Big Brother Canada Power of Veto Results “Bye Bye Girls Alliance”

POV Holder: Allison Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: Allison & Heather
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paul, Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-22 22-46-36-819

1:47AM HOH Rachelle, Sabrina and Neda They are telling about the plan to Backd**r Ika. Neda isn’t sure this is the best plan tells they know IKA will never put a girl up.

Neda brings up Heather being completely f*** useless and if heather pulls out a win she’ll put them up but if IKA wins HOH she won’t put them up.

Neda is worried IKA will spill all their secrets once she goes up on the block. Sabrina isn’t because everyone knows there was a girls alliance.

Sabrina tells her she thinks IKA and JOn are working together. Sabrina adds that both Jon and IKA came up to Rachelle together and asked her to put up Andrew.

(Video Coming)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-22 22-53-13-091

Allison won the Power of Veto


Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-22 23-00-54-296

2:00AM late night meal

2:08am Bathroom Arlie and Adel ADel thinks that tomorrow is the Power of Veto Ceremony. Arlie isn’t sure thought it was Monday.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-22 23-10-05-932

2:09AM Adel and IKa

IKA talked to the girls earlier today and sheโ€™s not sure what they are going to do she doesnโ€™t think Adel is going up. THey both think the girls are stupid sticking with Sarah and not IKA.

Adel tells her to stay positive and don’t let Paranoia get the best of her. IKA knows when she walked into the HOH today the girls were talking about her .

Adel asks her who she thinks is going up, Ika thinks that Arlie may be going up. Adel instructs her to stay out of the drama.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-22 23-23-50-329

2:25AM Have Nots Arlie, Adel, Heather and Sabrina

Adel saying he’s not using his power unless Racehlle or himself are in danger, “1 Billion percent”

Sounds like part of the Power of Veto competition was rewards and punishments.
Jon has a punishment it’s a fog horn which will be blown every XX minutes in the room he’s sleeping in.
Heather’s punishment is she has to take 10K steps a day
Someone got a 2 week slop pass (pretty sure it was Sarah)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-22 23-30-25-947

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-22 23-35-56-571

2:35AM Having their last cigarettes

Kenny cannot believe that Heather didn’t go for the veto. Jon – “That was so stupid”

They joke about never going into IKA’s HOH room once. (Totally obvious that Jon is on the outs with theses guys)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-23 00-04-11-736
2:51AM RAcehlle and Andrew Rachelle says she’ll be happy tomorrow, “It’ll be interesting”

Feeds flip to the bedroom where Sarah is comforting IKA, Andrew walks in asks whats up. Sarah says “We’re both missing our kids”

IKA starts saying she doesn’t want to feel like Adel did and be ignored. Sarah says she promises she won’t let that happen. IKa says she doesn’t hate Sarah, “I don’t take game moves personally”

Sarah says she hates parts of this game, “The parts that make you feel like a horrible human being.. oh my gof honey don’t feel this way.. I’m so sorry the girls are making you feel this way”
IKA – “My personality does not get along with Sabrina”

Ika says what Sarah did was a LOW BLOW and it killed her game but she understands why Sarah did that, “You are here for you family to”

(IKA is hyperventilating while crying)

(Video coming)

3:42AM Neda and Jon

Arguing over what information they are going to start giving each other.

4:01AM Horn blows and Jon has to walk outside and jump in the pool. A bunch of the house guests follow to watch.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-03-23 01-15-11-967

4:15pmn Goodnight

Jon being woken up 2 more times during the night by the horn and having to dunk himself in the pool…

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this is so f*cked up.


It does… But it’s the nature of the game.
The only glimmer of hope left is that Adel somehow finds out that the replacement nom would she Ika and then he out right bluffs by telling Racehelle that we will 100% veto her nomination and replace Ika with Sabrina if she tried that BS. Lol.
I’m hoping that works… That’ll be epic. Lol
But aahhhh… One can only dream ๐Ÿ™‚ considering how effed up these brainless HGs are.
Ps: guys, don’t forget that Ika did this to herself by choosing to waste her HOH


So much of this game is messed up! Consider this . . .Ika’s game moves…
#1. Andrew and Kenny were her targets but she put Heather and Paul on the block.
#2. Once she put them on the block Heather became her target because it was too soon “HELLEN BB15 too soon” to go after Andrew and Kenny and her friends would become a target if she did.
#3. Ika wins veto and has decided that she wants to keep Paul but does not take Paul off the block because she trusts that the girls will vote Heather out. All the while telling Adel that she does not trust the girls!!!!!!!
#4. Then she looses the vote – Sara, Sabrina, Rochelle KILL HER GAME!!! and Ika crashes and burns.
#5. She starts talking to the camera like a crazy person that Jon is up to something secret then gets Sabrina to come out of the Half-not (formerly Have-not) room and tells her everything! She is still spilling her GUTS TO SABRINA AFTER THE VOTE KILLS HER GAME!!!!
#6. Rochelle wins HOH and she goes to the HOH room and tells Rochelle – while Sabrina and Neda are there – that she is so glad Rochelle has won HOH because it means that she is safe. Then a few nights later Ika goes to the HOH room and tells Rochelle, Sabrina and Neda that she wants to leave the girls alliance because she does not trust them!!!!!
Who IN THEIR RIGHT MIND tells the HOH that they want to leave their alliance BEFORE the Power of Veto Ceremony!!!!

All I can say is there is no way this game can be as easy when you are playing as when you are watching somebody play it. The whole game is messed up!


well actually Ika felt Rachelle and Sabrina were not the same towards her after Sarah betrayed the alliance. she felt something was wrong so went up to let them know how she was feeling. she wants to work with them but doesn’t feel like they want to. so she doesn’t actually want to leave them, she just thinks something is up….. which is true.


Is anyone surprised the girl allience fell apart since two of the girl allience members have been working against them and has rachelle become a member of the allience of five.


SOOOOOOO DONE with these people. SO DONE.

This new alliance didn’t even get a chance to begin!


Me too! I don’t know what Sabrina is doing she’s doing all the boy’s dirty work …and stressing herself out while Kenny and Andrew have been chilling. Sabrina is going to get Britney’d.


This is actually a serious question: Has anybody ever won US/CAN that was (dare I say), overweight? The final 2 are usually strong physically, right? I donโ€™t know how else to word it. In my mind, it immediately knocks Sabrina out of final 2 because she canโ€™t even sit up straight so I canโ€™t see her doing any winning at all (POV or HOH). ????

I posted this in the previous thread but since it was updated right after my question, I figured people would answer it here and not there. Thanks… )


Hey Cora while I do see where you were trying to go with this, physical ability is really just one part of this game. There is so much more to BB like social game and strategy. It’s also about aligning yourself with people who will carry you if you are not able to be a strong competitor. While I am NOT a Sabrina fan, she has aligned herself with Andrew and Kenny and if they can keep the First 5 alliance together, then Sabrina could make it close to the end. However, once they get to the final 5 she would have to pick up her physical game and win comps to stay because she is most likely number 5 in that alliance and if she can’t win comps, she will be gone.


Yes Cora, June Song (I don’t know if that’s how her name is spelled) was over weight when she won BB US


Jun wasn’t much of a physical competitor and she was one based on pictures that did gain weight in the house. Allison kicked butt in challenges but got one vote to win because she was not well liked.


Why would Rachelle put a girl in her alliance??!! I hope she change hee mind, I hope Neda wuld talk to Rachelle alone!!! Gross Sabrina is always there telling stupid Rachelle what to do. It is so painful to watch.


This is messed up !!! I blame it on production


People! Stop listening to Sabrina’s crappy lies and stop doing THE worst leader of all time, Andrew’s dirty work!


Hope there’s something happening, with all this season of secrets, and also more twists hopefully. They say viewers will have more power, com’on let us do something to break up the first five. This game is getting boring by the minute…..


Watching Rachelle truly is painful. Ika is not even coming after her anytime soon but for some reason Rachelle is under Sabrina’s spell. I’ve never wanted to slap a houseguest so bad unlike Rachelle’s HOH week.



i with you 2 slaps one for speed and one for direction (rachelle)


every season i pull for my females sisters to work together prove men wrong that we can work together and get along and we can outplay them ,,, but i always leave with my heart broken everytime because its always THAT one person or two persons that mess that up ….. most females cant make it togther because they always hating always beating each other down …… this game needs some changes even if it means putting my faith in ADEL … all the crayons in the box aint bright when it comes to RACHELL ,,, SABRINA ,, etc… at this point in this game guys will be sitting in final 2 …our last hope for allison to come into the game but that was a mistake just another minion for the guys what waste … I cant stand most of these people


Heather was paired with Rachelle in another comp. Its fishy there always pair up in comps or next to each other in comps.
Production knows there both hate each other i smell production interference.


Is Sabrina gaining weight?


Sabrina; The only person able to gain weight, while on slop!


Ok so let me get this straight.. The girls want to back door IKA because she said she wouldn’t put them up, but ignore Heather who said she would. And they actually think they are so clever.

I understand Sabrina doesn’t care, she wants this but I am in awe of the total lack of any brain activity in Rochelle. I’m surprised this zombie can dress herself in the morning. Everyone should tweet peter brown who defends Rochelle as a smart player.


Rochelle just counts as a useless decoration nothing much… so dumb


Dollar Store purchase.


haha..Peter will defend Rachelle no matter what. If Rachelle cut off her arm, Peter would say it’s strategic and she playing it “smart”. He has some kind of crush on her…

On a side note…why do people think Peter was such a great player? He wasn’t even mediocre. He barely said anything on the feeds, barely moved much, only ate chicken nuggets/fries/pizza, had a some-showmance with Liza, and was in an alliance that he thought was cleverly named the “shely’d”. On top when he won the veto during the double eviction after his “best friend” was eliminated, instead of saving an obvious ally and buying himself and extra week he doesn’t.

Peter was a diary room “thug”. He talked ( mostly yelled) big in the diary room but he didn’t do much.


You inflated his resume Leslie; he actually had a showmance with a hairband. ๐Ÿ™‚


And Gary is carrying him in the Side Show.


Yeah, I’m glad some people out there actually agree about Peter being ridiculously overrated. The Shield alliance was garbage.


Well, Allison is a fan of the sheyld which might explain her game.


Ah “Chilltown” north… The shield was one of production’s trumped up attempts to use a BB USA idea and copy it. Fact is they were bad TV in the DR…hehehe. I always thought of them as anti “Chilltown” personally. His side show gig may be the result of not getting who they wanted. Frankly Lala and Gary would be hilarious as long as they can read the cue cards. Peter’s observations aren’t his own on the show common…. He spews what he’s told to by the producers. I will add I really like the side show. Hyperbole, a tongue in cheek homage to “journalism” dissecting the BB Can house. HG analyses that borders on serious intellectual reflection about the strategy in the house.ROFL It’s my guilty dirty little pleasure along with some 151 rum and coke. Now that’s a “dark and dirty” pleasure ๐Ÿ˜› After 1st 5 I have no freaking idea what these other HG’s are going to do as far as playing the game! Joneda talk a great game together…. but what is the freaking actual plan? And when, if ever are they gonna do freaking anything?




^^^^See above^^^^^

There is NO chance Heather goes instead of Ika. BB Can week 4 is in the books and we haven’t had the POV ceremony yet. I think Ika’s exit interviews might be interesting to find online. I read some follow up interviews with Paul. He was clueless on almost everything.
Well I’m pretty sure Arissa will spill it tonight and announce a double eviction on Thursday.
What’s truely scary is the bottom 4 have no plan if one of them gets HOH during the double. I smell Heather and a “pawn”! Golly gee wiz you think this could be Allison, Adel being part of their possible alliance. LOL See I think this Friday we’ll wake up only to find one of the 3 above gone. The other 2 options to be last out before the jury. If 1st 5/4(no Arlie) win HOH Thursday Heather and Adel. If the 4 bottom feeders win likely Allison and Heather. The outsiders aren’t organized enough to take a run at anyone Thursday with the double eviction format.
Another 1 of these geniuses ability is to not understand numbers as in this talk about 2 more weeks and we have the numbers.. brought to you by Brina, Andrew and Kenny. 1st eviction Thursday you have raw numbers idiots. 11 left 1st 5 win HOH. There will be 8 voting and 4 are members of their alliance. HOH breaks the tie geniuses! Games still far from over mind you. You still need HOH with a majority in theory.
Game has simply been under whelming and thus to many boring. I have to say staying up beat is pretty difficult so far. More fun reading the comments and Simon and Dawg input here frankly and the side show. I’ve taped and watched it 3 times already. Gary is TV gold in a dress or not! lol I adore Lala and she was fun Thursday. She must have pulled her dress down a 1/2 dozen times and trying to be lady like. She was so funny. Lala if you don’t want to show your bum wear a longer dress sweetie! ๐Ÿ™‚


So Allison is a potential swing vote. Perhaps she will catch wind of her rumoured alliance with Jon.


Peter Brown has to be one of the worst players in BB history. He was in an alliance with a guy called Alex who threw his own showmance under the bus for a guy called andrew who ultimately ended up getting them all booted out of the house. His only chance to survive was obviously to save Topaz and he foolishly did not use the veto to save the only person who would logically have any incentive to take him anywhere. He was a floater, who was boring, did little in the house and made no big moves in the game.

On top of that he complained on the feeds about players who voted for winners personally and not on who played the best game but when voting time came he voted for gary because jillian was “just a liar” and “lucky” in his words. To me there were 3 great players in season 1, gary, jillian and emmet. Gary was able tog et in with emmet. Emmet was able tog et far despite being a target early and get on everyones goood side. And Jillian was able to lie weak after week to everyones face and still be liked and trusted ebcause she did it with a smile. Her best move included talking topaz down from the wall competition and then putting her up and evicting her, that and being with emmeit the whole game and winning all those comps. Any player with a brain in the final 6 would see you need to breakup the showmance who is allies with everyone in the house but 1 player called topaz. Peter wasn’t even playing for 2nd or 3rd he was at best playing for 4th. Because even if Andrew went before him Emmet and Jillian was never going to take him to the final and they would never take him over tallah who won NOTHING. He was by far the worse player. Even Andy, Ginamarie and Spencer and Elisa who were bad players all sooner or later realzied they had to break up mccrae and amanda.


Rachelle is like 20 years old, I already said this before, stop casting people under 25 unles they can proven they are very interesting nd strongly opiniated and will have a backbone and standup for themself and have alot of experiences… You usually want to cast the drop out who ran away from home and spent 2 years backpacking through europe over the run of the mill boring college student. And I am a young person. The best seasons and the best cast members are people in the range of mid to late 20s to early 40s. you don’t want grandpa in there or grandma and you don’t want the student because these young people have no life experiences and nothing of value to say. Think of the best cast members
-dr. will
-mike boogie
-evel dick
-rachel (the red head)

Most of them were at least mid to late 20s or older. They actually have some experiences to talk about that make the show interesting and have stronger personalities and are not so easily influenced that they just do as they are told. The absolute worst cast members are the prochas and the rachelles or aaryans who just spend the whole season doing as they are told from older house guest and make stupid comments and have nothing of value to add to the cast. I’d rather see 10 kent;s bb2usa than a single rachelle cast again. BB is only interesting when you have strongly opininated people who go against the grain and do what they want to do not what others tell them to do. Last season had a good cast although some where young like emmet and gary and danielle but atleast they had a brain and a strong opinion and did what they wanted.

Stop casting these highly itnroverted young people. Rachelle is the absolute worst palyer i’ve seen on bb, she does nothng on the feeds but follow other hgs around and look in the mirror at her ugly self with an occassional weird dance


Ika is being backdoored because Kenny and Andrew want her out. Ika told Sabrina that Kenny and Andrew are her targets and Sabrina told everybody. Kenny said that Ika is crazy and both Kenny and Andrew would not even go into her HOH room except when they had to for the “Who wants to see my HOH’ room unofficial letter reading ceremony. A few weeks back when the F5 alliance met in Andrew’s HOH room – Rochelle was there – they said they want Heather to make jury and not Ika because Heather is easier to live with. Kenny, Andrew, Sabrina, Arlie, Sara and Rochelle said that they do not want to live with Ika if they are in the jury house and Kenny said especially when you know that you are not going to win and you still have to live with her. In general if you want to find the reason why somebody is being evicted its because Kenny and Andrew want them gone.


We want more power now before ika get back doored! Put her in the war room! And after a few people go in, have us vote to bring one back in the house.

Andrew and Kenny are floating behind Sabrina and Sarah who are unfortunately shielding them and doing all the heavy lifting. Rachelle deserves to be evicted for the worst hoh in history.

Douche hater

Seriously this is the stupidest group of people
Where the hell did casting find these dumb twats
The fact that Rachelle can’t see what is so clearly
In front of her face is scary . That is our future generation that
Will be running our country … Fuck I’m moving
To Mexico . Worst casting season ever .
Hey BB next time research the fuck heads
You bring in the house . Watching paint dry offers
More stimulation ๐Ÿ™


It’s really starting to feel like casting had the mindset of “Who can we put together that would piss off the viewers off the most?” There is no way in hell these dimwits were the best of the best.

Has anyone on here ever applied?

Johhny (the European one!)

Poor Neda.
Having to sit through this conversation with Sabrina (and Rachelle) and knowing any word of disagreement of hers will be twisted by Sabrina into “Neda is our enemy!”.
Neda must feel like watching a cheap sci-fi movie with huge plot holes. She wants to tell Rachelle “f’ing WAKE UP! Are you really SO INFINITELY BRAINDEAD?!?”
Her best option is to say “yes, I agree” when Sabrina is there, and get Rachelle in a 1 on 1 conversation (at the latest when Sabrina is in the have not room).

Then, she can tell Rachelle of this tale of a little angel and a little demon who are both sitting on Rachelle’s shoulders and whispering in her ear.
Here, the little demon is actually SCREAMING in her ear, has already strangled the little angel to death, and yells “LALALALALA!” whenever someone wants to say something -of value- to Rachelle.
I find it hard to believe Rachelle thinks she’s “in with the boys” magically ever since she won this 1 HOH.


It’s a tough spot for Neda.


I like neda, I want her to win a special power or how next week.


I seriously think that Neda will soon be the only sane women in that house.

Johhny (the European one!)

What do you mean by “soon”? ๐Ÿ˜‰
She already is.


well f***k me in the a**….. this shit fest will continue unless jon or adel win the next hoh… come on we need another twist .. this season reminds me so much of bb 12 damn this people cant see what is in front of them,,,, bring dan ghessling in there and to help clue this fuckers on what the house dynamic looks like…


By no means do I like Ika but the house would be a whole lot more boring without her. Here’s to hoping she pulls off some sort of miracle.


I think Sabrina is going to make sure she doesn’t leave Rachelle’s side for even 1 second because Sabrina basically talks for her.



pov is tomorrow night ! .. Rochelle won a hot dog suit lol she deserves it


Still I don’t get it after all these Ika is still so blind and not able to figure out Sabrina … she says noone speaking to her ( well she is getting same medications she described for Heather ) but I want her to stay in the game so badly


Thanks BBCA for giving us viewers the “secret room” experience. Love to watch and not here what is happening. Keep up the good job with the audio.


oh man, allison allison allison…..we had so much hope for you! And Rachelle, dont even get me started lol…..the most boring houseguest ever, no game or strategy at all, she is just simply there…….she is so indifferent that is why she is easily manipulated. She got on bb to play the he said/she said highschool game with Heather, they need to bring in Will or Boogie to open up these losers eyes like Dan tried to do last season.


You ascribe Rachelle with a greater level of achievement than she has attained. She is still in the aspiration phase of anticipating high school. Cut her a break, the big kids are schooling her.


I have no sympathy for Ika. She went to Heather today and told her ‘Everybody makes fun of you.’ What was the point of that if not to gain some satisfaction. Her constant low blows – ‘Creepzilla’, ‘Bride of Chucky’, etc. have been nothing short of heartless. In my opinion, I would not want to reward anything she has done with a prize.
Sarah never promised her anything so she is not a victim of anything. She is now playing the victim to gain sympathy so people won’t evict her. Sweet justice has her (hopefully) sitting on the block with the person she was most cruel to. Fingers crossed she goes home.


It seems like Sabrina knows that Neda can detect all her BS. I’m worried that if Sabrina has it her way, Neda will be up sooner than she thinks.

Team Neda

Neda is WAY too smart for those bimbos. Out of her,ika,roachelle and flabrina, i’ve always liked her. She never takes the game to a personal level and is always thinking strategically. It’s hard watching her trying to get through rachelles and head and wanting to PREVENT her from giving the game to the guys! Of course its hard with flabrina by rachelles side every second.
And of course Sabrina wants ika gone. Obviously, its not strategy, its personal. Sabrina hates herself and her self image so she goes after every beautiful and thin female in the house, (eg. Heather and Allison )
I am hoping that an alliance forms between Neda,Jon, Adel and maybe Heather.
I hope that we can get a power shift from last season given to Ika to get her off the block, so it could maybe be a possibility for Rachelle to put up Kenny. Probz wouldn’t happen though as she would put up Adel but hey, one can dream.


I hope this week is a FAKE EVICTION! Use the secret room in the house and hide IKA. Bring her back in and then I’ll need someone to screenshot Sabrina’s reaction.



sabrina is going to be the first person to be gone from the first five… kenny and sarah dont like her they think she is super annoying.. arlie is the safest person in the first five…. name one person in the house that arlie does not have a good connection with maybe allison? nobody seems to be interested in taking out arlie.. oops forgot kenny did mention about kind not trusting him earlier //


Sarah its one big bi**h… she uses IKA’s vulnerablity and digging in more to get extra info off of her. The first five are the most disgusting ppl ever


And a question: did Rochelle put sab on slop or bb ?
If Rochelle done it then because sabrina is on mission to get her dirty hands on Adel’s veto card…just a guess


Well looks like Neda working on Rochelle’s brain lol. Hope will work out and wont backdoor Ika


The info Sarah got from Ika may just postpone Jon and Neda’s eviction for a bit. Ika is not in an alliance with Jon and truly see’s him closer with the guys. However, it also showed that no one, especially the ‘girl’s’ has an idea about the 5.
I think Allison will still be gone ahead of Adel, Jon, Neda and Heather.


Damn you guys are good. I feel like I was just watching the second half of this post.

I lost all faith in the Girls alliance last week when Sarah flipped but if Rachelle goes through with this plan they will deserve “The Stupids” nickname. In what part of the BB Playbook does say its smart to vote out somebody you’re aligned with who has you NOWHERE on their radar? Boggles my mind!!! I’ve had to accept that this is Sabrina’s HOH and not Rachelle’s. The saddest part is she actually feels like she’s being SOOOO smart right now. (sidenote: i would love to have Andrew put Sabrina on the block and ultimately be the reason she’s voted out. the meltdown would be EPIC!!).

Hopefully between tonight and the POV replacement ceremony Rachelle wises up but I have my doubts. So far she seems to be nothing short of a whiny goth brat with no thought process of her own. Haven’t heard her say anything witty, funny or even slightly intelligent since the beginning of BBCAN2. Pretty girl with no brain- waste of BB space.


Stop smacking the Goth. She would instantly be exposed as a wannabe.


Yup that books a great read for sure. The most recent addition was written during BB USA 15 by the “ultimate strategist” Helen. It was a clinic on how to remove all options that could allow you to win the game. Political strategist my phat azz!!!


I really hope Neda talks to Ika and gives her a head’s up that she is being backdoored so that she can try and secure some votes (Jon, Arlie, Adel and possibly Allison) I really hope Heather gets Evicted just so I can see the look on Andrew,Kenny, Sabrina and Rachelle’s face.

little mouse

BB should bring in pandoras box ..we know ratchel would open it and the consequence of her opening it is her noms are cancelled and Canada decides who is going up. With ika on the war path Sabrina would have to shut the hell up ika with adel arlie jon needa and heather could team up and take the others out. . We know Sabrina would definitely be nominated and i would say andrew ..i think Sabrina would go ..Canada would be doing the happpy dance if this happend and only then will we have a game. Because right now no one would call this a game it is a playground full of bullies controlling who plays on the equipment..nice message BBCan is sending out to the young people of Canada..Bullies win ..


The only one not spreading lies at this moment is Sarah. She is sitting back and watching everything – watching everyone go from one to another saying this and that. I am starting to like her game. Furthermore she knows how close Kenny / Andrew , and Sabrina / Rachelle are – I see Sarah being pulled in from either Arlie or Adele and taking out the Pinocchios of this game! Sarah may be close to Kenny but she makes up her own mind as per her vote for Paul. I am routing for Sarah!


Sarah is not an innocent in this. She also has participated in what Sabrina is doing. She just chooses her words carefully.


heather and arlie reminds me so much of bb 8 jessica and eric…. i want this two to be in a showmance :} . come on arlie go get some… im annoyed at sabrina for sleeping in between the two,,,, sabrina stop being a c**k block….


Well…. a F5 run house is a boring house… I


OMG!!!… 1 more day… Neda needs to fool this plan… tell Ika and talk some sense into Rachelle and come up with a surprise of her own… now that she knows… she can’t let this happen…


Hey Simon or Dawg, who are POV players for week 4 beside Rachelle, Heather & Alison?


Rachelle, Heather, Allison, Kenny, Jon, Sarah