Big Brother Canada 2 – RACHELLE in her HOT DOG COSTUME! “Who’s HUNGRY for a WEINER!?”

POV Holder: Allison Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: Allison & Heather
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

BBCAn2-2014-03-23 08-53-47-990
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11:50am – 12:15pm In the bathroom – Sarah talks to Jon about how she has no idea who Rachelle will be nominating as the replacement when Allison uses the Veto to remove herself from the block. The camera’s switch to the diary room door… after a couple minutes Rachelle comes out in her HOT DOG costume and she asks “Who’s hungry for a weiner!!?” Rachelle goes up to Sabrina on the couch and Sabrina says the only hot dog I could eat! Sabrina gets Rachelle to booty pop in the costume. Rachelle then goes around the house showing everyone and out to the hot tub room. Ika tells her its not that bad. Adel asks her if she has to wear it all week for real? Rachelle says yeah. Adel says oh my god that sucks. Oh my lord Rachelle. Rachelle asks do you love it. Adel says that’s sad! Rachelle leaves. IN the living room the house guests are sitting around talking about random things like what Emmett & Jillian (BBCAN1) are doing since they got out of the house. Sarah asks Rachelle how long she has to wear the hot dog outfit. Rachelle says for the week. Sarah comments on how Rachelle has to wear it for her entire HOH. Rachelle has only been in the costume for about 10 minutes and she is already complaining about having to wear the hat part of the hot dog costume. “I don’t want to wear the hat any more! It’s so uncomfortable!!”

12:15pm UP in the HOH room – Neda, Sabrina and Rachelle are talking. Neda questions whether or not its a good idea to nominate Ika as the replacement. Rachelle says she wouldn’t do it unless she was 100% sure about it. Neda says she doesn’t think they should but says she trusts them.

BBCAN2-2014-03-23 09-13-17-801

In the storage room – Sarah and Kenny talk about being in a great position. Andrew joins them. Kenny questions if Arlie is still with them. He says that Arlie never gives any information all he does it get info. Kenny says that he sees Arlie with Jon and Neda a lot lately. Sarah reassures Kenny that she thinks Arlie is still 100% with the first five. She says she thinks he is just building relationships just in case this doesn’t work out. Kenny says you’re right I’m just being paranoid. Andrew says we just need him to vote with us the next few times. Sarah says I honestly think he will. Kenny says yeah I don’t think he would make a move yet. Andrew wonders if they should talk to him. Kenny says no because then he will know we had this conversation and it would scare him. Sarah says I think its fine with everyone thinking he’s the dumb one..

12:20pm – 12:30pm Out by the pool – Ika talks to Jon about the possibility of her being nominated. Ika says if I do get nominated – that would be really SHADY! Ika says that she feels all alone in the house. She says she feels like Paul. She asks him if he knows anything. Jon says no. Big Brother tells the house guests the house will be off limits – everyone must go out into the backyard. ALL of the house guests head outside to the backyard. Sarah says that Arlie looks hot when he wears a baseball cap. The other girls agree. Arlie says thanks ladies!

BBCAN2-2014-03-23 09-21-56-794

12:50pm – 1:20pm Most of the house guests are sitting around the pool talking about random things. Heather says I think we’re going to get another cup. Sarah says I think they’re just fan cups because we didn’t get another person. All of the house guests are napping..

1:25pm – 1:45pm Big Brother blows the horn for Jon to jump in the pool. Jon undresses and gets into his bathing suit. He runs an jumps doing a cannon ball into the pool yelling nap times over B***hes! Allison says you a$$hole!! He does his lap and then gets out. He splashes them. Sabrina says that she’s soaking wet! JOn gets out and gets dressed again. He heads over by the back door and comes back saying he could hear girls in the house. They wonder why they’re on an out door lock down.

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So, is Sarah in Arlie’s side alliance? I’m confused lol

Johhny (the European one!)

I think Arlie will still want to include her as far as being a vote for his side, but I feel he’s not as interested in having her in his new alliance anymore, ever since their discussion in the hammock where she told him she still wants 1st 5 to be the main plan, and his new alliance only being a backup plan IF things go sour.
He on the other hand ACTIVELY WANTS the 1st 5 to fail so he can get his alliance started. I think it was obvious to HIM that he and Sarah don’t share the same view on this, and I wonder how much Sarah realized that difference.
She really likes Kenny, so I could picture her having to make yet another big choice about what side to be on.
Arlie could be proactive about that and include Kenny in his new alliance (at least “officially”, to Kenny’s and Sarah’s face).
I’d really LOVE IT if Sarah, Arlie and Kenny would just decide to kick Andrew and Sabrina out of the 1st 5 for being unreliable psychotic hot messes! But I really think Arlie doesn’t want Kenny to be in his alliance.


I hope its double eviction on Thursday and Rachelle gets evicted in the wiener costume.


I don’t get why no one seems to understand that this was the best Rachelle could hope for.
Ika has been talking shit, and has always said she doesn’t like Rachelle.
By making this deal she will be one of the last girls to go, which is really the best she can do. With Sabrina still in the game there was never going to be a HUGE flip with all the guys/1st 5 being evicted.
So yes it sucks, but it’s hardly stupid on her part to get in with the strong group who don’t consider her a threat.


And Sabrina as of late has kept making Andrew and Kenny promise to keep Rachelle around cause she’s her closest friend.
So it is working in her favour.
And honestly, since everyone (including 1st 5) is SLOWLY catching on about Sabrina’s manipulations, I wouldn’t be surprised if the innocuous Rachelle makes it further than her.
NO girl is in a better position arguably, except MAYBE Sarah


I get what u are saying BOB, but come on.. would anyone work with someone who literally got rid of someone who would have never come after her.. she could have jst kept her so that next week Ika would have been sent home by who ever won HOH… there is literally no logic for why she got rid of Ika.


The logic is just that she’s building trust with the strong group.
If she went after heather then it wouldn’t hurt her, but making a more aggressive move against someone the guys REALLY want out
is more likely to buy her some trust/longevity.
There was no one else to get out that would help her game more at this pt, especially since Arlie’s whole thing is in the early phases, and Rachelle
would like NOT be included.
And now that the guys / girls want Jon out ASAP, Arlie’s whole plan can crumble at any time.


But Bob, Rachelle and all have stated that Heather would target Rachelle whereas Ika has asserted she would not. So Name has a good point.


But Heather herself has recently said she would NOT go after Rachelle, and even if she would be better protected now than if she had gone against Andrew or Kenny this week.
And obviously she’s hoping Heather won’t win, cause shes the ONLY person who would even entertain putting her up at this pt.
So a calculated risk, with way more upside.


Bob’s your Uncle!!!

After this hot mess as HOH ends how in the world do you figure Rachelle is in as good position as any girl? You have watched the season…no? She has been completely devoid of game play. Has not had a single original thought including her HOH up to now. An anchor on the titanic is in about as good a shape as Rachelle in the BB house. She is sinking right to the bottom. When does the BB game reward self inflicted wounds? You just get your behind closer to the door!

Fact is when does a puppet ever get long term rewards in BB. I cannot think of a single early season puppet HOH that led someone F2 and money. Top 2 get paid. Best this strategy brings is an occasional jury versus non jury. You could make an argument for last years runner up to Andy BB15 but I saw her as a floater not a puppet and I see the 2 very differently.

I’m interested no one appears to be telling Ika’s she is getting backdoored. That to me is a sign this sticks and renom is going out the door on Thursday. Won’t be time for an interview during the double. That means perhaps some tasty bits on the sideshow.


She’s in a better position than: Allison (everyone wants her out in the next 2 weeks), Heather (who isnt working with the guys), Neda (who is staying neutral and is somewhat isolated/a wild card), Sabrina (who they appreciate at times but have come to worry about and discussed getting her out sooner than later), and Ika (who will likely leave this week).
Sarah is the only girl that is in a better position (2 possible alliances in case 1st 5 implodes).
The sad fact is that at this pt no matter the move she made she was never going to win. With this move she has a better chance of lasting longer, and if SOMEHOW guys do start going, she still wouldn’t be attacked immediately.
It really depends on what happens at the next eviction cause after that it will be hard for anyone but the guys/1st 5 to be in control at any pt.

little mouse

god i hate watching sabrina she and andrew are so disgusting. it is so noticeable how she is sticking beside ratchel and playing her. wasn’t it only the first of the week she commented about how useless ratchel was and how she can’t wait unitl she leaves. i do hope bb does reset the nominations and allow canada to vote who goes up and leaves this week Why does bb think Sabrina is what reels the viewers in i for one find myself flipping cameras anytime Sabrina comes on but unfortunately bb thinks this is what we want to watch . i wish bb would do something to shake up the dynamics of the house is just a house full of boring obnoxious full of themselves kids at the moment that can’t think for themselves…. that are not even playing to win…


that is so true, they really are not playing to win. Kenny and Andrew are playing but they just get Sabrina and Sarah to be their spies and do their dirty work. SLOBrina needs to stop picking her nose, get some nasal spray or clippers or something girl lol..But even though i hate to say it, she is playing the game from the very first moment she entered the house, and she is manipulating houseguests minds like all the other bb competitors have done in the history of the game, only difference is the houseguests are so dumb that it is too easy. Also, she is doing all the work but in the end she will be dumped by Kenny or Andrew, unless production tailors the hoh comp so that she will win, e.g. memory comp or something that doesnt require physicality.


LOL OMG I thought I was the only one thinking it. Andrew does it too, maybe that is why they are such good Funny though that every time a camera is on Sabrina her finger goes up her nose. The other thing that drives me nuts is the people who eat/chew like pigs. Sounds like they don’t chew with their mouths closed. Ika was doing it the other day with a bowl of something crunchy, you could hear every bite/chew she made but there are a few that do it every time they eat. lol


I completely agree with the nose picking thing. It’s gross. But as for the chewing, they have the mics around their neck. That’s why it sounds loud to you.


Maybe if they chewed their food with their mouths closed, it wouldn’t be so noisy and gross to watch – adel and ika especially – remember Andy from BBus – talk about gross eating habits!!


Exactly.. It’s not the chewing, its the lip smacking …the chomping. many times you have been able to see what is in their mouths. It is disgusting, worst table (even if not actually at the manners. You expect the crunching to be loud because of the mics. Glad someone understood what I was trying to say..


You’re more than welcome, Cassi.

little mouse

Sabrina playing the game??? the only thing i see Sabrina doing is trying to get kenny or andrew to f her she will get her wish they will f her but not the way she wants. She is such a liar i would be all for her and cheering her on in the game if she was playing the game strategically so she could win….which is quite obvious to any bb fan. her lies are not strategy her lies are hurtful and mean towards who they are directed at..and where did we see houseguests shunning people because they are on the block this is such a teenage girl thing and it is all sabrina’s doing. What about the comments and the things she called Allison the hateful things she makes up about her. no Sabrina isn’t playing the game she is just a rude hateful jealous bully


I agree about Sabrina. That is why I laugh when she talks about sensitive she is. She talks about others all the time, yet when they say things directly to her. She runs off crying ..sniffling, they are just so mean, I have a soft heart, yeah right. Grow up!! She can dish but sure can’t take it. At least others are saying what they are saying right to her face not behind her back like she’s doing to everyone else, as if that makes her better.


No surprise the two biggest nose-pickers are also the biggest bullsh*tters! When people lie they touch their nose.
Cause when we’re stressed, our nose tends to flare/dry out and it automatically alerts our brain. The hairs inside become erect and sensitive to air movement, by rubbing/picking our nose, we ensure that it remains moist, comfortable, and stress-free.
Also people touch their nose to hide facial emotions and our hands simply look for a location which will ease our tension and our nose is a prime candidate at all times.


Omg why doesn’t Neda tell Ika that she is about to get backdoored? Why doesn’t she also tell Adel so that he can try and convince Arlie to keep him? If Neda let’s Ika find outon her own then that’s even more sad. I don’t like Ika but I know she wouldn’t do this to the girls. Rachelle will go down as the stupidest BB player!
I hope Arlie and Jon and even Allison realize that Ika can go after the big guys for them! I wonder if Allison has a plan B? I mean she can’t really be depending on Andrew.


UMM, to do that, Neda would have to figure out where she is.. I don’t think this girl has a clue where she is. lol. If anyone was to tell Ika you know Ika would tell everyone who told her and she would go nuts. That would be interesting to watch
Allison needs to figure out that many of the other HGs don’t like Andrew and want him out.. She seems like a smart girl who knows the game, so I hope she’s not blinded by Andrew. The way I see it, Andrew needs to go first, than Sabrina followed by Sarah and then Kenny. If the girls kept Sabrina and Sarah out of it, added in Arlie and Adel they would have a great alliance that could and would get rid of those 4.


Cassi you are right. People give Neda to much credit.


i dont agree

she has been incredibly level headed, and emotionally stable, despite having these 2 annoying bitches sarah and sabrina going out of their way to risk ruining their own game to sabotage her game, and also having to deal with airhead rachelle and loose cannon ika (the mental strength of neda compared with the other girls is impressive)

she is playing smart to not make herself an obvious target

be neutral until jury, dont rock the boat, and then see how things develop…someone will strike at kenny and andrew sooner rather than later and when that happens it will be good for her as the guys will start targeting each other

i enjoy when she catches sabrina out on an obvious lie…like when sabrina was trying to say allison was lying about being a super fan, claiming allison didnt even know when the live feeds started each night…neda responds with the live feeds are on 24/7, basically hinting she knew sabrinas story was made up

i really hope to see neda, jon, arlie, adel do well…with help from survivor of heather and ika…and it would be good to see allison switch to their side

team neda and jon


oh look sabrina is sitting next to rachelle on the couch, what a surprise. Once rachelle won hoh they all decided to become close to her, that whole Kenny dancing with her and Sabrina not letting her out of her sight is all strategy. I am kind of disapointed in Neda for not fighting to keep Ika, but i guess she doesnt want to become a target. I would laugh my ass off if the vote was split and rachelle had the deciding vote and kept Ika. She went along with Ika’s plan to get rid of Heather due to her hatred for her…..that is horrible game play to make decisions based on emotions Rachelle.


Does anyone know why Sarah was crying this time on big brother after dark last night (march 22). She’s always crying about something. this time she said she was crying because she was so embarrassed. What was she embarrassed about? Last time they showed her, she was going to ‘poop’ in the HOH room. Least that is what she said to Arlie/Jon, whichever one it was, who was in there listening to music.

I find Sarah most annoying, her crying, whining and constant complaining is a bit much. She puts the others down for what they are doing to pass their time. She thinks she is to ‘mature’ for them. Give me a break and mature person doesn’t whine and complain all of the time. I personally can’t wait for Sarah, Sabrina and Andrew to be evicted. Mainly Sabrina and Andrew. Then shortly after, Kenny, he needs to go too.

The girls need to figure out really soon what Sarah and Sabrina are doing, other wise they will all be gone too. Rachel, Ika, Heather (would the real voice please make an appearance and Adel, Arlie/Jon would be a great alliance. Maybe even Neda, if she could figure out where she is, sorry she seems spacey.,

But I really want to know what Sarah was so embarrassed about that it made her cry…lol ANYONE????


Sarah was embarrassed about something Andrew said about her Ativan (drug for anxiety). I personally think all drugs and personal matters should be handled in the Diary Room. Houseguests and all of Canada doesn’t need to know that Sarah is on drugs.


Thank you everyone who replied. I missed it. Nothing wrong with being on any prescribed medications no matter why you need them. I don’t think it makes her look weak nor like an addict. Many are on different meds, if you have a condition it needs to be treated. Long as she’s not using them like OMG i forget who it was. Last season they took to many and their eyes were rolling into the back of their heads, they couldn’t speak and when they did they were slurring their words. I was surprised the BB didn’t do anything about it. Maybe it was BBUS…i can’t really recall but i remember seeing it on live feeds.

Reality check

Sarah was crying because she needs her
Ativan … Lol and she thinks it makes her look
Weak . But really it makes her look like an addict
I agree she is the most annoying player
Always whining and bitching about something


“This game is so hard…” is Sarah’s line to present herself as a caring person to the other HG’s. She is not much different than Sabrina…just a different strategy in play.


i greatly dislike fake sarah and scum sabrina

sarah saying she is against bullying would be like jon saying he doesnt like beer

sabrina needs to be given a dictionary to look up the word sweet…it would be the last word i would use to describe her…she disgusts me on every level, and i can see why she is a makeup artist, but she needs to know you cant polish a turd


Rachelle is so painfully stupid. Where did they find these morons? Rooting for Neda, Adel, or Arlie.

Reality check

That’s it idiots keep targeting the weak girls and forget about
Adel lol . Go team Underdog


I really hope some how Ika get’s her self out of being evicted and heather goes home….

Allison, Neda, Jon, Arlie and Adel should vote heather out, that way its them (lncluding Ika) against Kenny, Andrew, Sarah, Sabrina, Rachelle…. 6 against 5

I really hope they all wake up and see that kenny, andrew and sabrina are going to make it to final 3 if they don’t change things around.


I like Heather but she has little game. (Neither do Rachelle or Neda.) Ika would be more interesting in the house than Heather.


For me, the only problem with Heather is that voice. Makes me think of the way young teen girls speak when they are trying to get their Daddy to let them do something or buy them something. She must think its cute, maybe her real time friends find it cute, but the people in this house surely don’


why vote out Ika when she can win things and is targeting kenny and andrew, keep her around to do your dirty work seems to make more sense when heather can’t win shit and is a floater who jumps around to who ever is in power…..she is a hard card to read.


The answer is “fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me”!!!

See she had an HOH and did nothing. Why put your neck on the line for an unreliable player? Add to it the 9 votes include; Andrew, Kenny, Brina, Sarah and Allison your literally putting your head on the chopping block without numbers. Pretty sure the counting has been done by Arlie, Jon and Neda. Tough for Adel as 1st his “power” cannot save her and second he’s back to almost square one again.


Allison’s whisker burn is getting pretty bad.


For all the talk about Neda’s intelligence and her being the only one in the bunch with any brain function; uh, she says all the time in the DR she does not want to win the challenges and throws them all the time (excluding probably have-not). That is not IMO the ‘smart’ way to play when you’re not in the top of the pecking order. If she won, people would/might give her more credit/info.

As for all the talk about Rachelle’s ‘dumb move’ to get rid of Ika; Ika is as big a threat as Kenny/Andrew/Sabrina IMO. She is a worthy opponent in the comps (her social game leaves a lot to be desired). She doesn’t have a lot to contribute to conversations other than gametalk with girls so she really doesn’t blend in social settings very well. Just my opinion.


is anyone going to tryout for season 3?


Even dressed like a wiener Rachelle is boring.