Jon says my two favorite spots to drink are kitchen.. and shed!

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 19th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 21st
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ADEL & Arlie
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

BBCAN2-2014-04-16 06-30-03-702

9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Arlie says good morning Alli, I need you baby! They both head to the bathroom. Jon and Neda head into the bedroom and Jon says one more day! Neda agrees. All the house guests are really tired. Allison is in the kitchen getting a glass of water. She looks in the mirror and laughs. She then heads to the living room couch and Arlie says good morning. Allsion says its not a good morning. JOn joins them. Allison says I feel like I’m dying. Jon asks Allison if she does a lot of day sleeping for her work. She says she works nights. She says they’re going to hate me. Jon says or love you. Allison says with all the crying. Jon says you cried once or twice. Allison says both times I was drunk and puking. Jon says everybody does it, I’ve seen doctors get wasted. Up in the bathroom – Neda and Rachelle are doing their makeup and hair while Sabrina keeps her hand warm. Sabrina says she feels like she’s going to puke.

BBCAN2-2014-04-16 06-36-04-254

9:55am Jon asks what do you think Kenny is doing right now? Arlie says I think Kenny is sitting in jury waiting for me right now. Maybe mumzie too. Jon says you think, that would be f**ked. Jon gets up and says you’re a good guy. Arlie says I’m sure I’ll like you after too. Jon says I hope so brother. I’m sure you would like me a lot more if I came into jury right after too eh?! Jon heads to the bedroom. Jon tells Adel I bet Arlie tries to pull something today. Adel says he thinks Ally is on our side and if the Gremlins don’t then it doesn’t matter. Jon says that he isn’t going to let Arlie out of his sight. Adel says we can take turns. Jon heads to the bathroom and talks to Allison, Heather, Sabrina and Neda about how where he lives people do a lot of shed drinking. Allison agrees and says she does it. Jon says my two favorite spots to drink are kitchen.. and shed! They all laugh. Jon says everyone in Newfoundland drink in sheds. Allison says oh my god friends and family please still love me I’ve made a fool of myself in this house. In the living room Sabrina tells Arlie she needs to talk to Allison. Arlie says if you guys are even considering not keeping me after everything I told you then I know I have no chance.

BBCAN2-2014-04-16 07-02-40-082

10:15am – 10:45am Sabrina and Rachelle talk game in the bedroom. Rachelle asks do you think Allison is going to work with us? Sabrina says yeah because if she doesn’t, then using the veto on me was useless. I don’t know why we don’t fight really hard to protect ourselves but then if we win then one of us can’t compete next week. Sabrina says the only thing with keeping Adel is that he is easier to get rid of later. Rachelle says if we keep Arlie then we’re safe for one more week. Sabrina says we’re still in the same boat together. Neda and Jon join them. Sabrina questions them and isn’t sure if they are really on board. Sabrina says that both Adel and Heather are saying they’re not coming after us. Which makes me wonder if our final deal is real or if you have one with them because there aren’t many apples to choose from you know what I mean. I am putting my trust in you. So this final five (Neda, Jon, Rachelle, Sabrina, Allison) is for real? Jon says if you want it to be! Sabrina thinks Jon and Neda told Heather to tell us not to worry to throw us off of you guys being a final four.

BBCAN2-2014-04-16 07-19-43-512

11:20am – 12pm UP in the HOH room – Jon tells Neda tomorrow we are going to sell so hard for Arlie to go home. Neda agrees. They head to the kitchen. Neda says she thinks Arlie’s been in the diary room so long because Big Brother’s giving him ideas on how to stay. The conversation turns to talking about Top Chef Canada and Chopped. Rachelle asks what the f**K is he doing in there! He’s been in there for an hour. Jon says he’s telling them the plan of what he’s going to do. Arlie comes out of the diary room. Neda says that was a long one ..were you revealing your plan to them. Jon says he’s got a veto. Neda says check his a$$!

BBCAN2-2014-04-16 08-08-20-174

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so it looks like the vote is 3(heather,Neda Allison) to 2(rachelle,Sabrina) Arlie goes home?? hope it stays that way


So Allison switch side again?? She is now with Jon??



only she and the DR know at this point


i believe allison wants to vote out arlie (she does not trust him, considers him a threat) but wants to stay with sabrina and rachelle “emotionally” (her words). last night she was sort of trying to talk to sachelle about voting out arlie.. and of course sabrina threatened her to keep him.


Am I the only person that thinks that somehow the results would go 5-0? I still believe that the house would be divided this week but watching Neda and Jon last night amazes me on how they make the gremlins even question their decision on keeping Arlie. Either way I really have a gut feeling that Heather (or Neda but mostly Heather) will win this weeks HOH.


Forgot to put my name — really they should be keeping Arlie! No?


I gotta hand it to Sabrina, she is quite perceptive at times. I stayed up till 3am last night and I’m so excited for Thursday. Anybody here get tickets to be in the audience for finale? And how did you get them?


She deserves credit where it’s due. Rachelle too; now that she’s been speaking her mind more you can see that she’s not as brainless as everyone thought she was.


I hope Ali stays with Jon, Neda, and Heather.

I just can’t stand the idea of Sabrina’s little plots working.

And Arlie is the bigger threat (Between him and Adel); so the idea of getting the bigger threat out while you can should appeal to everyone.

Waiting to see if you can get Jon out later, rather than Arlie out now, leaves two strong competitors in the house. It’s just a numbers game.


Wow, so much is happening! Wish they had a 2 hour episode tonight so we can catch up.


If Allison takes Arlie to the end then SHE is the only player who might beat Arlie in the end having made the other big move and flipped the house. If she sticks to Jon, she’s at the bottom of the pol AGAIN.


That’s laughable. Allison has made absolutely NO moves in the house, let alone big moves. Her 3 reasons for using the veto were:

1) Production persuaded her to and probably offered her a bigger stipend to do it.
2) She wanted to continue to play both sides and stay on sabrina & rach’s good side by taking one of them off.
3) Because “she really, really wanted to use it.” lmao

Stop giving her more credit than she deserves. All she is and will ever be is Andrew’s doormat (hoe.)

Johhny (the European one!)

Now, now… Allison made the GREAT GAME MOVE to get drunk beyond recognition the night before the POV ceremony.
She was so drunk she wasn’t even responsive when Neda and Heather wanted to talk to her.

This drunken coma was the GAME MOVE that made them switch from backdooring her to backdooring Arlie.
Had she not done this great GAME MOVE (drunken coma), she’d have had to use her Veto on herself, a Gremlin would have gone home with only her and the other Gremlin being the minority vote, and she’d have been everyone’s open target for next eviction.

Her other great GAME MOVE happened under the covers with Andrew, when they already knew he was going home.

I recognize a STRATEGIC MASTERMIND when I see one 😉


I have to disagree with you on this. While I am not an Allison fan and she didn’t get my vote to go in the house, her actions over the last few days have been quite game worthy.

To dispute your points.

1 – Claiming production persuaded her to use it is a guess. There is no proof to that point and even if production did plant any seed in her mind, the decision to follow through with that is ultimately her choice. Just like Pandora’s Box, they can dangle the carrot, it is up to the house guest to grab it. When things don’t go our way as viewers we like to blame it on production. She used it and it was a good game move. It put her right in the middle.

2 – Of course she wanted to play both sides. That is a great place to be in this game. She can side with whoever she needs to for safety. There is nothing wrong with this strategy and many of the BB greats have done this exact same thing.

3 – Her comment about her “just wanting to use it” was a lie told to the Jon / Neda alliance to play down the fact she just screwed them over. It was an awesome game move and I can’t wait to watch tonight’s episode to see the looks on their face.

Allison showed up late for the party both in her actual entrance in to the house as well as burying her face in Andrew’s for the first few weeks but she is here now and she is definitely playing. Like her or don’t like her, she is playing Big Brother and her move shook the house up like 8.0 earthquake.

mark anthony

arlie has so much ammo to work with to convince these girls to keep him. sabrina’s intelligence is something to laugh at. she asks jon if he told heather and adel to say the things they said. what else could he do but say no and to her feeble mind that give her some sort of confirmation. arlie should be able to manipulate these goof balls and if he doesn’t he sucks. he needs to stop moping and just drill every possible scenario into these girls heads about why they would be targeted next if they vote him out. what’s funny is he wouldn’t even have to lie.

Oh Hai

You know what my favorite thing about this website is? The pictures you guys choose… LOL
The one with Slob yawning like a bear in the jungle is PRICELESS hahahaha


Actually now it looks like it’s 5-0 –Arlie goes home. That’s very dumb of Gremlins and Allison to not keep Arlie! They will be sorry!


I dont think it is such a terrible move if they get rid of Arlie. He is such a strong player. He was a beast in the veto comp when he needed to win. He has proven that his word means nothing. He can leave his emotions at the door. He knows just what to say to stroke Sabrinas ego in order to manipulate her. If they they get rid of him there is a chance neda and Jon will become the next target because they are such a strong pair. Odds are in the others favor to take the next hoh and focus on J and N. Arlie will do anything to win…and can ..they have to keep that in mind. I wouldnt put it past him to join Neda and Jon if he thought it would further his game. For the record I am on no particular side. Fun to watch though.


If Arlie stays, I think he’ll try to make it to the end with Sabrina. If I were Allison, I would not be voting to keep Arlie.


Man, even I don’t know who I want to stay.

I love Adel, he’s such a loveable character to root for. He’s been the ultimate underdog I’m honestly shocked that he made it to jury. Pre-jury everybody who was his friend went home and he survived.

Arlie has been my pre-season favourite to win. I’ve always liked Arlie throughout the game. He is honestly playing a great game, much better than shitty Peter Brown’s game. He’d make the season more exciting if he stayed, he has a very good chance of winning if he stays.

I really don’t want to see any go home. I think that Arlie would be better to stay for entertainment/gameplay purposes but if he stays Sabrina will become much more annoying again. She was so horrible to watch when she was in a power position, she has been better since she lost power. Sabrina will go back to being controlling and horrible again if she is in power and it will be very unbearable to watch.

I don’t know who’s going to stay or even who I want to stay. The best move for Allie and for The Gremlin’s is for Arlie to stay. But man, this is a crazy week. I think I might want Arlie to stay just a teeny bit more. I’ll be happy/sad for any to leave or stay for different reasons. I wish it was Allie, Rachelle or Sabrina leaving instead.

My prediction: Arlie stays.


carpe diem!

Gremlins and Allison know where they stand in the house and need each other, but why do it at helping Arlie and keep him?

Since he is on the block, not trust worthy and hey, he is in it for himself (why would a person do that?!?…lol) vote him out with the blood on Jon’s hands and agree to go after Jon next since he can’t compete for HOH?

Hell, let Jon, Neda and Heather stay together (leaving Neda and Heather as the only competition for HOH) and if I am Allison and Gremlins you lay it out to Adel and for next week it is those 4 (S, R, A, A) vs. the other 3 (J, N, H) and odds are better for you to have the power.

At this point, as power shifts, you are going to be switching all over again like this week.


as much as I don’t like the Gremlins – and Jon obviously the biggest target (if Arlie voted out) – they potentially go in to next week with the most potential for power and control should they have Allison (emotionally connected) and Adel (easy week for him should he agree to go after Jon with these 3)

…and then of course ti all goes to pot going in to the next week and the cockroaches scramble to survive!! lol


Looks now like Arlie is going home, and I’ll probably stop watching at that point.

Jon and Neda are gonna run the table after this, while Neda gets snottier and more conceited by the day. She’ll probably end up winning now, and I just cannot sit and watch that happen. Jon’s getting pretty bad too.

I can hardly even watch the feeds as is, and it’s only gonna get worse from here.


Maybe not. If the rest of the house has any game play whatsoever they must know that they have to break up such a strong pair. Whoever wins HOH will be a factor and any deals that have been made up to this point may not be honoured.


They’re all too afraid to make a big move though. If they don’t do it tomorrow they likely never will. They’re just gonna wait around to get picked off, while deluding themselves by believing Jon and Neda’s promises.

Adel is the only one left with the balls to go against them, but he’ll probably just get ratted out and be the next to go.


I don’t think that’s true at all. Just look at all that has happened in the last few weeks. I think your dislike of Neda (which you keep expressing in the threads) is colouring your view on things.


Come on girls!!! Wake up! Gotta stick with Arlie! (especially Allie-dumby!)


I think keeping Arlie would be a terrible move for Allison.


While it was a great display of persuasion by Neda (I still think it was a dumb move to BD Arlie for Jon), I hated that it was at the expense of arlie. I really wanted arlie’s angels to happen at least until after eviction this week.

Here’s hoping that the gremlins and allison will flip flop their decision again.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna mourn for the impending loss of Prince Pablo.


LMAO with the comment Sabrina keeping her hand warm, and then I saw the picture. Thanks for making me laugh!


ARLIES ANGELS ALL THE WAYYYYY, hope these girls get rid of deli.. keeping shaban in the house will make this season so much more interesting


What’s with this strategizing session with Jillian & Emmett?!?!?!? How did they ever get categorized as master game players worthy to pass on any strategy? Did they even have a strategy? If I recall the only thing they were good at was winning competitions and that was because everybody else in the house was pretty poor at being competitive in competitions! I don’t think that there was anybody in last seasons BB that had an ounce of strategy worth sharing ever again. I give credit to all (well most) of this years players for having more strategy in their pinky fingers than any player from last year. I think that the only person that Jillian could have possibly helped with any type of game strategy was Anick… that’s my opinion anyway.


I’ve only watched like 3 seasons of Big Brother, but has anyone ever been prevented from campaigning the way that Arlie is? That seems like a real low blow to prevent him from campaigning for himself.


While acting like they’re just being his friend, no less!


It’s all fair game. Sabotage is always allowed in BB.


I don’t see anything wrong in what they are doing, they didn’t ask him not to campaign, they are just ready with their own strategy, he has to come up with a counter strategy to f*** them up….


Ugh…I knew having Arlie’s fate in Sobs and Allison’s hands was going to be a friggin’ nightmare. If they stick together and take Arlie with them…then they have the NUMBERS. If they keep Adel, it will always be them three against Jon, Neda, Heather and Adel. I don’t know why they think Arlie is more untrustworthy than Jon and Neda? They were going to backdoor you, Allison… and now Sobs believes that Adel will go after Jon instead of the gremlins??

It is simple…you can’t trust Jon/Neda and more or less than Arlie. So, keep Arlie in and let them go after each other. They will be safe…have the numbers to get Jon/Neda out, a better chance at winning HOH with those numbers, and if by chance Heather or Neda win HOH, they will go after Arlie again…so what’s is the risk??

I can’t watch this flip-flopping…who can kiss my ass the most…I am scared of Arlie bullshit anymore. The aggravation has become too much to be entertaining anymore. I guess this is what I get for actually letting myself root for the gremlins and Allison to get their shit together. I would have been happy to see them make this mistake and have it bite them in the ass next week…normally…but Jon and Neda’s ego have turned me off more than the annoyance of the three stooges.

I really want Arlie to stay and go after them…or Jon/Neda are going to win the HUNDO thousand…if I hear that word from Jon one more time I might bust a blood vessle. Haven’t they figured it out by now that if he is saying “Hundo”, then he is lying…so he is ALWAYS lying…it’s like Sobs swearing on her head.

Sigh, well since they will probably change their minds 50 more times before tomorrow night…I think I am just going to give my blood pressure a break and tune in on Friday to see the smug look on Neda’s face when she has gotten what she wants..yet again.


I honestly don’t think that Arlie is as disloyal as everyone makes him out to be. He only went against the First 5 they were shitty people, and didn’t show him respect. Jon and Deli were always nicer to him than they were. Sarah was nice to him too, and that’s why he tried to take her with him. He was as loyal to her as was possible.

I think he would have been true to “Arlie’s Angels” and really would have tried to take them to the end. I think they’re making a huge mistake by voting him out.


I agree…how is his disloyalty to the 1st 5 any worse than Jon/Neda and Heather’s disloyalty to the Sloppy 2nds?? That’s why I don’t get “THE HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL’S” fear of working with him…didn’t she say over and over again that “Sir Picks A lot” told her to stick with Arlie? Didn’t she want to get Jon and Adel out to avenge him? Didn’t they ADMiT to her that they were going to backdoor her this week?

Why the heck did she save Sobs if she wasn’t going to make a big move in doing so? The only reason Sobs is backtracking this morning is because of Allison’s hesitation. Of course, if Sobs had just sat on her ass, stuffed her face and kept quite…instead of going on a power trip…then maybe they could have blind-sided Jon/Neda with the vote. But no, she had to start making threats to get people kissing her ass, which tipped off Jon/Neda and sent them scrambling to make dishonest deals…

Poor Arlie didn’t have a chance…relying on those two…I can’t believe Rachelle was actually the smart one with the voice of reason yesterday…


Every other player has a resume of at least some good things that they’ve done.

Allison has a reverse resume, where it’s just a list of all the mistakes she’s made. When Jon and Neda are done with her, she’s gonna look like one of the biggest dummies to play this game. She’s worried about looking like an idiot but she just keeps making it worse for herself.

The worst part was when she made her pitch to Canada to enter the game; she said she would be the one to make the big moves. She’s the biggest scaredy-cat in the house! All she does is latches on to whoever is in power, no matter how it effects her game.

I don’t hate the girl like some do; I’m just disappointed and want to see her do more.


Allison…THE HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL! she drunkenly calls herself…tells Jon, “When I’m drinking, I get too cocky and then screw myself”. (talking about drinking too much) Which I think is funny, since she is getting too cocky right now about her position in the house…and it is going to screw her indeed…


Jon drinks too much. period.