Adel tells Allison I swear to god I’m going after Jon! I’m going to cut off his head if I win HOH!

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 19th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 21st
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ADEL & Arlie
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

BBCAN2-2014-04-16 09-04-51-746

12:10pm In the bathroom – Heather has been cleaning most of the morning. Meanwhile in the living room – Jon tells Sabrina in the backyard that it is tripping him out that she might not follow through with the plan to get rid of Arlie. Jon says it is the ultimate show of trust. Jon says do not f**k me. Sabrina says tells Jon she’s voting out Adel. Sabrina heads out to the hot tub room. Rachelle joins her and Sabrina says I feel like we need to get rid of Arlie. Rachelle says okay, I don’t care. Sabrina says I think it is just less dangerous. You never know what he could come up with. Rachelle agrees and says he’s a plotter. Sabrina says Jon said if we keep Adel it will be the ultimate loyalty and he will never go against us. Sabrina says it will be easier to get rid of Jon and Neda.. I think that Allison has a three with Neda and JOn and that’s why she does whatever they say. We need to have a three with Allison. Rachelle says we still need to win this week. Sabrina says for sure if we do we would be golden. They head inside.

Inside Arlie says if Adel says he’s going to be glued to me, I’m going to be glued to him. Arlie says I’m going home tomorrow. Rachelle says every time you say that I think you’re not going home. Jon asks Arlie if he hates him. Arlie doesn’t answer. Jon laughs .. no answer. Arlie says I don’t hate you, I hate the situation. Arlie says that he honestly believed their goof troop alliance was real. Jon says I just think this was the only opportunity to backdoor you. Jon tells Arlie that he was the realest he’s ever been this morning. They talk about how they know Arlie would be asked back for all-stars. Jon says if something happens and you did stay and you strung together some wins you would be the ultimate player!
BBCAN2-2014-04-16 09-35-18-754

Meanwhile out in the hot tub Adel counting his votes

BBCAN2-2014-04-16 09-31-34-728

12:40pm – 1pm UP in the HOH room – Neda and Heather are talking about the possibilty of another double eviction this week. IN the bedroom – Adel tells Allison that he wants to get rid of Jon. I swear to god I’m going after him, I’m going to cut off his head if I win HOH. Adel says you play them (Gremlins), I play them (Jon & Neda). Adel leaves. Allison tells Rachelle and Sabrina that Adel is going to put up Jon and Neda. Adel heads to the HOH and Neda tells him not to talk game today.

BBCAn2-2014-04-16 09-45-59-453

1pm – 1:20pm In the main bedroom – Allison comments on how Jon hasn’t be touching his D that much any more. Jon says yeah because I got rid of my yeaster. Rachelle says OH so you were touching your D bcuz of your yeaster?! You don’t normally do that! So your friends and family are going to be like what is he doing. Neda joins them and she comments on how he was just touching his D last night. Jon heads out to the hot tub to join Arlie and Adel.

1:30pm – 1:50pm In the bedroom – Allison, Neda and Rachelle are talking about random things. Rachelle say she hopes they get alcohol for Allison’s birthday on Friday. Allison says they won’t give me alcohol after what I did. I’m this years Talla. I was collapsed on the bathroom floor.

Meanwhile out in the hot tub – Arlie comments on how Neda is a superfan and says that she said it slip when she said she went back and re-watched seasons 6 and 1. Why would you re-watch 6 if you weren’t a superfan. I guarantee she’s watched all the seasons. Arlie tells them that Neda has positioned herself beautifully. Jon tells Arlie back dooring him was the hardest thing he’s had to do. Arlie says it would have been really hard for me too. Arlie says my honest analysis is that it will be Heather and Sabrina in the end. Jon and Arlie head inside.

BBCAN2-2014-04-16 10-54-02-994
In the HOH room – Arlie’s listening to the HOH music. He takes the headphones off and asks how can I stay?! How can I stay! Meanwhile in the main bedroom – Jon and Neda are talking. Neda says something that freaks me out is that when we were all talking and Sabrina said that Arlie is going for sure. Neda says I looked down and then up and saw Sabrina and Rachelle smiling. Neda says I want to f**k HER (Sabrina) the first chance I get! Jon tells Neda to shhh! Neda is annoyed Sabrina was trying to get her to clean dishes. I am not cleaning dishes, I’m a havenot! And she was like Ro its fine you don’t need to help. Rachelle joins them and Jon says I am so on board with our final 5!
BBCAN2-2014-04-16 10-54-12-161

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I just wanna give Prince Pablo a big hug. You played a good game, just not good enough.

just an opinion

Arlie is too unstable. He may think it is a show of strength, but it doesn’t look like that to me. It makes for good TV drama but his over the top is actually quite repellant to me. There is only so much “humans acting very badly” that I can take.Eventually you overdose. I am seriously thinkig to take a long break from BB. Just to breathe some sane air again. Good luck Neda, Jon Heather and Allison.


I’m really amazed at how Neda was able to navigate the situation and manipulate people into turning against each other while being safe on the sidelines. If Arlie really leaves this week, not only was she able to control Jon’s HOH, she was able to surpass the (production manipulation) veto twist and still hit her target.

I bet that her next move is she’ll throw the next HOH and leave it to the two sides (Heather and Adel vs Gremlins) and later join the side with power. Eitherway, she is also still safe because people are still gunning for Jon before her. Funny how she has miraculously retained the weak and not a real threat image while actually being the true puppet master. And I still can’t believe how people are blaming the lies on Jon but for the most it is actually Neda who has been doing all the dirty work. Only Arlie and (at the present) Sabrina are the only two people who are able to smoke her out but she got the first strike against arlie before he does something to her. Helen (BB15) should take a page from Neda’s book. :)))


Throw an HOH???

She could only win one if it was thrown to her!


Agreed, Neda >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> shitty Helen in every way.


Damn right! A true SuperFan. Like, Ian level SuperFan. I think Arlie is a SuperFan too but he played it wrong. Neda played it exactly right.

I think she may pass Dani Donato as my new fave after this season ends.


ADEL bro I hope you stay <3


Adel just needs to keep his mouth shut. The fact that he told Allison that it would be Jon and Neda when he wins HOH, is stupid! You know Allison will tell them that he said it. Additionally, why would he say that when Jon and Neda are trying to save him? He is a terrible player at this game.

Deli Meatballs

Jon and Neda are only keeping Adel cuz they don’t wanna deal with Arlie. Clearly Adel can’t trust them, they don’t include him in any talks or final 4 or final 5 deals so please. Adel needs to do exactly what Jon did this week and take the first swing.

mark anthony

honestly if arlie leaves this game belongs to neda. as lame as it sounds she is dictating what happens. her strategic abilities along with her ability to read people and be persuasive makes her the most deserving winner if she were to reach the final 2. at this point jon is just a shield for her. very clever gameplay overall. i find it amusing when the gremlins say they need to get rid of arlie. yesterday sabrina was talking about how she was not going to let them manipulate her agin and here it she and her clueless crew got duped again. lets hope they can recover if not there time in this house is coming to an abrupt end.

Only Dr. Will Can Save Us Now

Agreed. I think Neda is the smartest person in the game as far as game play. Her strategy – to lay back for a while, not really make too much noise, get a handle on the dynamics in the house and then start making moves a little later – is what my strategy would be going in if I were on the show. She seems like a really composed person.

Arlie I guess is also a good player, but I stopped being able to root for him after that scene of him alone in the pantry, where he was talking about how he would have total control in two more weeks. He ended up trying to get a little too cute with his game, and even if he makes it past this week, I don’t see the others keeping him in the game. I think he would basically have to dominate the remaining HOH/Veto comps to have any chance.

I guess we’ll have to see what the producers will do to manipulate the rest of the game. For some reason, I feel like they’d rather have someone like Arlie win, because he’s a bigger personality. If we end up with a final two with any combination of Sabrina/Rachelle/Allison (especially if it’s Sabrina and Rachelle), there will be rioting in the streets.


Funny how Arlie is still not recognizing that Neda and Heather masterminded voting him out. :)) I can’t believe how he realized how good the position of Neda yet still in denial that she’s capable and a better player than him. If he’s been watching the feeds he’ll see how Neda has been working on her position and has been playing the same game as him. If neda ends up in the final and yet the jury continues to vote for the other person they’ll be in a surprise when they watch the season on how great Neda’s gameplay is.


Neda had a LOT of luck on her side. Lucky that someone who was already in a relationship would get so close to her, lucky that she looks exactly like Jon’s girlfriend, and lucky that Rachelle broke up the girl’s alliance.

Neda’s original play was to have the girl’s alliance go against the power in the house; and they would have been eaten alive. Rachelle’s decision to side with the First 5 was smart in hindsight; they’re gone and Neda and Rachelle are still there. But Neda thought it was a terrible move at the time.

Arlie never had any luck on his side. He did everything by himself. He never had a showmance or anyone to shield him, and he was never fortuitously saved from a doomed alliance.

But even still, Arlie has given Neda all the respect for how she’s played.


That’s why she may sit back and hope that Heather wins and takes her.

In their alliance Jon is the head, but Neda is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants….YES I just quoted My Big Fat Greek Wedding.


It was a good season, and an exciting week, but the show is heading off a waterfall at this point.


Some people are never happy. Wow.

What exactly are you looking for in a season? I think this is the first REALLY GOOD season years. It’s Final 8 – Can you tell who is going to win this? I sure can’t. And that unpredictability is what makes this season great.


Yes I can tell who’s going to win… it’s going to be Neda. It’s not even a contest anymore.

Nobody in the house has any balls to go against them. All they’ve ever done is suck up to who’s in charge. Even Deli might just be biullshitting Allison, because he even told Jon and Neda that he’s going to tell them whatever they want to hear to get their vote.

They’re all going to believe the F4 crap that they’re fed, while they’re picked off one by one. Even if they catch on, they still gotta get through Jon to get to Neda.

It’s game over, and the remaining “good guys” have all become just as arrogant as Kenny and Andrew before them.


Heather and Allison will go after the gremlins, the gremlins will go after Heather and Adel, and Jon and Neda will be engineering all of it.


Neda. Jon is good for winning the challenges which is why Neda keeps him around. Jon listens to everything Neda says. She is the mastermind. As a matter of fact, everyone listens to what Neda says.


but if Jon wins veto this week again Neda will become the target


Only if Delamore wins HOH will Jon and Neda be in any danger IMO.

But he hasn’t shown that ability yet. My guess is that he doesn’t win, Allison rats him out, and he joins Arlie in the jury house (or hopefully the War Room).


100% nope!


I Think it would be a stupid move to get rid of Arlie right now if he goes the game will become boring. Arlie will blow up the house if he stays and make it exciting to watch. if he goes you my as well give the 100k to Neda Or Jon. i say keep Arlie let him blow up the house and pick off the gremlins, and put the cross hairs on the other house guest one bullet shot at a time. he has played an amazing game and deserves to get closer to the end.


So the rest of the season will be boring if Arlie leaves as Jon and Neda will bulldoze their way to the end. But if Alie stays it will be exciting watching him bulldoze his way to the end? Once Arlie is gone, most of the household will be gunning for Jon, who can’t play for HOH. If Jon is taken out, then we could possibly see some interesting manouvers, especially since there will only be 6 of them left with no overly strong player.

Johhny (the European one!)

Jon can’t play for HOH, but he’ll be able to play for the Veto.
And if Arlie is out, who is going to win that over Jon?


I agree——–1 hundo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I hate and so sick of hearing 1hundo!!)—lol——-but yes you are sooooo righto!


If neda or heather don;t win hoh this week that is

Only Dr. Will Can Save Us Now

I don’t know if anyone listened to Paul and Kyle on Rob Has a Podcast, but it served as a reminder of how much better this season could have been (not that it hasn’t been great) if they had stayed in longer. Paul is obviously a bit of an idiot, but I think he’s a decent guy at heart, and would have provided entertainment because he’s so all over the map and says ridiculous things. As for Kyle, he is hilarious and seems like a legit awesome guy. The two of them were a total odd couple on the podcast, giving each other the gears. It’s too bad that Paul fucked things up so badly for both Kyle and himself. Adel was lucky that he managed to avoid getting dragged down by Paul the anchor – he would almost certainly be gone now too if he hadn’t been successful with the POV lie.


I watched it, Rob even read my question and Paul gave me shout out. I loved Paul and Kyle, The Outsiders were hilarious.

Only Dr. Will Can Save Us Now

That’s awesome – I haven’t gotten to the questions part yet, but I will hear yours shortly!


I hope Sabrina’s on slop next week . Then she’ll lose it completely and self-evict.
So that’s the plan… one hundo


I am so sick of Jon and his final 5, 4, 3 , 2 deals. He has zero strategy, and his social game involves Neda. Doesn’t he realize he can’t play HOH on Thursday and if he doesn’t win POV he is going home. Blah Blah Blah and his final deals with everyone.


Yeah! Cause, you know – Jon is the only one doing that.

Everyone else are playing like saints.

Friggin Jon!! Ohhhhh – he’s a bad man.

Seriously, the worst of the bunch is Sabrina – both for deals, and for lies.

The vitriol directed her way is at least justified.

And props to Neda for being a good, quiet little puppet master.


Watching the live feeds and Adel is digging himself a hoe. He thinks talking bad about Jon and Neda to Sabrina is better for his game but it only makes Sabrina and Rachelle not trust them and therefore evict Adel on Thursday… He has to keep his mouth shut


Hole lol


Nothing is certain until the vote !!!

Adel could “be MEAN” to Sabs.

Arlie could promise Sabs F2 (not a bad idea IMO)

Ro could think “F*ck this ! I’ll do what I want and blame Heather !”

Allison could think “Andrew DID say ‘Stick with Arlie’.”

One thing for sure – Sabs WILL NOT stop rehashing and regurgitating every possible wrinkle because it MUST always be about her and those shadows in her mind will drift on every slightest breeze or imagined suggestion that something has changed even if she has to make it up. Swear on my head.


I’m not sure this statement has much validity now:

Allison could think “Andrew DID say ‘Stick with Arlie’.”

Since then Arlie has told the house he turned on the F5.

Andrew made that statement when he thought the F5 were loyal to each other.


That’s a very valid criticism.
But I’m not saying Allison will be logical.
Also, Alli is self-doubtful.
I don’t have a read on Alli’s true take on Sabs or Ro’s ability to win HoH.

It’s all well and good for any of them to say “We have to win!”

With Jon unable to play and should Arlie go, I give Heather the best shot at next HoH.
I would think the 3 Grems would want at least a 1 week comp-capable ally like Arlie.

Sab/Ro/Alli/Adel could conspire and think 4 vs 2 will get them the HoH but it’s not about numbers, it’s about ability.
Obviously, I doubt their ability to win except by chance, for various reasons.

bb is a house full of crazy

The Gremlins………these two are so delusional. Whenever they are on video or even talked about on here I have to fast forward. I have never seen such a delusional person as Sabrina in this game ever. She’s nuts. She’s vile. And Rachelle…..pretty much an extra from Walking Dead that got on BBC. I read lips because my brother is deaf. Does she also take insulin because her brother has diabetes…wtf?? Sabrina’s world is going to explode when she gets out of here and reads how “popular” she is. I truly hope the show’s Doctor strongly suggests she seek help.


You had me up until
“And Rachelle…..pretty much an extra from Walking Dead that got on BBC. I read lips because my brother is deaf. Does she also take insulin because her brother has diabetes…wtf??” That comparison makes no sense whatsoever. It’s not uncommon for people who have family members with certain disabilities to adopt their coping mechanisms. I do not like Rachelle – I think that her ONLY redeeming quality is the obvious love she has for her brother.

What I find vile is Sabrina hopping on that train with her. She is a whole lot of crazy, but there is also an incredible arrogance. She gloms onto whatever suits her at the time and then acts like she’s the ultimate authority on it. I imagine her family and friends at home are constantly cringing.


Neda is the one I can’t watch. She’s so arrogant and rude; and her voice is grating.

Sabrina can be entertaining because of her ridiculousness. She’s so over the top that she’s hilarious at times. Neda, not so much.

Also, as vile as Sabrina is, you can see that she’s a deeply insecure person with genuine mental issues. More than anything, I just feel sorry for her. But what;s Neda’s excuse.


Dude, your hate-on for Neda is becoming a broken record.


I really think Neda, Jon, Adel, Heather need to stop trying to over sale it or allison, rachelle & sabrina are going to catch on and keep arlie…. They already said they are voting him out, so they need to stop talking about it and wait several hours and maybe have a group meeting (besides adel & heather) that the plan is still vote arlie out and have 1 more meeting before eviction but other than that, just no game talk or like i say, its going to blow up in their face.


they shoulda caught on by now! —dammit!


thank god hockey playoffs start tonight. I am getting bored with these houseguests so I won’t be as involved.


GO LEAFS GO!!! (I wish so much!)


why does everyone think that only strong guys can win hoh or veto comps?—-=theres a lot of comps—that require more than strength —-some don’t at all.
these people need to know that?
grems + allie and ARIE—-could “bull-doze” them if they do it!!!—–would be soooooo entertaining!!!——come on SABS—-I hate you mosty of the time—–but you have to know thi!!!—–KEEPING ARLIE WILL GET YOU SO MUCH MORE IN THERE!