to a story, cant see it here. I know my opinion doesn’t count, but I guess this is my exit out if this is what BB has become…..


Old Whistle Nut gets my vote by default (seems most decent of them competes and at least puts in some BB game effort.) Not a fan of Paul at all, but imagine this cast without him.
Pretty sure after Christmas is evicted, Kevin’s family is going to start finding missing pets and the like.
Also pretty sure Baby Huey Headband has little boys chopped up in pickle jars in his basement

why is this house so spineless

I dont know man, its just boring. Thought i was watching big brother, not pauls puppet reality TV show. Might stop watching, and only watch the challenge, at least with that not one person controls the whole game.

what is happening

I am bored watching pauls show thought big brother would be on this summer sucks they replaced it with this dumb new show


Without Paul would be pretty boring. I can’t stand Jody. All they do is glare or stay in bed. Mark is clueless. Alex and Paul are the 2 with any sense


This season is soooooo rigged for Paul wake up ppl Paul will get everything he wants one way or the other by cbs


Really? I think it could be rigged for Jody. He came back. And Julie Chen states she was “team Jessica”. That doesn’t sound neutral to me.


There were three temptations. Two helped Paul and hurt Cody & Jessica (Paul’s three weeks of safety and the veto replacement) and one helped Cody & Jessica and hurt Paul (halting hex).

Cody did have a chance to get back into the house, but he had to defeat three other HGs and then a current HG (which hadn’t been done before).

The meddling goes both ways.


Christmas and Josh talked a good game. They had strategy. A good plan. Then? In the end? Proved it’s Paul’s game and decided to vote out Jess.



You can’t make the plays unless you have the people to back the plan. Alex and Jason ran to Paul about what josh wanted to do. They were supposed to be 2 of the people to vote Elena out. It would have been a flop if they wouldn’t vote Elena to go. Don’t blame Josh. Christmas knew that Jason wouldn’t vote her out.


Bb should be ashamed of themselves. Let’s start an online petition to keep Jess. What she does with cidy is their personal lives, she likes who she lukes and he likes who he likes. But honestly bb sat and watched two people get treated worst than animals(just because they were loyal to each other and would not turn on each other like just about every other person. You really need a loyal person in the bb house. Let’s start an online petition to keep Jess in the house


I knew this seemed to good to be true. I really wanted to see Josh go against Paul. Love him or hate him Paul IS good at making people do what he wants. Maybe if Raven goes up people will see that this is as good a time as any to get her out.

I know the odds are stacked against Jess and Cody for either of them to win this game but I really want Jess to stick around for a little bit more so that her and Cody can at least take out a few of Paul’s minions and maybe even Paul.


This season is the worst ever. Friends I know and watch this show, were upset and couldn’t believe the allowable harassment and bullying instigated by Paul.
Why is everyone just want to go to jury house, doesn’t anyone want to win the prize? Or doesn’t anyone realize that Paul is running and deciding who will be in the final, doesn’t anyone else wish to decide, or which one’s will be out, decided by Paul?
Seriously, if Jessica goes home, the game is over and Paul is the winner. I won’t watch the show after this week if Jessica goes home, why watch puppets? I’m not alone in this, at least 11 others I know won’t watch the remainder of the season.
Worst ever.


I’d like to comment about Paul….. but since it’s the Paul show 100% of the time in this worst season ever, I need to ask him and get his blessing before I post something!


Bringing napoleon back 2as worst decision ever. I often wonder how alliances would have worked out if he was never involved. How this game could have been fun


These housepets are the stupidest contestants in the history of the game! They might as well have LOSER stamped on their foreheads!! NO reason to even watch the rest of the season because it is clear as the handwriting on the wall what is going to happen! These ey are are so stupid even with production trying to help them they cannot see the forest for the trees!!! BORING!!! They are each housepets because they are following Paul like a pack of dogs!! There is no way to save this pathetic season!


Bringing one vet back with a bunch of sheep will never create an interesting show. Of course the weak think this vet knows all and should be followed and bowed to. It has spoiled the show having that puny runt in the show … he is gross and constantly works on weaknesses of others. He lies convincingly and has learned from past experience in the show how to manipulate weak people, He has encouraged the worst kind of bullying BB has ever had and as a result viewers have been dropping off. The whole production this season has been weak … they start the HOH competition at the end of the show and never get to watch it – do you think that encourages people to continue watching! Adds to the boring level of the show!! We do not have a champion to cheer on! Worst season ever!!!!