Aaryn says if Ginamarie would chest bump me and I am her best friend, what would she do to others?

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


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11:55am – 12:15pm Out in the backyard Helen heads out to the backyard to start her work out. Aaryn tells her that she thought about it and she isn’t going to give any of her energy to Jessie any more. If she wakes up and tries to start sh*t I will just pretend she doesn’t exist. Helen agrees that is the best move. Helen thinks that once Jessie leaves the show and sees she gets a little perspective maybe she will see that she was wrong. That maybe other people were wrong too but that she has blame in that too. Helen says that there are some people that we have in common that we cannot beat so maybe we can work together to get some of those people out. In the final two or three there are definitely some people that we cannot beat. Andy is in the same boat with us too. Helen says I have never made a final two deal with Elissa and it’s amazing that she has made it this far after how she started out in the game. We just have an understanding that we will take each other as far as we can go. With 9 people still left in the house it is just too early to make that deal. Aaryn agrees. And says last night with what happened Jessie is for sure going home. She says with Gina chest pumping me that is scary and I was her best friend in the house. What would she do to others? Helen agrees that is scary. Helen says that Aaryn you are trust worthy and have proven you can be loyal. Helen says you have a good relationship with Gina were you can control her to a certain point just like with me and Elissa. Aaryn is worried about the blood she has on her hands and the target that is being placed on her back to look like she is too strong. Aaryn says she doesn’t want the big people to go because they will take each other out. Helen tells Aaryn that if she wants to she can throw the HOH to her. Helen tells Aaryn to trust her gut and do what she feels best in the moment. Helen says good talk and then starts her run. Meanwhile all the other house guests are still sleeping..
CBS Interactive Inc.

12:30pm – 12:35pm Big Brother calls for an indoor lock down. Up in the HOH room Andy is awake and feeding the fish. He then lays in bed listening to his cd while watching the spy screen. Meanwhile – Aaryn and Helen head inside the house. Aaryn starts painting her toe nails in the bathroom.


12:45pm – 1:05pm Elissa wakes up and joins Aaryn in the bathroom. Elissa says that was a rough night! I am so glad we only have one more night left and then we get to sleep in a real bed. Aaryn agrees she can’t wait too. Elissa questions Aaryn whether or not someone has put their mouth on the mouthwash. Aaryn says she isn’t sure, she uses the cap. Aaryn joins Helen in the kitchen. Aaryn talks about how hard it is to not blow up on people in the house being on slop and everything else. Helen says that she just needs to look at each situation and try and approach it the best she can. The conversation turns to talking about Jeremy. Aaryn tells Helen that Jeremy felt really bad about the way he talked to Helen and even apologized to her husband to the camera. Aaryn brings up how with Ginamarie she will bully you and follow you if you get into an argument with her. And she will involve the whole house. Helen wonders what Gina’s problem is. Aaryn says that she thinks they put people in here with mental disorders – I think Gina is bi-polar, Amanda and I have ADHD which some times it makes us act like little kids. Aaryn tells Helen that she thinks Ginamarie has an eating disorder because her breath always smells like puke. Helen says she was worried about someone coming after her and her family after the show is over. Aaryn says that its scary because of some of fans – they are crazy – they threatened Shelly Moores family. Aaryn says that is why I made sure they didn’t show any shots of my apartment. Aaryn says she isn’t going to read anything about herself when she gets outs. Elissa joins them. Helen asks her if Rachel Reilly got death threats? Elissa says no but someone called our parents asks how they could raise a f**king person like Rachel. They were scared and called the police. Helen says oh my god! Aaryn says oh no my mom’s number is all over the internet because she is a realtor. Jessie joins them to make breakfast.


1:12pm Spencer tells Aaryn to just ignore it. Aaryn says that she is and is over it. Spencer tells her she is good. Aaryn heads into the back bedroom where Amanda and McCrae are in bed. Aaryn tells them that it’s getting worse! Jessie took my cup that has my name on it and is now using it. She also poured out the chocolate milk. And she is in the kitchen talking about how good it smells in front of me. Amanda asks did you do anything? Aayrn says no we are all pretending she doesn’t exist. It’s pretty funny. It’s actually finally something that’s entertaining. Aayrn then goes and tells Gina about what Jessie is doing. She is terrorizing us. We just have to act as happy as we can and ignore her. Gina and Aaryn hug and make up.

1:20pm – 1:45pm Up in the backyard – Aaryn and Jessie talk. Jessie complains about the house being boring because everyone votes unanimously. Aaryn says that’s funny because you were apart of that too. Aaryn says I don’t know why you are mad at me because I saved you from the block. Jessie says yeah and since then you sold me out. Aaryn says I have done way more for you than you have ever done for me. Jessie says I wish you had just taken Spencer off the block. Jessie calls Aaryn a lying, backstabbing, not nice person. Aaryn says you look really classy right now. Jessie says if you think I am going down with out a fight you are crazy. Aaryn says just shut the f**k up then. Jessie says this is my house too I can do and say whatever the fuck I what and you can’t stop me! Amanda comes out and Jessie tells her that just so you know Elissa talks about you and how sl*tty you are all the time. Amanda asks what Jessie is doing? Aaryn tells Jessie at least I make money doing commercials and modeling what do you have nothing. Jessie says at least I have a degree. Amanda says so you have a lot of debt, nice one! Jessie says actually I don’t I got grants because I am smart. Amanda says whatever I am staying out of this. Amanda tells Jessie to not go out like this, don’t do this. Jessie says this is my game I can go out any way I want. Amanda tells Jessie we haven’t even voted yet. Jessie says well just so you know Spencer is going to go with Helen and not you. Gina joins Aaryn by the pool. Jessie says part of my game is to piss everyone off and for people hate me. Keep me here I will go up on the block every week! Amanda says I know what you are doing, you’re pulling an Evel Dick! Elissa better not come within 15 feet of me today because I will go off on her and be like what? what? what? Jessie comments I love GM. Amanda says awe you’re not going to say anything about her, I would have loved to see that. Jessie says no I like her, I have nothing bad to say about her. Jessie says the next thing I will say about Elissa is that she is just a pathetic shadow of her sister. Jessie says that Helen is such a bad liar!



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Grow up, Aaryn. Shut up, Helen. It’s like middle school girls with these two.


Let’s not insult the middle school girls, who really do have some level of maturity. Aaryn and Helen can learn a thing or two from that age group.


Yeah Aayrin and Helen can dish it but cant take it when its served back to them and actually they are getting served nice compared to the shit they did to others also they new what could happen by going on a show if they knew what so called happen with Shellys family why go on a show if you are that worried about your kids and your mother you knew that her number was all over the place oh and its real smart of you to give that information out there is no fucking way Aaryin is going to school to be a head dr. because let’s keep it 100 their isn’t anybody going to hire that bitch and there isn’t anybody going to go seek help from that bitch oh and I luv how she said me Amanda have ADHD and it sometime makes us act like kids. Nice try Aayrin but nobody is buying your bullshit so you and Helen can kick fucking rocks down the rf also she keeps saying GM have head prob but Bitch you do to!!!


Doesn’t everyone know that Fox and Friends are going to hire Aaryn and Helen. Helen would be the liar on the show and Aaryn would be the racist. I think Aaryn has a good shot at being Rush Limbaugh’s sixth wife


Lol Buffalobill! Love your comments and you are probably right!!!


I don’t understand how Helen can sit there and talk to Aaryn after she said all that racist stuff about Asians…..WTF!!!

give me a break

Helen is an Uncle Tom….


I have question for name say:
Are you Black ???Doesn’t sound like it.
I know I am. 1\6 Irish 5/6 Black
Aryan is very much a racist, so is GM.
“Slapping an Asian so Hard that her eyes will round out ” is not racist?
Calling Candice “Shanicqua” is not racist.?
The only statement that GM made that was not racist was telling Candice that her original mother never loved her, that’s why she was adopted. Other than that GM Aryan And Amanda are BB biggest racist in the history of the show


We’re talking Color here…correct? Because ‘black’ is a color…but guess what…so is ‘White’. But it ok to make ‘ white’ people jokes..it happens All the time! Oh the white man this or we’re treated wrong by the white man. Or this is because of the white man. Really? Just because your a certain ‘color’ doesnt mean every one else is racist. Im not saying what these Stupid people have said is right…No way! Their rude and disrespectful to say the very least. But if what their saying bothers you ….dont watch it..and then go off on everyone about race. Im Sure you have..in your life time said some pretty sweet thing about ‘whitie’. It’s a Color for pete sake. But dont you date say ..’Black’!

Im sorry but im in my 50s and was raised in Alabama. And some people just need to always be the victim.

Ahhh haaa

So youre 50 and from Alabama huh… say no more. If we only had a time capsule to hear your thoughts on martin Luther king 30 years ago. You and your kind are a total drag on society and have been fighting equality every step of the way.


For your information..i lived in Selma Al. In the 70’s. And my father is a Full blood Sloux indian. He served in the miltary for 35yrs. His family had Everything taken from him. We were Not taught to look at Color. How dare you Judge me. I went on to follow in my fathers foot steps for 25years. I would like to think what my father and I did was make Your life better. So..your welcome.and.im Not White by the way…we weren’t all Hicks in the south….thats You judging me..by the way. Good luck and God bless you.


you can’t be racist if you are black, didn’t you know that? and you can judge all you want if you are black. but non-blacks can’t stereotype blacks at all or they are racists. the top 20 violent crime cities were posted today. 92% of the population across all these cities is black. but they are the victims. its the white mans fault.


So since its just a color, if someone offered you 1 million dollar to live the rest of your life in Alabama as a black “color” person would you? There it is, be “black” for the “green”. I already know the answer.


Stop being so sensitive. This racism garbage is completely out of hand already. Ya’ll need to grow up. I am a 62yo black man from the south and ya’ll don’t know what racism is! There has been nothing racist on this tv show. Maybe a little bigotry or some stereotypes, but absolutely no racism. You want racism, live in the times i had. The only reason racism still exists today is because of the media. There is no racism today, at least nothing like what we all faced a lifetime ago.


Do you understand what racism is? Racism is when a certain race is treated unfairly. For example, a black person is denied a job, housing, promotions etc.,– that is racism. When a black person is targeted for violence simply because of the color of their skin,– that is racism. You are not racist simply for making a joke.

Everyone makes jokes about someone at some time in their life. There are the dumb blonde jokes, the Asian jokes, the black jokes, the stupid jokes (when I was young I heard Pollock jokes and I didn’t even know what a Pollock was). I make dumb blonde jokes; does that mean I think blondes are stupid? Absolutely not, Hillary Clinton is one of the smartest women in the world; she is blonde but certainly not stupid.

Aaryn’s dislike of Candice has nothing to do with the color of her skin. Aaryn and Candice started out as friends. They liked talking about pageants. Spencer started their beef when he told Aaryn that Candice sat on her cowboy hat.

People need to stop saying that making a joke about someone is racism because it makes racism look mild. If that is all there is to racism then we really would not have a problem. It is the unfair way people are treated when it comes to employment, housing, pay raises, promotions, as previously mentioned. Also the when it comes to the justice system, minorities receive harsher sentences—that is racism!


Actually NO. Racism is a derogatory comment toward a person based on skin colour, RACE, ethnicity or religion


* correction — TREATMENT that makes a person inferior due to…
That IS what racism is. This includes name-calling, unfair treatment. Any prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior:


Racism does not have anything to do with religion???


But people love drama.

This racism controversy on BB gives them something juicy to talk about. So it continues, even if things really are as you say. There were many remarks in the first 2 weeks that had racial overtones for sure, but even those were either bad jokes or said when people were angry.

None of the people in the house are really racist, though some may need to think a little before speaking. Aaryn learned her lesson for the most part (the gay thing was a slip up, though as a straight male who supports gay rights I also find the idea of two guys doing it ‘disgusting’), but Gina and especially Amanda still need some talking to, however, with those two I feel it is mostly anger and a brash attitude than anything else.

Anyway, you’re right. Same goes for Sandy’s post on the bottom of the page.


Making so called “jokes” that poke fun at peoples race, ethnicity, or religion is being a bigot and a bully. Talking in a fake Chinese accent and claiming not to any Asian people who don’t do nails is a bigoted prejudice Statement. Calling someone “sheniqua” and talking in a fake attempt of a black stereotyped accent is being prejudice especially when it hurts people’s feelings. What you are describing is discrimination (when someone does not get a job, a place to live etc because of their race, ethnicity and religion) Racism is when someone hates a group or individual based on the colour of their skin, ethnicity and religion. this hatred can result in hateful behaviour and actions towards other people. bigoted people often have malice and hate towards the groups they are targeting with their racist jokes, behaviour and actions.



1. the belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others
2. abusive or aggressive behaviour towards members of another race on the basis of such a belief

Just check the dictionary. All this other stuff is just interpretations. In fact, these ^^^^ are best definitions i have ever found. They are a bit more specific than: Racist: Someone who thinks their race is superior


errmmm wrong! your definition of racism only looks at the the most extreem cases. Racism is also the mind set of an individual.. Aaryn associating black with violence by saying “oh the shaniqua is gonna come out of you” that is racism. theres more to it ..thats just one example.


‘Cause Helen is a sell out


I know a lot of people like Jessie now but the truth is she’s a p*ssy because… She wants to go after a weak person like Elissa that hasn’t really done anything to her and it’s obvious that’s she’s scared of Amanda, GM, Helen and Aaryn but these are the people that are the reason she’s getting evicted so she should blow them up not someone that couldn’t careless about what’s going on and is a target herself. JESSIE GROW A BACKBONE!!!


Actually Jessie HAS been standing up for herself a lot lately.


Jessie jessie jessie jessie jessie jessie jessie GO Jessie bring on the pain . Yes yes yes . Say the stuff us fans want to say to these the worst BIG BROTHER CAST IN HISTORY . Like Lex Luther Amanda is the villian of the story and Jessie is the Hero of the story . May God Bless you Jessie


Amanda is disgusting she sucked MENSTRUAL BLOOD OFF OF MCRAES CONDOM ?

Dr. Boogie

Howard’s not coming back dude. Wasup?!


I can’t wait for Aaryn, GinaMarie, Helen, and Amanda to get back into the real world and find out what America REALLY thinks of them. They’re all so full of it. They talk about how much America must hate Howard, Candice, Judd, and Jessie, but it’s quite the opposite.


Alongside America….but I wonder if these HG think about how their families, loved ones or friends will view them. It’s one thing when America sees you as one thing, but its another thing when its your own inner circle seeing you in a bad light.

Example: Amanda. tsk…tsk…..

Get Real

Their inner circle condones this stuff. You are going to tell me Aaryn’s mom had no idea Aaryn acted like this? You are going to tell me Aaryn’s best friends, that she shops, parties, confides and go to school with have no idea. Get real! Aaryn’s inner circle accepts this kind of behavior.


If you care about your family why go tv and treat people like crap and say racist and gay slur’s and think you and your family are going to be okay?????


They do it because that’s how they live their lives. Their parents probably act the same way. That’s the environment they grew up in. So it’s not big surprise to anyone at this point. Probably many of their friends hold similar beliefs of entitlement and selfishness.


JESSIE has become the HERO . Amanda is like Lex Luthor the villian of the story ?


Aaryn blows balls.


But only the white ones!




BB is going downhill. This season has been so predictable because none of the houseguest are willing to grow a backbone and do something. They all have to look at one another to make any moves. When will they start thinking for themselves and not being little sheep’s in this game. The comments GM makes sometimes are crazy. I would love to see these girls faces when they get out realize their words have consequences.


Did you ask Amanda before you made that comment ?


Go ahead Aaryn throw HoH to Helen Andy already told you Helen was gunning for you.


I think Helen just likes to hear herself talk. She’s a delusional little thing.

Mary- Sue

I hope they do not cast people of color next season.


Move along, little Troll.

Lilly White

By “color” do you mean pinkish and whitish or just invisible people?


How about casting nothing but people of color.

Hello -

It’s already running – it’s called Big Brother Africa.


In Big Brother Africa, the entire cast are have nots….for the entire show.
In Big Brother Africa, every HOH is endurance. You run from lions.
In Big Brother Africa, calling someone a spear chucker isn’t racist, it’s a food comp.
In Big Brother Africa, the HOH bed is wherever is closer to the fire.
In Big Brother Africa, a black guest actually wins, because they are all black.

I crack me up sometimes.


Dear “Hello”,
Most wit and humor is derived from intelligence. Therefore, it is imperative that you refrain from commenting until you either: graduate from junior high and/or manage to type something mildly to moderately clever whilst holding one of your relatives genitilia in your cold, pink, clammy grasp.

Best of luck & Godspeed



it’s called bad girls club


People of color, along with 2 white people!


Why would you make a comment like that? You sound very ignorant




What if it were an international cast? All the BB winners from each country + the racists!!!


Like I have been saying, everyone is going to want to take Aaryn to the end to a final two deal. Today, Helen is making the preparations and a couple of days ago Amanda was hinting at it too. It is going to be along time before Aaryn comes out of that house.


I don’t know about that. I think Aryan could win with the jury. Remember, they know nothing about the controversy and it would all depend on who the other F2 might be. If I were a HG, at this point, I would wanr GM or Jessie beside me as being the two who have (thus far), played the least game. I wouldn’t want Amanda there as she has being playing the game, albeit a sneaky one, and apparently, other HGs like her somewhat…not sure why.


I can’t understand why everybody is keeping Andy around. He is in a better position that anyone else in the house because everyone left is protecting him to some extent and has a close relationship with him. If I were them I’d take out Andy before Amanda, Helen, OR McCrae.


Me too! I hate Andy the Rat!


I don’t understand why everyone has a problem with Andy, cuz he’s playing it kinda like Ian did. Ian played both sides, and he won. I loved Ian!

The Truth


I think that Ian and Andy are playing a different game. Ian had to scrape by for a while before he was in a position of power. Andy’s game is probably most like Dan Gheesling of a year ago, minus the made for TV funeral. Lie to everyone and get to the finale. Didn’t work for Dan, and probably won’t work for Andy.


I said it before….I will say it again……

Folks in this house are drinking Andy’s KOOL-AID!

They ALL LOVE him.

This would be Andy, “You know you can trust me 100%”

HG: “Ok! We love you, Andy! Let’s tell u some more stuff!”


Jessie evesdropping on doors stopped her from taking another sip of his drink. She would have went to jury with wanting to vote for that rat!

The rest….FOOLS!


Wow! It seems Helen has recovered from being afraid that Jessie will stab her (lol) and has already moved on to stabbing Elissa in the back!

Its On You

So Gina went into the Diary Room to clarify if it will be ok to hit Candice in the Jury House. Ok! So CBS has now been put on record and knows Gina has thoughts of hurting Candice. I can guarantee you that Candice is not going to let that last comment by Gina slide. When Gina arrives at the jury house, Candice will pick up right where Gina and her left off. Now if CBS doesn’t see what’s coming? You have a volatile and mentally unbalanced woman in Gina that’s going to be verbally challenged by Candice. Its not Judd’s role to be the peace maker in the jury house when the shit literally hits the fan between these two. Now that’s on CBS if physical injury occurs to either woman. CBS should of known that there was a high probability of violence between these two.


Oh, seriously? You know that GinaMarie was not serious when she asks if she can hit Candice. How can anyone take that seriously? GinaMarie was given the rules before entering the house. One of the rules is you can’t hit anyone, so of course she was joking.


GM is emotionally and psychologically unstable. I do not believe it was a joke. She allegedly chest bumped her friend Aaryn, which was a hostile act. Anyone asking if they can hurt another player should be removed from the game. She is a huge liability to CBS. If she touches or hurts Candice in any way (GM also said she wanted to push her down the stairs in JH) CBS will be knee deep in law suits and GM could be arrested for assault and battery, which is punishable in California with jail time if convicted.


Helen is unimpressed with Elissa’s ‘kissing strategy’. Views it as Elissa venturing on her own and making Helen look sketchy.


over reaction crying wolf people like you are a pita


is it just me or does it seem like all aaryn does all day is paint her nails?


Paint her nails say racist and gay slurs and talk about what she think is wrong with everybody but its really is whats wrong with her but she like’s to say it’s others and not but she already is going to get that beat for all the shit she said and I still hope GM finds out what she have been saying about her before they live the house because I think its only fair!!!!


Wow! It looks like Helen has moved on from being afraid that Jessie will stab her (lol) and has moved on to stabbing Elissa in the back!


Helen is not stabbed Elissa in the back.


i’m actually in awe of helen right now. in the worst way. i can’t believe she was acting like such a CHILD last night during her fight with jessie. like if you’re going to make “game moves”…own up to them. what’s your deal? storming out like a child having a temper tantrum, then storming back in to yell some more, then as soon as jessie makes another good point that she can’t argue, she storms out again. what is that? helen, aaryn, andy and amanda are horrible. they all treat people as though they are lower than them. as if they are better than everyone else. get over it “ladies”, you all suck. i can’t wait until they see who got america’s favorite player and it’s judd, jessie or candice. that’ll just be awesome watching their faces. i wish there was america’s most hated player. just so amanda or helen could face the fact that everyone hates them. get over yourselves ladies!

so happy jessie is calling everyone out. the best part is, when they all get home, they will see that she was right, and telling the truth the entire time. i hope they all feel stupid after they see how they acted.

i’m sad jessie is leaving. i can’t wait for someone to come back in the house and f*ck all their games up! woohoo!


Elissa will get fan favorite. Unless she somehow manages to win. Brenchel Mafia ain’t nothing to mess with!


I’d love to see a few of you go on this show and then read all of the terrible things that the online cowards say about you. It’s a GAME, folks! Racism and homophobia are both absolutely unacceptable and ignorant. But some of the comments that I’ve read you “fans” post about these strangers is no worse than any other form of bullying. “Hating” people for their hatful acts (whether they’ve made bigoted comments or are just bossy and controlling) puts you on the same level as those you’re complaining about. Some of you should consider going outside and living your own lives, not obsessing about other people who are merely trying to get rich quick for your entertainment.


maybe when helen goes home and gets some perspective sh will what an ass she turned into and protected the racist pigs in the house and left the good people get trampled on


The only perspective Helen will have is that she did okay within the context of her game.


Great work on the posts Dawg! I know you’ve been up since 4AM and you won’t stop til 3PM Last night was CRAZY!


WOW….. We really do appreciate the work that the both you (Simon and Dawg) do.


100,ooo thanx
Dawg + Simon!!!!

Teri B

I second (or third or fourth) that! Dawg you rock. You are a rock star!!! Thanks so much for doing this!

People of Color

People of color never win this game right? This is an honest question and no ill will behind it.


Jun! That’s 1 out of 14. :)


So, are they trying to make Jessie out to be a vilian because she spoke the truth and called them out on their lies? What a joke. When Helen gets back to work, her co workers should laugh her out of the building. She is a political consultant but can not keep her lies in order. She is an awful person. I really wish there was a way to save Jessie this week because she is the only one inthe house who has been willing to make big moves.

McCrae is such a b!tch to me. He hides behind Amanda in hopes of people not noticing him. I pray to the Gods that neither him or Andy win this money. They are both very very weak and should be embarrassed to call themselves men.

production rigged it

Yeah and don’t forget McCrae was talking about how he was going to have a fight with Elissa and he was going to eviserate her and it was going to be a blood bath. Really does she think this is going to make him look tough or something. In reality all it’s going to do is make him look more like the little bitch that he already is.


LMFAO!!!! That’s what I was thinking how much of a lil Bitch McCrea is for going after Ellisa of all the people I hope he is stuck with Amanda 4life because nobody is going want to be his with bitch ass!!!


Helen is actually a lobbyist. Political Consultant makes it sound nice. Lobbyist=professional liar.


Then she should be much better at it! I guess they don’t have paper in the house, so she can’t write down what she lies about day to day.

Mary- Sue

I wonder which one of these white people are we going to select to be America’s favorite.


Howard is gonna be the favorite ?


Helen has got to win the award for throwing all of her allies under the bus, now she is throwing Ellissa under the bus for Aaryn! Helen is one of the worst BB players in the history of the game, who outs all of the people who will have your back! Why would she not want a final four deal with Candice, Jessie and Elissa? She could have manipulated all three of them to go with what she wants. But no, her dumb butt thinks they are a threat! I wonder what is going to happen when she gets put on the block? I can see her speech now, “Ok you guys, you know we must vote with the HOUSE, you know, since I do not want blood on my hands and it is too early to make a biggggg move and vote McCranda out, you know, go with the house and vote me out. Since it is what the house wants I will vote to evict myself first, you know, I never lied to you, you know. ok, you know, you know ok. I love you all, you know, but since this is what the house wants… you know, ok , you know…”

I cannot wait for the reunion so that these dummy’s can see how America hates them!


I know. These people really are idiots. They are evicting all of the players they likely could beat in jury (Howard, Candace, Jessie and probably GM is soon to go). They can’t beat Aryan. She is too strong at comps. Dumb, dumb, dumb! Thanks to Jessie for at least showing a little spunk!! And to Simon and Dawg who hang in there with these fools so I can catch up here and not have to watch it!


Aaryn probably opportunity to stabbed in the back.




I’ve got something I’d like to stab Aaryn with. It’s called my penis.


Normally I don’t respond to comments like this one but maybe that is exactly what Aaryn needs. Some women get more catty when deprived of the male juices in the morning.


Helen is so annoying… the only two people that are worth rooting for are Jessie and Elissa, but Jessie is on her way out and Elissa doesn’t do anything.


so why is she worth rooting for?


Because she is the pretty underdog that everyone likes to see prevail at the end. Let’s be real every season there’s that one girl that a lot of people want to see win. Keesha, Jordan, Britney, Porsche, etc.


and Amanda! Jessie doesn’t have anything to says to her because she tells the truth more than anyone in the house.


I agree she is annoying but she is playing the game and Helen and Elissas downfall is Andy the rat. Andy gathers info on Helen and Elissa and then run to Amanda and Mccrea and tells them everything. He is misleading Helen and Andy knows that Amanda will backdoor Helen or Elissa next week when she has a chance but do not tell Helen. Andy was the first one who told Amanda that Helen, Jessie and Elissa wanted to vote Amanda out and when Jessie who really wanted to flip the house first then told Amanda but what she does not know is that Andy already rat on them. Andy is the mole on Helen, Elissa and Jessie and too bad they cannot figure it out. WIshing that Helen or Elissa wins HOH thursday and Andy get caught and her Queen Amanda or Andy gets backdoored. I called her Queen Amanda and King Mccrea because all they do is make out and gets report from dumb Andy who is doing all their dirty works and Amanda Zuckerman is awarded half a million dollars just for making out with someone. Is this show rigged for Zuckerman?


OMG! They’re fearing for their LIVES! RUN FOR THE HILLS!


The toxic chemicals in all that nail polish has fried all of their brains


okay I don’t care who you R that was pretty funny because that dam nail polish is out about 8 fucking times a day I thought it was funny when Spencer said that about the toes!!


Can EVERYONE please stop with the comments about racist houseguest. If Candice was white you would all be talking about her as bad as you do about Aaryn, but because you all want to follow the PC bull—- you can’t admit that Candice was a rotten person. At least when Aaryn was told she needed to cool her attitude she did. Candice just amped her attitude up because she had everybody saying poor you!


1st of all this didn’t start with BB#15
It started with George Zimmerman killing Trevon Martin
Then Paula Dean open her mouth about how she wanted to dress black waiters to make them look like slaves
Then Ry Cooper called out a Black Security Guard calling him a N.
Now we get to The 3 Klan Supporters than are in the game.
The only thing those 3 need when this is over is a Butt Kicking which no doubt GM will get if she does no shut up and after the game she is seen sightseeing in Hollywood after the show is over.
No we will not STOP talking about racism
And you would not either if you were black or Asian, which I can tell from your narrow minded statement you are not !!!
Have a Good narrow minded day

King Goldy

I am glad i stop the live feeds after the free trial. This season is boring.


I watched Aaryn getting dressed and ready and work out this morning. That was pretty hot


Have you guy seen the Bullying Candice video? It’s freaking 35minutes long! And on youtube. So sad!

Candice is an idiot.

candice is gone


She is still being bashed everyday and can come back into the game. Or at the very least she will determine the winner.


I hope the final 2 comes down to Arryn and GM, so Candice will have to vote for one of them to win 500k. That would be soooooo epic. How’s that for keeping it real, Candi?

Hello -

Bullying is taunting someone TO THEIR FACE incessantly. Calling them names, disrupting their sleep (maybe), not letting them in the room, etc. NONE OF THAT HAPPENED. OK FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. They really TRASH-TALKED Candice, yes. Sick and tired of hearing the same thing over and over about anyone being bullied on the show. She wasn’t aware of the sh** they were saying (GM and Aaryn for the most part), so how were they bullying her? I don’t want an answer – we all saw the same horrifying conversations and still do (they still continue). Noone in this house this season has escaped being trashed behind anyone’s back except Andy. End of story.


Hello, Hello. Noooooooo bullying does not have to be done IN YOU FACE as you have said. Spreading rumors, trash-talking and cyberbullying are all forms of bullying. A lot of kids have committed suicide due to trash talk about them, rumors and/or cyberbullying. Not saying Candace will do anything so drastic, but she was harassed and bullied the entire time she was there because of mean, jealous girls and because she is Black. I can’t imagine how she and Howard held back as much as they did considering the way they were mistreated in that house. And the mean girls still won’t let up. I cannot wait for these freaks to get out and face the music.

Hello -

Norwegian researcher Dan Olweus[11] says bullying occurs when a person is:

‘exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more other persons’. He says negative actions occur ‘when a person intentionally inflicts injury or discomfort upon another person, through physical contact, through words or in other ways.'[citation needed]

If you can honestly say that anyone in that house has endured this….then yes, bullying has taken place.
I haven’t seen it and FTR I do not like any one of these people. Yes, there were people who couldn’t stand Candice (like I said GM and Aaryn said they hated her) and Spencer only started his dislike and eventual trash talking after she called a house meeting to verbally ‘trash’ him while making everyone else listen to her.
If anyone did get bullied, I would have to say it was Elissa by Jeremy and his followers, He was extremely relentless talking about her and they did try to make her feel the most unwelcome and out-of-place. Every time she walked by he said something about her, wiped his ass with her hat… So NOW, can we agree to disagree?
Thanks for taking the time to read this – I realize everybody’s time is valuable and respect it. Peace.


I couldn’t get all the way through it. Just makes me hate these people even more. What is surprising is now, this late in the game Aaryn is thinking about the effect this might have on her family–Elvis has left the building!

Bob barker

Mccrea and Amanda have got to be the 2 laziest human beings ever. I know there’s not a whole lot to do in the house but damn get out of the bed and do something. I’m sick of seeing Mccrae bite his nails while she watches. He can’t have any nails left at this point.


Biting his nails is the only exercise MC gets. Even when he has sex, Amanda does all the work.


I know this may sound stupid to some of you but elissa and Helen had to save their own game elissa did want spencer out Jessie was pressuring it to be Amanda all that elissa did was try to protect herself yes Jessie did bring up the Adderall thing and all the meds before elissa talked about it with Jessie she didn’t treat Jessie like crap she just new Jessie was going home and didn’t want to have to lie to her so arian and Jessie go to the bathroom to concoct a plan to basically try to sway mcranda to vote for Jessie to stay and throw Helen and elissa under the bus so Jessie goes on a rampage attacking elissa and Helen because Helen said something stupid to make Jessie believe she wasn’t staying if any of you watch big brother public outburst does not save your hide in big brother I like Jessie very much but she handled it poorly and in most fault it was because of arian stirring the pot once again and as much as I don’t like vagina marie I think she did ok last night she never touched arian like arian told the other houseguest she didn’t even chest bump her yes elissa does sound stupid sometimes but she has to do what she has to do to stay and now after we lose Jessie the only nice goodhearted person we have in the house is elissa and yes elissa does talk about people being nasty in the house she still defends Candice as much as she can even if that ruins her game at least it shows people how much she cares I personally would like to see judd come back but since all his hate is towards elissa id feel stupid bringing him back id rather see Candice just explode all over their asses


You are wrong. Elissa first put the thought of getting Amanda out into Jess’s head the first week Amanda was on the block. Elissa, though wanting Spencer out, also was on board with getting Amanda out. Elissa also is the first one to bring up the use of Adderall, and how unfair it was HG’s were using it. Elissa has discussed this at length with both Jess, Candice and Helen at various times


After watching hi loving wife on Boring Brother do you think Mr. Helen has changed his name and moved the kiddies to a different city? I know I would. Or do you think he is proud of the little woman? Do you think her co-workers are cheering her on? Go Helen!!


Last week at the eviction GinaMarie interrupted the speech by Candice. Julie Chen should tell the houseguests that if it happens again this week, the person interrupted will come off the block and be replaced by the interruptor.


I honestly don’t think the HGs are worried about what their families think of them. They know exactly how they are. Don’t really think they are any different in the house than outside it. I also don’t see how Helen and Elissa can leave their children. I have a 4-year-old daughter and can’t ever imagine being away from her this long. They don’t really care about being away from their kids. All they see is $$$. They probably love having a break away from their kids….like a vacation and their husbands have to take over for them.


Hows this?

Andy gets a Pandora’s Box hint that shows money on the table. He opens it and gets $5,000.

Meanwhile, downstairs, the rest of the HGs hear a loud SPROING!!! or Crashing sound or eerie music playing backwards and NOTHING happens.

Then on Thursday after the vote Julie asks Andy about the box and if he got something good or bad. He says good in a very weak and tentative voice. Julie then reveals that they have not just evicted a HG, but rather have ELECTED their next HOH.

It keeps with the theme of PB (one good thing one bad thing) and shakes up the house. Win-Win for CBS (and us).


i would love that pb to happen. anything to keep jessie. if jessie goes the only likeable person left is elyssa and elyssa’s so boring.


These hatemongers inadvertently electing Jessie the new HoH… I’m salivating at the thought of that.


Did anyone catch Aaryn ask Elissa if Rachel got threats after her season, and Elissa said their parents got a nasty phone call. Then Aaryn says oh, no, my mother’s phone number is all over the Internet…she’s a realtor!

Now, think about the connection: Amanda is a realtor, and had lived in Texas. Aaryn’s mother is a realtor in Texas. And when Amanda was in the HOH when Aaryn won, and saw a photo of some woman, she apparently knew her but feeds switched to FISH.

A long shot – but MAYBE Aaryn’s mother and Amanda (or Amanda’s mother, also a realtor) know each other somehow through the real estate business. Could be possible. Professional groups/meetings bring people together from all over the US.


And your point is. . .?

production rigged it

If Jessie knew what Helen said about coming after her with a knife she could really mess with Helen. She could be in the kitchen with Helen and then start walking toward her with the knife and then stab a piece of meat or fruit or something. That would be hilarious could you imagine the look on Helen’s face it would be priceless. Then she could stab it a couple more times if it was a piece of meat and say do you think it’s dead yet. Helen would self evict running screaming out of the house. Jessie + knife + look on Helen’s face = Best moment in history of BB


You know you are not right? Funny as hell, but not right! Totally LMAO at that one….Thanks


I love how all these bitches are trying to slander jessie’s name just because she called them out. Jessie exposes them and now they’re saying some shit about how she’s a psychopath? fuckin Helen talking about her attacking her family? Really!? GO JESSIE GO! TROLL AWAY!!!


Why would there be an indoor lock down if there’s no competition to set up for right now? Hot tub/pool maintenance or perhaps a “Pandora’s Box” consequence/prize set up…?

Big bro over baby

I like turtles.


Its called a period. They are used at the end of sentences. Like this one. And that one. Thank you. Jasonlee79

Hello -

Like Oh My God – my best friend chest bumped me.
Morons who think they have a ‘friend’ in the Big Brother house are uber morons.
Oh My God – my mom’s number is all over the internet, she is a realtor.
Morons who don’t think about all that before coming into the Big Brother house surpass uber morons.
Morons who assume they will be adored and have no haters after their behavior (good or bad), in the Big Brother house – I don’t have a dictionary handy so I’ll just call them narcissistic.
Even the most ‘likeable’ or popular (for lack of a better word) people on television have ‘haters.’

billy bob

jessie got got, she got played, now shes being a poor sport, shes a little brat, i was rooting for her,but now shes a wanna be evil dick,
this season is terrible,


Can you imagine the frustration of not being able to call people out on shit or having to keep your mouth shut because it puts your game on the line? Well now that line is cut – Jessie knows her game is over. She heard their snarky asses talk about blindsiding her so consequently has nothing to lose, and when you have nothing to lose in this game then you hold the freedom of being able to throw a spanner in the works without any real backlash. And Jessie’s awesome verbal mano a manos are rocking the boat that little bit more, no matter how much they all might pretend otherwise.


Jessie is going ham on these lame b!tches. I am living fo rher right now. Why couldnt this have happened when Candice was there. they would have been a great tag team.


You know what would be cool to see: Andy gets a Pandora’s box and opens it – gets locked in with Rachel and then the houseguests go on a scavenger hunt and Jessie finds a Coup de tat, takes herself and Spencer off and puts up Helen and Amanda.


If Jessie was popular, production would do something like that, just like they did for Rachel and Jordan.


was there actually a chest bump by Gina?

Save Jessie!

This is really going to be boring until we get a new HOH.


typed up some power rankings for the remaining house guests. sucks that jessie’s probably going and spencer staying, but she’s not last on the power rankings because they’re written with an eye towards who can win rather than who’s most likely to go next and despite the very high probability jessie goes this week, i think there’s an even lower probability gm can beat anyone in a final two.

anyway here they are, determined by creating aggregate scores of ranking who each cast member would vote for if they were on the jury (taking into consideration judd and candace who are already there):

1 – andy – everyone likes him and no one dislikes him. considering how unlikeable this cast is
just making it to the end against someone unlikeable (i.e. anyone) gets him a win.

1 – helen – similar situation to andy but a bit more of a gamer. a head to head between helen
and andy would be hard to call as helen’d get equal parts blame and praise for putting the rest
of the house on the jury, but she otherwise beats everyone else due to everyone else’s

3 – mcrae – he’s played a good social game with one major flaw, his link to amanda. his
inability to stand up to her may be his downfall but otherwise he has no enemies which will
help him on the jury.

4 – amanda – she’s undeniably played the best game, but she’s pissed off a bunch of people in
the process. blindsides can come back to bite you on jury votes and rubbing salt in the wounds
of doomed jury members isn’t winning you favors either. there’s still enough of a jury left
that if she can evict them gracefully she has a shot, but she’s put herself in a precarious
situation allying with the more likeable andy and mcrae which is probably why she’s looking
at aaryn for a final two. also i’m not sure she can gracefully evict the rest of the house.

5 – aaryn – winning a couple hoh’s combined with the sheer idiocy of this season’s cast
propells her to a visible spot among the jury who look at the majority of the remaining
players as also rans.

5 – elyssa – if evictions continue to be as poorly handled as candace and judd’s she’ll have
no blood on her hands and can win over a bitter jury. she also has the benefit of overcoming
huge obstacles at the outset of the game to make it this far which could carry favor (though
she’s basically been a floater ever since).

7 – spencer – even though they should no one really dislikes him, but at least no one has any
respect for him either. i guess he has a shot if he’s against someone unlikeable like gm,
aaryn, or amanda but i don’t see how he makes that happen.

8 – jessie – she’s by far the most (only?) likeable player in the game but these contestants
are such horrible people that no one wants to work with her. i think she can beat gm because
everyone has major concerns about gm’s maturity but otherwise she can’t get any votes.
probably not even if amanda and aaryn continue showing their mean sides.

9 – gm – i think everyone kinda thinks of her as an immature joke and even against jessie (who
they like less) they wouldn’t vote for gm. no matter what she ends up against a “stronger”
player anyway, and that will send her home with no better than 2nd place.

New World Order

Jessie has my vote for America’s Favorite. Week after week it has been boring. People getting voted out unanimously without putting up a fight or a show. However, the last 24 hours has proven that in a season of mindless sheeples we can still get a glimmer of fire out of someone. So regardless of what happens the next few weeks, I’m voting for Jessie.


Can someone please tell me what big brother they are watching i used to be jessie biggest fan know shes just disgusting shes nothing more then a baby throwing a temper tantrum honestly your how old and your playing the high school game grow up

production rigged it

Well I’m watching the one where she is trying to do whatever she has to to turn people against each other since she has nothing to lose. Which one are you watching? What would be your strategy just to sit back and be a good little sheep and go out quietly?


Cannot stand Jessie, little smart a$$ punk. After she leaves I hope it’s Helen, Ellisa, Amanda, then I don’t care who.

Hoping for a McCrea & Spencer final 2. Spencer is a little pervy but he’s so far the ultimate under dog. Maybe even McCrea & Aaryn.

production rigged it

Cannot stand Jessie, little smart a$$ punk.

Says the guy rooting for the little lapdog bitch and the creepy perv to make it to final 2.

I’m just sayin…..

production rigged it

Oh poor stupid Aaryn little does she know that she won’t be modeling for anybody when she gets out and finds out the 2 modeling agencies she worked for have fired her. Just another example of how Jessie is going to get the last laugh on these bunch of hypocritical losers.