Big Brother Spoilers: Kalia says Rachel is the zombie that won’t die.. the wicked witch that won’t die that we keep splashing water on and won’t die ..what the elf?!

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12:05am Adam, Kalia, and Rachel finish up their poker game. Adam gets called to the diary room. Jordan and Rachel joke about using their funny voices if they get evicted. Jordan and Rachel wonder what the POV competition will be like. Jordan heads to the washroom and then goes to get in bed. Shelly is laying in bed counting using her fingers, she is counting and studying the events of the house.

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12:30am Porsche and Kalia are talking up in the HOH room. Adam joins them up in the HOH room. They are trying to think about past seasons of Big Brother that had double or duo POV competitions. Adam wonders if it will be a puzzle competition … or that it will be a physical competition. Porsche says that they aren’t going to bring back the duo twist and not have us work as duo’s. They wonder if it will be a competition where they work together or if it will be like a relay competition. Porsche says they haven’t done a hide the veto.. Kalia says they don’t do that every season. They wonder if it could be an obstacle course where they are ties together. Kalia complains about how the last one did not go well for her the hurt person. Porsche says that as duo’s we will have to agree to use the veto… and wonders if it would have been better to have one of them up on the block. Adam explains that it isn’t up to both the duo players to use the veto… whoever wins it can decide to use it or not.

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They discuss how Rachel and Jordan won’t do well because Rachel is the stronger of the two and Jordan isn’t good at puzzles. Adam thinks it is better for us that it is a duo competition. Porsche says Rachel is the zombie that won’t die. Kalia says that she is the zombie that won’t die … the wicked witch that won’t die that we keep splashing water on and won’t die …what the elf?! Porsche says yeah we keep dropping houses on her and she won’t die. Kalia says one more. They continue to talk about what the competition will be like …Adam wonders if it will be another prize / punishment competition. Adam knows that he’s ass is on the line because he is a bigger threat than Shelly. Adam says that whoever wins the POV controls the vote.

Adam wonders if they should vote two to one …so that they don’t know which one voted for the other. They talk about how there may be another pandora’s box … Porsche justifies why she opened it … Adam says stop you don’t need to …we now just need to earn it. Kalia keeps thinking it will be the type of veto where you can’t watch the other do it. Adam says that he feels bad about putting Jordan in the unitard. Kalia says that it is not your fault ..Jeff could have taken it like how Brendon used the veto on Rachel …but Jeff would never do that. Kalia talks about how Rachel was saying they better be nice because we decide the jury votes. Adam says that is the best part that a vet has to hand the money to a newbie. Kalia says that we just need to keep busting …busting ..busting ass! Kalia and Adam head downstairs.

2am – 2:20am Shelly comes up to the HOH room to talk to Porshce and says that she has been in the diary room for two hours or a long time.. Porsche tells Shelly about all the things they came up with about what the veto is going to be like. Porsche mentions that Kalia brought up that there are duo bicycles and maybe it could be something like that.. Shelly says that she is ready for anything ..but that Adam has never rode a bike but that they will do their best. Shelly says that she hopes its a word thing because Rachel has dyslexia and isn’t good at words. Porsche says throw something in their eyes .. Jordan couldn’t see with the soap in her eyes …and Rachel threw up with the stuff in her face. Porsche tells Shelly that Adam is the bigger target. Shelly doesn’t think so …she thinks both Jordan and Rachel can’t stand her and want her out. Porsche explains that Rachel already dealt out money in the poker game and that she didn’t know you weren’t playing. Shelly says that was nice. Shelly says that she is not going to get into it again with Rachel …. and that Rachel has nothing to do with the fight between Jordan and I. Porsche says that it is going to be hysterical watching Rachel and Jordan playing each other. Shelly says that she is really worried having Adam as her partner. Shelly says that even if she goes to the jury house she is okay because she gets to decide the winner of the game …and I can be influential. Shelly heads downstairs …to go to bed …says enjoy your bed ..we will rock tomorrow. Shelly goes and climbs into bed… All the houseguests are now in bed going to sleep….

6:10am All the houseguests are still sleeping..

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230 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers: Kalia says Rachel is the zombie that won’t die.. the wicked witch that won’t die that we keep splashing water on and won’t die ..what the elf?!

      1. Me too. Does Shelly really believe she’s going to be able to influence the jury votes, when Jeff, Brendan, and even Dani knows she is a liar and don’t trust her. Why would they take her word for anything especially when they get to watch DVD’s of portion of the game and compare notes with each other before Shelly gets to jury. Watch a duche bag. She is the most evil, worst floater there is to ever play the game, and I can’t wait and hope Julie confronts her at the end of the season and prove Shelly was the one lying and not Rachel. It will be PRICELESS to see the looks on Dani, Porsche, and Kalia’s face when they find out it was Shelly all along.

        1. Ok really Jeff was there he knows you betrayed him and by the time she gets there he would have told brendon, as for dani she didn’t trust shelly either her last words to kalia were don’t trust her she will turn on you as soon as she can. If she thinks that RJ are bad wait till BJ hear about it and does she really think BJ will turn agains RJ. I find it funny that porche thinks they won’t get rid of shelly their is no way they won’t take her out.

        2. I have to say though this twist was designed to keep RJ in the game because no body will watch if they go also Pandor’s box has been on a few bb and it has never effected the game. Usually it means something uncofortable for the house if the hoh gets something good the house gets something bad but it is obvious that they are trying to keep RJ in the game lets hope it works.

        3. This is Big Brother…EVERYONE lies…Remember Dr. Will…a world class liar?…the object of the game is to get to the end by any means possible w/o breaking BB rules (which are pretty soft)…Not sure who I want to win yet…probably a newbie…really didn’t like the vets vs newbies in the 1st place…it is pretty clear that Jordon only did the show for Jeff…and may win by default since the Jury is full of vets…but w/ stay tuned …this year is better than last year by far tho…

          1. yes but Will always stated he was lying…he never defended his ‘straight shooting’ like the shelmeister…she really needs to stop smoking…she looks like an old leather shoe & sounds like a 90 yr old man. Again, hopes she will be happy about writing her sentences when she goes home WITHOUT a dime.

              1. Surplus lies are designed to make people hate eachother, look how much shit everyone talks this season who has been influenced by shelly!!

            1. Absolutely! If she tell her little girl in DR and the viewers that she was lying, because she didn’t win the HoH, I’d have more respect for her. If she said she just doesn’t want anyone know what was she thinking & especially told her girl don’t learn the lies which were just game play, I ‘d buy it!

            2. Other than plotting tricks Vs their rival and trashing Rachel, there seems basically nothing coming out from PK’s sick mind. Hopefully, PK can use that $5K to do detox & colon cleansing!

    1. AMEN to that that is what i am hoping for if this does go this way can you imagine jeff’s face when shelly walks through the door PRICELESS lol

    2. Shelly and Adam were playing the best game until they were unraveled. When you come into a house with 3 pairs of vets who trust each other and 8 individual newbies they knew where to put their trust. These guys just handed porsche and kalia the win. Although big brother is trying hard to keep the vets in with the pandora’s box they knew Porsche would open, teaming rachel up with jordan just weakens rachel imo unless the challenge is set up differently.

      1. not necessairly jordon actually doesn well in groups when she was teamed with jeff they were always ahead I think it will depend on the game but since bb has gone to all this trouble to give RJ this i think the game will be geared to their strengths. Jordon is good at indurence when jeff won hoh she wasn’t that far behind. I almost fell off my chair though when shelly was going on about adam being her partner like he was the weekest link if my memory adam has won a pov and has been close a few times she the one who is usually out first. I think the comp will be a time oriented task that they have to work together to complete like the obsticle course but i do think it will be in RJ favour the whole due twist is so if one of them wins the both are off the block

      2. it doesnt weaken rachel, if anything it strengthens them, especially if it one where they are tied together like before, because there is no way porsche can carry kalia, and eventhough adam can carry shelly shelly is too controlling to take orders. rachel and jordan are evenly paired, and will work together, because jordan is good at following and rachel will lead her. I think kalia is right it will be one where it’s timed and they won’t see what the other duos are doing. of the duos remaining rachel and porsche are the most competive physically. i think shelly will be adams downfall, and kalia will be porsche’s. no one really knows what jordan can do physically because like shelly and adam she always relied on JBR to win while she lays low.

    3. I second that. :)

      Also, wth is up with this bich always bringing up the “zombie we can’t kill” BS?
      B/R don’t look like one when they first get up in the mornings. Yech!! Cowlia isn’t exactly nice on the eyes first thing and all day, for that matter. UGH!!
      I am so sick of these people (KPS). They are not worth air time or the MBs.

      Go JR!!!! and take Adam the spare tire with you, if it’s anybody from the floaters who deserves to win, it’s him.

      1. I find her Zombie comment so funny because she had Rachel on the block, heading home until she let her new buddy Shelly trick her into sending Lawon home. What a JOKE!!!

    4. Totally!!!!!! Talking about a Zombie that Won’t DIE!!!! Shelly is trained to walk and look like one!!!OMG!!! get her out already pls.!!!!!

    5. I am with you!
      I must say I was a Shelly fan until she stabbed Jordan in the back. How many times did she tell jj she wasn’t there for the money? Jordan thought they had a real relationship. I want Shelly gone next and then the rest can fight it out.

      1. Ok, but how many people did J/J have a 3 person deal with. Shelly realized that she was being lied to and made a smart move!

        1. Everyone had side deals, including Shelly. Shelly was acting sketch trying to play the middle and that is why jj made other deals.
          Shelly is going to be ashamed when she watches the season back.

          1. So Shelly is horrible because she’s a backstabber. But Jeff and Jordan are fine as backstabbers because everyone else was doing it. I think your logic warped the space-time continuum. If I check the news and find that it’s all in German I’m holding you to blame.

            1. I don’t really understand Shelly’s logic in flipping when she did. With either alliance she is lowest on the food chain; and switched to an alliance that was losing a member.

              I do feel bad for Jordan, but it was niave of Jordan to trust Shelly as much as she did. Judging by the HG’s on what little BBAD I watched last night, Shelly is still really pissed & being so sour. Jordan was social & in a better mood.

              Shelly deserves to feel like dogshit and I hope she chokes on the veto!

            2. Jordan would have taken Shelly to the final 2 if Jeff got knocked out. That’s exactly what she said. If Jeff gets knocked out, I will take you to final 2.

              1. and then Jordan zoomed down to the hammock, repeated the Shelly #2 story to Jeff, but told him that it would REALLY be Rachel with her in the final 2. Future backstabbers are okay since you haven’t been caught yet. Read the stonethrower part in the bible, Jordan.

      2. I agree…if it wasn’t for the fact that Jordan gave that shelmeister the phone call I would say hey its a game BUT not now. Shelly is an ungrateful dog & she will NOT get any money now no matter what!

    6. She def needs to go…yea she can b influential bc shes a snake that constantly lies…but everybody has come to see her for what she is

    7. Oh me too!!! That witch just does not get how much she hurt Jordan. If she did not plan on being loyal to a friend don’t take anything from them. She took that phone call that also meant a lot to Jordan but out of the goodness of her heart because she is such a sweet girl she gave it to that witch to talk to her daughter and then stabs the poor girl in the back and has no remorse at all. Go girls go, get rid of that horrible excuse for a human being.

      1. Point 1: Jordan had no intention of taking Shelly to the final 3 and was lying to her the whole time. But I guess that’s ok for some reason.

        Point 2: If the phone call was out of the goodness of her heart than Jordan wouldn’t have been so quick to throw it in her face. Here’s a hint, a selfless act means you don’t expect anything back from it. Jordan obviously expected half a million dollars for that phone call.

        For the record. None of these people belong on the pedestals you’re all trying to put them on.

        1. Sure, she gave the phone call to Shelly out of the goodness of her heart. I don’t think that she expected anythhing in return. However, when you do something for a friend, you don’t expect them to betray you. Jordan considered Shelly a friend (not a “house friend”). If Shelly valued the friendship, she would have talked to Jordan BEFORE the betrayal and explained that while she considered her a friend, she needed to do what she felt was best for her. At least then there would not have been such a feeling of betrayal. Shelly getting on her high horse about Jordan’s reaction just shows that she is a stone cold b**ch. What a good lesson to teach her daughter about how to treat your friends.

        2. Jordan would have taken Shelly to the final 2 if Jeff got knocked out. That’s exactly what she said. If Jeff gets knocked out, I will take you to final 2.

          1. And she said the same thing to Rachel and told Jeff and Rachel more than once that they might need to get rid of Adam and Shelly out earlier than planned. I don’t understand why so many choose to be blind to their favourites. Why choose to be blind?

      2. I appreciate backstabbing in this game because it IS just a game and it makes things more exciting. It’s one thing to make an alliance and then go back on it. However, Shelly took it too far by saying that Jordan was like a daughter to her. She also denies that she has lied and acts as though she has so much moral integrity. I think that is why people are finding it hard to stomach her.

      3. JJ fans never had a problem with Shelly being a two faced liar a week ago, and now all of a sudden she’s the devil. I can’t wait for Jeff to dump Jordan and the whole “Americas sweetheart” dynasty comes crumbling down. All the lonely housewives are going to go ape shit. JJ have lost all their normal fans, most of the ones they have left are the crazies.

        1. It sounds like you are a little bitter about JJ. Jealous much? Rachel was right about Shelly the whole time and JJ should have listened to her. I have to admit Shelly was really fooling everyone. And when JJ needed her the most, she backed down. And it’s cool because Shelly will not get farther in this game because of evicting Jeff. So jokes on her!!!!

          1. “jealous much?” LOL you sound as dumb as Jordan – let me guess you use that line a lot. The only thing that would ever make me jealous – and I’m being honest – is that she won 500K. Everyone knew Shelly was two faced lying hypocrite and have been saying it from the very beginning. It’s not something new.

    8. If Rachael and Jordan get evicted I am not watching the rest of the season because I could not stomach to see any of the others win the money, none of them deserve it. They’re all floaters. K never played until Brendan called her out as a floater than to save face she decided to latch on to Dani and play. P. floater, A. FLOATER, S. FLOATER. I just can’t watch any of these awful people win this game so if R and J go then I’m done.

    9. No way the whole game has been about the freaking Vets let the Newbies win! If there is another show that brings back Vets I know they will lose a lot of viewers> Everyone Hates Rachel now she is drinking and pregnant.< Give me a break!

    10. Shelly’s going to have to come up with some major money to pay for Josie’s therapy sessions. That poor child having to cope daily with what I can only imagine her classmates are saying about her mom. Every little girl loves Jordan and wants her to win. Shelly should have thought about the repercussions of stabbing J/J in the back – not only inside the house but outside in her daughter’s life as well. What a monster!!!

    11. Me too – I so hope JR win the veto and send Shelly’s nasty leathery man ass home. GO HOME SHELLY!!! Shelly completely ruins the show for me. I wish there could be a cool newbie to root for on this season but they all suck goat ballsacks so I have to cheer on my vets – GO JR!!

      Does Shelly pee standing up?

    12. JJ fans never had a problem with Shelly being a two faced liar a week ago, and now all of a sudden she’s the devil. I can’t wait for Jeff to dump Jordan and the whole “Americas sweetheart” dynasty comes crumbling down. All the lonely housewives are going to go ape shit. JJ have lost all their normal fans, most of the ones they have left are the crazies.

    13. If Shelly makes it to the final 2 or 3 and has to answer questions from the jury members. I like Rachel to say: “Shelly, do you think that the four of us (JJBR) should vote for anyone who stole personal things in the BB house?” Remember, your daughter is watching.

      1. Or why would we vote for anyone that is a lying backstabbing thief whose own daughter now will not be able to stomach looking at her, and also someone that could win the award for HORRIBLE Parent. Make her cry!!!!! Of course, if Shelly does not go home this week I am done with BB because this woman has serious mental issues and she does not even need to be in the BB house for everyone’s safety but especially Jordans.

    14. Agree, I want J and R to win that veto and put Shelly in the house. I really think that this lunatic believes all of the lies that she is telling because does she really think she can be influential in the Jury House. By this time Jeff, Brendon and Dani all know that Shelly is a liar and would not believe anything that piece of lying crap says, and they would make her life a living he** in the Jury House which is exactly what she deserves. Give her a taste of how America hates her now and how they will hate her when she goes home. Most hated player in BB history and hope they send her home this week. COME ON Jordan and Rachel win that POV!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. shelly is full of herself, she is just a scrappy in comps as adam is, i would laff if adam throws it, just to get shelly out, and not many in juror house will listen to shelly on who to vote for, she burned bridges, i hope this is the demise of the shemale from LA……….

  2. I just hate seeing, Team Bacon Yo, being here week after week! My god ADAM is the worst player! How can you be a super fan and suck this bad??!!! But he always has a comment to justify his gameplay. You Suck Adam!

  3. I have a sick feeling that Rachel and Jordan are going to win pov. Watch it be an obstacle course and kalia most likely will slow porsha down. Also this pandoras box was bullshit and lame. What did they think that up in an hour? So they just decide to give porsha money and they play in duos for the pov? Pretty boring and just a way to try and get jordan and rachel to stay in the house.

  4. Shelley claims she can be “influential”. Something tells me that Brendon and Jeff will not be influenced by her.

        1. Yeah, just like all the JJ fans cried Thursday night when Jeff got evicted and walked out huffing and puffing like the egotist he is. :D

          :D :D :D :D :D

          I know I smiled extra hard that night, because I CALLED IT!

      1. Everyone was scared of Brendon and Jeff. Only 1 more male left this season. If Adam goes to final 2 with Jordan. Jordan will be crowned BB winner for the second time.

        1. Please be serious none of the people were scared of Brendon or Jeff. They just knew they had a really good shot at winning; they were at least entertaining to watch not like watching Porsche and Kalia eat. PLease let Shelly go home and let Jordan and Rachel be the ones that send her home which will make it all the more sweeter and then let Brendon Jeff and even Dani tell her they know all about her lies and make her life in Jury such a misery that she just goes home period and we never have to see her face again. PLEASE let J and R win POV so that I can start watching BB again.

        1. What possible difference would it make if “dad” didn’t like you? I didn’t watch his season, but the clips I’ve seen of him on youtube
          screaming, yelling, slamming the bar with his hand in someone’s face, calling them every vile, despicable, name in the book,
          doesn’t make for someone I would want to like me.

    1. I’m sorry, I don’t see how Brendon and Jeff were “bullies”. Because they tried to make deals? So has everyone else. Because they raised their voices to people? So has everyone else. Because they spoke their minds? So has everyone else. Because they got upset? So has everyone else. Because they actually won comps?
      And have people failed to remember when Kalia and Dani threatened Rachel with telling the house about an agreement? But that wasn’t bullying anyone. Anyone remember the countless times precious Daniele said “…if you (fill in the blank) than I’ll (fill in the blank)? That wasn’t trying to bully anyone.

    2. Boo hoooo, Jordan! Talking about how no one knows how to play the game but you have ridden Jeff’s coat tails the whole game. You didn’t even win an HOH. It was given to you. Glad Jeff is gone (arrogant a hole who can’t say a sentence without the f bomb in it) and hoping Jordan and Rachel go together.

      1. It’s pretty easy to say that Jordan was thrown the HOH. but in reality, NO ONE knows if she could have won legitimately or not.

        In the beginning I was hoping for a newbie to win b/c I didn’t like the vet’s coming back. But after watching for a few days it became clear why the BB had to bring back the vets, cuz the newbies are LAME.

    3. Actually anonymos, when i read through your comments you sound like Shelly. One minute you stick up for jordon and rachel the next you side with the losers whats up with that. Now i really think my analogy of you is spot on plus ur as mental as Shelky!!!

  5. I wish that anyone other than RJ win and that they both go (I know only one would go but its a dream) I am so tired of them using the “floater” word when J is the biggest floater in the game. I would love to see to newbys at the end and how it will drive JJBR nuts having to give the money to them. And hopefully someone other than them will win America’s choice. Especially not JJ because of the way they act. They are not as nice as CBS wants everyone to think. I loved them in their season but this season, not so much. I guess the true colours came out. At least R is just as rude as last season.

  6. Hey, Simon, – How come the mobile version of your site hasn’t been working since yesterday? I don’t see a link at the bottom anymore to switch between the mobile and full version either.
    Has the mobile version been disabled? If so, I miss it.

  7. What is with Kalia and Porsche? Dani left already who kept on bashing Rachel. They are the zombies who won’t die and stay awake at night bashing Rachel. Adam, Rachel and Jordan final three. Kalia, Porsche and Shelly should be out of there. Mean, mean women.

  8. I like how Kalia is suddenly some sort of expert player when all she does is eat the food of the current HOH and lay around like a beached whale. We could only be so luck if Jordan or Rachel win the POV and then one of the 4 worst players in BB history to be in the final 6 get evicted. DOnt get me wrong Jordan is worthless at this game, but at least Rachel can play.

    Right now we are witnessing the worst 500,000 dollars to be given to anyone since some homeless bum won my the lottery with numbers I should have picked.

  9. Kalia complaining that Racel is the wicked witch that will never die….Does she not remember just Thursday she had the chance to get her out of the game- she is the one who decided to keep her. Kalia is an idiot. Good luck to Rachel and Jordan today in the POV comp and hopefully good bye Shelly Thursday.

    1. …and they would have voted Rachel out…had Jeff not made himself the biggest target in the house by getting Dani evicted.

      It’s not rocket science, although all the JJ fans doubted the legitimacy:

      Evict the biggest target, become the biggest target.

      1. The newbies just wanted to split up the couples and JJ was the last couple standing. Everyone was talking about Jeff being a floater, but as soon as he wins some comps everyone is scared of him and felt they needed to take him out.

    1. I hope RJ win the veto just so Shelly can get bounced. If Porsche and Kalia were smart, they would realize that bringing Rachel to final two should increase the odds of one of them winning the $500K. I am assuming that Dani would vote with all the newbies and a newbie would win. They would outnumber JJB.

    1. probably in a couple hours maybe a few

      but we know it;s going to be tailored for JR so no point in worrying about it

  10. I love how there’s so many people are defending Jordan and are angry at Shelly for ‘backstabbing someone that trusted her’. Are you all choosing to forget that Jordan had no intention to honor the final 3 deal they had with Shelly (they were taking Rachel to the final 3)? So Jordan’s upset that someone she intended to backstab beat her to the punch. And how doesn’t this make her a hypocrite?

      1. I think Shelly is the most hated person in America right now and would not want to be her when BB is over. Even her own daughter is disgusted with this bad example of what a parent should be, and that says it all. Because children are suppose to love their parents and even her daughter thinks bad of her own mom. Shelly will have her own private he** when she gets home dealing with her daughter, Jose, who will never ever have respect for her again. Shelly should of had enough sense to of known no amount of money would be worth that lost. Bad Parent winner goes to SHelly.

    1. Well said.
      J/J fans loved Shelly lying to the other HGs when she was doing it for Team J/J.
      Jeff and Jordan knew what Shelley was doing and encouraged her to do it.

      1. What I see is a little puppy dog following her master (Jeff).

        If you don’t get the inference, watch an episode of “DOG WHISPERER”.

    2. How dare you present a logical point of view based on facts? Don’t you know we live in a world where feelings trump intelligence?

    3. My problem with Shelly is not that she flipped, it is a game after all, but it is how she did it that I didn’t Luke. Did Jeff trust Shelly? Not really, he was unsure who he trusted more, Shelly it Adam. He was leaning towards Adam and he was right. Jordan on the other hand totally trusted Shelly. They had private talks pretty much daily that went far more personal then game talk. She played the mother roll to Jordan and if you are honest, Shelly had even the feed watchers fooled with her loyalty to Jordan so you can imagine how fooled Jordan was who foes not have the benefit of the feeds and tends to be too trusting anyway. While Rachel never trusted Shelly and Jeff trusted her very little, Jordan fully trusted her, more than anyone with the exception if Jeff.

      Jordan and Shelly had the conversation about F2f and F3 a few days before the eviction (and even at that point every one on here still knew Shelly was loyal). Jordan told Shelly that she wanted Shelly in the final 3 and Shelly agreed. They both agreed that if something happened to Jeff they wanted F2f. Jordan at that time was totally sincere, of course she did not realize that Shelly was planning to be the reason Jeff leaves.

      Jordan did not start waivering in trust until Shelly stopped talking to her those last few days and was up Dani’s ass. That was the first time Jordan was suspicious.

      So Shelly flipped and helped get Jeff out, but now she doesn’t want to own it. She cries that she doesn’t understand why Jordan is mad at her. She provokes a yelling match with Jordan, which I am sure she did in hopes that a) it makes Jordan look bad, like she us a bully because the only person who saw she actually provoked it was Rachel and b) she hoped Rachel would hand up on her and then she could play the victim role to her fullest. Too bad, Rachel didn’t fall for it.

      So my problem, own up to what you did. You took advantage of a girl who has lead a pretty sheltered life and us a little too naive. Fine, you swooped in with your knowledge of peoples personalities and how to work them (yes I worked in the corporate world for years and I have had that same training over and over myself) she did the same thing with other people not just Jordan. You can not successfully play the villain after you successfully play the mastermind of someone’s downfall and crushing someone else’s trust. She should have left Jordan alone like everyone told her because Jordan just needed to get over the shock. Instead she got in her face and mist likely destroyed any chance of Jordan forgiving her.

      1. Very well said. My own thoughts to the letter. Now I don’t have to write it all out thanks to you! Also people are saying that there is no difference between what Shelly did and what JJ did to Dani. Shelly had befriended JJ and supposedly loyal to the end. So this was a shock and she betrayed them. Whereas Dani had allready been caught trying to evict Jeff and was a known enemy.

      2. I actually think that if Shelly could of gotten away with it she would hit Jordan and still would if she could do it without the cameras seeing. This woman after the way she went after Jordan has me convinced that I believe she is dangerous and mentally unstable.

    4. I wouldn’t really matter who promised Shelly what if she could win some type of comp. she could take her fate in her own hands. Why are JJ the problem here. Maybe Shelly is the problem because she can’t win ANYTHING!!!

    5. if it helps your game I would have no problem with if it, but it doesn’t help her game, they would have taken her to final 3, now she is final 3 with kalia and porsche, so final 3 to final 3 and she can’t be kalia and porsche either

    6. Absolutely! Jeff and Jordan had no intention of taking anyone but Rachel to the end, and they still expected their newbs to shut up and do whatever Jeff said. Shelly even told Jordan before she flipped that she knew she couldnt win next to JJ and she told her straight up that she needed to make some moves of her own for her own game. Jordan listened, but didn’t get that Shelly was telling her she was flipping to further herself. It’s not Shelly’s fault that Jordan didn’t understand what she was telling her. Backstabbing is what Jeff did to Dani. Dani kept him safe twice. But in BRJJ’s world, they are the only ones allowed to lie, scheme and backstab. I wish RJ would shut up about the remaining newbs being floaters. They won 3 competitions on Thursday night to RJ’s zero. Neither has won a thing since week 3. I hope the newbs win veto and send Rachel and Jordan home for good.

  11. Time to take ownership of what you did Shelly, yeah, it was a big move jumping ship. Hmmmm, where did it get you, maybe going home instead of staying for final 4? I know I would not want you on my team….. Yeah it is a game but sometimes true colors of a person comes out and exactly how cut throat they will get for money. Use any excuse you want family, no job, wedding, blah, blah, blah. Bottom line, I would love to see Shelly step up being the honest player (hahaha watch the tapes) and stop putting the target on someone else besides yourself. If you really want your family to be proud of you, be accountable of your actions without blinders on.

  12. did Porche choose the pairs before or after making nominations. She should of picked

    Rachel and Adam
    Jordan and Shelly

    as pairs, than know matter who won VETO a vet would definately be going to jury

    Now Jordan and Rachel have a 1 in 3 chance of both of them staying

    1. Ha! I don’t know whether or not Porche got to pick the pairs, but the thought of teaming up Shelly and Jordan is a hoot!

  13. Shelly could only influence ppl before they discovered the load of BS she was feeding them. if the jury ends up including JJBR, she might as well save her breath. She is vile. If she had played anyone else I wouldn’t feel as angry. Jordan seems to be too trusting and accepted Shelly as a friend (not just a game friend). She views Shelly’s actions as a personal betrayal.

  14. “and I can be influential”…. Understatement of the year lol

    I hope Adam wins veto today, I don’t care which goes home J or R…
    And then I hope shelly wins HOH this week. Just because I think IRS her time and no matter how many people hate her right now, she has grown on me and I love rooting for the underdog! It would be nicest see her get the letter and her Monsters haha

        1. Didn’t say anything a out floating making her an underdog… The way things have gone recently and her hurt feelings make her the underdog. If I felt sorry for floaters I would be rooting for Adam which I’m most definitely NOT

  15. I just watched Season 4 and realized Porsche is kind of like a poor-man’s Jun. She’s more athletic too, I think she could wrap this game up. If she gets Adam and Rachel out, her odds look REAL good.

    1. Yeah this season has the markings to end up just like season 4. Two floaters. unlikable and terrible players in the final two – just like Jun and Alison.

    1. Oh, I think we’ll be seeing Jeff just as much as ever. Either he returns for a 24hour twist,or he’ll host a comp. Big Jeff will get some kind of redemption/image rehabilitation because he went out like such a bitch.

      1. LOL –

        IF Production had its way, Julie would be “out sick” for Thursday’s show
        and Jeff would take over for the night.

        “Good Evening, folks. Julie is out sick tonight, so “BIG JEFF” is stepping up to do the show
        for her. Don’t worry, “BIG JEFF” isn’t biased. lol
        Me and Jordan are true BB Gamers.
        Seriously, me and Jordan know how to keep our personal lives separate from BB. (smirk)
        “BIG JEFF” was given a special dispensation from BB Production to leave the Jury House
        and “BIG JEFF” is grateful.
        Now let’s let the HGs know that “BIG JEFF’ IS BACK!” lol

    2. Jeff is a punk did you see him chasing Shelly begging her to keep him! Man up! On his HOH page he said he’s out of here! He was so right because that’s what she said!!!!

      1. hahaha @Midwest Fan. Julie better watch out, Jeff is gunning for her job. Julie got it by being on her knees, looks like Jeff will have to get on his too.

    1. I disagree. It is time for Rachel and Jordan to be at the Jury House.
      The Jury House will become more interesting and we
      will finally get to see the Newbies playing BB against each other.

      1. I agree Midwest Fan. I want to see the newbies play. I did not want to see a one sided BB. If it’s All Stars make them All Stars. I think BB just wanted high ratings by putting JJ there in the house to see if they still had star power or not

  16. Ok, question for you Jordan and Rachel fans, and I’m really just curious more than anything… I’d like to hear exactly why you guys are rooting for them. Not trying to judge, just trying to understand. I’m just not in any way, shape or form feeling either of them or their game this season, just blows my mind that so many are pushing so hard for either of them, but I realize that my opinion’s not the only one, so I’d like to hear what about their gameplay is keeping you guys so loyal to them.

    1. I think people are on Rachel’s side because she was against Dani. I think it is as simple as that. As long as precious Jordon is protected they don’t care who or what gets hurt or gets said in the process.

      1. No, i think it’s that way with Porsche and Dani. People were calling her Porksha and commenting on how fat and stupid she is and as soon as she went to Dani it’s “Team Porsche, yo!”

        With Rachel, I want her to win because once Brendon left, she has actually been using her head. She can smell out Shelly’s BS from miles away, making her very intelligent. She has not had any blowups and has been very resistent even though Shelly has been egging her on. She’s, for once, playing with her head and not her heart.

        With Jordan, it’s more or less the only other person in the house I can stand. it’s true, how can you hate sweet Jordan lol. What people don’t understand is that Jordan was moreso crying because Shelly betrayed her not because Jeff left. This year, she’s in shape and she almost won that 2x eviction HOH. I would love to see her step it up and win this veto with Rachel.

        Hence, I’m team JR :)

    2. I like Jordan and Rachel, however, Jordan already won 500, 000 so I rather see Rachel or Adam win it, final three Rachel, Jordan and Adam. Game play wise, Shelly goes around and lies to everyone focusing on one person ( Rachel). Comments made by the KPS alliance are horrible. Watching the game and I have not seen Rachel made personal comments on them. KPSD alliance made it personal and their bashing of Rachel gets old. When there is a game and personal vendetta plays part of it, I am not a supporter. Play game and play fair. Rachel and Jordan have won comp without being dirty like Shelley and her alliances. It is horrible to wish something bad on an unborn child if there is any so all attacks now become personal. Strategy should be limited towards the game and not personal vendetta as well as horrible, disgusting, thoughts of the demised of one person.

      1. “Rachel and Jordan have won comp without being dirty like Shelley and her alliances.”
        I have no idea what you are talking about. Please provide examples.
        I do recall Jeff giving a Win to Adam and then lying about doing so. Did you miss that show?

        “Strategy should be limited towards the game and not personal vendetta as well as horrible,
        disgusting thoughts of the demise of one person.”

        Jeff promised to massacre any HGs voting against J/J.
        Jordan left a message to Jeff that he should “kill Dani” at the Jury House.

        1. Okay, but that does not exccuse the bedbug pajama jammers (khalia, porsche, shelly, dani) for attacking rachel at EVERY chance they get!!! They talk about her clothes, how they think that rachel clothes are ugly, sparkly and how she talks, how she laughs, how she wears her hair, her makeup, how she smiles, how her feet arent cute, how they bet her panties have stains, how her bed is nasty, how she has herpes, how she has all kinds of diseases, how her child is going to be ugly, how she shouldnt be a parent…. I mean .. COME ON! how much can one person take? Seriously. Antics like this is what has caused all these kids to do suicide over the internet nowadays. BULLYING. Does EVERYTHING that comes out of your mouth have something NEGATIVE to do with Rachel? Rachel could care less, she talks about brendon and vegas and her apartment and job searching. She doesnt Personally attack others like the evil step sisters. She doesnt talk about how they look or what they dress like or comb their hair like.. who cares about that? oh only the rat pack Kalia, porshe, shelly and dani .. Go F yall self.. or better yet F danni because they are all over her nuts anyway.. even though SHE IS NOT EVEN THERE ANYMORE!!!!! ggaaawwwwd.

          1. I believe Rachel is a very nice person outside of the BB House, however
            she has given as good as she gets in BB13.
            Reread the show’s scripts.
            I dislike the cattiness in ALL of the female HGs.

            BTW – the last few lines of your post is like reading from a Bully’s Bible. lol

    3. I agree. Everyone has their own opinion and its great that you acknowledge that. I liked jordan in her first season and she is a sweetheart, her only problem is she is too trusting and too naive and thats why what shelly did hurt her so badly. Adam and Porshe just have floated along this whole time and didnt play the game enough, in my opinion, to earn that money. Kahlia started to play the game but only in the last few weeks with Dani. Rachel and Shelly I think have been the two left in that house who have played the game completely since day 1. The reason I am no longer rooting for Shelly is the way she went about the lieing. I know ppl lie in this game, they have all done it to a point but with Shelly what bugs me the most is all the crying and whining saying she doesn’t lie and go back and look at the tapes. She works so hard to make it seem like she is this innocent victim when she is no more innocent than anyone else in that house. Idk if it makes sense or not but that is why I am rooting for rachel to win and if she cant win, then i hope jordan does.

    4. here is one answer, just my opinion and I was not exactly a fan of anyone in the beginning just wanted to watch the game but this is what has me rooting for Rachael and Jordan now.

      I understand that this game is all about lying and backstabbing but even in this game there are limits. Rachael is a competitor and truly believes that to win this game you need to compete. She is also insecure, my opinion, so she can be annoying at times and a little arrogant when she wins hoh but honestly I don’t think she is entirely aware of how annoying she can be. I believe from watching her she is just so caught up in competing she doesn’t use her filters. But there is nothing really mean about her.

      Jordan is generally sweet but that doesn’t mean she’s a pushover so ya she can fight for herself as we saw with the shelly fight. She will do what she needs to win in terms of making deals and such. But again, she is not mean, she does not bash people on a personal level. If you disagree go back and watch all episodes.

      Dani, Kalia, Porsche and Shelly, they go one step wayyyyyyyyyyy to far! They not only insult Rachael personally but thoroughly enjoy any pain that she would be going through… i.e. when Brendan left the first time. I was insulted, my kids act more mature then these wormen and it insults me terribly that womanhood is represented by such behaviour. I have no problem about lying or making deals to get further.. h ell I’d be doing that myself if I were in the game.. However, do insult people, to speculate that someone might be pregnant (Rachael) then make nasty comments about what her pregnency would be like (Dani, Kalia,Porsche) is disgusting. To tell someone who won’t vote for you i.e. Dani and Adam that their dad use to like you now he hates you, is gross.

      To steal somehing of someones (Rachael’s stuffed toy dog) then laughingly threaten to cut it up and leave pieces of it on her bed ( Shelly) – immatur!!

      For these reasons and others I now really hope that Jordan and Rachael win POV and send one of the others to the jury house.

      Just my opinion!!

    5. I think I want to see either Rachel or Jordan win because of the position they are in now. Everyone seems to think that both women will fall apart without their men by their sides and everyone seems to especially underestimate Jordan. I really want Rachel and Jordan to dig deep and prove the house wrong. I want them to prove that they can in fact compete and win this thing without Brenden and Jeff there to ‘protect’ them. Jordan somewhat accomplished this in her season, but I want to really see her FIGHT this time around.

      Sidenote: I am hoping for a prize/punishment POV where either Jordan or Rachel go so far as to actually take the punishment of shaving their heads! lol. That won’t happen, but would be AMAZING to see. When Brenden did it, it didn’t mean much.

      Anyway, overall, I just want Rachel and Jordan to prove that they are strong women who do not need to rely on any man to get sh*t done. That’s why I want them in the final two.

      Just to switch things up, I would like some insight from Porsche and Kalia lovers as to why you want one of them to win the game. Is it just because they are team Dani or does it have something to do with them as actual players? Just curious.

    6. Totally appreciate everyone’s answers. Not a one of you didn’t have a valid point!!! Granted, I still feel the way I feel about the Jordan/Rachel alliance, but at least I know now that there are people I disagree with who have better motivation than ‘Jordan’s Hot!’, ‘Dani sucks’, ‘Kahlia’s fat’, ‘Rachel’s tits are amazing’, etc.;) I really enjoyed reading your answers, guys!!:)

  17. I don’t think Adam is the only one that is hanging on Jeffs balls… Half the people here seem to be doing the same thing.

    Everyone thinks Shelly is SO evil because she backstabbed JJ… Am I the only one who remembers JJ lying repeatedly to Shelly about taking her to the F3, when all along they planned on taking Rachel. Jordans just pissed because Shelly beat her too the punch.

      1. They’ve just been drinking the JJ-aid. You’re dead on with your observation. Thank you for bringing some common sense up in here.

    1. Shelly will not win a dime in this game. Jordan would have taken Shelly to the final 2 if Jeff got knocked out. That’s exactly what she said. If Jeff gets knocked out, I will take you to final 2.

  18. Jordan has not played the game at all this season, she road Jeff’s cocktails. She does not deserve to win. Rachel is an emotional disaster. Shelley has played the sharpest game among the three of them.

    1. personally i have no problem of shelly winning but my beef is KPS bashing rachel every 35sec let it go… money is SHELLY vs JORDAN….

    2. Im really hoping JR wins the POV. Shelly is a backstaber, all Porsche does is walk around in pink sweats, Kalia just sleeps,and Adam just eats bacon.

      1. Thanks anonymous, glad that you have realized the Shelly is a snake and not playing a fair game. I was hoping before that Jordan, Rachel, Kalia and Adam final four, however, the last few episodes changed me because of the constant bashing of Kalia and Porsche on Rachel, it is really getting old and I thought Dani left the game.

      2. For all those people who think Jordan is a floater:

        She has never played both sides of the house.
        Always stuck to her alliance.
        She plays a good social game.
        Are you forgetting, when she won in her season SHE PICKED who she wanted to go to final two with… no one picked her… she chose. Look at the facts, you are all jealous.

        She CAN win competitions on her own.

        1. What social game does she have – Jeff didn’t even let her talk game. The only reason Jordan makes it far is because she’s so dumb and useless that she isn’t considered a threat. Contestants from season 11 must be kicking themselves knowing they let this retard sneak in to the final 2.

          1. wow. Are you just that ignorant and blind?… shes well liked, she doesn’t burn bridges, she doesn’t backstab, I could go on and on, but its useless talking to an ignorant person.

            1. to add to my previous post, are you forgetting that in HER Winning season, when Jeff got evicted she made it to the end WITHOUT Jeff. Jeez, you really aren’t watching the shows closely, are you?

  19. For the record, I’ve never seen a player turn down Pandora’s Box. I wouldn’t be surprised if production heavily coerced Porsche to do it to give Rachel and Jordan a fighting chance in this veto comp.

  20. Russell in this video from BB11 summed up Jeff in a nutchell perfectly as Dani said once again this year, it is close to the end of the video and shows what a chicken shit Jeff is throughout the video, spots never change do they Jeff…lol

  21. Shelly and Adam do nothing!!!! If JR goes home. all we’ll see is all the houseguest sleep. Boring!!!!! Kalia and Porsche need to gett off Dani’s butt. She’s gone move on!!!!

    1. Shelly do nothing really?, she turned the house around 2 times her alone, oh that means nothing to you because she still hasn’t won a comp.

      I agree Adam does nothing, but people think he deserves the money because Shelly lied shit is a huge part of Big Brother? just like Jordan won 500k for being stupid, and being carried through the game.

  22. What is truly hysterical is that these horrible players (KPAS) actually complain about RJ playing ability. Seriously – wake up you losers. I have never been a Rachel fan but I hope she wins this veto and bashes Shelly’s face in with it.

  23. Shelly realizes she has no one. Adam just sticks to whatever side that has the power, i REALLY want R&J to win the veto. *fingers crossed* & about the Jordan bringing up the phone call, she was just looking for a way to hurt Shelly back. she’s the type of person that keeps a lot of stuff in & when it’s time everything just blows out. that doesn’t show her true colors, it just means she’s human & has feelings too. she’s not exactly perfect…

  24. OK, who said Kahlia and Porsce were playing smart? LOL So smart that even though she knew Rachael and Jordan were playing as partners in the Veto she still put them both on the block together? LOL

  25. Lame twists this year. Would have been so much more interesting if Dom had come back instead of Brendon. Wonder if CBS rigged that vote for the neandertoe.

  26. Interesting that the other night when KPSA were talking about veto comps for pregnant Rach, Adam said catch the medicine ball. Por said no that would be a $400 treat or something like that. So in other words it would make her abort the baby if she is pregnant and hit her in the belly. I wonder how you knew how much it costs……………………… coming from hearsay or an experience? Or just being plain ass mean, such an ass and no we don’t bash anyone….. Comments do have a way of coming back and biting you in the ass. Ask your new BBFs………………. Por disgusts me with all of the crap that just falls out of her mouth. I hope JR win veto, vote out Shelly and get Por on the block and votes her muffin top out…

  27. OMG, Shelly is so delusional. She said if she goes to jury house she gets to decide who wins, she is very influential.
    Unlike KP, Dani, Jeff and Brendan won’t believe a word she says and will vote however they want. Shelly is so puffed up
    one minute and crying her eyes out the next. And people say Rachel is unstable?

    Someone said that Shelly is the worst person since Dr. Will, at least he won competitions. Id Shelly by some miracle
    gets final two she will get not win. Her only game strategy has been lying. That’s it. And KP continue to bash Rachel
    while befriending Shell Game? They are so clueless. I think Adam is completely on to Shelly but his only game strategy
    is to make friends with everyone. Too bad he can’t win any of the competitions, he’s a terrible competitor, and really
    not very interesting, but a genuinely nice guy.

    Now that I think about it, I think Dani tried to play Dr. Will’s game, but it didn’t work. She just doesn’t have the skill
    she thinks she does. She’s just as mean though.



  29. Complaining about someone backstabbing or lying in BB is like being upset that someone runs too fast during the 100 meter dash or hits too hard while playing football.

    And how will the house be boring without Jordan? What, you’re excited to watch her lay around all day, play with her hair and say dumb things?

    I’ll give that Rachel plays the game but how far should her freshmen psych class strategy get her? “keep me I’m a bigger target.”. “you don’t want a floater to win, do you?”. “(now that you’re HOH) I respect you as a player”.

    and if lying & backstabbing is really such a sin, why doesn’t it apply to BRJJ?

    Shelly may be a little delusional, believing her own lies, but then so are Rachel & Jordan at this point.

    And who cares that Jordan gave up a phone call… What, is she 7 years old and it’s her first time away at summer camp?

    RJ need to go join their insignificant others in jury.

  30. BTW I can’t stand Shelly so much that I stopped watching BB After Dark. It just makes me sick
    having to see her and KP trashing Rachel when it is Shelly who is the most unstable person and the
    biggest liar in the house… if JR wins POV, Shelly will wet herself. People say Jordan is dumb, but
    PK aren’t any smarter. Rachel was the only one on to Shelly from the get go. Although I think Adam
    probably is too, he’s no dummy, but not a good game player.


  31. What’s with the crap about throwing stuff in their eyes? These noobs are just as bad as the Gnat Alliance. They had a 8-5 advantage, and now a 4-2 advantage. If they win the game, is it really that big of a deal like they think?

  32. I know.

    Her daughter is proud mother did what she had to for the chance to bring 500k home, Her daughter would be ashamed if she knew her mother did everything she could to ensure those 2 idiots win…

  33. One thing I have to say though, is that although I want shelly to get evicted and i dislike her as much as the next person, I do not wish her any harm outside of the game. I haven’t seen ppl do it on this site but it’s a shame that ppl are making facebook pages wanting to report shelly to child services just so her baby can be taken away. That’s ignorant, mean and just psychotic.


  35. KPSA are like the mean unappealing girl losers in high school. They had their own clique but no one likes them and all they do is talk shit about people to make their low, low self esteem feel better. They are cowardly bullies! I say if you are going to say it, say it to my face. Never, it’s always behind the back. Now that they have some “power” look at their behavior. They are all rancid and a sad reflection of the human race. Shelly is simply the worst. I actually bought her at first, but nooo way. Even her kid is asamed of her (out of the mouths of babes). Yes, this game is about playing people, but she took it to a whole other level. Her holier-than-thou, crying sessions about her “integrity” and so forth. Staight shooter, my ass. She is the biggest hypocrite and quite frankly, just an embarrassment to herself. How can any amount of money be worth it?? I never thought I would be rooting for Rachel but I’d be ecstatic if she and Jordan become the final 2. I like Jordan with fire in her belly. You go girls!

    1. Anonymos. Why r u anonymos?? Is it because u r just plain stupid?? Nothing u say has any relevance. All u do is run ur mouth and bash the best players and praise the losers!!! You dont say anything constructive. Which leads me to believe that you are a severly overweight angry woman whom sits on the computer all day arguing with people. Am i right??? Um sure i am.

  36. Shelly should not have flipped because if she made it to the top 2 with Jeff or Jordon she would win. No one wants to hand those 2 more money. Everyone in the jury would have voted Shelly for the win and both Jeff or Jordon would have brought her to the final 2 if the other got knocked out. Bad move on Shelly’s part.

  37. Come on CBS/BB give JR a fair chance in winning the Veto. Kalia can’t shut up, her big mouth is driving us crazy. Shelly is the witch not Rachel. Hope he/she leaves…VOTE HER OUT, nothing but a scumbag.

    1. They are giving them a chance they are rigging the POV as they with with the Pandora’s Box punishment all for JR, so you can stop the whining now

  38. I am genuinely confused about people continously calling PAKS floaters… Adam/Shelly I understand. Neither have done crap this year comp wise, and the only reason Adam won was because Jeff/Dani threw it to him.

    As for PK. Kalia has won Two HOHs, Porshe won POV, immediately followed by winning HOH…

    What the hell has Jordan done this year? Win a HOH that was thrown to her? Wow, that’s a strong player. Even Shelly is better than her, because at least she is willing to play the game, instead of depending on being one of “Americas Sweethearts” to get her through to the end…

    Rachel has done well this year, up until Brendon left the first time, now the girl is pretty much useless. Not to mention a wee bit psychotic.

  39. Shelly says that even if she goes to the jury house she is okay because she gets to decide the winner of the game …and I can be influential.

  40. I CAN’T WATCH anymore, Shelly is gross to look at and her voice and to watch her smoke is awful. She needs a bath and is so full of herself.. Why is beyond me. And OMG her walk , need I say more. I don’t like how I have watch her betray everyone like she was so high and mighty. Yes, It is a game but she is so gross I would rather watch hoarding. lol

  41. Porsche might have a problem. She wanted to hit Rachel in the stomach really hard to cause her fetus to abort,(if rach were pregant), putting the Benefiber in the Muscle Milk, wanting to hit Rach in the face, push her down a flight of stairs, etc… Maybe Porsche needs to see the doctor before she ends up in prison.
    Maybe she is just extremely immature.
    To me the milk incident was much worse than when Jenn put all of Dick’s cigarettes in water. Jenn got a penalty nom from BB. Porsche is beloved by Allison and nothing happened. BB should not be Porshe’s enabler.

  42. I cannot imagine how bad this seaon is going to be after Thursday. I changed the TIVO last night to cancel BB After Dark. I do not enjoy watching Kalia and Porsche. Porsche might have a problem. She wanted to hit Rachel in the stomach really hard to cause her fetus to abort,(if rach were pregant), putting the Benefiber in the Muscle Milk, wanting to hit Rach in the face, push her down a flight of stairs, etc…Plus she is a thief, stealing house guests things with a little help from Shelly and Dani. Maybe Porsche needs to see the doctor before she ends up in prison.
    Maybe she is just extremely immature.
    To me the milk incident was much worse than when Jenn put all of Dick’s cigarettes in water. Jenn got a penalty nom from BB. Porsche is beloved by Allison and nothing happened. BB should not be Porshe’s enabler.
    Let’s this season can be redeemed and Jordan and Rachel can win the POV.

  43. Simon I have a comment. I cannot imagine how bad this seaon is going to be after Thursday. I changed the TIVO last night to cancel BB After Dark. I do not enjoy watching Kalia and Porsche. Porsche might have a problem. She wanted to hit Rachel in the stomach really hard to cause her fetus to abort,(if rach were pregant), putting the Benefiber in the Muscle Milk, wanting to hit Rach in the face, push her down a flight of stairs, etc…Plus she is a thief, stealing house guests things with a little help from Shelly and Dani. Maybe Porsche needs to see the doctor before she ends up in prison.
    Maybe she is just extremely immature.
    To me the milk incident was much worse than when Jenn put all of Dick’s cigarettes in water. Jenn got a penalty nom from BB. Porsche is beloved by Allison and nothing happened. BB should not be Porshe’s enabler.
    Let’s this season can be redeemed and Jordan and Rachel can win the POV.

  44. I believe Shellys lying is totally different than Dr Wills Game playing, Jorden put so much trust in shelly , she told her so many personal things about herself and her family, and jorden was truley heart broken about shellys lies iI was so upset myself to hear the things that came out of shellys mouth are you kiddding me 4 real omg please shelly wanting to cut the paws off of rachels dog r u serious. Shelly will be very ashamed of her self if not trust me her daughter will be.

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