Dan “That my friends at home was one of the best days ever for me in this house, good night.”

POV Holder: Jenn Next POV: Sept 1 (Saturday)
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 27 (Monday)
HOH Winner: Frank Next HOH: Aug 30 (Thursday)
Original Nominations: Dan And Danielle
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Dan
Last Evicted Houseguest Boogie and Ashley
Pandora’s Box POwer Ian -> Has a veto power

***POV Results

1) Dan in solitary dance party for 24 hours
2) Carrot top wears a carrot suit for 24 hours
3) Danielle and Britney are handcuffed for 24 hours
4) Jenn has POV, Burns clothes and is on slop for the rest of the game
5) Frank gets “chum” bath 24 hours (Frank was also Disqualified from the competition)
6) Shane took no punishments


12:36am Shane to Britney “I feel bad for you Brit, if you weren’t married, I would come cuddle with you a bit, but..” Britney to Shane “Ah, that’s okay.” Shane “Just saying…” Britney “Don’t feel bad for me Shane.” Shane “Stop it!” Britney “It’s fine.” Shane “It’s not fine because last night I went to bed not thinking anything like this was going to happen.” Britney “Yeah me neither.” Shane “god.” Britney “but it is what it is.” Shane “I know it’s just a game.” Britney “It’s just a game and if I leave it’s not the end of my life.” Shane “no I know.” Shane, Joe and Britney go to sleep.


Dan in the have-not room says to the camera “That my friends at home was one of the best days ever for me in this house, good night.” He then shuts off the light and goes to sleep.
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12:45am – 2:05am Meanwhile, Danielle is in the bathroom getting ready for bed and putting cream on her neck rash. Ian is in the hammock in the backyard and Jenn is laying with her feet in the hot tub. Danielle heads out to do her laundry in the backyard. Ian is folding his clothes. Danielle goes to bed in the kicks room. Ian heads inside and puts away his laundry. He then goes to the kitchen and sits down at the kitchen table rocking back and forth, mumbling and looking at the memory wall. Ian then heads to bed in the kicks room. Meanwhile Jenn is lying out by the hot tub. Jenn gets ready and goes to bed in the stereo room.


8:35am All the house guests are still sleeping..

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I think dawg is just trying to get everyone off of the powerhouse band wagon with these disturbing pictures of him. Dawg you still get my vote in all the polls no need to stir up hate. :)


That’s just creepy! Go into the bathroom!


I have a question and I hope one of you can answer it. I know if someone uses the Veto they are exempt from being a replacement nominee. However, Ian chose not to use his Veto and then Jenn used hers to take Dan off the block… so at that point couldn’t Frank have put Ian up as a replacement nominee?


Ian chose not to use his veto to take Dan or Danielle off the block. Frank could put him on the block he then would use the Veto to take himself off.

big brother 14 yo

Not true. The veto holder can never be nominated even if they use the veto on someone else. The only way they can be on the block is if the veto holder and someone else are both on the block, and the veto holder choose ls to use it on the other nominee rather then themselves


What the hell happened to that little eunuch Ian, when did he grow a set of balls.

Dan the Godfather

wuldnt it be awesome if Dan vyed ut Danielle… epic..

Dan the Godfather

ps sorry for type o..


See Shane is not Gay, he has been wanting to tap Britney’s tight little body all summer long. He just doesn’t want anything to do with a crazy chick who has an ass and legs on her like a NFL Lineman. Can’t blame him. If Kara had of lasted longer then a week Shane would have been all over her….


lmao @ NFL lineman


Gay? Gay? So you thought or alluding to others thinking he was gay, based on what? Because he tries to fend off Dani’s advances? Dani seems to be a very insecure woman and doesn’t stand up for herself. Maybe you think he is gay because he respects Brittany’s marriage? I guess he should do a Boogie …who threaten to travel to Dan’s home and have sex with another man’s wife. You have a very strange notion how a gay and straight man should be acting! Are you sure you are not gay? Seems to me guys like you ..cast aspersions on others to hide their own deep seated female sexuality…just come out the closet and stop calling other men gay with no basis……not that there is anything wrong with being gay…its just that you seem to throw that accusation around very lightly.


Both Shane and Frank hit on her in the same day


Shane isnt ‘gay’ he is in the closet and once production let him in on the fact that most of the viewers could tell he was he started acting all cuddly with psycho daniele… as far as his offer to ‘cuddle’ with britney – sounds like what a ‘gay best friend’ would do when his girl best friend had a day like Brit had yesterday…


Ya, making fun of an already insecure and self-conscious girl is real original. Brit and Danielle are both smokin’ hot and you wouldn’t be able to pick up either of them… where are the gentlemen? Tsk.


my hope is that Brit, joe, Shane or Ian sniff out that Danielle is with Dan, frank and jenn…the house will blow up brit and Shane will find out that danielle has betrayed them and they will vote her out….I used to support Dan and Danielle but I’m done with that now.


Me too, I’m disapointed in Dan and Danielle, alot of lying and double talking, I guess

The end justifies the means


You didn’t have a problem when Shane and Brit flew to Frank right away to put up Dan, now did ya? I dont blame Dan, he is trying to stay in the house, just like everyone else. The whole house is playing wach other.


I did have a problem with it…it was a bad move.

MU Tigers

But you are still OK with Britney and Shane. I get it, double standards for your fav players. You make that quite transparent.


Absolutely in this game the end does indeed justify the means. It is, after all, a game and scheming and conniving is how you win this one.


So true Ava.


It’s so freaking stupid when people complain about lying and backstabbing in the bb house, you can’t play this game without any lying or backstabbing, they’ve all lied, Ian lied and betrayed, brittney has lied, they have to do it, it’s a freaking game and manipulating is part of this game, get over it!


Have expressed my want for Brit to stay in over Danielle already. D is faltering a bit in her acting skills and it was only Monday night. It would be smart too for Shane, Ian, Joe b/c they would have the numbers against Dan & Jenn playing in the next HOH but I can see how Shane and Joe want the target to stay on Ian.


I’m really torn on this one. I’d love to see Nurse BatSh*t and her deal with Dan et al exposed for two days of pure drama.

But then there’s the whole idea that Shane is obviously the key vote…Nurse BatSh*t totally knows that. So if she stays under the radar with the pact and tries to work Shane, but can’t close that deal, then when she goes we’ll get tears from the moment Julie says: “by a vote of 3-2…” all the way thru the post interview commercial.

In fact, will she even be able to answer a Julie question? I can see it now: “Why me, (sob, sob) what did I (sob, sob) ever do (sob, sob)”

Then we can only hope for a goodbye message from Shane to pop up like this: “I’m sorry but I had to go with a more level headed mature smarter player…but mostly because the whining was just too much. Oh, and by the way, I think Julie has a copy of the court papers; they say 200 yards…so get to steppin”

She’ll probably still be crying come finale day…especially when Dani Donato shows up dressed to the 9?s


Me too, Dan and Danielle were my favorites

Now they are doing too much lying and doule talk

so the big question is:

……………………..In Big Brother does The end justifies the means…………………………………


So your saying if you were in the house you would not try and win, name one person that is playing an honest game, hell name one houseguest in the history of show that has not lied and I will show someone who lost!


Danielle is arrogant about having Shane’s vote…especially on a Monday….she knows that on Monday’s and Tuesday’s people lie about where there vote will be….it’s just Danielle’s delusion that Shane would of course pick her over Brit…I think she needs for that to happen for her off sense of self that has been discusses on here for weeks.

also something really odd about Dan…havent fully put my finger on it yet…but he does things that aren’t necessary…like saying he is going to stay in the arcade until Thursday….WHY? ….did I miss something?….why is that necessary…he seems to like to be punished or something….something weird about him…the more we see of him the worse he appears……I don’t respect it…it turns me off.

Danielle's Pity Party Planner

he’s a drama queen.


Dan is still the have not for the week.


He has to lay low and not rock the boat for Danielle’s survival and give Brit ammunition. If he is out and acting normal and campaigning for Dani then guess what—she is going home. Best way to avoid that is stay away from her and self exile himself–and yes he will take Dani to the end because he knows he will 100% beat her in F2 with his gift for speaking. He will have played a way better game at that point and it would be an easy sell to the jury just like in his previous season where he was only TRULY loyal to 1 person and went to the end with that 1 person.

Slam Dunk 2 time winner.


Even Dan doesn’t know that last week Danielle told Jenn about Ian. If she hadn’t done that, Jenn probably wouldn’t have gone along with Dan and Frank’s plan this week. The one who betrayed the quack pack first was Danielle, not Dan. I hope that gets out somehow, but I doubt Jenn would tell anyone, maybe Frank. Danielle is a loose cannon. Give her some special attention, massage her insecurities, and she will spill the beans. Everyone hating on Dan for trying to save himself by telling the truth should give Danielle some too, because she was the first to out the QP. Dan had good reason to out Ian, but Danielle had no reason at all. In the end, it’s all about Danielle, and anyone in an alliance with her should take notice. She was supposed to throw the veto to Dan, but she played for the points when she couldn’t win, but Dan could have. She is all about herself and I hope she leaves this week. Go Brit!!!!


i agree ..Dan aalegely reads the bible ..what he did was strategic but not christian like ..so in my opinion he is a HYPR0CITE

Ian's Small Balls

What in the heck is Joe doing in that picture yo?


Being gross!

I’m sure his family is proud. Ohh, when will production tell him he needs to wash his hands??


Maybe when they see the cum drippin from his knuckles


Now that is a disturbing visual. :(


Can someone tell me, as it stands who is Shane evicting??


That “neck rash” looks like hickies to me. And the marks are about the size of ” ? ” lips!


you are so rotten, you need spankin’

Shane likes the stalking

wow I wonder how shane would have reacted to Dani Donato if she were his coach this year she s super pretty and single…


Shane would be walking around with a “tent” in his trousers.


to be fair we all wood be rocking some wood for Dani Donato, man I miss looking at her


I thought she was dating Dominic from last season?


now dominic – THAT is who shane would walk around with a tent in his pants – actually more like a little tee pee.. LOL


Joe looks like he is very preoccupied in the picture above, is he scratching himself in the nether regions?

Shane likes the stalking

Did anyone on the feeds notice Shane giving Dani any hickies I only have BBAD.. so idk..But if that were hickies on Danis neck PSHYCO did it herself…

Team GB

What Dan did is not a game but a sell out. I hope that Brit unravells Dan”s mischief and finds out about Danielle being in on it. It would be really amazing if they expose that Frank has agreed a final 2 deal with almost every one of them.


How is dan a sell out he always intended to stick to the allience but his back was to the wall so it was either tell the truth or walk out the door brittany has been throwing everyone under the bus all week. Although dan did betray them he really was out of options if he could have stayed with the allience and stayed in the game he never would have spilled but do you really think if brit wasn’t in the hot seat she wouldn’t have done the same thing. I that because he already won that he should have just taken the bullet and let brit do what she does sail through. With the exception of joe and maybe jen i don’t see him winning again i think dan is a competitor and he will play until the end

Team GB

Dan is a sell out because he could have stopped at his funeral speech and enter a final 2 deal with Frank. Afterall Frank is making a final 2 deal with everyone. He could have achieved the same goal. He was first to push Shane and Brit under the bus with Boogie earlier on in the game. Dan is simply a nasty piece of rubbish. I liked him at the beginning until he started his backstabbing of his Quack Pack with Boogie against Shane and Brit.

MU Tigers

Dan is regarded as one the greatest players to play this game. Britney is a whiny, sarcastic double-dealing bitch who is getting what she deserves.


‘ Dan’s mischief’……..right. He just saved himself as opposed to walking out the door on Thursday.Now my question to all the people that condemn Dan for the move he made is this:
If your alliance was ready to vote you out and your only way to survive was to turn to the other side, would you do it guaranteeing your safety 100% or would you remain loyal as you were dropped by your alliance? Would you rather they love you for playing thier game or hate you for playing your game?

Team GB

Was it not the same alliance that were prepared to save if they won the POV? Even Dan did not win to save himself. He was so mean that he even used their plan to use the Veto to save him against his alliance. He would have still convinced Frank to work with him without betraying the same people that protected him from day one. All the blood on other QP hands were sanctioned and manipulated by Dan. It has benefitted him only now because he used all that against them. It just shoe how much of a bad person he is.

BB Fans know everything about every player's life.

You assume way too much.
Dan did what he felt he had too…
He has won you have never played…
I trust Dan made the right move


Those people were ready to let him go, even Britney admitted it herself. It would have been good for her own game if he had just accepted it, but you see he didn’t accept it and decided to play for himself, and look where he is this week….SAFE.
My question still stands, by the way.


Are you high?

MU Tigers

What’s the GB stand for? Gravity Bong? That must be the case. Someone would have to be completely baked to think like you do.


The game is to make it to the end not make friends


Danielle hasn’t figured this out yet. She is in for a rude awakening when this game ends.


What Dan did was all game, boo. He waited for someone to tell him it’s ok your’re taking the heat I understnd, but noooooooooo, they just sat back and let Dan take a beating, from Boogie and Frank, The week P….. Brit has been telling Shane what to do and who to do it tooooooo from day one.

Sell out

I agree. People that are headed out the door should accept their fate and just go out the door. I am shocked and appalled that Dan used any means necessary to stay in the game. Its not right. He should have laid down and let Team Brit send him steppin. That way he could leave and sit in the jury house in 8th place. Everyone would then respect his gameplay and say what a great guy he is.


I haven’t read much about Ian what is he doing.

Ian's Small Balls

Mostly rocking back and forth like someone with autism, mumbling, talking to himself, smacking, wearing his $3 glasses, trying to fight with Frank and showing off his man boobs.

You haven’t missed anything.

Frank is where the story is yo!


Thanks Ian……balls

I’m the same Linda that asked the question and I want to say thanks after seeing another Linda made a comment at 7:38a
Thanks again


Who cares what Ian is doing. Thankfully everyone is on to Ian,
except maybe Britney.


I wish Willie had punched joe in the face. I’m so sick of this guy and the draw a line in the sand garbage. He was with Dan and them and as soon as frank won HOH he said he was with frank and wanted to draw a line in the sand. I know he’s a floater and will never win the $500k but he doesn’t even deserve $50k and all these people want to take him. I just wish they would all call him out and get into an arguement with him so he needs to pick a side in front of everyone. This guy makes me sick. And what kind of chef never washes his hands after he goes to bathroom. I would never go to any place where he was cooking.


joe has drawn so many lines in the sand hes drawn himself into a f*ckin box. he’s a freak.


the non hand washing is his speaility it adds flavour to his food, nothing better then sweaty old man ballls taste pretty much makes all food better


First time on comments….just bought the feeds because had to see the fall out from this huge move by Dan. Big Brother fan all the way back to season 1. I still laugh about the season 1 HG’s agreeing not to evict anyone in protest! Boy the game was not well thought out back then. Britney is awesome. Love her sense of humor. Her attack on Dan a a traitor is a little hypocritical and I don’t know why she and Shane can say what they are saying about Dan and not be called out on it. Even before Frank had won HOH they made a deal with Frank to vote Dan out…. Did I miss read something ? They threw Dan under the bus long before he outed Ian which lead to Britney’s nomination. Dan is the best.


@ Woodydog…you’re absolutely right. They turned on him way before and weren’t expecting that somehow Dan would stand up for himself. They{Quack Pack} wanted him to continue to take the fall for Ian as long as it kept them safe. I think the straw that broke the camel’s back for Dan is the fact that neither Britney nor Shane{Shane took no punishment whatsoever} won the POV…I think he believes they threw it…showing that they had completely written him off. Anyone that hates Dan for deciding to stand up for himself has selective reasoning.


OK That is what I thought. Maybe because we haven’t seen the POV yet or the DR’s after it will let us know when Dan made the decision. Still not sure why Dan faked an attack on Danielle. Maybe that helped convince Frank to go along but not sure. I know this, Dan came to play and he pushed the reset button just like Britney. Dan didn’t lie to her like the Brigade he just outplayed her. In the end he got Frank to trust him and she failed.


Shane better keep Brit its his only hope! Brit still has 2 days to work on it, she’s smart and will get the votes!

Big brother fan

Dan should consider to keep Brit! She has more game then dani. If they keep Brit, Dan, Shane, Ian and joe they can fight for hoh. If either Dan, Shane or Brit wins they can put up Jen and joe and back door frank. If frank wins pov then vote out Jen.

Goo Ian!!

I totally 2nd that


I think Dan realizes that Britney is more loyal to Shane than to him, so why would he pick her over his own ally who is loyal to him? He has to stick with Danielle otherwise he’s just screwing himself because if Brit had to choose between him and Shane I think she’d pick Shane……..and vice versa, Shane would pick her.
Plus the HOH might be endurance and he needs Danielle in it she has a chance to win it.


Me thinks Dani’s rash might be a product of her lies. I would love for her bad acting job to be exposed. Maybe that’s why Dan is going to hang in the arcade room~ give her enough rope to hang herself so he doesn’t have to cut her. An opportunity for her deception to be discovered & exposed so the others will vote her out and he can still get her vote?


oh that could be true.

Team Ian Big Dog

Ian’s mumbling “Honey Bear Don’t Care” pumping himself up. He’s not going out without a fight.


Here’s hoping Dani goes out the door on Thursday.


Next week target is Ian. He really needs to go. He ain’t sweet, he just a pumpous creep.

Final 3:Shane,Frank & Danielle!


LOL there is no reason for Dan to keep Brit because aside from Dani everyone else in the QP was ready to him to spend a week alone with Ashley. Shane, Ian and Brit proved they do not have his back so why would he work with them? They betrayed the mastermind so it is only fitting for him to bite back. He isn’t going to take the heat for evicting Boogie and then leave when it was really Ian and Brit who took out Boogie.

It sounds like Brit is trying to win over Shane but she hasn’t done it. Also, none of the gossip or rude remarks she has said since Day 1 behind people’s backs has been brought up yet, not to mention her lies. Nothing is settled at it is a long road to Thursday.

Changing topics, Ian is dead in this game, even if Brit stays. He got caught and no one will make a deal with a snitch. He has to win out(doubtful) from here on if he wants a chance.


Everyone talking about Dan & Danielle doing a lot of lying and double talking is beyond humorous. What has the rest of the house been doing? Sitting on their thumbs, biting their lips, telling nothing but truths?


Here is my thought, Have Dan form a secret alliance with Frank,Shane & Danielle. After Final 4. Drop Dan as a backdoor and The three amiagos returns. In Final 2, Frank wins the final HoH and take Shane in Final 2. Drop Danielle.
Frank eliminates:JoJo,Wil,Britney,Dan
Shane Eliminates:Mike Boogie,Ian,Joe
Danielle Eliminates:Janelle
Shane & Frank Final 2!

Shane p

Don’t forget Shane also eliminated frank!!


No he didn’t. Because of reset. Frank survive. So, in the final 3:Frank,Shane & Danielle!


Hopefully Brit. and Ian will figure out what is going on. Danielle emotional act is too real!!! It is probably like her real life. Dan and Dani. were ready to throw Brit. under the bus when Boogie was just Kidding. Remember! I was shocked how quickly Dani. said yes? I do not understand why Ians veto was used first. It was the golden veto. Last nite Brit and Dan were talking about it had never been that way before.


I hate he ay Dan never sits up. He lays the whole time. He does something or makes a move and runs and hides. Strange!!!!!


all i gotta say is that dannn issssss the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damn!!!!!!!!! he worked everyone in that motha!!!

dan did what he needed to do in this game so far, he took the heat for dayssssssss for his “quack pack” and finally he was screwed because they were all gonna make it with dan bein the sacrificial lambbbbb, but dan had to take it into his own hands since his team was absolutely useless and couldn’t win the veto… and bam, thats what you get…. you get ian exposed, he was gettin tooo cocky for his own good… although his “get to steppin” line he used on boogie was legit and caught boogie off guard….. but sorry ian, this is a game, and it’s a mean game, and you got what you deserved and brit stop throwin dan under the bus when you joined frank even before dans fate was actually sealed, you screwed yourself, and you did it harddddddd


I have some questions for the folks who think Shane will vote to keep Britney.

What exactly does Britney have to offer that Danielle doesn’t in Shane’s mind?

Without Dan, Danielle’s loyalty is to him 100% (Dan needs to really stress to her that she has to badmouth him to Shane at least until after HOH), while Britney has done far more to protect Ian than him (Think of last week). So why would Shane want to keep an ally who doesn’t discuss the game but rather barks orders, an ally who is worthless in competitions, and an ally who’s loyalty is not 100% to him?

Oh yeah and let’s not forget Shane’s cowardice. If he keeps Britney, he’s safe from Ian’s wrath. If he keeps Danielle he’s safe from Frank, Dan, and Jenn’s wrath. Joe’s going with him either way, so it comes down to who he’s more afraid of since that has motivated much of his game. Ian couldn’t intimidate a grasshopper.

It’s also worth noting that Shane is not a great liar, the way he has been talking to Britney is similar to how he’s talked to Frank when he’s planned to send him out. He “yeah, yeah’s” most of her strategy talk and tells her what she wants to hear, while commiserating with her shitty spot in the game. But when he talks to Dani, it’s no different than how he acted with her last week.

The reality is that Shane’s cowardice is why he’s letting it seem like his vote is up for grabs. He doesn’t trust Joe at all and he doesn’t want Britney to know until it’s near the end, so he won’t have to feel any pressure from her or Ian.

If Britney were smart, she would try to come up with her own nuclear option. Her whole “I’m not campaigning campaign” is transparent. She’s trying to stay, so she need to go full blast. She needs to go hard at Dan. Put a giant target on her back. Then have Ian talk about how the next two weeks will be Ian and Britney vs Dane and Frank (and stop the roadkill/Ian train metaphor), gently trying to show Shane that he can sit back and watch them knock each other off and end up sitting in a final four with Joe, Jenn, and the last survivor. Britney and Ian have to appeal to Shane’s cowardice, not his fighting spirit to get Dan and Frank. They can’t make Britney a better ally to Shane, but they can give him better cover. Britney has to sell that Danielle is the sympathetic figure, which means nobody, including Dan will put her back up until the end. which means everybody will target Shane first. That would not be the case if Britney stayed

Capt. Obvious

I could not agree more. Last night on Showtime, when Britney was telling Shane what to do going forward, it was like watching her unwittingly convince Shane to vote her out. She tells him that Frank and Dan have a deal, so he’s got to get Frank out first, then he has to worry about Dan, so he needs to be wary because Dan is super smart and a brilliant player, maybe the best ever. Could she have tried any harder to make Frank and Dan seem like God’s who mortals should be afraid of angering?

Why doesn’t she just tell him that he should antagonize Frank and Dan, while voting to keep her and putting the target currently on Britney and Ian square on his back?

I think this shows just how bad a player Britney is. She still doesn’t get that Shane has no backbone, from his throwing her under the bus to Boogie to his unwillingness to go right at Frank next week (everything is backdoor, non-confrontational with Shane). Her best selling point to him is Danielle as the unbeatable, un-evictable, sympathy figure and the idea that Britney and Ian will be heat magnets, battling Frank and Dan, requiring nothing from Shane but a vote. Britney is scaring Shane, when she should be comforting him. Huge mistake.


Strategically, I think it’s best for Shane to vote to keep Britney. There’s no way Danielle would chose Shane over Dan. I just wish Britney would campaign a little harder instead of saying she’s fine with getting evicted.


Britney will not take any guy to the end,she has said numerous times that a girl cannot beat a guy in final 2.


I agree with you. For Shane’s game he has to keep Brit and for Dan’s game Dan has to keep Danielle, and for my viewing pleasure I want Britney gone.


The only deserve in Final 3 is Frank,Shane & Danielle. Everybody else needs to take a back seat.


Brit has played a decent game. Maybe she hasn’t won competitions yet, but she still could if she stays. She won 3 POVs and an HOH in her season. Of course it’s true that the Brigade wasn’t trying to win, so it was her against the smoking older lady and the gay guy. But I think she has it in her to win. Danielle has betrayed Shane, Brit, Ian and even Dan. She did that last week when she was upset about some imaginary thing and Jenn was consoling her. Dani told Jenn that Ian has been feeding them information since the reset. She had no reason to do that, unless she is trying to get Jenn on her side for the end game. But it’s more likely that she just can’t keep her mouth shut when she is feeling insecure, which is almost always. It hurt the rest of her team to give that information up. It made Brit look like a threat, and it also put the target on Shane. If Dani hadn’t told Jenn, it would have been a harder sell to get her to use the veto on Dan. But since Dani already told her, Jenn believed it when it was coming from Dan. Dani is very responsible for the predicament that Brit is in. It’s her fault that Shane has to choose between the two of them. If it had been a calculated move, I could have respected Dani, but it wasn’t. It was loose lips when she was a hot mess. I hope Brit and Shane figure it out and send Nurse Batshit to jury this week.

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

Hey y’all, mean girl Chloe is attacking me again. Nurse Batshit? Really Chloe? Why you got to be so mean to me? What’d I ever do to you? I got hives, HIVES!!! Are you trying to make them worse. I’ve been a sad girl for two days now. Did y’all see what Dan said to me during his BB Funeral? He broke my heart. I was so humiliated. And now Chloe is calling me crazy. What’s next, I’m fat? Go on, you know you’re thinking it Chloe. I got big thighs right? Yeah, you are a mean girl. But we will see who the crazy one is when Shane votes to keep me in the game and sends Britney home. Then y’all will have to realize what I have been saying is true. Shane is my soulmate.

PS I still love you Trey.


I was in the hospital and missed this. Hysterical!! Made me LOL, and yes, after two days of being poked and prodded by nurses, I feel like taking it out on Nurse Batshit, hives or no hives.


Hope all is well Chloe.. Glad you’re back


Simon, in the interest of keeping the pot boiling isn’t it time for Production to give Britney a hint that the Dan/ Daniel fight is a fake?


Coming Soon less than 3 weeks
Frank (John Cena or The Rock) vs Shane (The Rock or John Cena)
Once in the lifetime.

Sorry Dan your streak ends!
If It’s Dan & Mike Boogie. It would be Mike Boogie (Triple H) vs Dan (The Undertaker)!

Place your bets!!!!!
Frank vs Shane (Final 2)
Frank needs 2 PoV to survive! That would happen


Dan to Danielle – If I was your Dad, I’d be stoked that somebody worked that hard to help you win a fortune, you dumbass!!


My Prediction for Jury & Final 2
Jury:Ashley,Britney,Ian,Joe,Jenn,Dan, Danielle (Final Jury)
Final 2:Frank & Shane!


Too bad Willie self evicted, I think he would of been awesome with the reset happening teaming up with Shane, Britney,Dan taking out useless people like danielle, jenn, joe and let the newbies take out coaches and coaches take out newbies Frank has been BB golden boy only because he can win comp that can be rigged Over the rainbow could of had 3 clovers in his stall easier to find 2 out of 3to save his a$$ notice comp Frank was playing in to win veto could be rigged easily



MU Tigers

Dan took all of Boogie and Franks verbal attacks last week to protect Ian and not expose the Quack Pack. Then Frank wins and Brit and Shane go up there immediately and cut a deal for their safety. And then Ian won’t use the veto on Dan? Basically every QP member said that their survival was more important than Dan’s. Yeah, I would have thrown them all under the biggest baddest bus I could find. Heck, I would have stopped the bus and reversed back over them for good measure.


Very good points.


Anyon with the live feeds…

What is happening today on the live fees.



I am so curious to see how this all plays out. I don’t care if Danielle or Britney goes homes…I think the whole house still has to get Frank out and they all know it, he will win if they don’t. They all need to keep Joe to the end because there is no way he will win. He is funny as hell to watch though. I love Dan, always have, he did what he had to do to stay in the house. I think it was brilliant. I like Ian, he is wacky and socially awkward. It is interesting to watch, someone said it in another post, he might have high functioning autism. Frank is kinda nasty, he is very good at winning comps but the house is full of idiots if they let him make it to the end. ? is useless and strange. The next week will be really interesting to watch. It is so up in the air where the real alliances lay, the house guests must all be really confused right now as to who actually has their backs. I hope Dan makes it to the end, he deserves it.

I can’t stand Will and Boogie, I don’t know why people tout their praises all the time, the houseguests that were on when Will and Boogie were in the house were dumb and blind…


Dan was able to sniff out that Brit was basically OK with cutting him loose and whispering in the QPs ears as well. He realized that Ian was NOT going to save him and he realized that his alliance was about to vote him out. AFTER he took all the heat for Ians double crossing. He then reaiized that all the moves he instigated in the quack pack were executed by other members. (He had no blood on his hands although he made alot of the decisions) He then turned around and convinced his ARCH DAN HATING OBSESSION NEMESIS FRANK to join sides and backdoor Brittney. All in one fell swoop. No matter what happens or what is said. That is the single best move in Big Brother History. IT has to be #1.
Dan=Greatest BB player of all time. Dr. Will close 2nd.


bug what ever your name is last time I checked Dan was just telling the truth about what ian did in what way shape or form is that being hypocritical yes he did sell someone out but the bible doesn’t say anything about snitching on people