Sabrina tells Allison “You never go against crazy you join crazy otherwise crazy will kill you”

POV Holder: Jon Next POV April 12th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 14th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: April 17th
Original Nominations: Sabrina & Rachelle
Current Nominations: ADEL & Arlie
Have Nots Neda, Arlie, Rachelle and Heather

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-15 21-08-24-041

11:40pm Allison Heather Jon and Neda
Heather is crying.

They tell her they want to do a final 4. Jon gives her a hug.
Allison says what they are trying to figure out is how she can emotionally handle it.
Allison doesn’t want the gremlins to know there is a final 4 until after Thursday.
Allison tells them this is Concrete they are going final 4.
Neda wants to shake on it.
Heather – “you don’t want to shake my hand it’s full of tears”
They all shake on final 4.

Heather leaves..

Allison says if Arlie does end up staying they need to still stick together.

12:09am HOH Jon, Sabrina, Rachelle, Allison and Neda
Jon says they talked it over with Allison and Heather and it’s looking like Arlie is leaving.

Sabrina says the final four that were made she wants them to surface.
Jon says Heather, Neda, Allison and Jon but they want the final 5 to be Jon, Neda, Allison, gremlins. Jon and Neda really play up they are not with Heather and the reason she is crying is she’s scared.

Sabrina – “Who said the gremlins are running their mouths”
Jon says the entire house is saying the gremlins are making it sound like someone is keeping Arlie and the gremlins are the swing vote.

Rachelle calls them out for lying about all these final 4’s. She mentions how they said to her face they didn’t have one when they have a bunch.
Neda says those are remnants of the sloppies

Neda claims that they know Adel and Heather are gunning after JOn. Jon points out heather and Arlie have something.
Allison “I’ve been fooled again”

They agree to “Rest on it” Rachelle says it will be a real thing
Jon – I want it to be a blank slate starting right now”

Adel joins them.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-15 22-36-09-033

12:20AM Allison Sabrina and Rachelle

Sabrina asks them if the final 5 they made with Jon/Neda was real.
Allison – ”I think so”
Sabrina – “you want to keep arlie”
Allison says she doesn’t know.
Sabrina and Allion let out a Huge SIGH

Rachelle tells them Heather and Adel are going after them.
Allison asks them if they want to keep Arlie.
Sabrina – “oh my god yes.. “
Allison says she’s undecided she says Jon and Neda do not want to keep Arlie they made it clear.
Rachelle asks her if she’s with them (With the gremlins)
Allison – “YES”

Allison thinks it’s stupid if they keep Arlie.
Rachelle wants to know why she thinks it’s stupid after talking to jon/neda
Allison says Arlie will realign with the other side and take them out she really doesn’t trust Arlie.
Sabrina doesn’t think Arlie will ever side with Jon, Heather and Neda again.
Allison – “can you trust Arlie”
Sabrina – “can you trust Jon.. he’ll lie about a million things”

Allison says she is being paired up with Arlie and she doesn’t trust Arlie. She points out how Rachelle and Sabrina are a pair.

Allison thinks Neda was the one that brought up to backdoor her. Sabrina doesn’t know who it was but is sure it wasn’t Arlie. .
Allison says Neda/JOn are claiming that the gremlins threw out her name as a backdoor candidate
Sabrina denis it says they are f**ing with her.
Allison – “you told them I tell you everything about them”
Sabrina and Rachelle are both SHOCKED they violently deny this call Jon/Ned f** a$$ holes.
Allison – “I’m getting brainwashed”

Rachelle swears they did not say that anything of the sort to Jon.. “why the hell would we say that to them”
Sabrina points out this is why they didn’t want them in the room so they can tell Allison lies.

Sabrina says “They (Jon/Neda/Heather) are full of sh1t they do this all the time.. “I’m not going to be manipulated by these people” Sabrina says she’s done with this crap, points out to Allison that it’s obvious Jon, Neda and Heather are scared sh1tless.
Sabrina – “If Arlie is gone Jon is the king of this house”
Rachelle – “we’re not going to f** you”
Sabrina – “Allisons from day one i’ve told you the truth about my alliance since day one.. what is wrong with you”
Allison – Don;’t say that to me please.. i’m just trying to clear my head from all the sh!t i’ve been told”

Allison – “My mind is absolutely f*** up right now”


Allison says she feels like an idiot now.

Sabrina asks her when they are going to decide just the three of them.
Sabrina – “This is what I want this three I don’t want 5’s and I don’t want 4’s.. Allison I love you.. We always say how much we love you.”
Rachelle – “We hate everyone else”

Rachelle – “It would be a sick f*** threesome” She explains they are going to get further with Arlie than with Jon.

They agree if Jon and Arlie stay in the game they will win the game. Sabrina points out that Arlie deserves to win but Jon doesn’t.

Rachelle asks them what they should say to the other players.
Sabrian – “Go f** yourself you liars.. I do not want Neda to go far in this game”

The gremlins mention the conversation Heather had with Arlie where he told her he wasn’t targeting the people that vote to keep him.

Sabrina wants HEather to vote against Arlie so that she’s his target.

Sabrina – “We can take control of this game.”
Rachelle – “We have to do it 100 percent”

Allison says she’s way too freaked out about Arlie.

Allison says the final 5 with Neda and Jon is not real. Allison – “Let them think what they want to think”

Allison says arlie is a psycho this is why she cannot trust him.
Rachelle agrees.
Sabrain – “For sure he’s a psycho.. At least he’s admitting he’s a mental person we have to join him you don’t go against crazy people. .. You never go against crazy you join crazy otherwise crazy will kill you”

12:30AM HOH heather and Neda

1:00AM Heather and Neda

Talking about how they have to prevent arlie from talking to the girls. Neda says especially Alison because she’s the one they have to convince. The go on and one about butting in on all Arlie’s conversations so he can’t mind F*** the girls. (All while Arlie is talking game with Allison and Rachelle outside)

Jon joins them They tell him the plan to not leave Arlie alone. Jon – “Done I’m in”
Neda says apparently Arlie is going to call them all out tomorrow.
Heather wants Sabrina gone before Rachelle, Jon agrees.

Jon Leaves Neda and Heather talk what they really talked chatted about during the dinner. Heather says they talked about them being final 2, “We talked about Allison we talked about Arlie we talked about Jon”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-15 23-30-45-676

1:30am Storage room Jon and Neda
(They believe the alliances made with Allison and Gremlins are
Neda “What the f** .. how are we doing this”
Jon – “Did this just happen”
Neda – “I think so”
They hug. Neda says she thought they were f** for sure earlier today.
Jon – “I think we just did it”

1:40AM Kitchen Jon, Adel, Arlie and Neda

Arlie telling them if he stays it would be the biggest “Hit and a MISS” Jon says it would be epic
Arlie tells them he has to make it obvious that he’s coming after Neda, Jon and Heather.

Neda says nobody will work with Arlie.
Arlei says it would be smart for them to keep him in the game, “Everyone see that you two did the exact same thing as I did but I got caught.. you guys are already out in the open now”
Arlie – “you two will make it far if I go this week you won’t if I stay”

Arlie says he’s going to blatantly explain to everyone who he is going after.

NEda laughs – “You are so funny you are really f** in the head.. are you like this for real”
Arlie – “I don’t know what’s real or fake anymore “
Neda laughs “Have you ever been to prison”

Neda – “what is going on in your head is it demons dancing round a fire”

2:11AM HOH Neda and JOn
They think they got away with it. Neda – “How did we make a final 4 with the entire house and nobody knows about it”

2:37pm Bedroom Everyone
Adel is telling them the story about how Kyle and him thought Kyle was going to get backdoored so they decided to “Stir up a bunch of sh1t” Adel said he had no idea how to play the game they just decided to raise some hell.
Adel – “We were calling girls pigeons”
(LOL all the drama that started week one was from Adel’s paranoia)

3:08AM Bedroom Arlie, jon, Sabrina, Allison, Adel and Neda

Adel is joking that Sabrina was the first member of the 1st 5 and the last.

3:25AM HOH jon and NEda Neda says she’s 80% certain if people voted tonight Arlie would go home. Jon says that’s 75% greater than they were earlier today.

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This is so one sided now, Arlie was the one shot to shake things up


So is Neda really with Jon or Heather for F2?

Play the game for you Allison

Why is Allison so concerned about not trusting Arlie? He didn’t go against her, she was never in the f5. He didn’t go against Andrew, he was already gone. However, Jon and Neda clearly tried to backdoor her and they weren’t including her in anything until she played that veto. Is she really that naive and stupid?


I think Allison will end up keeping Arlie


at this point I don’t even care. I’d like to see Arlie stay and I’d like to see Sabrina go so it’s win/win for me this week


If Arlie goes home this week I will definitely give Neda and Jon (mostly Neda who keeps selling heather’s friendship to allison) a huge props for escaping this veto blunder. Really hope this comes to fruition with heather and neda as the final two. I do however think that production will sway Allison in keeping Arlie because that will be more exciting to watch in the main show. I can’t wait for this weeks eviction. 😀


Seriously Allison if the Psychiatric RN in you can’t see how sick Sabrina is, you’re the one who needs help. Arlie is the psycho who terrifies you? Rrrrrrrriiiiiiiggggggghhhhhht.


I hate Sabrina so much!!!! I can’t stand seeing her face and hearing her bullshit anymore! Please get her out of the game!!!!


Allison is not fit for the game. She’s so scared to lie to anyone. She’s so scared to hurt anyone’s feelings. Has she ever watched this show before? This is Big Brother, not Care Bears In A House.


“Care Bears in a House” LOL 🙂


She is a nurse in a psych ward. Not a psychiatric nurse. Big difference.


And what exactly do you think Allison does on the psych ward when she’s called in for her casual shifts?? Change dressings and take vital signs???? NO. She’s expected to function at the same level as the ‘Psych’ nurses. She openly admitted that she has not pursued the additional training required to become a certified Psych RN and shame on her. It’s not like she doesn’t have time on her hands being a casual employee. The expectations of Allison on the ward are the same as for any other RN. She and she alone is responsible for identifying gaps in her knowledge and correcting them. She’s expected to know and be able to document psychosis, manipulation and delusions. SHE LEARNED THIS IN SCHOOL.
Or maybe she didn’t as we can clearly see and she needs help.


So basically, what you are saying is that she’s supposed to know how to diagnose mental illness? Last I checked nurses don’t “diagnose” anything, that’s what the doctors do. Just sayin.


Thanks for pointing that out.
Allison herself made the distinction between being just a nurse on a psych ward and being a psych nurse, but still….
she has appalling judgement.
Alli IS correct tho – she’s no good at this.


No matter what Sabrina will get the last word with Alison.. Arlie’s good 🙂


Is Allison really a nurse….it scares me that someone so stupid can literally be with patients that need medical care. Her flip-flopping is driving me nuts. Only an idiot will re-align with Neda and Jon after they tried to backdoor her. Please make a decision and stick to it already.


I would like to see Allison make a decision too but flip flopping, indecision, stupid game moves or game play within BB is hardly indicative of one’s intelligence or professional ability in the outside world. Attack the player and plays being made not the person.


I agree, in part.
However, some occupations DO better equip one to deal with people in general, or certain types of people.
A broad range of life experiences may help deal with both people and BB dynamics.

As to Alli, I am surprised she can’t see Sabs is disordered. That doesn’t mean she can’t perform her specific nursing duties well.

It is clear she isn’t emotionally well-suited for BB.
I think it’s odd she didn’t recognise that, as an alleged “superfan”.
Wants to play a honest game, hates backdoors, doesn’t like emotional confrontation ?
OK, fair enough, but don’t expect anything but a rough ride.


What does being a nurse have to do with playing Big Brother? You people are viscous. Talk about her game play. Not her job. She’s good at what she does.


If Allison was competent at her job, it would have placed her at a unique advantage in the game. That’s why it matters. Regardless of what her area of expertise is, she’s been trained to deal with people like Arlie talking to himself and Sabrina’s narcissistic meltdowns. Instead of controlling situations, she dove right in and basked in the lunacy. She’s even had some substance related meltdowns of her own. As a Nurse, my favorite was the slobbering, wretching, vomiting mess that was Allison 2 days ago explaining aloud while completely inebriated, ‘I’m a healthcare professional’. No actually you aren’t professional Allison. You’re a complete mess. She also put the tensor bandage on Adels ankle wrong by wrapping it in the wrong direction but what does it matter when a professional makes all others look bad. It’s just a game right? WRONG!


How you are in real life is not how you are in your professional life. Everyone is human. If she wants to have a few drinks on her time off, so what! Don’t you? I’m sure she doesn’t drink and drunk talk in her professional life. She’s also 25 so she only started nursing last year. Give her a break. People are so judgemental when they are probably no different themselves.


Yes! I totally agree and this is exactly what I was suggesting last night when I stated that one should aim to attack the player or the plays made in the game and not the person. No one is infallible but some are so quick to find fault in a players game and behaviour within the game and extrapolate it to all areas of that person’s life rather than embracing that we all are more than one dimensional beings. I prefer to think of these houseguest’s as “characters” in a story line – no more and no less. I guess watching the feeds can sometimes give one a false sense that we actually know these individuals and place ourselves in a position to personally judge them. Not a cool move and I’m glad this sentiment is mutual, at least in part, by some here.


The house is starting to take it’s tole on most of the house guests now. People are starting to crumble and the masks, (and gloves), are coming off. As a student of psychology this is when it really starts to get interesting to me.


This is really confusing.

At 11:40PM, “Allison says if Arlie does end up staying they need to still stick together.” to Jon and Neda.

At 12:09am in the HOH (Jon, Sabrina, Rachelle, Allison and Neda) “Jon says they talked it over with Allison and Heather and it’s looking like Arlie is leaving.”

If Arlie stays as Allison stated, Jon and Neda would know that Allison voted Adel off and screwed Jon, knowing that Arlie would go after Jon.

Why would they then stick with Allison for a final 3 and not Heather?

I’m not sure anyone in there has any plan at all. They all talk too much to everyone!


They are lying to Allison. She is an idiot for believing anything Neda and Jon say. But hey, if they pull it off, she deserves to go for being stupid. She cried about no one including her in their game. Now hey have and she doesn’t know what to do.


She’d be a fool to believe the Gremlins and Arlie too though. Her best chance is to pair up with someone–Heather probably.


I AM SO CONFUSED! Funny how no one gives two shits about Adel lol! Imagine if adel wins 2 hoh’s back to back, that would be EPIC!


if Adel did win HOH, he wouldn’t be able to compete in the next HOH comp. Unless there’s some kind of twist.


It’s funny how this was supposed to be an “easy week” for the sloppy seconds. But instead every one is just flip flopping around. It’s just so confusing now.


What’s truly confusing, is the fact that no one wants to get rid of the physco Slobrina, WHY???


Sabrina to Allison: You can go with them, and listen to them, about what happened then, after that, before with them, then with us.

What is going on???

Good buildup for Thursday!

Arlie the King Obnoxious

Arile Shaban is totally deranged a person. Production should have thought about it before. He might kill someone in there during the sleep.


Arlie is one of the saner ones there, in that he checked his emotions at the door.

It was a calculated, thought out strategy that included bold-faced lying and denial.

Good or bad ? At least he had a plan that could be adapted to contingencies.

For all he says, he can see he has a chance.

Is he a “scenery chewer” ? You bet he is !
Is that inappropriate ?
Maybe not, given the others’ behaviour.


I agree that he chews the scenery. All the posturing is just for show.

Russ from Van

Just before going to bed, I just needed to get some last BBCan2 thoughts out.

This season BLOWS last season out of the water! WAY better cast. Only real duds have been Rachelle and Allison. I think production will learned their lesson and wont have a player return late like Gary last year. I also thought the task last year of forcing Emmett to drink milk until he puked was a cheap and juvenile attempt at entertainment. Hope they don’t have anything dumb like that this year.

Im really enjoying the quality of the show this year. I don’t feel like is was a cheap copy of the US version, like I did last year.

Also, this year there is no jackass duo like the Sheyld. Those guys can disappear into obscurity and eat chicken nuggets out of their b*troubles for all I care.


After this week I wouldn’t call either one a complete dud.

Allison has said multiple times this game is not for her and I agree with that, but her strategic thinking has lead to this situation, where everything could blow up in Jon and Neda’s faces. Very important things she did:

1) as a superfan of the game, she knows that every change in the house is for a reason. That’s what lead her to find the clue to secret veto and ultimately the veto itself. Other superfans Arlie and Sabrina did not appear to even to notice the flowers and Neda was not paying enough attention to them.

2) if she was telling the truth to the gremlings (we might find it out next episode), her using the veto was actually way more strategical we gave her credit of. She had 3 options and she had to think which one to choose in a period of couple of hours, since the target went from her to Arlie. Option 1: not using it: boring.
Option 2: save Arlie: possibly get Arlie’s gratitude for a while, while leaving otherwise possible ally Sabs on the block and pissing off everybody else. Replacement nominee wouldn’t obviously like it, Rachelle wouldn’t like Sabs being there, and other 3 voters losing any trust they had with yer, yet keeping the power to vote out who they wanted.
Option 3: save Sabrina. The situation we have now, where the excuse “I just really wanted to use it” might just fly. Now both the gremlins are off the block and they three can decide who to vote out. She also would have found out Adel was next in the hitlist after her, except Adel was stupid enough to volunteet to be the replacement nominee. Now she can play with the people she feel more comfortable with and their group of three can make deals and choose people faiths for a week. Before that she was target number one for most players after Arlie leaving.

Option 3 makes the most sense for her game, no matter which side she decides to go. And by this point it should be obvious that going with Jon’s side is not good for her and hopefully she will realize it. Sabrina, Rachelle and Arlie can probably make sure she does. Right now Allisons worst enemy is herself. She doesn’t want to look like a fool on TV and that may just make her look like a fool on TV. If she can get over that, she can think strategically and to the right desicion for her game.

Rachelle has less shon less gameplay, but there are two things notewothy:

1) she was one of the few who paid attention to the flowers in the house and said there has to be a reason for it. We will never know if she could have found the clue, because she was too late to get there.

2) she was pretty good at explaining Allison why it benefits them keeping Arlie. She was even better at keeping Sabrina on track on explaining the same thing to Allison and not alienating Allison in the progress. She knows Sabrina is emotional and Sabs questioning Allisons loyalty at this pivotal point in the game could end a chance of the three working together.

I don’t thing either one is an exceptional player, but they have the potential to do important moves from now on.

Just my two cents 🙂


After watching Neda’s and Arlie’s conversation, I feel like Arlie is crazy. It was something in his eyes and the way he smiled.
He’s a great game player, I just think he might be a little crazy.


there is nothing wrong with a little crazy. Arlie is crazy GOOD!


in the end I think Allison will stay true to Andrew and take out Jon. Rest she is doing is just a show to impress the House.


I used to like Jon and Neda, but their cockiness is really off putting. They’ve turned into the people that they used to complain about. they make so many deals with no intention of honoring them. Or maybe I’m just mad that they’re trying to get rid Arlie.

aND….They have no shame about breaking their word. Why would anyone want to work with them after this?


PLEEEASE…..let Arlie stay and put those two on the run..


I hope Adel/Heather/Neda/Jon do follow Arlie around all day and Arlie campaigns right in front of them. They couldn’t out talk Arlie on his worst day. It would be so much funnier if they were witness to the conversations that keep Arlie in the game. His points are valid and all they have are a bunch of empty promises that would be exposed if they tried to argue with him.


Just get rid of the Rooster (Arlie)!!!! How much flip floping going to happen


“Sabrina – “For sure he’s a psycho.. At least he’s admitting he’s a mental person we have to join him you don’t go against crazy people. .. You never go against crazy you join crazy otherwise crazy will kill you””

She would have done well for herself in Nazi Germany.


wow recap of this week JON HOH , , ADel uses veto pass , original nominations Sabrina, Rachelle Target ALI, ALI takes herself off, Arlie and Adel up What’s next?


After re-watching the tapes of the Allison-Gremlin conversation I’m not convicted she’s stuck like glue to them. Allison is in a VERY difficult spot right now… If she keeps Arlie…the heat stays off the Gremlins because Arlie will be #1 target and then she will be #2… Who knows, maybe they’ll take out Allison first and then Arlie might play nice with the other side?!? He hates the Gremlins and knows that Canada does as well! (bad alliance for his one man ego show) If she keeps Adel and Jon-Neda-Heather stick to their plan then the Gremlins will be #1 target…but secretly it still might be her. However, if Allison wants to win this game she meds to get out BOTH Jon and Arlie…because no one else will take her to the F2… She has Arlie as an opportunity right now…all that’s left is Jon…and in my opinion Jon will be easier to take out rather than Arlie down the road… The Gremlins have solidified to her that they are solid no matter what…so she will always be on the outside with them…and I’m getting the feeling that she’s sick of Sabrina bossing her around and telling her what to do (to help Sabrina’s game – not her’s!)… Even if she does vote out Arlie…she can easily be back to the Gremlins because they will only have each other and will be glad to have her back!!! Either way….she’s fucked! She’s in the worst position and honestly both options have their pros and cons… Personally, I think she should take out the big threats when she can… Arlie is her vote away from being evicted! Things change super fast in BB… If she wins HoH…she can take out Jon…then she’s sailing to the finals! Such a hard position to be in…however, SHE BROUGHT THIS ON HERSELF BY USING THE VETO… She didn’t need to use it!!!


That is what i was thinking; i am wondering if she’s playing the Gremlins now. Before she left the HOH they were speaking strategically about how to handle the Gremlins. Of course they’re going to talk shit against the other side – they’re trying to swing themselves into power. Ali knew that coming out of the room, and going to talk to Gremlins would mean game talk.

I hope she isn’t being convinced by Sabrina.

Man, Sabrina has to go. I’m so tired of her and her saying she’s never mean, or talking behind peoples backs.

And Rachelle too. She turned into a spiteful one.


Awesome explanation! Someone noted that Allison is in the best position but from explanation that is not the case. She has to know that this is her one opportunity to get rid of Arlie the next would be Jon Why would she keep the two in the house? One goes up she will always be the next big threat and put up on the block!!! It’s getting to that point in the game where Sabrina will stay for a vote as nobody thinks of her as completion.


I think Allison will vote out arlie. But i hope for a miracle. Arlie must stay!


It seems that Heather has developed a major crush on Jon. Its evident to me because when she coyly spears her baby-voiced baby-talks to him it triggers douche chills and turns my stomach. Notice how much she has increased the physical contact with him and shoots him looks; scratching his shirtless back lightly with her “tear filled” hands; asking for spontaneous hugs; and ever since Jon was caught ogling her breasts in a bikini- which I believe actually ignited all this- he’s been going in for a noticeably too-long squish-’em-on-me hugs and… EEW! and -barf!- in the video he is actually starting to baby talk back!!! No no thloppy thecondsth!

Nana Jo

Love your screen caps showing the “lovely” faces of Sabrina. As for sticking with crazy, she should know. I’ve come to the conclusion that Allison, aka Handy Andy, has one true allegiance and that is to Andrew, although God knows why?! After all, a two week showmance is hardly basis for that degree of loyalty. I think she’ll vote to keep Arlie, which also reflects the fact that King Snot apparently whispered to her to “stick with Arlie” when he left the house. I also think Allison’s main bond with Sabs is their mutual infatuation with Andrew. My hubby refers to Sabrina and Rachelle as Laurel and Hardy. Those of us over a certain age will get the reference 🙂

Arlie is a bit weird, for sure. I’m not sure how genuine it is, or just an act for BB. He may just be eccentric which can be entertaining, too. I’ll be sorry to see Adel go! He’s such a nice, funny, authentic guy.

Wouldn’t it be fun to let Sabs drive Emmett and Jillian crazy for an hour? Let’s send her for the tutorial! Jemmett wouldn’t get a word in edgewise. Do we get to vote who?


I’m more in the Ren & Stimpy demographic.


So everyone was hating on Sarah for saying she wanted to punch someone in the face, but when Neda says”I just want to punch her in the face right now” everyone is ok with it??? right………….


Is everyone OK with it? I doubt it, since I’m certainly not.


I did not like Sarah one bit for the things she has said. But since Neda has shown her true colors, I dislike her just as much, if not more so. I hope someone in that house tears a strip off her!


Arlie shouldn’t even be in the house. He is not mentally stable.

Captain Obvious

This would all be so much easier if they would simply let my favorites watch the live feeds.


Slobrina saying Arlie is CRAZY, holy s..t, there’s a true case of the Pot calling the Kettle black
I hope her family is watching and someone realizes that she Needs help,
Her behavior is not healthy…


A week like this is what makes Big Brother amazing to watch and next to impossible to play. If you think about it long enough Allison’s best move is to vote to evict . . . Arlie! Why? As of right now Allison has a better chance of beating Adel at the end of the game and almost no chance of beating Arlie. However, Allison does not think about how her game will look two to three weeks from now she thinks day to day and barely week to week. Otherwise she would have been strongly tempted to use her Secret Scarlet Veto on Kenny and kept target #1 in the house and got his loyalty. The only reason to keep Arlie is if Arlie is guaranteed to win HOH next week. And there are no guarantees in big brother as Jon abruptly found out this week. Allison’s best move is to get rid of Arlie this week and then after the veto ceremony convince the house to get rid of Jon next week. The biggest problem for Allison this week is if Arlie is in the house next week at most it can keep her off the block for one week. If he is not in the house it will ALSO at most keep her off the block for one week. That is why she cannot decide because she plays day to day and barely week to week and does not think 2 or 3 weeks ahead about how 2 weeks from now a possible double eviction will effect her game and who she would take to final two!


Agreed. I hope she can get out of “scramble” mode long enough to realize that keeping Arlie isn’t necessarily what’s best for HER game in the long run.


isn’t the golden rule of BB “take out the biggest target when you have the chance” otherwise, it will come back to bite you in the ass – especially if you are in an alliance or a fringe player?

If you are not Jon/Neda you vote out Arlie while you have the chance and then Jon is on the ropes next week as he can’t compete for HOH.

Moral of the story: never mind all of this back and forth/flip flopping! All players not named Jon or Neda should collectively realize it is best for their PERSONAL game to vote out Arlie and then go in to HOH with the mind set to get out Jon – the last so called ‘strong’ player and worry about making deals then (since they all seem to openly talk about the game plan).

another name

thanks to the title of this summary, Sabrina now has that elusive title to her memoirs.?
things that are being downplayed that no one in the gremlin group seems to notice:
if you keep adel then its business as usual for jon adel heather and neda. keep adel, you will end up on the smaller alliance.
you’ve seen how quickly jon and neda will make promises and flip. they’ve now promised the same things to everyone left in the game.
and you know it.
if you keep arlie, he takes the focus off of you, because they will make arlie the focus of their attention (we have to get him he’s after us).
no brainer.
long term strategy: take out adel. if neda or heather win, their target is arlie. if arlie wins his target is jon. either way you advance a week.


So is Neda with Heather or Jon for final 2?


I’m calling it if Arlie stays in the game this week then he’s gonna win it all.


Allison has become super annoying. Does she have a brain? She’s too concerned with avenging Andrew (a guy she knew for only a few weeks in this GAME). Which is why she can’t tear herself away from Sabrina. Arlie will do whatever it takes to win, even if that means teaming up with Jon,etc. again. She already has a strong player on the block, get him out while he’s on it because he has a better chance of winning the whole thing.