Frank says that people keep saying that Dan is such a nice guy, but he isn’t a nice guy.

POV Holder: ? Next POV: Aug 25 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley


8:25am – 8:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Joe and Shane are out in the backyard sitting around the hot tub. Joe says so that was pretty much our worst case scenario. Joe says that if he has anything to say about it Frank will not get any of the votes in jury. Shane says but he has won a lot of comps. Joe says that just because someone wins a lot of comps doesn’t mean they win the game. Ian is in the hammock swinging back and forth. Meanwhile up in the HOH room, Jenn comes up to talk to Frank. Frank tells Jenn that Danielle and Dan are going up on the block and that he would like her to vote out Dan. Frank says that Danielle is up on the block because she is a vote for Dan and if she won the POV she would use it on him. Frank says that people keep saying that Dan is such a nice guy, but he isn’t a nice guy. Frank says that he needs to win the POV tomorrow. Frank tells Jenn that he didn’t come into the house wanting to win a lot of competitions but that he has been forced to win them just to stay. Frank tells Jenn that he and Boogie wanted to go to the end with their team. Jenn says that we had it all the social, the brain and the game. Frank says that we never wanted you out of our team. Jenn says she knows and that she wants to give him a hug gets ready to leave. Big Brother cuts the feeds.

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8:50am – 9:10am Big Brother puts the house guests on an out door lock down. Frank, Danielle, Ian, Shane and Britney are sitting on the backyard couch. Joe and Jenn are sitting with their legs in the hot tub. Dan is sleeping on a lounger. They all chat about random things.


9:15am – 9:50am Big Brother cuts the live feeds to the we will be right back screen.

9:55am The live feeds are still cut..

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OMG Frank open your eyes and realize Dan has done nothing bad to you other than vote out your boyfriend boogie but news flash this is BB and people get evicted..Ian did you more wrong than Dan did but I guess it’s just easier for you to blame things on Dan..what an idiot..Frank is the real jerk of the house bashing other houseguests left and right


Do you not watch the show?

Frank has gotten this far and last night was the first time he voted! He was targeted by Janelle, Britney, and Dan from the get go. And Dan is the brain of the remaining group that targeted Frank and lied to him constantly.

Do you not think Frank would be gone and Boogie still in the house had he not won the veto?

Proof that Dan is a fraud: So his lackey Danielle scumbagged Janelle and ultimately Dan sealed her fate when he was the last person to go along with Boogie’s plan, who was not so much out for Janelle as he was loyal to Frank and had to save him at any cost…and Dan says last night that his vote to evict Boogie was for Janelle. Dude, you were the one who evicted her…but it’s somehow Boogie’s fault? WTF?


How is Dan the mastermind for getting Boogie and Frank on the block when Ian told them they were coming after them? Seems like common sense to me to put up the people going after you


Dan likes saying little one liners thinking hes Boogie or something. Just like when he voted out Ashley it was because she didnt ask for his vote, right! People dont like Boogie and Frank cuz they say stuff to peoples faces. Apparently the house and majority of this board thinks its ok to talk behind peoples backs, that makes you a good guy but say something to someones face you are the bad guy.

Pandora's Box

Here I come Houseguest’s! FRANK….I got you, YO!!!


-led the charge to backdoor Frank week 3
-Plan to evict Frank week 4 until Boogie convinces him otherwise
-Gets the quack pack to stab Boogie and Shane in the back week 6
-Had his alliance go against Frank again in the double eviction

Dan is a hypocrite and a liar, hes also an overrated player who got carried to the end by Keesha in BB10


Well, can’t blame him for wanting to get carried by Keesha.


He was not carried by Keesha until the end… she was the 5th one left ( behind jerry, renny and memphis……. if anyone carried him it was memphis not keesha


excuse me but if i remember correctly dan got a unanoums vote which pretty much states that dan carried memphis you all are just upset because you
finally realized boogie is not dr. will that dr. will carried boogie through the game boogie is not some great player neither is frank but dan and dr. will are


Agree Boogie is not a great player, he is a great co-pilot. Will is the master, Boogie fit perfectly because he listened to Will. Will did a lot of things in his seasons where he didn’t tell Mike what was going on and kept him in the dark. Almost every winner since 2 has used some part of Wills Strategy. People say Dan was great….he wasn’t. He used the Dr. Will don’t win HOH and keep the target off of you strategy. Evil Dick used the “make them hate you and force them to realize they can win if they take you all the way” strategy. Will was Chill Town. On that note Boogie just sucks now, he is WAY too emotional to play on his own. And he was way to loyal to Frank. They closed themselves off. Boogie still had a complete team when the reset started, he should have kept his entire team as a die hard alliance, that his mistake. He isn’t one of the greats, just one of the most entertaining. On the other hand, Dan is a master floater. Dan will squirm when he goes up, and I think you will see an entirely different Dan that will throw everyone under the bus to save himself. Dr. Will WANTED to go up, dared you to put him up, he played with ZERO fear. Dan is in no way, shape, or form, close to as good as Will. Dan perfected floating, and now you will see that you can’t win twice on it when you have other floaters with smaller targets. Dan is an idiot to play the same way…..people have seen his season, they know his game. He didn’t change it one bit, that’s why he isn’t the best.


Right about Booger and Dan


Totally agree!!!


Rooting for Dan or Brit.

Dae Yum Yum

,,,says-finally someone other than myself knows that Dan was carried in S10 by Keesha who deserved the win. But, Dan talked Memphis into doing his dirty work by slashing her throat! That season was the lamest cast in BB history and so bad even Jerry made F3! He didn’t win one comp and Memphis one one POV by luck and was thrown one HOH by Dan so that he could cut Keesha’s throat for him! Like I have said before a blind, cripple could have beaten that lame ass cast! Keesha should have won it all-she was cheated because production just adored Dan for some stupid, reason!


Let’s see… Ian blames Dan and gets the target off his back or Ian owns up to everything and he’s on the block next to Dan and likely going home. Hmmm…


that’s what should happen!


what? Ian should tell Frank it was him and essentially volunteer himself out of the house. Wow apparently you dont play to win. Remember above all else it is a game about doing anything you can to outlast 11 ‘this year 15’ other people for a 1/2 mil dollars.


Great post, I totally agree!


Although Ian is the one that told about Mike insinuating Britney and Shane be put up Dan has always been the one pushing/egging Frank to go. He only wanted to work with Boogie and has been jealous of Frank and wanted him out so why should Frank not get him out? To wait next week for Dan to convince someone to get Frank out (as Dan will never do the actual dirty work himself). It has nothing to do with hate for Dan its about who is getting in his way week after week from him getting to the end.


Stated perfectly !! Frank is extremely unlikeable. And this is a game with cameras constantly on you. Imagine what he is like in normal life. I undrestant why he is unemployed. I never want a person like that working for my company.


The above statement was meant for the 1st comment.


Why would Joe think anybody would listen to him in the Jury house? He has no influence on anybody and he is only there as a vote…


Joe saying that people who win a lot of comps don’t always get most of the votes in jury is dumbest thing I’ve ever heard someone say in the BB house this season. I guess Boogie should’ve took Janelle to the final two in All Stars then and he would’ve won all the money! FYI, Joe, Janelle would’ve kicked his ass!


The best part is he says it to Shane…who’s entire resume is based on Captain America winning everything. He just told his ally, “you suck and don’t deserve to win”.


Shane’s too stupid to realize that yo. lmao


Out door lockdown, hmmm. Pandora’s Box maybe?
Frank FTW!


What Joe said about winning comps and winning the game is perfectly balanced by what Frank said. Frank’s won comps because he’s had to win comps. It’s been absolutely essential to his survival. As was pointed out before, Frank’s been on the block six times and he’s likely to break the BB record for being on the block.


CJ, have total respect for you, have read your comments regularly here, but I also have to say that, of all the real strategy fans here, your support of Frank no matter what has really stood out to me beyond his other fans. I’ve read your reasons why you’re rooting so much for this guy, but at the same time, I still don’t quite understand it. You’ve always struck me as a lover of the game more than the player, so what is it about this particular HG that has you, beyond the support because the rest of ‘us’ hate him? Swear to you, this is not a judgement. I just really want to know:)

Dae Yum Yum

Frank deserves to win as he may break S9 Sharon’s record for being on the block more than anyone. She deserved to win that season instead of that horses ass, drug-dealing, wanna be gangsta Adam!


Joe is an idiot who should have went home long ago.


Dan might be a nice guy, but he has twisted this entire house to work for him while he keeps being the catholic pre-tender school boy that reads the bible and begs for his own forgiveness. Dan is full of S##t and do Boogie proud by attempting to take the head off of Dan!




BB14 I totally agree about Dan. He’s giving Bible studiers
everywhere a bad name. Dan got what Dan wanted, Dan
lasted longer than Boogie. Now, it’s past time for Dan to

Nikkie says'

@ Linda how could Dan give Bible studiers a bad name? First of all this reality show isn’t God’s work, it’s pure entertainment and it shows you how people can manipulate you in every angle just like Satan. The bible says don’t judge or you will be judge. With said there is no need for you to ridicule someone who would rather read the bible instead of having a unnecessary confrontation with Frank. I guess you are implying also, that it’s okay for Frank to call people names or is it he’s just being real? Or as you put it not hiding behind something.


linda you are just stupid, this is a game


And that is why he must go!


I am afraid Dan will pay the price for taking the blame instead of Ian


Of course he is going to, but who cares. This season is getting dumber by the minute. The same people win every time. I hope Dan and Brittany are the next two to go. A new person deserves to win the money. But really, if Dan goes, it is going to be SOOOO boring. I probably won’t watch anymore and just check the updates on Thursday’s.


ya, dan provides much excitement.


I really dont find Dan interesting at all. He just lays around and guides these sheep to do his bidding and everyone knows it. Hes not even good at hiding his game.


I don’t know why you feel this is a dumb season. The power floating back and forth and all the drama have been pretty awesome. Hate to say it, but Frank winning is the best thing to happen for the viewers.


I don’t see any other option other than for Dan to reveal Ian’s game to Frank and hope he is pissed off enough to put up Ian. Other than that, Dan’s going home, because no matter who wins the POV, Frank’s not changing the nominations.


By that, I mean, getting either Dan or Danielle out.


Frank is the only smart one in the house. He would be a fool to let Dan stay. Who would waste an HOH taking out Joe. The competition is for $500.000. Frank knows this game Dan better win POV or it’s back to the jury house. Least if franks gets out next week he will break up one of the 14 alliances in the house. And who is the Man in the house with all the Tats.

Dark Horse

With all the alliances this season I’m surprised that no one has screwed up a name and blew up their cover…

Oh and they introduced that guy last night…I think his name was Jed…no Judd…ah Jenn < and I think it has t!ts too


If Frank were so smart he would see what is right in front of his face….but no, he is going to go down as perhaps the most gullible player ever. Frank has only had the chance to approach BB records, because BB wanted him to stay so bad they voided Shane’s HOH. I personally think any records achieved by him should have an asterisk next to them saying Production interference permitted additional HOH and POV wins.

Nikkie says'

@ Cruizin596, I totally agree with you 100%. BB is the one who has given him 9 lives and decided to put Shane in the hot seat for what has been done. Frank head has blown up so big, that now he really thinks he is on the same level as all the big time players. If he only new it wasn’t all his creativity and so called tell them exactly what he’s going to do. What gull he has thinking that people would not want you out when you are so full of yourself. I think his thought process goes alittle deeper than trying to win BB. My thought is, he’s trying to show his dad that he can be a big timer in the big leagues as him but done in a different manner. In other words trying to prove something but making himself look silly on national tv.


It will never happen. Frank will keep fighting. Just like his Dad! Quack Pack or Head hunters will fall.


Frank is an idiot dan is taking control over them that proves hes good. frank isn’t even s good as the worst member of chilltown who is boogie
lets face he is not a great player , great players like dr. will and dan don’t need to win comps to stay and if they do it’s only one comp


Outdoor lockdown? Do I smell Pandora’s box for Chilltown’s newest member?

Frank might just have a shot after all.


Frank is going to win the game if Dan goes home this week because stupid CBS casts mental midgets to compete.


Totally agree with the last part. Why doesn’t CBS do a psychological profile of candidates? It should be easy to find out if a person thinks like a chess player or a checkers player and if they are just there to stay on TV as long as possible or if they’re coming to win. This is an amazingly dumb cast aside form the vets and Frank.


Wonder if Shane/Dan have figured out that they would have
been better off taking Boogie/Frank to the F4 yet?

Now, it looks like none of them will make it to F4.

It would have been great to see Frank/Shane as F2, but that
doesn’t seem likely now.


Frank will win the game because production will munipulate the game to garantee he wins. If pandoras box comes into play with Frank as HOH they will make sure it benefits him.

Dark Horse

If Franks gets a Pandora’s Box I’m sure it will screw him in some way…

but don’t fret…I’m convinced that Production has already made the check out to Frank.

This Guy

Best Alliance In BB14 = Frank + Grodner


I think Pandora’s Box going on up there. Since he believes he is the fan favorite on the show, he is going for it. AND it will save Dan.


@Boosky.You,said Frank might have a shot after all(This is after you started thinking that production will give Frank a pandora’s box).Frank always had a shot,but not just to stay in the game,but to win the game.Hence,Frank being saved by production weeks ago,when he got got.Production,allowed him to cheat in the veto comp,last week that had the feeds down for over 6hours.I wonder if everyone had two clovers in their bin?(production is helping this guy more than they’ve helped anyone in all 13seasons)What a surprise,production will give him a power.Frank fans don’t need to worry.Frank’s in a allaince with production,which is why they keep saving/cheating for him.Oh,save your breath,because I will continue pointing out how the only reason he’s still here is because of production.Hearing the audience scream No! when he had the second clover was the high light.There tired of him too.Lol.But like I said Frank fan’s don’t worry,the most powerful alliance a player can have,has his back,and that’s team production.



go Frank!!!

What is with all you people feeling that Frank is getting saved by production. They announced The coaches vote to enter the game before Frank was on the block.


They announced America would vote and decide if the coaches entered the game, they did not say at that point that current houseguests would not be evicted if America voted (which I doubt was an accurate vote anyway). They gave themselves all kinds of wriggle room.

go Frank!!!

They also didn’t say that the current HOH (Shane) would be able to compete in the next comp.


I’ve notice there are a few people who think that the only way for Frank to stay in the game next week,is if he make some deals or work with Dan.Frank is aware he doesn’t have to do any of those things.The main reason he doesn’t have to worry about getting evicted is because he knows production has his back.Production has proven to the viewers that aren’t in denial and Frank(that’s why he smiled at the camera after he picked house guests choice,last week)that all Frank needs to do is go through the motions of trying to win the comps and production will set it up where he will win them.Kind of like last night veto,where I’m sure production told Frank they would put his clovers at the top.This season is like watching the movie Quiz Show or Game Show(that’s the true story of a show fixing the game for a certain player to win)Oh,and you can bet that production will give him a power.Production has been and will continue working their butt’s off to save him.Production deserves to be crown the winner.TPFTW! Lol.


Frank is not apart of chilltown he some idiot that boogie turned to because the ring leader of chilltown aka dr. will isn’t there period!!!!!


Frank is such a coward…it’s so funny that all of a sudden he is such a bad ass but when Willie was attacking him he wasn’t so tough…so I guess Dan is an easier target so now the coward chooses to take it out on him. When Ian won HOH he spoke to Joe for a few seconds but barely spoke to Dan & the first thing that Stinky says is that he knows Dan told him to. I’m also sick of Britney w/ her smug ass, she is the ultimate floater, she was freaking out about Dan talking to Boogie but it’s okay when she talks to Stinky. It’s not cool that Shane mentioned her name but it’s cool for her to tell Ian to throw Dan under the bus. Even if Stinky does make it to the end, whoever votes for him is stupid as hell. I would vote for the house plant…I mean Jenn before I would throw Frank a vote.


Then its safe to say youre a dumbass. Whether you like him or not, Frank is winning the most competitions. And If by some strange luck Jenn does make it to the final two with Frank, the jury would be full blown retard to throw Jenn a single vote. She made it to final 8 without doing anything because the people that are actually playing the game have to fight each other.


So you expect Frank to start fighting when Willie gets all uppity?

Frank has progressively gotten more moody and pissy as time has gone on. He wasn’t as much of an ass in the first few weeks and he does seem calmer with Boogie out of the house.

I always wondered why fans get such a rise by what these HGs do.


I totally agree with you about the fans getting so upset about what the hg do, it’s entertainment and the people like frank and boogie make the game fun to watch, and all the talk about production saving him is so stupid, maybe production does things to keep things interesting, after all it’s ratings they care about as they should, that’s their job. It doesn’t matter what production has done, if frank didn’t win pov he would have gone home, that comp was for anyone to win, and it he didn’t win HOH he would be going home. I hope frank can survive and make it to the end, Dan brit dannielle and Shane bore me to death

Dirty hands

So when Willie “attacked” Frank he did nothing? He sat there and said what he had to. What did you want him to do? Can’t fight in the house or you get thrown out. Frank isn’t basing everything on Dan on just this season either he knows how Dan operates from watching him once before. Why wouldn’t you vote for him at the end it’s about the game and not the personal and not to mention Frank has been behind the 8-ball the whole season and has had to fight uphill the whole time. You would really give it to the house plant? That to me is just a real dumb statement. Remember that in that house you can let loose and be something that you really aren’t in the outside world.


Uh…letting Willie implode was a strategy, one that started when Frank was “a bully” (the haters definition, not mine) and confronted him publicly with his lies. You never interfere with your enemy when their in the process of destroying themselves, as Willie showed.

As for Dan, he’s the brains of the outfit. Frank knows that he’s a better athlete than Shane and Shane is a follower, not a leader. Taking out the next best player is not being a bully…in fact that’s the opposite of a bully.

The Rose

Frank claims to be the best. But I can’t see why he doesn’t blame Ian for Ian’s part. He has to know or at least suspect it was Ian and not Dan. Frank would be better off working with Dan instead of trying to sen him home. There are too many HOH’s and POV’s to go to not try and build some alliance. Does he really believe he can get everyone to vote his way? If was obvious who he was going to put up so why would anyone believe they would be safe if they vote his way? I don’t think that is a good strategy. Hopefully, Dan wins the veto and Danielle goes home.


He knows what Ian is. A floater/pawn of Dan/Britney who nearly had a nervous breakdown the second he was in the spotlight, so Ian is not cause for concern.

Frank is going to let everybody think he’s an ally because he has nothing to lose otherwise. He knows he has to keep winning and that all of them will turn on him unless he wins. As far as social/political game, his best bet is to try and turn the others on each other.




I still say Boogie’s only mistake was that he over-estimated his fellow HG’s.

Think of it as politics. In international relations you negotiate with those you presume to be rational actors. Boogie assumed Dan knew that moving against him this early would entail mutually assured destruction and assumed Dan would head such a move off at the pass from his allies. Boogie thought Dan knew the game. He assumed that even if Ashley, Jenn, Joe, and Ian weren’t really with him, they would realize that it made sense to be the last floater standing rather than the fifth wheel to Dan and his crew. Better the numbers shrink elsewhere while the heavy hitters battle each other.

But as Boogie found out, him and Frank were not playing with rational actors. Dan is a passive strategist who doesn’t anticipate, rather he reacts. Think of him like Germany. A power that doesn’t really want to be a power. Britney is France. She likes to think she is a power, but panics at the first sign of conflict. Shane is Canada. He does have some power, but really just follows the US and England’s lead. Danielle is North Korea. She’s insular, petty, insecure, and vain, liable to explode on any perceived slight. Joe is Libya before the revolution. Oblivious to reality, with a delusional sense of self, who boasts loudly, while cowering privately. Jenn is Cuba. She is largely irrelevant without a benefactor, but thinks of herself as an historical, grandiose and romantic revolutionary, despite lying dormant and deprived.

Had Boogie realized he was playing with a cast of amateurs, he likely would have done much better. Just watch his All Star season. To a houseguest, everybody knew the game and was playing to win. Not to mix metaphors but it’s like Kobe Bryant being so used to playing LBJ, Pierce, Durant and then getting shoved into a playground game in Beverly Hills where some dopey guy starts throwing up ridiculous shots that go in. Kobe assumed the guys knew these were dumb shots and they wouldn’t take them, so he didn’t check them. Unfortunately for Boogie all the garbage shots went in.


Just repeating here… a few days ago, Boogie said that once he got out of this house, the last thing he would do would be to go on the internet to read up on himself. Then minutes later, he said that he’d go to that site full of whackos that types out everything that was being said. Unless I’m missing another site where someone actually works as hard as Simon and Dawg to document specific dialogue all day, I’m thinking this site and its participants were dissed. I’m frankly amazed that nobody heard this or commented on it yet.


hi Eripaul….you may have missed some comments yesterday…it was hard to keep up with all of them…..but a number of people did mention what bookie said about this sight…you might want to skim back over some of yesterday’s activity.


I actually said something about it in a comment to a previous post not that long after I saw it on BBAD, am repeating that post now…. I haven’t seen it mentioned in any of the comments I’ve been trying to catch up on. Help me out here, let me know where I missed it, if at all possible:)

Dark Horse

Eripaul can you please post the title thread here if you find the comments, I skimmed but will check again in a few minutes…I want to read them too


Or just let me know what other people said about the mention, if they defended this site or not;)


they were basically upset because boogie was calling the people on this sight names and dissing us.


I was watching when he made that comment. I’m pretty sure he said he would go to ONE OF THOSE SITES where they write down everything. He may have been thinking about this one, who knows? But, I’m pretty sure he was speaking in generalities, not specifics.

Dark Horse

I vaugely remember that convo…


@SK do you happen to remember what thread…I would love to check it out too.


hi guys…I found one of them for you. the thread was..joe about frank. I am so honored to have played this game with god. it is on page 3 of comments…from KarenS on 8/22 11:45 pm. post #34.

I know there are more but thats a start for you..I have to get back to work but will try to find more later today if I get the chance. if I do find more I will let you know in the current comments so we don’t have to scroll back to this space.


Dark Horse


I’m gonna check it out now…thanks for the start, I’ll also post in the current if I find the comments.


Wether or not dan has done anything to frank is pretty irrelevent.The fact remains that if he is left to float to the end he will start to win comps,and is a dangerous player.If frank trusted dan he could work with him but lets face it dan is not to be trusted


Agreed! It’s not a love or hate thing, it’s about what’s best for the game and those other jackasses aligned with Dan should be thanking Frank cause he’s helping everyone’s game by getting rid of Dan! That’s just the truth Dan could win this thing again if they play around with him and let him float to the point where he starts winning things! Frank deserves to win this game whether people like him or not, he’s been through everything in the BB house and came out on top, he deserves the money!


of course danielle tells frank she will go with him til the end…i told u guys that last night….i dont just hate her, i know the type of person she is….she will dawg out shane in A heartbeat over frank if she feels that frank would beat shane, i wouldnt be surprised if she makes out with frank at some point in this game….u heard it here first, PLEASE DAN PLEASE WIN THE POV……and of course dan would not save danielle if he won the pov…she has to be the most self centered person in america if she thinks that


Dan may have not done anything wrong personal to Fank. However, he took advantage of it to advance his game. He is more
Silent, cunning, like a snake in the background. Lol he is gunning for him but in private. When he goes off to himself so no
One see. He wants the money and bad. Frank should have went with his gut to put Dan up when he had the numbers to get
Him out but he listen to Boogie. He is (frank) is out spoken and a brute, cause his back against the wall, it’s a good way to pump
Yourself up to WIN. He’s not a snake a lion when needed. Lol when all of them were going for the kill, and we all deep down
Know they were, and have been all along. So they made him the beast he is. Lol

Ian "the new Alpha Dog"

It looks like Frank is looking at Ian as the “new” Boogie. Frank is definetly going after Dan, but if he wants to stay after this week, he should be building up some support from Jenn and someone else in the house. It looks like he trusts Ian (somewhat) and is trying to get Britney to help him. I wonder if Frank will try to get Shane to go with him also.

The real question is will BB production give Frank a Pandora’s Box AND a power. That may be the only thing that would really save Frank next week.


I don’t think he really trusts Ian…I think he just knew last night that he was completely alone now in the house so beginning last night after the last hoh he started trying to bring some of these people in……he prob thinks he can be Dan and have everyone on his side…he so delusional…he doesn’t see that they are just kissing his butt…he doesn’t fully get it. you can tell be his actions that he thinks he has charm…he doesn’t realize it just creeps people out…besides Ashley…and he may think that his charm has these magical powers!!


I’m wondering if being on the set of this stupid show makes the contestants retarded or if they were that way when they went in? I don’t know much about the show, but isn’t the point voting people out? How can they take it personal because others are trying to win? The ho’ I’m banging is white trash and she watches this show so I figure that’s what makes up a majority of the audience. White people are funny.


You just proved that not only white people are racist…… you are as well…. calling your own woman a white trash HO? you must have fucked her brains out either that or she is giving ashley a huge challenge for the stupidest person in the world and i would say the second … if she was smart she wopould never have gotten toggether with a racist piece of sh*t like you….. let me guess you are just dating her to try to “stick ” it to the white man…


Good point 33

Team Frankie

Uh-oh Pandora’s box for Frankie? I so hope Frank gets it, and uses it to get something good, or the return of Mike for 24 hours or something like that…Love to see Mike comeback and just go Evil Dick mode on the QP…


NOOOO I HOPE DANIELLE DOESN’T GO HOME! Best case scenario is Danielle wins PoV, but then Shane might go up.

Do you reckon if Shane wins PoV, he will use it on Danielle? Because then Brit will go up…


I think he’ll throw it if he is not up on the block.


@Cooper Don’t be so sure. Frank will steamroll PoV so that either Shane or Dan goes to the Jury.


Frank Lovers Bad News. This lil biotch will be gone next week and eventually go back to living off daddy and massaging mommys feet.


Sounding a little jealous, sorry your daddy couldnt provide for you but anyhow Frank has always proven to save himself. Lets see if Dan can do the same. Thinking not and without Dan these people can actually start to think for themselves.


As much as I dislike Frank this move is best for his game. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if Dan can pull out a veto win. I hope Dan doesn’t sell out Ian, and if he does, it’s not like Frank will believe him anyways. Man is Ian sitting pretty…

Production has a hard on for Frank

Frank started all of this by telling Dan he thought about backdooring him. Frank is the one to not be trusted! He hated the fact that someone was trying to get between him and his man! He is no dr. Will and he has only won comps by cheating


looks like frank has the cat ladies in tears…


That’s right, Frank is no DR Will, noone is like DR Will,
DR Will is the best and DR Will is unmatched in game
play strategy. DR Will is immortalized as the Big Brother
King and if DR Will came back into this game, I, DR Will
would front stab everyone, there’s no need to back stab,
Cause this group couldn’t see it coming from the
front if you put them in a house full of mirrors.


Frank blaming Dan is not without merit. Ian is not this Dr Will everyone is making him out to be. He just flip-flopped and eventually decided to stick with DDSB (eventhough he might even be considered lower than Joe on their totem pole). After Ian wins HOH Dan runs over to him and starts feeding him what to do. Would he have put up Frank before? Probably. Ashley & Frank though? Who knows. Dan does have fault here. He has wanted Frank out from the beginning and was apart of Janelle’s plan to get the whole house against him. From the first week (before all of the supposed “bullying”), Janelle convinced Britney, Shane, Danielle & Joe that Frank had to leave. They have all had an anti-Frank agenda since that time.

Still, I wonder if Frank could get Dan to work with him. Tell him he has to go up with Danielle, but that he’d be willing to save him if Dan would sware on the bible/wife that he would be safe from going up or getting a vote against him. He could then take off Dan if the Veto was used and put up Britney/Shane.

I think he should nominate Britney & Dan, then tell everyone the coaches need to go. They managed to already get 2 out, now lets finish of the last 2 and start their own game.

Sid Vicious

My son, he’s doing it!!!! He’s reminding me of my glory days when I was the WWF Champ…Go get’em Frankie…

Danny Boy

frank is a tool, when he goes home, he will see dan did nothing for him, he keeps pissing and moaning that dan was gonna vote him out, if dan really wanted that he would not have hit the reset button, dan is taking a lot of heat for the b.s move that ian did, i wouldnt even call it a move, it would be in dan’s best interest to throw ian under the bus and watch ian squirm, but dan wont do that, because he is a good guy, regardless what roid rage frankie says…


Frank one man phone call!

(Leaving Mike Answer Machine)


Frank:Hi Brother! It’s your boy Frank. Check this out! I’m going to screw Dan & Shane in the nomination. Here’s the juicy part. Both Dan or Shane thinks their safe & try to trick me to put up Joe & Ian. What a dumbass! I put up Dan & Shane on the Block. This one is for you buddy!

Frank:HaHaHaHaHaHaHa! Breech!


Frank is a Skank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


if anybody thinks frank is gonna trust anybody left in the house, you’re crazy. frank is going along with everyone’s BS right now. frank is saying he’s gonna nominate dan and danielle, but it’s going to be dan and shane. he want everyone now to go to each other and come up with a strategy to get votes, day of the nominations, frank throws dan and shane on the block. remember this, frank gets to play for POV, so frank will be hungrier than anyone playing in the POV to keep nominations the same. you don’t think frank knows danielle has been keeping shane company during her fantasy relationship in BB. having danielle to chose over dan and shane is going to be classic.


If it’s a Pandora’s Box, I could see the punishment being that the return of the Coaches Twist for one week, just as last year’s Pandora’s Box was the return of the Duo Twist. This would create an interesting situation where Dan and Britney would be safe.


While watching the live feeds very early this morning over coffee…about 5am/EST…Dan was in the Have Not Room with lights off trying to listen thru the camera window/wall…someone was next to him that came and left and couldn’t make out who it was….later with lights on Danielle came in and they whispered a long conversation ….I think about throwing Ian under the bus…it was hard to hear on my iPad (volume poor)…anyone enlighten me??


If anyone else was always put up on the block I would normally feel sympathy for that person and cheer them on, but I just can’t warm up to Frank…it is so weird.


Why is everyone so caught up in how many HOHs or POVs one wins?
The name of the game is to make it to the final two any which way,
including but loose and garner enough votes to win 500k.

At the end after BB is done with and you’ve gone home, you’re either
empty handed or have a cool half million in your bank account.

What do you think I used to get my cosmetic surgery business going?
Now that 1/2 mill is making me a lot more than that! I didn’t go back on
the show because I have nothing left to prove and because if I was
away from my business for 3 months or more, I’d lose more than
what would be left over after taxes from the 500k.


I think Frank is a major Goober…reminds me of Forest Gump with all of the inane babling. I can’t help but wonder what Boogie would have thought of him had he not been on his team. I just don’t see him raving on how great he is…would just love to see a Boogie bashing session on Frank. Hmmmm…I know, just a Dream and I’ll never know….too early to drink?


Frank deserves to be in the BB House~ Give the guy a break!


Few items here:

1) Most gullible player – Frank – Boogie tells him Ian can’t be trusted and Frank buys Ian’s excuse that it is all about his vote being influenced by Dan. That is not what Boogie said. Boogie gave Frank a warning…but, Frank knows best because he is the greatest player to ever play and it is, after all, his dream….yo.

2) I personally do not believe that any records Frank achieves should stand beside Janelle, Rachel, etc. Production interfered in the natural proggression of the game by voiding Shane’s HOH. Frank was leaving. Any additional HOH and Veto wins are not on the same level as other BB players.

3) Frank did not so much win last night’s POV as have it handed to him. Go back and watch Ian after he found his first shamrock. He played around in his bin not really looking..he even stopped at one point watching to see if Frank was ahead of everyone else.

I am hoping that Dan outs Ian – in front of Ian and preferably in front of everyone else. I also want Dan to accuse him of throwing the competition last night. If Ian is old enough to be in the game, he is old enough to face the consequences. His word is golden – is what he told the QP when he shook on their alliance. His word means s*it. Dan, Brit and Shane took a lot of heat and insults for him last week and this is how he repays them. If Dan doesn’t do this I think Dani will.

just a random fam

Isn’t it time by now for the table to be getting smaller?

PAndora’s box?! Pfft. Frank’s safe this week, How many more strings does Production’s puppet need?

LA from GA

If Dan goes home what is the point in watching anymore? It’ll just be bumbling idiots verses Frank. I realize that production obviously wants Frank to win, and that’s fine. Dan has won before so I can see the appeal in letting a new person win. But in order for BB to be entertaining you need to keep Dan in the game to keep it interesting. He and Frank are the only 2 in this house that know how to play both the social and physical sides to this game. Production can take Dan out with 4 house guests left. But if Frank gets him out now the rest of the season is a snoozefest of floaters and the rest of the quack pack being totally manipulated by Frank until he wins. Keep it interesting and keep Dan.


I was sick of the Frank & Booger show. I am glad that Booger is gone. And I am sick of the Frank show. It is very predictable…Frank is on the block he either wins POV or the pawn goes home. The next week he wins HOH…Frank says all day – I am the greatest BB player in history blah blah blah…This is my dream blah blah blah…You lied to me blah blah blah…You scumbagged me blah blah blah…Dan is the antichrist blah blah blah… The other players never had to do anything. Just sit back and float. It is the same thing every day it is time for some new drama in the house. Get his wild hair ass out of there and lets watch the other players turn on each other.


Why do people want Dan to win again? I know he’s a “nice” guy but come on, he hasn’t done anything to deserve it this season. He keeps bringing up about covering Ian’s ass but Ian was covering all their asses by giving them the information from Froogie, and last night he did what THEY wanted so it’s cunty to turn on him now, and besides, isn’t the cat already out of the bag with what Ian did to Boogie? I don’t really care who wins since it’s not benefiting my life at all, but I don’t want to see Dan take home the money, no offence.


One of the recent major storms to cause damage in Florida was Ivan,
starts with an “I’.

Looming in the next few days to cause damage in Florida is Isaac,
starts with an “I”.

Now causing major damage and havoc in the BB house is Ian,
starts with an “I”.

He’s become a major player and if he can hold on for at least 3 more
evictions, then he would be worthy of being called back for an all stars
cast. I have to admit, his game play has surprised me, he is doing
a lot better than people give him credit for, if him or Frank make it to
the Final 2, I will bestow upon them “Honorary” Chilltown membership.

If any other 2 contestants make it to the final 2, it will be merely by
accident helped by the poor game play of others in the house.

Like it or not, that’s the plain truth!!!


I would love to see Quack Pack & Head Hunter Alliance face that Frank nominate Dan & Shane on the block. That way Frank will win his 4 PoV and keep the nomination a same. The Quack Pack & Head Hunters Alliance Falls apart. Frank, your freaky beast. Mike Boogie raise you become a newest member of Chilltown.


Oh Here is the bonus part! Ian,Danielle,Britney & joe will make a hard decision to evict.


Frank may win comps….but without boogs he’s not too smart…..He is letting his hatred and fear of Dan cloud his judgement. He may have won HOH and is safe this week…..but next week…..britney and ian are not goin to have his back……haha…..and Joe is floatin to the power again and professing his love for frank…..Frank….you should have listened to Boogs when he said Ian is not to be trusted. He is the one you should be scared of! Haha


Production should just hand him the check heel they saved hi butt by canceling an eviction, bet he get coupe de teau or diamond power of veto!


Why are ppl hating on the great manipulation skills that Dan possesses? It’s like all of a sudden big brother has turned in to a game of morals for these ppl and every one wants to play an honest and fair GAME. Yes having good morals is all good and well in the real world but this is a game ppl I think Dan should be applauded for manipulating ppl into doing his bidding because it keeps the Target off of him while advancing himself further in the game. Dr. Will never won anything, solely based his game on manipulating all of the house guests and he is revered as the best player in history. Stop hating on the man with the best game just because he is plying it in a shady/sneaky fashion! Team Dan FTW!!


You’ve got to be kidding me. The HOH room is locked, surprise, surprise! This game is getting so predictable! They oughta just give Frank the check now so all of us watching don’t waste anymore of our time this summer!


Who I want to see nominated – Ian and Dan and Dan staying
What I think will happen – Dan and Dani
Brit’s worst nightmare – Shane wins POV takes Dani down and Brit goes up. Brit gets voted out.

Eric CA

If Frank put up Dan and Danielle. He believes it will lock in the vote to Evict Dan. One less Dan Vote.
Unfortunately it would just send Danielle to Jury. He needs to win PoV and take down Danielle put up Shane,
if he does that, even then it might just send Shane to Jury. Everybody else in the house, No shot at all Dan stays..
just look at the votes.

Dan v Danielle
Brittney Evict: Danielle (Dan is better cover, and I can still blame him for it.)
Ian Evict: Gladly Danielle (That cow is standing between me and final 2 with Dan or Shane.)
Shane: Dan
Joe: Danielle (Sorry Princess, it is best for my game.)
Jen Evict: Dan

Danielle Evicted

Brittney v Dan
Danielle Evict: Brittney (Skinny B***h looked at me funny.)
Shane Evict:Dan
Ian: Brittney
Jen: Dan
Joe: Brittney

Brittney Evicted

Ian v Dan

Danielle Evict: Ian
Shane Evict: Ian
Joe Evict: Ian
Brittney: Regrettably Ian
Jen Evict: Dan

Quack Ian evicted

Jen and Joe
Jen evicted 5- 0 Joe 4-1 or 5-0

Shane is your last hope to Evict Dan, and it is a big toss up, cluster F

Danielle: Dan/ Shane (I can’t choose)
Brittney: Sympathy vote evict Dan
Ian: Shane
Jen: Dan/ Shane (I hate both these guys. I will vote how Danielle does.)
Joe Evict: Shane

two locked in Shane and one locked in Dan… the others probably leaning to evict Shane.
The wrath of Frank is irrelevant after the PoV. He can not be HoH unless he survives next week.
To be honest, I do not care who goes home this week. It probably will not be Dan if Frank puts up Danielle.


I don’t get all the Frank love, the dude looks like a mix between little orphan Annie and Carrot Top.

On a side note, there needs to be more endurance comps.


Carrot Top is on roids, Frank is natural and uses PX90 exercise routines. He will be an awesome wrestler: Anyone care to guess what name he will wrestle under???

Zingbot Fan

The Arrogant Asshole?


Pandora’s box: Frank opens it in the HOH room, it’s the
emerald HOH power, Frank get to nominate three people
for eviction.

When POV is played, there is still only one winner and
one replacement. Two people are voted out on eviction
night. (The two that get the most amount of votes for
eviction) If there are any ties, Frank as HOH will cast
the deciding vote.

Voila, BB Production eliminates the problem of too many
house guest still left in the BB house with just a short
amount of time to go. And at the same time, Frank,
“THE PERSECUTED ONE” gets to see two of his choice of
three people gone from the house.

Oh, by the way,…the EMERALD HOH POWER also allows
Frank to compete in the next HOH competition.


Looks like Frank is going to the final 3 and will end up winning the game. That sucks. To think we sat and had to listen to all the crap that spewed out of Boogie and Franks mouth and now he is going to win the thing. I will no longer be leaving any comments here because the whole BB thing is rigged and we the viewers are being duped to think that it is a fair game. Frank cheated and BB said that it didn’t affect the outcome of the game. Bullshit.
Frank will get Pandora’s box or whatever which will enable him to go to the end. I feel for Dan, and it’s all Ian’s fault.

Good luck to all of you and hope you have fun commenting here in the upcoming days. I won’t be part of any game that allows cheating, nor will I further watch BB. I have many many friends who feel the same way I do, and I hope BB’s rating hit the toilet.


Hey BBADFAN, I’ll see you in a little while posting under a new moniker about all the newest BB shows that you enjoy to watch. You are after all a Big Brother After Dark Fan!

Bb fan

The people saying Dan is a liar it was actually Ian’s plan to Backdoor frank and Ian’s plan to put up Frank and boogie Dan was just going along with it. Dan doesn’t really interact with people so how is he a liar I honestly don’t care if he gets evicted because he has no real chance of winning against any of these people I’m just glad he made it this far my only hope is frank follows him out the door I hate the fact that he is so cocky an the fact that he thinks Ian doesn’t have a mind of his own this is why Ian will win because people especially frank don’t think he can think for himself frank is kind of n idiot


crying foul and doing everything including calling Frank a liar about who and what his dad is and now saying production are cheating for him and with him ..get real. He is the same Frank that has been on the block more than anyone in BB history, and is such a dynamic player that he saves himself..not production aided. He is without a doubt the best player in the house and up until the night when he and Boogie were on the block together, played with more character than anyone. Ian has lied to the house and caused this ruckus…I used to like Ian but now I hope someone turns on him. I hope someone does throw him to the wolves ie throw him under a train. He thinks he is such a great player the best ever..watching BB since he was 10 big deal it obviously didnt teach him anything. Best player is Frank..worse player is in the jury already so we can go to the runners up…hmmm my vote goes to the rest in the house. I liked Frank from the beginning…he has heart and character. Give him props for that and stop accusing him of riding productions coat tail. He is doing this on his own. Taking a HOH from Shane someone said? When was this? I must have gone to check on the dogs then. I record the show and I did not see it when I watched the recordings. I hope Frank stays in the game keeps his head and continues on. I want him to win.