Joey trying to get Devin nominated “her plan is borderline genius”

BB16-2014-06-28 20-35-48-680


8:35pm cam 1 Lounge Devin and Joey

Joey – “OK So.. Caleb is going to come around and ask for votes for people that I want out of the house”
Devine – “that you want out”
Joey – “yes .. I would like you out .. you’re smart and you are physically the strongest.. I know you will vote me out for telling you this but I respect you i’m just saying you are amazing competitor and letting you know so you don’t hear from other people”
Devin – “No worries I appreciate you telling me no hard feelings.. If I go home I go home”
Joey – “It’s like me going up against a football player.. I’m sorry you are my vote”
Devin – “Ok no worries”

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BB16-2014-06-28 20-40-25-510


8:38pm Fire room Devine, Christine and Frankie

Devin brings up his conversation with Joey, “I just want you to know you’re a physical competitor and we’re going to vote you out this week.. I’m going around telling everyone I want you out this week”
Christine and Frankie laugh. Devin – “She said I understand you are probably going to vote me out.. I was like but you jsut said you are voting me out”
Frankie – “She’s really good at this game”

8:39pm Fire room Jocasta and Devin

Devin tells them about Joey pulling her into the lounge room . “I just want you know know you are a really fit competitor a physical threat and we’re going to vote you out this week”
“She said i’m going around the house telling everyone I want you up “
Jocasta – “you’re lying what the heck is going on what’s wrong this is crazy”


BB16-2014-06-28 20-49-29-869


8:49pm cam 3 hammock  Zach and Derrick

They both want Devin out and are trying to figure out how they will convince Caleb to do it. Frankie and Cody join them
Frankie – ‘what did you do” (to joey)
Derrick – “Dude she’s going crazy right now.. we’re trying to defuse it”
Derrick – “She really wants devin out”
Zach – “she falling off the deep end in a big way.. the plan is genius it’s her only way out.. it comes down to one person and that person is all that matters”
Devin rolls in asks them if they have their votes, “I talked to Joey and she said she’s personally putting me up”

BB16-2014-06-28 20-54-53-564


8:53 cam 2 storage room Victoria and Nicole

Comparing notes about what Joey is doing. Victoria fills her in on Joey going to Devin and telling him she wants him up.
Nicole – “Devin is going to explode I can tell”
Neither of them know what Amber is going to do.
Nicole – “I can’t believe she said she was Devin out”
They are nervous about Joey damaging their game. Nicole thinks she might go up. Victoria tells her not to worry this week.

BB16-2014-06-28 21-04-43-261


9:03pm Cam 1 Storage room Caleb and Devin

Caleb – “Dude you gotta chill all those girls out here are like what’s wrong with Devin”
Devin – “no no that is all for show”
Caleb – “I know it’s for show but I don’t want all those girls to be thinking Devin is turning into a madman”
Devin goes over his conversation with Joey..
Christine joins them “She literally could be the worst player in history”

BB16-2014-06-28 21-14-32-992


9:10pm cam 1 Brittany, Cody, Derrick and Zach

Talking about what Joey is doing and thinking it was a smart move. They agree Joey is being extremely honest. Zach points out that Joey may just be hoping for the best because she knows Caleb will do whatever he wants it’s not a house decision. Derrick and Zach both say they haven’t “cast” their vote to caleb. Brittany wonders who else Caleb has talked to. Zach says he’s talked to Hayden.
Zach – “If the house votes to put Devin up and Caleb doesn’t put Devin up it exposes their alliance”
Brittany says there’s people in the house that have a problem with Devin.
Derrick – “We need 8 people to vote for whoever.”
They start giving a hard time about saying he likes cougars. Brittany correct them says Cody told her he’s used to getting hit on by cougars.  Cody – “I just like older girls like 27 year old cougars are like 40″



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Double Ds = Devin, Donny
Bomb Squad = Frankie, Caleb, Devin, Cody, Derrick, Zach, Amber, Christine
Bed buddies = Nicole, Christine
Final 2 Deal = Frankie, Zach


TheCrazy8s = Frankie, Donny, Joey, Paola, Devin, Amber, Nicole, Cody
El Cuatro = Paola, Amber, Joey, Nicole

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Is it possible to play this hard this quickly ??!?!?!??
I am sooooo pissed about the 2 HoH thing because this stupid 8 person alliance can actually make this game incredibly boring if they truly believe in their 8 person alliance.

In a normal season Hayden, Nicole, Brittany are chilling but who knows?

(It’s the first week Josh, it will get better)

Maybe this whole week is a fantasy and next week we start the real season of all stars becaus if Devin lasts more than 2 weeks I may go crazy.


What I am not getting is that if Joey exposed the girls alliance because she did not know the game. How is she playing so hard to get ride of Devin.

I mean, Im glad she is doing this, because I do want Devin gone.

But I am not getting where is this all coming from.


Joey is playing on instinct. And if she can survives this she’ll be a great player.


Team Joey!!! Whether she stays or not she’s shaking up the house and Devin and Caleb specifically. Now the cracks in the Bomb Squad are already showing.

At first I liked Amber and felt for her with Caleb stalking her. Now that she and Christine want the Bomb Squad to take out all the other girls so they’ll be the only ones left I hope she goes soon. Never felt one way or the other about Christine but as of now she can go as well.


Oh I did not know these 2 wants all the other girls out.. How stupid. Why the girls always has to be so stupid?.. the only way they can win is getting ride of the guys..
I hope Britanny wins next week HOH and get ride of Devin or Frankie.

I was shocked when I saw that Frankie is 31, he acts like he is 21…


I’m ready for Brittany to grab this game by the balls. If any of the girls are going to nom Caleb/Devin it’s her.


I agree. But I would prefer she goes after Frankie first because he is just like Andy last season.

I hope Devin goes this week, then Frankie, Donny and ZAck


Got to get rid of Caleb and Devin as soon as they can.


The smart move would be for the next 2 HOHs to each put up one of Caleb/Devin duo. That way one remains on the block and they are not out there alone as a sole target.


This 8 will not last because if 2 from the win hoh put up total of 4 ppl none from there alliance irs going to be obvious… also if americas team thing goes there will be 3 off votes usually because ppl arent going to vote for america won’t vote for ppl like donny to go home


I hate that alot of these ppl have no idea about big brother there agents got them on. But they act like they are super fans ie Frankie caleb cody pow pow few others I root for donny and Christine and derrick ppl who obviously watch the show!!


Joey’s plan is working. Caleb is losing it. He’s telling Derrick and Zach that he’s going to call a meeting and tell everyone he’s changed his mind and Joey’s going up. And he says he’ll tell Brittany that he’s the only who can carry her so if she doesn’t like it she’s next to go.

I hope he does it. That should make for an interesting Sunday.


After watching BBAD Caleb , Zach and Cody are so cocky
I hate cocky I hope these guys go soon.

Baby Firefly
Baby Firefly

I bet that America’s challenge told Joey to say that to Devin. So it looks like if you get America’s player, you get 5 grand, but it might make you do something that can F up your game. So seriously, people should vote for someone they hate for next America’s player/alliance.