Jordan and Zach agree “Best case scenario He (Bobby) wins (HOH)”

POV Holder: Johnny Next POV April 10
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 12
HOH Winner Brittnee Next HOH April 8th
Nominations: Kevin Bobby and Graig
Have Nots Ashleigh, Bobby, Zach, and Kevin
POV Players ?

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Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-06 19-08-48-891

10:08pm Zach and Sarah Bedroom

Talking about how crazy the HOH competition was where britnee and Sarah were paired. Zach mentions how he keeps going through his head
Zach says production told him if neither winner wanted the HOH they were going to give them each a punishment “Put them both on the block”
Sarah mention show Bobby is going around saying he’ll never win anymore HOH’s, “He’s lying”
Zach – I bet you he will”
Sarah – it’s a strategy.. this is his audience, Me, Brittnee,Johnny and Willow
Sarah adds Bruno will obviously put up Brittnee, Jonny or Sarah. Zach says Bobby is a stupid game player he give way too much information out.
Sarah says no one has any idea about their deal that’s what makes it so perfect.
Zach says there is a divide amongst the guys.. bring sup Godfrey saying to him it isn’t smart for them to keep Graig.
They agree Godfrey cannot win the HOH. Sarah – We can’t take any chances.. but willow is close with Bobby

Zach – I have such a hard time reading Willow … where does her heart really lay
Sarah – The girls and bobby maybe

Zach says the boys are pulling in Jordan because they think he is with them. Sarah – that is perfect we need a mole.

Sarah is worried if Willow wins the HOH “Who would she put up”
Zach – that will be interesting
Sarah – I couldn’t think for the life of me.. she loves those girls she calls them sisters.. and like I said she’s been defensive with Bobby

Zach – If I win I will b@ckdoor bobby 100%

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-06 19-19-28-868

10:14pm Brittnee and Jordan in the HOH talking about Graig etc etc

Jordan says Godfrey is either a mastermind or he’s a idiot.
Jordan says Bruno is dangerous, “He’s so.. he tries to convince your.. I love him.. its very scary”
Brittnee – he is a way better actor than I am”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-06 19-29-42-841

10:28pm Bobby and Zach

Zach saying they have to go after Johnny, Brittnee and Sarah. He doesn’t see them coming after them right now. Bobby is worried at how close Kevin, Pilar and Johnny are.
Zach – kevin hasn’t declared war on us yet..
Bobby – kevin can be b@ckdoored

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-06 19-35-03-165
10:33pm Zach and Jordan bathroom
comparing notes.. laughing at Bobby and Brittnee.
Jordan – they are all so mad at Bobby,.. he’s a f***ing idiot..
Jordan explains in the hot tub Bobby told them all he’s done with winning HOH’s
Jordan – best case scenario he wins.. I’m going to tell him don’t tell G though but you have my vote.
Jordan – We are soo good.. we cannot win
Zach says he’ll never try harder to not win.
They agree once Johnny leaves they can make a run with the purple cobras . Jordan says they will have to get rid of Kevin and Pilar.
Johnny comes in. Jordan mentions Godfrey coming up to him implying Graig should go “he only cares about himself”
Jordan for the millionth time today says Godfrey is either a genius or a idiot.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-06 19-43-02-207

10:40pm Ashleigh and Kevin backyard

Ashleigh says he’s got a good thing going with Pilar.
Kevin says it’s nice to be human with someone for awhile.
Bruno joins them..

Chit chat about life..

11:05pm Ashleigh and Bruno

Ashleigh talking about going to a “Uniform School” she says she never drank underage she was always scared of getting caught. She mentions being at this party in grade 12 and meeting a guy at a house party that she use to know in kindergarten.

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-06 19-53-07-716

11:00pm HOH Johnny and Brittnee
Talking about Godfrey. Brittnee doesn’t think he’s as loyal to the boys as they all think.
They agree Godfrey is just trying to stay in the house “He’s not as dumb as he looks”

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awful showmance

I used to be able to tolerate Ashleigh but now I just find her annoying.. like you can’t act innocent all day & give handjobs at night. She needs to give that act up and try to actually play the game.

Just sayin'

Ashleigh = Allison, useless at everything in the big brother house except handjobs


hate that shes a floater and seems to be the next Allison giving handjobs and have no gameplay of her own just stick to the sausages.. Shes bland. and Willow is just a pure floater .


wow, these comments are so mean and misogynistic. zach and ashleigh both hooked up, yet only ashleigh is getting the flack, of course. so typical. ashleigh knows what’s going on, she almost won that hoh and she’s playing the middle really well right now, maybe even better than zach and jordan (who, imo, are being too obvious and may get caught soon). im not an ashleigh fan, but to say something so demeaning about her (“that’s all she’s good for”) is nasty.


I couldn’t agree more with you. But the Big Brother fanbase has always been misogynistic. When Bobby and Kevin were giving Ashleigh shit last night about hooking up with Zach, everyone was praising them, saying she deserves it. I’m sorry but first of all, they are consenting adults who are allowed to do what they please. And they both gave it as good as they got it that night, Zach isn’t some innocent angel in this, and yet he gets ZERO hate for it. Ashleigh is actually in the best position in the house at the moment, she knows way more than she lets on, and just because she isn’t linked up with Sarah, Johnny or Britt, she is automatically hated for it. That’s ludicrous. She is doing the best possible thing for her own game at the moment, and if you fault her for that, you don’t understand Big Brother.

Just sayin'

Oh don’t get me wrong zack is only good for getting handjobs but at least he talks some game. Ashleigh is going on saying that her parents wouldn’t even let zack in the house because they are so protective and then she hooks up with him in front of canada, the US and her parents. She has no gameplay.


Actually she does have game. And while the bro triangle triangle revels in their brilliance, the girls triangle are quietly setting themselves up to subvert the bros plans further down the road.


I dont know why anyone would keep Bobby around he is so physically strong I would get him out the first chance I get. His social game is better than Craig’s social game as well.


Like i said a few articles back, there’s going to be a comp for the first 5 evicted if they vote him out, he has the best chance of going back cause he’s a huge comp threat. So yeah they don’t know about that twist yet so yes in real game they’re being stupid about keeping Bobby, but luckily without knowing that twist they are actually making the best choice to keep him in the long run.

sunny dee

These are all fans/superfans, they should be assuming that everyone that is going out up to and including jury will have a chance to come back. they also know on BBCAN, that the same things are going to happen, but in different timings. The first year it was someone out of the jury house coming back, the next time it was someone coming in from the hidden room late in the game, and just by logic/common sense they should expect everyone that is taken out at least the first 4 get a chance to come back. They did an instant eviction already, that and/or double evictions are clues that this is cuing up to happen.

Which means the last person you want evicted right now is a Bobby, Zach, Sindy, Naeha or anyone else who has a really good shot at winning any comp to get back in, as well as once they are back in lol.

I finally watched another AD episode last night and quite impressed. the entire thing was not set up to watch guys playing in the back yard, but went from room to room where 2-3 were having game talk conversations. I was surprised by Pili, who actually seems to be playing the game, at least as far as Willow and Ashleigh are concerned. all 3 are in pretty good spots right now if they are committing to at least one guy, who commits to at least one other person, they are unlikely to be targets for quite a while.


Sarah acts so entitled as if she is the only person who is playing the game right. She’s ripping Bobby for lying but wasn’t she saying she has no emotions and she’s a fembot.

I am seriously annoyed by Sarah Brittany and Johnny. They think they run the game after a rigged HOH win. I am hoping Godfrey or Bobby or Bruno win so we can see these cockroaches squirm.


Rigged HOH win? Have you noticed Brittnee’s weight? It was almost miraculous she ended up winning.

another name

given that women naturally have a lower centre of mass and therefore centre of gravity, a balance contest like the hoh was more geared toward women. brittnee’s upper to lower body mass ratio actually makes her more likely to win that competition.


I thinking their main reasoning for Craig is he is annoying and they know he is in with B & G. Bobby is a nice guy and they think he is with the guys but not with the guys. Make sense? I want N or S to come back so it’s good Bobby isn’t getting votes out. Interesting that Zack is not on anyone’s radar. I think his downfall will be that people will start comparing notes and realize he was in an alliance with everyone. Towards the end he will have to win everything. Can he and Jordan manage it? Hoping Kevin figures it out. Oh, and I wish Canada would have votes Pilar out ……… another one who has no ideas what’s going on and will be taken to the end, as some you can beat in the final and use as a vote.


I think they should take this golden opportunity to get Bobby out now. With the way Graig acts he will always be a target, so wouldn’t it be best to keep him for now? I could be wrong but I think later on down the line if Zach had to choose between Ashleigh and Jordan, that he would cut Jordan so fast. Jordan is knows this game. In all honesty though, I wish Jordan and Kevin would take Zach out in the next few weeks, but its highly unlikely.

another name

my cynical side says don’t worry about Zach, the have not with the slop pass that just won an advantage in the next comp. if he gets into any real trouble the have not floor will open up and he’ll be handed a power bigger than ever seen before. I know. i’m being too cynical. and too critical. i’m just preparing myself for what seems inevitable while hoping i’m wrong.
yes, sarah is getting paranoid, soon she’ll be thinking jonny’s really straight (not that there’s anything wrong with being straight… ?yup that sounds just as bad). instead of looking at could be’s about people’s histories, she should be thinking about could be’s with people’s allegiances, and keeping them to herself until proven.
yes, Newport is starting to act like dick dastardly and muttley. as the house splits into smaller factions (meatheads, chopgirls, underdogs and whatever spins out of that) their play one side against the other tactic is going to feel the strain. they already look like they’ve put their finger in too many pies. and taken credit for baking them. yeah, my secret hope; I like their strategy I hate their play by play verbal circlejerk.
yes, bobby’s ‘I won’t win anything’ comment was a stupid strategic error. he should put his head down and say nothing, unless to make a deal whether he means it or not. I mean, he has to know Bruno is campaigning for graig, and he has to have noticed that Zach is avoiding him. how strong is your alliance when? the house isn’t that big.
end of late night catch up and rant.


Yeah…… Not seeing the logic of getting rid of Graig over Bobby………. like at all. I have to admit that it has been so rare for someone to perfect the floater strategy like Jordan and Zach, especially in the recent years. It will eventually catch up to them though, I do believe that.

Bobby thinks he has such a good read on the house, but he is just making himself look worse and worse. The Chop Shop is done.

You would think that people would not feel weird about Jordan and Willow knowing so much about Big Brother.

I see Ashleigh and Zach were doing the same ish they were doing the night before. He is going to be putty under her hands and vice versa if they get more intimate.

Anyways, I want a floater to win HOH, so they will have to choose a side.


Whose Floating

Well Zack is maybe and an alliance in Newport. Right now he has both sides buying it. It’s an advanced float perhaps in my opinion. Pili… one of the worse ever. Kevin has been HOH “a minute”. hard to float on the block and a target. Floater material potentially but not there yet. 1 sided voting doesn’t help to find true floaters. Ash and Willow are puzzles. But like Zack in an alliance with Chop Shop at minimum. Seems the house hasn’t figured out the 2 girls are part of chop shop. Makes the other girls position a lot worse than they think it is. Brit and Sarah count Willow and Ash( the HARD WOOD) among their group. I think there wrong but just my opinion.
Standard definition I use for a floater is someone who is a reliable vote for the person in power going back and forth to stay safe. Might have to redefine a little if this seasons trend continues. Brit, Sarah, Johnny seem to either talk with Zack and Jordon or Willow and Ash. Zach clearly knows the true chop shop with the girls. Don’t think Ash and Willow know about Newport or the fact they are working with B S & J.
If Kevin stays off the block a few weeks he might be a good floater. That block things a problem though. Zack’s playing the house but is it really a float game? Don’t confuse lazy and/or no game as floating IMHO(sorry Pili).

PS… What’s transpired the last couple days I love “the HARD WOOD” to describe Willow and Ash. hehehe 🙂


OMG it’s MACKLEMORE that Graig reminds me of, am I the only one who sees it? Haircut on point. (That’s sarcasm, LOL).


The real game aside, I almost hope Bruno wins HOH, gets his family pictures, and proves to the paranoid stoner that he does actually have a family. I know that lying in this game is a big strategy, and I actually usually love knowing more than the HGs do and watching it all go down (like Kenny last year, etc.), but lying about being a father? Sarah really is getting paranoid and ahead of herself. And, unless you own a company, most construction workers are NOT loaded, side jobs or not. She is scrambling for anything she can use to make her case against him.

BBC Fan 2015

Brittney and Sarah should stop acting so entitled, like they own the game.

Power is getting to their heads and right now they are acting like jerks.

Brittney should have stayed as sweet as before and act like she was deeply sorry for putting Graig on the block (back dooring him actually), why not shed some tears to make it more real?

Next week, they will take a major fell if anyone (except them 2) wins HOH. I am not even sure of the loyalty of Ashleigh,. Willow and Pilar towards them…

Just saying …


I agree with you. The problem is, they ALL act that way, except Pilar. She’s at summer camp. Half the house thinks they’re masterful legends and the other half feel they’re entitled to be there.


This season just feels off. These folks feel like stand-ins until the real house guests arrive.

Jordan – FULL of himself. Arrogance personified.
Sarah – Intensely dislike her the most from the moment I saw her intro video.
Zach – Almost as arrogant as Jordan, but at least he keeps it in check.
Kevin – The only person in the house I actually like. And I “hated” his intro video.

The rest are ridiculously clueless or useless or both. I don’t care who wins because these folks make me not care. As long as Sarah leaves sixth (so she can’t go back in), I really don’t care. This season is more like Big Babysitter. They’re the most boring season ever. They’ve broken everything in the house, ignore the rules, and are way too aware of the cameras. They’re more concerned about creating alliances with “cool” names. The contestants get more immature, self-important, and self-entitled every year. Even Big Brother sounds mean all the time. He never, ever sounds friendly but like someone who hates his job. Who can blame him?

“House guests, please gather in the living room. No bathroom breaks.” Half of them take bathroom breaks. “Please stop talking about production.” They say “Sorry” and continue talking about it for another 30 seconds. They need severe punishments because the lesser ones clearly don’t work. The AU and UK BBs make punishments part of the show for the audience to enjoy. The CA and US Big Brother voices are boring and have no character or personality to them. The Aussie BB is the best and full of personality. UK BB is fun, too. And, if I had to pay to watch these Live Feeds, I’d want a refund because they’re down far too often.

The twists have been really good this season but they’re wasted on this group.