Jessie says well I am going to go get ready for my day of TERRORIZING! Hi Rachel’s Shadow!

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


1:45pm Out on the backyard – Jessie, Amanda and McCrae. Jessie says cockroaches all of them! Amanda asks what about Spencer anything about him? Jessie says just that when Candice left she said to get with him because he has been playing dumb and that he is still wanting to get you out. Amanda says yeah I already knew that. Jessie says great game Amanda, you haven’t won anything and somehow you are the most powerful player in the game. Jessie says and apparently according to Aaryn I haven’t won anything either. Amanda and McCrae list off past players that never won anything and made it to the end. It’s almost better if you don’t win anything. Jessie says if you already knew my mission then maybe I need a new game plan for the week. Jessie says I never wanted to make out with Judd but I did it anyways. He was the worst kisser ever! So sloppy and gross! And the worst part was that that he said I was a great kisser and was like yeah so are you ..yuck! Sorry Judd. Jessie then says she wants to go get all done up for her day of terrorizing.

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1:50pm Helen and Spencer are in the storage room talking about how hard it has been to work with Jessie and the things she has done and said to people. They talk about how insecure Jessie is. Helen then says that she is really starting to get worried about how they put mentally unstable people in this house. Spencer says I think there will have been enough time that will go by, by the time the finale comes. Helen talks about how Jessie wanted to work at Facebook and I know someone that works there.. there is so way I could recommend her now. Spencer says she changes her mind every day about what she wants to do.
1:55pm In the bathroom – Elissa climbs into the cold shower and Jessie comments MMMMmmm.. this hot shower is so nice!! I could stay in here forever!! Elissa just smiles and then gets out. Jessie asks so what are you going to do today Rachel’s Shadow? Oh nothing, that’s what I would expect you to do since that’s what you are in every competition. Elissa doesn’t say a word and leaves. Elissa can be heard laughing as she walks away.

Elissa heads outside and laughs about what Jessie said to her in the shower. That was the best thing that you came up with all day that you were going to spend all day in the shower. I hope you do. I don’t even know why she is talking to me I have never had a real conversation with her.

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2:15pm Helen and Spencer join them. Helen asks so what is Jessie saying today? McCrae says oh just that Elissa said that Amanda is a sl*t. That this is her game plan and that she thinks you (Helen) are working together. Helen says I have never even heard the word sl*t come out of your mouth. McCrae says it’s nice because Jessie thinks she can still get out votes so she isn’t coming after us. I am just trying to figure out when to ask her for her cigarettes. Spencer says that it takes a lot of mental strength to do something like this and she just doesn’t have it, by tomorrow she will be laying in bed all day. Helen says I think they put super fans on the show and mentally dis.. handicapped people in here. McCrae laughs and agrees. Jessie joins them and says good morning LIAR!! Helen leaves without saying a word. Spencer commets that its hot out. Jessie says I think it’s just me. Jessie yells out to Elissa “Rachel’s shadow who got fake boobs first you or your sister, because you are older right?! You are like 35?!” Elissa heads inside. Then Elssaa and Aaryn come back outside and Jessie says Hi Rachel’s shadow and Umpa-lumpa .. I mean Gumbie because you’re wearing purple. Have fun talking about how Aaryn’s a sl*t and how Elissa is Rachel’s shaddow. It’s so fun to watch how fake ya’ll are together. Aaryn says you are just bringing everyone close so..

2:20pm Aaryn asks Jessie how does it feel to not even make it to the top eight? Jessie then goes and lays right next to Elissa and asks her if she wants to tan together. She says how does it feel to be not even half the shadow that Rachel was. No response HUH?! That’s what I thought!


2:25pm – 2:30pm Andy comes out into the backyard with the HOH camera. Jessie asks him to take a picture of her and Rachel’s shadow. Andy says okay 1, 2, 3. Nice one cuties. Jessie follows Elissa around for the photos and then heads inside. Elissa says oh my god.


Out in the backyard – Elissa, Helen, Spencer, Gina, Aaryn and Andy talk about Jessie’s tactics. Gina, Aaryn and Elissa talk about how Jessie isn’t very smart so her comments are that witty and so its not even funny. It would at least be entertaining if it was funny. Aayrn warns Gina that Jessie is trying to turn us against each other so that you will vote to keep her. Gina says oh I already knew that from yesterday. I know what she is doing. Gina says I don’t like people that treat people like that so don’t worry.

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Meanwhile in the lounge room – Spencer tells McCrae and Andy about how Jessie was eavesdropping on Helen and Elissa in the havenot room. Spencer laughs about how Jessie heard Elissa talking about world hunger and stuff and how there are bigger things to worry about. Spencer says then McCrae came out of the other bedroom and Jessie straddled him and got under his covers. He was like get the f**k out of my bed. Spencer then tells Andy and McCrae about everything that when down last night and why it happened. Amanda joins them. Andy says that he is pissed that he has missed so much. They laugh about how Jessie commented that Helen was flirting with Spencer. And how Helen was like I have a husband and two kids. Amanda laughs at how she told Jessie there are still a few days till the vote. We should just keep her thinking we might vote for her. McCrae laughs about how Spencer is in a great position – Jessie thinks she can flip us and she is going after the rest of the house. Spencer laughs and says yeah it’s great!


2:45pm – 3pm Gina tells Elissa and people back home think I am f**king nuts, wait until they watch this f**king sh*t! Gina and Elissa lay in silence.. Elissa and Gina then head inside.


2:56pm – 3pm Jessie the Terrorizer takes a nap…



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164 thoughts on “Jessie says well I am going to go get ready for my day of TERRORIZING! Hi Rachel’s Shadow!

    1. Wow….Jessie has SNAPPED.

      I don’t find anything she is doing funny. Once you know you are going to jury, why make yourself look crazy when cameras are still rolling?

      Everyone lied to you, whatever. I’m not feeling sorry for any player who is not playing a social or competitive game. Once she heard the house was against her, she STILL had time to develep a strategy to save herself from eviction.

      Let’s not forget, she was the one that gave Aaryn that advice to tell Helen that she will do whatever the house wanted if they kept her. And we knew that Aaryn was about to go home–not even jury.

      So, NO. I think Jessie gave up on herself by taking this “terror” approach. For crying out loud! KISS ASS, MAKE SOME DAMN DEALS! LIE! FAKE SMILE!

      It’s 500k! Campaign for votes!

      Dang….I am soooo disappointed…..Dang……why…..WHY?

      1. Are you kidding…..they all are voting Jessie out no matter what, so Jessie may as well create chaos.
        Helen calling Jessie mental is really over the top, Helen should knock that shit off.

        1. The only problem is, she isn’t causing any chaos. She just looks like the same sad nutjob she was in the first few weeks. Glad this whack-a-doo is gone. She hasn’t added anything to this season.

        2. I don’t know about you all but Jessie is a whiny hypocrite who is technically Chelsea 2.0. You guys act like she is a victim but she herself has been a bully for some time! Worst part is she was making fun of Pol who initially was her “friend”. Before her freak out she was the one calling Elissa dumb and an airhead! Jessie needs to grow up! She had no gameplay or cant even win compel….if she did I would respect her more but she IS a bad gameplayer!!!

    2. It’s Helen’s fault she knew that Jessie was weak emotionally and she fully used that to her advantage she used Jessie’s and started pulling in Aaryn to make Jessie’s flip which it did. But her fury should be at Helen because Helen lied to her the most bye bye jessie hopefully Helen wil follow. But I doubt it because Aaryn is setting Ginamarie up for the block next week trust me.

      1. Is Jessie weak emotionally? I thought in the first few weeks she was trying to adopt an Andy approach (lay low and get along), including the bitchy comments against someone who was initially disliked and targeted in the house. The only problem is she has been a pariah almost fromday one and though she tried to get in with the cliques no one truly likes her.

        If she didn’t start with all that immature, stalker nonsense at the beginning who knows what could have happened as she’s shown she can remain calm and level-headed in a storm and will battle to save her game. But she started with poor tactics and now it’s too little too late!

        I think she is emotionally tougher than Helen or Amanda though, who are not penalized for displaying their instability and insecurities as they made good alliances earlier.

    3. LOL at when aaryon told Jessie “Atleast I can make money modeling and commercials” no bitch you got fired! I CANNOT wait till she gets out of this house and sees how America really views her. Little bitch has the worst attitude! And fuk Helen too! GO JESSIE DO WORK

    4. What is Jessie’s degree in? Does anyone know? This show is so fake and funny now. It is disturbing how nuts all of these people are. Can’t watch anymore but reading these post it is either all these people are bad actors on a badly scripted show or they are all CRAZY NUTS and need to be HOSPITALIZED PRONTO!!! Bwahahahahaha!

    1. it is also BEYOND OBVIOUS the production crew are probably egging her on. Wouldn’t be shocked if they offered her a couple grand to do this knowing she was leaving. Since Amanda has decimated the competition, it has become a little boring, but they should have given Jessie some lines or something.

        1. Julie, I don’t know what your talking about. You don’t have a clue. Everything Jessie is saying is correct. What is she suppose to do, take all their bulls@it.

      1. They did give her way better lines, since they couldnt get Elissa to play the role they wanted from her, they just handed Jessie her script and said ok here someone has to bring it. Jessie is the new edition Rachel model BB15

      1. Yes, she is frustrated, but now she looks like someone with no class. Does she understands whatever she does on this show will reflect on her when she leaves BB? You guys are cheering her on to shake things up, but I’m afraid she is really hurting her future prospect outside the house. She is an emotional wreck. She needs to accept that she is going to be leaving and consider the bigger picture. There is more to life than BB. Shake things up, but do it with dignity.

        1. Are you kidding me?? Go Jessie!! We’ve been waiting for weeks for SOMETHING to happen, we all know what she’s doing is pointless but good god we finally got something to watch other than Helen’s bs pep talks and wanting everybody to just get along and be good sports. Oh please, it’s Big Brother, the nastier people get the more we want to watch. She’ll be fine outside of the house because America can see how she could lose her mind around those people, she was the sweet one who went nutzo on the players we all hate, good on her!

        2. Agreed.

          I am definitely not cheering Jessie on. She is acting in the same manner that she was accusing others of treating her.

          (of course, I will get a huge amount of thumbs downs for this comment).

          Jessie has proven that she is capable of being a mean girl as well. She will lose America’s Vote depending on how Production edits her footage. Her behavior is unacceptable. I don’t care if she is hurt, frustrated, pissed–whatever. Her behavior is mean girl!

          She is not even defending herself–she is attacking! Nothing is funny about what she is doing. I am aware of folks cheering her behavior. The only conclusion I can make for that is this:

          BB viewers have gotten so bored with BB15 that any type of drama, especially coming from an underdog, is now being rewarded. I am not even surprised.

          Now…..go ahead, and thumbs down this comment…It should go over a 100 quickly.

        3. At the end of this all of these nutcases will be fine except for maybe Helen and Amanda and Spencer in their career choices. Most of these crazies want to be actors so nutty actions won’t hurt them at all.

    1. If you were locked away with these horrible people, knowing the things they say about you wouldn’t you be a little crazy too?

  1. and…cue the next 232 comments:

    47 = i hate this season, it’s the worst bb ever, i’m never gonna watch again (while i read and post every thread)
    31 = production is rigging the game (this works each season, every thread)
    30 = i want production to give them ________ (coup d’état, diamond pov, pandora’s box)
    26 = i hate this whole cast, these people are so lame, they can’t play the game (this also works each season)
    25 = i wish ________ were in the house to show these hg how to play (insert janelle, boogie (chilltown), or dan)
    23 = ________ is disgusting/crazy/racist (insert amanda, aaryn, gm, spencer, or any combination)
    17 = i want elissa to win, she’s the greatest
    14 = andy is a ________ (insert rat, traitor, floater, or any combination)
    12 = ________ needs to go, she does nothing in the house (insert elissa, jessie, or both)
    5 = helen is so manipulative (ok, you know?)
    2 = i’m watching bb canada instead, it’s better

    lather, rinse, repeat. please add any others i forgot ;-)

    1. HAHAHA… Oh how I love you. I totally have stopped reading most of these because its all getting so old. Im from Huntsville btw…. nice to meet ya!

      1. hey there, rocket city, thx for the love…something came over me, just couldn’t resist.

        just hope simon and dawg don’t take offense – those two do a great job, are tireless, and rock this site!

        1. I totally agree. they are bosses… and they know they are going to hear the same $hit over and over again… I can’t believe they even read the feeds lol… I love it though. Sometimes I just browse through the comments to see what they have said ;) funny dudes. VOTE DAWG!
          Andy walks in…

    2. Wish I could thumbs up this one 100 times. You can also add the underlying hated of average women or women in general people here have. If Helen or Amanda were “totally hot” they might get some love. If Helen or Amanda were MEN then they would be applauded for manipulating the house and having piles of disposable minions. Instead people just point out how weak the competition is. Like this isn’t the case every other year LOL. 4 or 5 ready to play and the rest are followers. A few of the ready to play people fall fast as they tend to recognize each other. Always has been and always will be.

  2. Jessie is being a c*nt at the wrong person. All those insults should be toward Amanda and Helen not Elissa. Jessie is p*ssy ’cause she’s scared of those 2 so she’s attacking someone weak. That’s the truth!

    1. Jessie is not scared of Amanda or Helen. If you have been watching she has stood up for herself without backing down when Amanda came after her and when Helen tried to lie. Idk why she is focusing in on Elissa but the girl has been lied to by everyone in the house so she may just be seeing red right now. Maybe she felt like she was closest with Elissa and Elissa also lied to her. I admire Jessie because at this point she doesn’t give a damn about what anyone thinks or says about her. It’s her against 8 people and she is not backing down. Got to love her for it. After all…this is “just a game”. Okay.. you know.

      1. She is zeroing in on Elissa because last night Elissa asked Jessie if she was on medication because she was acting weird, and Jessie got offended. Elissa wanted an apology and Jessie didnt give it to her because she said Elissa should be the one apologizing. So yeah Elissa is on Jessies hit list, not to mention Elissa is also back-peddling saying she never wanted to get Amanda out, and that she never encouraged Jessie to kiss Judd.

        I really wanted to see Jessie go further in the game, she at least has been trying to play it, the others were like waiting in line to get to jury…so yeah she is having a meltdown but lets all admit this type of meltdown is part of the reason we watch and are fans of BB, to see whose secrets and alliances get exposed. If you think about it, Jessie just pushed the reset button. So expect the unexpected!!!

        Cant wait!

      2. I’ve never commented on Jessie as she has been dull and whiny all season, but wow! She took a page out of Amanda’s book and is calling everybody out on their bull. So funny, the brenchal army is suddenly not supporting her because she calling out Elissa too.

    2. Jessie is making herself look horrible! She’s going out looking like a bully picking on Elissa whom won’t even engage her, pathetic for the low blows and she isn’t even generating any type of response from the house!!! Her plan is backfiring on her and she is only hurting herself. She 100 percent does NOT deserve Americas Favorite Player. She’s a poor sport and why should that be rewarded. Vote for Howard at least he went out with dignity.

      1. Clo, Ellissa manipulated Jess on several occasions. She gained Jess’s trust and directly encouraged Jess to try and recruit votes to get Amanda out, as well as bring up the use of medication by other cast members. When her involvement in the plan to vote Amanda out was exposed Elissa was backed into a corner to lie. Elissa’s response was to suggest strongly that Jess was abusing medication.
        Elissa also exposed her vicious humour to Helen regarding the ‘kiss strategy’ with Jess/Judd.
        So despite her protestations of how this will affect her family Elissa has exposed herself as no better than any of the other HG’s that have walked through this season. Elissa also has signs of being a mean girl, the numbers of which keep increasing.

      2. No way would I vote for Howard. Other than Candice, he is the worst game player. I will vote for Judd. Judd played well, however, the paranoia in the house over the secret MVP caused Judd’s demise. I don’t know why the HG’s thought it was Judd. It doesn’t even make sense. But I hope Judd wins America’s favorite player!

  3. This probably won’t be posted, but here goes anyway. Why keep watching? We already know who wins. Vile Amanda is best friends with shows producer and has been hand picked to win.

    I am done! What a waste of time. It’s all fixed. All reality tv is fixed. How stupid do they think the viewers are?

    1. That link contains an allegation with no proof whatsoever. The MVP twist created the large alliance and the ongoing ‘house votes’, so you can blame the producers for a bad twist, and Elissa, but that’s it so far. Now that the twist is over thing are going to heat up.

  4. So I guessing that Jessie wants to leave this week, she sure is not giving them any reason to keep her. Real smart making enemies of people who are voting whether to keep you or not.

    But okay part of me is loving the digs at Elissa, she is Rachels shadow, she has done NOTHING in this game to give her a place in it.

    But man Jessie sucks at this!

    1. Just like Candice, Jessie knows she’s going and there is nothing she can do about it. Candice pulled into herself. Jessie’s all about What the hell why not?

    2. If you’ve followed anything from the last 24 hours, you would know that Jessie heard the houseguests laughing and saying how they were voting her out this week. This was done behind closed doors by the ones who’s casting votes this week. She pressed her ear to the door and heard the whole thing. Since she knows exactly how they’re voting this week, she knows she can’t change their minds and is going out swinging instead.

  5. I wish Jessie would stop talking about what she’s about to do and with the enemy no less (Amanda and McCrae) and just do it. Pee on someone’s bed. Destroy McCrae’s headband,etc. START TERRORIZING!

  6. Maybe the scorched earth policy will work for Jessie. If she pisses enough people off they may decide to keep her since no one in the jury would vote for her in the end.

    1. Good idea if they didn’t already have GM for that. GM wouldn’t even vote for herself if she was carried to final 2.

  7. kay seriously know how can anyone be a fan of jessie and no im not starting any fights i honestly wanna know how anyone could vote for this bitch what she is doing is pathetic utterly pathetic there are a hell of a lot better ways to stir shit up and make the house fun without being a brat

  8. Jessie! You were my favorite! You’re going after the wrong people! Elissa doesn’t have any influence on the house so go after the people who do!! You’re kinda looking a little weak. I understand why she is doing it. She’s just starting to look like she’s not mentally strong enough for this game.

  9. Candice gets negative comments for calling out GM at her eviction but Jessie gets good comments for harassing Elissa ( who is the only person other than Howard who spoke up about the racial slurs. Vote Jessie for America’s favorite)

    1. No way, Jessie is not getting America favorite houseguest. All Rachel fans will vote for Elissa as America favorite houseguest.

    2. I’d be willing to bet my weight in gold (and thats a LOT of weight ;) that Howard gets Americas favorite and Candace gets voted back into the game. Just sayin.

      1. No way, Howard is not getting America favorite houseguest either. Elissa will get America favorite houseguest.

        1. Elissa? The woman who, people like you, voted to give the MVP? She’s didn’t even have any strategy, heck she doesnt have any strategy….c’mon! she voted out Candice!…who the heck cries about voting out their firned just cuz ‘the house’ wants it “i’m so sorry to do this: but i choose to evict Candice” (or something along those lines) f*ck Elissa! Jessie’s right, she is DUMB!!!! She just goes along with ok ok ok Helen.

  10. I posted this in the previous thread but feel I need to amend it: What Jessie is now doing is bullying and it is the only time since Jeremy that it has occurred. I’m really disappointed in Jessie’s behaviour and thought she had a lot more integrity than this. I was rooting for her because the was the last one I actually could get behind. I hope it stops really quickly.

    August 13, 2013 at 2:42 pm

    Norwegian researcher Dan Olweus[11] says bullying occurs when a person is:

    ‘exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more other persons’. He says negative actions occur ‘when a person intentionally inflicts injury or discomfort upon another person, through physical contact, through words or in other ways.’[citation needed]

    If you can honestly say that anyone in that house has endured this….then yes, bullying has taken place.
    I haven’t seen it and FTR I do not like any one of these people. Yes, there were people who couldn’t stand Candice (like I said GM and Aaryn said they hated her) and Spencer only started his dislike and eventual trash talking after she called a house meeting to verbally ‘trash’ him while making everyone else listen to her.
    If anyone did get bullied, I would have to say it was Elissa by Jeremy and his followers, He was extremely relentless talking about her and they did try to make her feel the most unwelcome and out-of-place. Every time she walked by he said something about her, wiped his ass with her hat… So NOW, can we agree to disagree?
    Thanks for taking the time to read this – I realize everybody’s time is valuable and respect it. Peace.

    1. i didnt read it. i thumbed down only due to being tooo much to read and how hypocritical it is to call jessie a bully when all those people have done was lied behind her back and bullied her

      1. Thanks for the support Lurker. I know it doesn’t mean you have to give me a thumbs up but I take the time to read all your posts (no matter how long).
        I was giving the definition of a bully so that people would stop calling what was done to Candice bullying.
        I love Jess and am hoping this stops today after her nap. Following Elissa around, mimicking her, and lying next to her with taunting comments is, I’m afraid bullying. It wasn’t what I consider inflicting pain – discomfort; yes.
        I am disappointed you didn’t take the time to read and just saw what you didn’t like about the whole comment. That’s kind of prejudging and not giving it a fair shot.
        You are entitled to that of course.

        1. I am going to agree with Hello with his comment to you, Lurker007.

          I read all your comments as well including your jokes, which have been long.

          That was not nice what you wrote saying you thumbs down Hello’s comment without reading it.

          You could have kept that fact to yourself if you did that.

          1. Peace. I appreciate that. I think if anything positive can come of this mess it might just be that WE (the bloggers) can actually converse like human beings and not treat each other like the houseguests do to each other.
            By the way, I’m a girl.

            1. I am a girl as well. :-)

              This is probably why I really don’t have the patience with this mean girl stuff….it’s everywhere….even at the workplace with office politics (just a different version of it).

  11. Helen, after this season it would probably be better to not have your
    recommendation. And you’re looking like an idiot calling Jessie mentally unstable. Mental issues are no small thing, and it’s pretty messed up to say that about someone. And let’s not forget the large amount of people this year who did need medication.

    1. Medication, what about the alcohol seems like theirs a bunch of unstable cigarette smoking, medicated alcoholic people.

      Oh let’s not forget about McManda scre?ing a guy before she’s known him a week and then scre?ws him on her period (Yuk) then has oral sex. Hey people where is your dignity; oh, I’m sorry my bad, you sold it for a possible win at $500.00 (what a price to pay for embarrassing yourself, family and friends).
      So, when you leave BB your resume will read BB#15 (crazy, racist, liar, unstable manipulating drunk that will be glad to give you BJ for just looking at my resume (wink wink).

  12. If this is for real, Jessie would talk about the BJ’s McCrae has been getting and just sailing through the game because he is protected by Amanda. Not that I would agree, because I wouldn’t, but that would irritate her. So, for entertainment purposes, and BECAUSE I am sure BB producers read this board, lets help give this dope Jessie some real ammunition. She is trying and flailing, so lets give her some lines that production will feed her in her next Diary room session without crediting this site:).

  13. I hope the diary room gives Jessie some digs that are obviously from production. I bet the houseguests would be startled then!

    1. If Jessie really wants to be effective stirring up the house, she should only attack their game play and not attack on a personal level. This forces them all to defend their actions, lie more and scramble. Attacking personally redirects their focus and then creates a mob mentality against Jessie disbelieving anything she says.

      1. You’ve got a point but Jessie’antics will cause no mob mentality because it has always been out there. Remember the “I’m voting with the house” broken record? You cannot take the high road 24/7, it’s a case by case strategy. She’s dealing with a bunch of despicable human beings (her words), well she might as well speak the same language as them to get her point across.

  14. Hysterical, all of you would LOVE this if it was targeted towards Amanda. When it is later, you will all LOVE Jessie. But because it is Elissa that is the target, she is doing bad, looking bad, etc. Hysterical. She is looking bad, but not because it is targeted towards Elissa so far. She is just an immature brat.

    1. Yeah…Jessie should just act like a passive pussy like the rest of them, even though she knows that they’ll vote her out.

  15. FYI…One of the better articles written about BB15, was in the New York Times….

    Just a snippet for those of you who are discerning and conscientious observers…

    Rare, but Real, a Racial Divide in Prime Time

    ‘Big Brother’ Becomes a Lab Experiment In Overt Racism


    Published: July 16, 2013

    Thirteen years ago, on the first season of the CBS reality competition “Big Brother,” one houseguest was William Collins, also known as Will Mega, an intensely political black man who proved polarizing in the house for his sometimes confrontational talk about race. It was a novelty, this sort of conversation, in network prime time, and in the eyes of Americans, perhaps not a welcome one: the audience voted Mr. Collins off the show first.

    In the years since, “Big Brother” casts have displayed token diversity, but rarely has race been a subject of conversation, partly because of the producers’ apparent belief that it will arise only when members of a minority group are present and vocal, a scenario they’ve largely avoided.

    This season, though, race has become the dominant narrative thanks to a handful of white cast members who’ve turned the show, which runs three nights a week, into a rare opportunity to watch white privilege and unconscious racism in the field. It may be occurring in a sealed-off space, but it’s feasting on the oxygen of national network television.

    Sunday’s episode was the most disturbing of the season so far. Aaryn Gries, a young white woman, flipped the mattress of Candice Stewart, one of the show’s black cast members, then taunted Ms. Stewart with an exaggerated, stereotypical voice: “What you gon’ do, girl?” and “Where’s yo class, girl?” She was soon backed up by another white cast member, GinaMarie Zimmerman, who screamed at Ms. Stewart, “You want the black to come out?”

    This is execrable stuff by any measurement. The bullying is childish, but that’s standard on “Big Brother.” It’s the unchecked race privilege — the belief in the normative nature of whiteness, leading to blithe intolerance like that expressed by Ms. Gries — that is nauseating.

    Later on Sunday, Ms. Stewart cried in the arms of Howard Overby, the other black cast member, and detailed other aggressions that had been directed her way, including being called “Shaniqua.”

    Race is also encoded into conversations in more subtle, slippery ways. When a player is described as “strong” by other houseguests, almost invariably that player is one of the white, conventionally popular cast members. On Sunday’s episode, Ms. Gries complained that the housemates had teamed up against her. “They’ve come to the conclusion that they want to pick off all the strong players, just keep picking off the strongest players until the weakest person wins,” she griped, as if picking off players, strong or otherwise, weren’t part of savvy game play.

    Continue reading here if you like:

  16. Thank you Jessie for some entertainment. However isn’t it odd that this somehow favors Amanda(and Mccrae) once again. It’s as if every week something happens and Amanda comes through it with flying colors. Strange how things always work out for her.

  17. Could someone please explain why Jessie is so pissed at Elissa? and why does McRae hate Elissa, too? (McRae said he was going to eviscerate Elissa.)
    …and btw, eviscerate? strange way to use that word.

    1. Elissa asked Jessie if she was on medication and that offended Jessie. I am not sure why McCrae is so upset with Elissa, it might be that Elissa has talked about voting out Amanda?

  18. I’ve never see a so called classy person on BB! So if Jessie wants to go out with a bang, go for it! It’s all so funny! If you think this it’s so childish and immature watch the young and the restless or something. Tired of all the whining on this forum.

  19. Praying they give Jessie the golden power of veto to pull her and spencer off the block and replace both the noms! Or even better make Andy pick two new noms!! Lmao this is by far my favorite bb moment of the season

  20. I didn’t even like Jessie until this series of events. I LOVE her now!

    YES!!!! It would make this boring season SO MUCH MORE EXCITING!

  21. Finally enjoying Jessie being in the house, but I agree with most on here that she needs better material. Hope she’s just getting warmed up!

  22. I was rooting for Jessie, but this behavior is immature, and this is not going to help her stay, and for the rest of the season we will have to listen to the rest of them bashing her. For the life of me I don’t understand these players. Did they think they were never going to get voted out?????? Did they really believe no one was going to lie to them???? I am so sick of the house vote, the next HOH make them break a tie, lets have some game play,

  23. Everybody calm down with all the harsh criticism of Jessie. I can’t even imagine listening in on a convo with 2/3rds of the house joking about how they’re lying to me all week and I AM the target and how they can’t wait to blindside me . Then on top of all of that, she’s gotta hear them take digs and laugh about how stupid she is etc… THEN add in the fact that she can’t freakin leave! She’s stuck with the group of folks she trusted and they hurt her. I gotta say, I think she’s just joking at this point but anyone in her shoes would have to release the frustration and hurt somehow.

    I think she’s focused on Elissa because she was the vote that kept Elissa in the house the first and second week, and she campaigned to keep Elissa in the house in the beginning. So to overhear Elissa call her crazy is just downright hurtful! She had a convo with Aaryn just 5 minutes before listening in on Aaryn recite word for word to the people she trusted, and they were making fun of how she had no idea they were lying to her! I totally get her frustration and I think they’re all lucky she’s not doing more… Most HGs would tear shit up!

  24. LMAO at delusional Rachelissa fans hating on Jessie now!

    “Rachel’s Shadow” is the PERFECT nickname for that useless floater Rachelissa – deal with it!

  25. I said this at the end of the last post & got thumbed down. Please tell me how Jessie’s school-yard type name calling is doing anything except making her look immature, petulant, & nuts. She’s not targeting all the right people & she’s just going about it all wrong. It will have no effect other than to have them all write her off as crazy. They will just tolerate her until eviction. She needs to be lot smarter about this if she really wants to wreak havoc (which I am all for).

    1. Oh & FYI I’m not an Elissa fan at all – I just see this as pointless behaviour that only hurts her (Jessie) , no-one else

  26. I like the way Jessie is going out. This whole season has been about petty, immature, whinny, B@#chy Houseguests making fun of and degrading everyone (with exception of a few). Jessie is just giving back to them what they have been dishing out all season. Plus, she is not doing it behind their backs. She is upfront with all of it. I do think Ellisa should not be in the mix. She hasn’t really done anything that bad. But, all in all Jessie is giving them a lesson and us some entertainment (FINALLY!!!). I have been hoping she would come back into the house in the “twist”, but now if she does she will have a hard time getting anyone to work with her.

  27. Helen, Andy,Spence, Amanda, McCrae, making this years”b b” the WORSE ever ” they don’t play there own game”. oh forgot numb Rachel’s shaddow. gm is crazy and well Aaryn just plan hateful.Worse BB thought this was going to be a game of no floaters yeah
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  28. Everyone would like to see a direct attack on say Amanda. But for Jessie this is personal Elissa convinced her to make out with Judd while all the time none of them was loyal to her. I can imagine for a woman to make such a sacrifice for people you think should be loyal that becomes personal.

    Jessie has been after Amanda and McArae for like a month now it no secret that’s why she is on the block. if you realize, she is doing all that and keeps throwing Spencer under the bus and breaking GM and Aaryn up. dont be suprised when Amanda and Mcpussy fall for her bait and that vote is no longer unanimous and Spencer eventual walks out.

    They say repeating the same thing over and over expecting different results is insane. it might not look wise, but if for some reason the Amanda & Mcpussy think she has shifted her targets they may get off her and make deals with her to go after Helen. I think she should do everything possible to make that house a living hell, throw everyone off their comfort zones expose nitty gritty stuff(I like how she has somehow exposed Andy and wish she get back on his case),

    if Amanda is what i think she is, she is going to issue new commands. McPussy seems to already be voicing(with an attitude) things they’ve learned from Jessie’s drama. Although Helen is being tactical in trying to diminish their implications.

    1. I know Andy is loyal to Amanda and McPussy but now there are some doubts everywhere, Elissa is asking more about who said what, friends are getting chest bumped, somehow everyone needs to know and they are going to Jessie for info. I wont be surprised when the Amanda stop sharing game plan with Andy and begin to look for information else where. plus he no longer has the exclusive information anyhow. everyone’s plans have now been made public knowledge so Andy’s value is quickly diminishing and will soon be dispensable.

  29. I remember Kaitlin doing to Jessywhat jessy is now doing to Elissa. It’s sad to see she has become just as much of an idiot as those “mean girls” at the beginning of the show. I honestly don’t understand all the Jess love, she is a an attention wh@re and I would go nuts stuck in a house with her, always following people around like an attention starved puppy begging for love. I’m looking forward to watching this lot rip each other apart, better beloeve it’s coming soon.

  30. By the way: Jessie’s getting positive comments because she’s actually being funny and interesting. Candice got negative comments because she turned her eviction speech into a Jerry Springer-esque trainwreck and was extremely hypocritical.

    1. I haven’t followed the feeds this morning but last night Jessie was crazy fun to watch on the feeds.. After weeks of predictable bullshit it was nice to see someone make a move even if they have zero chance.

  31. I love this. Helen and Amanda are both worried that BB put emotionally unstable people in the house. Neither of them realize that they are included in that equation, too.

    Go Jessie! Give them hell!

  32. I actually like Elissa and I am NOT a fan of her sister. She is the only one who spoke out about the racist comments made to the minorities on the show, while Jessie turned a blind eye. She has no reason to attack someone like Elissa.

    1. Ben…I respect that Elissa stepped up about the racism but she also voted with the house on getting out Kaitlin instead of Aaryn, getting Howard out, and getting Candice out. It’s good to talk about it but sometimes you also have to be about it. She is a fixture in the house (more tolerable than Rachel but not nearly as good a player).

      1. Elissa wanted Aryan out, but Helen told her the house is voting Kaitlin, and with Howard, she though Howard was using Candice…..and she was just protecting her…… If it was up to Elissa…Aryan, G.M., Amanda, and Spencer..would of left the house weeks ago

    2. Bullshit. She’s only criticized Aaryn for the comments she made weeks ago. She’s NEVER gone after GM or Demanda for their far worse comments and behavior (mainly because that would put a target on her back) and she has aligned with one of the most crass and classless people in the house in Helen.

      The Brenchel Army has to be the most delusional and obsessed fanbase in BB history. If you ask them, Rachel and her shadow are perfect saints who never said an unkind word to anyone and were innocent victims.

  33. So why again are people upset with Jessie? As much as I would love for her to go off on Amanda, Jessie knows that will never get her anywhere. She tried that, and everyone just went back to kissing Amanda’s ass. Week after week, Jessie has put all of her trust into HELEN, who has simply turned around and betrayed her. Her going off is not about who’s the scummiest person in the house. It’s about getting back all of those who have done HER wrong. Amanda, as gross as she is, never liked Jessie and Jessie knew that. She never instilled any type of trust into her and hence was never “betrayed” by her. The same cannot be said for Helen, and Elissa, as she is unfortunately a sad casualty through association. Elissa is Helen’s closest ally and to Jessie, chances are if Helen was scheming against you, so was Elissa. If you have two people coming to you ensuring your safety, both of whom you’ve been rather loyal to, and you hear them laughing about your eviction then of course you’re going to feel some type of animosity for them. Do I care for her going off on Elissa? Absolutely not. And as much as I wanted Helen’s cards to be shown, I wanted Amanda’s to be shown first but I’ll take whatever I can get. It’s better than them sleeping for the next 2 days and cackling about some BS blindside as if it’d be the move of the season.

    1. I want to distinguish the separate commenters: I am HELLO – with the dash after and someone else has been posting as HELLO with no dash I am going to choose a new name from now on to avoid getting the wrong feedback (for both of us) out of confusion.

  34. Jessie should start telling how she’s going to poisen the jury vote against Helen. Omg that will get her undies in a bundle.

    She should also start mildly flirting w/McCrae and string him along for her cigarettes. That will get Anaconda twisted.

  35. I love Jessie and I love the entertainment that she is providing BUT her comment about Elissa’s age was pretty unnecessary…all it did was reveal that she is running out of things to say. I mean, when you’re in an argument and the other person desperately resorts to making fun of your age…that’s when you know you already won.

  36. Jessie is not being smart! Julie said the jury was not out of the game, if she is able to come back in she has blown it no one will work with her on her 2nd chance. Jessie stop you might need someone still in there.

    1. After all the houseguest were talking and laughing about her behind her back, I doubt she believes anyone would work with her if she came back to the house. I don’t agree with her approach. I think she would do better by telling each person what she knows is being said about them and let them be paranoid and wonder what is ture and what isn’t. They will all say she is crazy but the smart ones will know that some of it is true. Especially since each one has talk about each other behind their backs.

  37. You dolts! Jessie is not trying to win your votes. She is giving what she got, and going out with a bang. This is what you all deserve, you asked for it.

  38. Jessie is only letting out her fustration for being betrayed. She would have respected Helen and Elissa more if they had been honest with her and said it is not looking good for her this week. Since, they were allegedly working together.

    Instead, everyone (and I mean everyone) wanted to play with her emotions and let her believe that Spencer was going to be evicted. They all concocted this elaborate ruse so that she (Jessie) would feel safe and then be blindsided. It is not liike they were trying to backdoor her as they did with Judd.

    So they wanted to mindfuck her and it backfired on them.. As a result, of their treacherous, duplicitous behavior she has decided to strike-out (which you may like or not); but it is her way of retaliation. Everyone has their own way of dealing with betrayal and deception. This is her’s; “JUDGE NOT, LEST YE BE JUDGED”

  39. “Helen then says that she is really starting to get worried about how they put mentally unstable people in this house.” Really Helen?? Yet again your High and Mighty nature blinds you to the fact that YOU ALSO are mentally unstable for Playing a TERRIBLE TERRIBLE GAME of Kicking out the Weak and letting the Strong (and evil) remain because in your words, “Its too early to go after Amanda.” Looking forward to your national embarrassment when you get booted out by those snakes you are currently fighting for.

  40. Entering this house there needs to be understanding that HGs are going to lie to your face. All of them. And talk about you. This is a particular vile and snotty bunch, but be the better person. If jess just didn’t get “bored” like all the posters on this forum, she could be really in good shape. Getting Amanda out is what everyone wants on this forum, so I get rooting her on. This is for 500k, or 50k. I will get thumbs down, but Elissa never said shit to Jessie’s face. Or Helen neither. Jessie gives us some entertainment, but its not funny. Elissa being botox faced with pursed lips. Rachel’s shadow is stupid. Not very clever. Because she isn’t clever. If she is smart, don’t be unemployed. The whole episode is a joke. Thumbs down to Jessie. And honestly, I do believe she has a shot at reentering the house, then promptly leaving again. Dummy.

  41. As I’ve always said, Jessie is in thirst for attention.

    And what she is doing right now is not THAT funny, it is a littlebit I’ve laughed a littlebit and it gives this boring house some action but I feel that it kinda make her look crazy. She thinks she is sending BIG lines but in fact they are lame and cheap shots, sounds more like a crying baby whining because she does not have it her way….

    She was smart for being able to see before anyone (besides Howard) that Amanda was the person to vote out but emotionally I have always thought that she was weak, too needy…

    Not being able to have better, she is STILL my favorite player of the season but in any season with a NORMAL cast, she would have been among my least favorite.

  42. I’m just dumbfounded how they could go into a room discredit her to the nth degree and expect she wouldn’t blow up on them! Please! Face the truth you idiots. Look in the mirror. She is so right and finally telling them what we all wish we could.

  43. DJ – no doubt about it you are absolutely right. Amanda was chosen to win this season if BB. She is vile, racist, sick sex kitten and generally a disgusting person. Yes it’s a waste if time with all these idiots. Actually I hope Eissa wins rather than anyof the other ridiculous house guests. Pitiful how this was rigged.

    1. I, too begin to think that it is rigged….

      I would like for Amanda to go to final 2 with (insert any name here) and see one of the jury member pull a “TOPAZ”

      (go check Youtube videos of BB CANADA FINALE for those who don’t know)

      and make the other person win by default. It would be sooooooo funny!

  44. In response to:
    Yeahum says:

    August 13, 2013 at 3:21 pm

    Dear “Hello”,
    Most wit and humor is derived from intelligence. Therefore, it is imperative that you refrain from commenting until you either: graduate from junior high and/or manage to type something mildly to moderately clever whilst holding one of your relatives genitilia in your cold, pink, clammy grasp.

    Best of luck & Godspeed


    I’m not quite sure why I got the reaction I did (above). The question was posted if there was an all ‘people of color’ cast for Big Brother and I simply stated there was called Big Brother Africa. I have the first two episodes downloaded and they are readily available for viewing. I was not being humorous. I was answering a question.
    I’m pretty sure what I got back was some kind of threatening statement.
    Anyway, making a simple answer got distorted somehow and I’m baffled.

  45. Well, I guess that house would do that to me too. It’s kinda pissing me off though that she is targeting her fury at the wrong people. Amanda is sort of listening in as if it’s her personal puppet-like entertainment. Why is Jessi not being an asshole towards her? wtf

  46. what is with Helen thinking everyone is “threatening” her??? This is why I can’t stand that dumb bitch!! Oh I feel threatened. GOOD TO HEAR!! Why don’t you go sit with your racist master’s you subservient bitch, they’ll protect you for sure!!

    Go Jessie!!! Now go after Amanda and McRae, not because I really care about them (they’re kind of the best of the worst in the house)… Just bc it would be too funny to watch Amanda freak out about McPussy, more then she already does.

  47. Yes Jessie and Candace took the low road when leaving but from day 1 they were both actually bullied personally in this game. In addition they were the only two that could clearly see what was happening game wise and the problem was they shared that with people that were bully them. They also were getting fed
    up with being bullied – which made them hurt – which in turn made them play a very bad social game. What I think is scarey is that GM, Amanda and Aryn think they are the normal ones. They are so dispicable with the way they attack on a personal level and go right for the throat! Also I am a lady so I would never call another woman a Sl*t but my husband thinks Amanda is acting that way. I feel bad for them bc those three really have no self-awareness.

  48. This simply must be shared: Andy and Jessie are in the HOH and Andy’s sound is messed up
    Big Brother says: Andy don’t lie on your transmitter.

    You think Andy can comply with that rule? Not to LIE on his transmitter might mean he won’t be able to
    utter another word.

  49. I believe most people on this forum are as dumb if not dumber than the houseguests. Thank god simon and dawg bring levity to it.

  50. They’re all thinking Jessie is nuts now…BUT after this week when they have time to remember what she was saying about everyone’s lies they’ll soon start realizing the person next to them that they trusted the most is not to be trusted at all. It may look bad now but those seeds of doubt are in their heads and it’ll be fun to watch how they start reacting to each other then. Of course the ‘house’ is going to band together now and act like what Jessie’s saying doesn’t matter but in the end it will. Hahaha Go Jessie!!! Keep spilling your guts girl!!!!

  51. THANK YOU JESSIE!! Its getting hard to enjoy the feeds but now I can go back and rewatch this. The only reason I have been keeping up with this season is to see when somebody is gonna flip on Amanda. But this is cool too!! And BTW, Andy is gonna win this game.

  52. Go Jessie. The 1st shock will be Jessie winning America’s Player. Then that most of them have lost their jobs, their families have spent more than they earned trying to repair their reputation. Lastly, they will get the fame and attention that they so richly deserve.

  53. If Helen says “you’re amazing” one more time I will scream.

    I didn’t know putting up Judd was a power move…funny. These players are not very smart because if they were they would take out McPizza and McBitch

  54. I dont get how any of you are calling Jessie out for this. This has been an absolute shit fest of a season. 1 day of actual entertainment now.

  55. So why has Jessie decided to go after Elissa? She has done nothing…….. go after Helen or Amanda. Jessie is just as bad as Amanda, Aaryn and GinaMarie. Shes such a bitter 12 year old, no wonder not even Judd wanted her. Its funny though cause she came into the house thinking she was all that but really no one cares about her. I actually liked her before but ugh now shes just too much.

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