Ian says I will fall on the sword for the quack pack, I am the captain of this f***er, I founded it, I will go down with it!

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power

***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for 24 hours
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours (Frank was also Disqualified from the competition)
6) Shane took no punishments


2:15pm – 2:25pm Britney calls Ian over to the backyard couch to talk. Ian asks have you heard anything. Britney says no, you? Ian says the only thing he heard was the more they think we’re together the better. Britney says yeah they are working together, they’ve been hanging out all day. Ian says that I am the captain of the quack pack ship and I will go down with it. Ian says that what my pitch to Joe will be that Frank will win in the final two over anyone, and that he can’t play in the next two HOH’s. Ian says that he will fall on the sword for the quack pack and for her. Britney says we need to get Shane. Ian says that he will try and get Joe and Shane. Britney says that if I stay I will put Dan on the block. Ian asks why, we need him. Britney says because I hate him. He is going to slit our throats. He will not fall on the sword for this alliance. He is the weak link. Ian says I am the captain of this f**ker, I founded it, I will go down with it! Britney and Ian both agree that they wont vote for Frank in the end. Ian says that he doesn’t capture the spirit of this game. Britney says he is good at comps, but has a terrible social game. Ian tells her not to give up.

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2:30pm – 2:50pm Britney is in the kitchen throwing containers of food onto the floor. She chucks a peanut butter container, a juice jug, a milk container, etc. Big Brother tells her to stop that. After each one she says that made her feel better. She then cleans up her mess. Frank says Britney, you know what would feel good? She says playing knife with my fingers. Frank says no don’t do that. Frank tells her to beat up Teddy. Britney then start kicking and punching Teddy. Saying how does that feel?! She trips and say that one was for Teddy, you got me. She then strangles him and then starts hugging him saying that she feels better now. Sorry for biting you ear. Britney settles down. Big Brother calls her to the diary room.

Watch it ALL on FlashBack: Pick the Day, Time and Camera View!


2:55pm – 3:05pm Dan, Danielle, Britney and Joe are in the kitchen. Danielle is complaining about her rash. She think it might be an allergic reaction to the paint. She says that the doctor says that it’s not stress related. Joe asked Frank if he could go up and listen to his Biggie cd. All four camera views switch to the backyard with just Shane in the pool. Then all the cams switch to the living room with Dan and Frank talking about music.


3:10pm Out in the backyard, Dan tells Jenn that the first thing he does when he gets home is to listen to her cd. Jenn says yeah I’ll send you some. Jenn starts talking about her music career and what she will do when she gets out. Dan says that he wants to see her play live.
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Ian is a little wannabe, he wants to fit in so bad he acts like something he’s not and it’s so annoying! He needs to stop, that’ll get him evicted faster if he keeps running his mouth like he’s some badass and he’s not, he’s just a loser that’s being taken advantage of by the biggest phony ever, Britney!

Ian's Small Balls

I totally agree. The founder of the quack pack??? Why is this something to be proud of?? He NEVER was the leader. Too bad he is so stupid and can’t see that.

Ian is so jealous of Frank that he can’t see straight.

Britney is bitter. It’s her time to go home. She can pick her face in private. Maybe she will pick up a bottle of shampoo. Her hair is greasy 90% of the time.

Danielle is always whining and always sick. Send that porker home next week. Her eyebrows look like Jack Nicholson as the Joker in Batman.

Frank and Dan are playing these fools yo! I can’t wait until they all see how stupid they look!


Danielle is a porker…Really.What are you a fan of a stick figure?.you are an IDIOT!!

Head of Household

I agree with Mike…You’re an idiot!


Totally agree. Bringing up physical attributes is complete immaturity.

Ian's Small Balls

Oink! Oink!

Carolina Girl

Well what do u like bones? Most dogs do. I don’t think Dani is a porker.

That one guy

Frank and Dan’s great plan may be backfiring lmfao

Roisin Dubh

If dani would’ve been fake fighting with Dan all week, she would’ve been safe for sure.

give the carrot 500G's!!!!!!!!

LMFAO that you believe that…..

Ian is an ABSOLUTE JOKE, and now everyone is seeing all 21 years of his life experience and lack of surface….. I cant wait until his hopes and dreams are absolutely CRUSHED!! I only wish it could be at the hands of the carrot…. I want Frank to be able to tell Ian… “get to steppin, Bubba”

And as bad as it hurts me to say this, but no one said it better than Joe…. that kid has a little Hitler in him….

I cant stand that conniving little weasel…. it was all fun and games when he sold out his team to get Boogie out now he’s wigging out when things didn’t go his way….. I guess he really thought Dan would fall on his sword for a five man alliance with 8 left…. guess that Tulane education hadn’t gotten to common sense yet…

the fact that he said Frank doesn’t understand the spirit of the game…. is absolutely the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard…. Can you even imagine Ian under the pressure of 5 rides on the block……. gimme a break….

I cant wait to see this kid heart-broken….

Bye bye Ian

Ian is the weird nerdy kid that the cool kids let hang around and then starts getting that false inflated ego where he starts thinking he’s a leader… Ian needs to get put back in his place. There is a pecking order in society for a reason, and Ian needs to get back to the bottom.


The poster above probably still stuffs kids in lockers in high school and will likely have Attica as one of his future dwellings.


no more likely still get stuffed in them by high shcool students


That’s cold “bye bye ian” lol

I see Ian is that retarded brother of the cool kid that they want to hang around. People tolerate Ian, but they always cut him off when he’s talking and even Brit seems to treat him with kid gloves because he’s not “all there”

Anyone see the feeds last night when Ian seemed to be having some sort of drunken meltdown? I hope they dont show that on tv.. highly embarassing and I would guess it would be totally exploitative as well.

Frank for the win, Jenn second.


why is everyone being so mean to Ian? Hes justa kid that most likely got picked on his whole life, AND HE finally feels good about his self and shows some confidence and every one has to talk so much sh** about him..Cmon? why because he isnt 6 foot with big muscles? he is a nice kid..leave him alone…Bullies


Please evict Ian Already. I am sick and tired of him trying to be a TOUGH GUY> PLEASE bye bye Ian Next Week.


Brit is clueless

based on Daniell’s previous tantrums and exaggerations, she should be over the top and livid with Dan ..but she’s not at all. She hardly mentions his name. That right there should clue dumb-ass-bag-of-rocks-brain Shane and Britney in.. but Brit is so self absorbed she hasn’t stepped outside of herself to see whats going on


Shane to Frank: Would you hold it against me if I voted to keep Britney
Frank: As long as she went..no.
Shane: Right. Went where?

seriously this guy is dumb as fuck!

Nicky Brand

What’s really pathetic is he is willing to vote his closest ally because he is so terrified of making Frank mad, despite the fact that he can’t be HOH for the next 2 weeks. It’s like everybody has already accepted that Frank is in Final 2, and they’re all just hoping he’ll take them with him.


because it is what dan said few days ago to danielle when people are mad they don’t see what is in front of them and right now brit is so focused on hating dan and getting shan’s vote she doesn’t see that dani is in on it. I am not sure where joe and shane are going but the amount of time he seems to spend with dani and he seems to be edging in her favour


The problem is that Ian has no pull he isn’t really close to either shane or joe. Joe hates him and it really falls on shane because joe is going to do what shane does as for shane. Shane doesn’t really trust Ian so his word won’t have much weight if anyone can sway him it would be brit but she seems to have given up maybe because she doesn’t want to campaign against her or she thinks shane and dani are to close her only save is if shane figures out that dani is still with dan

Dae Yum Yum

As much as I enjoy Bitchney’s DR sessions, she is clueless! Her alliance with and defending Ian throughout this game is the reason her game is over! The kid just got her put up on the block, so how much of a genius is he now! And the little turd he is next to go! Leader, genius, I think not! He is a complete idiot who couldn’t make a decision last week and ended up ousting Ashley for God’s sake! He needed to prove himself and make a power move and was unable to do it Now, he and Bitchney are going to pay the price. Britney’s problem is she is narrow minded and unable to see the whole picture and she underestimated Dan’s mist! Also, for Frank to trust Dan and talk Jenncity into pulling him off the block and agreeing to align with him is going to be his biggest mistake in the game! Dan is going to slit his throat first chance he gets because Dan knows he cannot win sitting next to Frank in F2. He is going after him and will get him out ASAP! Dumb move on Frank’s part and he will be talking about it for years and how this move cost him the game!


Today’s nerd…tomorrow’s millionnaire..(not via BB) .Just saying.


What Britney was doing to the food proves that she’s a spoiled little brat that doesn’t give a shit about anything, who the heck does things like that? A dumb child maybe! This is why I don’t like this bitch! Be fake, fake, fake and when you get caught be a little baby about it. What did she expect? To never get caught!


I think what she did was funny. I would have done the same thing. At least she didn’t go around threatening people and belittling them. I hope she finds out about Danielle, and she gets Shane’s vote. Danielle has to go.

Pliney the Elder

Way to go Brit! she is letting off steam, not hurting anyone and cleans up her own mess. She knows that she was scumbagged, she knows Dan is ruthless and Shane is clueless, Frank is pointless and the rest are worthless. She ought to be able to throw a fit. she is smarter than 5 of them and she was loyal to Shane, Now no one is loyal to her except Ian. when she had to blow smoke up Janelles ass she was really torn. Now only Ian shows and loyalty.. Dani is two-faced. Brit is still the best part of the show. I will miss her.


Me too. I don’t get why people hate her so.


Me too! Love Brit!! Hope Shane realizes that he needs of get rid of stalker Danielle.

Nicky Brand

Everybody has their haters, but Britney won favorite HG in the 12th season and is always at the top of the popularity polls this year, so plenty of people love her. Unfortunately, Production must want her gone, since DR told Ian not to use the veto, then they forced him to choose first, knowing Frank & Jenn’s plan to pull down Dan and put her up. Not sure what DR has against her.


Kudo’s to you for defending Brit, she is entertaining and doesn’t throw anyone under the bus unless it is needed. True to the end!

Terry The Tool

This kid is such a tool it’s laughable. “…I’ll fall on my sword for you” to Britney….LMMFAO….for what?? Who is she and why TF would you risk your game for her….What the hell has she done for Terry boy? This kid is in need of a serious checking….His ego has super sprouted….Tulane Terry is a clown….period

Britney throwing sh!t around? LMMFAO again!!! She is queeftastic…JHC could you imagine living with her day in and day out strung out on a 48 oz cup of coffee and that entitled attitude….Wayne Brady might have to smack a B!tch down! F-ing losers


Britney and Shane really need to grow up!! Why are they mad at Dan? They would of done the same thing if they had thought of it and they should of and taken Dan off the block when Ian won the veto. Guess Dan was just suppose to roll over and take all the blame for everything and throw himself on the sword for their sorry butts when they wouldn’t do crap for him!!! I think not!!! Dan is the man and hope he wins BB for the second time. He is the only person on BB this season that deserves to win because he has been put through hell by these children who are suppose to be adults!!


Exactly. They sold Dan out when he was nominated and now are pissed because he didn’t lay down and let himself be evicted so their sorry asses can stay in the game. Dan’s funeral and removal from the block was a great move and very creative. Dan is the only one who really knows how to play this game, the rst are just rookies.




Britney has said she regrets not fighting in her original season. How can she blame Dan? He was fighting for his life in the game. Instead of throwing food, Britney should be locking down Ian, Shane and Joe’s votes.


Ian is dillusional. I think he’s losing his mind. Poor kid. He needs to go to jury and relax.

billy bob

ian is a aspergers genius,he will win next hoh believe that,bb needs him too,


I will tell you why Danielle has a rash she got it from Shane. JK. Anyhow Britney is leaving and Daneile is staying. I am glad too. because she is not only hot she turns on men who are into foot ball players. Jk. Good bye Britney and take care. Dan for the win and frank is going to lose and so is Jenn.


Why is everyone getting so cocky??? Both Ian and Frank are…you guys still need to get through 6 people after this week in order to win…


not knowing who is going yet it pretty exciting!! will this be the first surprise evict?!
i am nervous for Dan & Frank….but not really….more so for Shane —->if he stays with Powerhouse!!!


this is too predictable now. Danielle is going home Thursday. Britney & Ian -VS- Frank & Dan. would be comical if the F3 is ?enn, Shane and powerhouse.


That would be pretty funny!! Joe is starting to grow on me. Wish he’d wash his hands LOL but Jenn needs to go after Dan and Frank.


ROFL!! Ian. Didn’t found anything, haahhaahahaa!! What a chump, DIACF yo


Ian is so lame. He didn’t found the Quack Pack, the only reason DDBS would even work with him was because he had information on Frank and Boogie. He needs to wake up and see he is just ruining what’s left of his terrible game.


I agree, they just can’t bear to hurt his feelings. He is mentally fragile. When he is in the Jury House he is going to feel the let down, when he finds out the Whack Pack was really nothing. ):

Dae Yum Yum

1567-you are correct! And that little turd is the reason Bitchney is on the block and his ass is next to go! He is and was never in charge of any alliance and everybody knows it! He is a fool and has no clue how to play this game. He wasted his HOH on evicting clueless Ashley when he had the chance to make a power move, now he is going to jury because of his stupidity and weak will! He thinks he is responsible for Boogie’s eviction and that blew his stupid ego up! And this move by Frank to let Dan off the block is going to cost him the game because Dan is going to slice his throat first chance he gets! Bye Bye Frank-you just threw away 1/2 million to Dan!


i was cheering for britney but after watching her groveling and giving up i think its time someone put her out of her misery. she just gave up. thats so pathetic, the more i think about it the more i want mike boogie to replace one of these people who just give up so easily. what a drama queen. atleast go down fighting instead of diging your own grave. ugh…

billy bob

shes not giving up shes trying to get info for battle tommorrow,even though i kind of hope she gets voted out so i can stop watching these dumb asses,i cant take it no more ,now i hope joe wins just for the hell of it,danile looks like dren from splice,

keep the parent for now..

Britt and Dan coaches.. are like the parents of the the house.. these parents are getting Divorced…Britt gets custody of Shane, Ian. and Joe… Dan gets custody of Frank, and Jenn.. Danielle gets adopted out…sorry… now wouldnt that make good bb… to divide this house.. .


My scenario of 3 weeks
Week 8
Shane wins HoH
Nominates:Dan & Ian
Frank wins PoV,Keep the nomination a same
Ian evicted 5-1
Week 8 (Fast Forward)
Danielle wins HoH
Nominates:Frank & Jenn
Frank wins PoV, take himself off & backdoored Dan
Dan evicted 3-2
Week 9
Frank wins HoH
Nominates:Joe & Jenn
Frank wins PoV,Keep the nomination a same
Joe evicted 3-1
Week 9 (Fast Forward)
Shane wins HoH
Nominates:Frank & Jenn
Frank wins PoV, take himself off & backdoor Danielle.
Frank sole vote to evict jenn
Final 3:Danielle,Shane & Frank
HoH part 1:Frank wins
HoH part 2:Shane wins
HoH part 3:Frank wins, takes Shane in final 2
Danielle evicted by Frank

Pliney the Elder

Serious doubts on that scenario. Next week Shane will be sitting in front of Julie saying. ” I should have backed Brit we had the numbers and when he finds out that Dani is as big a scumbag as Dan and Frank, he will understand why he should have listened to Joe and voted to throw Dani out. This is the only tie a JIBS alliance could be formed and be a class 3 hurricane.


from your mouth to gods ear, by the way very funny also!

Honest Abe

Ian talks big because he’s never had his ass kicked. You know he’s always been small his whole life. I mean he’s 21 and I know 12 year olds who are bigger than him. Because he’s so small, he could run his mouth and nobody’s gonna beat up a small, frail kid.

Before anybody thinks I’m advocating violence, I’m not. What I’m saying is that most men have gotten their ass kicked. It’s a right of passage that makes you humble. Playing sports can also serve this purpose as losing in competition builds character. I’d bet Ian and Britney never played a sport in their life, which is why they panic during competitions and respond so poorly to losing.

Ian's Small Balls

Honest Abe, I think you are on to something. Ian always croaks in competitions and the one HOH he did win, he screwed up on the nominations.

I don’t think he was cast as ever having a chance at winning but rather being the person that everyone makes fun of.

Dani is Real Crazy

Is Frank wearing his Nana’s shoes?

Dan's newest fan!!!!!!!!!!!



All Ian did was give the alliance a name. THEY took him into their alliance. He has become such a cocky SOB – a little Napoleon who’s world is crumbling around him. He stayed behind the scenes, scared to death to be exposed, and fed info to the alliance, while his alliance got their hands dirty. When Boogie was voted out, he exposed himself by voting to evict him and then made it worse when his ego got out of control and he had to let Boogie know that he was responsible, giving Boogie a chance to let Frank know not to trust Ian.

When Ian got thrown the HOH power (and Danielle did throw it – she did not want to waste a win when a teammate was winning) he did make the mistake of listening to Brit and others and nominating Ash and Frank together. You could already see in his actions toward everyone that power was a bad thing for him (little monster). When the move failed to get Frank out, he tried to blame it on Dan because Dan had already taken heat for him. Then, when he was needed, he pushed back against Dan saying how he had saved him again and again.

Ian’s ego is out of control. His childish temper tantrum yesterday (I’m taking my beers and going home), immediately popping the beers to get drunk, etc. show that he is not ready to be playing this game. It is a shame that Brit is paying the ultimate price for him in this game, but she again trusted the wrong person. I am hoping that they can evict Ian next week so that he can get the full Jury House experience.


It’s reminiscent of Hitlers last day’s in his bunker in Berlin. The Allies were coming from the east and west, Berlin was under siege, the German Army was decimated, it’s Air Force destroyed, the Generals who said all was lost were shot, while those who survived painted a grim picture, but continued to send soldiers to a certain death. All the while Hitler, isolated in his bunker with sycophants, believed that Germany would turn the tide and win.

And if the great, great movie “Downfall” is historically accurate, Hitler developed an embarrassing tremor in his final days.

I the Powerhouse had it right, Ian has some Hitler in him.

By a vote of 6-0 Frank you are evicted from the BB



For all those that keep saying Frank made a stupid move with Dan:

That was the only real move for Frank. Before he won HOH he was put on the block for the 4th or 5th time. He took himself off with the whole house just gunning for one person.. Frank. He wins the HOH competition that gave him one more week and he is not able to play in the next 2 HOH competitions. What was his other alternative? Hope that “what’s her name?” wins HOH? By saving Dan he did a few things:

1. Made Dan the houses #1 target

2. “Possibly” has Dan win HOH when he can’t play. If Dan f*cks him then he was going home anyway by every other member of the house who would have won it.

3. He’s getting Britney out of the game. People are calling her a floater but she’s the one pulling all the strings. She had Shane put the blood on his hands putting up Boogie and Frank but she called the shots. When Ian didn’t want to put up Frank (he wanted to backdoor him), she was the one that said you have to do it. This blew Ian’s cover before Dan ratted him out. She made Ian draw lines by that move because she didn’t want him getting further in the game than her by being in 2 alliances under the radar. Do I blamer her? Absolutely not, good move. But it shows how smart she’s playing and it shows that she is a threat. She’s not this floater people are calling her because she hasn’t won any competitions. In that situation, Frank stayed.. Ashley went to jury. Ashley was one of the few people Frank had.. one of the few votes as well. There are many reasons Frank should want Britney gone. Britney is the one that created Frank as the monster. She’s been campaigning to everyone that Frank is the biggest threat in the house. Janelle started it because she hated Boogie but Britney made everyone scared of Frank before the guy even won any competitions.

Going from the number one target of Britney and her minions (Shane, Danielle, Ian, and the quadruple agent Joe) to taking over the house and throwing Britney out- he made the move. And made Dan a bigger target and threat while he has to patiently wait out the next to HOH’s.



am i wrong or did Danielle tell Brit about Dans plan to make people think dan and danielle hate each other??? :/


What Dani did was brilliant. Don’t know if Dan told her he thought Brit was catching on or if Dani figured it out herself. SHe tells Brit that she thinks that Dan threw her under the bus and embarrassed her in front of the whole house just to get himself out of harm’s way – that he created an issue that wasn’t there – it doesn’t matter now to her, she won’t forgive that either. Brit still doesn’t know that Dan and Dani have mended fences and that an alliance was formed that included Dani.


I hope frank isn’t feeling to safe right now he needs to know that he better go balls to the wall in the next two pov’s or he could be done.Unless hell freezes over and jenn wins an hoh that might be the only other way he survives because it looks like he’s still number one on everyone’s hit list except britney’s

Head of Household

haha Dan wants to see Jenn live, I’m sooo sure! He got a jury vote right there!


Does anybody remember the Sylvester cartoon where Spike, the big bulldog, and his little sidekick chase him into a junkyard where an escaped panther is hiding? So the bulldog goes in after Sylvester and thinks he has him, but it’s the panther and the Panther whips him. When he comes out the little dog goes in and beats up Sylvester. Then at the end of the cartoon Spike becomes the yappy sidekick.

Ian reminds me of that little dog. He has an extremely inflated sense of self because he thinks he single-handedly evicted Boogie. Of course we know he was just a rat and others did the heavy lifting, but Ian thinks he beat up the biggest, baddest cat in BB history. He’s waiting for Shane and Joe to become his Spike.

I says, I


One of the best Sylvester cartoons EVER!!!

From now on I’m calling Ian Chester…

Roisin Dubh

Wow. Brit is nothing but a petulant little child just like Ian. I guess that’s why they get on so well together. Seriously they both gotta go but Dani’s going home.I don’t care if you hate the guy, but if Frank makes F2 he deserves it and you can’t deny that.


Jenn’s music career – WTF – I thought she was an xtra actress in all the Alien Movies?


I feel like Ted and Frank deserve to get to the final two. They are both playing a really good game. One is good at escaping the block, and the other is good at not being anywhere near the block.


Oh come on BB, just let Brit find out everything and let her loose on the house! This is getting boring!


Oh yes yes yes that would be great! She deserves to stay though, It would be epic to see Danielle’s face when Julie announces “By a vote of 3 to 2 Danielle you are evicted from the house” OMG all america would be cheering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Only thing ian is captain of is the s.s. virgin for life


lol irl yo


I can’t form the life of me manage to pull up chat on feeds. Anybody know what’s up with that?


feed chat is buggy use http://junketdrawer.com/b3vviewer/ and OBB for your Big Brother 14 Live feed experience :)


This is my all time Favorite player (DAN) I’ve been saying it since week one to get him out. Everyone always thought it was Chilltown that thought it was the best players in the game. They were wrong. The Slickest, Slyest, mofo of all of them and the born leader of this game has always been DAN. Yes he is my favorite player ever but who in their right mind would ever leave him in the game past week 1.

Dani's Yeasty Discharge


You’ve really plunged yourself on Weaseling’s manhood haven’t you? Dan’s a floater who happens to think out a couple of moves ahead normally. He’s all out of moves now. He may last through one HOH but no more. I predict that Brit figures out whats happening and Danielle ends up leaving. That puts your boy throb up on the blocks immediately. Enjoy!


People like to throw the word ‘floater’ around very loosely. Dan is a floater, Brit is a floater, Janelle was a floater, this person is a floater, that person is a floater. My God it seems everyone is a floater.
That said, I don’t think Dan is a floater. Love him or hate him he’s playing the game and he’s playing it good. He just saved himself didn’t he? Let’s give credit where credit is due.


Are these jokers serious about all their talk on how they will vote in Jury? Frank doesn’t capture the spirit of the game? Voting out of pure spite? Who treated people better? I surely hope they are just saying this crazy stuff to try and win people over for a vote or whatnot. If they have ever seen this show, or at least just a finale they know that very few people vote emotionally at the end, and only those who are very emotional players do so (which really are not that many). Give them 24 hours in the Jury and they will change their tone if they “in-the-moment” believe this nonsense.

Brittney most likely will not vote emotionally unless she is 3rd in the game and feels she got screwed (eg. convinced to throw final HoH to someone who falsely promises to take her). Ian will vote based on gameplay, and once he’s no longer fired up will see Frank/Dan played the game very good…maybe not good for him but for their own game, and they did it after careful thinking, not reacting.


I don’t know what ian will do but in season 12 britney voted for lane who was far and away the most inferior player of the brigade,and she did so because she was emotionally attached to him

Jedi Jani

Good Lord is Jenn ever going to stop talking? She has been rambling on and on for hours it seems…of course, dan is leading her by the nose making her feel of the upmost importance…..Anyone want to see Brit turn it around and stay and Danielle will go hang out with Ash…She doesn’t feel well anyways….she has blisters in her throat and hives on her neck…..Next would be endurance and for sure Brit or Ian could win that and put up Dan and Frank …. Now wouldn’t that be interesting??? anyone? anyone? Ferris? Anyone? lol

Pliney the Elder

I would love it if Shane came to his senses and said to Joe Let’s do this.. Let’s cheat Dan and Frank out of their dreams..
We can use our numbers and since we aren’t anybody’s real choices for F2 let’s screw with those egotictical mothers.
Yeah I would absolutely love that.

Nicole N.

Ian is so annoying. The fastest he’s out the better earth to Ian you are the like the worst player in there right now. It was funny how he said Frank deserves not to win, well he deserses to win more than you Ian by far! Leader of the quack pack please everyone in that alliance is more of a leader than you even Shane the jock has got more game than Ian. The thing about Ian is that he has bad game! I can’t stand him speaking anymore, best thing for him to do is to just keep his mouth shut!


Not the biggest fan of Brittany’s, but I really think she needs to stay. What Dan and Dani I did was soooo wrong in so many ways. I can’t believe that Britt hasn’t seen the writing on the wall yet, but I do think everyone will find out by thursday hopefully anyways.


I hope brit. stays. I do not think she will. Ian is a 21 yr old college student that left home and has been living in a dorm. He does not know how to act but he will. He is a kid. He is smart as can be and has been living with a bunch of fools. I find him refreshing and think he does pretty well. He is young and full of passion . At least he is not laying all day and nite in the same pair of shorts. He was committed to the cause. Good for him !!!!!


Ian’s whole goal is to just make it back on Big Brother and be considered an ‘evil’ contestant..please the zing bot is scarier than him.

Amy N

Ha ha sorry the zing bot comment made me laugh. Ian is a kid, 21 and his immaturity is showing. I’m a fan of Dan. I didn’t do live feeds this season so I missed some things but Frank is a good player, he just needs to lay back and take a chill pill, learn it from Dan if you must. Joe gets on my last nerve, always yelling, wasn’t he ever taught “inside voice”?

Brittany or Danielle, well Danielle may be nice but I’m tired of seeing people cry so much over a game. That’s what they seem to forget…Big Brother is a game of lies to get to the end, if you know that going in, then trust no one.


Ahh I can’t stand when people are so shocked they got lied to, um hellllo this is big brother..if you can’t handle it go home. Frank is a strong player but there is just something about him that really irks me. I’m pulling for Dan to win, especially after the crazy/amazing move he made is week!


You all are dumb Ian is the leader of the quack pack (now) and he’s in the perfect position he can win this game a number of ways ….Frank isnt going to win the game neither is Dan Face the facts


It’s great to see Ian with some balls! Powerhouse was right.. he does have a little Hitler inside him. Bring it out! I want to see him tell someone else to “Get to Steppin”.



Correct me Simon, but somehow the conversation between Ian and Britney has been wrongly transcribed. IF I heard it right, Ian said that Dan wants the quack pack to be together again next week. He also mentioned that Dan had to do what he did to save himself. He was starting to see the logic behind Dan’s betrayal. Somehow in your transcription, it seems like Ian was so high and mighty. Then again, please correct me if I misinterpreted things.


I can’t believe I am saying this….Joe really has the right idea, to turn on Dan and Frank. Otherwise they rest of this season will suck way too much. I think I may have underestimated the Powerhouse! But of course he has to actually do it.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

Shane and Frank just made a final two deal.


Dude McDuderson

Britney :”He will not fall on the sword for this alliance” And you guys will?!!!!!! Oh ok lets see; Couple of days ago Dan was on the block and Ian was not going to use his veto on him and Britney and the rest of the quack pack (I hate that stupid name btw; I bet Ian spent countless hours at home coming up with it thinking it was gonna sound soooo cool on TV!) had no problem sending his ass to the jury. After all the heat he took for them, they weren’t even considering sending Danielle; a fellow quack pack member; home. He was there at the first place because of these two; Ian ratted Boogie out to Britney and together they controlled Shane’s decision to put up Frank and Boogie; Frank and Boogie got pissed with Dan and Dan took all the heat for what was caused by these two to begin with. And when he got nominated, Britney and Ian were sure not willing to fall on their swords for him!!! What was he supposed to do?!! Accept it and leave!!! What I like about Dan other than the fact that he is a good strategist is that when he is in trouble he doesn’t panic and blame everyone else. He sits down, thinks and comes up with a possible way to get out of trouble. Britney and Ian on the other hand get incredibly nasty when things don’t go their way. If Britney spends half of the energy that she spends on bad mouthing Judas (kiddin!!) in coming up with a solid plan to present to Shane and Powerhouse, she might actually end up staying. Thats all!! lol


Ok so what if Brit stays Ian throws Hoh comp (Dan ) wins it puts up joe and ian ….back doors frank….. just of a prediction

Dude McDuderson

My main point was that Ian and Britney are being hypocrites right now. As soon as Frank won the HOH, Britney threw Dan under the bus and Ian did not use his veto after all Dan had done for them. And both of them were 100% going to evict him over Danielle when in fact he had taken so much heat for their actions and was nominated because of them. So Britney and Ian have no right to badmouth him for saving his ass and throwing people who showed him no loyalty under the bus………..and as far as the scenario that you mentioned,my point was not whether or not Dan or Britney or Ian are loyal to their aliances in general; my point was that you can’t be mad and talk shit about people for showing no loyalty towards you if you betrayed them and showed no loyalty towards them first.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

All true.

The second Dan got put up, his team was “ok with that” and were ready to send him home.
The part I find particularly unpalatable is that Ian the bitch let Dan take the heat for him.

Ian is reminding me more and more of Ronnie every day.

I posted a couple of weeks back that Ian is going through the typical high school movie coming of age…

nerd kid makes a popular friend, is inducted into the popular group, gets a big ego and throws his old friends under the bus, becomes so cocky that even the popular kids can’t handle him, he gets outed as being the douche he always was…. and then everyone avoids him like he is a leper.

80% chance Ian is going to pull a Ronnie “ostracized” cry session before this week is out; 100% it will be by the end of next week.

Dude McDuderson

haha he might as well. I agree with you. I think he is trying too hard to be cool. He is overplaying at this point. He is so concerned about printing his name on BB as a badass that its making him destroy his social game (which I think was quite good the first few weeks with the exception of the first week which he creeped the chicks out!)


I have a feeling they will all regret not getting Dan out when they had a chance but props to him. Joe is smart though he was telling Frank and Shane why should we vote out our ally (Brit) when she could help us take out Dan? But of course Shane has no backbone whatsoever to evict one of THE most annoying housguests of all time Dani. Shane will feel so dumb when Dani “goes back to Dan” and they backstab Shane when they get the chance. Shane is their puppet and it’s sad that he’s so easily influenced. He’s a great guy just not bright at all.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

Dan staying in is the only reason Frank was able to get in alliance with Shane.
Not the intended result, but still good for Frank’s game.


I love how Britney acts like she deserves to be there, and how Dan should have just let himself be evicted because he already won the money. Britney is losing it right now throwing that stuff proves it, that was not all in jest. Her whole demeanor is different, she is a fucking nutbag. Come Thursday she is gone, she won’t get Shane’s vote.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

Ian is such a douche.

“I founded this” “I am the captain”…sorry dude, you’re the bitch. You will realize it soon.


Ian needs to go Back to his hammock and rock himself into the ground! … Why would BB allow an Autistic Ian into the house!? .. When he goes on the Block, he might just Break. – I agree with Frank and Dani : Tired of Britney and her Piti-Party! .. Others have been on the block and did Not monopolize the housewith their dilemna.


Ian is such a lovable little clueless asshole.