Jon tells Kenny: Me, You, Sarah & Neda could be a powerful force.. Kenny says you’re f**king going home!

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 5th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 7th
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: April 3rd
Original Nominations: Andrew & Sabrina
Current Nominations: Andrew & Sabrina
Last Evicted Houseguest Ika
Have Nots Jon & Adel

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9:20am – 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the storage room – Jon and Kenny have a quick conversation. Jon tells Kenny that once Andrew is gone he wants them to get back to the way things were back on day 1. Jon says he knows we’re not at the point we were at and I want to get back to that. Kenny says that since yesterday he’s been hearing things. Jon says no since a week and a half ago. Jon tells Kenny that if he, Kenny, Sarah and Neda teamed up we could be a powerful force. Jon tells Kenny that he isn’t coming after him and won’t put him up if he wins HOH. After they finish their conversation Jon leaves the storage room and Kenny says you’re f**king going home.

Jon races up to the main bedroom. He lays on the bed and starts being really loud. Neda tells him to shut up and puts her hand over his mouth. She tells him its too early for that. Jon gets called to the diary room and when he comes back he talks to Sarah about his conversation with Kenny. Jon reiterates the conversation. Jon tells Sarah that he told him Me, you, Kenny and Neda could be a powerful force. Jon says I really hope he doesn’t come after me because that would be a kick in the balls. I gave him my word that I wouldn’t put him up if I win HOH. If he wants to still come after me then we can go to war. I think I would still have the votes any ways. Sarah asks did he seem receptive to it? Jon says he isn’t sure but at least its out there. Sarah says thank you for saying that because at lease its not just me saying it.

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10:10am Jon talks about how his pen!$ is back to normal today. Jon tells Heather that he’s had two bad dreams of his girlfriend breaking up with him. Heather says it’s just because that’s what you’re scared of happening. Jon says I haven’t done anything for her to break up with me. As long as it stays in my pants I haven’t done anything wrong. NO showmance. Heather says not even a bromance. Adel joins

BBCAN2-2014-04-03 07-02-48-613

10:15am – 10:40am Heather notices that Big Brother is showing the mug shots on the screen. Andrew is the only one not really paying attention and before big brother stops showing the mug shots Andrew heads upstairs to the bathroom.

11am – 11:15am Adel and Heather head out to the hot tub room to study the mug shot photos. Most of the house guests are in the main bathroom getting ready for the day. In the bedroom Neda brushes off stuff stuck to Rachelle’s mini-dress. Jon asks Neda to dress him. Jon tells Neda you’re not here for your good looks. Neda says yeah they only put me in here to transform you. Sarah heads out to the hot tub room. While grabbing her jacket she Sarah whispers to herself – Boys my boys please do not fight one anther! I do not want to choose between you. If I do have to choose I will choose Kenny. It will be Kenny that makes me choose too. Sarah heads into the hot tub room where Adel is suntanning. They talk about how all the scrambling yesterday was for nothing. Adel says that for any of us to have a shot we need to get rid of the strong players. Sarah says that Andrew isn’t good at this game and doesn’t make good deals. Jon joins them. Sarah tells Adel that she is worried he will f**k up her game with Kenny if he uses his veto card. Adel says that he thinks he will get a good prize and I know it will be a good one. JUst don’t make me use it. I hope its a grand, 5 grand or a car!
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11:40am In the kitchen – Kenny talks to Allison. They talk about whether or not Adel is lying about being religious and how it could all be a an act. They share information about the mug shot photos. Allison says the hardest thing will be using the emotion of when he (Andrew) leaves and turn it into power. Kenny says you could act how Jon wants you to act. Then if by some chance he gets HOH .. Allison says it will make it that much more satisfying if I play along with it and then bite his head off. The hot tub crew come back inside after being locked in outside by Big Brother.

12pm Sarah asks Jon – Do you believe Adel when he says that he gets a prize if he doesn’t use it. Jon says its hard to.. its risky to mess with, you know what I mean. Sarah says I don’t know. Sarah says that Adel told her that he as three people in his alliance – you, Neda and Heather. Jon is surprised Adel was throwing his name out there. Sarah says that Adel said no matter what I am not using my power to put up Kenny. He is just saying that just in case Kenny or I win HOH. But the funny thing is .. the sentence before he said that we need to get the strong players out. Jon asks do you trust Neda 100%? Sarah says 99%. Sarah says I don’t think she is actively coming after me. Andrew is yelling in the background. Jon says he is so obnoxious, loud and annoying. Sarah asks Jon who he will snuggle with if she leaves. Jon says I don’t know I can’t with Neda.. she’s a single girl. Jon asks Sarah if she would ever in her life hang out with Andrew outside the house. I would never! I wouldn’t call or text, he is so annoying! Sarah says not really but that when he is being genuine he is alright. Sarah says he doesn’t know how to be nice, he only knows how to bully. Sarah says I know if any of that was directed at me husband would be waiting in Calgary for him.

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I wish Jon would get over trying to make up with the duma88 already. He is burying himself. If word gets back to Adel or Arlie, he is done for as Kenny cannot be trusted and may use this to try and save Andrew. It’s only until this evening Jon, keep your mouth shut!!!


i cant read the post at all because the reddit thing is covering it




No Kenny, you’re going home. All the male houseguests are coming after you if you don’t bond with them.


I hope Jon is not that stupid to trust Kenny. DAMN! This game changes every minute, you never know what they will do.

Love this site. Thanks ya’ll.


I’m really hoping Heather pulls out the next HOH win and takes her revenge against Sabrina and Rachelle. Watching the “dumb bitch” last longer than the two of them will just be so sweet. I just can’t wait to see how Sabrina will sweet talk to Heather and another meltdown from her if she’s nominated again.


it would be…but i think she’ll go after Kenny and Allison first because this is a strategy game…i don’t want it to be a personal game…


Smartest move for her ‘own’ game would be putting up Sabrina and Rachelle. I actually think that If she put up Allison and Kenny, that will add two additional targets on her back. Instead of just the three (sarah, rachelle and sabrina) who are openly against her. She needs to also think of her next week so in case Allison and Kenny wins the next HOH, the target is not on hers but still on Adel and Jon and she’ll escape the block.


the thing is even if she does put Allison and Kenny and the block…i think the target would still be on Jon and Adel since they know Heather is in her back pocket and is CONTROLLING her to put up those two…Sabrina and Rachelle can’t really win challenges…so they are easily disposable later…and i think Heather could actually use Rachelle and Sabrina…say she wins HoH and Sabrina goes…and then the other side wins HoH and either Jon and/or Adel do go and Neda starts looking for new alliances…where is Heather gonna go???…she’ll be the obvious target then since she has nowhere to run to…Neda has so many more options…i think she needs to keep her options more open…it’s clear she can NEVER work with Kenny and Sarah…and Neda could just jump ship easily…


if i were Heather i would nominate Sabrina/Rachelle and Kenny and tell Sabrina she’s good and if the veto is used…replace them that person with Allison…i think that’s the plan for Heather…


I had a lightbulb moment yesterday and want to throw it out there. So, remember the mugs with pictures of faces on them – well something tells me mugshots and shots on mugs are going to be in some question/answer comp. Anyone?


@Cora — I had the same lightbulb moment yesterday regarding the “mug shots”!


Why can’t Job just give up this idea of working with Kenny. He’s got a good thing with the side of the house he’s on.


i don’t get it either…he knows the other side is coming after him and Adel hard and i’m pretty Adel and co. and gunning for Kenny pretty hard also…so, what;s the point???…it’s out in the open already…he’s better off sticking with Adel, Neda, Heather and Arlie…

BB Wannabe

He doesn’t actually want to work with Kenny. He and Arlie would love nothing more than to take these 3 cocky fools out ( Sabs, Andrew and Kenny). He is just running shit by Kenny, Sarah and others to see what is going to be told and stir shit up with that alliance. Kenny your diva behaviour in which you believe that Sarah is the only one you can truly talk and play game with is backfiring more and more, can’t wait to see your butt out that door BEFORE jury LOL.


Kenny used to be my fave, but he is turning out to be such a douche. I hope Kenny and Sabrina get double evicted next week (with Andrew getting evicted this week).


I could be wrong be I honestly feel that Jon does want Kenny out, but he knows that Kenny is going after him hard core too and he is just trying to cover his bases plus it does benefit him to make Sarah think he is not going after Kenny as well.


I don’t think so. I think he’s serious about working with Kenny.

Earlier today, Adel was joking to JP about running Kenny’s ass out the house. Jon was laughing about it, but he seemed uncomfortable, and insincere.

I think Sarah genuinely has a spell over Jon. Plus the Newfy connection might factor in. The guy’s gotta snap out of it though.


i can’t fucking stand kenny I really hope he goes home next week


I don’t know enough about Jon or his relationship to really form a strong opinion. Nonetheless, if I was his girlfriend I would have a difficult time watching him with Neda. I know they haven’t crossed any lines, but it doesn’t feel like a brother/sister dynamic.


It’s embarrassing considering her family and friends are also watching. She’s being humiliated IMO.

IDK her either, but I give it a 50/50 chance that she’s there when he gets back. And I think he knows it.


Personally, I wouldn’t believe a word that comes out of either JON or KENNY`s mouth. They are both lying through their teeth. JON feels the need to run around the house like a child lying to everyone. I wish he would at least take time out to have a shower and wash those filthy feet of his. Yuck!

another name

the Jon and Kenny conversation is all tactic on jon’s part. he has absolutely no interest in forming an alliance. he is hedging his bets in case Kenny wins hoh, hoping to placate Kenny into not putting him on the block as a strong threat in case his worst fears from last night are realized. he is also lying to him about wanting the alliance in order to immediately go to sarah and say ‘hey I tried’ to alleviate her stress that she exhibited yesterday so that he can then backdoor Kenny with enough justification to hopefully use sarah to further his game. friends close enemies closer 101. if it wasn’t on the heels of yesterday morning’s over-excited stirring of the pot, it would be a great move. but he let too much of his game show yesterday morning, hence Kenny’s ‘you’re going home’ reaction. I don’t really have any personal bias for either side in the game, I just like watching the strategies unfold when not prodded by production. so good move, but not great move due to timing and circumstance.


Agreed. Everyone thinks Kenny has a good chance email of winning the HoH because he supposedly has the best memory.


So, yesterday’s events were pretty fun to watch but I have a question. Was it Arlie’s idea to throw that idea out about starting the rumour about Sab and And campaigning against each other?
If so, did Jon just throw Arlie under the bus or name Adel as the fall guy?


Really? Doesn`t anyone understand that Jon is the big liar here. He is in an alliance with Adel and Arlie and after this week, they want to get rid of Kenny. Kenny is too smart to believe anything Jon is saying and good for him. The only ones that keep on lying here are Jon, Adel (about his imaginary power) and Arlie who is flushing the first five down the toilet. I don`t get why people have so much hate on for Kenny…. He is playing a game to win money, just like the rest of them.


I think it’s because he’s a smug douche.

another name

i actually don’t disagree with you. everyone is there for the money. the people currently telling the lies are jon, adel and arlie. from a purely logical view there is no difference between the tactics each side uses. as the power shifts from one side to the other and back again, each side takes on the ‘we are going to run this house’ attitude. this is only an unpopular view because people stop being logical and analytical when they become emotionally invested in one side over the other. if two people from opposite sides exhibit the same behavior, one will be condemned in commentary and the other applauded. it doesn’t make sense, but it’s true. people will take exception to pointing out the flaws of favored houseguests, and comment on who lied more and who is a more disgusting person to mitigate having to apply the same standard of behavior to all of the players in the game. Every player has done something shady at some point because the constant surveillance that we are afforded when watching this game is going to pick up a negative characteristic in every person. no one is pure sweetness and light, just as no one is pure evil.

ihate sarah

HELLO…kenny and sarah are lying out there asses to jon telling him that he is NOT the target and they would never put him up!
i really hope it back fires on them … i would love to see the two skanks on the block together!



Pinocchio Obama

The truth is hard to find in this house.


I have a hard time watching Sarah…i mean whatever it’s Big Brother and there will be showmances and stuff like that…but she’s MARRIED and she’s fucking crossing lines…i don’t know, there is something i really can’t stand about her…


i mean she wants Kenny…and now that she finds out he is gay and is not interested…she goes to Jon starts cuddling with him and stuff…i mean…is this a 30 something year old woman? because she’s acting like a 20 year old girl.

another name

as a big believer in equal accountability I can say that it’s true, sarah has been doing a lot of flirtatious behavior with Kenny and Jon. for that she is being held accountable by fans in their comments. so now i’m going to be devil’s advocate (get ready to push dislike as many times as you want): sarah is being criticized for her flirtatious behavior. Jon is not. it takes two. he goes along with, and twice last night instigated the flirtations. both times in front of his other object of affection neda, and if she’s watching the feeds, his girlfriend. go ahead and say but sarah’s married. at the same time, jon knows she is married, and continues to partake in the displays of affection. one scale of judgement for standard of behavior is all i’m trying to say.


Sarah has 2 daughters that are almost 10 years old so she had them young. I think being a mom in your early 20s sometimes makes you feel like you missed out on a lot of things. I’m just guessing, but this could be her first time where its all about her and she gets to live a little bit like she is a single woman. Again I’m just speculating.


On a side and unrelated note…i wonder if Kenny will tell Andrew he’s gay in his goodbye video…

Uh huh

Hopefully Andrew is gone tonight.
Next week Kenny & Allison in a double eviction.

Then a few weeks after that we vote someone back into the house. Too bad it wasn’t Ika. At that time we will probably be voting in either Adel or ???


I hope they do not do that twist of voting someone back in the house again…it will be so predictable as it was done last season and plus it kind of defeats the purpose of the game…i much as i like Gary last year…i think it was unfair that he got a second chance…


No it will probably be Topaz! Knowing the shenanigans they pulled last season, (hopefully they learned) Suzette getting rescued, Gary coming back after being in jury. Rubbish.


I think Jon may be experiencing fatigue and delusions. His eyes are surrounded by brown circles and he’s lost about 20 lbs. quickly. He’s acting weirder today.
Somebody please answer my question: did he throw Arlie or Adel under the bus when he was talking to Kenny? H E L P


I think it was Adel. A safe throw because Adel is already under the bus.


Now that Andrew isn’t studying they should vote to keep him so the F5 is weakened going into the HOH. One less brain.


that might not be a BAD idea…lol…he is going though…but Sabrina is studying hard and so is the rest of the First Five…i’m pretty sure Neda win throw the HoH challenge again…but no one knows she’s throwing…so that’s not a factor…she has coasting power…but it could be a last ditch effort for Andrew to save himself, but i doubt…at least 5/9 people are not changing their vote regardless…(Jon, Adel, Neda, Heather and Rachelle not changing their vote for sure)…i guess Arlie too…

Drinking Straw

Since they’re going to have to evict Adel twice, the might as well target him right away, even if he is apparently incapable of winning anything. Leave Jon in to fondle the women.


Just saw the shot of sarah washing Kenny off in the shower – she is so disgusting and obviously hot for both kenny and jon, who she can’t stop pawing at – I hope they get her out real soon – she’s an embarrassment to Canadian women! Maybe allison could self evict if she is going to be so unhappy without the ugly, filthy booger face around, but I think she’s already going after Kenny – maybe a cat fight between the two females would be entertaining??

ihate sarah

i agree watching the stuff sarah is doing is very hard to watch it makes me cringe…someone on here wrote that she had her kids young and its her time for some freedom…but im gonna say that she is probably like this all the time(when she is at the bar/club she seems like a “barstar” to me) i mean she even said that she doesnt drink because her hubby isnt there to make sure she doesnt take her clothes off and dance naked…but besides that its just wrong she is on a reality tv show(even though bb doesnt show any of it on the episodes)she really needs to clean her act up and be the mom/wife that she is!


I hope Kenny is on slop this week.


and goes home…


This is the first time this year that I’m really excited to watch the “live” show. I just really want Heather or Adel to win HOH. I have no doubt at all that Kenny will go up if one of them win!


I’ll be so pissed if it’s an endurance competition.


I keep thinking there has to be more to the war room. Will one or more of the evicted go directly to it so at a later date one is voted back? If not why have Allison keep a secret.


Maybe it has something to do with a Pandora’s box.


Ugh! There goes Sarah again…”my boys, please don’t make me choose…you should both be working together to protect me to the end.” I’m sure she doesn’t mind if they fight over her, as long as they are both still there to fight over her. “I will choose Kenny,” Yeah..that is because Jon also has Neda. Kenny only has you. If Neda wasn’t in the house, that opinion might not be the same. “Jon, who will you cuddle with when I’m gone?” *gags*

BB Wannabe

LOL Andrew please, Jon jealous of yours and Kenny’s bromance????? That is one of the most hilarious things you’ve said in this house. He isn’t jealous, little do you know he can’t stand yours and Kenny’s punk, cocky asses. Ugh I can’t wait for the day when Kenny’s ass is out the door and it would be golden if it was next week.

Jon and Neda to the Final 2

I HATE the wannabe Duck-Dynasty ahole Kenny!

I disliked that creature from the moment I laid my eyes on him. DESPICABLE person, disgusting human… Andrew is maybe more obnoxious but no one is as conniving and backstabbing bastard as Kenny.


Gary is the most annoying person in the world makes Canada look bad


Gary you are the most annoying girl/guy in canada