Jordan thinks Rachel is getting “better”, Kalia: “Umm you think.. I guess if we’re talking zero to one Vs. zero to ten”

9:40pm Metal Room Kalia and Shelly Kalia starts talking about the conversation they had with JR a hour ago. Kalia goes over the reasons JR gave them for not talking to Porsche before nominations. Kalia says Jordan gave her honest reason but Rachel gave them a load of bull shit how Rachel was honest the entire game. Shelly: “BULLSHIT!” Kalia mentions how Rachel was telling her she’s finished with the cattiness in the house. Kalia finds this amusing because all the cattiness comes from Rachel

Porsche joins them..

Shelly says that Jordan is going around sayign she was stabbed in the back but all we did was make a move in the game. Porsche brings up that JR were saying how they didn’t want it to get awkward in the house. Porsche thinks this is complete bullshit because yesterday when Porsche won her HOH JR were crying when she got her room. Porsche continues that Jordan blamed it on Shelly being happy and giving Porsche encouragement. Shelly: “HUH” kalia says Jordan is basically saying that Shelly was on Jordan side than 5 minutes after she was on Porsche side.

Shelly says everyone knows she had left jeff and Jordan well before the 2nd HOH comp on Thursday.

Shelly brings up a funny thing she heard when walking in after a smoke. She heard Jordan calling rachel a liar and Rachel denying it then asking jordan if Jeff thinks that to.

kalia brings up a conversation she had with Jordan where she tried to explain to her that because of Rachel being attached to her it’s making Jordan a big target. Jordan had told Kalia that rachel was getting much better. Kalia: “Umm you think.. I dunno I guess we’re talking zero to one Vs. zero to ten”

Shelly gets up to leave.. POrsche reads Kalia’s Head Of Household letter in a silly voice wearing her HOH crown. 1

11:00pm Poker if there’s no updates it’s because of poker.

11:54pm Poker yo

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187 thoughts on “Jordan thinks Rachel is getting “better”, Kalia: “Umm you think.. I guess if we’re talking zero to one Vs. zero to ten”

    1. I dont remember Jordan calling Rachel a liar at all. Shelly seems to be the one spreading all the lies and when she gets caught she plays the victim.

      1. Shelly is a liar, Jordan never calls Rachel a liar. Kalia stated that all the issues come from Rachel but it actually they are the onedoing a lot bashing towards Rachel. Shelly is the snake in that house and starting all the rumors which is far from the truth. She is not playing a fair game, yes part of the strategy in this game is to lie, however, must keep it towards the game and not personal. They have been bashing Rachel and everyone who has been watching this game know who the real snake is. I just hope BB does not let this go on as it is not fair to Rachel. I have been watching BB since this show went up on the air and Shelly’s tactic seems to be going beyond playing fair. She needs to go.

        1. Well said, I hope they bring this up at the end or whenever Rachel goes.. Its pathetic of how all these people talk shit about Rachel that they do themselves to an nth degree. I mean, I am sorry but Shelly, Kalia, Dani were way meaner and more personal the Rachel was.

        1. If by skyrocketing you mean falling faster than a shit turd towards toilet water, then you sir would be exactly right.

        1. rachel in my opinion is the best game player there, shes constantly practicing and studying..jordan is dead weight, all she did all season was sleep or soak her feet in the hot tub,,team rachel all the way !!!!

            1. Well said, Rachel is not an angel but she is a great player. Of all that are left, she does work the hardest…

        2. LMAO!! Yes, and the child Rachel claims she may be pregnant with, was conceived (like Jesus) by the power of the Holy Spirit! WTF!!

      1. Agree most of Dani/Kalia/Porshe/Shelly Especially KALIA AND DANI are about rachel…
        Get the f*ck over it.
        It’s getting old.
        It’s kind of like, why do you care so much? Either your just catty, or your envious. Both are negative.

        Rachel talking shit behind there back is to a way smaller degree, and only when shes on the block! sooo who wouldn’t!? In power, they still talk about Rachel..

        1. wait what catty doesn’t mean dumb…just saying all the girls are mean. i’m sure they are nice outside of the game. look at dani and jen they hated each other in their season but outside they became friends.

          1. Nice how? Until you have a boyfriend/husband they want, and tried to murder your baby? They are only showing their true colors when money is at stake! Don’t u remember Porsche has been “the best friend” of Rachel in BB until she got out of luck with HoH? Can anyone would treat sb trying to murder your baby just becasue u r fighting for the same job with her? If so, good luck!

      1. It’s like they are all stuck in junior high mode! Obviously all insecure girls. If they had confidence in themselves, there would be no need for any of this crap. I still honestly don’t know why anyone in the house takes anything Shelly says as worthwhile. They all know she is a huge liar, but it’s like they just shrug their shoulders and ignore it. But when she throws a new one their way, they consider it the truth!!

    1. I love that Jordan and Rachel (veteran gamers) need special powers to take down Porsche and Kalia. How about win a comp you losers.

        1. Simon so if Jordan and Rachel win the veto Sheldon and Adam have to go up or is the bad part of the pandora’s box mean that the pov is played in duo’s and that the HOH is not safe? Cause it seams weird that the Hut would be safe from the block just because she is Porchas partner or is the Hut just safe cause she is in Porchas alliance? Hope that made sense.

    1. Only 3 people will vote so Shelly needs 2 votes to be evicted. I can’t imagine Jordan and Rachel voting for Shelly to stay.

  1. This past week was a production nightmare. A very exciting action-packed episode but now with Dani and Jeff gone this season has gone down the drain. weather it’s team dani, team jeff, team floaters or team dawggg, I think we can all agree that this season has taken an unfortunate turn for the worse. Production is trying to save RACHEL… come on, Rachel of all people… You know this seasons pathetic when that’s happening.

      1. I totally agree! Dani gone, then Kalia wins, then Porsche gets the veto, and Jeff gone! Awesome! Payback happened fast! Now since Jordan and Rachel were so upset with their men leaving, send them to the jury house with their men!

    1. I agree. I was never Team Dani or Team JJ however I wish Dani and Jeff were still in the game. It does make it a lot more interesting. I am bored with BB now. I will still watch but it is like watching paint dry. Would love to see a season where Dani and Jeff come back and have to work as a pair because they are made to.

  2. I’m sorry Porsche is so obsessed with her HOH key!! I know almost all of the house guests when they become HOH they kinda get big heads, but no one that I know of wear it like a crown. Also, Porsche commented to Shelly last night…Has anyone else ever one veto and hoh in one day?? NO Porsche you are an amazing, one of a kind, BB player and only you have EVER accomplished this feat! OMW!!

      1. I’ve never seen any1 else wear the HOH key as a crown. Creativity at it’s finest, in my opinion! If you were to tell me that you wouldn’t be flashing your HOH key like a brand new engagement ring, you would be lying.

          1. People need to seriously get some perspective. They’ve been trapped in this house for months now with very little to do. Confinement and boredom are going to make you do all sorts of strange things just because there’s nothing else to do. Are we really ragging on porsche for wearing the key as a crown? Really? I find it amusing how so many people feel they’re superior to the HG’s when their petty little comments and name calling show the exact opposite.

      2. She was saying how much Rachel checks herself out in the mirror all the time. Hell Proch can’t pass a mirror without looking and commmite about good she looks. that jello but makes me want to throw-up!

  3. Shelly is being evicted this week. She will.

    Shelly should know what comes around goes around.
    Shelly will be evicted this week!

    Yes, at last, the lying old lady is out, who I must say, is the WORST role model for her child will be evicted!!

    Jordan will win Big Brother again. I know Jordan will.

    Team Jordan (:

    1. I hope………I have gotten so tired of her crying, talking about others lying, while she was the biggest liar in the house……….while she never won anything…………Please let Jordan and Rachel win POV and send the She-Male home

      1. i agree. For about a half second, earlier in the game…..I was liking shelly. The thing I find disturbing about shelly is that she doesn’t even come clean in her DR sessions. She believes her own lies. She refuses to take responsibility for her actions. That is why she is crying so much…….guilt gets you. YOU CAN’T HIDE FROM YOURSELF SHELLY!!!

    2. Great post!! I’m SO SICK of J/J being “America’s Sweethearts”, when they’re anything but! They’re both liars, sore losers, bullies, backstabbers, pathetic and hypocrites!! I don’t believe they’re dating either, I think that’s all for show. Jordan is the most selfish b*tch around. She’s won already, why should she win AGAIN when she’s done NOTHING this season except whine, cry and stuff her fat face??? Get rid of the losers and witches Jordan and Rachel!! GO PSK!!!

      1. jordan isnt going to win and honestly her having one blow up after jeff was evicted and shelly stabbed her in the back is not the “real” jordan. honestly i think its refreshing to see her get angry. being nice and sweet all the time seems fake. everyone gets emotional from time to time

      2. Jordan had every reason in the world to be upset. She trusted Shelly hook, line and sinker. In one breath Shelly said she was not there to win, she was with Jeff and Jordan till the end, and then votes Jeff out, for her family.
        Earlier she said her money from BB goes to her company, she did not need it. So she is lying, just do not know what the truth is.
        When Shelly gets home Josie should make her write her “I will not lie” sentences about 1 million times.

        1. And of course JJ planned on taking Shelly to the end right? Of course they didn’t. Bitching and moaning that someone you planned to backstab beat you to the punch is not righteous, it’s hypocritical.

      3. Ok…it’s official….anyone who worked LAST YEAR and got PAID…should work THIS YEAR and NOT GET PAID!!! This is a summer job and they ALL get paid to be there so why do some people think Jordan should be excluded??? Kalia won a trip and is taking money instead… Porshe won 5000. Yesterday…dani won 50000 her season (so why was she here)….. And the list goes on!!! So stop beating a dead horse…they ALL get paid!

        1. Maybe a peck because they have been together for awhile. Everyone knows a new relationship is has more passion than those that have been together for awhile. Passion comes and goes when you’ve been together for awhile.

    3. i agree… American now sees what a witch Jordan is… i swear she’s about as worse as Rachel.. but again, Jeff has verbally abused Jordan for years, i too would be a witch if i were abused

      1. Wow you guys are calling Jordan a witch?!?! Jordan may be slightly dumb, but she has been way nicer then RPKS. Yeah she had a blow up, but she is only human. If anyone is a witch it is Shelly!!!

      2. Jeff and Jordan have only been together for 2 years, not “years”. What about Kalia and Porsche, they are pretty foul mouthed when talking about other people.Porsche thinks she is going to be a big TV star after BB. Kalia wants to be a Broadway star. How are these girls going to make it big after the way they talk about people behind their back.
        After the talk with Jordan and Rachel, Kalia went straight to Lying Shelly and told her everything. So 5th grade.

      3. It appears to me that Shelly started things with Jordan. I love how people twist things around. Shelly lied and got to close to Jordan. Jordan seems upset because Shelly hurt her. I am not getting how that makes her a bad person.

      1. This is my First season of watching BB! when it started my GF was so excited when JJ returned to the BB house. She was going on and on how great and nice and sweet they were. After 4 weeks I was like WTF these two are complete morons, bullies and just over all douche-bags. The interview questions Shelly gave Jordan, really?? One can not really be that stupid! (for the record my GF can not stand JJ now)

        I don’t know how they were their season, but it must have been a total turn-around.

        1. awww poor you and your gf, would love how people perceived you and gf if you were stuck with cameras 24 / 7… I am not too thrilled with the way people are here too, however, will also give them a little benefit of the doubt. stuck in a house 24/7 cameras , same people. i’d be a little testy too..

          some are worse then others and on a scale i’d say that dkps have been considerably worse then jjar yes even rachael is nicer .. she’s a nut job, but does not go around attacking people on a personal level the way those frigging “high shcool” girls do. As an lady over 40 its really upsetting to see how little class shelly really is conducting herself with. I would have been just as upset as Jordan was, if someone I had perceived as a friend stuck a knife in my back the way shelly did. you all can justify shelly’s actions all you want but the plain truth is this. Jordan thought of Shelly as a real friend and Shelly knew it. She was asked point blank by Jordan if she was lying to her and Shelly lied and said “no”. So, hmmmm , you and your gf on and judge judge judge…. nice up there on your high horse huh?

          1. You have got to be kidding me. This GAME is about deception. In a game of deception, you have to bend the truth a little. You heard yourself that JJ OPENLY talked about taking Rachel to the final 3 because they knew that no one would vote for her to win the money, thereby guaranteeing themselves $50,000. I don’t understand how you guys get so upset with Shelly making the move that she did, that would have gotten her further in the game if not for the pandora’s box issue. So don’t talk about people being on their high horses when you are doing the same…..Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!!

    4. Hahahah, SHELLY makes big game move. Hahahah, yes she got Lawon out and saved Rachel. That’s all she’s done. I don’t mind the vote to evict Jeff, but she jumped on Dani’s SINKING SHIP for no reason and lost 5 jury votes (JJRBA)….she’s so DUMB. Adam has out played her BIG TIME (and I hate him).

    5. Has it been considered that Jeff didn’t get as much applause because the crowd wasn’t happy to see him evicted. If my favorite player was evicted – especially as sudden as that was – I wouldn’t be applauding loudly. I think the crowd was just kind of stunned.

    6. The core of Jordan is sweet, you can tell. What came out this week, was hurt. She had a lot to be sad about this week. It’s an emotional game. But, nice job using the prefix pseudo.

  4. It seems like all Shelly does is lurk around listening to conversations, there are only a few people in that house left and yet she is still lurking around listening in on Jordan and Rachel.

  5. The more this goes on the more i truly dislike Shelly. She truly is heartless and I hope her family and friends are ashamed of this women.

    1. Sorry but just have to do this…… aren’t the only person who spells 1 female as “women”…..there have been many others on here who have done the same………so for the record, it’s………..”women” are many females so the correct spelling is……. ‘woman”, meaning one…….you are welcome lol

    2. I agree. She is just awful. I can’t believe how she flipped after Jordan gave her the phone call from home. I know it is just a game, but she HAS to feel bad about that, if she doesn’t, then she is the Monster she looks like.

  6. Ive never seen such cattiness in all my life than ive seen from porsche..kalia..danny and shelly..reminds me of the movie mean girls..I actually feel bad for rachel and how they all treated her..I hope rachel wins.

    1. Anyone see a pattern? Everyone hated Rachel last season, they hate her this season.

      You guys ever wonder it is someone Rachel does to provoke everyone?

      1. I love when people use their brain. Clearly Rachel is doing something to make them dislike her, and its not because of her “beauty”…

      2. catch up Whatutalkinaboutwillis they don’t hate rachael anymore.. it’s shelly, kalia and porsche who are now the hated ones

        more and more people are hoping rachael wins this game!

        never much liked rachael before but i do now! so go go rachael!

          1. This group is very close to Britt. Atleast Britt did not try intentionally to make someone sick like Porsche did with the Benefiber and Muscle Milk. She was very upset that Jordan did not drink it. I think Porsche was jealous of Jordan from the very beginning.

  7. shelly is such a lier cause I remember her saying that she didn’t care about winning that she was only there to help the young people win and now she is making deal and moves to have a better chance of winning…. Such big lier

    1. they are seriously sad fanboys (and fangirls i guess)… pathetic people who can’t separate entertainment from reality.

      1. wow!! wtih that much power maybe they could end world hunger too or cure cancer (oops brendans doing that) or fix the ozone layer!!!

        FFS Name do you even watch the show, JJ ruined it lmao … that’s almost as silly as some of shelly’s lies or adam winning hoh or porsche stopping eating.. lol

  8. No cowlia and por, the cattiness comes from u guys(KP), u guys r the most catty girls ever worser than the nerd herd, they are nothing but haters, stop bashing rachel and find something interesting to talk about, rachel couldn’t give two shits about u two but apparently ur world in that house revolves around her and that is sad…i really want jordan and rahcel to win the POV, i am praying for that. team R/J yo!! pls pls i really want them to win that pov so i don’t have to see these bitches(KPSA) gloating, R/J u guys have to win…pls don’t let me down!!!

      1. hey asswhole i never said she gave two shit about me, i am a fan i have the right to cheer for her, who ever u r cheering for doesn’t give two shit about u too, it a game loser so get over it..

    1. No Love it’s an observant thing… sadly some ot the women in the house of been extremely catty. Hate that, have known people who are like that.. feel the only way to make themselves feel better is to put someone else down as opposed to actually trying to pull yourself up!!

      so ya sadly there have been catty females in this house !

  9. Lmao I wonder what happens in the jury house when Dani sees Jeff aaakwaaarddddd defintelly not a shooockkkkeeer therefore they should hookup and brendon can join while JR sob over their pathetic men team PKS all the way Dani u left ur imprints on my PKS Angels hell is!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shelley has done the biggest game move so she deserves to win next to PK why dont do celeb BB for a charity or something and have pink britney and keshia in the house now thats mad house

    1. I swear some of Jeff’s anger came from not getting any. He sure wasn’t getting any from his fake girlfriend. They are just good friends now.

      There is no question he gets plenty of women in LA and was going through withdrawl.

      1. wow you think with your powers you’d pick the winning lottery numbers or something. Able to read the minds of people and know for sure what their true intentions are and able to discern what is “real” and “not real”

        Jeff and Jordan never stood a chance! amazing, fantastic! you should really being be out there doing some good with those power!!! wow!!!

  10. Shelly should feel bad she turned her back on the two people that kept her in this game….Jordan has every right to be pissed at Shelly and should tell Shelly that she hopes that Josie watched this week so she can she what kind of women she shouldn’t grow up to be

    1. Oh please, I’m so SICK of the pathetic J/J/R fans complaining about Shelly! She’s playing the game, that’s what you do!! You’re supposed to lie, everyone does, it’s NOT REAL LIFE!! J/J/B/R lied all the time, or did you forget that??? J/J are the backstabbing liars, face it, Shelly made a big move, good for her!

      Get the lying b*tchy, witches Jordan/Rachel OUT!!!

      1. What do you mean J&J lie all the time… you mean when they lied to Dani because Dani attacked first? Oh I see, you’re a Dani Fan? it’s alright I understand your pain, you are forgiven.

        JR FTW! :-)

        1. Did you forget the lie Jeff told Rachel about not throwing the competition to Adam? They all lie, its the game people – props to Shelly for having the guts to make the move now.

  11. Wow so I hear CBS is throwing in a duo pov competition. Gee I wonder if Jordumb and Branchele are going to win. Of course they will because its good for the ratings. Would that mean another double eviction or another duo just go up? Adam and Shelly would go up then and Shelly would probably go home since it would only take 2 votes to send her home.

    1. Seriously, still going with the Jordumb. It feels so last year and people feel the need to say it again and again and again, it’s not funny anymore.

    2. I hope that’s the way it works out. I can’t stand Shelly another minute! I hate her ugly voice and face. Tell Rachel where her dog is and get out you loser.

    3. It would make me sick if BB produces a competition geared for RJ to win. I feel the duo concept was initiated soley to keep them in the game and is terribly unfair. If the newbies are voted out as a result, I certainly won’t watch again I’ve never watched a full season before but never considered that it was fixed until now. Hope I’m wrong.

  12. You can bet there never would’ve been a “twist” if JorDUMB or Rachel had won! J/R could still lose the POV, everyone’s acting like they’ve won it already.

  13. Shelly is soo annoying. All she does is act like the victim and talk shit on jordan when 48 hours ago she thought she was like a godess or something. I wish i was there just to tell Shelly to shut the f*ck up!

  14. Shelley Shelley your going to jury with your head high and you played a great game and you will not have any regretts yey right you loser, you can sit in the jury and think how your going to explain your actions to your co-workers and your friends, never mind your family it was all done for your daughter yeh right loser. You should of stay with your team and not flip and put JR through such a rough time they are fragile and you hurt them you loser, oh yey I heard some kid in school hind your daughters lunch the other day, the teacher said it was okay because the kids were playing a game. Your daughter has not stop crying , but thats okay also because she will get over it. So you loser see ya what goes around comes around, and Jordan will win the 500k and Jeff will get the 25,000 and they will go on a nice trip and split the money, and you will be in China somewhere saying “what the hell happen, you can hang out with Dani and Porsche and watch them ruin PT life anyway iits very early I got out of bed to see if jr had won and your on the block, going back to bed. See ys lose

  15. Dani is probably the smartest girl ever on Big Brother, I swear, Jordan probably doesn’t understand 90% what Dani is saying all summer. She is that dumb. Dani deserved to win this because she is the ultimate BB player. I hope she gets another shot.

  16. Shelley needs to go!!! For all you Rachel haters she doesn’t talk bad about someone unless she knows she’s being attack! KPS talk so much shit and lies they are obsessed talking about Rachel! They are worse than her! I do hope J/R when the Veto Comp. Then Shelley goes home! Then Rachel when’s the next HoH and gets Porsche out for her head being to big this week, it’s driving me crazy!!! She thinks she’s hot shit but she only has 3 outfits! That will get this game going again!!! Let’s go Rachel!!!!

  17. OHMYGOD shelly just really needs to STFU like seriously just SHUT THE F UP!!! she got on my nerves before but ever since both dani and jeff left in one night i can’t stand her on this show any more… why is she always feeling sorry for herself and complaining about how jordan hates her now… WHAT DID YOU F-ING EXPECT TO HAPPEN AFTER YOU SWEAR TO STAY LOYAL AND THEN BETRAY YOUR ALLIANCE?? so you went back on your word to get ahead, now accept the consequences!

    i know that this is big brother and sometimes people have to lie and backstab to get ahead and THAT’S FINE but after you do it you have to accept the freaking consequences that uhhh i dunno maybe the people you stab in the back are going to hate you afterward!!! duh!! for the love of god stop feeling sorry for yourself when you made a choice and you knew EXACTLY what the reaction of your choice was going to be and you made it anyway… so what if jordan hates your stinkin’ lying guts… you would’ve hated her guts too had jeff made a deal with DKP to make you the target to leave when he was HOH!! but he didn’t do that! shelly needs to stop crying and complaining about how awful jordan is treating her, did she honestly expect that jordan would still adore her after she decided to betray them?? really? ok you made a game move to go to the other side of the house… but what did you freaking expect to happen with jordan afterward??

    i really want jordan and rachel to win this POV just so that they can send shelly packing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you could of not said it better myself. I am so sick of shelly and her crying give me a freaking break really shelly did you not expect jordon to be just a little upset for what you did?? do you really think you could actually win BB I think not you made your bed now you have to lay in it get over yourself you started this long time ago playing both sides and I do know everyone does that just to get ahead but you went to far and what really pisses you off shelly is that you got caught Ihope and pray that team Jordon and Rachel kick some but at the POV and win HOH and get rid of the other two girls in the hosue and thats putting it nicely GO TEAM JR


    Fighters to the grind! Sleepers go home! (WTF is up with all these sleepers who have done NOTHING in the top 6.) If anyone has any respect for the game you’ll be TEAM RACHEL.

  19. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the vet/newbie twist from the beginning. The only vet I have hated to see walk out that door is Dani! Now that she’s gone I actually am happy to see the remaining vets leave. I don’t like the idea of Production catering to the Vets to give the people who had the only advantage going in EVEN MORE ADVANTAGES by allowing 1 to return & now suddenly giving a duo POV. I’d rather see Cassie & Dom in the house than Rachel & Jordan but I’m over it. This game is ridiculously rigged & the Production & Casting crews had better step up their skills.

  20. If Rachel & Jordan are smart, they will meet with K/P & convince them that Shelly is still trying to play on their side. Yes, it would be a blatant lie, but hell, all Shelly has done is stir the pot & lie the entire time. That way, K/P will question Shelly’s loyalty because everyone in the house has some doubt with her. EVERY person knows she’s played both sides, therefore it wouldn’t be unbelievable. To think I was a big Shelly fan a few weeks ago!! I actually felt sorry for her. Why would she tell them that Jordan called Rachel a liar?? I will never watch another episode of BB if Shelly or Adam win this year. Are you freaking kidding me?? I know “floating” is a legitimate strategy AT TIMES, but these two take it to another level. Would love to see J/R get that POV & Shelly’s ass walk out that door!!!!!!!!!!! AND—– why in the hell does Shelly keep saying “wait til you watch the tapes back!!” Referring to how “honest” she has been in this game. Obviously when everyone watches the season back they will she what a snake she actually was! I believe she is so delusional she actually believes that she hasn’t lied about sh!t during this game……………. I want ANYONE in this house to win this game OTHER than Shelly or Adam!

  21. Just an observation, to lie and be convincing is not something you just start to do because you are in a game. Some people just can not lie but others who have practiced at it for years and do it without stumbling is a tool you have honed over the years. Remember Ronnie, a couple of seasons ago who tried to do the same thing as Shelly was/is doing now. Shelly has lots of practice making it almost flawless slipping every once in awhile but able to cover her butt quickly. Makes me wonder what type of work she actually does in the real world because she has lying down to an art. Shelly’s new job after the show, giving seminars on “How to lie and be good at it” LOL

  22. OK!! I just spent like a half an hour reading the comments on this page. I totally get what some of you are saying about it being a game and Shelly just made a move but come on! She spent the entire show praising and worshiping the ground jeff and jordan walked on promising to never betray them and then when it got down to the nitty gritty she did. If she wanted to make a move then she should have had the guts to at least go to them and talk to them about it not totally blind side them like she did. And in the beginning I was rooting for her and hoping she would win. AFter watching this entire season, including bb after dark, I have seen the worst side of her. She is the one who has done all of the lying to everyone, playing both sides, NEVER winning a single competition, and riding on the backs of both sides of the house. I haven’t seen anyone on this show as nasty and mean as her since Dr. Will!!!! I hope J/R does win the veto and sends her packing. She turned her back on J/J so she wouldn’t walk out with nothing and I hope she does walk out with nothing cause that is exactly what she deserves.
    And just to make a point, alot of ppl are saying you cant win this game without lying. Well survivor is played in the same manner making alliances and voting ppl out to a jury. And Ethan from Survivor Africa proved that it is possible to play a reality show like this being honest and not losing your integrity. Maybe Shelly should’ve watched that show so she wouldnt be setting such a poor example for her daughter.

  23. Imagine what it would be like sending Jordan in to play BB without a partner. I suspect the POV to be set up to give Jordan the advantage because production wants to keep certain players in the house. I would like to see the newbies battle it out. With the vets gone I think it could be the best part of this season once they really start to play, Jeff, Rachel and Brendon were just too in their face for them to come out before. May have been boring as hell to watch but they were smart not to make themselves targets while the power players were still in the house.

  24. Im not sure i’m going bother watching anymore episodes — almost all the people who should win are gone — and for Shelly — how’s it going to feel to watch your 8 year daughter (once you’re outta there) say on TV “my mother should stop lying” — great role model mom.

  25. Hey Shelly…did you lie ,cheat,backstab your way to the top of your company too. Something tells me we all know the answer to that question

  26. Always interesting to me that when men make a “big move” through lying, manipulation and/or intimidation, it’s game play. (Jeff’s angerly declaring after getting kicked out “I’m a man!” says it all.) When women get angry or get back at someone, they’re bitches. This season has me conflicted and disgusted over all the crying. (Brandon is a wuss.) It’s a game. Get over it. The only similarity to real life is that you never know who you can trust.

    The sense of entitlement these people have is disgusting. Just because production fixed the game and allowed couples into the house against folks who did not have a partner they knew well, did not give Jeff and Jordan or Rachel and Brendon the right to demand that the rest of the household could/should not break them up. It should have been the first move the newbies made. I respected Daniele a lot this season for going it alone and getting as far as she got with a huge target on her back and little help from her alliance members. (Kalia’s HOH reign was a disaster in indecision.) Nobody owes these people anything. As in life, you might get lucky and be the last one standing. Skill is not always involved as evidenced by Adam still being in the house. (Jordan is still there because she rode Jeff’s coattails.) In the end, in a jury of these remaining individuals, it means Adam is the only one that could get the votes to win as he did not cry, intimidate, manipulate, win anything, accuse, scream or point fingers. But then, neither did he play the game. The big heavy metal dude cowers in the shadows. Could be a life lesson: Don’t feed into the BS because you come up smelling like a rose for doing next to nothing….with a lot less stress.

  27. It’s amazing how much more popular Rachel has gotten, thanks to Shelly. That is so ironic.
    I always found Rachel interesting to watch, but that laugh of hers kind of drove me nuts
    But she seems the most real on the show this week than she has ever been. Shelly is on top
    of the heap right now but her character just keeps crumbling whereas Rachel is on the bottom
    of the heap and has grown stronger.

    I seriously think Shelly may lose her job over this. At the very least they should force her to
    go see a shrink. She has serious issues. I feel so sorry for her adorable daughter. Josie is the
    only real thing she has in her life (house husband, seriously?) and she has jeopardized her
    daughter’s moral development with her antics.


  28. Jeff didn’t get applause because people are sick of him and his stupid prejudice mouth. Only psycho lactating women want him anymore.

  29. Can’t wait until Shelly is gone. She is horrible. I hope Jordan wins…She and Jeff are still Americas favorites!

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