Joe tells Shane either we roll with Frank and backD**r him Or we roll with Brit and separate the house.

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power

***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for 24 hours
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours (Frank was also Disqualified from the competition)
6) Shane took no punishments

11amJenn, Britney, Frank, Dan and Danielle are in the backyard talking about random stories. They start talking about birth control. Frank says once when he was done having $ex the girls nuvaring was caught on him. He was like what is this a bear trap! They continue to talk about random stuff.


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Joe comes into the kicks room to talk to Shane. Joe says that he thought about a scenario last night. Joe says that he walked out several scenarios. I pulled papers and tried out scenarios to see if I can get us to where we need to go. Joe says one asks question if we got down to the final three, would you take me or Danielle? Shane says ummm..Ahhh.. good point, uhh.. you, I would have a better shot at it against you in the finals. Joe says if we do the Frank thing… as soon as we possibly can we back door him. Joe says that Frank says he just didn’t want to be the one to put up Jenn, but we can. Joe says that Frank wants out Ian and Dan. To me it doesn’t matter I don’t care about Ian. Joe says if we get to the final four with Frank you have to either beat him or we have to back door him the week before. Joe says that if we stick with Britney then we just separate and Frank is going to go off on us, and I can take it if we want to do that. Joe tells Shane that he wants to go to the final two with him, and that he is happy just taking the $50 grand. Joe says we either stick with Frank and try and back door him or we stick with Britney and separate the house. Let me know and we’ll talk to Frank. Joe leaves.


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11:40am – 12pm Danielle and Frank are in the kitchen talking. Danielle tells Frank you need to keep pressuring Shane because he will flip. Frank says oh I will be, I am working for you. Frank says I trust you won’t put me up. Danielle says I said I won’t so I won’t put you up. Frank tells Danielle that Joe thought that you and Dan might work together again. Frank says that he just told Joe that they might later on but she will still harbor resentment to him. Danielle says yeah thanks for saying that. Frank says that he and Jenn will have her back going forward and that he thinks Shane will too. Danielle goes to see if she can get into the diary room. Frank heads out side to talk to Jenn and Britney about New York and other random things.

12:20pm Jenn and Ian are in the pool. Frank, Dan and Britney are on the backyard couch talking about nuclear bombs and other random stuff.


12:30pm – 12:45pm Shane and Danielle are in the kicks bedroom talking about taking advantage of getting to sleep in all day. Shane says that it’s not good for the live feeders but.. Danielle says that she is so over that.. Britney joins them. Danielle complains about her neck rash and sore throat. Britney says that Dan and Frank are sitting on the backyard couch talking. Shane asks what?! Britney says they’re in an alliance. It’s no secret. Shane says they at least have a one week deal. Shane says Dan is a f**king dick. I am going to talk to him. Britney asks about what? Shane says about how he treated Danielle. Britney says that it pisses her off how they are talking like I am going home. Britney says it pisses me off because they don’t have the votes but they act like they do. Britney says that maybe I do go home this week, but its not because of Frank. He is on such a power trip. Britney says that he will roll over anyone and destroy you to get to the finals. Shane agrees. Britney leaves. Shane says I hate Dan so much! Danielle says yeah. All four camera views switch to Ian and Dan playing salsa ball in the pool.


12:50pm – 1:35pm Big Brother 14 live feeds are done for maintenance.. Apparently Superpass is doing some maintenance, but if you are watching the feeds right now you will lose them to the maintenance screen if you refresh or switch camera views.

1:45pm – 2pm The live feeds come back. The house guests are taking HOH photos. Frank jokingly freaks out at Britney for erasing photo. Britney says that Danielle was doing it too. Danielle says no I didn’t, not today. Frank jokingly says s**t head. Britney says to Frank I am on the block I can do whatever I want. Frank says that he got some good blogging done, talked some mad s**t about Britney, just kidding. Britney says just don’t say anything about my husband or upset him, he has been through enough in his life.



2:10pm Frank, Ian, Danielle, Shane and Joe are in the kitchen making lunch. Ian swinging in the hammock. Jenn sun tanning. Britney is laying out on the backyard couch. No one is talking.

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Dark Horse

Really?!…thats the senarios that Powerhouse came up with…DUH!!


(if I’m Shane/Joe)

I think I would lean towards backdooring Frank. He can’t play in the next 2 HOH. They don’t seem to suspect that Frank and Dan are working together (Britney does). Especially from Joe’s perspective…. he should be looking at how close Britney, Ian and Shane have gotten. I would break that up if I were him.


@Goofy, It will never Happen. Even he can’t play 2 HoH’s (which includes outgoing & fast forward). Frank will easily win 2 PoV’s. Besides, Frank is too smart. Think about it.

Head of Household

Frank and ‘smart’ do not belong in the same sentence.


Apparently he’s smart enough to win POV every time he’s up on the block!

You must be a Quack Packer…

Head of Household

You must be a Frank humper.

Winning PoV requires no intellect, and he fell for Dan’s move when Dan was his number 1 target. Keeping Dan in the game will ultimately lead to hit demise.


Dear Quack Packer:

Frank is a competition beast. Notice how everyone seems to agree that the only way to get rid of Frank is via backdoor?

If Frank is so terrible at this game, why is he still in the house?

Moreover, Mr. Quack Packer, keeping Dan in the game will destroy your beloved Quack Pack alliance. How does that make you feel?

Frank will be fine, don’t you worry, little duckling!


Technically, he’s only in the game because of the Reset. Nonetheless, he’s a great competitor and was the perfect accomplice to run alongside Boogie.


OMG……that is the funniest thing anyone has ever posted!!

Zingbot Fan

Frank is too smart???Didn’t he just give up two weeks of potential HOH chances to get out the guy he just saved. Dan played him like an idiot in a carrot costume.


Frank is trying to put targets in front of him. Giving up 2 consecutive HOH’s was not too wise, but with only 7 people in the house after this upcoming eviction and 6 people playing in every veto comp, he will still be able to fight for his safety (unless he is the one unlucky guy that doesn’t get to play POV next week). He wasn’t able to play for the next HOH anyway, so he is only screwed on the following one. And with only 6 HG’s remaining, he will be guaranteed to play for the veto.

So, its really not the worst situation possible.


He give up 2 HoH’s not 2 weeks of potential HoH. That includes week 8 & double eviction. He will play in week 9. Think about the numbers, Shane take out Ian, Danielle take out Dan. Makes it 5. Frank will play in week 9. You need to check the Houseguest weeks. Because in week 8 & double eviction. Ian & Dan will be leaving in same night. Trust me.

MU Tigers

You also said that it wouldn’t happen about Boogie going home. Guess where Boogie is. Seriously, if you could get paid for being wrong, you’d be a billionaire.


Production has Frank so what ever they want Frank gets ! you know he Cheats! So I think Frank and smart don’t go together .

it’s production wants or doesn’t want but Production should get rid of Dan and Britney then get rid of Frank then I would

come and watch it again. just see what happens!


Frank is a Bozo the Clown looking & talking DUFUS! What a joke!


There is TECHNICALLY only next week to “back-door” Frank. The concept of the back-door is to get someone out without giving them the chance to play for the veto. After this next eviction, it is down to 7 people, and 6 play in the POV. There is only a VERY SLIM chance that Frank does not get to play in the next POV. If he plays, he gets a chance to save himself, and thus cannot be “back-doored”. He can be put up as a replacement nom and evicted, of course.


Exactly, a player came up with that plan. I think it was Nacoma(?) the sister of Cowboy. That’s how I remember it anyway maybe I got it wrong.


Six finger plan


WRONG! He has a chance to play a PoV! Think about it! He can’t play 2 HoH’s which includes outgoing & fast forward. Believe me, I’m always right.


I have already thought about it. There are 8 people in the house. On Thursday, there will be 7. Frank cannot play HOH this coming Thursday. Whoever wins HOH will make 2 nominations. The HOH and 2 noms will randomly draw 3 names to also play POV. So 6 out of 7 houseguests will play POV, leaving one man or woman on the sidelines.

If Frank is NOT ONE OF THE ORIGINAL NOMINEES, he will be one of four houseguests sitting on the couch waiting to see if his name is drawn out of the bag to play for the veto. Three will get picked, one will not. This leaves a 25% chance that Frank DOES NOT get picked to play veto, which is the only situation where it is possible to “BACK-DOOR” him, by definition, for the remainder of the season.

After the next 2 evictions, 6 houseguests remain, which means everyone gets to play for veto. If you get to play for veto, you cannot be “back-doored”. You can still be a replacement nominee, just not “back-doored”


I vetoed this one. Frank will get random draw and he will play gurantee. He will win 2 PoV. The only way to get Ian out of here. Shane don’t trust Ian & Frank don’t trust Dan either. That way, both Ian & Dan will leave next week.


Well, whatever you want to call it – and I’m not arguing it – but it’s infinitely better trying to get him out while he has 2 chances to save himself instead of 4. This may be the perfect time to do this. I’m actually not sure who I’m rooting for at this point and it may be fun to watch Dan and Frank together for a while. Just looking at it through Shane and Joe’s eyes.

The Real TMZ

I agree with goofy,but sn’t being a replacement nominee the same as being backdoored?? potato potatoe


No. If you’re a replacement nominee after having a chance to win the Veto, you can’t call it being backdoored because you had the chance to play for your safety.

If you’re replaced without having a chance to win the Veto, that is the correct term for backdooring.


Dan on block. Pursuades other nominee to ask the veto holder to take him off. Pursuades the HOH to pressure the veto holder to take the other nominee off. AND then tells them who to put up. Dan is the most powerful person with no power but his voice. He is the best player ever for this feat, especially considering when he pulled it he was the most hated person in the house and a previous winner. Powerful stuff.


Just to throw everything for a loop and keep this season going in a great entertaining way, I beg you Shane to vote and eliminate Dani. It would be AWESOME!

Dark Horse

I know I’m alone with this…

BUT I would rather have Britney than Danielle

There I said it!


You’re forgetting, Britney would be alone with Ashley in the jury house. I’d much rather see Britney wrestling Ashley than Danielle!


OMG, Danielle and Ashley along together in the Jury house for a week – AWESOMEEE.


You’re not alone.


You’re not alone, Dark Horse! If Britney leaves, the show will be unwatchable – just like it was after she left BB12. Just picture it – Ian rocking by himself on the hammock, Joe playing with himself and cooking, Frank, Shane and Jenn working out, and Dani berating Dan over and over again for making her cry. Production, I beg of you, please get to steppin’/riggin’ and save Brit!

Dark Horse

LMAO @ “Joe playing with himself then cooking…”

I agree and I do think they influence so with that…Team production for talking Shane into voting out Danielle!!!

Come on it’s what we want!!!

I’m so glad I’m not alone on this.


Speak for yourself brittany is annoying and two face she was backing stabbing dan the moment frank won hoh


At 12:20 Brittany is out on the couch with Dan and Frank. Then she runs into the kicks room at 12:30 and tells Shane and Danielle that Dan & Frank are together on the couch and I know they’re in in alliance! Excuse me snowflake, but you were out there with them minutes before. They weren’t alone until you got up to go to the kicks room. Whose the piece of crap now? Dan & Frank need to keep an eye on her, or she’ll end up staying. They need to get rid of her, she’s listened to much more than Danielle. Though Danielle is a hot mess too.


But she’s right?!!!! How can you bitch at her for giving Shane ACCURATE information?


Britney is what keeps this show so fun to watch. Everyone else is either infuriating or boring. I’d love to see a Britney/Ian final two but I think it’s a long shot. I just hope that Shane can realize that Danielle is riding with Dan/Frank/Jenn and get her out over Britney who is genuinely on his side and always has been.

Dark Horse

Oh boo hoo…I wasn’t speaking for you


Joe’s secret ingredient in his cooking is Organic Nut Musk.

Dark Horse


I wish we could use gifs here…I have the perfect one for this comment


I beg them to save Brit also I don’t think it will be enjoyable to watch Dan and jenn sleeping on bbad or watching the hammock rock or frank so full of hisself, dani making a fool out of herself, etc.


No – you’re not alone. I want Danielle out so bad.


Me as well Britney needs to stay it will be boring without her. If Britney stay and I hope she does it will be two alliances against each other and have a better understand of where everyone is coming from. I want Frank to get karma and he needs it.


me too, but i’m torn on who i want to go home…i still long for a dan, danielle, shane, britney final four!


You are SO not alone, been saying this since Sunday night.
I don’t care if Brit whines, or can be bitchy, or cries. I would rather listen to her do those things, at least the rest of the time she is entertaining. Who wants to look at Danielles big old moon face for 3 more weeks? Her neediness isn’t even humorous to me anymore, it is to the point where I wish a rabid wolverine would be let loose in the house with her on lockdown.

PS- Yes while Dan was hatching his plan I said I would take the Brit loss and say “Well Done”, but it is really irking me that everyone is coddling Danielle and she isn’t paying any price for backstabbing Brit.


I agree. The betrayal by the Brigade doesn’t hold a candle to what Danielle is happily doing to Brit.


Oh guys. Get over it. The same thing Danielle is doing to Britney, Britney did to Dan and Danielle a couple of days ago so quit.

Britney didn’t waste her time throwing Dan under the bus. The guy who (stupidly) took the fall for Ian and essentially the whole Quack Pack.

They let Dan take the blame for everything all the while plotting to get him out and switch over to Team Frank.

Britney is nothing but an annoying trash talker.

The same thing she does, other people do however they get criticized for it, which is so stupid.

You Britney fans are making me Team Dan and I don’t even like the guy that much.

Whether you like it or not, Dan made a huge move, and he didn’t have to lie either. The guy told the truth about the QP and now Brit’s all up in arms because it’s her in the forefront now and she has no one to hide behind and put the blame on.

Because Danielle trusts Dan, she’s going along with it.

Dark Horse

In short…its called playing the game.

If roles were reversed Dan would have done the same thing…secured his & Danielle’s place in the house.

Dan did make it seem like he was mad at Danielle, said some harsh words to make her cry…only then to explain how he secured him & her…so he does lie…no one’s a saint

It’s not a Dan or Brit situation to me…it’s a I’d rather Britney [stay] than Danielle.

I have actually said…that if Brit goes I hope Dan turns around and gets Frank right out…a backdoor would be nice.

Dark Horse

“where I wish a rabid wolverine would be let loose in the house with her on lockdown.” OMG LOL

It’s just amazing she’s all whatever about it, and her & Brit were close…

After Brit listened to the looooooonnnngggg talks about her non existent relationship with Shane, then with Trey…and her obessions with Kara, Janelle, JoJo & probably Julie Chen!!…her legs, thighs, zits etc..


Danielle will just go skipping back to Dan.


I don’t know. Britney is so tiny, she might break after 4 thrusts. Not sure how her husband does it.


Tiny peen.

Head of Household

Everyone one would rather have Britney…well, most people as she is in 3rd place in the poll and Danielle is the hated pshyco path


You are not all alone, I agree 100%!


LOL @ ‘Dark Horse’…you’d be surprised to know you’re not alone in wanting that. As much as I love Dan, I’ll rather have Britney stay over Danielle anytime, any day! They both complain but at least Britney is funny.


I want Danielle out too. I want to see her start to get nervous that shit’s not going her way and she start’s the meltdown and becomes a puddle.

Just Me

You are not alone. Dani needs to go and keeping Britt will keep things way more interesting in the house. Britt is capable of winning a HOH comp and if she does that will cause some drama. Everyone’s game will change again. Dan will become her new best friend. That is what keeps this season so fun to watch, watching everyone scramble each week creating new alliances.


Seems like there’s definitely more brittany fans than Danielle. Not surprising though as Danielle can grate on anyones nerves. C’mon Brit go for it and save yourself!


Is Shane part of Team Powerhouse now?

Dark Horse

I think Shane is part of Team Winning Competitions…

Wake the F up SHANE!!!!!

Roisin Dubh

Like dude says Powerhouse +1


If Shane doesn’s stay with Britney, I’m officially wanting Frank to win!!

Dark Horse

TJ I am with ya there…


I hope Dan turns right around and stabs Stank Frank in the back…

Dan is THE MAN

Shank the Stank Frank


Oh ! I hope Dan does that he backdoors Frank ! That would be so sweet 1 I would like to see that!

Put production would have to say Hey Shane get a Clue! You don’t like Danielle anyways and

Britney has saved you since day 1 ! give her your vote and VOTE Britney to stay! Giving you the Chance to stay



@DARK HORSE Try to reverse Frank will backstab Dan & Ian at the same time.

Eric CA

Danielle is getting paranoid about Shane, voting to keep Brittney. This is a very good sign.


It’s a good sign that the voices in Danielle’s head are still active and speaking loudly.

Dark Horse

I hope so Eric I really hope so…

Yesterday I’m thinking Joe is the swing vote but SHANE…

Kelly Anderson

Please get Danielle out. Come on Shane, unless you like the attention – this is the time to get your stalker out. And Joe appears to be the only one thinking. These people were easily snowed by Dan.


Please please please, send Danielle home. I would love to see her crying on the way out. I never understood the “Vote out who the HOH wants.” Seriously, it’s not going to be a TIE so his vote won’t be a tie-breaker, he had no vote and he can’t play for the next 2 HOH’s. Get rid of Danielle. That whittles it down to Joe, Shane, Brittany and Ian playing on one side and Dan and Jenn on the other. One of them wins, puts up Dan and Frank. Jenn becomes the replacement nom. If neither Dan or Frank win the POV, then send Frank home. that leaves 3 of them voting against the 1.

Brittany goes home, it’s Ian Joe and Shane playing against Danielle, Dan and Jenn. COME ON, THINK PEOPLE!

Britney's Fun-Bags

I would love to see Danielle’s reaction if she is evicted and saw in Shane’s goodbye message that he is the one that sent her packing

Dark Horse

OMG Priceless!!!! & Fingers crossed


@John318. I disagree, Frank will win 2 PoV’s which he will do it. Oh you forgot double eviction. Frank can’t play 2 HoH’s which includes outgoing & double eviction. He will play in week 9. Trust me!

Dark Horse

I’m starting to think you work for production

The Voices in Captain Wedgie's Head

Listen to me when I am speaking at you. Have I ever been wrong? Didn’t I tell you Mike Boogie still be here?? Oh wait, he gone. Didn’t I say Dan was trouble must be going?? Oh wait, he still here. Well I can’t keep such bad streak going. Frank win every competition and be king, he best player ever. Trust me!

The Voices in Captain Wedgie's Head

I think my main man Frank will win 2 PoV’s in the row! Go Frank, Bye Bye Dan & Ian. I hated Dan & Ian so much. I will throw up!


You said your comments that you rooting for Frank! Woohoo! I knew it!

Ian has Aspergers

Your comments are so stupid, can you please stop posting on this site?


I’m 100 percent smart. The only stupid one is The Voices in Captain Wedgie’s Head!


You are soooo right John318!


The problem is that none of them have connected the dots yet. I’m hoping Britney or Ian will remember Dan’s fake fight with Memphis and realize that Danielle is just faking that they’re no longer a team. Sure, they suspect Dani is weak and will go back to Dan eventually, but none of them have realized she’s still with him. Once they figure that out, they’ll have to see that Dan, Danielle, Fank and Jenn ARE an alliance now and they have no choice but to vote Danielle out. I can’t believe Ian hasn’t figured it out yet. If he’d just calm down and review Dan’s season, he’d see that Dan has pulled the exact same maneuver.

I guess they truly can’t grasp the concept that Danielle could be that deceptive and be playing all of them for suckers. Funny thing is, Ian betrayed Boogie and Frank and now Danielle is the rat in their midst. In both cases, the people closest to the rate didn’t even think that betrayal was an option.


In final 4, Joe thinks that backdoor Frank. Joe are you stupid! Frank will be easily to be you. Shane will take Frank & Danielle in Final 3! No way Joe will not go to Final 3. He never done anything.


Joe has spanked the monkey, choked the chicken, polished the shaft and salted the salsa with live biological specimens.


Adam, BB13, final 3


Correction: In final 4, Joe thinks that backdoor is the options. Joe are you stupid,Frank will easily beat you. You will never go to the final 3 with Frank,Shane & Danielle. I’m sorry but your going to the jury.

Magic Mike

Powerhouse just running this game… He is the puppeteer!! Eagle Eye for president.

What a clown

The Real Jeff

The voices in Danielle’s head will be his running mate!

Britney's Queef Box

These noobs are absolutely dumb. Britney said multiple times the key phrase. “I have already had my chance playing this game”. Why is it these dingle berries don’t grab onto that concept and get the previous players out of that house.

Baba Booey, Fafa Fooey, Tata Toothy, Mama Monkey


Have you ever seen a flesh-eating bacteria wound? It is open and festering with pus, maggots, gangrene discharge and has a rotten flesh smell. That’s what came to my mind when I read your sign-in. “Britney’s Queef Box”

Not A PH D Student thinksAllisonGrodner isa d-bag

If it came down to Fank and Dan in final 2 who would you vote for?

Frank has had to win to stay in the house
Dan has had to play to stay in the house


Dan had a free ride before the reset. I’d definitely vote for Frank given he’s been a target since Janelle planted the hate seed.


I think they both are deserving, but if I were to choose between the 2, I’d give it to Dan.

Frank won a lot of comps that have kept him around, but his game play was not up to par. Now, if he were a contestant on Survivor, I’d give it to him. But for a game like Big Brother, I think good strategy and game play is what I would vote on first.

Frank's jacked up hair

I would definitely vote for Dan. I’ll take brains and balls over brawn any day.


im getting sick of ppl sayin danielle won something…she won a pov by chance….she threw a bouncing ball and it was a game of luck,..,,.there was no skill involved…and the endurance she made deals with will, ian, and brit, britney could have held on if she had to and so could have ian…danielle was using her stalker love strength to win that comp…she wont win another one…she has gained 12 pounds since then easy….im not trying to be mean, but by watching the live feeds she eats about 3500 calories a day….and none of the food she eats helps with ibs….so if she really did have it…she would not be eating the food she does…


winning is winning

we’ve had people cheat to win, or cheat to get an advantage in comp, lets not forget the comps designed for certain players. Yes some comps are up for grabs for anybody, but we see less and less of those types of comps every season…


Has there ever been a season of BB where America would get to vote who stays and who goes? Just curious, I can’t remember :)

Kelly Anderson

I think that is how they did it the 1st season. I don’t think there were HOH’s or POV’s that season either.

Fan of Dan

Very first season was all about America’s vote, but the game was very different then.

In Season 11, Chima was kicked out. She would have been a juror, so they made that jury vote America’s choice.


America’s Vote decides everything in the season? that would be AWESOME then Frank would’ve been gone 1st week lol


The a romance between Shane and Kara would’ve made Dani Boil Bunny for real, or at least the fishes


Only season one

billy bob

i think britneys ready to fight to stay,lets get ready to ruuuuuuumble!!!!!!!!!


That would be the first time this season……too little……too late!!!!!!!!!


The best move for Jenn City is to keep remaining irrelevant, she’s coasting to the finals while other fight it out.


Frank can easily face the challenge with can’t play 2 HoH. He can handle of winning two pov’s. Oh yeah! Ian & Dan will be leaving in week 8!


Yeah, Dani better keep pressure on Shane cause he might be tempted to flip! … Also, Shane can get Ian on his (their) side.- just tell Ian that Brit was using him and that he wanted to work with Ian! … I hope/Pray that Dani stays and Brit GOES!,,, I can not stand to hear Brit’s whiney voice. – Final 4 : Dan, Dani, Frank and Jenn! – Final 2 : DAN and DANI!!!!


The numbers don’t add up, do you guys think there will be another double evict?


Simply, yes. It will probably be in the next 2 weeks.


No, next week is double eviction! Frank needs to win 3 PoV’s which he will do it. So, he will take himself off twice. Week 9 he will play. The only gives up 2 HoH’s including outgoing & double eviction.


Nurse BatSh*t ain’t got it figured out yet. Girl here’s what you need to do to stay. Put on your game face…in your case a tear and a snear.

Then let everyone know how Dan is a dick…that you can’t believe that crap he pulled. You’ve had it with him and you want to see he sorry ass gone.

But don’t stop there, now you lay it out that the way you’ll be the happiest, the only way you get your dignity back is if he goes by your hand. Yep, you want to put him up.

You want that nomination ceremony where you get to say: Dan I put you up because YOU’RE DEAD TO ME !!!

And then add you only wish there was a way you could also be the deciding vote so if there’s a week where there could be a tie vote you want that too so you can be the tiebreaker.

You won’t have to “ask” for votes to stay this week. Just keep driving this process home and that all you want is your just revenge.

Who’s gonna deny you that.

Otherwise with the whole idea that Shane is obviously the key vote…Nurse BatSh*t totally knows that. So if she just tries to stay under the radar with her Dan pact and just hopes and prays for Shane to save her she may be toast…especially if she keeps laughing between now and Thursday.

And then when she goes we’ll get tears from the moment Julie says: “by a vote of 3-2…” all the way thru the post interview commercial.

In fact, will she even be able to answer a Julie question? I can see it now: “Why me, (sob, sob) what did I (sob, sob) ever do (sob, sob)”

Then we can only hope for a goodbye message from Shane to pop up like this: “I’m sorry but I had to go with a more level headed mature smarter player…but mostly because the whining was just too much. Oh, and by the way, I think Julie has a copy of the court papers; they say 200 yards…so get to steppin”

She’ll probably still be crying come finale day…especially when Dani Donato shows up dressed to the nines.

Roisin Dubh

Daneille already blew it. If Powerhouse figured it out then you know it’s a wrap. I think Britt’s gonna stay, Dan better think twice about BDing Frank if that happens. He’s gonna need him more than ever.

I says, I

He figured out that Dan wasn’t really mad at Danielle and his blow up was an act, but that’s irrelevant since Dan is not on the block. Danielle’s reaction to it has kept her safe. Neither Joe nor anybody else has intimated that Danielle was in on it. And if Dan is seen trying to mend fences with her, that changes nothing as well.

Despite all his bluster, Joe is irrelevant. This comes down to Shane.

Does he want a girl that he has wrapped around his finger or a girl who bosses him around, treats him like a kid, and was pissed at him last week for even suggesting that she had dirt on her hands with Frank and Boogie?

Does he want a girl whose friend turned on her to become the most hated person in the house or the girl who is tied to Ian, the second most hated person in the house?

Does he want to piss off 3 HG’s (Jenn, Frank, and Dan) or does he want to piss off 1 HG (Ian), keeping in mind Ian’s anger at Britney’s eviction will be directed at Frank, Dan, and Jenn in that order before Shane would even enter the equation?

Shane is voting Britney out and Joe will follow suit. If you watch you can see Britney already knows this as well.


My perfect scenario:
Week 8:Shane wins HoH
Nominates Dan & Ian on the Block
Frank wins PoV, Keep the nominations a same
Ian evicted
Week 8 (Fast Forward)
Danielle wins HoH
Nominates Frank & Jenn
Frank wins PoV,take himself off the block backdoor Dan
Dan evicted
Week 9:Frank wins HoH
Nominates Joe & Jenn
Frank wins PoV, Keep the nomination a same
Joe evicted
Week 9 (Fast Forward)
Shane wins HoH
Nominates:Frank & Jenn
Frank wins PoV take himself off & backdoor Danielle
Jenn evicted
Week 10
HoH part 1:Frank wins
HoH part 2:Shane wins
HoH part 3:Frank wins & takes Shane in Final 2.

The Voices in Captain Wedgie's Head

Please ignore my prediction for first 7 week, I know I not did any good but medications affecting my judgement. Hear me now loud clearly, I master at this and know my what is gonna happenings from now on are for sure. Trust me!

The Voices in Captain Wedgie's Head

Please agree with the Captain. He try so hard to predicted. Don’t ignore Captain scenario! I’m a totally a fool! Please forgive me Captain!


It would happen. Frank wins 2 PoV’s awesome!


I don’t completely understand why Frank wants to take Shane to the final 2. Frank is basically only playing a physical/comp-winning game. He has no true alliance and no one has his back. Based on his wins, Shane is the only houseguest that is on his level in that aspect of the game, since he’s only down by 1 right now. That would make Frank’s argument look a bit less impressive than if he were in the finals with someone like Joe, who has won absolutely nothing and has shown no strategy, except for maybe this week. Shane is also more likeable and if he plays his cards right, he would have quite a few friends in the jury house. I’m not sure Frank would win in this situation.


Shane is liked more by the house, SOOOO if Dumb Muscle wants to take Shane , he want’s that 50k


The reason that Danielle hasn’t figured anything out yet is because the voices in her head are still awaiting moderation.


Would it just hit the fan already!!!???? It will be such a better show if Britney, Shane and Joe find out that Danielle has been playing them. It would shift everyone and everything in the house. Too bad both Britney and Danielle both could not stay in the house. What a drama that would be! Britney is not my favorite, but with her gone, there will be no humor in the house! I am really tired of Danielle. Come on BB, don’t let Britney go just yet! She is funny!

Dr. J

Watch out Frank, Joe is going to serve you some butt cheese, e-coli sandwich. He’s a poor excuse for a chef even if he can cook. I’d bet the culinary institues are cringing in thier pants over him. And Dani wouldn’t make a pimple on a nurses ass. She told Shane she had to drop out of med school. Hell all she has in an associates (2 year) degree from what I’ve read. And booger eating Britney is no longer funny but rather tragic acting. I know shes trying to save her skin and is doing what most would to but coming from her was unexpected to me. I know shes as good or better lier than Dani. She’s crafty in getting answeres and things figured out but has to screw others into doing her bidding to keep her lilly white hands clean. Hope she shakes hands with Joe.

billy bob

i remember when enzo came out of the dr he was like my heads all screwed up i dont know what to do i think i want to evict myself,lol so dr get to work on shane and joe to keep brit,lol


Britney just said this:

Brit-You have to decide who you want to win the game, someone who needs to win comps or someone who doesn’t

Britney has won zero competitions. I know Dani is crazy but is anyone else getting annoyed with Britney these past couple of days? I get she was blind-sided but I mean, come on, you are just like Dan (no comp wins, persuading others).

Danielle likes getting a ride on Dans coatails

I think alot more of us are annoyed with Danielle…im sick of her voice…


Is anyone else noticing how much uglier Danielle is getting – as the show goes on. I think it is due to her mundane personality and just the simple lack of substance. She is so not interesting at all. A lot like Jenn. Probably the main reason I switch to the “paint drying channel” – when both Jenn and Danielle get on the feeds together.

Frank's jacked up hair

Danielle has ALWAYS been ugly and uninteresting. I’ve been wanting her out for a long time. Jenn was boring until she went off on Ashley — that was good tv right there lol But here’s the thing about Jenn: She’s not being herself. I can tell she’s freaked out because of the cameras and mostly because she has nothing in common with any of the other houseguests. I think she’s one of those members of the gay community who rarely strays outside of it.

I hope Danielle stays only because I think it will screw up Dan’s plans if she goes. That’s the ONLY reason I want her to stay. I’ll miss Brit’s sense of humor (the only redeeming quality she has), but I’ll get over it. Quickly.



Did anyone notice Joe trying to peel that cucumber the other day? Hilarious! He couldn’t hold on to it to save his life! Unfortunately, he’s been holding onto something else and not washing his hands……..


Yes I saw it. Why do you think they close up’d on it lmao!!! Some pretty smart camera work there, they knew exactly what they were doing lol!!

MU Tigers

She’s had one hilarious goodbye message and maybe 2 good DR this whole season. Hasn’t won a damn thing and sits around and bad mouths everyone. I am so over that annoying bitch, can’t wait to see her evicted.

billy bob

your the bitch, bitch, i love britney, lol


You better hope Brit leaves on thursday then because she has a clear path to Final 3 at a minimum if she survives because Ian/Frank/Dan/Shane are going to be gunning for each other not her.

Dani's Yeasty Discharge

If the Quack Pack brain trust (PowerHouse Joe to this point) finally figures out what’s up, Danielle will be sobbing her way out of the BB house. Dan Weaseling will then be crapping a load in his shorts. I can’t wait to see that live vote. Sugar Shane needs to man up and drop that Butterhead/Butterbody or he’s done for the season. Why can’t these mental midgets see that Dan played a Memphis shuffle by calling out Danielle? Where’s the PhD of the game……Ian? It’s disappointing how stupid some of them can become in that house.

I says, I

I love The Powerhouse playing the salesman with Shane.

He’s letting his predilection for being a drama queen screw up his pitch. By presenting the Britney option as blowing up the house and incurring the wrath of Frank, then saying saying the Danielle option is going for tranquility and backdooring Frank later, he basically sealed Britney’s fate. There’s nothing Britney can offer or is willing to do to make Shane take any risk just to save her. And Ian’s shenanigans last night hurt her far more than they helped.

The patron saint of the floater is going to the jury house.


Who is that man in the pool? Oh, it’s Jenn, nevermind.


For those of u that don’t have the live feeds u can find Frank and Ian’s fight on youtube!!!!

Joes Blue Shirt

I am tired of everyone being mad at Dan saying that he does nothing but lie. Did they forget that they are playing Big Brother?

Danielle likes getting a ride on Dans coatails

I hope Shane votes out his headache Danielle…


Shane is a moron. How hard is it to see that an alliance of Britney, Ian, Joe, and himself would easily take out Dan, Frank, and Jenn with Frank sitting on the sidelines for 2 HOH’s. Please BB, invite people that actually have brains next season instead of morons like Shane, Ashley, Jenn, and Danielle.

Relax peeps

So much hate floating on the site today! I missed a night of after dark, and some of the updates, just got myself caught up… Get rid of dani… I wish Brit would do some campaigning but I think this could be part of her strategy. Not really a fan of either, it’s a toss up as to who is more annoying. Overall they are two weak players, and a waist of Franks hoh. Should be Dan or Shane going home.


Brit one word ……….ahhhhhhhhahahahahahahaha *points*

Dr. J

It’s probably a good thing that Dani hung onto Shanes leg like a rabid dog even though he was trying to shake her off. He may just give her a sympathy vote because he really thinks Dan did a number on her. He is so out of touch with reality. Maybe he and Ashley would enjoy each other more. And remember Brittney’s a$$ is split from the middle of her back to her belly button and she may just have to bend over and take it to the jury house.


Where are these blogs Frank keeps talking about?


Every week, the HOH gets to write a blog about their HOH experience and CBS puts it on their website.

Roisin Dubh

Britts gonna stay. By not campaining, she’s playing Shane bigtime. She’s going passive-agressive with the water works and not campaigning to guilt him into voting for her. I hope Joe keeps talking, his mouth is gonna ruin himself real soon. He’ll spill something on accident like all big mouths do Daneille screwed up by not fake fighting with Dan. Ian’s power trippin way too hard.


Even though Brit is funnier then Danielle it was Brit who dirt turned on Dan. Dan was part of the core 4. Stop saying Dan was only looking out for himself because Brit was only looking out for herself. Before the HOH even started she was up franks but saying that she’s cool with getting Dan out. If she was true to her original alliance (Dan, Danielle, Shane, and Brit) then she would have given up Ian. But do you guys know why she didn’t give up Ian?? Because Brit was only looking out for herself. Brit wanted to be safe on all sides. She ran to frank do frank would keep her safe. She is safe with shane. She is safe with Danielle. She is safe with joe and jenn because there useless. If Brit goes its because Brit. If Brit had just told frank the truth about Ian then frank would have trusted Brit and maybe had just left Dan up there. Or he could have put joe up. So next time anyone wants to say Dan is a traitor or a back stabber remember it was Brit who did it to him first. Dan will take out frank next week if he can finally get frank to not win the POV. He didn’t do this to get Brit out or to work with frank. He did this to stay alive in the game and honestly I don’t blame him. Maybe if Ian would have been a man and saved Dan with his veto and Brit had gotten close with frank then maybe he would have put how up. And let’s remember the only reason frank wanted Dan out in the first place was because Ian wanted to hide and let Dan take all the heat from frank and mike. Ian should have saved Dan just for that reason alone.

Dr. J

Danita, Frank is talking about a dedication to Janelle and Dr. Will and the other blog is Joe on u-tube cooking show. Yes, I saw Joe peeling a cucumber the other day and he couldn’t hold onto it because his peter clamps were cramping from playing with himself.


Frank couldn’t play in this HOH any way so he really only gave up 1 HOH

VA Vet

C’mon everybody! Wouldn’t you enjoy the look on Franks face if Danielle got evicted. His side down 4 to 3, he can’t play in the next two HOH’s, and he has to know that Dan won’t take one for him. Besides, he might actually start realizing that he isn’t running the house.

Dan's newest fan!!!!!!!!!!!

Kick that *********** Britney OUT! GO DAN!