Jordan wants Bruno out before Jury “He needs to go home to his wife and kids”

POV Holder: Bruno Next POV April 10
POV Used NO POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Bruno Next HOH April 15th
Nominations: Johnny and Sarah
Have Nots Brittnee, Pilar, Willow (Pickled Eggs & Chicken Feet)
POV Players Bruno, Sarah, Johnny, Bobby, Brittnee and Kevin
Zach is the POV host

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-12 15-04-25-606

6:01pm Godfrey and Bruno
Playing their ball game.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-12 15-11-09-384

6:04pm Hot tub Bunch talking about being invited for the BB17 finales.
Ashleigh talks about the Calgary stampede. Sounds like they are planning a trip. Willow says she’s going to get drunk the whole day. Ashleigh points out how plastered they get in the beer garden.

Regular random chit chat..

6:21pm Sarah and Bobby

Sarah is securing a vote from Bobby. Bobby points out that Johnny hasn’t even come to talk to him about a vote.
Bobby – Safe to say you have me vote
They think it might be a double eviction this coming week or next week.

Sarah and Jordan
6:24pm Sarah and Jordan
Sarah tells him Zach should start getting closer to Brittnee because she might be drifting away.
Jordan says that can be done. She adds Brittnee is use to being the centre of attention.
Jordan says they only have to worry about Bobby, Godfrey or willow winning the HOH.
Bobby’s going home next week we’re all on the same page. Jordan adds Willow is talking about targeting the couples and Sarah, “She’s playing everybody.. “
Sarah – We have to stay close Par
Jordan agrees tells her they all have seen the show they know showmances go to the end but they have each other.
Jordan – I’m going to win (HOH) it so I can take out Bobby
Sarah asks him who is the pawn for B@ckdooring Bobby if Zach wins HOH
Jordan – “He (Zach) says you”
Sarah – That’s bullshit
Jordan – I know … I know ..
Jordan says she’ll be fine it’ll be mental he’ll win it and his nominations/pawns are Willow and Godfrey.
Jordan explains Bobby goes first followed by Bruno, Godfrey and Willow. “Three weeks will be easy”
Jordan says Zach doesn’t want to nominate Willow because he has her in his back pocket. “He (Zach) has such good relations with everybody and you’re already a target so he could you an excuse I’m doing what the house wants.. In reality he’s going to backdoor Bobby”
Sarah – I won’t let that happen
Jordan – You cannot let him know I told you
They hug and head into the hot tub room.

Sarah and Jordan 2

Bobby and Godfrey
6:32pm Godfrey and Bobby Living room

Godfrey says Sarah has come up to him looking for forming a group, Britt, Bruno, Bobby and Sarah.
Godfrey knows they are stronger than most in that group of 5 for competitions.
Bobby – I don’t trust them to keep that under wraps.. I’m not going to lie to you I like that idea

Bobby doesn’t trust Sarah or Brittnee says this late in the game he thinks Sarah has a deal with somebody.
Bobby – I would like to work with Sarah but we’re running out of people to nominate.. otherwise we have to nominate the tough side of the house.. I’ll have to think about it.. I don’t trust them.
Bobby – here is the ting me you and Bruno need to stick together till the end.
Godfrey – I can’t beat Zach and Kev.. maybe in the competitions but popularity wise.. they have more connections man
Godfrey thinks they should take out the person with connection with everyone in the house and that is Zach.
Bobby is really worried Sarah and Brittnee will say something and blow up their games, “If anything I’ll make a deal with one of them.. Ok Sarah”
Bobby says he’s voting for Johnny to go. He think she’ll go to Sarah and make a small deal with her, “If I talk to her it’ll be tomrorw.. that will build trust.. we’ll see play it by ear”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-12 16-15-34-216

7:13pm Nothing going on for the past hour.. boring conversations in the Hot Tub boring conversation in the kitchen
Godfrey and Ashleigh are working on making dinner.. After a while Zach joins them. They comment on how expensive the steaks they got are.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-12 16-20-58-977

7:19pm Brittnee and Jordan Bedroom
She wants to know who are the pawns next week
Jordan – Godfrey is a given he’s a pawn..
Brittnee – I say Pilar
Jordan – Pilar too.. the other person we can throw up is Willow.. she’s talking Game to everybody.
Jordan thinks Willow will be a easy pawn, “Everybody at this point understands she’s talking game with everything”
Kevin says Bobby told everyone after the Veto Ceremony “Did everyone slese feel super comfortable”
Brittnee – Rule never one never feel comfortable
Jordan – Rule number 1
Sarah comes in..
Jordan adds he told Bobby he said he’s taking out kev. Jordan says once he backdoors Bobby it will be so funny.
Jordan says Godfrey is the best pawn he’ll go to sleep.
Jordan doesn’t want Bruno in the Jury “He needs to go home to his wife and kids” Adds it would suck for him to be in jury for 6 weeks while is family is at home.
Brittnee – I trust Bruno more than I trust Willow
Jordan – Willow you have no clue what she’s doing.. not as big of a threat in comps.
The girls think she is they suspect she’s throwing comps
Jordan says Godfrey’s game is to play the idiot.
Sarah – he’s playing Victoria’s game
Jordan says Bobby, Bruno, willow are the targets then worry about the couples. He asks them if they are worried about teh couples?
Jordan – Right now it’s a asset
He points out they have the purple cobra’s
Brittnee – we have the numbers
Brittnee is frustrated because Ashleigh and Pilar are not playing the game “They’re getting just brought along”
Jordan thinks the only person they need to worry about winning the HOH is Godfrey, doesn’t think bobby or Willow will try.

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Week One there’s a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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I ws getting worried she was buying JP’s bullshit about going after the couples after bobby/willow/bruno are gone. She isn’t? good!

At this point Id rather Johnny win the returnee comp and get back w/ sarah and go with bruno/bobby/godfry.

Newport is getting way too cocky and I cant stand them.


Watching tonight’s episode, Sarah is coming off as a huge whiner. Blaming everyone else for her getting nominated. I really dislike her and wish she was going and Johnny was staying.

another name

I have the feeling sarah should really take the gummybears to Bruno, bobby and godfrey. show them the math completely. if that doesn’t work, take the gummybears to maintenance guy. he’ll join.


I don’t know about anyone else, but I am getting a weird read on Bruno. I am glad he got HOH and saw his family. But now i see him in DR, I am wondering about his strategy. I don’t think he is a particularly brilliant strategist and seems really inflexible as well. I am not saying he should sway with every breeze and lie that comes by (it would be nice, but I understand game) but his reasons are not really great and there doesn’t seem to be much depth in his thinking. For some reason, I expected more. Then again, I could be wrong.


I just watch tonight’s episode and all i can say is that Bruno has a son! Much like Devin has a daughter.


LOLLL, Well, in his defense- the HGs just stated earlier on that the steaks were expensive! 🙂


It would have been exciting to see the veto used and Zach gone, however I don’t want him to have the chance to come right back in. It actually better that johnny go this week and compete to return. Bruno/Brit can still create an alliance in the next couple weeks, as Zach is ready to show his hand to the chop-shop. He is really overconfident and on everyone’s radar now, so I hope he does win HOH. I don’t see him making it to the end. Bobby’s not catching on to what’s going on in the house, and Bruno/God/maybe Willow? we’ll be more open to working with Brit/Sarah/plus the returnee next week, if Bobby is backdoored. I hope it’s not craig!


I really hope Godfrey dosen’t get put up next week. I feel like he’s playing the best game so far.


Wonder where Arisa is getting her stats to be calling Zack “Captain Canada” ? Good grief, I think his ego is self stroked enough already!

another name

I thought Ashleigh was stroking it for him. nightly.
I figure they showed five minutes of airtime focused on the relationship between Zach and a stuffed animal. reason left the building a long time ago in the Zach is a hero marketing campaign.

Alec Tryhard Beal


Someone wake me up when the twists don’t blow up in productions face and this season doesn’t follow the same script as BB16.

As I see it now, you can crown JP or Zach as BB3 champions, and a few more weeks of Pilar, Ashleigh and WIllow floating around only to be clueless cut when no longer needed.

Alec Tryhard Beal

Also, do you remember Peter Brown this season telling Dan Gheesling that BB Canada is the big leagues of the BB franchise?? LOL..what a joke!!

BBUS has a grand prize that is 5 times bigger (even more with the exchange rate), a population pool that is 10 times bigger to select from, and way better production value and a bigger budget! Don’t freaking kid yourself Peter didn’t play in the big leagues!! BB Canada compares to BB US the way the CFL compares to the NFL. Not even in the same league!
I would give anything to give that guy a solid kick to nuts!!


I disagree. Half the US winnings go to taxes, so not that much larger. BBCAN players also get additional prizes. We have HD cameras that CBS can’t afford or be bothered to invest in apparently, free live feeds. BBCAN has an aftershow, whatever you think of it. This franchise is trying to engage viewers, and is way ahead of BBUS. BBCAN is trying new twists. I’m not a huge fan of interference but at least the BBCAN players can’t predict what’s going to happen week after week. Also, I love the cool nominations interface, while the US still uses a lazy susan! No BBUS house ever looked as cool as this steampunk set. I just don’t see how you could be more wrong.

Alec Tryhard Beal

I’m pretty sure the Canadian players would get taxed big time too, even though the rate isn’t as high. Also, remember the US Dollar is over 20% higher than the Canadian dollar. Given the fact that the BBCan tries to engage viewers more and has HD cameras, that isn’t enough to confirm foolish Peter Brown’s comments calling BB Canada “the big leagues”.

You could tell Dan was just biting his lip, hoping for a chance to pop Peter in the face lol. Dan was a legendary Super Bowl winner, where Peter Brown was simply a Grey Cup contender…but not even really.

Here is Peter’s delusional comment at 25:05:


the prize money doesn’t get taxed in Canada it’s considered “windfall” and you’d only get taxed for the “interest” it would gain in the bank, so when someone in Canada wins the lottery the get ALL the money.

you’re taking Peter to seriously… come on now he still thinks he played a good game, and for that i don’t take anything he said with a grain of salt, and Dan probably doesn’t either, and Peter has said himself that his “role” is to be the loud mouth to Gary’s nice guy on the side show

Cousin Tumbleweed

I agree, this Nobody Who Thinks He’s Somebody could maybe boost ratings if him and his girl Gary held hands and jumped off a building together?


Sometimes I really wonder where Sarah’s head is at. She knows about JP/Zach, so it makes no sense for her to tell JP that Britt is “drifting away” since the perception is that she is closely associated with Britt….Sarah is painting a target on Brittnee, which is essentially painting a target on herself.


Ikr…I was so shocked and kept thinking what is your end game??

another name

I thought sarah and britt already talked about what’s what… did I imagine that?
they’ve got to keep the guys thinking they are completely weak and dependant on them. get as much info as they can. that’s why they didn’t go to Bruno before veto.
man… don’t tell me i’m imagining entire conversations.


I’m starting to love Sarah even more! She’s smart, perspective, a good liar (Jordan suspects nothing), and has learned an important rule in the BB House: to make it to the end you must be willing to work with whoever will take you there and be sure to cut who could beat you in the final 2. She’s open to working with both sides of the house so long as it furthers her in the game. She could easily beat Godfrey in the end (the house mostly thinks he’s stupid except Jordan), Bobby/Willow/Ash/Pilar (they’re all useless and clueless).

She’d have to be rid of Zach, Jordan, and Kevin and she would be good.

I think she could beat Britt to. Maybe close, but I think she’d still win.

Side note: Does anyone else feel like there is a lot of Floater strategy being used this season?

And yes there is a huge difference between Floaters and Coasters. Floaters are playing the game, Coaster are doing nothing and hoping to get dragged along. Kind of like Coattail riders. *coughs* Ash! *coughs* Pilar!