Joe says it would kill him to see Danielle win, she slept half the game and cried the other half.

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power

***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for 24 hours
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours (Frank was also Disqualified from the competition)
6) Shane took no punishments


8:45am – 9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Frank, Joe and Jenn are the only house guests awake. Frank and Joe talk about how big of a surprise it was that Danielle did the dishes yesterday. Frank and Joe look at the memory wall. Frank says we`re close, real close. Think about how after next week there won’t be a group to worry about but us. Frank says Britney goes home, Dan and Ian go on the block, doesn’t matter which goes, Ian wins POV, Dan goes. Next week will be fast forward, Shane goes up with … Frank and Joe continue to work out the possible scenarios. Frank says that he isn`t worried about Ian winning and putting me on the block because there will be 4 votes and we will have three of them (Shane, Jenn, Joe).
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Joe says that Dan is the most hated house guest of the season, he has lied to everyone, he’s the snake in the grass. Frank says that Ian has too. Joe says that he thinks Dan made up a reason to hate Danielle to separate themselves from each other so that we don`t send him home or her. Frank hadn’t thought of that possibility. Joe explains how the weeks don`t add up and that there has to be a fast forward or double eviction coming up real soon. Frank wonder if it even be this week.
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Frank, Joe and Jenn are out on the backyard couch talking. Frank tells Jenn that he thinks Joe is on board with us. Frank says that he thinks Shane is the one running back after you tell him something. Frank talks about how its weird to say that Ian is more dangerous than Dan and a week about he would have never believe he would say that. They talk about how if the competition comes up asking what happened on what day. Ian will get it for sure. We have no chance. They talk about the different competitions that might come up next, Endurance, America’s Choice, etc.

9:20am – 9:30am Frank says that he hopes if Dan wins HOH and he puts me up against Ian, then at least we have the votes. Joe says yeah Ian is scary and we don’t like him, but Dan has already won it. Frank says that he wants them both out but that he thinks he can beat both of them in the end. Frank says the way he will vote if he goes to jury is who f**ked me the most, and that’s how I will try and get others to vote too. Joe says not me, I vote on who plays the best game. Frank says that he didn’t check his integrity and honest at the door, just to pick it up on the way out. I brought mine in with me. Joe says that if someone lied about something to save their life that’s fine, it’s the big lies that I don’t like. Joe says that if it was Dan and Shane at the end I would vote for Dan because Shane doesn’t talk game. If I sat down with Shane and asked him his strategy he would say winning competitions. Joe says that I figure I deserve second place. Frank says that at least when we get out Ian and Dan then we know where people stand. Frank says that it would kill him to see Dan or Ian win this game. Joe says yeah and a few other people like Danielle she has slept half the game and cried the other half. Joe talks about making a slop recipe book after the show is over.

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9:30pm – 10am Jenn is out on the backyard couch alone. Joe is in the kitchen cooking. Dan is laying on the living room couch.
10:15am Dan joins Jenn out on the backyard couch. Dan says that he is feeling good about everything today. Jenn says good. Dan heads inside to make protein ice coffees. Dan doesn’t know how to make them and asks Frank for instructions. Britney is in the bathroom with Jenn. Britney comments you are listening to a 29 year old man learning how to make coffee. Jenn MmHmm.


10:25am Dan is talking to Frank in the backyard. He talks about how Britney came to see him 2 to 3 times to get my vote and she’s starting to think that I am working with you. Dan says that he is thinking of just telling Britney today that she won’t get his vote, that he is voting for Danielle to try and rebuild that relationship. Frank tells Dan that he is telling Shane and Joe that Ian is the target but that right after that I am going after you (Dan), just so they don’t think we are working together. Dan says yeah I told Britney that I made a deal with you that I would take out Ian, but that after that I am coming after you (Frank), just to throw her off thinking we are together. Dan comments on how he was hearing Ian ratting around last night. Dan says that he is not too keen on Shane sticking around but the more I think about it he doesn’t know anything about this end game. Frank agrees.


10:30am Frank goes over to talk to Jenn by the pool table. He tells her that Joe thinks I am taking him to the final 2 but I am not, I am taking you. Just in case he comes throwing that out there trying to separate us. Jenn says thanks for telling me that, I appreciate it. Jenn brings up how Ian said no one should take you to the finals because it will be a 7-0 vote, but I would be happy with the $50G’s it could change things in my life. They talk about how Ian has taken the target off of both of us. Frank says that he doesn’t like how Danielle got so upset, but the shining light is that he looks worse because of it.


10:40am Frank tells Jenn that he was talking to Joe and he thinks the final 5 are me, you, him, Shane and Danielle, which isn’t the worst final five. Jenn says yeah no. Frank tells Jenn that Joe said if he talked about wanting to eventually put you up and I told him that was not going to happen that she has done too much for me to do that. Frank says I told him if he wanted that he would need to win an HOH, but even then we would have the votes to keep you. Jenn says that she appreciates Frank sticking up for her. Ian and Dan join them.

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I really, really hope that either Joe or Shane vote Britney out so she can be gone! I can’t stand her!


You have to vote out Brit. Danielle may be working with Dan, but Danielle is useless on her own. Brit is competition on her own, plus if she stays she has Ian and Shane working with her.

Red Lampshade

That’s a good reason for Frank to get rid of Britney. But that’s exactly why it’s in Joe and Shane’s best interest to keep Britney in the house.


I think from Joe’s perspective his best move is to get Britney out over Danielle. He has to start thinking about the finals now. Brit is has a wicked side, but overall is very well liked by everyone. Danielle is only tolerated. It takes a lot of work to just live with Dani’s self-centered antics. Joe should realize he has a better chance against two less popular peeps (Jenn or Dani) or against two huge villains (Dan & Frank), then he would have against Britney, Shane or Ian. Comeon Powerhouse!


I want Brit gone too but I don’t know about Danielle being useless on her own, you never know until the person is on their own.
I remember one Big Brother season the one with Natalie who had this crush on Matt, the other houseguests evicted him thinking she would be this basketcase that would just lay down and die. Boy were they in for a shock, once he was gone she was stronger than ever, winning comps and taking people out.


Dan need to get the vote for Dani from Shane. He can easily sell his point to Shane.

“If I get evicted, next targets are Frank and you. Brit wants we take each other out because she doesn’t want to keep the guys who can’t beat at the end. She has been trying to keep 3 girls with Ian, that’s why I felt betrayed by Britney and Danielle. I want to go F3 with you and Frank.”


Both of them have to vote her out. Danielle has 2 confirmed votes to stay and Britney has 1 vote to stay, there 5 votes this week.

Team GB

You must really be a very jealous and sad person to hate Brit so much. Do you hate her because she is beautiful and you are insecure about your body as some girls do? Brit is one of the funniest and loyal house guest in my opinion so what has she done that is so horrible to attract such hate? Please try not to hate so much as it’s only a game.


boy… why must it be about said ‘insecurity”. she may not like her simply because she’s too mouthy and opinionated.


yeah, because gosh for bid a woman should have opinions!


I hope Brit stays!!


Me too, I could never stand Britney, I want her gone!


joe is a useless twat who is only good at drawing lines in sand


If it came down to a brick haulin’ competition Joe would have this game in spades. Or a screamin’ competition, unless Willie was still around.

Brit's Goodbye Message for the win.....

Or a how many times can I leave the bathroom and not wash my hands comp……


and then sitting his fat ass right down on the line he just drew…


Joe is freaking useless , he only came to the house so he can cook , this guy is digusting and what an idiot talking about Danielle at least she won HOH and POV what did joe win nothing , this guy needs to leave he doesnt deserve to be in the house anymore .


I always thought Joe was useless too, and the not washing his hands when he leave the bathroom is disgusting, but watching the feeds, i’m seeing that he’s the only one so far to figure out that Dan faked his fight with Danielle… and he’s doing some pretty decent scheming.

Nick Z

Hey hey hey now…….Joe has two other uses. 1. Being the guy everyone can beat in competitions. 2. Being the guy who can even talk louder than Dan in the DR. I’m sorry but Joe is the new winner in that competition.


It has to be said in regards to Joe’s comment about Danielle:

At least she has won something. What has Joe done in this game other than talk REALLY LOUD??


I was thinking the exact same thing myself………won’t Joe the schmoe be very surprised to see just how popular he wasn’t…….ego maniacal food addict that he is……….and by the way does he ever wear anything other than the same damn blue shirt………

Ian's Small Balls

Joe ALWAYS wears that stupid blue Kentucky tshirt. He doesn’t change clothes very often. I don’t think hygeine is a big priority to him.

Dan has fooled the hell out of these people. I want Frank to win yo, but Dan is definitely playing the game and no one realizes what he has done. It’s awesome.

Ian seems like he has a lot of social problems and insecurities. He wanted to play a big game but in the end, he just looks stupid. I sincerely hope this idiotic kid can resume a some type of a normal life when this is all over like in a cubicle or a straight jacket. Being around people is not his thang.

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

I know right. Me and my man, Shane are comp beasts. What’s Joe done? He’s won nothing, his food causes constipation (not easy to do with my IBS), and what is up with that growth on his chin? Plus, I’m a catch. I definitely deserve to win this game more than he does. Don’t y’all agree? Hello? Are you listening to me?

Danielle's Orange Dress

It’s been a long time, but I guess you will be seeing me again on Thursday night, y’all. I hope the house gets rid of crybaby Britney because she is so jealous of me. Britney is trying to steal Shane from me, but she can’t because I have the purrfect petite body. I have big bones, but I am petite.

It sucks that the only house guest who wants to toss my salad is rocker Jenn S#!tty, y’all.


someone please give me a 2×4 so i can swing it at joe`s head … knock him out of lala land .. what a bafoon … geeeeesh


LOL Joe doesn’t like Shane because Shane doesn’t talk game! Classic Powerhouse. It doesn’t matter what Shane does if Frank keeps buttering up Joe so much.


Omg Frank and powerhouses egos are huge they think they’re the best in the house when the top three goes Dan, Ian, shane


Frank is easily better than ian and shane


So how is tomorrow night’s show going to go? First they will show the aftermath from the last episode. Then we will see the POV comp., the POV punishments, Dan’s funeral, Dan spilling the beans to Frank and making a deal with him, the plan to nominate Brit and have Jenn use the veto, and then the veto ceremony. That seems like a lot for about a 50 minute show. I’m interested to see what will be shown and what will be left out.


It’s more like 43 minutes of Big Brother and 17 minutes of commercials.


Really? They wouldn’t vote for Dan to win? He’s been part of or behind almost every big move in the game, especially in the past few weeks. He managed to get himself taken off the block when his fate was sealed. He’s PLAYING THE GAME! Frank is playing the game. Ian is trying, but his game is weak. Danielle and Shane have a little game, but they’re just following the crowd. Joe? He’s just trying to survive. Jenn is nothing more than expendable. There are 2 players who should be considered for the win – Dan and Frank. Ian was on his way, but was defenseless when outed and hasn’t managed to re-establish any footing in the game like Dan did after being nominated. Ian wishes he was a Dan type of player, but he just doesn’t have it in him. I would even say that Dan is a better player than Frank because Frank has survived by winning competitions (which is definitely part of the game), but he was Boogies plaything and after the way that Dan played him this week Frank looks weak and easily manipulated. Dan is the puppeteer of this season.


I agree completely that Dan and Frank are the only deserving winners, but I would still favor Frank heavily.

The whole coaches angle threw typical strategy on it’s head with the coaches dictating a direction that did not necessarily favor the players. Many never learned to think for themselves and allowed the coaches to dictate alliances, often contradicting what would have been best for the individual players. Janelle and Britney poisoned the well for Frank and by week 2 he became the biggest target. With Boogies help, Frank has navigated the waters and survived. Keep in mind nobody else has tried to really work with him and ridiculously don’t seem to understand the benefit of keeping a hated/dangerous target around when you are not even his third target. Instead Frank has had to fight the illogical thinking of the house and continue to win. This last HOH was such a prime example. With his back COMPLETELY against the wall, he steamrolled over the entire house one-by one, head to head. If there’s a better example of overcoming perilous odds I’ve not seen it.

Dan on the other hand screwed up by letting Ian poison the Silent Six too early and in a completely blown up fashion. It served him no benefit to go right at Boogie and Frank, leaving who was evicted of the two up to chance. It served him no benefit shielding Ian and Britney from Boogie and Frank. Had he calmed everybody saying Boogie and Frank talking shit to the other HG’s was part of the plan, then saying we can always backdoor Frank with the veto, would have kept the temperature low, targeted his biggest threat, and kept Boogie- his ideal final 2 partner- safe. As brilliant as he orchestrated the hail mary that saved him, it was a hail mary all the same. Now he’s public enemy number 1 and needs Frank, who was previously his biggest threat. Dan has survived this week, but his inaction and poor strategic thinking is what put him in the desperate spot to begin with. Even Danielle continues to harp about the orchestrated blow up to Dan…so why on earth would anybody trust him or want to keep him around this late (other than Frank of course)

As it stands Frank is in a better position moving forward than Dan, which was inconceivable as little as three days ago.


While Dan probably had the influence to get Britney, Ian, and Shane to back off Mike and Boogie for one more week they all new the silent six was not going to last past Shane’s HOH. What he didn’t expect was Ian’s manipulation of what Boogie said about nominating Britney and Shane because he underestimated Ian as a player. Either way, Dan is somewhat responsible for having to resort to the hail mary. Regardless, in the end no one cares how he got there, he still pulled off the biggest play in the game and that trumps winning comps. If Dan doesn’t win it will be because his speech killed his social game which was the best in the house by far.


Dan deserves to win because he has had to endure being blamed for so much crap this season that he didn’t even do and got his self off the block when he was dead man walking!! He is a master manipulator in telling the truth!! Frank is good at comps but that is about it and because of then acts like a child having a tantrum when he doesn’t get his way, but Dan does it with CLASS!!! DAN FOR THE WIN!!!

I says, I

So staging an attack on your best ally without her knowledge, making her cry and break out in a rash, then ratting out your alliance is class?

I think Dan’s move was brilliant and I’m glad he’s finally playing, but calling him classy or a master manipulator is a stretch. He had one brilliant manipulation…but it was out of desperation. Had he been manipulating people from the get go, he never would have needed to heave a Hail Mary. And using a crazy girl’s emotions to his advantage is very smart but the furthest thing from class that I can imagine.

Frank has not been allowed to play a social game because he has been under siege since week 2 for simply being smart, athletic, and charming. He became public enemy number 1 thanks to Janelle and Britney’s distrust of Boogie. For all Boogie did to help Frank, he was as much an albatross for his reputation in Big Brother. Everything Frank’s done socially since then has been a chemistry experiment because he knows his only safety is winning and if he gets somebody to spare him nomination, great, but he still has to win every veto and if he doesn’t get backdoored, great, but it all starts again the following week.

Your confusing Shane with Frank. Shane has chosen the comp route…Frank has to out of necessity.


Also Dan had a target on his back since week one. All the coaches wanted Dan’s players out first to decimate his team. Brit called Frank Mr. 9Lives, but Dan is on his own 4 or 5 life.

I says, I

But Dan and Britney were helped by having their teams decimated early. It let them float from Boogie to Janelle, since neither saw the benefit in eliminating them when they were in such a weakened state. It also secured the bond between Dan/Danielle Britney/Shane.

Other than Frank, nobody has targeted Dan and he’s taken the blame for stuff in no small part due to his lack of activism. Had Dan anticipated problems that were obvious, then he would not be in this spot now.


Regardless next week with Fast forward. I would love to Dan & Ian leave. They both are cancer & deserve to leave. Have Frank win 2 PoV. That way Dan & Ian are gone for good.


I guess your a fan of floaters, because Dan is the best Big Brother player ever!!


@Chris It’s a typo! The correction is I would love to see Ian & Dan leaving. I’m not a fan of floaters. My opinion speaks a truth!


you like shane captain

MU Tigers

I vote to evict Captainwedgiearchnemesis. Get to steppin’


Agreed!!! Where do I sign up for that????????????


@MU TIGERS, I like to vote to evict MU TIGERS! Get the steppin!

MU Tigers

Owww Ouch, you really got me there. You couldn’t offer an original response?

Why didn’t you just hit me with the classic defense of…I’m rubber, you’re glue…


Pop a squat, captain!


@ZOUFAN, I agree! Captainwidget! Pop a squat! Zoufan just told me to tell you to pop a squat!


Isn’t the majority of this game lying??? Anybody that’s any good at this game does it! I don’t understand why people in the game get so upset when their lied too. They’ve done it themselves in the game at somepoint; everybody does. They’re just mad Dan is the best ever at doing it!!


Not a danielle fan but hearing joe complain about danielle is funny it is like the pot calling the kettle black. Wth has he done all seaso except float to who is in power.


Jack off, go right to sleep, then cook breakfast for the house without washing the nut butter off his hands


joe only needs to win the last comp…then decide who to take.

i think “floating” is also a strategy and i dont think its that easy. first you got to get past everyone else seeing you suck up to whoever is in power. then lay low…let everyone else get bigger targets on themselves for making moves…then have one talent. joe’s is cooking. he done survived those 2-3 weeks when everyone wanted him out…now frank/dan/ian/shane are bigger targets. whoever of them four survives…they will need joe’s vite.

Team Ian Big Dog

Joe’s playing both sides of the house and seeing which way is the best way to go for himself. That’s not bad strategy for him at this point. I think he is also trying to determine what the link is between Dan and Frank and if Dani is along for the ride. Will be interesting which way he goes. Is he with Shane or not?

Ian's Small Balls

Joe is with whoever is in power. He is the ultimate floater.

Honestly, I think Joe is kind of smart but he is not respected. He figured out that Dan made up the whole “fight” with Danielle.

I think this thing is going to come down between Dan and Frank yo! They are the best players left.

I miss Wil and Mike Boogie yo! They were the entertainment this season.


Yo yadda yadda Yo blah blah Yo…smh

Fan of Dan

I’ve watched Big Brother since Season 1 and I don’t think I remember a group where so many people have been part of or pretended to be part of so many alliances at once. Joe alone is enough to make your head spin:-)

Ian's Small Balls

I think Dan and Frank’s alliance should be called The Yo-Yoes.

Loyalty doesn’t exist in the BB house.


All these comments from house guests complaining about people lieing. GET OVER IT!! It happens all the time in this game. That’s how it’s played. Win at all costs. If you got played by a lie suck it up …


Haha, exactly! It’s not possible to play a completely clean game in the Big Brother house. If you were completely honest with everybody, you’d probably be one of the firsts to go.


Amen to that! Joe needs to go, he annoys me to no end!


today or tonight ian or brit are going to put all the pieces together regarding dan and danielle. they are 80% there already…one just needs to remember the fake fight between dan and memphis. when that happens…dan seals danielle’s fate because brit will then campaign her ass off convince shane to keep her.

i like the new ian…he’s not taking franks doo doo anymore. the others have just let him go off on everybody…while they stand around and say zero. the super nerd will be pumped thursday night for HOH…specially if brit is still around!!!

frank is delusional as usual…

we all know its “all about danielle”

joe and poindexter (ian) seem to be getting along better…joe needs to win a comp. joe needs to convince shane to keep brit…and joe needs to wash his hands more!!!

dan only bought himself more time…thats it.

forgot the other girls name….

This week...

I sure hope you’re right


I couldn’t agree more. Would love to see Danielle’s face when she is voted out 3-2 and find out that the love of her life voted her out! Would be especially good to see Britney go on to win HOH and put up Dan and Frank and see Frank go home. Enjoyed his ego taking a nose dive when Brit kept saying what a great player Dan is…

Kelly Anderson

Danielle is always crying. STOP already! Would love to see her go. Her fake showmance is annoying too. I also think it would make the show more interesting if Brit stays. I hope that Joe, Ian and Shane vote to keep Brit in. Frank cannot play in the next two HOH’s, they owe him nothing. I hope Frank gets backdoored!


Michele I hope you don’t mind if I add to your perfect scenario!!….then frank goes to jury and gets busy with Ashley and Danielle has a fit because she’s not the center of attention.


Frank stop strategizing with Powerhouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He needs him for his vote to take out Britney.


Any second Joe will be Ass Kissing Shane and telling him what Frank said. Then he has to Redraw the line in the sand. Oh powerhouse I think I love you.

Martin Luther Frank, Jr.

Frank needs to call Joe out in private and tell him that when the game gets down to this point floaters and people who are unpredictable are dangerous. Joe needs to pick a side and be loyal or he is on both sides radar as a target.


Right now he has to be delicate with him otherwise if he pisses him off then for sure Joe will vote out Danielle.

Fleur de Lis

Is Frank taking some of Danielle’s delusinal pills?? He actually thinks he could be up on the block with anyone and still survive!?!?!?! Dumbass needs to realize that NO ONE will take him to the end and given the chance… his ass will be evicted. I really hope I get to see that happen. No one can doubt that Janelle knew what she was talking about when she said that Frank was dangerous, too bad they couldn’t get past their own delusions to listen.


Production has told them so many times what to do during their DR sessions, I really hope they’ll tell Britney: “hey, don’t you think it’s INTERESTING how Danielle couldn’t explain why Dan felt betrayed? Don’t you find it WEIRD that Danielle told you in front of Jenn “he’s mad because I didn’t throw the POV at y’all” instead of “at him” since Jenn wasn’t supposed to know about the Quack Pack’s plan to use the 2 vetos?
Danielle was lying badly that night, just after Dan had told her about his plan, and Britney was clearly on to her. Now, it’s just a question of who Production wants to stay in the game:
A) Danielle – who is getting more and more annoying and got passively dragged into a new alliance by Dan, not realizing that he was willing to lose her if Ian, Shane and Joe all voted for Britney. Sorry, but Danielle is utterly useless in this game. The showmance didn’t happen, so now she has no reason for Production to remain in the game.
Oh, and by the way, her voice gives me headaches.
B) Britney – who is wildly entertaining for the TV audience. Yes, irritating and sarcastic, but with some of the best humor I’ve seen in BB in a long trime. She’s rhetorically very gifted, I’d pay money to watch her do stand up comedy!
Dan’s BIG MOVE consisted of betraying everybody in his alliance to survive. I don’t think that should get rewarded by having his southern (braindead)belle remain at his service. I really think Production should help Britney and Shane understand how Danielle decided to play them. Shane would realize his “Final Two-Deal” with her is worth nothing, and he and Joe would join Ian in voting to evict Danielle.
That would make for great TV. And isn’t that what BB is all about?


Nothing you just said will make any difference.

Shane operates out of fear. He is much more afraid of Dan and Frank than he is Ian. Britney or Danielle? Doesn’t matter either way. But pissing off Frank and Dan, that will be the deciding factor.

Please remember Shane does not subscribe to logic. Shane’s mirror in this game is Frank. Logic dictates that everything the other HG’s said about Frank (He’s an amazing competitor, who is impossible to beat in competitions, and is guaranteed to win at the end because of his resume), would be said about him the minute Frank is out the door. Shane should want Frank to stay right up until final 4 or five…but instead fear has driven him to go after Frank constantly since the very beginning.

At the end of the day, Shane’s terror of confrontations will seal Britney’s fate.


You’re very right. Though, I think there is one thing Shane – as well as the other Houseguests – is more afraid than Frank: The “Powers that Be”, meaning Production.
They’ll tell him to vote a certain way, and he’ll abide.
This show is so scripted the Houseguests are imo not much more than actors. Production tells them to act a certain way, because “BB has come up with a certain scenario”, and they’ll most likely act accordingly, fearing that if they don’t collaborate 100%, BB will get them thrown out by another one of those *oh so surprising* twists.


Danielle told Britany the reason Dan felt she betrayed him was because she was suppose to throw the last pov game to him and instead she played. Not that Britany is buying it.


If Shane is telling Brit it is 50-50 that means he ain’t voting for her 100%. The only question is whether Danielle gets exposed that she is still with Dan before evictions happen–then Mr.wishy washy no confrontations Shane could switch but Brit is dunzo if that doesnt happen.

Nicky Brand

Why is everyone so certain Britney is going home? Even she seems to know it. But Joe sounds like he’s ready to vote out Danielle, and surely Ian would vote for Brit. Wouldn’t Shane also save Britney, who’s virtually been his partner the whole game? What am I missing?


I thought for a second Ian was going to make a run for it, he seemed to be playing like Dan was playing in season 10. He screwed that up this week. Inless CBS does everything in their power to keep Frank in the game he will eventually get kicked out. Dan is very smart telling people his only shot to win was vs BOOGS, because ultimately that’s not true. Houseguest outlook on the game changes when they are evicted, they start to see the bigger picture. They will see that Dan was not SLIMY, but SMOOTH in his actions and alliances. Dan is dominating this game right now. DAN ALL THE WAY!!


Britney is so annoying!!!! Like when she scratches her face, or says “huh?” or drinks from her hugggeeee glass..brrr.. hope she’s gone


It’s been much longer than 24 hours, why is Frank still dressed as a carrot?


Carrot is for one week, not 24 hours


OH MY GOD what the hell did Joe do better than Danielle? yelling Sh*ts?
Danielle won a freaking HOH and a POV. Who died in her hand? FREAKIN’ JANELLE!!!

And what Frank did better than Shane? being up on the block?
How many times Frank was up before like FIVE TIMES? Idiot!
What about Shane? he’s a HUGE THREAT right? how many times he was up ONCE? and that was weeks ago .


Joe is a one-man wrecking crew. POWERHOUSE can haul bricks for days man!! TPH4L :)


Dan is playing the game. He was able to get himself off the block this week.

I am not sure who I want to win.

If you can’t respect Dan’s game move here then you are obviously not about the BB game. You must be about who acts best, looks best, etc

Dan’s move was cruel BUT it worked.

Love this sight! Love this show!!

Brit is funny.


Brit is not funny she is an evil wench, I lost all respect for her in BB12. She would float to Rachel and Brendon side when they were in power and be all lovie, dovie, then when the Brigade was in power, which she knew nothing about, she would run to their coattails.

The thing that upsets me the most is the cruel, unwarranted things she said about Rachel behind her back that had nothing to do with game play. It made me think that Brit grew up in a trailer home a bastard child with no dad present.

She only said those cruel despicable things about Rachel to back stab her and get in the good graces of Brigade members which again, she knew nothing about their alliance.

They ultimately back stabbed her and truely, had no respect for her because of the way she talked of other women behind their backs. Britney is low life trailer trash!!!!


Some of the same could be said about you, even though you played the game well. I think after this season, Boogie has shown his true colors. He talked more trash about every houseguest, except his man-crush Frank, almost more than ANY other houseguest in all seasons. He was childish, mean, hateful and vindictive, almost to an embarrassing degree. I would sometimes cringe at his words and actions. It seems so hypocritical that if you feel this way about Britney because of trash taking, than you must really dislike and disrespect Boogie? Right? If this kind of action/behavior is so despicable to you, than I guess there are no double standards, especially by someone as moral as yourself. :) Just trying to make you see how all of your words play out to many of us.


I have lost respect for Boogie, I kicked him out of Chilltown.


Glad to hear it! Always thought you were the smart one! :)


I hope Brit figures out that Danielle is still with Dan, if she knows anything at all about Danielle this summer is that she holds a deep hearted grudge against anybody that has said something negative towards her and she wouldn’t be laughing and joking around with them like she is with Dan. Wake up Brit, there’s still game to play!

Dani's Yeasty Discharge

If the Quack Pack can’t figure out that Danielle is gladly working with Dan and Jenn would have never exposed her crush Danielle, tjhen Britney deserves to get voted out. Why are they too stupid to connect those dots especially after what Dan did to Memphis in BB10. If Ian was really that smart and such a student of the game, he would have this answer already. Unfortunately for the QP, it looks as though Joe, are you kidding me, is the brain trust of the group.


Frank still delusional they won’t try to get him out possibly before Dan. Guess he’s forgotten that He’s won more comps than Dan did in 2 seasons? When he’s sitting in Jury, after a few hours of “They Killed My Dream, rants” he’ll get it, that’s if production don’t convince the house to save him, similar to Shelly going into DR and coming out trying to get a pawn put up with Rachel, then voting him out, that had production all over it, saving Rachel was the death blow for Shelly, that wasn’t her decision…


@ILL WILL, First of all. Frank is not delusional. You just jealous because Frank’s Father is Professional wrestler. He ain’t going no where. Frank will survive including fast forward. He will guranatee of winning 2 PoV’s and better yet. Dan is the next one to go. No more Quack Pack! Quack Pack Alliance is dead! Frank,Shane & Danielle Final 3!


ROLMFAO and you’re more delusional than any HGs past or present including posters

Aqua Bernie

I’d like to see them back door Danielle! She bothers me so bad, a lying evil witch. And for being a nurse she doesn’t know what her rash is? What is that?


Those are hickies, and they match Jenn’s lips.


Ashley’s bong cries out in desperation: Will someone else please get evicted so that Ashley has someone else to suck on besides me!


ROTFLMAO… the hypocrisy in this house knows no bounds, thank God;) Liars accusing other HG’s of being liars, floaters hating on other floaters, people with disgusting habits talking about other HG’s nasty habits, those who are angry at being ‘scumbagged’ by the people they either previously or were planning on scumbagging… in it’s own morbidly fascinating way, this season has been beautiful so far;)


If only Russell of Big Brother 11 would be here Torturing Ian and make him cry. Frank would be satify his happiness. RAT,RAT,RAT,RAT! Russell would follow Ian around make him miserable. Ian, your a Rat & scumbag! I would love to see your face out of the door. After that, Dan will be next to go as well. Final 5:Joe,Jenn,Danielle,Frank & Shane!


When Frank followed Ian around yelling at him and Ian started wetting his pants and Britney played interference, I wished that Frank would keep taunting Ian but Brit’s interference ploy worked and Frank left Ian alone. It is then that I thought, wow, I wish Frank was like Russell and followed Ian around torturing him, Ian would not be able to take but break under the pressure and ask to be self evicted and go home to see his mommy.


Dr Will, appreciate many of your insights…but be careful. Not a good idea agreeing with Captain Wedgie, will definitely ruin your rep on here!! ;)


I agree with you! Captainwidget always agree with everyone. Especially me! I’ll be careful.


The voices in Captain Wedgie’s head are on full alert today!


Captainwidget! Oh man! I thought I heard voices of Captainwidget head! Thanks for telling me. Oh! Your Welcome!

Danielle's Pathetic

Here’s a HUGE reason why the Danielle/Dan little “secret” could well be exposed before Thursday:
Danielle is not running around crying… Period. Why isn’t someone else in this house suspicious of the fact that she’s not playing the role of a victim after what Dan publicly did to her??? I know Britney keeps saying, “something just doesn’t add up to me”, but she’s failing to see that right before her very eyes is a big red flag in Danielle’s lack of emotional hatred towards Dan!! I think Joe (surprise) was the only one noting that Dan, Danielle and several others were all outside last night laughing and carrying on like nothing of earth shaking proportions had just happened in that house!
Kudos to Dan for having pulled off a monstrous move but he and Danielle are failing miserably at keeping their secret.

Waiting for someone to put 2 and 2 together and expose the whole thing……. then it’ll possibly be bye-bye Danielle this week, making Dan target #1 next week!!!

GO FRANK!!!!! No one deserves the win this year more that him!!!


Frank says the way he will vote if he goes to jury is who f**ked me the most, and that’s how I will try and get others to vote too.

That’s the BITCH way to vote, same with Survivor , nobody ever votes who played the best game, they vote against the people they are butt-hurt by, which is the sole reason why Jury shouldn’t be made of those voted out, it isn’t fair


Not everyone votes like that, but a lot do! One thing that might help is to have an even amount of jury members and then have America cast the deciding vote in case of a tie.


If you have America vote might as well have AG vote, it would be the same…just sayin


If Shane and Joe were smart they would evict Dani, saving Brit and the house is split various ways and the new HOH puts up their least two favorite HG’s. The combinations on the block would be numerous. The season could continue to be surprise your IT. Dan will be a beast at all the comps til evicted. Dan just started playing hard at the Pandora’s Box Veto. Lookout houseguests!!!


Ok, based on HG talk over all the seasons, along with some of the more heated comments I’ve read here through the years, I’ve decided to audition for BB, and if I should get on the show, this will be my strategy:

I will walk in wearing some kind of religious clothing. I will listen to everyone but not lie to anyone, not even come close to deceiving anyone in any way, shape or form, if I win HOH I will put myself up, and if I should win the veto, I will take the other person off the block. I will say nothing but nice things about everyone and throw myself in front of any other HG who is getting attacked. And within hours of doing this, I’d bet money in Vegas that half the viewing audience at least will hate me, and that I’ll be evicted before the wallpaper in the BB house fully dries.

MU Tigers

It would appear that the new crazy cat people are Britney fans.

This group also fails to see how their precious lil Brit running up to Frank as soon as he won HOH to cut a deal for her and Shane, could be seen as betraying the QP and Dan. Or how it was actually OK for her game if Dan went home.

Britney being put on the block this week is called KARMA. Reap what you sow hoe…


Yep she did all of that, was it stupid? Nah, you try to cover your bases. Problem was she was trying to cover too much, she admitted to Dan last night that she was definitely spread thin and knew it was going to catch up with her. Better than sitting around doing nothing, IMO.


So much has happened this week its really hard to tell who is gonna stay with who.If it was me i would go after dan this coming week provided he doesnt win hoh.He is just to dangerous a player it seems people focus to much on who is winning comps when that is such a small part of the game.Especially when so many people in the house are so easily manipulated


Poor Ian is like a 8 year old he got pushed down on the playground, and his lunch money taken by the school bully. He’s just waiting to form a new alliance with Joe called the Quack F***S shhhh.

Power of Veto Corleone

Am I the only person that gags every time Dan the Douche’s face
Is on the screen? I just can’t stand looking at that dude.
It’s getting that I even hate the way he waddles like a duck when he walks.
I dread hearing his slimy votive too. Thank’s for bringing back
the biggest Douche Bad in BB history.
Britney had him pegged from day one. She’s always is telling
Dani not to trust him and that he wasn’t a very good person.
She even said it straight to his face.
He showed his true colors during the POV with the plastic balls.
Also when he was talking to Danielle after telling her she was dead to him.
She was an emotional wreck (as always) but he had an evil grin on his ugly puss
Like he was loving every minute of it.
His strategy in both times on BB was hide behind his holy man routine and have others do
His dirty work. I know a lot of people think he’s a beast. He may be, but he’s a dirt bag.
Sorry for my rant……it helps to get it out so I won’t puke my guts out thinking he weaseled another week.
He’s lucky to be up against weak minded players.
Frank’s dumb as hell. Shame’s border line retarded. Most of the others are a joke.
He has little competition.


Sounds like you could use a rock in the hammock and a couple of Ian’s beer :()


Still two day to go till live eviction voting. A lot could happen by then. Hope nothing changes
so that Britney stays, she is low life trailer trash and not worth the dogshit that I scraped off
of the bottom of my shoe.


I think this season has had more flips and changes than any other season. There is a constant shift in alliances on a day to day basis. I actually enjoy big brother after dark this year because there’s always plotting and scheming going on…


Brit may be a little slow on the uptake but I think she is close to figuring out what Dan and Danielle are up to. They need to keep her off the trail for another 2 days but she is definitely getting close.

Dan will go down as one of the best if he can pull this off. There have definitely been better but this one is right up there!

I would love to see Frank, Dan and Shane in final three. Let the best guy win!

Nicole N.

The vote all lies with Shane this week to either evict Danielle or Britney and I think they both have a chance because Shane is so wishy-washy. Whoever talks to him last may get the vote. He really is lacking game. I can also see britney convincing him to keep her because she is good at malpulating him. She has already started trying to make him feel sad about her getting screwed.


Heath, I am praying you are right. I can not stand to hear Dan and Danielles voice the rest of the season. Go Brit. Now Jenn is getting on my last nerve. She has cooked herself and doesnt realize it

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

OMG Y’all. I just had a scary thought. If I leave the house, do the voices stop? Wait, who am I kidding, I got Shane’s vote locked up just like I have some of his hair locked up in my baggage. Shhhh, don’t tell him, he might think that’s kind of weird.

PS Hayden, see ya a the finale


VERY disappointed in you. You forgot TREY!!!

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

Oh sweetie, Trey’s so two minutes ago. Then again, things change quickly inside here, so I could be in love with Trey again at some point. Also, I could be flustered, I am on the block. Hello. How is this not a big deal. I AM ON THE BLOCK!! This is a crisis y’all. Hives!!! I got freaking HIVES!!! It all started going wrong with that stupid Zingbot. When I get out of this house, I am gonna fix it to where his Zing don’t Bot anymore.

PS Vote for me Shane!!!


“. Joe says that he thinks Dan made up a reason to hate Danielle to separate themselves from each other so that we don`t send him home or her. Frank hadn’t thought of that possibility. Joe explains how the weeks don`t add up ”

Why isn’t Joe discussing this info with Brit??? He’s figuring it out yet Frank hasn’t thought that it was a possibility? Joe could expose the entire charade and send Danielle’s ass out the door. I want her to leave so badly for being stupid enough to let Dan talk her into letting Jenn use the veto on HIM. Reminds me of Lawon ??? from last year.

Still hoping Frank wins this but it’s not looking good for him right now.


Powerhouse can figure it out, but not Brit, her brain cells have been decimated by a long history of STDs.

Capt. Obvious

But you’re missing the point:

Joe thinks DAN made up a reason to hate Danielle. This in and of itself is not a great revelation and changes nothing. The revelation would be Danielle knowing ahead of time and acting…which is not the case. All Joe was saying is Dan is a manipulative, lying, jerk.

This all comes down to Shane’s vote and his wishy washy attitude with Britney says it’s already over. Shane is not going to be Ian and put his ass on the line for Britney. Sure Joe says he’s with Shane…but what reason does Shane have to believe him or tie his vote to him. Shane’s thinking Joe will say he’s with Britney, but then float back to HOH as always and vote for Danielle, then Shane is standing alone on an island with Ian and now Danielle stays, hates him, and is out for blood.

The safe play is evicting Britney and Shane is a proud resident of Safetyville.


You are right, I was giving Joe more credit than he deserved.


Capt. Obvious – thanks! I don’t have the feeds and was reading more into Joe’s thoughts from the updates. I was wondering how Joe figured it all out but wasn’t telling Britney. Appreciate you clearing that up. :)

Team Frank

And what has Joe done besides cook unsanitary gross food, scream everything at the top of his lungs in the DR, and stomp around “drawing lines in the sand” like some third-rate politician? He really needs to go soon.

The Real TMZ

Gordon Ramsey to Joe, “GET OUT!!!”


Oh the jealousy. You don’t wanna be around when POWERHOUSE kicks it in gear!!! TPH4L :)

Aqua Bernie

Joe needs to talk to Brittany!!