Big Brother Canada 2 – Neda & Sarah tell Sabrina to not even pack her bags.

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 5th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 7th
HOH Winner: Canada Next HOH: April 3rd
Original Nominations: Andrew & Sabrina
Current Nominations: Andrew & Sabrina
Last Evicted Houseguest Ika
Have Nots Jon & Adel

BBCAN2-2014-04-03 09-12-00-963

12:10pm By the front door – Neda is ironing her shirts for the house guests to wear. Neda says I am like regretting the decision of wanting to work with him. Jon says HUNDO! Neda says what the f**K! Neda says I already said he has a curse on his head and whoever works with him goes home. JOn says as soon as we get power.. Neda says yeah I am over it, don’t need it any more. Jon heads to the main bedroom to lay down. He tells Rachelle that if he wins HOH she is safe. Racehelle says he is too if she wins. They discuss whether or not it will be a double eviction. Jon says after Andrew leaves we can send Heather or Adel home.. He says so much sh*t. I don’t even believe his power. He showed me the back but it was ripped off. It could have been just for one week for all we know. I guess we’ll find out tonight. Rachelle says she’s worried about going. Jon says even if you went up you would have the votes to stay. They talk about how the next people to go should be Heather, Adel and Allison. Jon comments on how Allison threatened him trying to keep Gordo. Jon says yeah keep threatening me .. you’re next.

BBCAN2-2014-04-03 09-22-19-000

BBCAN2-2014-04-03 09-29-44-482

12:35pm In the storage room Adel talks to Kenny about how he really just wants his prize and tells Kenny to not make him use his power. Adel says he really wants his prize and that there has already been a grand, 5 grand and who knows what he will get but it will be good. Kenny just nods.

Andrew picks Allison up and she says no, no .. I’m too heavy!
BBCAn2-2014-04-03 09-36-48-548

12:50pm – 1:10pm Up in the bathroom – Sabrina asks Neda if she is sure that she isn’t going home. Neda says she is staying as long as people aren’t lying to her. She says that she is voting for her to stay and so is Jon. Sarah joins them and Sabrina starts doing Neda’s make up. Neda and Sabrina both tell Sabrina to not even pack her bags. They tell her she’s staying. Sabrina says what freaks me out is what if its a double and I do go home. Sarah says well maybe pack it then. Rachelle says if its a double then any of us could go home. Sabrina says oh yeah right.

1:25pm In the bedroom – Jon asks how do you get a yeaster? From the towels? Sarah says yeah from that or putting our you know what’s together. Jon asks what are you doing later? Sarah says not that!

1:35pm Andrew and Allison are on the couch talking about random things. When Andrew gets up to head upstairs he stops at the stairs and tells Allison when I leave all I want is for you to stand here and give me a kiss, okay!? Allison doesn’t say anything but put her head in her hands.

BBCAn2-2014-04-03 10-44-56-600

1:45pm – 2pm Rachelle and Kenny are sitting on the chairs by the bathroom. Kenny tells Rachelle about his conversations with Jon and Adel this morning. Kenny tells Rachelle that if he wins HOH he will be putting Jon and Adel up on the block. Rachelle asks what about his power? Kenny says I don’t care.

2pm Big Brother asks the house guests to move the couches so that the gap is larger below the tv screens. Soon after big brother blocks the feeds.

3:15pm The Live Feeds are still blocked..

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please upload videos fo Allison and Andrew.!!!!


Boring boring boring show


Please don’t. Blech….


I’ve come to a conclusion. The house is full of Big Brother Wannabes. Kudos that they made it on the show. Can’t take that away from them. But, when it comes to their game play — it’s all talk. Talk is cheap until you have the power to actually do something.

Everyone talks a Big Game. That talk gets around to everyone. Everyone then feels threatened and gets mad and then makes plans to target that person. Not to mention that their targets and plans and alliances seem to change every other day. Everyone is getting all worked up about all the talking each other is doing. The reason is because none of them know how to separate Game Talk from Personal Talk.

If I were in the house, this would be my strategy:

1. Be a GENUINELY nice guy. I’d treat people exactly how I do in life, with kindness and with compassion (while being cautious and observant of being played). If I had a personal problem with someone, I’d go talk to them one-on-one.

2. I’d be doing a lot less talking and a lot more listening and observing.

3. When the drama rises, stay out of it. Let the drama queens bury themselves. In the midst of all of it, remain a calm, friendly influence and if you’re questioned about it, just say that you’re just separating the game from how you treat people. “I can play the game and still show kindness and compassion to people.” On the flip side of that, I would immediately get involved if someone was being bullied.

4. Keep in mind that it’s Big Brother and still have fun and enjoy the experience. I’m used to making up fun games with the things around me and helping keep people occupied. I’m a jokester without taking it too far. (Don’t mess with people’s food, for example.) I also like scaring people. The trick to all of this is timing. Know when to do these things and know when to lay low or stop.

5. Swear on nothing but prove that my word is all they’d need. I would lie as little as possible and never lie about things that could hurt people personally. Keep it in context of the game.

6. Keep the viewers at home informed in the Diary Room, treating them as part of your alliance.

7. I would throw most of the competitions. I wouldn’t want to win HOH until I absolutely had to. I’d win one POV or task to try to show that I’m at least trying. I wouldn’t want to be considered a physical threat.


^^Sounds like this could be Heather’s strategy.


Except that I don’t act sugary sweet or come across as a cartoon character.


More like Arlie 101 if you ask me


Cute strategy. A sure fire bet to never be cast on the show. These people aren’t “big brother players” or “wannabe’s”. They’re just plain NUTS. Insecure, delusional, self important self absorbed, egotistical, it makes for horrible game play and interesting television. If they cast a group of Jacks for a season, the ratings would plummet. People don’t watch for the game play, they may tell themselves or others they do, but they don’t, because there is only weak gameplay every bloody season. Every once in a blue moon you get someone who is both an entertaining character and strong player, like a Kirby or a Reyes, but mostly they just look for the Sabrina’s and Jon’s. Both of whom absolutely suck btw.


I do agree with what you are saying about personal vs. game talk. Most of the houseguests do get that twisted, but I don’t really think that really differs from house to house. Some of the people can’t really separate their emotions from the game, and that’s why they are bad players, we see it every season. It gets hard because you are still living your life and the line between game and reality can become really blurred. Those who can tell the difference tend to fare better than those who can’t.

I think the worst offenders for playing the game too personally are Andrew, Kenny, Sabrina and Adel (I would add Rachelle but I don’t think Rachelle even knows this is a game, I am surprised that she knows where she is most of the time).

Kenny and Andrew are the WORST for it though, they are the cattiest bitches in the entire house. I’ve said this many times but Kenny is such a Mean Girl. He’s constantly personally attacking people, talking about how stupid they are and sort of getting people to join in. He’s so high school.


That’s a good point. Many houseguests have that problem. Just not nearly as much as this crew does.

Dan Gheesling played his game a lot the way I described. I got to talk to him a couple of years ago and he said it was a good game plan but I’d have to stay focused at all times to pull it off. It’s naturally how I am in life anyway but he’s right. I’d have to stay focused because, as he said, life in the house is amplified and it’s easy to get thrown off.


I truly truly believe that Dan is the best player to ever play this game and more people should learn from what he did. He let the viewers in on everything, and then turned around and gave the other contestants nothing. He listened to everyone, and then stuck himself snugly in the middle letting other people duke it out. It was great. I’m always disappointed when the contestants take every lie personally. It leads to stupid voting.


There are people who think Dan Gheesling is a psychopath, based on the way he has played the game–completely emotionless. I think it must be hard to keep emotions out of it, so while I think your strategy is noble, I think it’s impossible for anyone to say how they’d behave in this kind of environment.


@Name – I talked about that with Dan, his emotionlessly ruthless game. That’s where he and I differed in our opinions. But we did it respectfully. I’m a person of faith, as he is. He did things like swear on the Bible knowing he wasn’t going to keep his word and I could never do that. My faith comes before everything else. It’s the central core of who I am. My goal in the game would be to never lie. That’s a tall order for Big Brother.

But, like I said previously, I’m more interested in being there for the experience. As long as I could last until jury, I’d be content. I think it would be great to be the first person in jury to have that week to myself! I truly don’t think I could win. At least not without divine intervention! 🙂 But, I’d have a lot of fun!


…. So that would be the result of the differences in attitude and game strategy between you and Dan. Dan went in BB to win the game, not to get to the jury house. In my books too, Dan is the best player ever! Not at all a psychophat, just very intelligent, extremely disciplined, able to focus on the prize. He wasn’t rude to his house guest and did not attack them on personal level. It can be done, he proved it.


I’m the “Name” who made the earlier comment about Dan’s emotionless play. I’m not saying he is a psychopath–just that his lack of emotion and ruthlessness did freak some viewers out. I have no idea what he’s like in real life. As for him not being “rude”–I agree that he didn’t resort to name-calling or outright bullying. However, I thought Dan was sometimes really cruel in his manipulation of others.


P.S. Jack – I’m not religious at all, but I too try to live with integrity, be accountable for my actions, and be kind to others. But there’s no question for me that my emotions would come into play in a house like this, and that I would probably end up getting cranky and frustrated with people. And I think the fact that this game pretty much requires deceit would make it a really difficult one for me. So I’m wondering about you and your proposed game play–how would you reconcile the whole issue of deception with your desire to remain true to yourself? Would you try to play the game without ever lying? Do you think it’s even possible to win that way? The only person who comes to mind for me is Ethan, the soccer player who won Survivor. He’s the only BB or Survivor winner I can think of who managed to win while playing a clean game (there might be a bit of revisionist history here, but I think he played a pretty clean game). Then again, if, as you say, you wouldn’t care if you won, I guess it’s moot. Still, I always wonder: Can you play a clean game and win? And how do we each define “a clean game” in the context of shows like BB and Survivor?


sounds more like Neda…

bb is a house full of crazy

Sounds like Arlie’s strategy.


1)It is a lot easier to be a armchair observer than be a participant in THE GAME.
2)IMO your writing gives me the impression that you come across very innocent in a sheltered way therefore I am speculating you would make the ideal BB contestant one adds as a extra number to their side which can be gotten rid of once you are of no use.


I don’t disagree with you at all, actually. That’s why I would never expect to win the game. I wouldn’t be a floater, though. The “innocence” that you mentioned is just my belief in how to treat people. I couldn’t shun anyone or make fun of other people. But I’m also street smart, having lived all over the world and been everything from homeless to making good money. My realm of life experience has taught me not to be a sucker and believe everything I hear and it’s given me the skills to deal with difficult situations. I would be the last person the houseguests should under-estimate.

I’m a nice person but I’m not a sap who is ruled by his emotions. I’m very organized and detail-oriented. I’m great at puzzles and memorizing. I’m also athletic but not a muscle head. If I found an alliance I thought I could trust, I’d have no problems being in it. Like I said, I’m not a floater who would just sit back and let everything happen as I sailed by. I’m just more subtle than most of the people who play this game. Someone said my strategy sounds “utopian” which I would have to agree with. But I do have the skills to play that out until the need arises to change it. I would just refuse to do it through bullying, cockiness or being mean. Out the first week? Not me.

Me apply… What’s the point of just dreaming about it and all this speech? Go for it, hopefully we see you in the house next year.


That’s quite the Utopian vision of things. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t get the chance to do half of what you say, because you’d be gone within the week.
BTW, we haven’t seen the true Heather yet, I don’t think….


Its a good strategy and its pretty much the exact one Arlie is using. He is the best player in the game at the moment.


yup. Most connected.
Most willing to cut anyone’s throat at any moment.
Most “in mind” as future ally if needed.
Unlikely to want this HoH. (Too bad for Adel & Co.)


Wtf is wrong with Neda and Jon and why are they planning to ditch Adel. He has their back more than anyone now! Also Jon is getting way to excited, he just talks game to whoever. Why would he throw Adel under the bus to Rachelle and talk about Allison? Allison would most likely align with Sabrina and Rachelle anyway! Neda needs to talk to Jon and tell him to shut his mouth. He is going to ruin this little alliance that Arlie put together. He trust Sarah so much and is still dying to work with Kenny and then he throws Adel under the bus. Sometimes keeping your mouth shut is the best thing to do in the house.


I like Jon, but he’s ruining his own game. He is just incapable of keeping a thought to himself.


I really don’t get why he’s confiding in Rachelle. That seems crazy to me, and makes me question his entire strategy.


Ayesha I was thinking the same thing, my biggest fear is Adel will be exposed tonight if his side doesn’t win and he gets put on the block…they are all expecting him to use it to take himself down and put up Kenny and when that doesn’t happen he will lose everyone and that will be so sad to watch. I hope he can pull out a win that way he doesn’t have to use his card and he doesn’t have to convince anyone else to put up Kenny from the beginning, I know everyone thinks he will win the veto but I don’t know if taking the chance of him not going up is worth it. I just hope Adel can stop using his “veto” as a threat that doesn’t exist. Jon is so scatter brained and the fact that he wants to work with Kenny so bad is whack…I know he doesn’t see what we see, but he even Arlie told him that Kenny wants to put him up…open your eyes and realize that you guys have to win HOH tonight and put up Kenney and Sarah fine put up Allison but it would be great to see Sarah up there and watch her sweat it out. I don’t think I can watch this week if Adel’s side doesn’t win because Kenny and his bandits will be insufferable.


AFis point I would not feel too sad if Adel gets put on the block because his lie is getting old. Canada being HOH saved his ass from being exposed this week, however he decided to keep lying and its the type of lie he can’t come back from. He should have at least told Arlie and them that his power expired this week.
I hope Heather, Adel or Jon win HOH. Also Arlie needs to pay close attention to Jon the big mouth. He could jeopardise their game plan if he doesn’t stop the verbal diarrhoea. Neda also needs to wake up and pay attention to things and have conversations with Adel, Heather and Arlie, since she doesn’t want to win any comps yet.
Ugh if the outsiders don’t win this HOH well then too bad, Canada got the ball rolling in their favour so they need to step it up.
One thing I liked about Sabrina From last night’s episode was that even though the first 5 were targeted by Canada, she was ready to fight compared to Andrew who just gave up. But I still hope she leaves lol I think she needs to lose BB to gain some humility and come back down to earth.


Does anyone know if Adel’s Veto card is transferable to another player?


Adels magic veto card can do anything Adel wants it to, and it just keeps on going. LOL.


That’s my favorite post this Season!


People keep crediting Arlie with putting the alliance together but it was Adel that worked on it, especially with the girls. Adel was the one that got Heather and Neda talking.

Adel or Heather are in need of the DPOV right now if this new alliance is to work. Obviously Neda and Jon, and maybe Arlie, would consider not using it on either Heather or Neda.

Jon has Kenny envy so strong that he can not sit back and focus on what needs to be done.


A friend of mine lives near Kenny and Jon says that they actually know each other and roll with the same people. There may be more going on between these two than we realise.

another name

it was already revealed when kenny told sarah he is gay that he (kenny) was worried that jon might have known because kenny is friends with jon’s girlfriend. he (kenny) had the same worry about allison because she is friends with one of his friends, and they have encountered each other socially.

ihate sarah

lol..lets just pick a bunch of people that live on the same block and put them on bb together WTF..


That isn’t true.

another name

actually, you are correct. i am in error. the allison part is mentioned at approx. min 20-22. i started the video, minimized the screen and started searching through other site sourcess in order to determine how much of the confession was strategy and how much was heartfelt admission. on a thread that was quoting a since removed tweet supposedly from a member of kenny’s family and further stating the intertangled relationships of the east coasters i mixed what i was hearing from the video with what i was reading from another source. the entire thread doesn’t seem to exist anymore, so i am still trying to retreive the three sites i was checking to determine if it was game or heartfelt or a mix of the two in an attempt to find comments reagarding what i read or a link back to the source. truly it was an honest mistake. in no way did i mean to assert a lie or spread rumor. i apologize.


At work, what did I miss? Whats with the sudden turnaround on Adel, did he tell them about his power?

ihate sarah

ugggg i LOVE adel but he went to kenny and said please dont make me use my power beacuse i want the prize instead(i dont think there is a prize) he just really needs to stop lying about the “power’ no one believes him and its making him an even bigger target(if that is possible)


It’s been a couple weeks. I disagree with you folks 1/2 believe him and that’s what’s dangerous for Adel. He has to shut up already or he’s going to be toast soon. He needs to finish the lie off and thank everyone for letting him win the prize(there is none of course), and the veto has expired. Production had to be given the card back for him to win. Or some similar BS story.

As to Joneda a lot of interesting things the last few days. Jon’s starting to string together multiple days of the “idiot of the day” award. His game9wasn’t much action anyway) is/has gone south very quickly. At this point he’s in the Tri State area and he’s heading to Florida and the Keys at that.

The discussion about he and Kenny knowing each other is interesting. Jon’s been selling on the feeds but Kenny isn’t buying. Kenny wins and doesn’t nom Jon and says it a backdoor move on him. Perhaps he throws the POV to protect Jon going up. Or maybe Kenny isn’t playing and Jon is his target.


Adel is becoming a bit of a liability though, he can’t keep a story straight. His game talk and faces are TERRIBLE. He’s loyal to a fault and too trusting but also seems sort of hard to work with. He doesn’t really listen to people when they talk game, he seems like he has his own strategy and is very inflexible. In addition to that, Adel isn’t being totally honest with his alliance and it may come back to bite all of them hard.

I think Adel seems like a great person but he needs to be more careful and be more of a team player.


Exactly, Adel is going to lose viewer support if he keeps up this kind of gameplay.


I have no idea what Jon is friggin’ doing anymore..he’s ruining his own game…Neda is not on anyone’s radar, so she’s good for now..but wtf is Jon doing trying to stir up the pot..he’s getting himself into so much trouble…i mean wtf is this deal with Kenny???…i mean…*URGH…i’m not even going to say my bad joke…but seriously…he is fucking no one but himself…however, i do believe Adel do not did not do any favours for himself when he made up this thing about his fake power…that’s probably why Jon and Neda is considering ditching him…they just don’t believe in his fake power and they are right…


Adel extending his lie beyond this week was a huge error. He should have let the power die. But is is getting into more trouble by running his mouth about his alliance and who is in it. Mouth running gets a person dumped.


both Adel and Jon are getting themselves in huge trouble…and WILL go if they don’t win HoH…

another name

gut feeling assessment: before they went to sleep last night jon and adel were talking worst case scenarios. jon mentioned the rock and hard place he would be in if the other side (specifically kenny) won hoh and put jon and adel up for eviction. jon said that’s well and good for you adel, you can use your power and save yourself… but what does that do for me? i’m still potentially out the door. therefore in the morning he is having conversations with kenny and sarah and anyone else that could pose a threat to him. any deals he is making are an attempt to take the target off of his back. if his side wins hoh, business as usual. if his side loses he is hoping by making false promises he is saving himself from the block. the problem with his strategy is the timing. if he had gone to make these deals yesterday instead of stirring the pot, then his chances of success would have been greater. his strategic ideas aren’t awful, but his timing and execution are proving to be the undoing of his gameplan.


why the hell is adel’s power even a factor…no one believes him anyways and it’s not even real…i just don’t get it…

another name

adel’s power is considered a factor because adel has been so vocal about how much power he has been given. therfore, he has given his allies a false sense of security. he attempted to hold the power over other’s heads, which is a great short term strategy. however, attempting to make this short term stategy long term has put him in danger. switching his story from a two week veto power to a two week diamond veto power to a three week daimond veto power to a prize pack bigger than ever seen on the price is right if he doesn’t use it….. that’s where he falls apart. it was a true error to show weakness to kenny in saying don’t make me use my power because i want the prize: why would your enemy show mercy and help you play your game. it’s the same as sabrina asking heather to help her with dates of events a few days ago (i believe heather’s comment was ‘why would i help you, you’re not on my side). now that his team has taken him at his word, and he is faltering because he knows his power is not equal to what he has advertised, both his side and the opposition are doubting the veracity of his claims. since his power was one of his biggest selling points to his inclusion in his alliance… he may have made a complete error in gameplay.


I don’t think Jon is dying to work with Kenny. He’s probably just saying he’s ditching Adel to Rachelle to get the message across to Kenny to let Kenny’s guard down.


Is it just me or is Jon getting cocky? I haven’t been following the show all along. He’s talking like he’s running the house now.


Jon was told about how adel went around and talked about thier alliance and who was specifically in it. they had asked him to keep a lid on it earlier in the week just in case this hoh doesn’t go their way and he didnt hence why they cant trust him now. they both became bigger targets then they already were neda finally hit the radar

hey girl hey

I know it’s not going to happen but I would love to see Arlie win Hoh tonight. He’s probaly going to throw it because with heather, and maybe Sarah he’s in th best postion in the house. But I do think Arlie favors Jon and Neda allicance over kenny and sab. It would be instering to see if he would really backdoor Kenny like he wants to, and try to mist Sarah or get out out Sab and piss of Rachelle.


Arlie’s talking a big game, lets see if he really has the balls to make that kind of move. Should be interesting. I’m praying for Adel to win so we can put an end to his fake “power” and then his side will have the numbers.


Production gave him a MAJOR out with Canada’s HOH but he decided to lie and say it was extended to 3 weeks.

If he stuck with what he originally said – 2 weeks, he wouldn’t be in this situation.

I love Adel to death but he got cocky. He should have said ‘Oh well. It’s over. I’m not going to change Canada’s noms’

He’d be in the clear right now, his alliance would be rallied and they would all be 100% focused on winning HOH – not relying on his backup.


Adel is starting be become a real douche himself, going on about his “power” is getting old!


ZZ I wouldn’t call it being a douche, I think he’s just trying desperately to stay in the game and fight.


He needs a better strategy. What he’s putting out there is weak and it’s making people more suspicious of him.

bb is a house full of crazy

He lied about it right from the get go. He’s scrambling to try to get out of that lie (I want the prize, which I get if I don’t use it etc…)


It’s kind of douchy at that point, if I was in the house I would have so much doubts and it would be so annoying to ear about a power your not even sure about every day for 3 weeks!! It’s too much, It’s not even believable at that point.

Nana Jo

I think Arlie is playing the smartest game in the house right now. He’s just that bit quirky and mysterious and keeps enough to keep people guessing without overplaying his hand. I love Jon, but he is seriously imploding at the moment. He needs to seriously shut-up. Neda has a maturity he just doesn’t possess. Heather is a classy girl. I’d be very proud if she was my daughter. She is kind, thoughtful and intelligent. Edel is a sweet guy but needs a bit more gumption if he’s to get anywhere. I dislike Kenny more and more each day. Ditto, Sarah, who is an appalling example of motherhood and fidelity. It’s like she’s slipped back into single partying 20’s mode and doesn’t really know who she is or what she wants to be. I have a feeling her husband will want a serious talk when she gets home. Rachelle is the definition of the word coma. She’s like a beige chair in an all beige room. Nothing to define her at all. As for Allison … good riddance! I voted for her and am very upset at my lack of judgement. Either of the other two would have a far better choice. I can’t wait for Andrew to leave. What a disgusting pig! The way he yelled at Heather … but she handled it with such grace. Allison give your head a shake! As for Sabrina …. I don’t have enough words. She’s a spoiled, immature, lying, deluded, paranoid, needy mean-girl. She’s also very jealous of Heather which is why she treats her so badly. I hope she’s next to go!


I thought Sarah was married…WTF ! Go Adel Go !


Couldn’t agree more.


Did you guys see Sarah in a feed yesterday saying to Kenny : ” I swear on my f…ing kids that if you leave next week or don’t make it to the jury house I will die”….. Wow! What mother says such things? I still cannot believe it. I feel so sorry for her kids and her husband. To say that on national tv about your children!

Ihate sarah

Well like sarah said “kenny” comes first!
Nothing that she does shocks me anymore
Its just gonna get worse


Kenny is no fool. All he needs is to be more personable and a least try and treat Neda,Heather, and Adel as game players. Choosing to not speak any game talk with some people will hurt him. He feels too comfortable with the girls, Sab,Rach,Alli,& Sarah.
Jury is coming up and he needs to build relationships with people and drop the douche attitude.

The scene on last night’s episode where Andrew called Heather a dumb bitch because she didn’t pick Kenny for the veto was horrible. Andrew never even speaks to Heather but then when he needed something, he expected her to listen?!! That’s is why I don’t like Andrew and Kenny! No respect


Andrew did the same to Ika when she shredded the letters. Both Kenny and Andrew ignored Ika and let it be known they wanted her out yet expected her to ignore the money and let them have what they wanted………..knowing they would be voting her out anyway. How dumb are some of these players?

BB Wannabe

Kenny can gtfo. He thinks he owns that house despite only giving one person genuine time ( Sarah). LOL okay buddy.

Really rooting for Jon and Arlie. They know how to play the game without crossing personal lines and being hateful towards these individuals, especially not to their face.

Someone needs to take the 1st 5 alliance down another peg this week once again, that would be way too sweet to watch.


Hasn’t anyone caught onto the fact that *basically* what Adel says his power does is pretty much, more or less, a Diamond POV. If in fact that does get thrown into the house and Adel just happens to find it (because it seems like that’s what production wants), and tells no one, he will never have to tell anyone he lied about his “power”, thus keeping him safe from eviction because of his lie. Then he will have 2 powers without anyone being the wiser.

Of course – this would all hinge on the chance that BB doesn’t “announce” there is a DPOV hidden in the house somewhere and a mad scramble ensues.
It’s very clear he’s a production favourite and they basically are solidifying the lie he told for him, by placing this very convenient “twist” in the house.

However…I am really not complaining. It’s impossible not to root for this underdog who has been bullied for no apparent reason whatsoever.

And the fact that some houseguests are questioning whether his religion is real or a farce is DISGUSTINGGG. That is one of the most insulting things I have ever read in my life, I am not a religious person whatsoever, but the fact someone is questioning something so important to him, his faith, is really really deplorable. Just when I think things can’t get worse in that house, they do.


Which hg questioned his religion?? Kenny?


I thought there were a group of them talking and it was Andrew but I may be wrong.


Kenny & Allison this morning in the kitchen.

No Nose Pickers

When BB opened the HOH room for them yesterday I noticed that Kenny immediately started to check the drawers ect, so they’re actively looking for stuff around the house.


Exactly, I mean How low can you be to talk badly about someone’s religion, or to think that their faith is fake. Adel should go up to Kenny and be like….”IMA PRAY 4 U BRO!!…..would luv to see Kenny’s face!!


Why is it disgusting to question whether someone’s actually religious or not?


Are people really back to targeting Heather? Beyond stupid.


Is it though? I think people see her as the ultimate swing vote, which makes her dangerous.


Adel is the underdog and it makes me sick that Andrew will not look at him or include him. Andrew treats him like he has no business being in the house.

another name

adel and the production crew have worked very hard for adel to be viewed as the underdog. i truly believe that it has been his strategy to be viewed as the underdog, since he has as much as said repeatedly that canada loves an underdog fighting back from adversity story. andrew and adel have had an adversarial relationship since week two when kyle and adel became confrontational with the rest of the players about the backdoor scenario. adel has intentionally placed himself in the underdog role and it has helped to increase his popularity, and helped to increase the animosity felt toward his opposition. does it suck that a person is left excluded? sure it does. but truly, it’s part of the strategy that adel is playing. i’m not saying andrew is a great guy here. i’m not judging the personality or character of any of the players. i’m looking at strategy and game play. and the fact that a strong reaction is felt sympathizing with adel’s plight means that his strategy is working.


Yeah, he definitely seems to be banking on continued support from Canada. He’s totally working the underdog angle. Basically he and Jon have both been saying that if any more decisions are placed in Canada’s hands, they’ll be golden. Didn’t Adel even say Canada would s*ck Jon’s d*ck? I think they’re both likable guys, but they need to stop hoping for help from the outside.

another name

there’s an inherent problem with playing the underdog strategy…when rising from the ashes and feeling a sense of power, ego comes into play. if the underdog isn’t careful about maintaining humility, riches can just as quickly be turned to rags. no matter which side is in power they will ALWAYS say things akin to ‘we’re going to run this house’ and ‘we’re golden’. production can and will manipulate circumstance in order to help favored and popular houseguests… but they have to stay in character and not lose their status. it’s sort of funny to me that on paper, looking at the individual characteristics of the first five without assessing their personalities, but only gaging their character roles, they could have been seen as an underdog dream team: the former fat kid that hit the gym but is still an impulse control bag of insecurity, the closet for game gay guy, the plus size insecure girl, the oldest girl, and the weird guy… that’s not the usual mixture to be considered alpha dogs. again, not assessing their behavior, asssessing their character roles. but they were the alpha dogs, and that along with response to behavior made them hated. and now in the bizzaro-verse, the underdog team of the jock the pretty girls and canada’s favorite which in any other big brother game would have been viewed as potential alpha team are feeling the power. how long before power corrupts?


Adel could be walking out the door next thursday if he doesn’t win HOH or POV or find the hidden Veto because everyone will know he lied and won’t work with him anymore….is only hope is that if he doesn’t win HOH that Heather will because I think she would do want he wants…. I don’t think he should trust Jon, Neda or Arlie because those three are playing both sides.


Totally Agree, Adel should trust Heather the most, out of everyone in his alliance, because no matter what them to will always be targets. The best thing for them to do is stick together, and hopefully one of them wins HOH, POV or the DPOV, and then they can decide what is best for their game play. But as of right now I dont really trust Jon. Neda will just follow what Jon says, and Arlie is very hard to read so I don’t know where he stands but I still don’t trust him….Heather or Adel for the HOH win!!


Oh what a tangled web Adel weaves lol! Lie just gets bigger and bigger. He has become annoying to watch because he too, is arrogant. He is an arrogant, underdog! Adel has no strategy, doesn’t think things through…honestly he is really an idiot. Who plays in comps and loses them so fast, the last POV challenge was a joke, dance off was a joke……is Adel really that dumb?? I am middle eastern so i guess i can say this but Adel is the stereotypical arab guy lol…kind of an asshole, knee jerk reaction to everything, and just plain difficult….typical scenario..he probably walks around saying “fuck this, fuck everyone BRO..ADEL IS STUBBORN!


I wouldn’t count on Adel winning anything. He’s not good at comps.


The way I see it, people are disappointed they voted for Allison. Everyone had glimpses of her and listened to her in the war room, They formed an opinion of her and thought she would really play the game. Up to the time she went into the game, we believed we were making the right decision. We were fooled.

But, the HGs, who don’t have the opportunity to see what we see, have to make up their minds sorting through all the lies and bs that is flying around the house and we get upset with them when they make a wrong decision.

So, if the viewers, with more information than the HGs can make such a huge mistake by voting in Allison, how can the HGs possibly wade through all those lies and bs and make a proper decision?

We sit in front of our computers, read comments, talk to others and form our opinions. The HGs have had so many lies and bs to filter out that no one really knows what’s what but still they have to try and reach the conclusion that their move is the best for them. That must be the hardest part of being in the BB House. No matter who wins, they deserve it.


It is time for Adel to win HOH this week. I really hope he can win because if not…I think the house will put him up with Heather as usual because they are easy targets.

Neda is not loyal to Adel unfortunately. She sucks up with the group and slips in where the power is. She mentioned that oh its great that there is a power shift this week, but in her mind its temp. and she doesn’t have a problem jumping ship to another side as long as she’s safe. Also, I am worried if Neda won HOH she would put Adel up from pressure from the whole group.

Jon is way too nervous. He is talking way too much and is so hyper today. Maybe he’s just excited to eat and be off slop.

Jon needs to stick with Arlie and Adel, with Neda and Heather as support for their group. If Kenny, Sarah, Allison, Sabrina, or Rachelle win HOH then someone from the other side is definitely leaving…and I have a feeling it will be Adel unless he takes himself off the block.

Heather or Adel for HOH (leaning more for Adel) !


Neda talks so much shit about Adel and it’s not even game. Why not try to do something yourself Neda?? She keeps throwing competitions – a true floater/coaster.


not necessarily, people like rachelle don’t deserve it..she thinks bb is gonna be a launching pad for her, she is just happy she is on tv!

Ross Gary

First of all, All you bashing Adel, are so retarded, the reason that is, is that he does not really have an alliance, this guys closest allies were evicted Weeks 2, 3, and 4. Adel has something that the house believed is true because of the whole Twitter Instagram thing where they say he has a special power. He should go with it and say what he needs to say. I don’t agree with him saying its an extra week because that puts doubt and an even bigger target on him. Personally I would’ve kept my mouth shut about what power I had regardless and see the houseguests squirm like a bunch of insects. Again, this is a game and every player that had been evicted this year and previous big brother say its harder to be in the house than what people think it is. I am a big fan of Adel and support him. I believe he just lay low and let everybody take each other out and watch them all target.

Jon is playing dangerously and it might bite him in the ass in the end.

The idiot that commented above says that he’s Middle Eastern and is bashing Adel, Who the #$%^ are you to say that he’s a “stereotypical arab” and that he’s kind of an asshole. You obviously are a internet gangster hiding behind a computer. Go jump in a pool and drown

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Do we know who received the secret power of veto?


If I were production I’d hide the veto at the bottom of the hot tub. You can’t see anything when it’s turned on. I think it would be the best place. Too many people are looking in the drawers.

Or take a page out of Dani Donato’s brilliant hiding skills and hide it in a bucket of slop. (Can’t believe I remember that).


just recently, when Adel bumped the hanging light in the bedroom, he paused for a second. I thought he was going to run his hand along the top of the fixture to check for something…hmmm…


Adel’s pillow. 🙂


do we have any leaks out ??

just wondering who one HOH


Maybe the reason as to why Adel didn’t use Canada’ HOH to say hi power had expired.I think that be believes that as long as he still had the power, everyone will not go after him(with minute possible that maybe he really does have it) IMO.Adel has put himself in a really bad spot but I can’t blame him no one has his back maybe jst heather.. ( n she is also a target ) what baffles me is why r they targeting player who have no connection n leave players with strong connection intact ???


There’s a rumour going around that Jon wins HOH

Johhny (the European one!)

Where did you hear/read that rumour?


Many of the BBSpoiler pages on Twitter have tweeted out about an unconfirmed rumour that he wins. Spoilers are usually out by now, but for whatever reason there’s nothing confirmed as of this minute.


First Spoilers: Andrew Evicted, Double Eviction next week, no word on who won HOH




Please let Adel find any and every POV in the house…. or win a POV comp.

I don’t think Adel will win HOH….ever unless maybe if it is an endurance one and Kenny or Allison get out early (which I doubt).

If next week is a double eviction…then I would love to see Rachelle, Allison, or Heather leave.

Allison deserves to leave….she hasn’t even done any game playing until after its confirmed Andrew is leaving. And all she did was cry in the storage room and Sarah and Sabrina solidified their relationship with her.

Allison is buckled in and riding the floater coaster…..hopefully out of the house next week!


It is so funny seeing Rachelle on TV lol we were friends in high school… goodness doesnt look like she is making Edmonton very proud! FYI- super stuck up, comes from a very rich Jewish family… her brother’s autism is the only thing that humbles her. I didn’t plan for her to be this quiet.. she is normally loud and obnoxious. So funny seeing someone you know on TV Lol


Well, it might be funny for you, because you know her, but for the rest of us it sucks. Rachelle has no place in this game. Horrible player, horrible human being, with no brains.