Jon says he had a raging b*ner every time he woke up to jump in the pool..

POV Holder: Allison Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: Allison & Heather
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

BBCAN2-2014-03-23 06-22-42-298
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9:10am Big Brother wakes Jon for another POV dunk in the pool punishment..

9:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests for the day. In the bathroom Sarah complains that she was woken up all night with Jon’s punishment. They ask her how many times and Sarah says it feels like a million times. She heads back to the bathroom. Jon comments how he was so out of it during the night that a couple times he felt like the horn went off and says he started to think maybe he should just go get in the pool just in case it was real. Up in the HOH room – Rachelle and Sabrina talk about nominating Ika as the replacement. Rachelle says I think I will just say I feel like you don’t trust me and you’ve given me a lot of reason not to trust you. Sabrina says she could tell Adel he will go up if he uses it on her. Rachelle reminds her that he can use it after to replace. Sabrina says oh yeah. Rachelle says I could just tell him that he will go up next week if he uses it. Sabrina says no, that would be the stupidest thing ever if he used it.

BBcan2-2014-03-23 06-28-06-539

Up in the HOH room Sarah talks to Rachelle about putting up Ika and the reasons why she needs to put her up. Rachelle and Sarah talk about how she will say that Ika is a dangerous threat, she doesn’t trust me and that she has given me reasons not to trust her.

10:20am In the living room – Sarah, Allison, Kenny, Arlie, Sabrina, Andrew and Jon are sitting around the circle couch talking about random things. The talk about the slop pass that Sarah got in the POV competition.

BBCAN2-2014-03-23 07-18-27-054
BBCAN2-2014-03-23 07-55-10-704

10:20am – 11:20am In the bedroom – Neda talks to Rachelle about how she thinks putting up Ika she will freak out. Rachelle says well it won’t be at you, it’ll be at me. Neda says I think it will be at everyone. Kenny, Sarah Jon and Sabrina head out to the hot tub room and realize its really cold so the head back inside. IN the living room all of the house guests are sitting around talking. Rachelle gets called to the diary room and everyone thinks its for her HOT DOG COSTUME but soon after she comes out without it. Sarah is told to go to the storage room. She heads in there and finds a bag on the counter. She realizes it all the stuff for her baking. She puts it in the fridge and then tells the others not to touch it. Big Brother then sounds the horn for JOn to take another dip in the pool. Everyone heads out to the pool with Jon to watch him dunk again. After they head back to the couch to sit around and talk. Rachelle and Sabrina head up to the HOH room and listen to the HOH music and dance. Sabrina tells Rachelle to tell Adel not to use his power. Sabrina and Rachelle head out to the hot tub room. Sabrina says I’m keeping my distance from Ika because I just can’t look at her. Racehelle agrees. Rachelle says that she thinks Neda is worried.. because we are the ones making deals. She’ll still be fine for a couple weeks. Adel joins them.

11:25am Rachelle tells Adel that he knows she has to put up a replacement. Adel tells her that she can put up whoever the f**k she wants. I will not use it this week, I swear on my religion. Adel says please don’t say this but if I did use it next week.. I would use it on the new girl (Allison). I can’t infiltrate that alliance, there’s no way they will let me in it. Adel says for next week you’re doing me a super duper solid. If for some reason you are up I will use it on you and put up their best friend. Ika joins them. They talk about how Heather didn’t take the veto last night. Rachelle and Ika says she’s stupid. Ika says well it doesn’t matter any ways she’s going home! Sabrina and Rachelle leave to go back inside.

11:40am – 11:45am Heather comes out of her diary room with aerobics unitard – She has to wear it for a week until the live eviction. She says she loves it and everyone tells her it looks great. She has to reach 10,000 steps on an exercise counter. She says she has to do it in the whole house and not just the backyard. She runs around the house showing everyone.

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OMG… I hope Neda doesn’t just sit back and watches this happen… I thought she was going to tell Ika once she found out and try to talk some sense into Rachelle and come up with a last minute surprise for Sabrina…and foil the plan… 1 more day…. please do something Neda… this is hard to watch…


When Rachelle and Sabrina were in the diary room, and Rachelle’s mouth was moving I am sure I saw a quick camera shot of Sabrina’s hand up Rachelle a$$ right before production put the live feeds on HUSH HUSH


Time for Neda to step it up. If she wants to be a player in this game then she needs to find a way to keep Ika. Time to out scheme the liars – use Adele to your advantage.


BBAlias, I agree with you. Neda for sure has to step up her game. The writing on the wall should be screaming at her right now. Her unwillingness last night to let Jon know that Rachelle and Sabrina are telling her Jon is in an alliance with Ika has me not having a lot of hope for her to step up. If the girls are able to shake Neda’s faith in Jon at this point (actually they have been working on that for a week now) then she or Jon will soon be gone.


I don’t think Neda will tell Ika. Sabrina and Rachelle would not have told her about the back door if she did. Sabrina knows she can control her. Notice they have not told Adel!


I think this is definitely Neda’s time to make a bold move. It’s terrible for her (and the other girls including Rachelle) if Ika gets backdoored. You can tell she really doesn’t want Ika up on the block. I think she has to spill the beans to Ika in attempt to reestablish the Girls Alliance, otherwise they are handing the power playing boys, the win. If Rachelle actually backdoors one of her closest allies then honestly she has to be one of the worst players of all time!


There is no girls alliance except in name only. Brina and Sarah were never in it(1st 5) and sabotaged it from the inside. The HOH targeting best girl buddy instead of boys/strong players thanks to Brina. All the catty stuff this thing never had a chance. Ika will get what she richly deserves. Bad for viewers but she brought in on herself. Damsel in distress Heather saved again.(tears of BB joy) Only Neda remains standing as a non robot, self thinking woman save Brina. I think Sarah is more a Kenny pawn than an individual at this point. As for Allison a waste of space number 2 and as others have said a real disappointment.

To Be Kenny during the spring time in Canada! Unless Brina turns on him and rallies’ Kenny is sitting sweet. I really like Brina getting F2 as well at this point. It’s strange but the more dirt she does the more she becomes the perfect choice to sit beside F2 on the theory of angry jury won’t vote for her. I have to say based on play just to this point in the season if she gets F2 she wins BIG IMHO. I really dislike her vile nature. Can’t deny she’s playing big time BB Add to it she’s positioning F4 while others are still scrambling for jury and her non physical presence she is really exceling at the game.


Stan 777, I do not see Sabrina in F2. She is selling herself to the F4 (Arlie is mostly excluded from this groups plans), as someone who is doing the dirty work. Kenny (if he makes it further) will cut her before then. He and Sarah have a strong rapport and the question may be whether he sees Sabrina needs to be cut earlier than agreed. If I was Kenny, I would not want Sabrina in jury.


Wow Rachelle is the dumbest player to ever play Big Brother!!!


thumb up x infinity


if Neda does nothing she will literally get evicted next… or she has to fight for HOH or veto all through out the game… Flabina will make up lies about u girl wake up and start doing something. Team Neda all the way.


Rachelle is aiming for Jury. Low aspirations.


Come on people!!! Smarten up here. Arlie and Adel are on to Sabrina. Don’t keep it to yourselves, start something going here. Before IKA goes on the block there should be a major stir going on here. Let everyone know the lies and stories Sabrina has been telling. Put the limelight on her. Jon stop scratching your Junk and ass kissing Kenney and Andrew and make some waves. Andrew and Kenny are onto you. At least do something worthy of being put on the block before they do it to you. Can’t get over the amount of pull these five people have over everyone. The only one that’s done something so far is Andrew. Kenny for all his talk has done dick!!!


Yeah, but Adel and Arlie are in the minority…. Sabrina has Kendrew under her spell…. though Kenny is getting tired of her but won’t do anything about it. It’s basically groupies vs everyone else.


You want to see Jon or Neda on the block?


you know what sucks the most ika may have her flaws but she is so loyal .. she would not have done this to any of the girls for me this sucks .. I need a reset button


I hate it when she goes all mean girls when it comes to heather but it’s really a shame she can’t see how messed up her alliance is.


Um, she did it to Heather, who is a girl, and putting up a girl ruined the girls alliance. It never was an alliance it was more like a mean girls club. If Ika really wanted a girls alliance, she should have reeled Allison in as soon as she walked in the door, but instead she was in HOH bashing Heather and listening to Flabrina’s lies while Allison bonded with the boys. She should have put the testosterone on the block if the girls were going to have a chance. She didn’t because she was afraid the house would go against her. As she is seeing now, it happened anyways and she burned 2 votes. She could have had Rachelle, Neda, Heather, Adel, Paul. Since she ended up winning the POV, nominations could have stayed the same and one of them would be gone. Rachelle could (if she had a thought process of her own) put up the other one, and then there is only Adel, Jon and Arlie to worry about. Ika is all talk about a girls alliance, but she is the one that ruined it, thanks to Sabrina’s blatant sabotage.


Completely agree. IKA has no one to blame but herself. There never was a girls alliance, just the appearance of one.


Ika is not loyal! She runs around talking crap about everyone behind their backs. She completely blew her HOH. She would be sitting pretty right now if she would of put up Kenny n Andrew. Now they would be getting out the remainder of the two. Snooze u loose. All bark and no bite Ika. This group is puzzling…Haven’t they ever seen Big Brother before? Why are the girls doing the guys work?(Britney, Daniel,’s not rocket science) Also, Sabrina’s has stated her goal is to get to jury house? UHH … How about a goal of winning the game? And even worse … the girls are following her off the cliff. Mind boggling! Poor Neda has to put up with all this brain-dead crap. Go Neda!


Ika is so untrustworthy. She showed that when she swore up and down that Heather was only a pawn and would never go home. Then flipped the switch and was the main person after Heather. Who could trust Ika after that. She needs to go and I couldn’t be happier.


Neda is in a bad spot. Surrounded by airheads, schoolgirls and alpha males. The only way to save this season is to get Sabrina on the block and out this week. They all think they exclusively have Sabrina, they don’t talk about her to each other, because if they did it would be so obvious that Flabrina is the main liar and sh*t stirrer in the house. Rachelle is an idiot if she thinks she will be Sabrina’s final 2. She is dreaming if she thinks Sabrina will make it that far because sooner or later someone has to call her out! But they are stupid. Andrew and Kenny are running the game like a pair of douche bags, and the rest just follow along. IKA should have put up the 2 guys. One of them would be gone, Paul would still be a vote against team testosterone, and Heather might want to work with her now if she hadn’t screwed her over. Then Rachelle could have gotten the other one out and it would be new game. I honestly can’t understand how nobody has figured out what Sabrina is doing. FFS! Any time Andrew or Kenny’s name comes up, she defends them! Could it be any more obvious? And last night, Neda was questioning Jon’s loyalty, whatever happens, one of them has to win HOH next week or one of them will be in danger. I think Flabrina told Neda that Allison and Jon have a secret alliance. C’mon, Neda! This is Flabrina talking!!


Chloe, I may be wrong but I heard Jon had the alliance with Ika. It was one of the reasons for Ika’s untrustworthiness. Ika and Jon supposedly had the same suggestions for noms.
Earlier in the game the girls thought Sabrina was stirring shit but were incapable of getting anywhere with it.
They should be taking lessons from Adel. He does not allow Sabrina to tail spin the conversation in his presence. He clarifies and shuts Sabrina down.


Sabrina knows Jon is a threat to her game plan, so she is kicking up dirt all around him, while hiding her hands behind her back and looking innocent. I have heard her tell people that Jon is with Kenny, and that he is with the boys, she also told some people she said he is with Ika, she told some people he is with Allison, and of course there is Neda. I think she may be severely underestimating Neda. I hope so.


Rachelle the puppet lol what a loser


Don’t feel sorry for Ika … she had her chance. You must always be aware of how you treat people it’s just all coming back to her. Have to say I am surprised by Racheal what happened between her and Ika?


Rachelle has to be dumbest player of BB history


The only way they could turn this around.If Allison knew she was on the list to be voted out soon. Join up with Jon,Adel,Arlie,Ika and vote out Heather.


Ummmmm, Neda has NO power or pull in this game, it wont matter if she tells Ika anything because they cant do sht.

Neda is just a little follower who thinks she has more power then she actually does. The same goes for Arli and Jon.


I agree with u she does’t have any pull, but what she has is information. Flabina jst told her that Andrew is using Alison, she can get Alison on her side (vote#1), Arlie is at the bottom of his alliance(vote #2) she can convince via Jon. Jon(vote #3) ,Adel( vote#4) and final herself (vote# 5)… Ika is saved.. I honestly do not like Ika, what she has said and done are inexcusable, however I think she is the only one to make something happen.. she knows she effed up her HOH and know she will definitely come after the 1st5(minus Arlie if he plays his card right). Quoting Dan Ghesling ,” there is still alot of game to be played” … Neda can literally change the game…


Arlie doesn’t trust Ika and he has Heather in his non-5 alliance.


Rachelle has to be the dumbest ever in BB history??

I dont think so… (not near as dumb of a move as Ika’s HOH) Ika did nothing yet talked sht about the power players making her a huge target.

So why is she dumb for that? Because she didnt do what you wanted? I would say she is very young and impressionable, she is 21 probably not a lot of life experience. Did she let the first 5 control her hoh? sure she did. But that doesnt mean it wasnt best for her game. Not sure if anyone realizes this because your all too busy hating on Sabrina, but the first 5 are controlling this game because of great social skills. Therefore Rachelle made a great move to keep her alive in this game (probably longer then Arlie & Jon now)

Now Arlie was in perfect position to coast to top 5, but that jack ass had to let his safety go to his head and the dumb dumb actually thought he had power. Who joins an alliance with a guy (Jon) who makes 4 final 2 deals in 6 hours while drinking? Why not sit back coast to the final 5, let everyone else do the work, then battle it out for final 2?

Arlie in my opinion is the dumbest this season. (and not because he is acting like it) but because he is


The problem is you assume Rochelle has a game plan. She has done nothing or said nothing to indicate she is thinking at all. If she had said in the DR that she knows what Sabrina is up to and her plan is to stick close to her I would give her credit for that but she hasn’t. She has no clue what’s going on, she is just doing what Sabrina tells her.

Rochelle doesn’t know about the first five alliance, the only alliance she was a part of was the girls alliance which she is actively working to destroy, why? Because Sabrina told her too.

Is she the dumbest player ever? Probably not but she is the dumbest this season.


Still rachelle is dumber just bc she didn’t learn from
Ikas mistake and after Rochelle won her hoh she decided not
To go after heather (initial target) and instead listened to what her MASTER Sabrina
Told her to do which is better for Sabrina and her 1st five alliance
And rachelle wants to be a psychologist lol lol lol she can’t see she’s being
Treated like a puppet


Sarah needs to give her head a shake and think about what a favour she did for Andrew, Kenny and especially Sabrina by voting against Paul. Its what Sabrina wanted and she didn’t even have to out herself with the girls, because her vote wasn’t needed, since Sarah volunteered to out herself instead. So Sabrina comes out looking good on both sides, and Sarah burned her bridge. And what will it get her in the game? Evicted in fifth place at best. How did voting Paul help her game? It didn’t. The vote would have been 5-5 and Ika would have gotten the blood on her hands, and Sarah could still pretend to be with the girls. She fell on her sword to protect the other 3. I can’t believe the stupidity! BTW, does anyone know what Sarah got in the POV competition?


It had to be Sarah to get outed because the girls already didn’t trust Sarah fully. 1st 5 had to have 1 on the inside (that was Sabrina, which I think was the right choice – she is the dirtier player and the better liar). Sarah may have burned her bridge, but what does she care — her alliance is the 1st 5. Voting out Paul may not help her immediate game, but did help the alliance. She is putting a lot of trust in them. Had the vote been 5-5, Ika would have voted out Heather, and the numbers would have been against Sarah’s alliance. I think it was mentioned that she got a Slop Pass in the POV. I like Sarah, Kenny and Arlie. I am not a fan of Sabrina or Andrew. For the time being, I am rooting for 1st 5 but only because of those 3 players. They are the only ones with a working strategy. Plus, I like hating Andrew and Sabrina. Although, I like Neda and Jon, I don’t think they have done any real strategic moves. Jon is very social, but I think he is too vocal about trying to get Andrew out (way too early IMO).